06-22-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Sounds THe Alarm

Friday, June 22nd

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Q what tour. Here is the. This radio program person. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. Yes you still. Other than secrecy. It is done. They say shake your radio more than. Times. I don't go to Arizona our 2851. Night. Along with Steve the throw hill. Very Ted Smith and Bob. Divide our. It's a fundamental. All in one day no way they don't live from Brad best it'll. You become a bad jokes or turn up dead birds is the FCC. Get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines and into the job that they thought Melissa emails everyone's favorite TV time which is correct lacquered and our arterial 33 children get sick at Florida champ named I'm really don't care do you. You all in New York man trying to jumpstart a car CD rattlesnake in plain view was on top of us who believe it's. Sticky burger busted because of these tank under his kids. A man doesn't read instructions on par awash in this car has now called it quits and bitches is down for outdoor Drake it. As all coming out they carry special episode opens road. Here's the question yeah you know. All up and hit a good day thank you and yours are right did you pollute the news. London had a bomb scare earlier this one of them was on the subway tracks in the claimed to have a bomb not good news as he did not. Have a bobbled the throw himself at the time was very brief. Meanwhile there's a bomb scare in Toronto. There were they suspicious bag and parking lot. Canadian authorities did not find a bomb in the bag but they did find a bad pulled a baby raccoon. We do not know why there was a bag baby raccoon. But at least it wasn't a bomb false alarm but suspicious packages they've raised red flags. And thanks in newborns red and black she's scared that was enough of a red flags for authorities to arrest the parents for child abuse. Burned a noble over the Busan kid the kid has no doubt. Sometimes that the polls the law but sometimes we ignore those things that literally are alarming but won't have found a bump on offense can drop the puck with you know what it did. It did executive that you did that it moved to a different location on her face she's still waited too weak to go to a doctor only to find out there was something living under steer. Either way it racism alive so today that's what we want to talk about it happens to everyone. Maybe you pulled a smoke alarm would hurt elementary school we don't know. What was the story behind the law. The brother Joseph go 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and mr. Graham amend your life and to those emails to the men's room have been jamaat backup. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill you don't have enjoyed the men's room always know that however go out of this November 2851. Little larger than. Guaranteed the jury beat us once again the return of ten vs the FCC is coming up last week Ted got a win in the win column we will go for a a got a late night a mug and as we didn't again but with Obama great rhyme and really fortunate here unbelievable that's where we're done a drug charge rank castle command to pick up the bad jokes right before we drink a toast with a shot of the day and today we're gonna talk about. The story behind the alarm there's all kinds of alarms in other words there's an alarm. Polish. And trying to find for you some audio. And we go back maybe a few months here in the men's room where we were on the air and keep in mind we are in a new facility yet. And it's brand new complex and we don't really we will never had a fire drill I don't believe since we've been here. If I'm on the state do we ever participate. In one another bill well I believe I did not. Was it it. Do we remember if it was an actionable alarm at the time wasn't there a small fire somewhere in the building yeah there wasn't that a couple floors above yeah exactly. And we were on the air and we did not know. What to do because you know in the event of all let's let's say you know. Early on our radio career we would have put on free bird. Rack or whatever the longest song is an amount of (%expletive) and then go run down and you can get the hell out of the only reason there was a concern about a adrenaline or respond to. Got to the horrible statement to make out of didn't respond fire alarms until you. You really know this'll the board now but. They evacuated the floor. We even had some comeback like hey man cattle overall leave and then let him locked in depth look like well that's a little troubling so we know it's a dual. So we just can't we weekend cushion on and then eventually we got the word but they really did they and they evacuated there were people walking through kind of sweeping the area. I don't know fated I care of these gala dinner and figured well if they're gonna just keep going accord dolls might be the dumbest thing that we've ever done. But you weren't supposed to do we don't know. Ornamental to slow everything throw me like a weird way. It's our job. To let you know and trust us this is this is pretty funny if you thing about it. It's our