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Monday, June 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. I think consultants are standing by 844999. A little play profiled as in. If you let your headline literally one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not sorting. All right a man in Florida was threatening to kill his neighbors last week and he told the police it was because he was angry over some payment is. Just adults. What did he believe his neighbors have something to do a better or is man's hurt me so angry gonna kill bad thing it doesn't saying as. There are so back to you can't resist it. I will tell you what from my marriage. The muted you was arrested for making threats. Is there. Yeah maybe yeah. If it. I don't get it they're getting people off on off that was the seriously if you like he was upset fried rice with some correlation while at the dollars I don't really make a month and Prius is just announce the winner of the contest to find their most quote outrageous fan and avoid this but do think the woman named Rene cup. The name her daughter Greece south. And she didn't do it for the contest leases eight. I don't pump up our day all Obama important they won 101000 dollars in this year's supply candy she's that. Down David Cameron and Andy Rooney the net like that seems about right it. Thanks snake never bit me for Snickers of snap reports give us a little mad men staff I think I can not open. A nineteen year old Hannah Montana trudged through 100 yards of sewage last Wednesday to save the baby deer that got stuck in the mud next to a sewage lagoon. That's all of this and I've been doing well yeah no this was like. This is not mud at the end user I was very dark dark oil sludge keep looking through stuff. Yes saw a picture of the guy carrying it out like they're like he is co workers like dead. OK Elinor Goodman got seriously don't come around fifth. If you could just do you do do you re. They don't speak yummy and imaginary it kind of shots after that Julia I mean I know you have those Muslim animals but they did say that they watched that the farm off. You know I've gone on virgin dawned upon me to get back to the mom the mom the fun feeling like sometimes under negative thoughts on maybe in a mock America that it's via status. That was the issue with the vice thank. I think they told me that as a kid just as human wouldn't mess with the animals aren't a whole area. According to a new survey 78%. Of working parents say you can have a successful career and be a good parents. Yet been done since jobs and children are venting price 101000 goddamn years of this thank you for the update. I imagine that. People are happier when they drink white line according to a new study and are more likely to feel aggressive or guilty when they drink red no doubt. Does it well isn't ready I mean if you just go by what is paired with a assuming if you're eating whether it seems like read that goes with a more hardy heavy meal. And white goes with a literally everything a lot of new industry. Why major why write the Renoir and it definitely want to hang over certainly weren't sure if they do mention the pairings amounts. OK if you Perrier a negative word in on it with a white line needs. Here at the and culture as well they can we really need eight and a half hours of sleep to be healthy according to a new study of Hamas I mean this changes every twenty minutes right. It's because we wake of the few times during the nights we really need eight and a half hours and then. Adds an eight hours sleep. I don't think you're doing anyone. You know you're not doing your body harm by going to bed earlier I mean even if I wake up earlier you got a good night's they've got a longer and I think. I'm all for this one there's even been times and I've gone to bed and I'll I'll go to bed at 10 o'clock at night and I'm up at midnight. It just happens sometimes a wake up even did a a wake up earlier than I usually would during the day and that's I'm just up. I've gone to bed at midnight in a wait of six and then I'm up for the next. It's on the merits obviously I didn't need that eight hours of sleep. But to be healthy month it would just he had a complainant. A club and England has won the right to stay open seven days a week after parents complained that they couldn't attend on weekends because it was too hard to get a baby center. I am correct they want to close them down initially because they couldn't get in Monday through Friday. I guessed that I don't know Giuliani they wanted to stay open oh OK I got dragged. Let's friends now I think so at Freddie had to babysit America month. A waterspout 'cause did you rains start this kid and I guess he thought into a coastal city in China the other day. I'm not sure visualize their name is Andrea I'm visual as a career solidarity. And it's not great I've gone out about the viewers. Fled now how many a lot of singles. I'm sorry hard determined they mustered world trading prairie star in it are they're shooting stars but to move. Slide to fire not to pleasant summon the reigning star fire an octopus. You know marked post game. Moon in the capital I