06-19-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Goes Out On A Limb

Tuesday, June 19th

Mens Room Question: What's the story behind the riskiest thing you've done?


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You what surely love to hear is real. This radio program are still. Trying to. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. They say shake your radio more than three times. And your. I know they go get ready this November 2848. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Do Ted Smith. I couldn't gonna ask you want to call. It's iron in the men's and a. I think nowadays run red Rose Bowl but don't look bad and. I'm an apple and it didn't spend what they saw a bit out clearer. We ask does it flops get ready to play profile best. We'll enlargement and shot of the day fumble through emails and everyone's favorite TV time with dad for blackbeard gunfire you're gonna South Carolina our man with the gun tattooed on his forehead is arrested on a weapons charge home. Any deal forest ranger decides to take so he would snake pit was unusually large. Of the Massachusetts where flags disappearing from cemetery caper is soul that. Michigan serial killer had a job barbecue recipe with friends that slowly evolved in Ohio firefighter fired for filming from port at the station. As well coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have their daughter does good day to you and yours. I guy in Canada he's driving down the road his dog jumps out of the car to go forward and a black bear. A black bear rock and soul what does that guy do well to get double car and the guy jumped onto the black man. Believe it or not he survived his dog did now but he did India. Our serves in Canada want to take this opportunity to remind people their reviews don't do that. Dude I don't want to a Blackberry that's only respond like that guys for the I gave Oman and Russia as skateboarding. He's skateboarding bear mauled a straight. But it was after the guy beat it with a steak and sea beating the bearer of the stick also a really bad idea. So thank you so we've looked thirty foot long python and almost people we already know this. Not a park ranger and India against a park ranger in and if he decides consulted both of around his neck and because of the pipe on Detroit to. Gimenez who survived but it tried to kill him and it's not just animals to people do dumb things. The guy and Illinois Portugal reader and stores not Wal-Mart the picture that he decides to attack the customer. No one knows why but it seemed like a risky move we told you yesterday about a guy who took the knife plunged into was just a group that is best for stab proof. Invest was not taboo but people make some decisions and we tried risky thing including you. So today's question is what's the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever done. The brother Joseph caught a 44999. All you can like men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and instead ran them into my answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Soledad however go out and astronomer 2008 I don't know forty or. Program operated there. Four days from red festival but Dulles and honor of said that red festival Ryan castle behind and charging decision Spain today we get ten great songs about beer as we all have. Over twenty different varieties of beer on Saturday at red that's all we got ten tunes coming up about beer we also ask does it fought to right before we target wells with a shot today more on that coming up. A profile this is another round on the way as well and that's a I want to talk about risky behavior. Risky behavior comes in all types of ways fashions depends on that risk with the situation is is it like the death. Is it a night in jail is that you know possibly I don't know about being married anymore is it possibly you know going to the hospital for the evening weather all kinds of risky behaviors. None of the people have this one's got a not so and we go to Canada. And couple years got an opportunity to go to this area of North America will most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. I Jasper national park Glacier National Park in Canada is basically built the Rockies of if you're gonna Montana and you go to the Rockies in that state just north of there. Same idea I look at malleable clowns trying to minimize. Out isn't like my entries amounts in this kind of beauty is you don't really feel it is beautiful. It is stopping your tracks almighty god I cannot believe how naturally beautiful this please click on an hourly I mean it's unbelievable that the cover. Of a carton fifty. You got a lot really the only wanna be sure it's also one of those places where when it says gas up now. You need to gas up then because you really are going to be in the middle of nowhere Friday three or four hours before you get your next destination so. That for example family of links run on from a car. I am yet that's how I mean that's you are common in family up by 45. And are they running