06-21-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Is Nacho Dummy

Thursday, June 21st

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Our president and I'm now 99 Iraq Kansas city's rock station also ninety Iraq California's rock station lovely Sacramento California. And our friends of 1057 the X rocking Peoria Illinois welcome to the program big dummy is the game ahead Jeff is on the way as Ted's meat and potatoes has fifteen foods that you do not know came in Kandahar heading profile is coming up we'll bring it tells with a Saturday in the meantime the game is big dummy if you'd like to be contests and 8449990. Look we do have very online area playing for team and not sober. And working on question number three. Here is your question Harry. And the song the twelve days of Christmas how many drummers drumming. All I know. But in this case that. For twelve drummers drumming. I know it takes a long time to get their taxes and in my dog if they want and I don't know anyone remembers the wounds. Card what was the official US name for the 1991. Gulf war. All our. I don't know out there and sure. They're the desert storm. We have multiple George Fareed there. How many calories do you have the burned to lose one pact. 25354505000. And it. Started under. And another devils seemed like an all forty or 53500. Calories burned to lose a pound platform gent. Here is big diet for 499 idol who's our next contest and ready to play the big game. Hello Matt welcome to the men drew. Blue eyes. It's over onto over. We're just go. Revolt today got to pick one. Will be a hard shot I don't know if OK not to live. I'd like you said that they needed. And the defeat of a question or thought out rightly so. Please keep those of the course is okay. Hello how are being located yet he had cocoa plant in little girl about Illinois Florida hello all day you've pretty had to be partying it up. He says the horrible things. That the current. Scenario it affords champagne and expensive yeah. Night of may I believe I'm saying it right it's the capital of which African country Niger Nigeria Chad were all gone. Yeah. How difficult a good chance to meet with champ. Suppose I don't think a lot of chance to be an Internet you'll think that I David Pinto. Yeah a little bit. There's Chad. Ochocinco might have the best bet all right good golf bears won him I just keep thinking that instant at this thing and a guy and a party debt and about rupture is it about it and it could add that would be Chad Ochocinco. All right your question what you cultural music and Mississippi cold sluggish creeks and marshy links. Why. Sluggish creeks and marshy links. That I do. There are dire go I don't listeners at the buy you a New Orleans and that. The thing about the nachos to Maine as I just think it's we don't know what time of day it is or whatever I think that is that the right call. On not chosen to thank you could share some human watching a sporting event given years the real problem now what hunkered down on three topics let's admit. Not Joe's other thing that we get to all split its beginning right at them that way nudity didn't want her so toggle split up okay right exactly because if you're gonna go for that of them deal. In someone tries to commend you give a duty got to give me happier here Tucker and Elena by your taco. Presented did not choose for yourself right if I just get them for me let me there isn't like you know like that was my meal but like I would have gotten those for everybody is split. And then gotten us optional taco afterward but you have to know that if you order not to. Even for yourself at a table by the people in becomes communal it's just you know once I think it's the key of where the waiter or the way in the waiter with a waitress like. They will put the nachos in the middle today. If you order the largest for just dealing Noonan and and and that's another hour we'll have the balls move which airplanes like whoa what the man that we don't each airplay isn't. We'll even if you order this happen to meet you order nachos and make public the meal I still just kind of assume I can have when they're not chips early society open at what if I go to what they would've would've at a chicken wings. Their mind right. Yeah wings you leave alone if you set a good swings the meal I'd leave him alone but match I don't know it's lake. Yeah potatoes you see that one Natalie I don't remember actually don't remembering your gives him now why not the only six I'm 46 wicket from Matt chose look unlimited okay right and then also I know would you wings of but the doesn't I know the count. Potatoes did you like if you can't really add them by the count French Fries nachos white people wanted to mozzarella stick. I say field is