06-18-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Grabs A Cone

Monday, June 18th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine categories; Cereal and Ice Cream! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Doesn't get a mile away categories today cereal and ice free will do your guess is it is mine right after emails from our random question question 8449990. La. Hello yes welcome to the men's room. Oh. It's. It's there. I don't yes. I can't I can't carry you guys redundant and just do what they argue when they are around plus 31 thing inappropriate was that the U. It appropriately inappropriate all you gotta squeeze. Not appropriate question if someone takes a quick peek at your chest or your buddy you catch them are you pissed off for do you take it is a compliment. Aaron Pena that compliment but as a client network Larry. I close they are in contention senate Eddie and look at it like he's outlet. If the RIs so that means that they you think that if they're looking you like that than they can somehow see through the orange. Fletcher you're wearing or what. I get also didn't know they want money for letting me get up early people directly that yes. And if we find it woman attracting you can be in traction in the hospital and all four limbs are really quite kind of applies to mummified. We still make assumptions about but to his looks great and grow that plaster what are my what if these wanna be seven years old. Yeah but the guys that. And think they get McConnell used all the time radios and healthier you know as far as you know what people think it's flattering what do you think as annoying as far well attractive level a circle soon flattering but you're only in the lead at the flattery if you don't find him attractive and got an enemy of the yeah. Yeah generally the seven year old guy that will say something to. I did she racked do you make it more uncomfortable. Absolutely just blow this week asking him to quickly Hansen I don't think a lot of you wouldn't be affected but if you're an I guy you have a chance there and I think. I'll look and you don't think above normal looters. Do you think you don't after this the other day I have a I've a friend he's revered petite person but I am and they are pregnant. And I think that's overtly out that the use of the W. Would you do what you gotta got caught the south she kind of has put oops well yeah well I don't you'll get nervous vote just a little you know just got by I did that it didn't even an act quickly and you got busted. Yes there's nothing or select a perfect strained my right all right is she did as it happens that teachers excited where they. Things around me with it looking good normally would not fair that's a great I think that's a wonderful follow that that a normal. I don't know boos a look at you know so what I look at my god I covered just in stone cold busted by a stranger. Yes I. He's a defined remarkably attractive enemy but in the moment you know anywhere other than maybe where you should. When you look worse and realize not only did they catch you but maybe they've been looking at you for the last few seconds awards is. When they make eye contact and you go Og guys I look at him again and they make identity in Oregon why. Alabama say random friends trying to look you are going to me that I am here to the other one you're like a bar and I think. They're just in your line of sight rights here like not do triangulate he's hoping. Which can't help it you know and it really get offended little boy for it comes to restore to my girl like oh god damn it doesn't go in front of me walking with a girl. This they had the and they sit back side passed and we'll walk if this feet and I think. So I keep looking back trying to tailor it to have a look at her car for if ever confused you she's staring at the anything you'd like what JD that looked nothing that I've just like for your heart tab about a 88 and a scary you guys that aren't. I might dig out whether. The ousted account with. Hello my welcome to the men's room. Oh and job. I like has killed us what what's what did you find when you got home what did you find when you got home. Eight. So are usually it'll really get up to orient. I want it's not expert next well first to date for breakfast or whatever. They're not. Just drop the working. We're told they're long and more shallow and we're ticker more private already. Talked about the I do I saw my arms are still really weird he brought it up our reached a sort of credit. Where I got back. Sure they Exxon. The entire 80. Really. On the stove. Stove just sort. Ash. Spill. I don't think I don't really an egg as yeah I mean I'm I'm sure what it was an electric rigged gas stove what do you have. It'll lead but still low and they cute little coat when they integrate Google. Didn't go to the bottom up a lot of parents are pushing for a go to it did not pitch is more jacked up to do I cashed. How how was your house when you ought to the kitty that they've been on high older what I work. I don't so all I spoke so I am I visited the snow like this like burn medal in what was this we're gonna metallic kind of where alluded to smell like. China are likely to chart part but it sort