job to let you know in the event of an actual emergence. But not in our building. So I don't know I don't know I don't fire with the round was that they were like this for real thick on the floor below you'll ever lately we've. Well we're absolutely out if we need on the steps I don't know about that we're say we want you to think about the fact that we in essence the reason they let us do the and the worst case scenario we're supposed to be a source. The pertinent information decay like a real deal the bird. All out of the pack but most of the I don't wanna be responsible for don't end up and we're back there in the office and I I sort of say it has that look man. We know were supposed to do there's actually even emergency response team that we have in any event of an emergency. Hope they're not in Los Angeles at the time out what happens is is that we have we have a group we have a team that gets together. And there are immediate first responders and no matter what happens if it's 2 o'clock in the morning if it's whenever it is we're required to get to the radio station you're one of the market yet you go on and you can you give report. Also look back and got outta gas. Advocate that I wanna go I got on the big a look at my boobs McGhee a big thing he could mean I just does delight at the table Leonard Gregg I'm moves McGee if it. The guy who says boobs McGhee is gonna give you really confirmed by a group didn't exactly. Blue says drive by the hell did that but but either way we got a command here earlier and it would you do yeah we gonna well yeah and sell off tomorrow we're talking about the EAS test the end you know there's a point where. We were in the infancy of of our careers are trained operate this dolphin. And you look at this box and public paid attention to the protocol back that yeah what you have to do because in the event of an emergency and then you run the tests and you do all the things you hear when I say this is a this test you know this is not an emergency but in the event of one blog about a lot of so I had never pressed them do those horrible for us to say under preventable emergency problem that I have. I'm doing exams again senator senator. I never I never hit that button of the the test. So I hung out and I mean nobody. Oh moon and. On dry air sea. We were on the air during nine elevenths. Okay that's kind of a big deal because there was a plane that was headed you see to the Pentagon. Right and we were in that air space so no one knew where that. They knew the general direction of the plane. But as but in essence they did not know with the target right so there's a and guess what. There's a second. All right. Unfortunately. For the second one you know and the pastors on that when that that that that you know when we know that but with a one at the Pentagon that was over our airspace we did hit the button. With the word tornadoes went through it at different times we never hit the button killed people in college for a so we just kind of speculated. The nobody here has ever had at Everett put myself I think Brett nobody's ever act and I don't know but regardless they. We've been there when she really made a what you for the details at the bottom of the team off the bed. They're never. But then it's lo behold Robinson blow out of the book you hit the button twice and I doubt it about and we've never hit the button into oil about that. It was it was for a tornado I was back tees. And then we think when you nervous. It's only because it's a timing thing yeah you wanna make street I'd write a beyond it won't be able to die by the what I did that. Better and and then all of this is bad I'm trying to remember if I want you to think about what she's I know I'm. I'm trying to remember if we did one for wildfire evacuations and not I hope you need it got all over I think we do that. No I don't know if I do it now now that none and an assist. When isolating him or again this is add four or five years ago or something now. They actually had some wildfires can really close in the towns of again. And they started evacuating ten the outer edges the neighbors or concern on the grand orient how horrible what is really bad and I can I just can't remember if we actually at had to Senegal or we ended up just. I think news or. I had. It's like they should allow. We send that water your lawn content yeah I've never hit enough I'm on there ever so there's that kind of align. And then there's the kind of alarm where all the media have a bump on your penis. And you go to the doctor you know amused and immediately because company right there's a sign it wasn't their last night summing it says Kelly are red alert and alert you to the fact it may elect you know. Good things about things gonna happen. I'll Hawaii. We remember what happened in Hawaii. The citizens of Hawaii woke up 1 morning and the nuclear attack alarm went off a long and not drill though who on the comes on your phone and run stuff and flash is on the television. They they were under the understanding. That nuclear warheads were on the way right there were in route to an inning and in the event that it might be there intend to have fifteen minutes. Whatever the deal is that you're calling loved ones you're used to all this you don't know with the part so long people the truth. And then guess who once heard that an emergency things just got awkward so our question what was the story behind the alarm 844999. All. