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Monday, June 18th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question​!


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You what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to. There's our. Invited to join the party and this is the. Other than secrecy. It is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And you're. Go to Arizona or 2847. And along with Steve the throw he'll. To Ted small. Foreman ball. My con. Mac and. Okay and men's room. Five days plum red fit double spat. Yeah questions that. You're guess is as good as my category cereal and ice cream. What you don't need to know the hot car. Addition lost all our yet Ohio stresses and president of player profile this plus headlines read your shot of the day for Melissa emails everyone's favorite TV time typical factory to gunfire in England where a woman wakes from surgery to find that you know has breast implants. Meanwhile man declares his marriage is over after wife sold popcorn to show her who's wearing the pants. British man will not give refunds on stab proof vest. A Florida man judge feared DY stuff to show he's in fact the best. The woman nearly killed my shopping cart awarded 45 million dollars an assault coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All are good kids good day to you and your your years you're union. Okay. All right. Correctly human. Mentally I guess the man home or something like that. Believe or not that is not a Harry Potter spell. Iraqi Obama meant to jazz who know me as an invasive plant that's all you need to know in this particular invasive plant has talked to accept. Which prevents human skin for protecting themselves from the side. And then he gets worse from there and it was just found in the fine state of Virginia. It's not supposed to be that. But would you rather find out Goran in your backyard or would you rather find like full deck this as Ferris in your broccoli. Not productive since fares best as the fancy name for a black widow Spider-Man. Is exactly what the guys found him on to broccoli at a grocery store and Ohio. Now the spider was alive but he did not bite we got we got out of the Scot free now. Favre being bitten the same cannot be said for a woman in Indonesia. Who stumbled upon a 23 foot quite well. It bit her on a safe bet her I mean if swallowed her whole. Attack. Good job Ted us through the looking game you shouldn't be shot and that's that second time it's happened this year baton from the second time. And this is that the gun stories we've seen that leads us to many many. Many questions questions we'd like to ask you informed of the random question question and this is no work. You call us we will as who question the complete random and that you share your since they didn't answer we'll share with you good news story that inspired said question. Parlor in question question call 844999. Only you can Mike commands are on FaceBook followers on Twitter and his degree and the men's or life and he gets in your emails to the men's room happens in my dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. Through solid job that oil on Amazon or 2847. Program right now Hornaday stunning return of your guess is as good as minor categories when I go food today as we have the top ten. Selling ice creams by popularity. Our mind just now normally just gonna keep going nerd god damn professionally just keep rolling. We also have for you V ten of bestselling serials. In America. Coming W your guess is as good as mine your dad's is as good as mine yours Jessica is as good as not that. Mean your guests just told our. You're issues raised that in your face and if people do not live Eli had on debris that's spurt that. Configure for a possible won't get in my mouth area it I don't want to be in my mouth area it if they think he played in what we do they didn't know why I'm curious about her own merit I don't want a taste of the receipt and what you don't need to know the hot car addition car car my bag and car the hot car industry's jays general source communities that that's I don't know another plus the profile this coming up we'll drink it tells with a shot of the day and today we do our random question question 844999. Old around. Randolph ran hello Daniel runs into the men's room. You live it's still two under Omare Lowe. We'll talk. Yeah I was content. What exactly does Bruton talked me it's like de de LA good day out there and have. Johnson tonight we might I'm sorry and he just doesn't hi hello needs and time most stores yeah I can get killed as a there's go brother so a little bit but not into great detail what. What bad ass thing it did your parents or grandparents do. You think you're so that's pretty cool manner. Well I. I'd honestly appreciate the most bad ass little my parents did that would be a look the other side would have been. He was the green parade cute toured Vietnam. At that explains a lot for our area. So he did more bad as things that he could even tell you happened to us. They yellows just ignore it tell me about the video we're talking about any of busy time in the military. You did it and get odds I mean if you're green beret I don't know if you beating more bad ass in that I don't notice there is there's no more bad ass and that is that. Well in my world know that some say and I don't normally the only him like marijuana is more that I Cindy neighbor is or even their special day I'm sure they'd special the special force like Navy SEALs discrete I pray Eagles but there