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Monday, June 18th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question​!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. So other friends jumped on now let's think in Boston a WA AF Boston's rock station also must by united front seven and New Orleans and our friends in Iraq when all three in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Hello Fort Bragg big show for you today read a question question your guess is as good as mine categories today coming up. Cereal and ice cream and what you don't need to know the hot car addition in the meantime all our is our random question question 84. For a 999 alone Rendell hello Dave welcome to the man group brands. And brands. Oh. Renewal block oil a day. You do is doing great argument. I enjoy this wonderful day off some good they're humans aren't very good what do what happened your pet. Yeah. I don't know. Who says Huskies. Says by dogs for the past. Eight years. Let's start right let us know yeah so is half husky. I thought you. You know you don't understand the Jardine at eight. His name never grew in the race he didn't yeah know up beat you name the. Say another radio. So there. There. And utilize this support. There's there's there's a reason that you know I mean that there heard things you know I mean right as a matter of its human and as a matter of its dog and you're gonna have the Smart ones you gonna have ones that probably just do not have a large dogs are really nice not that Smart bright Abbott as humans we keep our our loose ends around me. You know me like any Arnold and I am wanting Bloomberg pins here like we protect them either collectively dumber so your dog is a dip as. Okay I'm sorry. There a year and a half sister. Suzanne constitutes a shoot out Huskies now smelled it and most beautiful dog I ever had. And we Gloucester about a year after the last about twelve years. She. She would bring me animals. But we're on the property. We have the invisible fence associate to lakers are rural. And she would you know I mean Greg in bringing back pops a big deal you know it's a pot so that. They got. That's up thirteen pulled ugly we easily have understood out. No big deal but I ended up with on the back of my porch. Are the the patio wall sliding glass door from our best burger she would bring any like. Crow. I'm going to tell you catch crow. She got up. And then. I guess the biggest thing was. One time we woke up at 3 in the morning. With. Heard ruin. Below the deck of our our deck off our master bedroom. They had cornered the like 45 pound raccoon and they were just. Get their ass kicked. Indeed it's not in Iraq and then things can be sure acts so I had to get him in the house finally got some of that house. And. Each you know that the raccoon or eventually blow away we got medical treatment or that all that stuff. And and about eighty. Week later she can't possum. But she brought it to the back. Porch. And this thing was a school and aspiring. She's opened up a can of what passes. As payback on this whole thing on this possible and it was like oh my gosh. You think the possibly made five billion dollars or domestic by the right to. No I think Maggie was waiting for the opportunity to just. Bent out all the emotion yet there. You say don't lose raccoon beating the dog has spent a week just pent up aggression. And this possibly happen to be the victim. Later on we did some research on relevance without doubt they were raised. To be babysitters. The inlet tribes of North Carolina. And she was beltway he shoots just. We humans she could. She was the most loving dog river. But if you were an animal coming on our property he used you can ask. Under. That's a sentence couldn't tell you Linda that it in my adult was a laggards of one pot some. Elements in my yard and I don't care of their own comes up at night but don't take the dog out she could drop and do sort ever. And the possible mud but they were friends and they would sit side by side. And I wouldn't do anything that is kind of sat there of the gentler but if I walked toward my dog which is not a problem. This piles of wood hiss at me but I do all the blossoms here but my dog had no reaction. A way hey man you know you everybody sort of piles of rubbish does not feed you. He does that take you out he is not all free water regularly now for underbelly like Macbeth though the last dog I sat. He's good really humans that it would mess of the that docks around it's kind of sucks is guilty to a dark. Get all of chicks and like that you have all the new lie and say yes my adult includes a dog is a friendly just don't bring your dog program. Either Israel is one avenue your benefit three years of wondering if their fair. We dog ginger was alive a family from Wyoming got the answer on Wednesday it all began in August of 2015 and Burlington Iowa. In a hotel room in Sioux Falls nearly seven hours from way from Burlington is where they found candy Glick her boyfriend grants and a dog licked the was rescued grit collective. We start getting a lot of golf thing wasn't it all go running loose in town. People said they saw a deceased dog so I'd go