06-20-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Facepalms

Wednesday, June 20th

Mens Room Blank Question: I hate to admit it, but I hurt myself ___ing


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I have no car brands that WA AF Boston's rock station allele and a bitch about a hot have a buy you 957 into Arlen. I get any heat down there or not he's employed nine CPR. Rocking Biloxi Mississippi there's a reason is CPR it's a hot down there is that tidbits about the heat and Joplin Missouri big dog 979. Big problem for today who sucks let's get another return unless a miserable brigade doesn't really China today and that's they were talking about a injuries and some that are more probably announce proud of the others but I hate to admit it but I hurt myself doing blank 844999. Cola. Hello Daniel my son welcome to the major. 00 and job. The idea hurt yourself. Well. In late gutters are outlook. Walking backwards like an idiot cop a walk outs. You have to you walk backwards on the rule you moon walked off your house. They're very. Little. Tell all real quickly about you gotta you leaf blower. You're really pentagon unit that that'll that'll and that's. Game. You only do it when you have. Have to do and I'm not one league has led in order to ticket it's like our water is going over the side and you're right you you have a broom and is bush and all the smock outside. He's had a bloody upsurge shoot out goes to Joel and got close to the edge and he looked away at just the rebel let them know our wet and soft. Did you have a good control of your feet landing first or was it just your dog. I'll hold our way and I landed pretty much all mine like upper shoulder and what not but doctors and it goes like alone the entire. Or Orlando when Beckett dice. The reason why did you let on grass who can congaree what. You know what. Cool cool and what about the British on top of you as well. It did my shoulder injury it's that that would diseases and luckily out of all that I just broke her. That's still not fund inflows injuries and I don't know. Like he fits in that story. I'm a quick side note numb I was your theory is if you hire an electrician they're gonna tell you that whoever did the wiring before the download edit and up. Do you feel the doctors do the same thing that would Everett is you go on for a big let you know how closely will you work done as I think it depends realized a bad idea great so who wrote them a little bowed their but it isn't always good dude that's they only fuel hypochondriac here like the last thing that they had dock on the needy patient okay I'll put even if that's true do why would you tell them that he would have Vista like look. In his case he didn't die he did not win that is that the doctors no need to tell them that mailing me yell into the bastard pay like a drum that I that are psyched about it whereas over. I don't know that do when I split my head open they summon him and sent it to me right. I don't want a public is the situation grimacing after awhile to look at what you want me to tell you but I felt my head split open and we could adopt a bright. That's why I didn't hear about of these but he that's right people go to. Like little OK we think hey maybe I'll die if they go to and emerged so we didn't we know it may be that no I think I may go off about it yeah and get a Nobel that on these ball dynamos and they're just trying to make you feel worse. I know at a certain point yeah I think that's why I'm here do you think they're cognizant of I think maybe they get numb to it but at some point they have to realized early on like you who are they play detect or did they tell you I may be down to call the police to let them know that is as the guy who try to rob the target for its. I'll just human reaction they're doctor it'll tell you you understand that's what we're here particularly an emergency situation where they had to do surgery like hey man I get all of that that is specifically why maybe. My but he's going mama want a pastor at noon event. I like him he's there I'm sure you've done it right like I had to do it a few months you just made a highlight can they were an adult but that was pretty angry now as a site. Shoe jerk guard Steve Kemp moved to Iowa I won't you could go if I wasn't standing there how the vanity wanted to and I learned today never had to do that have never had double well if you love not really my brains out. Brit I remember I had to observe but no I don't honestly to pick 200 judging of some of the Heimlich. How I was Bakke case. And I was I was pissed at restaurants some benefit is Toronto which probably not the right reaction but I widget after they coughed up the thing I was just like. Who were determined Q do you can you give him a hard time. At all I think the doctor I think they made these guys they can't help others like you know you could it dot. But there's a difference you're totally human action that you should take the you bloody art facility this. Actually did happen to your announced how could have been worse here's what I learned