was in the Marines recon but that we don't there's probably some secret group after the we don't know who they are as public accommodation of all those guys and the CIA like the avengers. You know for the like that these things yes if that's I don't the most president bottoms Iron Man if you look at school do that would be doubted Malia. Others has a bad ass thing did you parents our grandparents they're. We can Athens Georgia a rabid bobcat recently attacked our hearts county grandmother in her York Iraq. And a ferocious battle ensued rat. I death by strangulation. Murder right. Here's the quote. I thought not today. There was no way I was gonna and I said DD Phillips to the mom dad and grandmother. As she recalled the attack that occurred June 7 their home off liberty church wrote back. Phillips as begun around of rabies shots and a Georgia medical synergies also has a broken finger. And numerous bite and claw wounds on her hands arms chest and legs. I'm very lucky according to the 46 year old the unprovoked attack occurred about 6 o'clock she'd been working on a drug that afternoon listen carrier. And she one to go out and put up a brand new bumper sticker that she got on her car and run on the back for truck right. The bumper sticker reads woman who B Hayes rarely make history and she cleaned up photograph the sticker and send it to her husband so she walked out I don't know receive the actual truck apparently whether cell phone and said bumper sticker. My neighbor's dog was barking that drew my attention I Soledad and I took a picture. Any was on me it came from my face. Phillips grew up in the country where her father Wallace wants a trapper bobcats as a result she knew something about the animal's behavior or not we let's call them Robert Katz were little more formal night. Bobcats they go for your job. There because when they can't get the main. Or would make you get domain your debt and a couple minutes. And the bobcats didn't go for the upper body wracked economy slightly in my face but I've got to before he could do much damage there she said not to get straight to the ground starting itching my hands of its throat. And that was the only way house getting out of this. What both hands around the bobcats next. She began to squeeze and she never shouted for help because her five year old granddaughter was in the house I was scared if I scream for help my granddaughter would come out and I didn't want that to happen. Once I got to worry wasn't moving I started screaming from my daughter in law to call 91 month. Phillips on was also called and he showed up with a gun the troops would not need that gun and she would not release her grip on the crazed animal as she feared that it might not be debt. She did Marseille under fire the gun because she was so close so he pulled tonight. My son and standard for five times but it never budged so I knew I was completely dead at that point. After deputies and an ambulance arrived she drove herself to the hospital in or truck or Graham or senator on a she learned the next day be bobcat was in fact rabbit you have if she she's have been killed a rabid bobcat their bare hands the lobby of the things I don't think so I hope that the he says. Depressive DD Phillips man you know it's. Read the name that there aren't somehow DD Phillips at the true identity woman now pulled that would choke out an animal and hello Mike welcome to the newsroom. Hope laughed it or not. Oh let's see here. Then questions question for you okay here's the middle of we'll just you know there's been understood why it makes it. Tiger got loose ones left on the job related. Sorry the direction of it was a random question. Is that I don't would tell what price did you play and who did you Fallujah branch. Well. Not fantastic but one that comes to mind is my son's mother. In this war sure you and 1617. Years ago. Era called. Fidelity in trouble. Got pulled over by the cops on than some than having to do it you know I'm running from the police I need to come pick me up well I was barker on the corner from our house. And it spare to her car jumped in the backseat let her drive around for good five or ten minutes and scared death but she did that there are. Why did you feel the need to do this. Honestly I'll look it prankster mile OK that's great question aren't. Chernoff reason we have still trying to to play and on whom. Idiot brits says the headlines started a huge fire at a hotel. When they tried to wake up their sleeping friend by burning his feet with a lighter and an aerosol cans more than 100 guests had to be evacuated as the fire ripped through rooms in the complex. Seven tours were trapped on balconies and be rescued by firefighters after the blaze broke out on a Sunday evening causing thousands. Of pounds worth of damage to the hotel. Footage from the scene showed terrified brits running for the lives this thick black smoke and flames engulfed one of the apartments as firefighters brought more than 100 Taurus to safety. They were screaming up and down the hallway the holiday makers. Over the sound of breaking glass. What else they got here a source says after interviewing several witnesses they discovered that in a room where the fire started there were two women and three men. Then one of them was asleep and the other four were bothering him using a lighter and air assault on his feet. The fire completely destroyed one room and affected several others. A four point 9990. Lead as the random questions at random racked up big brown in the crowd and that's