of clicked she reached a horrible. Not tax us on your buddy I mean already drank castle to the same thing they went for Iran and left eggs Boylan yes no he came home may have liked. The ace of like bursting out I don't see that might flipped over and make candidate so engine part of his floors if you walk into his kitchen area and it's it's pretty classic council. They have these out of mark isn't listed in these beautiful hardwood floors and kind of near his stove there's a perfect and it doesn't look all right because there. The older wooden floor but there is this perfect circle that's darker. The rest of the bloated and out. When he first bought a house or not want to the house with him before they'd even moved in and I was commenting on the kitchen and I swear to limit and and how. I go back over there and I'm like. Mahan was that. It was hot spot always there's like look man now and it's a story descent like the panel's top on the floor and it has garnered a perfect circle almost kitchen floor and characters freeze in west. I'll what are you finally got home we go to Morgan field Kentucky. For Union County residents have been accused of breaking into a woman Salma smoking weed to baking a cake and then stealing a pair of shoes. It happened 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the east Houston street the Morgan feel police department says a resident came home for more defined it. Jerry Meyer Maria bit and see beyond Elkins and two juveniles running out of her home. Officials said the residence was able to positively identify grieve as an acquaintance of her son but he was not home. Police and after looking around the house the owner discovered that she'd interrupted a party of sorts with cake ice cream and marijuana. When the individuals broke into the home they baked a cake they were preparing need to cake and some ice cream when the homeowner returned from work. On playing they had left some marijuana residue into the home and the smell of smoked marijuana was in the air. The police chief said the group apparently couldn't find any icing. So they opened the jar of homemade jam and reusing that Daisuke. Kareem had allegedly looked assured and loafers behind but it taking the time to grab a pair of the residents on issues. When he allegedly left the house he went to a local business called. There are Max there he hid the marijuana that he had been packaging for sale and a trash can these two were arrested and face charges. See I think they keep candy we'd be content. No no no I don't think about you know they have some of the best we've ever you just that that's not that's not the place West Virginia eased knowledge about the that they sent us they need. Brando relaxing you know unified Downey jail and demo who has really is. Hello John welcome to the men's room here at night and actually. Hello John welcome to the men's room. The lineup they don't really go out all the laughs. John let's go to thread a question question what did you find in your food John. What does I don't know much booze well. When I was years ago lesson I thought that I'd want. And let's do both limits thought that was them it's Jenkins who's played an unidentified man I'm Carrie yes. C and I got done chicken bat but that overt. The end it got worried and that open up that yeah sure they got the guts and the innards and they probably part of the ticket. Yeah I'm not gonna go to a game. Well I can't blame me out man it's okay it's there at the little heavy. Then how do you get a discount. Did it take up the bill. I think you know I'm just not gone back Deanna I never did. Mocha I turn out pretty sure yeah I can write that one out of my list of places to go and I had a hot but not this wasn't too long ago and I'm not gonna say where was. Because I've just it's if it's like anything else obviously this wasn't intentional. But this black hair. Had to be at least. Twelve to thirteen inches long way from my puke when I first saw what I was like I can only see some part in the it's kind of threat down. And uphold uphold. It and I pulled and I kept Poland it was like a clowns are threatening Jenny about timing was done it was like this long and I probably. Okay off like you know like I. I can't you know like it was all through everything and had a key like ahead of to the food off when it was within what we're really I was eating jambalaya. Are also it's is covered in gas and it is like this big black hair I mean and it was a they care to let my hair's not that think. They look really nice hair. I don't know why I hair and jambalaya messed Beth who is worse to me I feel I have another sandwich again like somehow madame I believe wrapped around a shrapnel that. Thought if I grab that think that this is it like as I pulled it like this through the latest world around like it was spinning the shrimp you don't mean because I was like. That had a hair wrapped around. I did you finish your real relate I I you know a mad house liked it I had towed as a menace there's just a really big ask Karen here's an am sorry to video generalize all of those things were just about me more. Yeah I get them prepared as they pop like soup you know the season and it'll make more threatened you'll