about going to the doctor don't go there and tell a really bad joke don't throw that out today men's room blank question I hate to admit it but I hurt myself doing lanky 449990. I mean you don't do that so bad they think you're insane you via forms of like here and others favor you miss betrays gonna put in a room it's added no woman ever cracked a joke like that he he he hello Jordan welcome to the bedroom. On top. But I'm staying and I thank you know arrested and thanks to everybody last week we're doing great we're ready for red vessel three days away. Oh circuit got added to market to go well what's brown. We're gonna have you stand up. Sura oh wow war should mark. A sons of bitches what evidence fiesta board they always say hell no we need to hear that important we can't get a day off to enjoy a beer festival. OK to have guys lovely people all the people who work for so well what did you do to hurt yourself. All basically I was playing I was really don't look I'm most when I'm your cheap and I in my house. Aramis basically what I have been wars I was already own one on my prayer groups here and ergo right away Korean. What what what each basically came around a quarter. Let it I was running out of the corner and he was taller than I once saw it basically ran. Right into him. And which basically is how. Quick but how much and tore it up we'll worry and into all of this you bought cheap. Be fleet stabbed me right in the. Went on and flu bug cute friend. The white guy would the buck teeth this big package you. What rock and into his mouth but to Jimmy what so you go to the hospital for those stories is just something you ignore. What we both ended up go cross court ordered out of their golf. Force this year and the copper iron and he urged people lose. Part teeth removed and replaced. Maybe you don't want a sailor okay when he got a steep replaced were they still motif. I don't know exactly you did have a favorite you reasonable star. Man a marriage age a bit but I hurt myself doing blank gave 44999. All payoff but. Tell everybody that calls. We are doing great. If anyone calls overdue and and we're also man were OK Robin gives the thumbs up Ted's looking good today Steve's feline right. I'm great. If anyone asks for three days moment but we are don't you worry about us is much bigger fish to bridle on right now I don't worry about the men's or we are great align its money list and you let me. The answer my question I hate to admit it but I hurt myself doing blanking 44999. Cola hello John welcome to the men drew. Oh I amend your going yeah. So Latin word so I am gonna not take her about sixteen years at this point and you know pretty athletic you know I run out time comedies. Or two CA RED brag about your surge will I thought. All right English arm to get off. And I imagine around on the trampoline with its. And tore my ACO and managed just talent Rihanna to mention forum that deal. Cost a lot of out of work for arms are an inert the reserves now I have a regular job but I'm a lot of work for about six months so now the words but I I can do anything I can physically do anything about six months to remember positive that trip I had surgery in November bombed and that happened two years ago. Perhaps you need her would you use we you know I'll do the blasted generally. Meant to your fellow learn. Yeah I was you know and my brother I have for all the Brothers and not the whole time I'm talking about all they are making it to keep it keep up or never and I'm no gonna get hurt at a local. Until a political Illinois volleyball too slow motion about a banner right for you the our. Assets and that's out of that's a big injury to man you really messed historically has an adult. In reality can't fault like maybe they bring something maybe they don't the kids bounce back from everything we usually kids take a header off the bike across the demands and you want to get back on his body. You see your body doing better it's like no assertion made okay. Yeah and no seriously okay. Yet despite my likely Obama trampoline I need beyond Bob myself. And I might just be sitting just went and I tell my job yeah upper right and I'm working out nervous energy I'm out front like I will never tried to flip on a trampoline. Right like real life buddy. We were somewhere there's a bunch of trampling so we stood there had a conversation but we were just jumping power he suffered back up or down it's like it's the beverage if you have a football yes let's play catch. Yeah we don't envoy David in a bogus standard though ball back if I just notes sudden you have buddy has an Ingram won. Ingraham what trampoline yet. What would happen Holyfield who loses it is it is only know anger resentment I mean it's outdoor but it's like they're sick as you fall less if you missed the turn this foods like ground level aren't so even like I meant like he just kind of stepped on and off hadn't. You can't touch the bottom I'm thinking aren't so I don't know how you were when you were kids but it night maybe play and I'm gonna see you would just go running through