almost feel like they're sit and answer tough but oh yeah I could post him. Yeah that's a deputy. An important UK has banned people from sleeping on the floral wall waiting for their flights. Come on man guards actually walk around every ten minutes waking people look we're no offense how many people are dying to sleep on floor where in the first four does in the UK. He might even mean your connections and stuff like maybe you've been up for twenty some baffling or not I've slept on a floor fight I. I needed to complete yet and I had a good IBM Florida and a solid airlines are ever. Ever on time this is not a good year none and an ideal situation rather familiar the end of your travel don't want to sleep on a forum for sure definitely but I look forward airborne they don't want to leave on the floor anywhere after an. It's like silly for the state Aric. The airport. The price. I crashed for like two hours because I wasn't thinking straight as Allison tired and I missed my tonight's. Couldn't get out and I was trapped and need to think what to do and a good thing the crash for two hours and all the seats now have armrest you can't yes they have all individuals. It's crap man. A little kid in Kansas recently knocked over a statue inside the community center. The statue now as parents might be on the hook for a 132000. Dollars. Is annoy anybody could open I didn't. Have no idea what it was mild and it was pretty inexpensive doesn't look I guarantee it's not worth nearly that much that's good the American chisel some stuff and I get a 130 grand. They're gonna make it ridiculously hard ridiculous and ought to be an identifiable content Lorie in Guatemala I'm me and I can't why they're suing the parents but also like 58 kids. We set in the communities and things yeah I don't it don't put something fragile market. Hell if you read it did you have proof your house what they think applied to business they place for children actively go laments you market yourself don't put things you like best. Don't see a bunch of crystal stuff out on the streets Disneyland you know you really don't you see said because that's right thing gators. I like this when someone created a new sex doll there that refuses to get it on when it's not in the mood thought she looked. What I wanted to carry all I don't know if I didn't want to know why. I can't. I thought but it. I was ridiculous. I mean. I pay alimony to go to west world that would mean a sensible price. I don't wanna get isn't it is it pandering to a certain demographic of people that I don't wanna get involved went through that demo where what does a bribe people they don't care what you say I'm on the mood. Dallas during I mean look I am a fan I get right into their girlfriend experience with and is going too far. And it's. He's bought us Nextel announced he wouldn't have sex offense as they look really lonely oh yeah at the bad that I had seems lonely. Yeah us it's one thing if you can't give lady. But it's a little thing if you're among sex doll won't have warned him look at it how badly do so we'll see need to be present in all men are now reached my limit. They could make it a vibrator that if you drink too much doesn't work for a a little smaller and close sorry maybe tomorrow I'm ready how many women were lined abruptly called the whiz DV I won't work at 8 AM good. Make a sex on the does is it's not happening today. I know you're warning about. Bona I think I'm in my water and he's upset second thought you don't need only detect it and had eight. Amanda Milwaukee has declared that his marriage is over after his wife made a huge mistake well I think the movies and I will test your knowledge in your memory when I right now. Thank you might not get my Donnelly one hour from now horse look good. True precepts. Striving to please everyone how profile this is playing a short and miles of the simple game where we share with you on real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'm clinical. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believe to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Op. Hi Don we understand how this here game was played. I do card this one is short and sweet into the points. A psychiatrist in Memphis Tennessee is accused of hitting at least ten patients with whips and boom right bean crops. The doctors with questions like psychiatrist services and report from the Tennessee department of health. Alleges lets you riding crop on a patient Matthew 2050. Only started investigating an eight. And the heels and make contact with other mental health patients about nine more of them with a riding crop whip or other object and compare her patients to new. She's not a veterinary. While the board here's a stiff sentence for they suspended a medical license for no less than sixty days. That's punishment. My question is do you believe this woman is black white Asian or June. Act. Members then see she's psychiatrist and admiral who reasoning is but at least in patients. She beat him riding crops whips. Now I go to the professional consultants but that's kind of a white screaming all over it I don't know I need you. I don't know how I think I