they won't give you know I didn't realize they stomped her third you know these scanners they're the they're the smooth out there at some kids with them as they were there were bullets smaller but. It was just crazy because you're looking like oh my god. As a family of links there were and are gonna run them over down and of course there's a lot of bare their we stayed an account and 190. And one of the things that you have to do is. You basically just can't have any kind of food in the cap. Yeah so they tell you like look if you. If you have a bag of chips aren't. Give a bag of chips. Yet to those in your car. If you have candy bar you to put those in your car if you forgot that you put a cookie in your bag you need to put that on the car. And I mean assigned to look seriously this is not a joke you've got up if you've got something. We suggest you put it because if you think that American a backdoor into that window your grades because they can't they can do anything they want the climb down the chimney if you have a fire going ethereal thing you're IBM and come and they will write your crack no well look I have food or not does know under the gun named bear climbed to the window he's going to be out there and a porch waiting for. EU EU like auto you can garner broad yes Snickers. Or you're asking like get your newborn with the new rumored death and they do have the food in the main area there with a cabins are at all locked up and everything else you know like you gotta. And you take your trash back here to bear camp and everything so the bears are everywhere. But this stores is our message is absolutely never do that that's what candidate and Jasper national park. Is trying to communicate loud and clear than that. Is referring to an incident in which a man. Jumped onto a black bear in an attempt to rescue his dog which had spontaneously. Jumped from an open car window open barking at the bear sole Baird jumped out the window well the mayor got a hold the dog. Yeah because that's a network into the dog didn't make it the man managed to emerge unscathed. But he did he did jump on the back of the bear. The parks human wildlife specialist Steve Malcolm suggested that. I don't know what he's calling that he says I think the fellow just caught him in that window where the black bear had not completely killed the dog yet. And the dog was still you open the the bear was basically gonna just focus on the dog at the time first and no back on the defense. So the bear was focused on killing the dog the dog didn't make it but while the dog was Yelp and everything owner just jumped on the back of this bear. The start of whale and onset Brett but then the dog dies film than it. Well yes I'm just gonna bears back and gorillas he can now turn his as easy focus to me read it it's it's not the first time that a dog has been attacked by a there sure it is however the first time that a Pargo or has jumped on the back of the bear there have been two incidents were park goers. When after cougars. To try to save their dogs. The carded pulled over specifically to observe the bear and the park wrote that it is clear that this dog was under control until this gave them cart the open window. When the dog jumped out of the window the bare foot in his mouth guy jumps on the back he's trying to punch that thing. Believe it or not he eased. He's unscathed which is amazing. Amazing but the dog didn't make it. Now I'll say this if Osama dogged stats right you're a girl that's where are you on the line here you know like the cougar and don't what I can get my dog back to to bear as they rest in peace floppies I'm sure that I I don't know what happened I don't know what that would be horrible watch like dog eating by either of them huge huge I know that they are all come away. I'd look man I guess I am back at the Blair I can't help you won't anyone help with miles maybe throw a rocker charity that it was thought the bit. I do what they're saying don't do that I'm not sure that I wouldn't be someone of this guy. I don't know I'm a better think I would jump on a bears back but I would do would Jeff I would I would give it a shot to save my dog for like. Do our economy would obviously just a normal rocking the wrong thing rolling up to the Bayard. I the different labels I would say it is when used in that cabin did you keep all the food in the car yet. So I do windows you can does that go to like I get what this guy. Did this but sorry that's gone on him to live only have to ensure they are pretty strict about like any who dogged doubt. Going to be. And I was thousand Colleen I think Roosevelt organ coast. L throws Craig glide just cloudy days were storm was there and that and it but it'd been their before but the water was just all turned cardinals can't that. Those rolling waves a command yet and you know you can't tell how far sometimes are gonna command. The tide was coming and and they were just a ton rip tides and I've never been able to actually look out. And see all of the different rip tides