to the spot where they say it was and it wouldn't be there Greg now runs Des Moines county regional humane society. And she couldn't find any of these dogs the deceased daughter now because the dog was alive and well. I actually met a phone call my husband today what are you Burlington Iowa about three years ago the B word is phone call you have ever gotten in your life. And. Basically this guy was on business trip in Burlington and he and his wife didn't wanna leave the dog in the kennels they brought him along and Erica Earl Long and she escaped from home the family was renting of time. Literally fifteen minutes we were there in the neighborhood we never saw the dog again well the dog shown up. Three years later they set a trap with hot dogs capture the dog on Saturday. Who had been running through and it didn't scene it has never been caught for three years worth. Three. Years they found their dog they were skeptical though they got called they're like yeah there's no way. That this dog is still alive. Her under coach had grown out she was twice as big as she is now she a lot of Manning honor and of course after three years her face and aged so it just didn't look like the same dog. But after a trip to the drummer it revealed what would be key. She had on Jennifer remembered a purple and lime green collar I was speechless the color was on the tag was from adults three years later they found that as amazed. They're the guys that who are who answered the question he's talking about his koskie malamute killed when everything what was the story we sought a couple weeks. On his woman at husky I think what the husky. I like her dog got out of the yard and the only not well anyway by the time this don't return it wasn't like three years later that day. This thing basically hit mold everything in the neighborhood. If you look at the lakers haven't had a small Tinsley at that and oh yeah heading for a I still went over there and killed a bunch ducks killed something else and he never made it man I mean there's so electric so the dog was not gone long runs are housed by the time he comes back. It has decimated. Everything else and and everybody none of that about Huskies. I normally loose feel bad for the late because she's like. Look I didn't know we're going to killing spree like crud it's been a normal the politics and suddenly there's nobody talks era but sometimes. Eight you chipped it don't they are totally muddy and get to a lot of talent I don't know what to do it did to all you want to another dog and her dad so I mean. It's terrible how what was it like you. He was so. Nobody jail from a bus. DI he had to Boston terriers brand. Used for the record I don't know that he loves did you tell the story get a feel that these attacks on the fact that no he does not here. So we go yes the drug is dog off and his sisters thrusters going he's going on down someplace or whatever and his sister has a Bloodhound. There's a big get out of the blood that what I mean this thing is big. In this thing barks man it's like who's. Like god and it's like how hometown right. Sister goes to work. Com's home it looks like a mass murders. There's blood on the Gates's blunt all over the door it in the make it should be also noted that. His sister was was planning on moving I don't know if you've moved in on this point on which you. Her husband got a job they're planning on moving and one of the things they couldn't figure out was what they gonna do with the pet goat. Senate that got a reasonable question how much are that they knew someone who was willing to take you go to they had a place for the go to go but she was working on only generally can read those were the thing it was coastal got a question mark was coming over to this discount you know you know just where they're moving was not don't promise that the you thug they're got about you know I don't agree there and they'll their property can never rumba in I have to go whatever. So. So she comes home and the gates wide open of blood everywhere. There are three docks with blood all over the faces and they have slaughtered that goes well and spend it's been the day just absolutely demolishing that goat. On the bright side he did not have to worry about what to do would of known O'Donnell could go to guy who was gone about the as far as dogs go onus of my dog. Auctions and made friends took upon some disguised as much dog made friends with a squirrel popped it's a call appeal led squirrels. I don't know man like a dog will be aligned squirrel will be an animal brightly I've never seen the dog back and look at the squirrel and not lose it's now. A squirrel I don't know if they look like running snacks are meant like we'll Sylvester look at Tweety. In the news mine look like a coach core missions from your back and forth and did you approach when a dog went to the squirrel it looks like B coach prepared meal and but fringe with a squirrel. That would just ignore that talent getting right but come on man hater dog he got to chase that it does it's here for you the jays that fourth world report on or. Yeah like real world can lose or mine to amend. All mentally and there's been much