the people's yards. A pretty good idea where I would say to Tommy Kidd and nothing's a ground level courage isn't just eaten a number Tripoli. Are you would you'd have no idea that they don't know who run a third ground give way than to bounce that off but the this and sit on a short outsider inside outside what's underneath it. I think slightly underneath it so it allows you did jump on to retake the top off a little with the water could be a pool. I mean in theory but now you have to put our crowd our experts say if I've been trust a trampoline I would fill the broken glass hundred. Did he make his on his owners how battle. Is also I mean I never heard plays where you get like an in ground trampoline. Yeah I mean he called somebody they came over and set it up and I've never heard Ivan isn't okay yeah I mean it just eat. It looks high and it is you like training former individual lawyerly how many people have an Ingram triple play if you're selling your house Rivet in growth into. Like pool Tripoli. You know I think I think he's teenage sons just made the call. I got all eyes on what I see you on them while they're not cheap. You know he won't. As you're there doing their a es really don't falls far because it goes it goes up above the ground for three or four feet you know that adds if you rocketed off the side you're following really know they're gonna hurt themselves with a enjoy your result you have to hear you just shoot yourself sideways on the ground and the miserable likewise and Pedro minutes but I hurt myself doing blanket 44999. Along old climber fought out calls coming up you are losing. The men's or radio network. Was miles. My question and I hate to bed but higher myself doing blank 844999. Cola hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Bold loud original loan. Yeah. So I. I gave myself a brain and your Islam while in addition our. You gave yourself a brain and tourism. Yeah I would. Doing the deed a solo deed in the shower he slipped. No no you know brain and you risen you have an eight of the brain is owners. You masquerading. Okay bit you know. Hot weather anyway the. I'm not anyways holdup you you don't you well masturbating yourself into a brain injuries and did you. I don't have a little bit of a hard time getting too difficult primarily know it's sudden I didn't want to stop you know it's a word to the point here I'm just trying to go craft or my agenda hit a good you know I don't. I got there you're committed you wanna follow through but they could be so do a brilliant but boy and a pro quake won't. When the doctor eventually tells you what happened do you tell him what you were doing to get to a brain injured. Only a Polamalu is similar but I didn't dawn when I looked up and her you know I didn't tell her we ask you Catholic if I was having a brain in your resume right now how what I know or did they tell you after the fact they see you have a brain and that it. Why are under temple area you get in excruciating. Pain you to come on out of nowhere quite come under stabbed in the side the head with a night. Inject it and when you drop a metered or you do you get knocked out or do you can you are you know early on this like your school and adapt my head a little Mikey and I'm like I. Then you know the boards aren't good at letting the tennis well yeah at that point he has like like ice cream like brain freeze you know I mean and you know it yet like a brain freeze on on crack it bad enough how long did you debate before going to the the doctor about this. Well you know did article worked in the morning so I couldn't go to work out they're I laid down on back down on the bed for about ten minutes that a next among white knuckle ride momentum killer named. I'm not usually like well exactly that a deliberate on but I and there's times and I could even get up I could lose. The and I eventually got on both my thought to be. On the clinic down later than they told me that I should not be driving that I needed an ambulance right in the military did you are. You need to buy a thousand dollar Iraq now wait blemish so so okay. I'm there's no willingness that are sold. Did they did they say look vigorous activity brings on a brain in late at any point did they asked you what you don't know Monica Lozano who want to know he's at risk one night a look man I might be but I just say the idea that if they say look this kind of activity some got a vigorous activity whatever it is could lead to this. They never ask you what you were doing and showered that was so vigorous that you had to bring in an illusion. And may be some kind of put it together in the fact that I would kind of avoiding the question. And Emily nearly all isn't always the case that are gonna anger isn't just come off are you scared in my as well obviously Berlin. The pitcher that it's not it's on it and I'm normal. Bear masturbation I mean like I said I'll attempt in trouble getting the climatic maybe I'm Blaine wasn't in the right. Are god family and those knowing I would have been like look at Wimbledon and course in its current