because we're just so many new good physically actually visibly see how you were working with the debris in the Bowman how fast they were moving all the stuff. Well I'm gonna idiot dog miles out there and you yellow dog its name was mine he loved the time chasing a ball he love beat on the beach and he loved getting in the water. But just kind of casually throw the ball into the little blue shallow water. He loved that he can go to a certain point you as the best swimmer but he wanted to be in my deep you know on and run around and do his thing was this his last day on earth before you can to know OK are there on the market have been very welcome a good review you know ice I throw the ball and all the sudden I see him he goes out to get it. In the vortex forms. And man it just starts sucking him out. And I'm like that you hated this don't know I love the dog I mean don't get your and we had a thing but whatever sells itself. Certainly by June many times I've jumped to five beat everybody yelling at him now and I'm just saying unimaginative see the light don't let you know when it was known as the media like ate raw. Chocolate like powdered chocolate. The only dogs can have chocolate or kill it. Such under the chocolate on the dog's mouth because it wanted dog eat the chocolate and Don of course he just grabbed all the my arm and track and I. But yet they myself. And Donna has been heading to the target of as so the dumb ass. He starts taking off so much hope Christ like in the was a small round I went to jump and get his acts like I'm gonna die out when you die. We did die getting his dog out of out of it Pacific Ocean with a with a tennis balls Q miles when Newt well miles you met all the sudden and he just strong swimmer on an atomic thank god I thought my aunt candy would be my show I'm Marty kick off my shoes you know to me like she's sure you Wear everything will honor to brazen that story for your wife though it doesn't battles take off. If you I don't know what that indicates either attack and after the ball in one. I would like I did see them clearly if I warmed. It's important so are you did Amanda shoulder sure. That's that you're looking pretty quick and in that water looks rough. Well why did you throw the ball at their parent and mental waterless danger to avoid. He knew it was meadows the uproar you would have liked when he waves that were all manageable. They were all within the realm of like one or two people they rolled in that one point that you won the Cayman that was like ten foot. Time you don't mean feels like out of nowhere man to get this big gas well as can we got sucked back and don't like Jesus Christ we kill a dog. What solid the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever done a 449990. What was the risky part of playing factual don't know the fact I was thing team offensively just. On the wrist you preview of the rescue program offers a broad growth and her as though the current but did the shoes ever come off. Held held to do even on how old is vows like I mean if I got a guy that I think it was close. Feel both clubs. How long did you work I don't remember I don't totally gives you sat down and up in an estimate UC UC this vortex so and so. You out there a second away yeah. Given a time to thank all of our guide yet again. Out how much longer did too because you didn't take off your shoes well it happened pretty quick I mean I think really sucked him out fast. But he he also kind of spit back eat I don't know how to how he got out of quickly but he did manage to get out oh thank you got no thank god because man. If I'm gonna kill that dog you realize how much how much damage out of in my past in effect of that. What what is the story behind the the rescue thing you've ever done this is a story here about a man in India. The clip as they say which was filmed and India on Sunday. Shows Sanjay done on struggling to handle a giant reptiles in front of astonished villagers. Ranger is seen with a giant snake draped over his shoulders. He'd been called to remove the rock python by locals after it'd killed and eaten a goat keep a mine he's the expert he's the guy you call yet. But instead of simply putting the dangerous animal into the bag in the sack Donna flung the snake around his neck in an attempt to takes himself pleased and they already had the thing like kinda. Corralled on the ground that he just he just needed they did that's self dead then things quickly turned ugly when these snakes started wrinkling and twisting itself. Around the Rangers neck. In the busy in the video a visibly worried data can be seen walking away from the crowd by the python starts tightening its grip around as well. The rock python bit and I feel like a python wrapped itself around the man's neck in the crowd started to panic after the red tiled appears to try and Joseph the man to death. You hear a loud cry that breaks out of the villagers panic and they all star running away from it. At one point the massive snakes even slips out of the hands of