known to 85 bigs yes strategies. Down get a thrill just said it best if you can count them. They're direct spoke with a match as you go home as you can count and you can Karen how many they have left don't do not either from Okinawa to man. It was big dummy 84499911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello surge welcome to the Madrid. First it's over not help. Over search welcome to kill. Fruitful tree and go hard shells soft shell tacos burritos or not show. Smiled Perino called it freedom is now in the lead. All right here's the question. The finger of its own. You're leading one of mr. grinch was also the voice of which breakfast cereal mask. When you fight. I'm on and what. Who who who's the voice of he restored in the tiger and dad would say you're mean one mister Gregg and isn't reason anymore room girl ravens Graf personal belief that oh we're gonna hunt. The Hillsborough lives but I guess my own a big dummy is again made 44999. All of who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Madison welcome to the men's room. Our team not. Thank you. You got to pick one men's room full today will be hard shell tacos until taco burrito or nother. Gupta goes into good plan with them where they get crazy greens bone. Jerry is good right. Now great range. About the leg coming payment you guys had to drive the breakfast not kill scrambled eggs breakfast often consulted game changer. It's his chips for breakfast with a report that. Does so come on ships I assume. Scrambled eggs. For episodes you have got to do all that without chips everybody's lips when you about that included a bit of fun didn't. Yeah those in my jeans and another that. Your question about one bit from 20%. To you. 15 of the world's oxygen is produced by what they're. There. And what areas like country can't name. I mean little more specific at the its missile range in which water. Brazilian rainforest. Primarily China forestry and earlier they does that stops at the whole area you talk about pariah Iran Iraq resume isn't Brazilian. Rain force as far as we know with. Shaving Buchanan and watchable and really the Brazil it's race it's the deforestation and and areas are really probably okay yeah idea of the brighter and archer. There's big dummy 844999. All those are nice contested right up letting game. Hello. Hello. Ideally on Vancouver came. OK got to pick one hard shell tacos until taco burrito or not Joseph. I'm only. Are Iraq yeah on patrol airlift here expected here. And I think you're saying wait a minute on the appetizer list that it's yeah for anyone. Moving here they're not a regular part of you that is true. But still so be able to order advertising for them I'm OK yeah. Sure I'd love some wings and some say the skins. I can never make wait till hopefully. You know that's kind of part of the reason I've that you share not to willingly. Every time they Dracula I'm not gonna eat that many got ventures could hit it that I mean it's really it looks like more than I can beat their formal answer to. I and violate restaurants if you cannot figure out how to make chips well and you're trying even try to make your own home he wants just by Juanita is the progress. And make sure they're right here in oral English. Here's a question that's chips could regularly and. Kelly well. In the way I started to get very hungry and due to unfortunate reasons. Who is the most Google's person in 2070. It's a living person they became remarkably unpopular. Poll. What. Mattered then yeah. I was on The Today Show for. It inked. I'm misinformed. As a radio game so strongly look at what you are good. Kind of Syria or hear what animal will operate its left out in the song to all. Yeah. Knowledgeable closure. Who knows your Joseph good afternoon that. Becoming the game a powerful or 999 Olivia more of a big dummy coming up along with a head Jeff dead meat and potatoes fifteen foods you do not know came in gay and that's all coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you know have gentleman's room. No I'm sure I guess coming up we'll bring itself with a shot of the day and meantime the game is big dummy if you'd like a big its estimate for Ford 999 all of Steve who's our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Don welcome to Andrew. Hello Don. Well at all. I did not know so yeah. Dodd newsroom Boeing got a bigger one it'll be hard shell tacos outfield taco burrito or not joke. Well it's also flew many people. What what that. Any case what upsets do social. OK that actually display that brought you know I understand where you're sitting in mind. I only did an IRS. That's like we'll go to you can almost leave the ban on the things that he that they feel comfortable that he can you not really any hard shall we