what. Yeah. Right come on man. Hello Rachel welcome to the men's room. Well. School at Xavier. Fire Rachel's goes. What would you say is the worst breakup with suburban park. There's a friend's girlfriend boyfriend. And family members all. Actually experienced a couple pretty nasty ones. Well I think still worse than I've ever experienced as my own personal one you know with my ex beyoncé. The whole you do make it through the you make it's the wedding day. You know we didn't affect our Glenallen. Well at the time I was experiencing. Some pretty bad trauma we depth of my mother. And I want you don't blame in all I can really talk about because that's what they suggest that I needed to do is. About the death in how traumatized me and even experiencing some things good and own mother and father and it he Canada's broke. And am Monday after coming home from. Cool yeah okay. The headlines and all that stuff. You can say other radio. Sugar there. Please keep them working night. Because they don't read festival we should take the opportunity to explain to people of those working abroad because the speed data that's why we keep running and was irate chills through says I'm done with your stuff and then what happens. Heat. And power grab that ball back. And started beating naturally. 00 god. That does get that reverberate I heard a little bit I guess so what are what are you thinking is he's beating the dream to baseball that. Thinking like should ever run rule or should I go get it. Like what's going on here and you did beating that street viciously any Caledonia Ryan Malone. And unlike. Okay. How old is this boy for de Beers at the time. Know who you are a this explain the mommy daddy part of the conversation I was I don't know that's OK you're you're a young enough where yes okay so what did that did eventually everything worked out because break up no real problems. Well we've got and eventually we'd reckon and airplay. You're oh I know you have the same person many life I had dead. And included a. Dear everybody. In the sign says McDonald's gets when they got inside Iraq they got hamburgers that cheeseburgers again big Macs nuggets and Fries. You not gonna walk in there and get a pizza. Employers if you wanna change if you go back in five years guess what they're gonna have. Hamburgers cheeseburgers French Fries and pizzas. Ways there is we ask what source break up a billionaire investor. Is being accused are resorting to some very juvenile tactics. After being forced to and his wife. Keys to their twenty million dollar home following aid to more divorce. The blast dot com obtained eighty. A file by sue grows in which she describes these states. Of the Laguna Beach home that she previously shared with her ex husband. Bill Gross when she moved in after the couple's divorce settlement had been finalized by judge. Gross claimed that her exit sprayed it. Noxious since around the home and even crammed it dead fish into the air vents making her life and unmitigated nightmare for the past few months. Gross submitted a declaration in hopes of obtaining a restraining order against her ex which was later granted by the court she says her ex who. Formally worked at Pimco is. Is as cruel and vengeful and a vindictive man when they practically limited financial resources to pull it off. When I was finally able to obtain access to the home I was disgusted to see the bill had let that in a state of utter chaos and despair. When my ball back house I found in. One of a kind art installation piece have been dismantled and removed the remote controls for the televisions drapes and other technology were all missing. The declaration ending claims that there were also some things left behind after bill left the home. There were balls of human hair in the drawers hall payment found dead fish in dirt stuffed into the events. Gross also claims she had been fighting RX to comply with the judge's ruling as a pertained to dividing access assets as recently as march. And accused him of stalking her sister around the clock because it could no longer gain entry to their former home which isn't a gated community. She said the prior to moving into the property her ex heady guard stationed in her previous addressed at all times. There's incredibly stressful and upsetting I've developed a persistent rash. Persistent rat system rations of. Random ran down friends. Ran out of like the fact that even a billionaire resorts report ran so I feel better. Hello Brandon welcome to the men's rooms all of our NATO all. I residential when he fought it for a good pitch you better go find. Goes what one is one thing that you would like to do before you die. Ullman and I actually I actually did today it's my 26 birthday I got to teach my various personnel needs today is all right do how hungry out there. You know it's not very big guy was about 5000. About 5000 feet I'd deep green mountain and then I started to drive until jut didn't and I generate that energy bit. I would I'm I'm trying to peak I'm trying to peak the 25 highest summits and loss in snohomish county I don't know I had 225. Which is during mound middle summit. A guy that's very cool and so you are guys who love you love wanted to stage a bucket list focusing here's the problem like these are things you want to do before you die. And your first response was today as much one is his birthday and I already did it. See ma'am county's Denise America until I give it back what are some of it none of its goal. The I thought I'm running out of time already like guy and I'm not able to