06-21-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Taco Bout It

Thursday, June 21st

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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In case you were doing just exercise during the last midterm performance. Here's what you guessed until those thrill guys of my girlfriend was wondering how you got your nickname of thrill she thinks it's because. You danced to thriller may get that from shock. That's you know that's exactly at them how you can actually my first day in rate they had be operating these boards for. The kid Rosenthal should get Rosenthal now is. Fox networks de facto baseball is what I pass as reply no more than that the fact oh. Fox baseball guy in my mind he is probably the guy when it comes to information up lately but it's a bird tire guy after an abort and so it went into the Shelly thinks into and it helped. He had no idea what my name is sort of producer handed a sheet of paper that's schools got to show The Sims and I think as Steve the thorough hill but let's also. I wanna work the next day everyone was just looking real forward to. So part of it I keep an as a tribute to vet the guy the bird who berg. Oh and I like what I guess we your what it dance contest or something I'll have a senior here so coming to you there's one that's usually you don't think it was. Right they have contests about quote completely relax and head home just looking at I mean Kodak. I'll tell him if it if it meant to be out there are web what we've got a good look at this hello it was unbelievable I don't think that's worth of the flooding that. There's no one cared they do you just injured good enough the 21 of the fund thirty it is indeed goes down and the reason I laugh it's of them refuse dropping like. A box of rocks. In front of that when you. Is chest hair hot or not hot. You know I guess is. They asked women so I don't know what are like just journal woman should. Judy tang nipple there everyone's well the stray with a summits and give us the good news Mike according to a new survey one 8% of women said. They like just can't they only get only 28% 200 they'll lady yeah he's our don't have that says there then. And he did and tonight they just don't know they likely to they get there that's running channel we have that terror. But I just didn't CIA itself and try logical he says yeah Amanda right gift of. Who all hand. Okay yeah. Hello here is then welcome to the Major League. I. It up. Well I got up at an egg does it make it Eckerd and it that they are gonna Modesto. Now words if you need the most vulnerable ones that are used to be the food would come when you can smoke inside and all right I get. End bought the actually. No dice did you did the Verizon brought the apple will get. And you know just chicken nuggets need frosting all got it. Yeah. I don't know I'm Mary I did my eyes and entrusting I mean and I did talk about mountain to ferocity but now I did you do not art it's important it's almost live because you just did you're nuggets right into the prostate. Yeah I argued. And then confront you that is what I are empowered to make out with you right now what you most likely smell like nuggets Fries and Sager what are you bird couldn't. Are hit by birth but very very nobody brought. Yeah no it is for us this. This guys or other like I'm still get a number you ought to know pretty close numerous. With activity in the Chicago and I know what you say about the other body does not just keeps legislate he's the coroner. But he ran his first job is to decide whether these people are Omaha paper debt. I agreed I didn't agree with what I did that that I bad about it tag on the corners and he's so I didn't RD picks have been there. And I look and again John and I agree that it's awful I do think in. This sooner John. Hey man are. The problem it's gonna look like these in the first three story does it look like once you can win however if he knew more about the felines story. You miss it we got a mile boat do you have more to go there are Iraq. Object. All right so now we know they die but jumping on the I'm Bonnie said. Okay all right now do you still holding out hope if that means they jumped around the world are. All officers were dispatched to certain street at 2:20 AM reveal who reported to be resting on the top after striking other vehicles. Well I'm on the scene investigators say they've met the guy who immediately told them distraught in the schools and stuff. Yet several signs of intoxication snowball golf. It dried blood on his face. From his nose but you still declined medical treatment. On the way to county jail he said he was drug developed certain day and about jail he did not pass several sobriety test. I was first offense he faces that you've license suspended in might have to pay a fine but the reason we're toast again his name is Benjamin beer. Through our whole beer. Problem with with the moving in the bed at a hotel really the only problem only problem is both proud of the problem is as you've stated there's no real place to strip the bed and let sheets for the cleaning ladies to not know that you that. It's like you know the weird kid and you proved you streets you're your underwear a little bit Jack gold an approved if you hit the underwear in the corner of the laundry basket somehow although wouldn't find it and you've looked a little bit yet but there's no place to hide those huge. From the people tournament on the adorable court Julie the most substantial tip how much money. I'll blow out were probably dropped forty bucks someone got my crap all over the hundred dollars. Why don't