think about like that. Jambalaya the hair is just falling into direct they don't have to make it per order that tells rivers a lot of haren or you might get Harry didn't. Our address what you find your photo man says he found a black widow spider in a bunch of fresh broccoli in a grocery store in Ohio kinda brought the most room black Greg Vaughn went to the old girl over there and bought some broccoli and to the spider still alive he told the local TV affiliate there WTO LE found the spider while washing off the broccoli before cooking a good thing he did that. It was pretty obvious he was alive since he was throwing his hands in every direction he did not seem pleased at all. Bond took the piece of broccoli the spirals on and voted into a zip lock bag so wouldn't get out. A spokesman for Kroger or they broccoli had been but said they offered to refund replaced product. Look Kroger they say works of growers to a two week you have to make things we understand it's like if there is quite unique in its is it is not like yeah clears the perimeter play that despite joining. You are customers but every company don't we welcome you the relate to what are a racist thing went on the Starbucks in Philly so it is not a blip. We understand you don't tell your employees they make sure you single out different races and Kroger wit U we know. You're not in the business of trying to put black widows in Nebraska act I mean if somebody we yeah we completely believe that if I'm black I had to go watch that video might do the whole thing in the afternoon it's sort of a couple Missouri this is definitely. And they make me do that mean Connecticut our. Greg Leo mega star what we have and is building like the day that they did simply all the medical do it right and I don't seem headed there whom we needed headcount among. I'm not sure there's no way I mean I I don't know if it than any view or is this may well. You know what I did that as good as my going to be categories they will be cereal and ice pretty much you don't need to know and your emails all on the way next in the men's room at mints are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Itself we shout hey your guess is as good as mine categories cereal and ice cream the first time for a few emails here for the men's room mad men's or buy dot com. Only guys then want and my girl and I love your show and we would love some dirty Germans for her birthday which is today thank you guys appreciate it. Young. Are available instead of port you told glass and sunny. Doubt and amplify ice cream. You get to look to vitamin C and think the thing with the calls are missed dumb O. Ms. Diallo Xstrata to miss demo yeah fire bug. Yeah Connor dump yeah I think so normal. A bit there's there's a brother Jeremy is birthday he's a big. Love U guys rock on that from Daniel. Yeah. Guys can you would say I have a 21 birthday to my son DeVon with some advice from the the dared did Germans. Yeah what you want to do is make fewer big enough of them awful inside the skin people. Yeah my advice is simple how effects in different enough beforehand yeah that's eats whatever she wants thief an official book. To the pickle credit mix. Does his brand into a much when he's six birthday and I would love nothing more than to dirty Germans talking about electrical work it may be all over you you are talking all over yourself thanks Roy you do into the president and twenty to a yeah I do not know much about the electricity without them all few one very thick Koppel. Now Democrats election season and why am inside the wrong and you get to Pope since the reforms. There's no brainer birthday. Played it good as I would like bush my amazing boyfriend Brandon happy 31 birthday. We listen you guys every night on our way to work on 105 point three the bear a lovely Blacksburg Virginia could he get an enrolled pianist. And you guys talking all over each other about magic the gathering. Thanks guys and keep bottle rocket and that from Kayla and broke tee and it's magic. Yeah I hope that's literally nobody lives in the belly and I thought I hit it hard ma'am my body of Elizabeth back then I'll talk to people blank or makes your point I'm just trying to place for our magic camera pretty Arlen mammoth you know dramatically and as you know what war. We ordered pizza college get a real raw. Jig and dancing dirty Germans to my husband Brian that is currently not at home. We used to listen to your show every night together thanks guys that from the coal and. Movie. Didn't. Know. I do not look through it to ride a motorcycle. But I will ask if you want to write the I'm Bryan yeah well I hope you're having fun on his birthday at its most. How were those who think that people can do a lot of love. Always my girlfriend Georgia pronounced I get Summers off do work and shouldn't complain about anything but still do have a 32 birthday. She decided to take a little vacation to California and left her dog with me. Some of its element and Byron nice bottle of gin for when she gets back appreciate it guys end up all the to do that from a Cody and Arlington to a legendary Germans believe. Young guy. Do most to lose potency. But I do enjoy ass got his hands and not have a totally