tensions. But eventually we'll what do you what you know and on them. I'm usually you know it doesn't seem mostly what did you like at stake. Oh you can also a statement. Obama and a lot of them. You're not yet got we can't go well done. And no one's good actor no engine Google. It a little guys have are right there with the ecstatic I'm sorry I got to understand this you clearly had no teeth in your mouth you eat steak so. Okay what is the toughest challenges that it is a corn on the cob. Chronic failure of real egg donated. Millions. Onions are hot and onions are mother gives you wanna choke on a big onion. Would you convene an onion ring ranking but if you only break one half of it and you can't shoot it in the net onion gets stuck and you throw it remains a big strength. What are you saying Don is expected to die. As well today at a good even Joseph got it under your dad can I hate pasta well. I don't follow. A guy. Who are due donors requires. It's exhibitor of mosquito is the only one that bites and news. Lose and it. What is the hardest ethnic food treated defense. Mean like what if I said hey wanna go to some Chinese food and out candidly what what is the food is it barbecue literally what is people eloquent what is the food. Early and it is so different. And it is outskirts really got a little legend Eddie drizzly. Oh well we're let me don't let anybody get into. Well you can probably just much alcohol are. You just basically just pacing back and forth into the like I guess we will not expect you not rubber band and as. Usual I'm learning a lot. How much you love to get milk shake. Essentially yeah. Forrest Mars in Goosen were there were the inventors of what candid. Little. For a small little about what this. Only. For a more complete. He dividend down. We'll habitat and mothers get a settlement. Happy sucks anyway I'm resident and I our question if you could go Amy and you know you got no teeth. Little time. Well somebody tell you that. Like you wouldn't know that you don't have if I don't I just I just assumed he had dentures whose that I don't Wear dentures and easily that would throw people off like. He made me at all well and get it yet. And in Kenya and not long neck yeah it is a little bit. And Danica. He bomb on. This slogan he called me and Kerry Yonder was originally created as propaganda during which war. I. And was it. It. Teacher's gone. Some popcorn as popcorn problematic. Yeah. Lol. Let me go up Clooney are all about the other that she's groups are perfect for you know what I'm melt in your mouth and you only have to chew them. Yeah it did it and he knows is certain. Well okay no colonel yeah oh yeah man academic Stosur who listed this man. If you're Jordan's government know T is the flavor last longer. Walk who have very good what are. How much money do you think you save on toothpaste here it's a girl how cool. As it's make everything about my legally diamond turning the corner forming whereas I mean the way to go like clean your bathrooms and the foliage of the mostly at an Illinois team raised its not there. Yeah double. Digit entered into all of these. Did you did you go to your six month Dennis check out. I are you can't or won't yeah she knows or two or okay. There's a reason to go to them slowly and has anything good starter as I am gonna go the most historic political and it. The attitude and they do a little bit and what do you have there. You ran into it at all where ever geez how is that there are the nerve so yeah. I hope they elect or your you know condemning and it's annoying and boom there's. Charlemagne. And hole and a billion to beg them to. Are true or false there's ten in the United Kingdom. Named captain fantastic fashion and Superman Spiderman Batman amble rainbow Holcomb flash combined. What's that. All. And investors had visited Stanford. All right. Not that we saw him this way but who is the first US president that was a red head. I. And we saw me regret. Little me and it's. I'm here I'm close to number seven if he did that we've done. Yet. Oh. He said yes he didn't Baghdad wheat who aren't the founder of Atari as a video games was also the founder of which children's restaurant. You. Owner of that well that makes sense of them all those games and there. Right absolutely I mean ticket implant there's lots of fighting games on a party early confided Chucky she's. Game is big dummy for foreign 999 all of those are next contestant ready to play the big game Ted knows who it is tank James welcome to the bedroom. Hey hey maybe. Over James welcome to show and a based on your ability to Jew. There's one hard shell tacos optional side over Reno are not joke. What we all the way Rio 400 over. Common enemy and by the way what the other guy I was staying