that I've seen signs posted at places like beware of the squirrel and attacks who blew up buyers like a camera. Aren't really there isn't Aggies girl like I guess the units like you're gonna make sure I want my mortgages is even come on the tag. I mean they give us worldwide news that sound nice bread I still like. And should there should be some way to stop it it's a moral right and listen but but one thing. A brilliant in nature. You know aunt Julie goes by Sy as an animal the fight to the death and all that belief if I see is spider. There is no chance the spider can take me and it's it's not gonna have a step on its over but still when I see it. Bread impasse in the worst part of like the splitter nose right Katrina hit close to the spider they did not weird defensively Bruce we stands welcome your face. Well sure. And a third positive not a great look to be outside. Stop don't score if scoring and I don't feel even if you're right off and look back at them because volley attack us downtown square. Pulled alive more than ran a question question coming up before 4999 alone you are listening to the men's or radio network. Your dad says this goes minding categories today will be cereal and ice cream of new your guess is as good as mine ran after emails in the men's room and injure my back camera time friend and I ran a question quest and allocating welcome to the Missouri. Although I. And it. OK Ali I heard prairie dog. It was OK and we'll find a good question here. OK. Okay goes goes what wind when would you say that you knew the relationship was over. Well what made you as long before our relationship was over but you thought oh boy acts and let that slide that I'll never forget it you know. Food well. Scores going saying well soleil thing. So I really don't really doing news that he had the night I called silent as kind of my take a classified in my cycle Hilo it connect. You know what can go writing like candy and non. I as critical but. I want political island different time middle school only common but they can't check he knew my diet eat broke out how. If you're on a motorcycle I want Katie I didn't know about this a motorcycle and with another. I don't think of Evers I don't really like it here in this. You don't want to let you know you Oscar and it album did consider once I ArcelorMittal Arizona. You can have friends that have similar interest yeah well what can Muslim world is gonna from the I have to someone who shares similar interest as you how weird to me what's so we'll get a motorcycle did you get. I had keep out any talent psyche to pressure but it's really really funny let's what's the lungs righty taking. Well actually it got electric environmentalists they're much Freddie so I just yet to become an. Earlier on border security and an as yet they're ecstatic soared at an hour so take. Out of the market today. Was that a couple weeks ago a couple utility grind castle men accused Dion. They resent the matchup does cold claimed that slowdown doesn't remember that since the article and pundits and thank you very. I ran into thinking I might as well. No call limit thing in zoos don't assume that yes they do you know our party really going to work we have that we had double doors in here just to get him in the but I will say there's only say loosely that was in actually cool after mash up. That was one of the better I don't ever sure. Reason we ask what did you know the the relationship was over. Other employees in a Brookfield Wisconsin got a call few weeks ago from a movie theater about a potential domestic situation between a husband and wife. Apparently they order popcorn you and the white secretly put salt on it. And husband hated extra salt so when he figured out what his wife had done he announced the total. It's over a you have to movie theater aiming announces the third and overbuilt council he also used it as a metaphor for doing things behind his back. Like possibly having an affair. He was sold. Well we are delighted when vanities but she took his keys to keep them from driving away angry and that's when someone called the cops. Fortunately things never got physical Nolan was arrested there's no word on whether they would throw the divorce or they managed to bounce back from the salt incidents but yes. I would say that and I don't know much about the situation I do not believe the sum and adding salt to popcorn is an indication of infidelity has salted popcorn typically going into the gap and I understand he might not like it but. I feel like maybe after he made a proclamation if she really absorbed everything went down in his reasoning behind it in how it connects the vast. She should probably agreed too that divorce. What or messages. Like the final thing yeah could be it might be obviously aren't etheridge stipulate he puts all the there he your Jeter didn't particularly in the budget popcorn hitting grazing. Popcorn no man. Don't approach it. I don't go to the movies enough honestly to have any theory on pop there's a protest the Morley got to put an arm could get that we need the popcorn get a say he'll put a strong. They gonna get a degree if ever pulled one stupid there and then