I think I could one day all of those the first there was barely positive about the MS still solid and did all of our Carlo de as a parent out there. We simply don't one million unique your own home pro Moscow and a deal also would and the bond on the weekend. So what I'm. I took the pro peace and that will adjust and learn a picnic table and I had to deliver between my knees kennel in place. The drill bit and come out the whole portfolio the there's a growing and now and if Palin right should enroll you into my cap. Time. How deep. I'm actually score a lot of foreign score I know about arsonist who and in deep. Known as I don't look yeah. Do you have do then put the drill it reversed you get the ball. What I enjoy it turn out the side always easy route through food. And urban bench over pretended to sell un filtered hot dog water as a new Quito diet health drink over the weekend did they say it was. Dissident has just salt water further than they did and people but because they sit and as a health bags decide it was like a jar with a hot dog inside and it. Hot dog water and they said that the benefits it was just a stunt to promote critical thinking actually. So were they successful or not I don't know I don't know are working on it to people actually buy this crap like this that until there. As good people Billick awaited day is just filtered off our oil and iron to. Ladies and gentlemen your 2018 dump button cal mid year update. Gentlemen your current number on the OK or 2008 dean excluding your show now is. Forty Saturday. On pace to beat last year's total of 92. The total in FCC fine save this year are you ready for this has been. 151275000. Americans die. Liquid side note numb I was your theory is if you hire an electrician they're gonna tell you that whoever did the wiring for the that's enough. Do you feel the doctors do the same thing that would Everett is she going for they let you know how close as you work done. I think need to pay you realize hey bad but I've been able played so well I'm a little bow and every day it is supposed to they would do that failing fuel hypochondriac you. But the last thing that they had dialogue then I needy patient okay now what even if that's true do why would you tell them that he would have Vista like look. In his case he didn't die he did not play and that is that the doctors no need to tell them that million BLE Toobin that's your LA. Like a ground that I there's such about a whereas over. According to know that do when I split my head up and they summon it says to. Right we don't want to live because of the situation we've ever seen after awhile to look at what he will be to tell you what I felt my head split open three could have died I write. That's why I didn't hear that of these which. That's right people go to the I like little OK we think hey maybe I'll die if they go to to emerge so we didn't we know been amazing that no I don't think I may go off without a hearing get a Nobel that I leave all the memos and they're just trying to make you feel work. I know I learned point do you think that's why I'm here. Now done men's room legacy continues news. And clean what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Educated. You're really stupid they're not trying to offend anyone on purpose. And go. Lord and I'm going to be invited to join the party. This is dumb. They're adults. Progress on base hit. All gathered in secrecy. This is the men's room with my. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Okay they go in Arizona our 2800. Fit the match. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Cute kids there and ball. To my car. Oh. Do part of it yes. I doubt there are due to do it broke right back as well once again we've played this. It's meat and potatoes has fifteen foods you did not know came in Cannes. Let your dog is back get right to play profile list plus headlines events or job today bubble looks very males and everyone's favorite TV time but to clear. That dude did you grow my good Elmo doesn't want to son to get the last word in Sochi shoots at him while he rides away on his bike. Meanwhile a French priest who doesn't enjoy a crying infants during mass that we vigilance the little time. Targets off the drive Maine waitress with her own stolen car the in Florida the daughter of god as a resident now from bars she is barred in Kansas and HR man charged with making love the tailpipe. And is not coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question yeah. All that bad news good day that you ain't yours today is the day that we played big dummy. The game field that rewards you for yours that you figure they're that works you call us we won't but the category will. We both the Kevin very well and were picked up to separate itself from your average. Reputable Dave hill we will continue to ask you questions until you get one right. Now today are bigger than he ever is the lovely and talented jobs dug deep into was into the race in entered twenty consecutive went wrong. Did you do better well of course you can't give us a call. And all we go on big dummy. Click it doesn't play big got a call 844999. Only like him as a month FaceBook follow us on Twitter and is to grab momentum live and to your emails that men's room and injure my back up. