06-19-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Is On A Ledge

Tuesday, June 19th

Mens Room Question: What's the story behind the riskiest thing you've done?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Say hello to our animal friends. Say one 105 point three the bear in Blacksburg Virginia history of this phenomenon bears over the idea Moscow wells for the bucks new Iraq IE six point nine the fox and beautiful Havel was gotten there is another animal. And we have had some big dog no the fox cell based classic rock in San Jose 95 Kate fox down there as well so and big dog man and big dog that's right in WA AF Boston's a legendary Iraq station a big chill free guys today as we are four days away from red dust way to get to cancel the drug charge can minimal since today with ten songs about beer will ask doesn't parts and we will drink it's those with a shot of the day. Our question what is the story behind the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 449990. Look funny you brought a Bob stage of the Boston hello Mike in Boston welcome to the men's room. Or not. Hello mark. Mean. Guy 00 well. Does run up we haven't times changed difference or my guess it's a little bit of a delay of a 3000 miles go ahead. Our crowd I want led chart with benefits with that girl. And she ended up getting a spot brand you know a boyfriend and and the guy hated me from. They get dealt from the start didn't even know me and it'd mediate because we blew the girl he wanted to be US yeah most war. So we had been here all you know girl bit. And we are talking to each other so just recently all the sudden I'm getting half naked pictures farmer hey how are you. And I hit an. Eight hour day. All right this is got the good part of OK god guide to what happens I get the greater than what happens. So now she's not kidding me every night half naked pictures you should come see me you should come see me. I'm like all I worked all eleven so that kinda hard and stick Kumble grabbed their eleventh don't like I so I kicked erratic go to our house. Our drive vital and Michael warehouse we didn't hand where I want. I want to get our house and I knew that those were the hours are so. A lot better health and there's verbal different path out on the outs and I'm like are you kidding me. And should or anybody you all wake up and I'm like are you share that positive dubbed. We are low was sitting on the couch next to him and she just. Are getting undressed so I'm like OK so we moved to the bedroom they do wakes up. A little bit her look didn't meet. She could had turned a wrinkle is that gonna let couched. So I'm I'm I'm look at how are you know lake where. In the middle of it like we order fully engaged in a light sweet Butler. We keep Belichick quickly senator Carl no problem up. I'm like yeah. You know I'm late I'm never gonna beat this girl ever again. Arab and that's the last time easier that's the area. That I could always ordered a work so. The next morning which he never let me in the morning. She met did you meet as he says hey he thought Olympic dream do you wanna come over tonight almighty god and I'll. Unlike. IE yeah I'll be there did not say it isn't like I all he had and this is a big deal then. No not at all I'll do that I don't glimpse of and we've been continuing and continuing on making sure that they do not there so he wake up and she told all. I'd go to court to act. You were having sex with dull and so on the couch last night and she is like now I want. How are you see inundating this dude now. Like forty years. And how long you you've been asleep do with it. Well first I thought there was something that the other turn out to eat lunch. And now it's only been like a month. Mr. brown okay time now you move with a drug dude I bet album mr. eskimo brother by the way. What do they know let me tell you feel I have basketball brother Dave Robbins knows you know even those kids. Let's that's how you subtly let someone know advantages and the student wrote his nose on ousting of having sex in front of people. A shocked husband and wife film the pair of Randy lovers going had ended in a back row of holiday jet now I'm gonna tell you the story of Aaron but I want you. There's one part of the story this is very disturbing to me is an individual. I mean it's just like you gonna see if we can figure out department argued that bothers me the most about the story of guy that you were not involved that love first that's what that's one. That's the story goes the brazen couple appeared to be joining the mile mile high club as the young woman. Basically sits on the guy's lap right straddles aren't. A couple. Film the pair a mile high lovers they were sitting directly behind them and basically they held the camera. And you can see him going out right behind poker they Vincent the footage until their daughter. How old Kylie toll what she's an adult okay posted on Twitter saying my mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this. The video has been viewed more than. Three point six million times there could be elevenths that it shows her mom and dad looking in horror as they film the two having sex behind them. The camera captures their looks of war at the going on the