put the butter. And then. Put another scoop in there and then put the butter because approach if they do the forward no they don't deliver now. No they don't they're not half I'm half way they always ask hey you wanna bud grant doesn't work if that's what you want to call the substance sure but I would like they Griese substance on the hour. And they always ask Google throw the first thing. And then they look do you like Kay jeweler a listing I know I don't know I asked well do you remember right look I feel like ending knee deep maybe they'll look at you and Rory are given America lovers it exactly he doesn't need everybody had a fast but not often and really do there's a secret that surprised you even McDonald's cycle. Well you know it's really been looked at I don't since may have announced put on this it's dead. The secret to McDonald's is to ask for Fries without salt so it'll be fresh in in units. Just to much work just tell and that's that's I think you need French fry under the called him right there is normally all the problems are still it's gonna Whittle. But learning how they Amanda and arugula O'Malley re actually they're just fuel but they know how to solve the French for that is because in the past recruiting. Yes that have a a fresh if this right. It's a doubt the prize earlier on exactly. The fast food and it could dig a big don't she's glad to be like you're cooking should not go to Joba later travel around. The fast food trip matter where you go I want to Carl's junior and Wichita Kansas. I'm standing outside dog in the manager Ronnie. Different man who spent WW two bad news. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Internal and external hard it's Tony Rezko the spread of question question what do you wish that you would have never been in contact with. Could be a person. Could be a design easier could be all could be a food product could be an even what you wish that you that would never been in contact with. Never been contacted. And no but we will let that I automatically saved my whole life I can really you know. Did you ever brushing up against attackers rammed through the orange dodge boys and I only got herpes. Yeah I guess that would be like. So we are real lucky. I was in this neighborhood and we're walking between my yard and my neighbor's yard like bush isn't out there walking on the log. And I doubt. And so I got out of my right arm and leg likely into the bushes while still standing on top along. And I pulled my arm back out to realize that bush is completely and only you were all put united. Yeah man that's good that your I didn't do I don't know a batch of poison a little bit about poison oak was the worst thing I've ever had sort I know what a robot a while and avoidance of mag apparently is the worst of the three point yet right but I always. To Blue Ivy is what to do it he gets some high as it was it was the worst we're probably. 1213 years old my authority we were down little lake poison idea and Hines I'd like hangs a divine yeah yeah so we're swinging. Well you know so man I mean you that your chest yeah I realized that I know in between your legs to make your groin anywhere where you would go out like on a rope swing. All of us it was 45 of us and we were I'm he'd tell him hey that was nice juice is correct and so we all realize what happened how long were you Gus Williams all day. I mean all day you kind of I was a landscaper. I was probably the only thirty seconds in the using a weed wacker on some irony yeah but nobody can around the corner Essex that's a sop. Like what it means that you are whack weed whacking poise and I'd deceiving me jus got. Okay. Are happy days were rough. What does science alerts called the giants horror plans has made its way to get another US state and people who come in contact with a could feel the pain. Virginia tech's Massey. Hair her him her Merriam her burp her Berber malaria. Tweeted last week it had aideed a giant hog we did. Planting Clark academy. Later updating that that count on FaceBook to thirty plants the planet holds what Fox News deems a toxic sap. Which prevents human skin from protecting itself from the sun's rays. Leading to severe burns that could be worsened by swept thank you plant New York State's department of environmental conservation lets other hazards that can result from coming in contact with a plants as well as. Some photos of terrible burns on the body a long term some light sensitivity. Losing policy blisters you must see the guarding these the other small policy. One music. And even permanent flying sand wrench into yeah yeah they do how does then Meredith. And it doesn't take a lot fall prey to the poison of the giant hog we'd. All right resembles an umbrella or mushroom made up of white flowers. East symbol brush up against its bristles can spur a re action and as soon as fifteen minutes with. Sensitivity peaked between thirty minutes and two hours after contact. It's difficult to stop the spreading of the invasive plants which is native to the region of caucus in Russia. Introduced into the US sometime in the early twentieth century. Virginia environmental officials are warning the plant may have