don't have a Q and there's nothing it's not a lot of another thing that's really see the psychiatrist in the Memphis Tennessee should be to pay I can't television license suspended for sixty days. You know John yours and also. Chile had a license suspended correct may be the key is that she had a suspended for sixty days maybe that's the clue and if that's the case and I would go watch. Well it might be you know horse rider itself seems kind of white. But I probably should ride horses from an enormous Al leases rent a long time to ride horses how you can go with. When I know of music match up from that area of the country and say black Jack. Did you know that you thought. She compared her patient to the donkey. Yeah even a domino or hurt so but doctor herself compare her pieces to new here. Good ratio. Had a better shot from bird ready. Maybe I'll beyond cool I don't know the horse play received psychiatrist who could probably greater I don't know any place he's not Roni I thought John many think it finally happened. But I really thought out and as a black white Mexican Jewish Max. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and well by the phases to a Memphis Tennessee we have a psychiatrist there that turns out she was whipping her patience and what was the other thing music tour. We don't quit refusal riding crop but she opens the writing. Don't think that you don't normally when you all right and in Houston does she compared her patients to new. The tax that is really really good which is weird the very productive strong apple. And it was a good point the point but that said our caller gruesome on the CBS white. And white Ted you've got one idea he has to wage. You are correct that yeah now watch it and as well Memphis. Memphis kind of I think just abuse I like the fifth play of the number Jessica and I. Now a proud period has not dad is damn TV talented and how. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talking arms and adding them. Presents. You know I know how to golf I have I mean golf to many years. Frankly like to sculptures and I think as much did you see my house you golf all the time and I'll just keep getting worse. If so the US open and there's four majors the right you have the masters if the US open you have the British Open which I think technically just the open. And then be out PGA championship. Has some people out there on what about the players said that a major yet. So they put them it is a bit. So if you're play miniature golf everybody say miniature golf right now you know sometimes you hit your ball it's going by the hole and strategist. At it again before it stops. But you know it's gonna roll off until little plastic water or something I got a lot of you know like memory says bloop. So basically Phil Mickelson who has won a major and it's a professional golfer one of the biggest professional golfers in the world he basically pulls. Putt putt golf moved here and he hits it in the report stops Rolen hits and again. This for bald B a moment ago at thirteen. The speed is terrible. Well. Wow I. Well that's stunning. At the look on your fifty's Curtis Strange that is we'll do it if I can we didn't know that was common that was. That was shark. Never seen anything like that Cuomo world class player in my life. Look at these. And Johnson's work out what what was that and I know right now looking at least fifty dollars and one. Well tonight is do I he's taught it's good bad enough. He can smell them. And Steve Emerson and everybody just so yeah. Obviously the telling out there's this really just does this not happened I saw the clip and it it it's a bad man if you wanted to declare that the momentum FaceBook page. As a divorcee and I you can hear the shock of their horses make every did. So bills that maybe he should just been. Which are hard to quit. Well basically. Write the kids. I was miles that they don't blatant disrespect to the rules OK good I think he's just. Selig Justin wanted to be there to two stroke penalty Nocioni but it is a two stroke penalty. Phil came back later and was like I don't apparently was the time to stop an illness that I always wanted to do. Yeah but I would fuel and what the announcers likely to Siegelman to face a page to watch it I mean he just runs over it's it just looks like he's like. All right I'm done with today. Yeah and you know his body language comes and it doesn't matter if your professional like Phil Mickelson has won majors or your just the guy who goes out on the weekend that game minutes of frustrating sport and doesn't change so when letter calories I talk what you are equally it's. It's a tough game. Sigh I can imagine if you did you hear did you hear it happened on Friday. And goes frantic. With the with a Mike I think goes it by either Friday or Saturday sedan out our utility guy he's talking about what he really done this check yes is actually off yeah I am so they and it's something they can't then announcers I know what happened but they apologize Foxx apologized US GA apologize. I have the transcript prepared. There's a lot of it is just a player or just random it's too dude sitting. I like a greener tee box