macro. It won't put the camera pans around the cabin of a small commercial jet and then back to show the man. Now eyes get his hands go on for hair and everything else the crew appeared not to notice what was happening and they are able to continue uninterrupted nothing was ever of a good you know address to this. Not clear which airline they're flying honor not a virgin any action was taken by the staff for anything like that but either way lately there have sex. They're blatantly having sex. I don't care but here's my OK any idea what my problem is that I'm listening ma'am just I don't know. I don't care I think how old my daughters are in I'm never gonna send and I don't a couple of having sex. You know any legs even apply now by British I have had. Like enough I think it's still I might send it to you rule. Or steed with a mom out of editor doubted any good that way and know it's there to that. It's a huge thing OK but if you're does that add an incident do you like having right yeah both parents feel like that's ridiculous somehow makes it better. Yeah oh man you are I think it's more just the parents lake if you watch the video I know I would play. So I think I think the parents are just so shocked they just didn't as the daughter's firm Curry's. Might be to dislike hate crazy darling in this new right I think it helps the mom is there and I know the raiders are nudity. I know but I mean it's just it's. Now you see the couple in the back right so they're just so rarely are you believe this widget and the video is filming through the gap between the two seats as it's a split there. So here they are on the plan in awe yeah did you see her in the back and here's this do you think the killer Calvin no matter I don't mind I mean like they are did and it on I don't know I didn't try to be somebody that they don't play there haven't sects there. Maybe this wasn't an act like I don't act that is fed says just latte here. What is the story behind the the riskiest thing that you have ever done to firefighters in Ohio. May have been suspended for allegedly making pornographic videos add the firehouse following engine 69 Packard officials say that our third dean and DN LR. Were both placed on administrative leave while the city launched an investigation into the manner and they're still having sex here as a launching yes Clinton still won't not safe for work. A fire chief Clarence starter says someone told a firefighter last week about the acts possibly being performed on city property. AKA someone was watching some pornography when ray hey man I know that plays and I know those people. That's our firehouse yes and this is okay and go hey how about I know him the firefighter reported to a supervisor who then told the chief. Tucker and mayor Dan Horrigan said in a joint statement the Dean Heller did not work in the same fire station. But we're known to be a long term relationship and they have not identified the firehouse exactly where the videos took place. But a spokesman for the local fires unions and broke up. He can on the outrun that man and I didn't they did. There's something about the idea of a born that has a guy name or Mike or third to me as one of the and so Susan and you can possibly yet. Right according to the Bourne comes on the fake name no goes by or for. Yeah you don't sound like you talk publicly warned and urged him to name Arthur and who knows maybe he's the sort Smith an investor demand ever as soon as I heard that name among the sounds awful but finally get away with that stuff. They still rocked the mustache I know your name is Arthur I just feel like I don't work yet maybe just goes by art. OK if you are already you know if brochures. Is like if her name it is Helga. In European born it's like I'm lucky you might be the greatest warn act several mechanically sound you sound will get the word Arthur just makes you think of that old trucking dispute. Exactly Dudley Moore there are a little cartoon. So they to have sex ever they apparently had done quite the rigs set up as far as the lawyer and ruin everything else and they're ordered approach you have more so than you know like there wasn't just two people having sex with a with a handheld phones haven't you think you would not to call I'll tell you why well it's more about the idea of state with their it's firefighter poured short while which are read another article was apparently very popular. Oh so. Especially with a females I got Jacqueline and her money exact. Are terrifying moment we see here as the the World Cup is going on the night in Russia right eat correctly guessing the pictures of the bear in the back of the car riding on the Ari downing a little Zell. That's the same Bayer they had like that division three soccer match in Russia. Where he walked out the soccer ball yes but wait you say he's playing the Booz Allen he's in the back of a convertible like a mood about it I was losing I heard the headlines on listening to you said there's the have you seen the video of the fairness valuable pick up sitting on the planning a move who's up convertible like he's like he's the parade queen. OK I mean he's sitting on the back of the of the of the car playing Louisiana whose LA he's playing. And guys