even into them. But I guess I hear what I'm saying like this right people drive that I will have a bad car accident. In my driving given maybe they take six months before the comfortable behind the week. Thought I gave like the first time you masturbating to get region back under on your regular pandered it did you waited out a few days or weeks. I mean I'm an every day kind of maps beta and I don't play as though at least the only thing that happened when I did finally do it. It would slow and I had the best when I never imagined I mean you would have quit in them. My dad and I don't value our commanders will prepare good god man publicly budget your time you know that's that's sort of leave late about a brain into resume bombast that it would take me a long time to get back to one of my favorite side I don't think generally I mean I never heard myself. Not like that man then nobody rebels and force can always. All man that was a terrible story is his kids at that point in time are kind of like they were. They were. Adults they're old enough to and they weren't yet they were they I think they graduated door they were up to the point of almost graduating only they I mean that was the that was one and not only that but. I think he started to scream and they all kind of went down the suit he was doing made only he's married. Yet to teenaged kids the computers somewhere downstairs yes 1230 at night. Ralf is on circumcised and he's just he's he's going at it. And he's unfortunately gonna add a little too hard and just just has a very bad accident and I basically came out of the hospital on sir comes sorghum are so I guess I mean look it's a bad accident. But all things being fair if I were uncertain so I would always understand that man is impossible in my brain in your resume would never cross my mind now. You know there is frustrated solo sessions and they've all been there about yeah I'd never folly demanded but you do have a brain and there's a good Georgia stopped. I have but let's face it most of its outlook I said a couple weeks jobs made a forty miles did you run half marathon mutilate he got a lab Europe. I your testicles on tape undergo a method sounds awful why would anyone do this and someone sitting in the comments that look man it's. It's sucks but the idea is that sense of satisfaction you have for keeping this and I feel the same web series say that sometimes it may be better Grossman's Tamara fumble like I'm committed to this endeavor. Right because even now it's becoming a grudge moment when it finally happens I do have distance of a satisfaction like I have but. You and I would be nine point 8% of the time I'm I'm finishing this marathon and I'm which is sadly he was mentally. Somewhere a pulse maybe even stress or whatever like eight everywhere tabloid news I was really on that adds but I. They just cut your losses take a shower network as well you know let's that's going to feels awful walls that you wanna get where you're gone but still seem to drive. I don't know everybody likes the completion by legs I'd say so bad when you have a bit bigger bet they send your penis there's pretty good video going around the guy I don't know what the scenario is these in out room and it's a surveillance video he's talking to another guy. He hasn't done. I. I am because I believe the attic carried permit knowledge stuff of whatever reason he sticks the gun on the front of his pants. He bends over to pick something up under the gun goes off and he gets his cameo. And I'm talking on Padre instantly thought a moment right now right in the garage that. Comments are blank question I hate to admit that but I nervous of doing black 844999. Hole on now a year ago of course like the guy had a brain injuries in my masturbating does not mean that every time there's a brain and terrorism is because or masturbating. Does this guy got a two cent I don't think he had and resume my mom had neighbors have been inserted remove it. The bull run remains of the dead that it does you know your mom made a mandolin business consultant to keep him. So open cupid. Hello Natalie welcome to the men's room. Guys are doing today. Right I am embarrassed about the stereotype about ten years old I had eighty pixel and how it's set up backhand or my yard and go up in my tree and DA what I shoot from addicted to score well I'm actually end up dungy and a bud grant but my leg while on a yacht in my close distance lines. Some of those who are not thinking about what the bug was only in my paint. Microphone just coming out you shot yourself and indeed were the bulwark in the leg where the bug was and then what happened. Katrina. Hit all know there are men okay well well over the day averages fewer of you fell out of the church. I'm well it was a really bad well obviously from the BB shot over graded on my arm but not been broken and barbecue that is just more Bear's name. Can't and I think it. Yeah fell out of a tree stand on than those markets look outwards and distilled Akron is felt completely were you moving you do well we knew that it was 5:30 