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Oh. Gonna check back here eat eat eat. Right well I'm okay now wait wait wait hold on we have to go back in time miles is on fire zones and I don't certain strokes around the ninetieth us. Back in time to 1990. Yeah. Yeah. It does you commander. Don't get me an adult. When the warship US navy in the northern during editors Norman of course one can't pick it appeared that patent law. Chemical attack. And in every warship has what they called operation Internet here. A war chemical and whatnot act bill. As a pervert okay good that you said Tuesday as soon as I sat up and cemented her seat. You know. It didn't work. We aren't. One day. Subtly but no law goes off. People scattered like coaches little light on April ready needed to be getting back on what are really great VP Kurt even it. The only happened a long time. It only happened one time and the reason that it happened though once all the time. God I can't let an idiot out here illegally painting it don't stop it pretty neat trick out there. Oh man you guys had to be disaster. Well we did we but it looked into the issue Pakistan is under the F a explain why it was still. Are over let's give Israel from the time deal alarm goes off when I get the mad scramble to get the gas mask I'd be top priority right but. How long does this go on before you guys get the all clear and figure out the problem is. It it. Depended on what the doctors I read that. They give us a short I read that in turn it back on it it goes back on. And they Italy and it's not been there. And they thought it was nothing they just add a bit so that gate it was only about three or they can't be all clear all the good. Given the formula is a long time if girls considering the alternative because of that point you don't. Absolutely. And you know at that point because. Situation and the possibility that everybody was already carrying their path went no I'll Matt got up and you know what 32 thought. Why is it still enough to make you pay your short if you don't know what's going on in and let her. Let me ask you question it based on what you thought that that that the through the weapons. What would have happened like what what would have been the chemical weapons that. Did you corporate you know what do you think they were when a fire you they had that and we'll kind of chemical as of your eyeballs explode right up until huge he had he brought learn what is it. Well they were renowned perhaps several different things including your agent which. Could purely on contact. I'm they were known to have blister agent which would really just miss. Yeah. I'm they would know how I'm won't. Let the other thing I can't think of the third one but again mostly stuck will kill you in short order. So. As comforting pat downs are totally let me ask you this now okay so did okay warfare I don't think it's chemical the what do you. Since you know all this stuff won't what do you hypothesize about what happened in Cuba. What has happened to some agents in Russia. That that where they just get really sick in has no explanation for rent and they can get vertigo and is that is that. Does that sound is that chemical what will what do you think that it. Well there were two that I can think of opt out might add that person want political credit with the political eat any. An expression by. I'm and they actually did. And any ideological make eat so to speak eat eat swallow it without knowing that he had a couple I eat eat. And it killed and greedy nation Caribbean I. These are the portal that why they captain Britain do you eat your homered and it is daughter does it yeah. They were actually a group that that was a nerve agent. Then they managed to get. I don't recall exactly how they are on them I'm big under the hot chocolate hot did it it got. But there was a lot of damage already done the night I don't recall what ended up asking whether they. I cannot I know the and I wouldn't matter. The automated and you know again as. You know I mean like look maybe you're like that's gangster as I ran. You have he has got all the stuff like sales event as is perhaps this movie can put a good dad. I mean Wright was in the mirrors of like look man we got a you'll know they have a problem with it. And yeah. Although I have to remember another problem with its then men like the woman in the lifetime movie like get your slowly. Those engines are big affiliates more politely businesspeople and it really it's like cool and you know enemy who created. Why what he's dangerously crazy now a member of the guy in the airport they got stabbed Korean dude yeah with a syringe by the two girls that didn't even know that they are on the Iran junk loans uncles yeah they that they were only a reality show us how we're going along with it and in the guided die. It I had haley's back and like the old days you just you just tighten down the game try this checkered first breath in my. Back