the man who was holding its tail trying to get him off on the ranger. Who was not injured during the scare is heard telling his assistant all detail all the tale it's OK all okay calmer than I am. It's Dennis that I received a call about a pipe on the was devouring a goat near the school are reached the place immediately rescued the snake it is. 35 feet long no. It is suspected that the snake swam to the village from a nearby river I don't wanna live in a place where a 35 Domanick instrument in my town no chance I don't think that's something and I wanted to you don't have to want to miss an isolated incidents were moving to me I mean like anyone like I think you've really grown attachment the year ago when there. Our little village and we elect them on nothing to do I have to go I've seen enough on enough on the on the Internet to know that people are getting pissed off about all the coyotes in the West Coast eating their chickens. Yeah that's the point where like a summit came in my goat you know I would suck. Then go out by the way. Tommy comes and we're saying there was a guy you talked about a Blackberry reps stall and the guy runs out and jumps on to the back of the white bear and we talked about bear or Kruger. When Jim would you pick now I said cougar apparently I'm stupid because our bonds totally different. He discusses hey guys I'm an avid hunter who's accountable bears and cougars with the knowledge I've now I'd rather try to rescued from a Bayer. Cougars are faster and way less afraid of you bears a run from unanimous and the time well cougar will kill address inject. Also they should always come the caveat to what kind of there. Yeah when they look as strong fruit plate I saw black bear. And it did run away when you make noise in the like a grizzly bear would attack get chills up and motivated boy. Given Visalia there's a difference in bay storm ventures dislikes and whether it's a dog or just any humans follow we think he's human like well I haven't told you who the human breath what it means that the OK I know that's. Right that is just that is what I wanna go when I got it and I got that and I got that idiot cat who is Ferrell took him awhile to kind of calmed down. You know pick them. Yeah right so so apparently his back which is the kind words used to describe the animals that we just assume you don't like this is his backhand hurts you know like he just got run over by car Grassley is not doing well as part I think I don't know over about a real I don't know how to pick him up right to be at the begin out pick him up by the backside which you which you would he be lost his mind. You were broken have for all yet he guessed it about probably hated to three seconds he completely just sliced and diced my face in a common knows what I mean. It was so fast this cat is like twelve pounds in twelve pounds it did. I mean I like I was just bleeding profusely. If they can't weighed thirty pounds I mean or mortar rounds or fifty pounds and its claws were bigger and everything else I mean yeah I mean it was like it was like it's a certain. They get in a fight with Ford in a razor blades. What does a story about the revenge thing you've ever done a 44999. All. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Solid and I got all wow home. So I'm editorials back in so they are the team. Back and I think less popular to put on out during Christmas time. I noticed that at some had blown up on the roof as much as I can let you during when dorms. Anyway it's Meyer being on the second floor and edited jump out on the roof. Climate like the topic that that it would be equally blown up barefoot. And try Q the you know aren't pushing back down anyways. Meant it was breaking out and I'm ojdanic sort of slipping. And anyways I'm I'm literally is like slightly a map. I think and it all out to their stories down and we have Atlanta Dragway. Onto my parent vehicles they are man in a brick my ankle local ultimately catch myself and actually hold onto the gutter. Yeah but is they think then I do not appear by the up my parent through the can that they will not go up on. You don't go barefoot I got there lies brother are probably not Smart you know Kimberly I don't know that he's still put on Christmas lights. I'm gonna hit back at it. Am let's go distorted by the risky thing you've ever done a 44999. All hold the line Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have did the men's room it's. Thoroughbred baffled until then. Turns dividend as it has been we've got the I ten songs about beer coming up laureate today. As since then it is on the way after our question what does a story behind the riskiest thing that you have ever done 844999. Cola hello Walter welcome to the men's room. Not only yeah. So. Much if they ever done. Unless he had jumped off a train at forty mile an hour we sent last year. Yeah last year jump off a traitor or a mile an hour. On the train personal. Oil well. I'm trackside live right off alone and I liked to walked Ramon traction in the trading