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Thursday, June 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. So let's say I'll take color 9844999. Alain you'll play profiled as if and we do under headlines all the way one hour from now firstly check it in my dock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right this. Anyone year old man a Missouri and has 31 year old son were playing Pokemon bell on Monday and they beat up another man who accuse them of cheating. Cheating at the Pokemon go game yes Tony if you play in the area. Yeah I guess what Hewitt or how does that give it your phone or whatever it right so it is how we do excellent I have no idea but in a group games. Know there's a group games OK Julie we you can you play regulating the you can do when a group is take down what are called Jim would just you can. You know there's it's centralized location you've wanted your Pokemon and air in the news sit there and you defend the area right you're talking until aren't. And then you can take it all went on other people that's the only team interaction that they have. So let you do walking earlier falling like hey there's one in the new graphically just can't be the same someone else's right now. I don't understand I have no idea you've got another origin may not have been cheating but they may believe that he was chief correct organize it in crazy. They're both facing assault charge what they don't. A woman in Minnesota was driving drunk on Friday and crashed her car into a ditch. And she was wearing a teacher that said quote alcohol regulator. Alcohol iron or through. You got arrested for driving while on what I mean one phone golf. The Santa I have to. Miles over there oh I remember a phone number to call these dead know now it may or more than anything else they stutter better than I do. Just remember one number in case you go to jail right kit they tell you memorize mama dad's phone numbers there on somebody's up somebody's in your phone man I remember what that number actually it's not that hard you need one maybe two members. A kid from New York dropped his favorite stuffed animal out of his parents' car will they were driving through right at Rhode Island last fall. Then he wrote a letter to the Highway Patrol and they did go look for but couldn't find it so instead they brought in the ban the brand new stuffed animal until the field now besides. You said mailed to mailed into OK as I did I'd like I said nailed the general Michael. The average parent only last thirteen days in the their kids' summer break before they go nuts according to a new study thirteen days thirteen I hope to make about move. Main reason is you do a lot of pressure to keep them entertained. As I that you feel pressure to keep them in the day and it's that they won't stop asking you to do stuff. As close and is won a world and it is attributed this to to do this and there's my dad is demanding a get out of the house. David have you kids out of the house in a little GPS and got through and did. You know that was always dad's argument as beautiful day outside go outside it's 85 degrees I'm melting and there's nothing to do out here this is not a nice day and some are there summer vacate when my parents of whom would you got up late get out of my house come back to some. Still an unbelievable parenthood absolutely. Until we hear her fight. To make friends right. Club behind buildings. So on both at a map that shows the most unique slain German every state interest from a lot of them are pretty obscure little. I've no idea what there what there. And I. Mean wicket for Massachusetts ranked. And salads and you're. Because liberal and know that I'm just able to live here for the area I don't know if it makes it Cingular and others and unusable with Paris re also the matter. Frankie you don't grow the West Coast and I never heard the term allies tell them when somebody made a Salt Lake shipments. So the bottom of the malls and I'll talk about the wicked witch she also did it. There's do you think we can all thank. Plays as a way to win often deadly they were matching brighter day. We keep drunk. They did let gig that's I would say to time. In the and we'll Hosea and Washington State. It was believe it or not free phone. Three yeah Barry McCaffrey funky zone was and I don't really know that that that we don't go. It is for the play everybody else is breaking news 83 game yeah IRA and then make sense opened a new survey asked people what keeps them from traveling more. And the top answer yeah. Money it's too expensive. Top limits Rosie minding your ties with the amount of time off I don't get enough time off work as numbered so. And I'm worried about my safety is number three powerful really were you traveling that you worried about your safety or not that's the problem right did you wouldn't be worried about that exact later I wanna travel somewhere where it's dangerous I'm you know the thing that we intended. Even Millen does that they'll monogram it it's like. KFC is finally getting ailment chicken and waffles trend that when they have the chicken they just are head and they just started selling it at a few stars in north and South Carolina. And it just goes well we'll spend other cities at the end of July how is that not going to go well in north and South Carolina. Public figure like that and do it could have been made it to me that is failed so are they making waffles. They are making a whole big bats I'm now working on a they better be a WiMax the wagon make it has become little breakfast at the hotel Manning like digging get a couple of irons and batter awful having only takes what five minutes right I was