Travis arts and people are taking pictures it was right after I think they won their initial the first match that of the World Cup okay this your birdies real fired up. There's is a real big bears is like a Kodiak bear the bears enormous to the point where. You don't wanna be ten feet you'll need ten feet of despair like this is not a good idea of this bear not to be in a cage or you for it or blame who's only been brilliant you know like unit in a car with a cage and all that stuff so. This just happens in parade. Another story about a bear that I don't. It's a great athletes really just traffic they will only team also he's in there I'm real authentic great that's the other issue where this doesn't even up finger felt a guy does it all over who who's though I'll play barrier that's why everybody think what are you doing to despair there's no way of bear could act. Act like what I handled it. Luke just does that. What is the what is the story of either as you say that you've ever done a 44999. Cola calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. We'll want to know that. Hornaday is for red puzzlement pillows and and I value I. I was spent tens hogs and Bobby are coming up Wesley drug charge our question today. What is the story behind the riskiest thing that you have ever done. This is a crazy mullah we go back to the world of animals and more back in Russia and we're back the bears. Love this is these are like any other animal in Russian. Like if you ever hear about all those dogs bears a light rain gear but there's really no there's there's there's dogs arrived trainer I got there we hear about that go from Villanova so I don't so. The terrifying moment as they angry performing bear attacked its handlers after being forced to ride a skateboard and then has beaten with a stick. And a circus in Russia. Children in the audience screamed as the animal turned violent keeper moments after riding down a ramp during a performance in a village in the bottle broad region. Of Russia know what you just be again. Just scared enough to be in a tense with the animal. That size that is not there's no way that it's that there's no cage and then there's nothing like that if you got a front row seat there's bears literally five feet away from. Never go front row I believe that anything was why a man Gallagher look man bears Roy Horn right with innocence anymore so and I know the tiger bit him because the tiger went dot damn tiger but again same thought like. Obama the front row you wanted to attack you Roy Horn it's like hey man if he lets them go. Like my ask to be that I never want to be for anyone with Russians and mayors why can't they do why do they are played who's LO or right. Ride skateboards like them to send you back here this there's a panel did you see the video list. No I not okay this bear I mean this bear looks like a Greco Roman wrestler. It looks like a sumo wrestler trying to I mean just is it's just. Always on offense always pushing the guy like you only trying to get it. An edge on images you know I don't know I don't think he just he just keeps coming animates and saying. A members of the staff try to beat the brown bear with sticks. As it penned a colleague on the ground. Spectators said it was clearly agitated and want to leave the arena and the get aggressive with its female handler. A male member of the circus true bin repeatedly struck the animal to stick. This only. Angered the animal more yeah did you keep in with a stick did the bear overpowered the man knocked into the ground and attacked him on the floor of the circus ring. Scared spectators were just a few feet from this entire incident in there are no barriers between them and the out of control bear to me that is. But again. Remember now this is Russia and while that we learn about Russia when we don't know Tom puts out when they were doing to Winter Olympics. We were giggling because I guess the the the toilets the actual toilets and men's bathroom where men go to poop. We're just side by side with a pair ranked Sampson Mahan how did you forget to put the barrier and then a lot of Russian listeners timed to some luck and Russian man you've proved not to be I'd like state. So I just feel like barriers are not something that's very very important you never know you would never go to SeaWorld even if they had a trainer in the water who was working with Champloo. You would never be Jerusalem in the waters. You're familiar thing they still called the chairman and our choice number eight they Ellington and nine Mickey Mouse is running around router they're all called making. But this one you will never be able to be in the water and you never have like. Duke couldn't be a chance of that orca could swim over to you if you want to rise in the Q on the failed and wouldn't in the pool that's the equivalent of write the sequel of the this mammoth. You're an enclosed area with a very brown bear and you're thinking that those two dudes I mean you know are gonna I gonna keep this thing away from you with a stick. Like to I don't I'm not paying you for that if you don't pay me going there as my life to sit there watching how many lives didn't I don't know a lot. Because I mean there's going to be does