so it cuts the camera cuts to the guy forget which one it was. And they cut the pro golfer are willing to tee off. But where the microphone is you just hear these two guys lately having their conversation that's my next yet she's hot that's I was up. Golan at their so hard whether I had been you know the F bomb threat and I had butter in the head and I smacked that B. We live here I kind of got in the the Muppet position. Hit it and then they come back to Jim Boeheim is because it is like it could get killed welcome all people. You can imagine with the current activity and I hit Erica in things that he. It's like doctor help you know workers don't thin lately let it dry and there is based brits like they did the exact two guy if you think he's hey I'm usually OK did that freak daddy lose Joseph blow golden broccoli okay. Rouge. We get back to antibiotics and remember for. You know. A lot of things have changed politically left cheers the Beers centenary thought I would say out loud. Can guard dash Sheehan was on CNN the Van Jones in an answer questions about our children. People are saying would you ever run for office. I don't think that's. Even on my mind trumps president nothing's gonna happen and then. That's like Kenny let's send the idea that anything can happen so if anything happened with. I guess never say never but that's not going to be like and can join him. That's not ram yeah when I'm going to fight this one home. In any one president at a time and things sometimes have more people would just. I don't personal feelings aside eight and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed. And so much more can get done. Thank you Kim is an ex governor of California problem run at the worst part is and I heard and to be fair listening to the reporter. And he sent her to get the sound bite but one of the things that she volunteered this information most. She was like I really thought about becoming a lawyer. Part of the problem and her mind about becoming the lawyers that. Get to spend so log in school you ask him some people spent time in school learn things but she said but in California is a works out. And this route she has done research and pointed out I believe she's correct that mistake you can't be an attorney's assistant for three years. If and take the book review past mark three years bit vineyard can become a lawyer. I want to think about that our dad was a lawyer. That's right her father also was an immediate. Yeah she's most people though. But I I think the whole thing you think we are saying it is it's she's at the White House they're just getting people out of prison and I and you know I wonder. And it sometimes its members she seat Paris Hilton's assistant right I still just wonder those voices they use they did a topic that all the time. Tribe that this one the yeah. Banana it's another sign of someone stupid that. I'll have more on this later but frankly. They got to give credit where credit is due Jimmy kills and bash and Ted Cruz is looks forever but short and then column a while fish in this match at a lot of these fair is pretty accurate. I mean and actually an accurate if you don't. Acts with a nose and all of them say oh. I think so Ted Cruz challenge Jimmy Kimmel to a game of basketball and we talked about the C that is babysitting you never really know who to ball yet BK like. Obviously. Pete more in shape looking person should will bit like I've been a lot of bats while port courts since he had. In Allah chubby do you grow like a little to do like we just appeal reckon ball and enjoy Asia now. He beat Jimmy Kimmel did Jerusalem earlier both were terrible like we got it should not innocent or even as shamelessly to fifteen bids to how. They had to stop and eleven degrees that it was taking and and all that there's those were my two they'd just about all that it doesn't think they typically do I know let him down Loaiza won by two Oka I mean he explained what I want pick out of it too right. Alleged threat to the light yet we're gonna say fifty I heard those older viewers so black and can we does. This is drop it was system. Unbelievably boring. So painful it took them awhile to score it was just like to resolve those appear there for like 8910 minutes we're going to put me a bucket like it was just a it was to apparently very difficult to watch did like I listen once plus have you watched you do is play one on one basketball. Bright promise a thousand you do. Right did you eventually started in some buckets somebody who's seen even if you watched a guy it's really good place like it just got up for Brett. But a lot of time just what do flop and a way is it that you crossed the rocketed to jumper I mean you're nobody you're gonna get a couple three opportunities if you make them and you'll be guarded but at the beginning you know I'm gonna take that shot at your negative should be able to drop a couple of those that are feeling each other out. I think it's amazing here called the blob fiscal with the ball fish basketball classic in the blob available on visual on that's why did classic in the blob finished it Iraq. I won't say Jimmy Kimmel seems like a made his words