in the morning and I fell asleep quickly if you. You know. Can well back in the day there was just a couple permanent tree stands that we had set up with pieces of wood. OK I just yet we are kids so thank you we did the best we can. But yes you can buy like a professional stand with the latter would you buy look at the Cabela's now right around really nice stuff out there surprised you didn't have a prize a drink holder and you and I mean I think the massage your feet lies that they're who knows Tim was gonna it was just it was just a small. Wooden platform. And you're sitting there in its early and you just kind of sit there it is peaceful so Michael is rise from an and the next thing you know you're on the ground. The senate at that I was gonna ask you love god does want Fowler ran by about twelve feet two men's dorm like our guy. And the government of the ball or. Right and if you're used to having a back to your bar stool you'd it's automatic may newly back in its one of these back with bar stool and and I've just gone over thinking. That and I was gonna ask does anyone else done that been the miles or cold you. Falling over backward it had a back again to tomorrow though eventually very fancy restaurant and his smiles. Ought to show my shoes and yes you do it again this is a fancy restaurant and you were talking to a woman who later was exceptionally insult to a full greatest insults over you do. Which you would insure your shoes. A new topple all the way back architect and the thing if this is a fancy restaurant but at this particular restaurant. I don't know got a business goes down there normally. You have to do a lot didn't get kicked out die any he's out no the manager comes rushing over some of the got a suit I'm man. Here we go and I'm drunk under not a drug did you talk to on a formulated apologies we're gonna use. And instead they help you they put you back in a bar stool they recommend that you put your feet back on the Barrera and they're very next now because it's unsanitary. But because you can't that. You were so drunk editing content server in my whole not. And I was in another world locations with another guy who is worse off than Iowa and Chicago now and Portland. Yes yes savidge very NASCAR goes the other way around we're sitting at a bar a sudden about your mobile middle name Warren just melts those turned down any apps. If it didn't you bark at all sorts of under the James to provide. Hollow threat because so it was I jumped up and screamed out if you cry and say. At this point he's punching people he's giving hugs people threatening things doesn't serve them and that under the terms of like where are you kidding me. It antics just bring in a bush had actually come on that same guy I was. And they don't look visits overdue guy about it 82 methods that I have hurt myself doing lanky form for a 999 hole. Hello Tuesday welcome to the men's room. Well. Look I got out there I just what does it need Eckerd and it didn't they are gonna. My guess I ads are words if you need the most miserable lives that are used to be the food brutality to smoke inside and I get it right. No dice did you did the Verizon prostate. Apple will get. And you know just chicken nuggets and frosting. I. I don't know I'm married I did my legs and had prostate under and I did part of our minds and frost the British allies that humans are not our pockets and the sauce with a because you just did you're nuggets right into the frosty. Yeah I valued. And man to confront you and is when are empowered to make out with you right now would you most likely smile like nuggets Fries and Sager what are you Bertrand. All it by urban area very nobody brought. Yeah nugget is Ross is. That's what guys out there like I zoom unit number. You know pretty close member of the Viennese. Probably so would you vote we doing here yourself. Though I couldn't era. I look at major and I at night each player. On the ground and I spent over hit it fat in it up again broke on it and I got out in the eyes lit. Know who. It Yunnan and you're quite. Right. 88. Ball did you Jim and I passed now. No Hulk okay. I know I'm as you'd still lose that you know that he throws you brands had not had to got a date I was about in this thing in my knows when that you with a girl that I match. I think it brat I hit a lot of things that it. Now is there an I not being a Aaron award did get an injury but I belt by the appropriate. Well. There yet what would you hold a British do you hope they're actually missing and I. Yeah. It's you don't see very you don't see a lot of people that I'm patsy. As that on the prefer not anymore ability and I do not. Our guy yesterday. Did I. Wanna leave. I know you can't as right now I'm under the now here's what I feel right don't ask but I feel like. We can get close at broaching the topic just because Leinart because. Look that so many different fake got class size they went deport all these things you can do where no one would notice. But you still choose to read the iPad to knowing what I am well everywhere which is fine. But man I look