relax. No woman would have most beautiful California and have a chance. Claudette that there is a 33 sort of navigation of the sun for our friend Sean an AKA Amish on crime may AKA Marchand the and we tells us lover of the mountains of golden Colorado with the your penises too small. And the dirty Germans talking about what they'd like to do to him for his 33 revolution. Thanks guys of that from veggie dog. So. Young woman's son for you both states so the ritual nick than wood to two bogeys to move on my. Not just going to sit there with him and rev up ball tends to go to yeah he chooses the look was horrible. My god do you know. I mean how did an article I had yeah hey have you yeah. I may go to a new video bits and I you show. And then he's also available through news we'll stay on. None of doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shrine plus two. That's an online for your guess is as good as mine we'll take color nine right now a 449990. Look your guess is because my coach Erica sort of gentlemen. I wanted to thank you guys. For singing the birthday song from my body west pronounce west the goals that dinner last night he really appreciated he did not appreciate you guys leaving your bar tab for him to pay surprise thanks after Jeff yeah we do that and would pop up someplace should be you know steadier Denning never know we know which birthday and boom there we are. Sing a song that we don't know what your birthday some boundary just I guess show up a lot of times wrong with the grab food off your plate. Offer our friends at Dell Rockwell three end up Fayetteville, North Carolina guys mend from original red is being served that Charlie Mike's public. And you said while but that this is this close to Fort Bragg I guess walking distance news they'll vote. Cool bar they do untold yet own soldiers and all that stuff I'm on the day be a daily basis so. That is. Charlie Mike's public. If you're listening in Fayetteville then loaded up try to men's room are ready keep in my and a portion of the net proceeds benefit our friends of the Fisher house or send it. It's it when was back doesn't get it right there that has become my favorable. Debt crisis that eagle or both I'm now like to ally let the owners however order the sausage too because they used to live here so they are from here with Alicia is now. Until I learned yet they keep they keep us sing her praises there's so we appreciate ice as far as when he got screwed there are doing guys in my professional poker player. And about seven years ago I did what's called equity exchange it's where you enter a tournament and you exchange percentages with someone else. For example the tournament was 101000 dollars to get into top prize prize of about eight million. But the top 10% of the players get paid so the higher you place. The higher you get paid now it's common for players to kind of diversified themselves by saying to another player that he knows Hank. Look I I'll give you 50% of my winnings if I win and you do say. Usually it's not that high but in this case it was I knew this guy for about four years we are really tight and we were both really gut. It was day three of the tournament so we had lunch and did the verbal exchange I went on and busted out for about 30000 dollars. He went on and he won 900. Thousand dollars age he then pretended like we had never had that conversation than the story came on illegal. Because we've been drinking at dinner I was refused and lost the case will show us from the green tighten. And jealousy here Lamar a dinosaurs I'm catching up on the on the show and heard miles talk about scoring weeded the end of a vacation and not being able to enjoy it all before you have to leave. That happened to me. Once I was gifted a quart size bag you we'd three forceful and only got to enjoy it for a few days before right across an international border. So I ended up getting it to another guy. That's the short story here's the long ones I'm stuck in China mid ninety's teaching English near Siberia. I've been there for about eight months already and I was feeling homesick for anything western. While schools on break I was travelling in fell my way to a tiny town called it. Yang show in the south end of the country were on the street was that wind show it was a foreigners paradise. The local restaurants cater to westerners there was mountain biking that was climbing it was also my plan to stay for a few days actually ended up staying for a month. Staying in a hostile at two roommates what was a British dude who always had some of the doubles cabbage on hand. We would hang out at one of the local bars and restaurants that showed American movies each night and we eat and smoke right there. After about a week he said he was moving on the Hong Kong which is the time was under British rule so before he left he pulls me aside and says he's got something that he can't take across the border. It's this giant bag of wheat. He only asked that I enjoy it and passed along to next guy when Iowa. Well I ended up saying and at down for a few more days and I worked my way through the bag the locals left me alone because I didn't share with the nationals only as round byes would debate. All sorts of