bear in this day once you see this the eagle I cannot believe that all those people are just in proximity. Of this animal that's wild. I'll scared spectators just a few feet away no barriers in the out of control bear. Two women handlers indeed the animal those stakes again and tried to drag the animal away. The man finally managed to get to his feet. Evidently without any serious injury a local woman from the village said my relatives and their little son went to that show they sat in the front row. When they announced the performance of the bear visionary for something and act kind of our relatives wanted to take a video went closer to the exit even on video it is clear that the animal's nervous. Reluctantly slipping off the rap the animal wanted to leave he was pulled back in you can tell bears having a very hard time. They didn't care. A local resident says the circus is still in the village they came from Saint Petersburg but now Barry. I still hanging out the big top and I ten is still up. I hope to be relevant authorities will conduct a check and understand what is going on in the circus. The attack was it a show on Saturday over the week. Out of time a little observation I've made on today's program in our earlier you brought all the Duke Team who. Intentionally broad authority five foot python around his neck in them as python to want to do it tried joke disaster that aren't yet then you bring up this bear of the circuits is they're there is no barrier. And both of these cases it happened in. Villages. It's not a town it's not a city so just a mental note of me this. So ever travel abroad like I'll stay in a town or city look at the caller village don't because bad things that we don't just. If you look at anything in India like elephants coming out of there and reckon people the tiger GDP it's always a village now without right they don't say that how low within the village. Billions to me says danger from a natural world that. Intellicast dot Natalie that would write your own good god man it here in the middle of nowhere and you just happened like drive by like Billy's reptiles farm just deep drive and Red Sox. You know just keep talking drafting Atkins is like why is this thing here to our yardage double lab data recorders and don't know if you ask why is this thing here like you and me might get out a stroke by one of those at him and why is that there I should not be there. What's. It was dated it said rescue or it's that sanctuary. I'd go oh you do what's truly is really an easy it would have been very little different you know. But when it's all about Billy you know and I mean at the one red light town now. What does a story by the riskiest thing you've ever done a 44999. All I know anger and now welcome to the men's room. Although I don't know many the only. It. There riskier thing I have ever done however I didn't realize that the current bid is there anything I had done night. Start that trip in California you can do about hiking. We stopped to visit some folks right out the ideal candidate happened on a whole bunch of property out. Imagine that some loose near Yosemite has a lot of property add normally says the Condo markets on every down there yet I hobby today. Opera and IP block my daughter camera taken mentioned the picture which I decide look. Beautiful day and talk a day strip up on the float. Out onto the boulder. Is it a little extreme kind of coming through big slap boulder that they thought oh my god how comfortable are looked at Ottawa and a splash little water on me. Walk on out there and I sit down everything's going fine enjoying myself and you don't need to knock back. And you get that immediate heels when you looked at your butt cheek in the water come underneath yeah. Well I'm sitting on the rock and I looked up one butt cheeks water starts coming up under. Looked up that other butt cheek and I start sliding a little bit. Rocket took a little bit mock it. Mean at all right from OxyContin don't know monster rock. Like the not too worried about it yet I'm like how does it happen. Slide off the right it's the waters won't wreck historically. At the. Yeah well I'd pick up a little bit even start get a little bit more nervous. Next thing I know I'm heading but he had this thing not quite well way back eloquent too stupid so I knew that I was that he had a little water all but. The woman said may I marking a reversal of one do stupid. But as I started did didn't make it a Moroccan rebel with a current starts to pick up on that you're kind of you viewed your kind of the mercy the river is nothing you can do. Yeah well and let me explain the rock have literally. Taught me not even an inch of water flowing over it though it's not like it was that you know. Moving string that was a little bit of water cascading over the rock and be a debt that I didn't realize what a blow. Dealt a hard Leiden. I'm like oh my god that's not gonna end well on grass and break a swear to god a stokes Wal-Mart announced this day. And of course I graphical sampling on the side and it has kind of been Whitney. And I can feel like they'll start to go ahead yet enough time to get what they'll look back they put that on I'm on my belly just wrapped them for anything. Slipped