it it's just. We know people wanted to go to glass I had not noticed you have less though there's no you don't want anyone to address it right the dog don't hear you but here's the honest question. Being that late there's nothing like that the week with a we have physically. If you do have is you have lost your leg from the need them or you have you don't mean a prosthetic arm or I have an eye patch. Would you rather someone just be upfront and askew and talk to you about it or you can did you all not the first word I you're now yup and you should that situation you could obviously tell them that. I know you just wanna ask weeks ago in programming becomes you put in that position to make like all right I know. Look I was I spoke lab all out one out of gas and whatever little. It's he doesn't want Giambi grew its own and obviously this isn't sure and you're out of it and. I guess maybe it's a government that hope you don't know what's important you have that eventually you would understand it's like look man. We usually like with a guy like him one way we did and I I never really I'd heroes Ella mugger for assault vehicle let's get you working towards. I don't know why he did I know why you loss and didn't want this guy as true. This is early and a radio career back. And this time every strippers and screwed it studio was all the rage but the place that kept sending strippers trying to promote. This is not a place you you would pay it pay these women money put it close right so. What he would do people would drive by the studio and it was code if he took off his leg and put it in the window the studio. No won't happy days before here if we if if no way this is sponsored guided his leg was not in the studio. Studio window then then these birds and some good looking women but. And this was once a week every week you to do this but anyway. Adobe is a cart action. Ranked in all I'm but I parlay disaster was it a comment and let you rub the nub sometimes. Because this is on its feet all day based awards doubles not a recurrence I don't know at Portland cement. Want what happened why do you why you why be a one legged man horrible calls today when you pop that thing off all the time not to remain you know but with him I thought right act and act as it is like I am incredibly intrusive but you're rubbing your in front of me is that the same guy with fun playing. That was flame keeper and stuff miles on. You don't play Internet. I don't know I don't want to soccer ballots that god is sold it on Craig's list so is unless father Lockett could go to the college to miles very clean shot inside command it's just how. My idols in holy the holy oil. Miles used to pound man used Apollo college ball NCAA. I don't know what it's so unfair and miles goes that you have no idea how quickly out there my legs just turned round birdies and not take much I could you'd feel he had one lag on the always good low trust me I didn't get a goal was horrible. Men's or mom my question I hate to admitted but I heard us. Unless there's video that's a yes man I was closing kick arouse upon her. Still yeah but the crowd involvement did view it and is that what you blue dog is completely wide open leads him and a one legged goalie and I frankly Lee was on the ball that you between even though I know in past history you couldn't score on the Obama get goalie. The Smart money would still be on view audience that make you thank god or shall I say you should school where he was I think I'm using a free kick but from five feet away right. I hate to admit but I'm nervous of doing blank gave 44999. A lot and I didn't know he only had one leg it doesn't matter you only had one leg only get 2000 anger is as I've up overnight with the Akron oh yeah. I don't think you'll go oh we didn't let alone or let it go laws etiquette unimpeded in their offense playing the field as much stuff. They're really did he get when he quit. It just to have fun and really you didn't know on dude I got gas fast and match and you realize how fast and or soccer was like playing pick up moves after like five to embezzlement. Hug Dario in my legs are rubber. I do now if I had no concept of what that kind of turf would feel like. It was weird because David started the Nicole Lee and I remember like art and make a big entrance Roma on the field and the run and out there might be hit this as some like based on ram it all across the fields I couldn't stop. The dogleg or the millions of got a jackass yeah massive deal demons and I can't stop moving my legs. That's suffers a concrete meaning number one Lleyton did for one legged goalies so everywhere hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Yeah age. Okay. Well about. Some people knew that every once or exposed what was your mattress and bed. And I would and sort a couple of weeks old mattress or lectures kidnapped and alongside it's so gripping the edge and a bit. No attrition and blown up into slipped. But myself square and a. Know how hard. It's American prisoner below or are you kidding me in the united tell all those out. I