in the olden day president that he had it is very it is very Hollywood event. It is what quote do you think inspired group. I don't know you know we're like a Hollywood had a great idea and went to our Dana right now I would do Hollywood as a had a good idea don't want to protect us and yeah it's all the secret out of the boys and in doing the stuff for dinner and you just leaked out there LeBron lateral we're owned and operated. Photos via a story behind the alarm a 44999. Cola a month ever boards and I'd start but it was seventeen. Hello old Cheyenne welcome to the bedroom. Oh. So the alarm Fermi was back when I was go to school. Without that there. I had that gotten a microwave that was the light on the timer got out I meant. That something's for a few minutes it was a real late a little tired by it. I think that that it early twenties so that this eventually you get a bunch of smoke coming out of the microwave and an. People love it out there underway here in all the weed smoke for the salute to fly open that is the kind of always. Just face in the fact that you left it in the microwave and forgot it. That's a pretty tremendous because the thing about a look look I have are I offensive I have been guilty I have done the frozen pizza in the oven. Ed midnight don't mean you sit down for a minute in your right in my doze off for a minute and then you you have they the burn hockey. Black puck in the title I've done it too well though because I was dozed off for a man Friday exactly but I under the radar and microwave time right Eva which doesn't know how crazy it's 45 minutes is pretty. It's not that it's not a casino and play solid years yeah right so now you're talking two minutes in one minute emotional and wait two minutes this. Like sega's always felt like you're I couldn't put the pizza in the microwave right. It would be worse than an all chewy and what it is today it would be crunchy but he would still be tolerable if I. If I could and I don't think to me it's it's an option I could do but I chose to do it the other way and because of that well but you couldn't wait to manage and protect it. I assume embedded generously. And did I've done a chicken fingers still. The next morning and in effect charcoal for pets but no alarm went on Rossi always an up and octagon and now with the trigger fingers to work the chicken fingers were all right is that finally dozed off like 3040 minutes and out child's all but. My old old place I have to pizza in there and I woke up no alarm going off and I mean. Eight it looked like a movie like the whole place was full of smoke column I do whites brought all my life right in the allure and I'm like how. The smoke a right about cook's son he's in there are good right the house is alarmed Rocco and I mean. And you wake up and just it was gross debt and moved out right now we've played. It's a I think I have a question and I might give up the stairs in an apartment opened up with the fact if they go. What food can leave them remarkably belongs. Right instead tomorrow and you exit a whole chicken. No do anything who put the microwave for twenty minutes like on high not defrost a thing and put it deliver high and there's nothing they don't there's nothing there an easy thing to know because there's nothing that needs to be called that much that high that hot that long and a Motley mightily and well into Turkey that. Right that's a jailing of terror I got a five count on that sounds awful my way back and they paid good. All. Or I interrogate Marco went Ginny my Droid and as dirty hit it it as you may think he literal. How law which included Turkey and golf fan now how. Cop I would guess what would you cut I would again as mosquitoes are the things that cook the logs and my dad bra area I guess a clue there maybe the okay here's what I do think gearing up as a way here's that is how I'm in a microwave that bad bush for eight minutes all right and analysts stopped for a minute all right. And I would amount of that is because this is I think it's better to go under. And check and go oh sure and then I'm gonna look at Aetna would determine how many more additional minutes in these ago what do you put on the try to keep it points to swim oysters at a premium. How we'll let your microwave and Turkey I know I don't think it's kind of you know put a brine and at the night before our problem. Yeah that's now you vacuum but you have to yeah. We know the only if you've already given up and make it taste pulling moisture ya this is the only thing you'll have to fill the cannibalism you know it way and onions isn't something man you I think is a blow up I wanna try Margaret cursing. Brought the coach might ruin him. Hum hum. We got to drive it. What was the close I'd rather do a deep project but we do driver analyst who hear what was the story behind the alarming four point 999 all of articles coming up you're listening to the men's or radio networks before. Yeah. Toronto police. Say officers went to the Malvern towns that are on Thursday morning to investigate a bomb threat. No bomb was found but the bag did contain young Iraq coombs in the parking lot. The records were dead the third was in a life threatening