on shore yet the end of the day. The best thing is that both both guys whoever won was gonna donate 5000 to the other when shared in. But they both enable donate ten geez either way. Think Kimmel don't need the extra five that until cooked and I'm sure Kim albeit credit great secret that yeah he loyal also reveals. You probably get lost nine of let's maturity Jimmy Fallon he's always good news thank you notes. And I thank you and get your damage ties her Father's Day. The saying I don't really know divide you but they do know that you have a net. We're. Tears in Jurassic Park. Are always looking like you're gossiping about someone at a party. Thank you the US open trophy. For letting me know what would happen if Jeff Sessions turned into a golf drives. Automatic toilets. Prison yet either one and plus read before I sit down or never. British filter. Let him enjoy a nice purified glass of water after winning only seventeen years. Thank you charcoal. For letting me know what it looks like when pizza rolls diet now. Miss the point about the British belly brits but just take out enemy the enemy of the good Jumbo. When I mean did you put like for your fridge and just leave little adults about also I don't know a sense that makes Italian throw it in eighteen pack and then there. Let's see the constant struggle a struggle that's saga of rose and continues. They see it looks like Andy's show could happen with other daughter ride Darlene. How reporters since they're resilient as early greedy you have any monetary writes the new series and walk away though she might receive a one time pay off to do so. I want to seriously if she's really that worried about everybody else have a job just signed off on this play will you save the fourth euros and you've got plenty of money. The original show was great about a guy named Matt Williams ABBA was in also got its. And mr. cook because the creator of the characters shows based on. Okay. But here's kind of what people are saying to make it sounds like Roseanne's fine within given it UK but also she's kind of. Has a penchant for her mood swings can change oil without a doubt about it that I like today I'm telling you she's signing off on it. Tomorrow she could be saying. Watching. Well I understand and they asked everybody back obviously you are included in that what we do showing language she Dieter do you or do you just do a different show whirling John Goodman shows up in my visits his kids or anybody I don't think is that big of a talented. Don't write your script and often go into the showed good job effort she's gonna Jonathan what that would how it how would you write that aspect evidence did you need job because that. Pray it was such everyone heard the story what we give my own and mentioned golf. Celine you got to remember John Goodman's character died. Price goes a main party original rollout and show and that's and that was back at my strong point if they are they covered it. One of the right in Salem bad Don threatening to put forward my friends that and they came in Bedford twenty years is like mammal life. Who. Who tanked and he had some Havoc yeah I would throw I don't think they have a hard time figure it out I basically just gonna be issued a sign off. So about a reporter thinks he is good change charity as the will she keep it. Keeper word on that Libya will begin to see about. It does have a list yet that being with two wives he would like one famous person you're allowed to hook up with. I really nobody wanted to grill knows I have heard of Chico issue. I had a regular. I'd so a lot of people crave. No you know having the one the one exception whenever the spouse is one thing but I would see people if you had a chance to meet the people in Hollywood I think a lot of them because they're a good look at. There's probably people you have on your list that you believe me and finally got the chance I'd have to hit on this person ranked. Tiffany Spanish is very funny she was on Kimmel and she talked about be one of those people on her list and cut the chase the. Out of our men and if I think. It was to get pregnant by himself well. I've got to want. I'm locked up songs and I don't like how Leonardo my name is Tiffany had his and I think that she was such a challenge to president I thank you don't think you know you really funny how are you would Chris rock and I saw just wanna tell you things I went up by. I wanna hit. They're not gonna get that I talk about Rick. It's seen as a character out of west you'll regret it. You like and what I hear a little bit about why I don't why I felt like I like London in a little wind but also I feel that. Think an amazing. On the but I think you did an excellent performance and I'm like you deserve an award in here and he said. I think that happened with the help a great role. I think it's amazing grace and passion that you play today I was trying to think of like famous women that I definitely wanted to add to have to hit on her whatever. Well Mike I like that whether it's true or not I think the aspect of it well no you gotta be her for a movie or don't know whose character. You. Yeah do you weird thing tractors to