don't believe well I like if I were president of the United States in addition to all women's sides is being equal everywhere soon enough the way if you trust Arafat. Every managers would have to handle. They are heavy they are being the it would remove them and they don't have handles itself seen as an aggressive amount to flip the match a sitting once every day realism if you only slowly just change your sheets once every fifty bullets into Albany UC LP bloodstains a mattress flippant that's what I do. Still a job mother startup whose size glass and ask the men's room is on the way our question I hate to admitted to but I hurt myself doing black 844999. Now all of our calls coming up you're listening to the consumer video network. Another turn a pro stock class at the men's room is on the way our men's room blank question I hate to the minutes. But I hurt myself doing black people are 4999. Old Hamburg and about a common throwing and all kind of stories. I trips daily getting out of the cab drunk a fellow in my face and I ended up with a Hitler status stand for a few weeks we'll we'll we'll move that's the worst part about it. I'm from Judy Blumberg she. I'll blow dry my hair a bit forward really fast to put my hair over her it's crunch was terrible pain and company are. Tore the cartilage in my ribs LOL lol just from the head flip them and they're tore the cartilage in your ribs from the head play you would feel like guys that play metal music Mae and had they would have if from wasn't somebody dole. Isn't there really some kind of condition from that. What would mean no I mean that series all my baby got almost yeah I play in regular yeah I think there's a guy I think there's a couple guys that have been and and metal bands that have had surgery and couldn't. They had to stop probably made him I think in their heads against Oregon as true we'll think about it if you eagle on George you make your head 12090. Years that for hours and hours I meant to have 1015 years. Something bad data happened right asked to I would face of our normal kind of motion do that much until you hear the music to it yet. I got her one time drop in the bowling ball on my face. I was more lying on the floor tossing it in the air and miss my hands and I ended up of fat lip why would you let your bag and put her bowling ball there. Actually what that's a good reason not to lift weights and attractive. That is one of the reasons yes did you drop one under face now but I had a buddy do you go. We go we were drunk and we got close couple times yeah yeah area I don't myself opening abolishing improve there was one of those cabs and does the plastic hinged. A mostly cab came open in my hand my hands slid hard against sharp opening and while Iraq. I drew my back recently about lifting my laundry basket it hurts hall. We'll awful. I'd do my back out and easy I was bedridden for two weeks I was pulling my socks some blogs to my hands slip and I punch myself in the balls. There is no all right worse than the accidental man when you're in Ghana punching yourself in to bat whatever your devices are trying to pull something that wedge in Indian army and and value date this thing out to smash yourself correctly in the jewels yet. It is so humiliating it hurts so bad during such a bad mood. This this almost got I just checked broke what care I wasn't lying Jason newstead. Jason newstead formerly a Metallica death he's swinging style head banging gave physical damage one of the reasons he says for his departure from the band Metallica. Where in 2005 doctors believe the terrible some all the guitars in the band Evan essence experiences stroke from head bang. Head banging they said caused a true manic and your ism of the cervical. Vertebrae. And they have an artery. And also in a fifteen year old drummer. Denny and in the into the article which now I don't know if I should believe or not because it's his cures for this included. Michael Bolton. Celine Dion Hamas. India and while that Mark Geragos yes hello and I hope the other information is correct it in the way they and that article that it is an adjacent instead wanted to walk you through an event what the shards of the guard comes it is that it sting guy's Smart guy is but we would just leave a comment hey man. In every picture that is ever taken with you it's the same faces on a double boards. But it's kind of like is angry grimace think every time it resting but not resting bitch face. And use me Denon was he said ma'am I don't know what it is but if you say smile is like that's my happy face Roy c'mon he's not but I swear to god. He's a go to great moments but if you take these pictures I smile upside. For turnout as the men's room coming up they have you have any questions for any of us here and the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room at and injure my back some of investments are right before we drink and toast with a shot of the day in the meantime comments are blank question. I hate to a minute but I hurt myself doing black. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.