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles and Soledad oil to go gonna show number 2008 under it and a fair deal and a large. But I guarantee future rebate for for sure as we're now two days away from our rest of all the red red red red red all rose to all right come off looks unprofitable. Company and a calling him forever read festival on headset has announced dead meat and potatoes today we've got up fifteen foods that you did not know came in can't ask. I get the Phillies were not going to be happy to hear anything a Billy or how millions we've got a coming dancer came up with it don't matter like. How small a man is what you said at the office today I'm glad I'm not gonna say no movement I can't believe we can't open is the right if that's the right as a child to tell you that's the title of the article. But that's the right tense right if it can't foods you do know Kaman can't miss a minute or could they come into it yet fifteen food and enough and matters because they can't giggling nobody's and I mean on the fifteen proves. His presence is threatening to be packaged okay now the fifteen Fuji didn't know. Were packaged thinking okay I'm. A hole there you. A profile that's coming up and we'll bring it tells once again with the shot of the day and as we do every time you played big dummy. We have a little men's room poll last time we ask you pick a body that you would end up living in. It's amazing all the different ways that people thought this through pure and we continued to get a lot of thoughts as the week went on so that I have to consider to the one thing about this poll we've praised the body options remember. You did not live their life you were still use your job your money all that you just have to appears disperse and one person said he on underwrote thought about this I wanna be Gary Coleman and Gary Coleman's body is Joyce's work. Gary Coleman Andre the Giant and Donna tellem Versace you understand what we're doing there. Both Gary Coleman he's a guy just like the group without my feet touching the floor. That that was the whole thing that I thought. It's interesting. Why now you gotta go yeah I haven't done that since I was 132 living right after January under the judges to beat the hell out of them Aaliyah. It in as far as the voting that would down at Edmonds reminded you follows air on a Twitter and the calls all the people the played big dummy we end up with Andre the Giant believe her not being the body of most people love deliver. Gary Coleman was second. Donna tell a Versace was third a little bit different on though the number two and number three there as far as online as far as what we did as far as our contestants are concerned it was close between Coleman. And Versailles to sell. Odd this week on our men's room Paul this is going to be just pick one just pick one that's all it is something lives in that stuff to think what if you had to would you take. A hard shell taco. A soft shell taco. Burrito. Or nachos. Now listen before you get all crazy about this when I was at breakfast burrito is it that they stock go there. That's all on you wouldn't know chair yeah whatever you wanna do you like chicken you're told you're gonna pulled pork you like beef is he like ground beef you like what we call the moms taco. I just know which I would not my husband all right I'll doctor ecology talk a like mama make it home mezzaluna moms talk list. Are open to sit at. That who got the call to arms talk it's not going our. It's absolutely called a mile stock got it should not be it is it really I would never call them out at all though at our disposal dad's stock. That pagan why give me what is the damn stock down stock goes a soft shell. With a group without re fried beans wrapped around a hardship where where did you hear this. What does he know gala look mom I thought I don't doubt you've seen on a menu in the that is out of these silly conservative calls aren't most of it if you're trying to sell me food if you're trying to get my money to go all the moms start when you're not going to give my money for that okay another of my mother is on how to ruin the thing. Income right. I would take a burrito just based on this I like the soft shell over the hard shells farce tacos go but the breeder has been. And Karen come by here you go big social tacos and only with a fortune I mean I my initial urges burrito but honestly I just had to pick one there's new. I will ever Philly you want I must go on match I you know what I editors and a I think if you don't get the nachos you made the wrong call. He beat me because you don't like everyone we look at over the should just not my only problem what nachos is the initial eating of it is fantastic but they needed to the blower. Outwards to desert their cheese and on the Chicago PD which is that middle part Bernard have warmed ships to argue are you are you someone who when you see that ship that's got all the sour cream on it and the majority of the good stuff. Do you go for that holds shipping eat at all or use the kind person. That would take another ship and scrapes on without off or maybe a forks well. Ours that enjoy in the block lob or whatever you've got on there that's you know like are now sharing things yes. That was you have more let's see like that's an easy guess there are already looking at me. Well you're now look I mean I mean it you know look at if you get a single order of nachos for just yourself which is an unusual move. All right then all of uneasy he got however you want. But in the decency of how we know not just to be eaten which is like get enact. It and you think you need I think you need to spread the level. I don't know what how many notches have been eaten generally that middle part I think kind of stays in there the longest and try to get soggy. But it was everybody's different you know that is our green but when when he gets to that point. Need to go unfairly that's all you chip only goodness you know what I did it for