back over on my but just in time to go feet first over the water all. I land in the pool below an. And a nice flat rock broke my all on via a lower leg who man or Mike just hit it after that. Out looking Oliver into the pool there bubbled everywhere I'm going oh my god does not like dot I. And I get out there that they haven't relied the pivotal thought that the umpire called banged up and many of them are but I get out there and it all he thought it could pick your turn around and here I am the owner of the water salt she ducked it. Delorean and at the top of her lunch I'm down they're trying to kill look at that you've heard that can't get around at work the way down and you want during I'm okay I'm okay but can't hear me over the roar of the water and all that. Still you know she finally get down there here I haven't you know totally out of blue grass hiking. But I stripped because I didn't believe depth from. Remind these. All these make you don't really wanna call volumes and better. Other great outdoors. Fifty ball and just stripped naked and the great outdoors to go plunge in the water. Well you know I do not now I did give me that once then I wore but other than that. I'm not exactly expedition by any need. On over a smaller waterfall on time and and a canoe aroused a fourteen or fifteen below ground yeah well stuff yeah definitely clothing goes the Boy Scouts or should have been naked but stay in whoever comes from this river. And we're not northern Quebec. And don't we had maps back in the day for the map in the zip lock bag and a portage point basically on a map was a determined by just a line we'll go across the river or whatever you knew you had to get out because it was our own that was impassable. Well that line was in the crease in the map from one side or the other we are certain that into lakes and between this river Indus River kept picking up speed and it. We are the leak in new and the guy that was man oh man I don't wanna talk crap on the scale effort held it. This guy who has a scout master he was just than he was he was the Nolan all of of of everything you know any link he was just that guy he's outlast that no matter what you asked just got messed that he really didn't know everything like he was and he wasn't the main scout master is like an assistant scout he was a father of one of the kids the program was in the troop of those in the patrol. But even my. He didn't help but he never help when he was gadgets like it became tonight I would gradually honorary brash you know hit like. You pledged ten over there and get us all set up almost ever met I'm tired like you is that guy. So you drove in but anyway so he's adamant about you look at the map as food and over to Mike and tell him mr. Bragg us would put. Look at the sides of the of the rear browser there's there's trails everywhere that a cleared which means that someone picked up a canoe through on their back in that trail as wide enough where you can carry a boat. Yes side of a river. And also here. You look. And we have like fortune is gonna behind us in my car Christ man. Sell and I'm of the front of the canoe. I start jays took I start trying to get to decide it's not work in. The site now now basically he can't steer the god damn thing you're supposed to be the lead is in the back of the canoe URL he's the guy who should be easy guy who should increase Robert do some Branyan and he's just. Look at Israel look dot dot dot out. I'm trying to get us over the side to raise you know canoes going sideways and realized okay now we're going to sideways over this over this even waterfall which is the wrong way ago. So I start sweep in real hard to get that nose around the front also and I mean he was just like a movie and we went right over the saying it was probably. So it was probably like six feet and we hit the middle lot of right I was looking for Iraq or anything to stop the certainly the shall appoint in the side and we were just at the mercy of the current. And the current was taking your right in the middle and right over the top of the waterfall. We go over and I just from a brother stood up lap iPad Loretta womb like what I have to do like you're going generally don't over a logjam we are just going down. It was a old Coleman canoe was a big gold medal committal. When the and it's got a pond in in both sides the canoe have they have styrofoam and excited yet you flow to the nose hits man. It's submarines in just. We shoot back up and I even heard direct threat and of course all the packs we have it all roll over and then. Like she said where where you could stand up in the water at the contract for five feet and in Europe your shoulder did you do you could touch the ground because the the wonderful kind of stepped off yet wasn't just one huge waterfalls three or four decent size waterfalls and you look up. Now all these canoes. More the following year and everybody came over everybody's coming over it if you know and insists it was. You know what got hit nor got hurt amazingly enough but. Everything was wet you know like all of our stuff was you know to them everywhere actually want to help seniors sleeping bag so glad. Mean even earlier what do you do at that point Brett you