right. Especially if you're an actor that's been on the that TV drama forever or same character where you are always the same character like that. I mean at least they have the advantage of being actors who people know their actors but I and I assume there's some people who like they really like that person just for that character. Absolutely mentally you're like a soap opera star wreck you don't the same role for twenty for two years like. I would mad delay some seats it now and it was a I want to be. Doctor whether that's the only way they know we. Brett I mean they don't know you was anything else so obviously if that's what they're tough they're they're attracted to you the character first and are proud of which maybe you might not be. Depending. But some people like you like OK well maybe there are a lot like they are character you know depending on another night late in the Robert England got some and some of these comic comes right you know sometimes I talk to thank for anti coup. Mean you think if you wanted to Samuel Jackson to be the nicest guy in the world of now I have I exactly I heard he did I put my dump all that and he's not mean but it's matter of the even win an Oscar if he played a role where he was a nice. Because it's so great threat. He can be a good guy but he's numbering a nice guy. And a nice got a legitimate oh my god he night. I don't think you know how to do. Yeah he got the study for the one movies in our memory. Just being kind of a generic nice guy as the movie quit daddy by the shark halfway through all else that was a great them all in the deep Hussein he always had the movie have we don't exist and there. He's you do until that point that idiot and she another movie things that acerca levee broke could get a dollar in. Yeah it's such a facility is well it's that. He can or done any better. We thank god he had another movie executive and alive the resolutely and you know that I just OK yes but you're right I like I don't expect him to be like that. And expected to be like how he actually is yeah yeah. Well it was a little time high fashion like so rack my brain about a female character I think you don't I think a lot of people. Our scene right now Robert De Niro right now a lot of new love Robert De Niro you probably didn't there was political views mini gave that speech to the Tony's right now a lot of you are turned off like. I think that it's fair and right and I was go back and forth with actors steal you know it's like. I appreciate them they think everybody should have a voice in whatever weather sometimes so much I don't care facility impacted a movie. A lot of athletes say things on agree with that think I don't know giving most people do but I like their milieu for whatever is you've done to put yourself in a hole. I'm my computer is someone pseudo important order I don't care about your political view it just it doesn't pattern. I do go in the my thanks and argue that do you believe this person has this of that like. I'm an actor that there's any minute debt. Yeah I have been a look at the Brady Bunch with a deadly skin does he ever right. Maybe that have children Mike Riley they're they're good active thing and won't play that was nicely done they may even. I'm patent originally wasn't they'd find picker upper plains and like any dirty doing that made stuff that you guys get a little more lenient a site at the Radisson plaza new gig for Sam the butcher. The pay your mouse I think their papers yet. My schedule headlines got appear in minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. We are twenty miles. Now see what's happening in the real. Here in England where all of the wakes up from surgery to climates you know has breast implants. Meanwhile a man of declares marriage is over after white salted popcorn to show who's wearing the pants. British man well not your refund on stab proof vest. A Florida man chug a beer DUI stop who show that he is truly the best and a woman is nearly killed by shopping cart in awarded 45 million dollars. It is time for your headlines. It's kinda hit. Mike can't imagine how hard we talked about it earlier today we go to Milwaukee Wisconsin where a man took his wife Barbara good night at the movies but had no idea that that. Particular date night would be the final straw in his marriage before the movie started the man's wife waited in line at the concession stand to get some popcorn for the movie. Before the problem was bought the man asked his wife not to solve the popcorn moment before he walked away from the lot. Feeling justified because she was when I was paying for the popcorn ball went ahead and sold to the popcorn despite his request. The man became incensed declare that he would I'm thankful that their marriage was over. It and refused to see the million located outside throughout the entire felt. The the fight continued with a woman insisted that she dreadful because he drives dangerously while angry police ended up needed to be told to settle the disputes. You gotta love those. How I don't want to sound problems you're not like Darren Darren get out of my life houses utterly wound or use that that is what sets you