thinking maybe they Howard their buddies at Taco Bell like hey do we get those waffle shells over here that. A nice letters that I thing about that is is that I typically with a truck I've the times that I be none of these have for breakfast. Y off yet but can't he does your breakfast. Right subs and assume that this is a dinner. OK or lunchtime you know what I say advertisement. Is maybe we should make waffles that infused with contenders. The judge put the batter and throw contenders in there and then make them you know what I need us about questions correct. A restaurant in New York just set the Guinness world record for the most expensive milk shake. Well congratulations. Anybody have any idea what it was based on size is over. No we think you're using specific no I wanna say from. Most Americans but it won't let Frankie if they brazenly just import the most expensive version of every ingredient ice cream from dvd and our karma sauce from Venezuela. Hundred dollar motion okay. In the C I can beat them I will make a military could charge you 101 dollars a guy. Yeah but we look would you rather be the guy that lowers the world's most expensive milk shake order with a shot of some ridiculous expensive liquor. Probably a liquor yeah America that my appreciation for begin after the payoffs better. I don't know the bill Jay's gonna last longer maturities delicious I don't there's gonna go down in no time but still somehow I don't care how the world's greatest and relatives. And kind of and elsewhere are how did that come out of on dry and yet I'm actually on the field on the other one dollars a digital strangle staff Rahm and I feel anyway. And a new shot. Twenty years ago a police officer Washington did a photo in his squad car with his young son sitting on his lap. And they just recreated at her Father's Day even though the sun is now six foot seven are oh boy council followed in his dad's footsteps is about to bench Wellesley so it's yeah. Never undercover. Had a theft at a 48 year old Indiana woman is accused of dragging in nail salon employee with her car on Saturday. Because she didn't like hell they did her nails. Let's there's got to be a better way than. While this isn't the first time someone does happen wasn't her dad got thrown out of the barbershop window because I did like the ways Arafat. This of the went down right to Barbara knew of soaring through a window right. Told place drag somebody's took. Again nothing. A new study found men think their foot at a restaurant taste better if it serve by an attractive waitress we're all all manner of mind how is your doctors that I doctors and their lives like right. My question is is who asked them if it tasted better of the attractive waitress or the guys take in the survey. Physically taste then right right right Ira. Yeah she adds to a Democrat friends you know I'm ready he's certainly the same meal it's two different restaurants but one has a track of staff and the other one doesn't I probably instinctively like. That place at a better burger with a hot chicks just. No doubt Burger King at the ball does for marketing campaign in Russia where women could Winfrey whopper for life what's wrong with death if they got impregnated by a soccer starter in the World Cup. Bomb that is this very Iran's denial and Greta good rugby we give you while we give you numbers like guys out there like that that that's not a big deal like that that I'd culturally speaking right now that are airing. And I got some big news about a girl and held there on about oh man my cock headlines are Joan of one hour from now. The dead. Men's room please send. Yes drug to please turn on how profile this is playing a shark and mild that the symbol game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. Blended. Our and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. LSU and it is you think makes this story a story. Hello nick welcome to the men's room. Our job I'd sleep make you understand this your games went. A new all right here is your story not a lot to it but he spurned lover. Gate crashed her boy for the wedding to another woman by walking down the title and a bridal yes. So again she's not the bride she's mad that her boyfriend Reggie Bush from getting married she showed club. Dressed as a bride and start walking and I another unidentified woman reportedly burst did during the ceremony. Wearing the wedding dress and veil. Video footage shows the group arguing with the unexpected Dennis while those bride to be stands a deal to to be way. Nobody has been widely shared on social media were the woman is being described as the group whose mistress. And the Clint starts the woman is already at the altar and a group received on persuaded to leave and not spoiled his big day. Meanwhile the backgrounds of the guest we heard screaming and talked while others appeared to be cheering the woman up. This oil drilling Scalia. I would doubt that that women make a member of that side do you believe that this woman who showed up to me. Bride dressed him down veil and all that crap is black white to make here is. Not allowed to go on where loaded again. I don't have that info directly from. So yeah of the top what do you guys think. She didn't searchers brain. Ex girlfriend crash the wedding wearing a wedding gift and walked down I want to miss just to the ex girlfriend yeah what is she can still some people are saying the mistress so be loosely neutral from talk I don't know. Because most of that's based at this point it's his comments councils and exhaust the mistress or so mostly natural time I don't know this sounds like something that can happen like China. No one. Yeah but a big no no no