other shenanigans ensued good food wild animals buildings people catching on fire boost clean living and always the we'd. At the end of it all I asked that a medical bag along to the next guy I had laughter Hong Kong myself a good times are from Thomas UN or US ambassador to Al go yeah. Ali you only named Amanda and I really did was big man makes the rules and are unaware of I'll go and I didn't have to go. All hell yeah man I am so they're a movie about traveling pants the shooting a movie about the traveling bag wheat blew a movie literally about traveling pants. Yeah right. I don't know are not going to open the traveler pants. Maybe activated no way of thinking it an item here's one. They're they got talking about names and what do you think when you hear them by now sister recently had twin girls and named them. Alison Jane. And our refer to my brother in law's the man in the box buried in ass rock on now from auto Alice I'm Jason Allison Jake. Alison. Followed they have here also excited sex and aloft while camping in a cabin with each other people including my mom and her boyfriend in the name next to us was about her bed ten inch of the way. It was grudge induced session because mom was always talking S about my girlfriend and she wanted to get her back. Thanks guys love the show. And that's from Dillon. Where did we have the sex after being away from my husband for a week up pick them up at the park and ride we couldn't wait to get home so we hop in the back of the car. Windows beginning to fog clothes are off he looks over. Aaliyah. People are walking right by they didn't care they got a good show though that from the lovely Roxanne. That is truly a park enrollment my girlfriend and I were together has sex in my car lunch today wasn't the first time not the last that from the east sexiness known as wedge. Plus the pledge of male wage wedge is a guy. Now a look at we years ago I was out to dinner of my girlfriend after we finished we are laying in the bed in my truck. One thing leads to another and in the parking lot of the restaurant we had the sex and had several people pass by us and notice but that didn't stop us. That from James dry storage room back of a Denny's I was at night cook she was a server late night shift. And while more impact on this one unexpected blank gentlemen I'm a licensed. Institutions as petition which means a new waxing and skin care. I specialize in May old Brazilian waxing yeah typically the Wang I see is never a surprise. However about three years ago my then fifteen year old son asked me if he could talk to me privately. In the bathroom. I follow him in the bathroom the little bit puzzled. As a turnaround after he closes the door behind me. He drops trowel in its holding a shaft up toward its belly button sporting a large red pus filled in grown hair on the underside of his sports. And he says what is that it hurts I tell that appears to be in anger on hair. I gave them advice on how to help would go away on its own and then told him that in the future please warn me before you just without your jumped. He told me that day based on what I do he thought I was the best person to talk to and ask I'm glad we have a good relationship but we said boundaries that day. And from the. We totally fair I have a great relationship Mikey is proposals like they do listen some of these all right come mom. Literally life or dock your morale like hold our Internet slowed it appears to have him the first when you go to right. I wouldn't need this I might ask for advice but I wouldn't do show him an enemy McCain man. At this red bump on mom and dad would do I do not dad look at. I've never seen that today let's all just a little war. Daryn dole still a double figure tells with a shot of the day the first this that they haircut ever lower your gas. It is as good as mine it's an easy didn't play would get a contestant on line to pick one or two categories and then from there it's a few to get as many write in said category before three strikes and you're out all right Steve who is our contestant ready to play your guess is as good as mine hello yes welcome to the men's room. Okay. I just let's say here on your guess is as good as mine it's all about the food today as we have deep tin of bestselling cereals. Here in the United States of America and we also have the nine most popular ice cream flavors. And America forward so what category they get there on your guess is as good as mine. In both categories. Let's early ice cream. You wanna go ice cream I scream it is the ten most popular flavors of ice cream register the comments. A little cold air to find out whether or not it changes from time to time with the tried and true and so stay there. So the idea is you need to get as many writings that category before three strikes you're out on the most popular ice creams in America. I am really carry the F. A lot of cherry Garcia. Watch. Yeah on the list I would suggest he start like simple like just the dollar chocolate oh OK okay and it. Mean Jerry are pretty popular though it is that I can't be that such a specifically. Downward as the local bagel all of American man I'm right there with the about it. Ahmanson and I would certainly be chocolate