been spotted in other parts of the state and for people who come across it to let their bare skin not to make contact. An awful also offers a guide for very carefully. Getting rid of the plant if you wanna try that gets enough found at least a dozen other states do have gotten answers in the giant horror plug colors on a thing ever awesome. That's invasive. Like notre men's invasive and that plant proves chocolate normally it's all but it's all out if it's officially kills a real official for the plant. It's Sox like why did the B one just decent and basically really canola I'm glad you're here and look at that without invasive right. But personally I just leave base it would just be break you or not this is not your natural habitat you're taken over. You're correct but I had I didn't have condemnation yet. Right because they only say Ian base of what we don't like Italian pizza when it takes over and the original population is there's an act but basically my natural selection there or not. But you still give stolen base of blue say invasive but we don't like. I mean that's why if you go to a place in your coming back in ago. Re on a farm and Ecuador right drag no manager Bennett goat in Colombia are you are ready as the reason for early cherry trees will call them. Invasive. Than half from here Burma is that palm leaves are from here but they're bad avocados all of them. About the way tomorrow and I'm assuming this come from former McDonald's employees. I understand one of your McDonald's acts as a word you want. Fresh for a French Fries at home without salt. In franchise of these new comedy glee club called off because when it's just they saw the salt Bobby fry and place it in your bag that's a bigger announcement. It says the McDonald's active faults. You can just ask for French Fries got into the central front court she can't wait and then you don't have to deal with the Olmstead unsalted potato center actually miles it's a better way to do the French fried trick a guy were to order your food just asked for your Fries to be well done. They'll come I'm nice and crispy. Though you definitely threw that in and Albert W bar and and also add if you just such a bamboo about another priest species if you America. Blackberries are so if you didn't content can be catered events and if you ask for. Just for unsold apprised. Basically they just throw the Fries are to have back in the Fryer anyway all cool also the other front blown off the salt in what we call that that's part anyway so that's probably natural it's not it's not what is dollar par cookie did you get a you're halfway halfway. So Parker are he ran a version of. This is no split your double could get it right there. And north. Hard cooking is halfway big coat so they've been told fully cooked it now because Judith didn't revealing my public in the Atlantic. All the Michael AW I think the Republicans. Think Rupert overlook I think he transferred to both ran down the Missouri side. I mean typical Al. Lou global. Gold only got a prize considered by two and half an hour I need to control. Hello gentlemen welcome to the men's room. Oh Bob it's fair at all. Jobs. I jailer the program around question question let's go this and what did what did you lose or what did you find when did you lose or what did you find. Third field there are political lumber at Georgia. And the new video game coming out on the PlayStation sports but I had an Xbox. So I one on Craig list but now looking for people that were born Q. Trade or my Akbar you know give me their base station and opaque there are bark now I ache I knew I had about 200 dollars worth of game over except reaped over the darn thing. And I three Imus doesn't sesno lines. The forty ball ice. Well I've just done and game except I don't know him. I am. I find that guy who had a PlayStation. And we respect each other videos of their console working in what are just so that we knew we weren't. You know China not to each other. And we needed our grocery store parking lot and I put all of my stuff back into the original box there's. I even wipe down the expo are only. Clean up the controllers which one of them might. There are custom paint job myself. You do custom paint job and yeah ya ya to the import all the arts standards down the the great send. And you know white blood splatter on it all red red paint but it didn't look like what butter on a white background just you can get yeah me. Yup. I'm. Burnout climbing the diet that's currently where our lives and I ate pop open the Triton and and yet our. Economic game then again their limits crippled. Are there any employer trash bag with Burt PlayStation inside the trash bag but the cult or wires. One game and they've broken controller. And I spoke to get into. Our would you fix any of that stuff was supposed to be an even trade. I really thought it would have been an even trade group in our were opening night. You ought to have a whole comfort or something but I don't know I would. They bit and obviously when you're loyal to it earlier but grocery store parking lot trading stuff that dude you met on Craig's list yeah I mean I just looked beautiful moral compass is there