just go and hang up and I tree called today British and how long to detention. Well depends on the day I'd be so impressed and GAAP. What's the and I remember our gob one fails to bring going to be because he would he would he would never carries pack that you care electorate through like things noises in my. What are boards can't keep up the base. In the Ali brought to sit back and you'd love. Clinton's diploma Dodd Zack mills I can't be do a lot of things you don't that I got that break here I'm literally at some milestones and not what's the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever done a 44999. All of this somebody should ignite with the court hards out of public just spending of hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Okay. Reality women in Prague Carlyle and teaching English urinary and they didn't want left. Almighty roommates went down by landlord rent down I went outside to dig a Sauna. Out real I looked like he had been totally everything inside. Are you so I had to go out the third story window I'll bar apartment you know approached and then jumped into this guy I don't recommend. And we're down. I mean it worked out fine luckily. When I win then maybe thirty people on the ground really conquered Laura looks like the idea you know. Under my head on the country. Let me just climbed out and I went over but it would that then they. I'm favorite but I might not per second but I know it's like you don't. The I. I don't I don't know record and tell my Layla to get a column got a lot of the Czech Republic then again that's been you know they. These undoubtedly I don't even know next daylight I gotta get problems or somehow you one notch I'd like I'm about an inch psychoanalyze things eventually did get a guy out the window on the world. Luckily I got light do you think they're let you know. Yeah. And there would have Israelis did years what are the news well we. I had this okay. Jacked up. And in an underdog candidate he did so our idea our you know I'm a bit purely you know also it's like speed. Cannon yeah okay at. Birdies are weird man as cool as like opposite world you know please give eighty d.s way we'd get all our why now why don't wanna go to our own brutal broad. Especially seeing an X but you know like. And it's pretty popular drew drug culture and it's what it brings you down on the hill gas on a modem over Laura down but it's also just for inciting depression. I've had some like I took one month of the now it's. The fifth pick regularly and he didn't it was no different than right here I think I guess I'm not pissed off but I Mara I didn't know they don't feel high and only time release he people resolutely pops and if it's always an airport even. And it is like. And I would say the same thing that oh. You relate to throw a form what you and your three friends all the media and you all use yours and I found hard to I just popping pills border are now. Yeah I mean it's massive in the rap world its annexes yeah it is a tiny little thing. I excelled at all let's say he's a good friend and he still holds it to your advantage I think Johnny Mann Zell had as an ex bar tattooed on his aren't. Illegitimate. Is that import it into low and it's a dollar to take together blower dose opiate against look at. Yes he got a tattoo of them and I'm pretty sure he's got zany Barr is our look man and look out huge statue guy I'm all for but really think about it because. Would thirty years goes by a thousand lives are we're good it's like what the F was I thinking I don't think about the judges in Steve's lunch box shock. What's the story behind the riskiest thing if you ever done a 44999. All that. Puts you I think that guy's name with the riskiest thing yeah. Both Sam get Hussein Ali losing it acts as a great idea that apparently so for a O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Colonel large external. I got done today man are you a young guy he ought to lumping all about the radio station that. I Colleen and and I don't even get together my name you already know what it is I'm like I know I gave and now they don't make people that go Dudley an adult like a part of a family. Well to be fair we say hey Brian do every single called him that way man at least twice today we get it right. I didn't think the all right so I that local and I was about sixteen years old and I would long ordeal down literally eat pill and that's what really early in the morning and I'd just like spoken out about in a quiet dirt bike. And I was writing down and I wasn't paying attention to how bad I would go on. And when I. That doubted it I. Jumped off the board has been a debate that maneuvers because it's such as now I am a hockey deal. But I don't huge fat and out of luck to quarter pound back modality catcher Matt speed. So my body display and straight to the ground. And it Akamai head back in my shoulder Akamai and he's just lying down that hill. And unlike Egypt my hand they cover myself but it got you on nights quite three seconds later after I got out after a stop all in my along port trumps. Yeah on the hill. And actually I actually straight period. Who will. How much damage there to do. I went to one doctor and they pretty much on it doctor David