has gone by I've got news. I'm out so why and you're how present the boy when you rebels. I don't I got ahold of it had to go on late I'm miles an hour or so tonight is absolutely it could barely move it so there. There's been up on you you're like well that I didn't plan on a speeding up that fast and he'd decided he had Beno. I did not know to go that fast and I think he's got no malice. I am just going to jump also I don't the worst part woods. And nowhere did jump off so. I had to do. Did you we're okay how well you lay in Italy when you don't you gravel. The that the. Hey did garage or use I saw all Broxton I jumped off and soon dived and I don't hold on the ground. Left in the open I had to get stitches in my face in my back. How far did you love how far did you take the ride for. Quarter mile high till you OK you are honored that long but you're on their long enough to what it was started speeding up word do you think you would have gone. The former U headed to if you didn't jump. I was. I was just get off Obama outside the walker or Tomas offered to cut actually yeah. Amounts and on same word of those record of those train tracks go to that are cider house event. They don't go from Mac I'm homers and so that's gonna she's got signals from. Turns my count count community looks like channel like a regular news 100 relish how the. If you held off when you've been like Richmond. I'm Dana. You basically I was I was out cash. Let's hope rural area until now at least so your article and other Euro went on an adrenaline coal. Out of Paul he displayed I guess strike hard and I'm renting right. Let me on the trying to do what might your house. Weren't they moving on average forty miles an hour about time you saw almost. Did you hear me but can I am definitely extremely easily go peaked when I got on it in my adjustment slow down for cars are over. Or cost and good. I was a lot of people man in that area where I grew up that that well not not people that knew personally but. Look there's just no people trains Brett but there are a lot of people here are hobos in if you want to get from point a to point B needy when we do have a lot of homeowner likely likely to stick it back on the back greed is a question up on Charest and everybody gets on the train like deluge went well in general that the contrary is what we have a lot of hope books you've been intellect. We're technically supposed to be on the train right ref you begin on its announced yourself away get a free ride to wherever the train tracks have taken. So if you really needed to go someplace that was that was it seemed like that option was use too much more than it should have been for people don't want it gives you like a whole goal in the place you'd wanna be right like I'm hobo. Drained combine like wide leads Obama again and the police you still don't want to be well yeah I mean you got an ornamental under the tracks are gonna mean you could hitchhike yeah bombs that fundamentally the drain and it didn't work cross the country right. I don't know what the hell real strength the geragos does some some some trail trains just the road the railway weigh ins. Like the wow okay are 1 woman was the eastern Canada man basically as the band it is like we can't go over those mountains or Cuba has done is is done and you got to take like a bust Calgary is not a stranger to Informatica. North south. So we'll east west it's like a roadway system but it's not look we don't we'll do railways real good here now we're relieved and I mean there's a lot of gaps. Once what is the story behind the riskiest thing you've ever Donnie 44999. Cola hello Russell welcome to the men's room. Oh good imagine bitch all I only. I love you Russell bottom eleven runs spread apart in the heart in my heart. And what's up I got a great story articulates. Okay. I would you know longer cool guy that would not important for the crippled that it buy time and not coast dust and not. Are decent people cool little squeeze scoop boom and then they told me. Jimmie can you get this certain chemicals like I do researcher at six yeah I can I can get this chemical and then. Nobody you know totally oblivious to what's going on around me in this world. And then also my Turkey all these. Monday ordered in thousands and thousands of dollars and I go to tonight tight I collect social pressure to talk to a friend of mine and material and we both realized I'm picking up on to get chemicals that make. To make dropped it on I just didn't really think about a hearing and cannot. It's nice when I went down there to open. Oakland California and they go to Oakland when I pull up beneath that the white youth going in with into the into the chemical place I come out and there's only eleven Blackfeet. And it starts hate to me and I did start running bulls beat in my truck in my buddy's truck at full speed we talked Potomac. Gold us details or just trying not to. That they need I am of the world world world with the imminent. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.