Vanilla the statue owner I'm legit John Goodall and I think bella I don't think it now I know is almost a matter. All right that is correct yes but those underrated and so now you're out now you're tracking and I your track and over think it here as far as how you feel that way. The ten most popular and ice creams in America yes they do I love you know I've got back if you ask me my favorite flavor has been held a good thing is just the most personal. This is where you can added you could get through the hair on there don't crowd do whatever they held inputs and that's on their make a Sunday do the banana split I don't know I just think knows it's there are other versions are just the analogy all there's another version of you noted is included a lot of things is not just on the one. French you know. The only thing he says and it's a Melissa number. Absolutely night. These are the real me the most popular ice cream flavors in America also he's gonna trying to save this. And not for not to make you think too much here okay. LA and it's only shows up again. In the Thompson who maybe I can that is correct me above and our panel white your dragon of course as you know I don't like strawberries the wasted but nobody no recess where I hate then like I think the strawberry or chocolate really it all do you know I feel that we are noted I was still Vanilla first Robertson then it's just Robert but if you look in my freezer this is like it's like it's it's it's waited on one side only when it's part of being the thing that. Guess all those are about anyone strawberry touching my guys. So. Hi to go on strike in a three out of the stand on the most popular ice cream flavors in America which next guest. Of that's crazy yeah he's still up. Not in the bill Poole and ultimately dreamcoat either Graeme is the that is the girl on it. Most popular ice cream in the United States of America I'm right there you jazz rallied they cookie dough for the coach's dream hijacked it and media debt and Johnson's always something goes to great description for sure thanks. One of the few food ice because people would chunky. Is this so important yet sweet dessert she's chops if positive jumps. As a brand nano products just regular chocolate. What does that. I hope the media against most popular ice very public or not much more popular than for now. I chuckled as number two on the list of the ten most of popular ice cream flavors. In America you've got two strikes you've gotten five correct so far what is your next guest on your guess is as good as mine non Carla figures I don't think you just see. Everywhere right on the weather like butter pecan. John good ship. I'm a mile vitamins to actually know pimples that I was laid out today and dirt in her every. Hispanic. What's. Entering Sunday I got out okay. I'd screen and the direction our driveway appreciated aren't you guys gonna but overcome some butter pecan is number five at. Had any guesses. To be given stash Joel. He says you're an analyst who dish. Add greatly. Greatly not a malicious what about chocolate chip chocolate chip is number eight yeah yeah. Oh what about rocky road rocky road is not a as a missing two big ones here mint chocolate mint chocolate tube is the matter. Aaron ice cream the United States for shame we've already talked about one lead dog get all afternoon strawberries strawberry. Number I mean you feel like I can't believe that's one of the air and the air is here's your top ten list of the ten most popularized in flavors in America starting on number ten personnel followed by. Neapolitan chocolate chip strawberry rocky road but or become a number five. Vanilla cookies and cream at three chocolate too and mint chocolate chip. Add number one. I still go drink Intel's where the shot of the day the return of what you don't need to know the hot car addition. Is coming always you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pitches you. Zero. Subtle drink and does this database may need to bring into ruled out nor drink and as we are five days away with the all around the Google bought. Happy and Claude X both senator outdoor dragon other dumb stuff a full day of live music freestyle motor cross. And over twenty Beers available at red festival including delicious men's room original red. And the gold will be on campus where yes they've been very toward them closer to a 120 other beer at least forty others. Movies will be there. Don't fear food all the as far as not allegiance ruling dummies yet hardly discern. Men's room original read at doubt we will have men's room golden we will have said Darren is German beer guy and good. I really shouldn't space dust I PA now as far as hell bent brewing company they'll be there as well and they've got a funky red pitino right now. And ma'am I'm usually do they're all he read funky red Bettina nickname I don't localism and they just a preside PA Gig Harbor brewing shown over the racing ruse to read it. I. Silver city they're rich stop red which came out about yeah we have always done brilliance over city stuff is quizzes thinking dodgy some rounds that they found it won't really let the government will. Let's see here's sites to a new policy. Yeah bring in the dawn of the red