need to cheering. OK I don't know man whatever I was gonna be like oh my god in the war you know I'm going to I was half the crap okay good and probably get us here. Yeah if I know he's got a funny into the half and cannot do real do really gave it has got caught up you are over the three days you're not the father dad through little frantic 97 desire to see somebody stand up and say never but that would be awful for the actual meg not to go on it I am anything that I think it's. And it really largest. Humanitarian. Look at the if you think people will finally go look at them now we'll go black final answer. Pilot are never gonna find out if the woman is black white Mexican or Asian banks. That was the key you're listening to the men's or radio network. I don't smoke closed things parts unknown but an ex girlfriend who designed to show up and her boyfriend's wedding. As he was giving money. Married to his fiancee yeah it's shown up and I guess either she is the grooms mistress ex girlfriend either way. You can imagine what happens when you show up. In a wedding dress to your exes went. Yeah and half the crowd was like oh my god the other happened here. But we add Bernanke who believe the global was black and white to make your agent you didn't know. Ted is guessing black make them that there have been cheering section and in the end you decide what the hell I'll go ahead I'm Ted. Room. Showing up in a wedding dress legendary red state. It did get ready to go. Guns don't pay full day of live music over twenty years available I have read festival. Including men's room original red. Men's room gold majority German beer and lesion IPA have probably been able variety there was another guy that any idea who believe he's going to be good beer you know we're ruling will be there with their funky the team or an L. Gig Harbor brewing of their racing rooster man. Lazy boy with the red they'll have to line brewing brings their Albert's amber. Syverson he'll be that was read stuff read. Two down cider house summit of Pacific pineapple site just trust me now you're gonna like pineapple Snyder you better if it is all about vision brewing will join us think coffee brewing with the dog on the red America growing will be there Lou as well our friends in Ballard. With the maritime. Flagship brand that in a whole lot more freestyle mode crops perilous belly dancers musicals actually practiced okay. Now we did. Good luck hey man Lou we practiced twice the best. And I've brilliant but not tenable and operate on why not only in the wreckage still good and a whole lot more of those tickets on sale now. Heads up men's or live dot com don't get a portion of the net proceeds from the event benefit our friends. At BC fair foundation and the Fisher house semester Evan Bayh builds around our drinking needs of sausage and all that you're given back in do and a hell of a lot of goods were appreciated and we'll see you Saturday and even claw exposed senator for men's room read fest all right Debra all the news on that TV all the time is out tablet TV damages. Yeah. Did countless hours in front of a talking marks the end of. Miles it's summertime. You're at a sporting event. Kind of food you're gonna get. It would the baseball I'm gonna go up documented in bright almost get a bag of peanuts. It's baseball your bag of peanuts that's fans throw thank you. Mustard on his the like any like. If you go to a Dodgers game they got the bad all you get the got a all right ever been to a game defend blamed it on yawkey way or whatever that treated the Hadley the buns in the thick two slices of Brent. Everybody got a different spin on how general they do man the regulate our column red hot. Yeah whatever you get may be what an Italian sub but the hot dogs the classic right now. What's one thing I have a weird obsession about what comes sports mascots correct. So I read I was an easy question about a guy who once I did last night somebody like Saluki I'll party knows a little boy I just kind of stuff. Still a mascot. Shooting. Free hot docs awesome. It's also nothing go wrong until it did. Oh my comments I never thought I hot dog which could hurt it just came out of nowhere it was late. I have heart and my idea and then next thing I know he's shooting that he shot it in our direction and and damn it Blake hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew nothing's broken thank god you know it's going to be. It's sore it's very sore and it gives people a good lamp and if that makes somebody tackle and that's why people don't understand baseball. But not a hot book. Parts of the Philly fanatic apparently heard for these games. The video by the way the whole interview in the videos up there and your FaceBook page they don't have the footage of her getting. And I are out. But they showed the fanatic and he's got like a kid and a hot dog tradition topped off puck the other thing I noticed in the interview if you watch a full one in the men face a page. I guess he wrapped his soft hugs in duct tape to. OK. Times. Yeah we'll give you any better dial Brit she's pretty cool about it she's like I'm not gonna sue warmer anything but honestly do you could see Peter's square in the late. In the post racial gulf Flickr one eyes black and you get like a big scar exam rooms of two black college or what do you think he got jumped how far away it was the Philly fanatic when he. When he fired this I don't know but I tell you what in his hot dogs and no pun intended effect and if there for a I mean Big Ten. But the Philly fanatic yet scary and a well you know I just hope this doesn't end. The idea of shooting talking about the whole crowd that's sporting events you have