years to sometimes just gets in knowing frank let's but you're sitting there with plate. I don't know two other people with a losing the last expect it to somebody just doing that right now. Miserable pick one hard shell taco soft shelled taco burrito and not Joes those are your options are there is very done it for par 999 all. Who is our first contestant Reyna played big games. Hello Michael welcome to the mentoring. All I. I'm in revolt. Is going to be hard shell tacos optional taco burrito or not shows. Period effort. The Reno for day. No street taco option with a one street down or there's noted authority was also are right. The leases they didn't sign at all close. Yes yes we know that we know right so your kids to be sent street tacos they've been corn tortillas still saw. Yes OK Reverend Wright are. All right Michael welcome to the program we're gonna start with a multiple choice question. And what organ of the human body would you find the ponds. The brain the liver and spleen pancreas. Whoever. Our next question. What kind of state got its name from the New York City coach stopped world was first serve. Coach stock would lead the biggest hits and coach stopped and coaches rarely coach. Jay Wright nor does got a thing got a three automobile. I'm at the major. What's in Greek. Michael Campbell. For professional wrestler star in the 1988. Cinematic masterpiece. They live. I. Confessed that. Pilgrims to protest of the cinematic masterpiece are not select rowdy Roddy content. Let's go geography. Two countries share the matter war Switzerland. In what other country. Denmark. Third quarter of 200 shares of Switzerland one of them. Do the right at around I wouldn't get them to minors and a boxing great Mohammed Ali according to him. Was said to look like what. Vote. Float like a ball. The float like a butterfly. That's pretty accurate description of the way he bucks for their part about it really that. And that's why he's so. And what routes is squeezed into a Margarita. A lion. How are you are already heavy alcohol well Michael came through the game is big dummy 844999. All of who's our next contestant write a play the games. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. It's over a code. Men's room full pick one yard field sun goes soft shell tacos burrito or not jokes. Or off. Virtually at the third my kids moms talk jokes let. Yeah whole platform that. Yeah. Pick or heart you know it's optional marine or not you burrito I know it. I was doing Maria my thanks for the all right according to Elton John. What were re copying and bopping to. Well. Okay no doubt the. Now the mother of the drug and I rotten. A bag in my head this morning John remember that my god dammit bigamy is a game a 44999. All of those are next contestant right to play a job that's hips. As well other and two hours or hello admits welcome to the bedroom. And it's over. Where we have got to get ready for red vessel. Our government through muffle their and it would which would Wear which way to go your hard shell tacos optional taco burrito or not you. So far so don't street tacos are. I do love the soft shell Tucker. Part of all these options yeah I mean look how good and I turned down anyone other men are really wouldn't. Aren't true or false. Real fender the guy who invented the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Could not play because to a our feature. Man people are taken yesterday. It is big dummy 8449990. Let's get another contestant read play the game. Hello Mike welcome to the men drew. Yeah. This show. Are you going to go hard gel stocks fell burrito or not kill Garmin Drupal. Let them get booed all good it's always good and Alicia and got the not so it's going to be another. Nice not to have the big leaders of this choice for you seem to. God. For the guys that I give Moneyline I'll let him know every time that the thing about it a restaurant if there. We'll still go by your humility you know. I'd here's the question what resident has had more books written about him than any other president. All I lose. Listing their. George Bush team. He's going to be somebody like with a hundred. And yeah. Didn't look to I would say either Ronald Reagan or John Atkins person is one of those doomed. To Ronald wreck and Jonathan are. America who think. The first three digits of your Social Security number cannot be watched. And here which is ridiculous. It's like an original person that was leagues is definitely if all the way to just a one maybe two Y 001 I don't know I don't know how that works man. I really don't play it you can't have 66 in Columbus are dallas' Social Security number of different. Leif Ericsson. Big dummy is a game 844999. All of who's our next contest and write a play the game you're going to be sorry US Hokies would welcome to the top guy. Utilities over. Enough over and don't touch sobered up and the. He created. And Vinny and little old you guys all Erica we'll look beyond generous and it's a little bit. Thank god. I now Paul Larry blood hard shell tacos not jump tacos burritos or not you know. For a little more favorite. Thoughtful and local. That is a great song talk. It is but you gotta do it was closed screaming now or into a political wind just about social. An admitted non company who is. Party food. What is to go live this well assuming you're so skinny little exceeded. Seeing all the old. One missile mix up political team in. This loss ranch it was blatant and so they have been so special engine on their way to Reggie Wayne Corliss spoke of yesterday. How skinny arguing how much do you weigh. Concert tour and helping or about 135. Man and woman Iron