and maritime brewing company the maritime flagship residents up. Yeah to town cider it is called in to town cider is bring in with a look at opposite the pineapple and writes that. Volcker cider fan you can get dad as how apple one is so good. Mr. broom credit as well get ready for white only and the wreckage those guys are amazing you know at the Glen deck him blues trio could do woodshed Washington black. New originals killed join the plan will enjoy flying about dark dragon and the weather's supposed to be thin new originals if practice they have out while. OK listen. We've practiced well. We thought we have one more practice schedule for the week aren't the we will still this goes I think we did a little better than many of us expected. But yeah we did do one practice. We have Fred Evans our dedication to our performance for you. We lived on one break we will look all I will only half of the songs you plan on playing as a full disclosure we practice exactly half of our set and not the other half why don't Ira does some of the singing the music parts sound pretty good so far OK okay. Well now and I end up. Beyond the Obama's plan to agree there's nothing better than given a big check to our friends at the other Fisher house and by the way portion of proceeds from the entire day is gonna benefit the Seaver foundation. And the Fisher house you can stop by say by the friends of the Fisher Elster got live music all day those tickets are on sale now meant to live dot com join us amends or read festival has gone on the Saturday at the even claw. Expose inner again tickets at men's room live dot com our recovery drink it tells its other products. We're full of useless information yes and do you have hard too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So lending here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know I don't know what you don't even know we have the car addition call our. Our hot car addition and it's about time somebody did this you think that maybe a scientist or somebody would do a number leave it to the guy to thrill list dot com. They wanted to find out the fastest way to cool down your hot car in the summertime so what they did they tried border from F. I'm. To find out what the easiest way to pull your car fans you know step into it do the deliciously season. So before ways for the people of Flores ran eastern afford to try to pull down the the hot dark at four methods the first. They blasted the EC but kept the car parked the whole time. Our hearts of the windows rolled up the parts they blast the AC the second my it was a blast the AC in the drive with the windows down. I've got the third way with a blast CAC and drive with the windows up. And the fourth and final leg rolled the passenger window down only and and the car with a driver side door then blast BAC and drive off with the windows out. Any idea what was the best way to blocker got. I mean I think is brutal wind this up with you feel that's my guess option for where you rolled down the passenger window only. And the car with a driver side door about a half a dozen times roll the windows up blast the eighth at home by fall. Like three minute gift oh wow may have been out there enough offensively do. Cold and hot car. How are our hard. Water we graduated die somebody else there is serious to be ready. Men's room knows just. John is better usually have to the very best chance I could draw vilified on nortel's. It doesn't need that if we toast 42 year old Jordan Easton so he sighed United Kingdom now over the weekend. Jordan was at a small gathering with a few friends and for what ever reason the completely inexplicable. He was wearing what he believed to be a stab proof best. And no one child to mama know when even as some about it been Jordan decided. He was gonna prove that the best was back stab proof he grabbed as big as stake my brother was friends kitchen. And stabbed himself in the chest. And then he died from a self inflicted stab wound to the jets. They try to get in the hospital he died on the way none of his friends can explain exactly why he decided to do this but it's what he did. You showed it was party at a restaurant no one asked him about. He says amen stab proof ago that's great. That is Oregon and approve it only you don't have to op and he still didn't prove it because the end of stands up correctly and Jeff that you mentioned stabbing yourself to death. Well but the sad day I mean that's and it was one was. Yeah I guess he did arms fully extended right that is hardly could into his chest went straight to the best. Into his chest and dropped business. Did I mean why do you think it was stamper I don't know it obviously wasn't and I don't know where you bought or they said staff group but even if you thought it was them proof would you like. I don't know lay it on the grass outside first I mean I would. Remember friends don't hold a different Beers. So important. And we drink this booze because we think it's yummy yeah okay go over the tone and down the throat to party in our tummies. Darren oh allowed Arizona. Gonna get death at a live profile doesn't think color 9844999. Cola. The show and many games continue on the men's room. And radio network.