to see video she's got a giant shiner on Iran at the last thing. Because I hit in the head with a with a frank. Politically unpopular you know I'm straight and square the president the end of with a couple black isolation that frank footer came in their hot and they got there and then. I think she's just silly Ellison painless patch of light. It'll Philly you know he's there needs in between innings he's out there issued hot dogs at Atlanta and that's the time even if you're a baseball fan take fire a little chill right I mean it is don't you think you'd at least clinging to keep an eye on the giants Philly could have it. Right going to opt out. It depends on how far shoot him from where you are and what's up about this woman's husband if he was there I don't own a lake. Really just somebody should've been like you know like at the economy are I don't know special I don't know man. Might be before you he didn't say anything like you recognized before he could even say anything tour it is made contact with the non affiliate I was on a date with a woman in Philly fanatics and hot target right direction we'd have to fight over who who gets that hot. If I. It. And shot in the debate about them to rent I don't the hoping to sounds ridiculous but only suspect Philly fanatic somehow that makes it better right wits with your black guys a hot dogs hit in the no one's gonna believe it. I know you're better you're into the rough stuff. Hot dog into the face yes where did it come from. The Philly fanatic shouted I don't I don't think him. And in the basement flooding may follow up teacher to those that are out there I know that's ever hurt somebody. We're probably not the way hot dog fans get so hot dog and that'll walk down the fine economy there and I think. That's why instead of taking a baseball we'll debate slogan for foul balls I simply hold a hot dogma about the ketchup packet in your pocket you know ideally. They should have him shoot in the hot dogs and hot dog can end. And then there should be another dude walking around with a smaller like. Bun gun. It's fun don't know if it's already wrapped the bun BE seven a condiment on. Polish were dead that Muslims did he just shoot out little packs kettle of mustard too. You pick it up from lay down your back. Let's see one of the biggest stories right now and call Hollywood. Found the love story of Arianna grind day in PT it's that old that you don't know who Pete Davidson is he's on Saturday night highs. Pete Davidson is. I don't gonna call to do ugly but I I think a lot of people I know. I doubt about how okay by saying that Joseph Biden what you've just done that this is a he's I don't say he's not going. That came out wrong look I mean that we provide oddly no place to call PT it's an ugly but a lot younger. Well okay I kinda. I don't know he's tall and skinny suits immediate dislike he's all right he's fraudulent him from heat these big guys is they keep you on him. He has a big guy he's old he's goober on an upbeat data funny guys so it doesn't it cancels it out. Right yeah he's yeah he's a funny guy and he just plays Pete Davidson now that's pretty much but he does feel like you know and I get it that. So. The Arianna graduating and keep the money you don't know her she's a mass of pop star and so she was in a relationship with Iraq Freddie Mac Miller forever they break ups and they start dating and they've been all over social media basically got engaged they got tattoos and make. A couple of months so Jimmy Fallon pet so hard to legislate. Pete Davidson is everything okay like relax that he was on the foul they talked about it. Now you know. That you need to you didn't have to getting these are underground and his thumb on our cell. You know we we lovers so much and yeah love begin I don't wanna contest of the I'm sick how are you okay we have Leonardo. So let you guys so funny walking down the street because like dudes are welcomed by an allied. See that there you commercial it's like a tiring and everybody does it does. Some bigger companies like no man U I gave me hope. That's. As the best bang he was like ugly they need to let stars lead to him he'd give me hope to contain simple. Way people see it. Yeah and Ariana grannies are very attractive person. So that's why people are given his son his old girlfriend Kenzie David Larry David's daughter is not ugly either by any stretch of the imagination. Any so Saturday Night Live like Colin Joe's. From Saturday Night Live from ahead writers to but he gave Scarlett Johansson. Yeah like these these does that help people do all right Jenny do media room. Currently Jones. But as you did and noted I don't think she's gonna face a single on. Because he beats on their golf barely out of it was chosen. Touchy subjects. Ted Danson kind of funny. You remember him most well patients but I think most who remember him from cheers. Amid news of the show now this Bible and I cannot remember that armor from Becker he's on the good place. The go play so that Becker was a don't think their name on the whole generation fuel only known for backroom I would who pays like a watch couples he's the backer it wasn't that bad about a people. It was not a ringing endorsement for show I watch out. If it today. I was at food Lewis okay it was credible and deeply. So them a good place. They had them you know one of the episodes he's back behind the bar. And you figure like outlets comfort arrangement. Wrong that says quote I hate getting behind the bar it took me here on cheers to not be a barrister Shia. I was not. I was so not a bar person are confident roaming though I was a backward shy kinda kit. So basically easy sale like he was never one