might be for openings and see how. Now it's all a woman and a video there today so I'm not heard. I'm supposed to have afforded it if it or you don't. Boy puts all of the story behind the riskiest thing if you've ever done a 449990. Hold you primary calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is you. True you're charged right calf all the labels and spent four days from red festival ten miss songs about beer as over twenty Beers available. And read that's more including men's room original read and of course delicious men's room goal will be there as well so the drawing a charge coming up ten songs about beer all right our question today. What is the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever done it 44999. Old. Hello ski well good to him and drew. Going to cop call Hamas. I don't Greg are you man. An element in their base so look long story short about fifteen years ago on my and I don't it easy. And while there I'll eat we booked it short beauty execution. And so we are the boat motor to the re drop bigger. And daytime talk the blinded rocky pet is that you could just global peers not adult life and educate BP about big that it. Up collectively shot. Dad sounds very means there is a pretty Astaro those those those sharks they move quickly the president than you are those are real skinny ones that just gonna. Dart back and forth. They aren't they are and our dugout you don't have to be looked at the liberty dedicated back at bat I'd go sleep. So it lately. And you know sharks are pretty dark hole they can do this year they understand you know a bit like the dinner bell for away so they come up. All policy in the first shark this woman that. Technique all at eight. Not my mask off what are people not who. And in Italy beat dogs or animals become wild animals like it here that tiger playing in the background you know I ran back a day. And what surge short or get back water acted attitude and an omen but merit but yet. Brought out. So that was not her why that was not your wife think he chooses another woman in the group. The woman. How long did it take for the Sharpton from the time your blood hit the water how long do take shorts react. And Jack how long after this. It became real aware and Jack I left my ex wife that he didn't wait I just read back above. What about like how many people out there feeding the start to the best one I guess and they want eats damn near anything. And that. Is TVs at the one where you see the pictures and the hotels like they have the little huts in the eye on the water and you're out there on a little Ursa Tora Bora same semi yeah. Yeah you got it. Yet. Got a tough. Tahiti Fiji of the ballots that progress is subject I know it's a long way away it seems like when you look at the that will definitely never got got a thing for two flights are still walk and nine more hours to beat Villanova C. The idea voluntarily being charged in sand Robin you said this is like something on your bucket Leslie you really want to. Feed short yes a while I don't wanna feed them in anyway. I wanna be they cage with great I think that's a good idea how hard videos late age and the great whites are outside the cage I don't wanna be in a free swing and O'Leary's again. Every time they shall recently but great white makes an attempt to open it or get in there it seemed like the door breaks the lock brakes that the best way to solve it just seems like a bad idea just cannot. I'm hitting it on a discount sites I'm not. All bra and there's an excitement to be nick Sharkey is cool exciting and it's nobody. Did daisy of like professional video as it's like the best Christmas card waiting to happen but. If I Diana's trip began as a full permission to pick on me a hell yeah I have politics and dumb as John the reward card and you can profile and white you go all night. Yeah for our you know. Well we'll be sad to migrate wide chart and started white I think it's the is it the saltwater crocodile and Australia that you can get image I want all my god as you that's that's that is the that is the one if you have never seen a picture of this thing. There's a saltwater crocodile at some park somewhere. And you can be put in a cage you can be lowered into the saying what is it with his dinosaur of an animal and human you cannot believe how big. This animal that is man one of the things about the question about that the risk is behave or you've ever done there's. I think there's couple ways of looking it. You know at times when you've done risky behavior. There's other times when you've done risky behavior but you don't know how close you were to really being groped and to like you know like in hindsight you could find things out but. I'd be curious to know like what was what was really almost close to do you think that's the risk you try to divert really it's right. Because you don't know that this man I mean it's like when you just get to the intersection in the accident just right right right you had to go back balked at that Alley at the right. Right exactly you don't know the exact. What tell what is the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever done a 44 and. 999 hold our own. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.