away he was talking about the Washington had a week. Yeah they all worked hard to honor roll. Are we are things that we win I'm Leo Leo we'd do but yeah he was talking about the wind but the guy had no teeth. Man we were struggling to deliver an and I honestly I really wish we get a book goes on up and find someone to get him some don't work. Is it okay we through coming gay minister at my pop doesn't that he senses late fifties he's in his Davies now. He still tires are state go. I'd I'd just I'd never I don't know the final piece didn't putting dentures and never seen anybody just walking around without and and then try to gunned down this week. Even more trouble than it's worth me in the early he'd like. I'm glad he's still enjoys they just don't understand. How you pulled out all can you imagine he was a competitive eater. You think would help I don't know maybe. I got there I think I got a if you coming at stake. You go out long enough eventually you will break down again you know it's gone you got in a ball but there's stuff yeah it will get someone else I might take an hour and a half earlier. All of want to learn that on an annual. The deadly obese senior than you are our. But you wouldn't really really enjoy. All right here is a question and bad ass black actor who used to be it surely. I'll add that we all. Mostly will receive this individual they. Oh yeah. It's knives but didn't you know. Targetted at UB OWG three eighths to read these. Scares me generated four point 9990 lose our next contends and I play the game. And lol Jake welcome to the men's room. All right. And Interpol have to get picked up. Hard shelter until it's not showtime go for the Reno or not yeah. I gotta go three out there. But we don't depth public Dan Marino can't beat them. The numbers look like you have heard of always taco trucks and NAS good burritos they really really big Marie should call bull Renault trucks. All right when summer months has the highest percentage of births. I'm gonna go late July. All look at best. You have the one today in his time. Or are you know Palin I. I would. Here's the question we're going to plays some audio for you. And I want you to tell me. Which animal you believe is responsible for the sparked big gorilla the hippopotamus a rhino to. Wow that. Did that I it will parting. How did you know. Wow what I'm not only did you want to leave okay. And. I get I want said today. The longest far I have never loses conference there and I gave us big dummy 44999. Olin is our next contest in red letter game. Hello Colby welcome to the men's room. Over Kobe look at Michelle and their employees got picked up. The hard shell tacos soft shell tacos burrito or not show. Now it's all about quality care that it's just once it's a burrito but about 898. Or not implement the tough stuff off. I would I realize it's not as and it would everyone on the nachos. Do I I I positive. Compared to these eight or nine of them. You can really. And down OK I mean literally once or talk which looked at all week whether this was authentically and yet in dozens of tea but plan. That I need. Star caught up to by talking Cuba. It's on the bad nickname or nice to go to bush meat radical tacos. Some. Are how many teeth do bears hat according to a thirty to 42 or 52. I would hope it is. Our question. 85%. To Clinton's life. Can be found where I'm planet earth. It. Under Oregon that Greg it's obvious but I would enough yeah exactly exactly game is big dummy is far far 999 all of those are next contestant rented by the game hello DeVon welcome to demand. Hello. And welcome to the children's room Foley got a big one will be hard shell tacos are soft shell tacos burritos are not jokes. Mulled over read a motive really only room. Below the burritos. Aren't your question what is the most commonly used letter in the alphabet. There were. Excellent what is the most commonly used letter in the alphabet. 08. I can't get to listen to thank our. Now they're lower demand outlook get the comments emporium and every what do they think he's the album or know someone about these is telling us. They eat the steak Coca ideas what I did to be done and yeah. I'm glad I got to listen to our opposition as well there's a way I normally don't really learn because if our missing all my teeth in some things that you want scandals are gummy bears would have picked governor yeah. Any sway an annulment scandals of the women's glad to explain that is a really can understand the first that in the senate is gone on and I'll tell you that don't go to a bar and hammered I did two man I don't know also get a ridiculous that I know. I write your question which European countries. Each the most chocolate per person. Like. It'll Syrian. I would tell you not to