condition the animals were handed over to the city's animal services department but yes. Somehow wave bag of raccoon and end up causing a bomb threat in Toronto our question what was the story behind the alarming for 49990. Loss we have a couple of comments here first regarding the microwave invented the actual question but. As far as the market way goes we were laughing about the idea of a microwave Turkey for Thanksgiving and just featured guest might be disappointed. Says Turkey's one of the original marketing points for microwaves from the came. No kitten I can picture probably like a family sit around mom's old Turkey and there does. There's I Michael microwave or to show for about thirty minutes. Frozen Stover pulls on it goes in for thirty men to more and be frozen pot grows from Costco is in for about twenty minutes in the mark. All mine all right I guess those later there's not a lot of stuff that goes in that long and in my career but I still have to edit. Miles of this her or use at notre frost still wondering is that twenty minutes on how I had won a lot of the tournaments on how a man from talking about computers are hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Our. It. All right let me about nine or ten years ago thirteen fourteen years old and mean the good buddies are a couple of troublemakers. And we all kind of led the Mecca for the mile radius but like right in the middle of where we all lived. They're the new neighbor to get an up and bad model of that it. And so I liked and that's not sneak out and egg carton that traffic around the middle road beyond it and thought it. You put traffic cones and a middle road. Yeah I mean it worked out perfectly well chatted a little blue route. People get out get out of their car and stopped and yeah the. Oh wow hole I mean you actually able to get out of there. Animal yeah but like I said we meet each element ground. They knew it studied modeled on one day we need to know why you wanted bit. Well let let go like check them out it's like 2 o'clock in the morning and back sliding door one of them are going to be slightly crap we're gonna walk around in there and we didn't realize. When they had modeled on but they have brand new flat screen TDs brand new life. Apple Computer everything like that he had no intention of a unique saying and Lori Eden. Except suddenly might wait a lot different than only air like a little bit my buddy Rick. 4550. Inch watching TV up the walk him. And where now we're like OK like what beholden to you block block block. And then my buddy opened but the inside broad story a lot of the drugs and next thing you know it sounds like. Like all over it could call Harvard on opposite. Like. Alarm sounding but not loud as it looked each other look like a white paper we decide goat and Iran tournament. Him. And just started running for our lives. It turned out that one of our calm whenever other buddies mom works in the neighborhood like Elena how. And she knew about the situation been more multiple loaded situation. In the second reluctant 85 minute silent alarm goes off. But let me do it blows. But the fire alarm gone up and and after five minutes now loud alarms are still not. Or running down the road that you know we are outside and everything like that I turn around. My buddies still hearing that it seems TD run down. Path that you really want to tell lies damn man you really want and television. You know it's crazy and invective is probably you know very spends and another is so cheap right exactly that's at the wood or four. Oh yeah a year ago I'd like to dump dollar rose and probably a forty pounds more. Yeah I expect our yet it has that they I don't know how he shared it like a mile a key to help I don't know. It's fourteen they'll I don't know how. Healthy and viable player knows it has parent three got a 2000 goddamn dollar Tom be in his room not a from a body. Look exactly at low uplifting you know you come home you don't have a bloody nice band. Student of the I c'mon be equipped and number one time we meet at the same situation and we acquired. Assert or my butt it like here at. And okay. But that's a child or man. I don't think I did would still serve board I do believe might give still TBW nothing but thieves but if they're gonna explain away. Battle buddy gave until the 2000 LTV the surf board and obviously his body replaced with the Norse or dark house or rent you were you know you need to notion that if somebody gives you some of the high value it's probably stole. Price. Did. Exactly in my I'd come home at the search for one time in my mom those words you get that and I just throw them out like I've found it. And she did locate me G-8 you take that held back right now about. Oh yeah how you're you're a juvenile delinquent. It in the dark yet yeah you are meant to go to comments came in that says hey I used for the Conant road to. But all of the sort of indeed that I aid begat. I was repeated more than once if there are a lot of don't give both of them did not anyway next level. Right what was the story behind the alarm 844999. Alone hold lime articles coming up here insect. The show and many games continues on the men's room. Radio network.