of those are people exit shy kid I think that is your actors did David Mann right. They don't have wheels here to get that a similar relief pitcher bartender arrogance. So having stop that I seriously haven't siding when stepping behind a bar. It was a great scene but I was so uncomfortable. That's a long time to be uncomfortable. Yeah it is man. Well how aghast president Richard job. But he is on he's on cheers for the it's all right infuriating. Probably anytime he goes someplace just like anybody whenever you're famous for he is most famous for cheers. So you want to with. Hey guys are that I got. Now what I drank up for nine years. Yeah and I'm simulate. Guess part to any news conflict and now. Right but it's a boy I wanna give back to I actually like sitting on the other side of the moon and some point on we gotta get out of the way of the actual barge owners who drive and not who knows with the help them don't. Possess their space you spheres and make it possible unless you're likely to capitals did it while ago and won the Stanley Cup. But they went behind the bar and we're just handing out free trips and that's defense that is different you know an inning I comport draft beer. I'll stick you with bars and now appear there's AM may a big thing happening right now of the World Cup. May have heard about the yeah a lot of people go there are a lot of English people goes well I'm working on a video right now called two girls one world. Who who the soccer story get the gold. That trophy cycled. Is Israel and yet they get let's look I don't think that it's not the type of business outright or possible yeah you know goals scored and Allen but only when the inning the other CNET. What's that in other goals scored and one. Nutmeg. But apparently over Russia maybe they weren't counting on beer drinkers to James Gordon as somewhere else words on the. Our report just came out of football fans in Russia. I've been drinking so much build bombs and restaurants are completely running our beer. Happens when an England win one game. But they didn't cold enough via. King wanted. You've rowdy mobile plans but are going to do that I guys. The next round domains have a new blow W. Come. The south point there too. But whatever the sport is outside of what you one buddies really on the health kick or whatever in the cubs haven't line like. I buckets on everyone's drinking beer. You know that's the thing you do if you like when you might even people that don't drink beer. When they go to lake sporting events illustrator year about even had a very light beard and only give Hillary did it during a bigger yes and anyway she reportedly keeps the World Cup. You had a magic beer would be number one ranked for the Manson soccer game plan to earth also there's a lot of trouble in England right now. Number one their Fayette and not real trouble folks. Component. Their fans are in Russia and which apparently they're running out of beer that in order enough. Then number two have you heard about the CU two's shortage in in no yeah so they're afraid not gonna have lakes YouTube for beer and soda. In awhile pop this voice is gonna lose it's mind I feel I'm worth. And wanna go back and European Union gambling are running out of me managers say no to. All of you watching a sporting event you don't drink beer. You probably again drinking a soda. Yeah right. They did so they will bubbles more lightly around break visiting meaning you take a child goes forward that we even in how this guy right an average man expert at it. At a spread you forget how good Wright is an EMI AI NS. Is he did some people like baby weight drinking uterus for an event like you know it's time for cold. Coca-Cola. And he's bubbles does the bubbles bubbles are very important part of that. This'll kind of an odd story. But basically. Everybody knows Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson yeah he was got to rock the boat ties for a while that is correct he got out of that. He's our rock and time on. I don't think it's a question that. Yet he was a boarding school guys so I think those kind of what you. It smiles at you into one of those schools where it was a prep school like K through like twelve and that's what they rock so he. I think the first ever saw an interview with him is like there's a large school amused definitely go to Iraq accuses the U who we went to high school or who who went to school with. Julie oh Julie bode well for modern family a modern. So. A guy he's right for superstore. It's attackers into a nervous start in my family values because. You possibly because you quote cheated on his wife with a modern family act. Actress. Third World so that you said that and then it's a do or like well they did go to school weekend there. Julie recently filed for before works. I don't outfits that he's the crazy one miles you're right they have both graduating class of 87 from saint George's. Saint George's check private boarding school Rhode Island also always had to be cheap as a of course Julie Bowen I didn't notice I read this story. She was Happy Gilmore is girlfriend. What seat yeah she'll. Oh I don't know without the real that was acute care journal movies you logo there behind the hot. Well friends do listen and listen I love in the dark blue you know boy who are wa wa wa prowl. Critics see I know I can Bob Barker referendum. Would go for who would go to prison gates and Clinton effort that was with the dismissal of the dark wouldn't allow for either way out and they went to school together. And I just a little salty Beckett did Erica all right my schedule headlines get out of here and just a few minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real