over think it. I don't know Allstate Germany is wide outs. I. This incident took those. From mr. Hersh he's got a recipe. But who can mean a million dollars in karma for so the company went to Switzerland photographed. Yeah these public. One of the three most common languages. In the world. In the world. Okay in English. And it yes. And I don't like Arnold population the population. You. Diego technically at the Mandarin but I'll give you judgment close enough boots on the menu. 844999. All lose our next contest and ready play the game known as big dummy led say hello old Q bright yeah no right okay. RI and oh I. Trying to get a big one today it will be hard shell tacos until October Rico or not those. Are you aware garrido. Every two and 83. Game. Hard to question. A cat's has 32 muscles in what body part. And hey don't. Here. I sympathize fears of them think faced. Along with their. All right where did you find all those bone in your body. Where can't find what my own a small list of bone in your body. I'm gonna say you're Nolan. Very very good year I don't know how. You can get a life here one torment. As if you're blessed us. I want hang on the line airport brown would get back to you. More big Demi got another you'd like to bigot does an 844 at nine at 99 alone you are listening to amend your radio network. Sure it's. Just tell them fits me details as fifteen foods did you did not know came in Kansas going up with the head chef and dead meat and potatoes we'll do that after the game known as big dummy for Ford 999 hole. It was so bright I'm. They're little and run. Your Oregon question number four for team now so. What a game and a if you think it's it's Larry games. What has come of him apologize to my team. But we've picked up bombings that got out of food. And what Patrick Swayze war movie with the first movie to get a PG thirteen rated. Patrick Swayze we're missile thought oh man. I don't know I know rolled out. Of the damn thing I love road. Look at the Russians are made it. Debated approximately half you left rep no worry anything. Like a movie tickets for the great movies out there. Let's go to the lodge and country and in this already redo them I think they did I don't I think it maybe just failed miserably. What country's name roughly translates to little Venice. A little what little Ben this. Little yet. I don't know California. No idea how California's agriculture. Have there may very afraid of how I. I just. Jack can't collect. I. Tried don't stay where you work they'll do anything like that the only thing down right. Snack okay. What country owns all the handers in the world who. Can you. In terms of the moon. That the death and they're definitely reworked. All right here is the question. Our Iranian. But not anymore to be the ticket into. Our spiders insects. Our spiders insects yes. Yes. Mental we have. Relative maturity and unquestioned number eight. A question. You're out anyway. Don't worry you got it. What the weather phenomenon can reach a quick 54000. Degrees in temperature. There and senator. Whether it louder thud. The non follow we and he played. I don't know. At the right a lot of different violated. Question now. Almost bears. Dared to dream brother. I'll show you on that they're just little. That's a damn shame they really like Baghdad now and I'm so sorry I would go but didn't have to skip I don't like it'd be all you know I'd bad loans and finally how will derail any. Did kids might be okay were you are on the run and Amanda more than I thought well I. Until I watch CNN as we get to advocate. The question. What new or an animal. Gains 200 pounds a day in its first year. It's a Big Dig and. I think it's something outside in the water. We got everything out of telecommuting maybe more I get among many questions and run and that's an eyebrow at that you know figured they'd have been around cookie cook it. Statistically what they are who we are hoarded tags most likely to happen. Friday. They like football club outfitted people. You know Semitic stuff to get back to work for badly. Thousands Friday like world media wasted no no words and and day in and lonely heart attack. You know how to departed brother got a note you guys that I it is very tough to beat it beat it. In 1981 Doug didn't really branded itself is what cormorant. And nineteen boom. 1981. Dodson rebrand himself as what carver. Cool regretted themselves Dotson. SUN. I don't even know I have no idea how Barnett may be too. I don't know it. There have been a month this. I know so you really couldn't even minutes. Personal view that is name. He the monster damaged that it's only happened that the only the second time it's so sad that Sosa I was amazed to. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.