up. Like he says I think that's a culmination thing I think absolutely no I expect that I. Why do medium for once I don't know all the ago presumably that compromising Ted Koppel well let's fare Ted. If if if I had to avoid this if you sour candy I think. Downplays them it was a little soft. There damage. Tell you shouldn't have done about a remote videos and other news boys and Florida's stuff to Carl last week that belong to a man with a suspended license. After the car was stopped and took off as the officer approached leading the police on a short chase. After the guard came to a stop a second time the thought police approached the car and saw the driver left they can't have clear and take a long drink from it and the driver's license had been suspended after multiple what are you know DUI charges when asked why the man was driving with a suspended license he replied I thought the work he's. That's why he refused a breath test but was arrested on a handful of charges down the sensor keys toward. Is that just stupidity here is that going NASDAQ losing we have beer laden lived down there she can tell you that the mentality of the Florida Keys this kind of a lawless mentality of happy rum drinks. It'll long haul both mentality of happy roamed. That is the way it's were pirates ago advances where whites higher since Tommy bahama shirt is gonna act like they have a sailboat on now so we'll just don't care. Like right at all he's already got on tour Tamiflu sound ridiculous or Eli funeral of renewing and only. We go to Manhattan and back in time seven years one woman was out shopping for Halloween candy for the neighborhood. While returning to her car the woman was hit in the head by a car that had been thrown from the mall seventy feet up from where she was standing. They had left the woman brain damaged and the boys responsible were sent to juvenile detention. Fast forward to today where we have the verdict. The jury found the boys 10% 10% responsible for the woman's injuries the ball 65% responsible and the security company Tony 5%. The court has ordered the woman and her family 45 million dollars in debt and damages and AM. Since two of that through the card off the seventy foot ledge that hit her in the noggin 10%. It's not near as much their fault that is as it is the mauled. The security company notional can they were tenants well I don't know there you know it's it's it's a dumb thing to do yes there's a reason that you know that a revolver idea I had to pad when he 22 year old that you go to jail you know. Long time when you're tenth twelfth you don't realize what your actions. If he can't afford to pay 45 million dollar. So I don't think that's exactly what that does to somebody else. Do they see the parents of fans and other I like even if they are of age you know if they're adults that did it. You don't know that sort of I'm in this announced just legalese works does delight. Are you close to the makes money also fell through the ranks name people. Around the world we don't of the UK or a woman elected having double mastectomy do your family history of brands breast cancer this is nothing new it ever has been down doing the procedure. After you welcome from the procedure the woman noticed that she still in fact had breast. Turns out the doctors give the woman breast implants without her consent stuff. The implants that they gave her were actually larger than her actual breast and resulted in swelling pain and discomfort. After a long road to get the implants removed the woman suffered a blood clot from the remove lip that required surgery and caused further issues with the hospital. After a long legal battle woman settled on 101000 dollars in damages. Morrow right wow yeah that is almost very kind of her. Do you do about it anymore proves that I did not ask for right and they created problems on this one and and how many times they performed procedure. Put the implants and and nobody cared. How does and I mean. I just I don't understand you know why would you just made the assumption no other out yeah terms of moves. Or would you wanted to bubbles still one of the air you know they will move wouldn't use wouldn't you just assume that's covered before the apple is sure. You'd think that that's like a box to be checked like bread store on the mindedness and all of these removed because of family history I would think that if she also wanted to implants. She probably would have made that clear to. Market I would think I would think I don't know this to be true I'm just guessing. Our honoree for the shot of the day earlier on the show a man of Britain had to be rushed to the hospital after he conducted tests on a homemade stab proof vest. Beyond that it has been the best of the frame where he simply stands up to sell resist the demands didn't turn out he's themselves he's dead there's every headline that might talk about. Next time were the targets are dry desolate decisions been sort of the word gamble drink it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed installed you're in the meantime we will all of Bubba good. So until ninth I'm going to do bats and for a week this week stay and be.