you're right just. Maybe I'm a cynic but I just feel like I'm pulling up in my car and parking lot to trade something or someone who's. There's no way I should expect this to be excellent. Reason whereas what did you lose or what did you find a Pennsylvania woman who lost her twenty. Fouls in dollar engagement ring at the beach just one week before her wedding day. Has been reunited with a diamond band thanks to a very resourceful officer. Twenty. Thousand. Dollar engagement ring how whole gist is that do it I know what I Howell. Twenty. How much is that wedding and it. If they'll bring is I'm guess sound and honored and yeah okay. Where does that Jersey this way is in its Jeanne have you heard a Fire Island beach oh yeah the oath of long donating. So far Ireland was awful California though it's nothing New York City is out for the Phillies a Long Island day island yes but you go to Mac and I'm you know I'm so they can there be only reason I have any idea about this and this is not a joke. The Vanderbilt and people back in the day then a song called firearm. And our other big thing I've summaries of those that outlaws song called San Francisco on the same problems so I assumed it was a song that the only reason I'm a fire on his New York is because there's a great cinematic movie called weekend of burnt smell alone cinematic ceiling in Portland but you do become the fifth on the what they thought we go to fire Ireland our Ireland or did you swim in the needles some of the few eaten cereal either. The reason we're even vaguely from where you did to the Village People we can birdies that's how we get information on the auto celebrating a bachelor party I'd done a Fire Island beach there when she misplaced to ring in the midst of the festivities. So desperate for help you go to the idea the police learn salt accounting. And when the marine bureau police officers showed up robber Washington he could locate the ring. But he had a guy he knew another Long Island officer known as admin McDowell and he called again why because he knew Edmund. And he knew there had been owned the metal detector and who and the officer then comb the beach with a handy tool on Sunday near where everyone was. Having a little festivities there he founded in fifteen minutes in one foot of sand. When he found the diamond ring he said everyone on the beach cheered we called her up and she was crying and crying. A friend of the soon to be bride who's in the Fire Island public search delivered to ring on Sunday night. This is not the first time by the way the McDowell has struck gold with a metal detector. The officer used at eight years ago to help a man by and his 30000. Dollar platinum and diamond wedding ring that he lost while playing volleyball on the same why would you Wear that to the beach if you know the dollar amount amid the how do the things that are worth that much and alive which is maybe your caller. And as a woman I can figure out why would you take that to the beach did you deceased aware. I yeah I guess not nearly that expensive for my class ring when I was like eighteen in nineteen distorted or sales. Munich Ira Joker around thrown snowballs and I well the ring flew off so I lost it right and we searched confided. And then there's our like a city guy there. There what's up with pipes and he had a metal detector. We found that it smelled smoke that I'm intrigued by those that I've always thought they're gonna come one of those guys don't like one day. One chaos and our metal detector in your pocket have bucket Hannah Libby evidently without knowing that I always playing poker just finished the outfit like that and you look out I got out of there 4 AM to Macau will go popular euphoria what got up Donnybrook with you know and an afternoon break governmental. And I really going to be that guy right there has requested a 449990. The first gulf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. It's also was shot the day what you don't need to know the hot car addition is also coming up the first the random question quest 344999. Alone Rendell Rendell all right hello and welcome to a girlfriend. Friends. I know Franklin. Brandon Franklin has our opportunity thought you wouldn't be pioneering black man won the first black carefully if you're on the field that is refusing to. Hello song welcome to the men's room. All laugh. Jog in the program lets see here. Just go through it. What's John what about a girlfriend significant other boyfriend you roll your eyes about what they do the does make you go on down here we go yet. But. There via an actual Earl. Number. Those tight Walt loved. It earlier. About it until they got global. To shock jock it. All we've bag here. Is apple and oracle dad. Do you. Only if the current bill. It. Do you eat a sleeper are all eat. Up a shot out about them. About upstate. District that I doubt. About it but it. This hurts don't it feel. A little bit better. To do. None of them. I got about 20% of them enough. I really is having a difficult time and ovals as you mean he's dating girl twos and seen her she's not a boyfriend got quite for the other football to halt or something right deeply for his football