fire they'll mom doesn't want sun again last cord in Sochi issued to him while he rides away on his bike. Meanwhile a French priest doesn't enjoy a crying infant in church so we bitch slapped the little tough. Arkansas they tried paying a wager is with her own stolen card at. In Florida the daughter of god is arrested and now from a is Bart in Kansas man is charged with making love. To a tailpipe minutes' time dreadlocks. It's time day. It's okay here's my car at got started at San Francisco what a story about Koko the gorilla. The animal was chosen to have birth to work with a psychologist on Elaine would you research project and impressed millions with her ability to communicate through sign language. Well unfortunately earlier this week to officials went to work and where they found a gorilla had left this industry. You know the amazing thing about Coco and I remember as a kid and all this latest. She can sign and all this kind of thing about spot. Other than miles I've met later in my left arm and you make inside. I actually could have been alleged you've got such stuff standard and don't let yourself. Interesting just it. I don't know that that that there is a pretty we'll a lot of words of that federal news. Telling them how the house the commute can for the communities like a hungry. You know like well everybody is more conceptual could give me out here I mean I know ball and other things objects were easy she really showed the intelligence. Of those animals and and the different did the broad span of of their minds you know that's showing grief for for that for her own pitch hit in the chest when Robin Williams know when she learned that day he passed away she was. Grief stricken and invisible on her so she was when Robin Williams says yes we'll see he'd better. They hung out there was a videotape that. Did you know she was playing with them and all that stuff so how so I guess what they signed communicated with her yet neck and he passed she's not. In other news in Kentucky a man has been arrested and faces multiple charges at three broken a man's house and did some disturbing stuff. The victim in this story received a video of the man where he's going into the victim's bathroom and perform lewd act on his du pres before putting it back in its place on the counter. I can get a clue they get it is to be honest it doesn't say in the story what the lewd act did that and then soon. You raised and I wanted to record oh yeah oh I think you've Atlanta baby puts up and on the toothbrush flow like. And his vision and put them through rough but only if it's good news. You do when you say lewd act because of the private cars got a cast from the wealthy the way other private back there it's a lose lose situation that this. He's due in court a few months. We go to Florida where a woman who had been arrested for aggravated assault after an argument ended what I would say badly. The woman began had been arguing with her son over her cellphone she had thought their son had taken from her. The argument got big enough that her son decided that he would ended by just jump the gun was bike and riding away from the home the most that quote I'll be damned if I'm gonna let him have those last word. Before he got to her car and followed after him. She then wrote a beside him rolled out the window and shot. Adam Ferrer I drive by wire photo yes I think 128 caliber hand thanks mom ugly the bullet missed in the men's and harm she was arrested in the storm blew. Custody and how good she is she needs and exactly how you try to drive by her side. Gather hook on a bicycle he judges to the do the adult thing it's but you also have to remember wanna say this guy was 46 years old. Are popular not replace that old but yet I think thirty at least yeah and his mom is sixty some of what our guess 46 years old the whole categories of what's going on within this it seems right Ivan get a license to go fishing. But no one has to get a license that would keep. Keep that in mind when you hear the story I think part of it is because you can't go fishing by accident. If we active at. I don't know I'm in the water with a pole I don't let it. I don't know a little. Lunatics a baptism caught on video is making headlines online because of the priests conduct. It's hard to make a what they're saying in the video because its own friends for the free to stalking the child is about to be baptized as the kids screamed this face problems going on the ceremony all that indicated just not at the Iraqis lose his mind. The free surf to trying to calm the child but present his head against his jazz you know trying to console him. The wind just doesn't work you can actually see the freeze could visibly agitated and many actually slaps the media detainees. They re on the record as they usually they don't make so many babies you know just instantly saw Brian people here are compiled. And they mostly religious. It didn't take much longer for the parents to Stephanie grab their son back and the video ended shortly afterwards. Yeah it's bad in bed bath and they don't feel beverage you're gonna freeze that has US and you can if you put in the context it looks like he's saying hey stop crime. I've cried through the final vote. We just put your lazy that's not yours to start and go about you don't have water that people first and you look at every headline of that might argue about I appreciate it thanks to have their turn. I'm dead birds as the FCC. Bad jokes that would bring it does with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we need all the above those British so don't next time we. We can do best and for a lead is safe. Some day. Beautiful.