Man and I and I can you know. I don't know probably critical to durable are you know on these kids couldn't. If you mind he turned sideways is the slowdown at the look like isn't good it was an international director of the show there were both. And puzzled a lot of it just means they. I've run around the shower to get well card here is your question is an excellent many. What land animal is the closest living relative to a man to. I. And is usually listen Laura is this into parliament. It opens in the teeth yeah. Developed you know. Are your multiple stories here coal steel or tobacco what is the most successful American industry for ambassadors since 19100. Yeah. Well who do you if you can't say that the courts and lingle is to tackle. Yeah I mean wielding members of Odyssey. They're related to well the companies. Like the same company now RJR Reynolds they also own Nabisco Nabisco below the all these other developing a lot of crafting that to me like I'm open counts before they go all the murders happened but it. The deadly diversified their companies so they were just not standing on tobacco alone because that would blast from the animated chatter Sager. I mean Jack cram the back pocket grab bush and I don't marijuana. Oh man Tito doesn't cigarette yeah baker puts his foot that's chatter chatter stick. Ted we have some information for it we're talking about Social Security guard the first hole whole security number issued was 055090001. And now we just gave that out well members of her through. Fifth the first person had a first a security numbers still alive hockey yet. When they wouldn't they start the Social Security caller. There was this like an F ignored the blizzard. I'm 1970s. Through today they are all highly you have what I probably event we just. A whole day yes sorry sorry person who might be still lives sorry John Novak and I like public info. If he okay 1936. Volume I makes a lot more since 1930s. More than Delhi on the way if you have like a big contests and 8449990. Like you are listening to the men's or radio network. Head chef all the way dead made up details as fifteen food you didn't know came in Kansas going over the head chef right after the game known. As big dummy 8449990. Steve as our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. I know bend you know failure to go. In the showdown north. Binyamin revolt today hit one hard shell tacos not feel time go birdied dole or not joke. Okay well look I think. And the only one that I don't feel comfortable eggs eat half of their NN footing in the refrigerator and went deep later they believe. Is that how you judge your food you can just be too little of it now on the how would last later on. In wolf but I. And I don't put me in your life you know militants and Miguel boil boil that keeps filling orders like the nachos obviously that would not be a good food to keep Brett but who doesn't finish at times. Didn't. We may be huge burrito I get a better Darko or maybe you're gonna do once that in Iraq or you just wouldn't even in the top right reverend. The way people I'm an omen for the growth Ali left of an action. Could just solve only given to adult and I guess you really does want the topic is that me and our ears are quite good multiple choice how many companies in America manufactures silverware. None not one local Korean. Thanks placed if you're eating. Chances are. And made some. Tell brackets. Are right there are only two pairs of escalators. In the entire state of what. We're both located in banks and once it. It. Go to vote yes I was. It might be simply flat. It's got a little out of the building. All right doesn't come as a shock to no one but the Chinese buffet. Not invented in China. What north American country was the Chinese buffet created. Yeah. International district is so old so establish. I think it over the Chinatown in San Francisco. On insurance does lie and it was not the way I don't know the fishermen had isn't current market by. Nothing looked particularly when they had a lot of Chinese workers and personally hey man can put your food and at least be able to eat it then became our friend Tim Cook them. All right what are there more of an America. McDonald's or payday loan business it's. Oh. Is probably has payday loans denizens. Doesn't seem like it but I guess there have to do not actively look good for it I guess you would notice of those 20000 payday loan places there's 151000 McDonald's and appearances are. Our game is big dummy great size 20 yeah. Yeah are far 999 all of who's our next contestant ready to play the big games out of a strong economy billions hello Hillary welcome to the men's room. I've felt very welcome to show. There are miserable they got to pick one it's going to be a hard shell tacos are soft shell tacos burrito or not Joseph. I'm gonna go to not coach. Not Joe's. Are your question. What was the nationality. Of the first woman in space. You had African American. Why do it. We did what I. We got a ways of doing the pleasure of their. All right. What kind of as did its stomach as. Oh lord. You've heard this and you have. All the I don't know. Before the title to. Which is terrified as crazy that is in your body telling the lining of your stomach as the best buddies there right they're about it. Both Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were both born in what US state. Although there are a lot of. I hang on the line their military we'll get right back to the. Like me it doesn't play big dummy par 4999. All we'll have a more a big guy coming up here and just few seconds. They should many news continues on the men's room radio network.