team. I try to knock them down some of the dudes in work. Rolled his ass out role you guys got any Tyrell and moments. The key moment of his daughter that Joseph knows so much now it's like look there's a few things. I'm pretty lenient about most things you can roll your eyes and you can even curse my name but you can't do it. In my line of sight and I'm trying to get her to understand like listen and like we knew saunter off would you want to say about Tom some kind of a hold award ever make it like getting your kid and I can be deal at. But you can't do with me hearing you and you don't roll your eyes with the same as what to do is. When I'm standing behind your telly what it is you failed to do it right you do fifteen times I'm going to go to roll your eyes but. Why your president but do we neutral and around and say okay. Just act like it's all cool at all what it's like hey man. You controlled drug informant I can't explain what pisses me off but I understand so don't you bet and don't plan we don't get any I rolling moves that you use around your significant other. I'm not wrong arsenal I'm out on on not I mean I'm just to get via a lot of little outlet I got banged up I wanna I robot with guys don't know that I do it. You like I do I have no idea that reels all all already know that I know she doesn't. And that's the problems you'll like annoy you don't know your daughter but I understand it pisses me also. Tried to be old way error that you're doing so I'll children seem better at your restaurant or it doesn't mean you eat you read everything on your Clinton and then when the waiter or the waitress comes deals there. I can look governor ever. It. I wrote out there we hate them even if you eat it that's the analytics. Regrets about just a (%expletive) passing every. Other the earlier guys about. I North Carolina man all be rolling his eyes and his wife for all wanting a lottery ticket. And as Darren nunnery of Lyndon headed to the store Monday night his wife got out give me a lot of people like Dick get according to make. North Carolina education lottery news release nunnery rolled his eyes as usual when his wife wants to play the lottery but he did come home with a two dollar ticket for that my strong. Nunnery then got a call for his wife Tuesday morning in DC she said that idea feel lucky. Guess what she meant she informed him that they won the lucky for life. 25000. Dollars a year. As a family claim their prize on Tuesday nunnery told his wife the rolling my eyes is over. And they did say that the good luck as a blessing pails to the blessing he'd had over the last four years as a recover from a a brain injury to somebody of that money will help pay for those bills. The former maintenance contractor at Fort Bragg remains disabled but he says that doctors dummies like you to be alive and it to my grandchildren my wife my kids. And Andre said some things you'd be dealt their home and as families that took the lump sum all of the 390000. Dollars would you take the 390000. Dollars I guess there is and how old you are where you are managed and evaluated her and Mozilla option twice more violent year. The supplement your income right and I don't live on avoid this by what I politics when you are ready okay hold on or after federal and state withholding he took home. 274000. Out of 25 year. He says he plans to pay off the mortgage Susan all approved projects take care some bills any plans to give some money to loved ones and do his that your ultimate answer to view state that lump sum like that late. A glass house you've got to meet there on a down payment on house and a brand question questioning for. Or 999 old uptrend on track hello hello and welcome to the men's room friends. And video Adam. I'm sure at all wow. Saw. Adam are good are you man and I am doing great man just four XP got a slogan is. Yes at my. Others would airmen have you I'd never got into with a family members. Brother says her. Cousin. Column so I couldn't look bad and the third oldest of eight steadily thanks. Oh yeah my whole lot of they're meant that you eat real fast don't you. Yeah I think I anybody that I know men has had more than four of roses they eat so fast that I you have to get a fight that food. If you don't need that cannot be August 2 does that. But yeah I'm definitely my oldest brother Ahmad 23 east one reset then me and him have gotten into many altercations. Average long time. Sixteen. I don't even remember what a silent about. I guess he thought I sold some confront them but any lab did that man enjoying my dinner and this guy comes out of nowhere. Went up late and it smashes it over my head. And home how old are you. Succeed aren't. Brother with a play to the head on. Yeah not not like any hope particularly playing that stone where place smile millions yet he knocked down. And and got us than I did not can I do not I'm actually bigger enemy you don't eat meat and play the play but I. I can Laden's not that one knock him out of my dad jumped on both of us and attack those. But what. Good if it's not ratified a look at the momentum maybe if there's this little month. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.