you guys. Though it's. Your. Are easy. So what to how what's what's what's the highest mountain in the count. I'll men that would have to be told chuck. And allies build. I couldn't tell you up and bit it's the only active volcano in snohomish county so it would have to be pretty far out there I'd I'd put it at about 101000 feet. It's comparable to you know build sugar content but it know that subject as this I. He's a brilliant I'm I'm talking at a much but right now but it's got to be up there managed to its way beyond cell level and it's volcanic kite says I don't know man it's over stick. On this show it's important that you talk out of your staff I don't know yet Ross yeah Google messed it all people did that make all the time. What we'll talk yet they might I think so I really random people do Everest all the time but it. I still understand wild rides a bit of Japanese that's what you see from like 22 from the mistake and I. An end you know it's neat to me yeah a lot of people have done green mound a lot of people are dental check but I have never done coach again if I can prove to myself that's about all I need. Now that's fair country I got a couple hikes like that to. Follow theater Israel soldier like to do before you die a man on a mission to mow lawns free of charge in all fifty states recently stopped in a Nashville got some publicity for the first time brownies in junior. He runs the organization raising men lawn care services and he provides free lawn care for elderly disabled single moms and bettors. Jesus Christ. I'm just a man on a mission by god fulfilling all his works as does mr. Smith didn't. Smith got to Tennessee and was looking for veteran single moms and elderly and disabled people who need their lawns mowed. Smith says social media is the key to find people to help in each state and now so far he's been. Eat so our man as bad as soon after dinner. I had a lot of ribs and brisket and barbecue last matter. Keep in mind my morning star roses chocolate a day this is there will not like this morning low power yesterday morning mammoth thing is that want to read them all that last night and it's just that today is the day there are paying the price. For Martinsville you're not a bad price we're paying a price were all paying the they are you for shipping yet do you think it would be possible for you to maybe go boot during the break impossible you don't think you go there and another man who just squeeze out there diamond along the way it's been today and I don't have to drive try. And sister had no effort no. First yes. Downside of reform Moody's and also the vacation wanna produce the inflation so small that it intends to start smoking. Thank you Rudy is Randy glass after random question question 84499. Idle more your calls coming up you're listening to the men's are ready on network. Listen miles. Flexibility and the cubs a hot car addition we'll be there right before returning and post with a shot of the day at a hot car addition. On what you don't need to know in the meantime as our random question questioning for 4999. Old yeah I don't want her crown common and all around the clock are I got Garnett last Brenda walked right in the studio. The doors propped open and the nurses ball land that is good form there and activated. Directly next to rise and those that are just unplug feasible. But it's as if girls going to be floating on air he should at least move the microphone a microphone down to flocked to conserve the list. That's what are the ministers I had breast yesterday to someone left in my mattress yesterday many other barbecued foods. You've been mad money just prove himself I don't approve it's just. There's not as involved you know act of orphanages. Says I had brisket it's our man talk number that yes there were being used to. Eyebrows here yesterday and today but today I'm really gassed up also. And nothing is there to let you know soon we've corroborating what I'm San Jose the last time I was in Texas not even a year ago yeah I went to a famous barbecue joint we had a ton of brisket this an act. And I was very ghastly but also pooped out like a whole brisket a good fit I I have not gotten that point yet are happy to yell about brotherly duty to vote for the whole brisket. My domain news members do very unsafe in one of my favorite things hello sunny welcome to them Andrew. Albert go. Yeah. Are excited they generally don't grade are you like so I've got to count Sampson okay. Let's go this and there you seem like you have to have some needed to hide what did you hide and where did you hide it. She would. That's kind of a tricky one definitely it's too much off the bat. I may it give me a bar tab could be drugs into the Manhattan Playboy some in my Steve I'd serial. Well it figured out on yet cinnamon toast crunch that kids do not know it exists I know for a fact once they try it. Game over so right now the top of the bridge I only eat it when I get stoned they're asleep it's delicious they can know nothing about it. Well that that this say that when race smoke we love I had this I'm. Coca-Cola can. That. Words do which might contain her that I would twist the top box store all my lead and I small tighten. And I would take that thing pretty much everywhere and I'd wanna go big night there why do you honestly had so blatant in your car. Yeah they get testy. Now I tell you what we had apparently gotten math and slogans we've I had seen I had seen a couple things back in the day there was day those those of bold look like a black sharper sharply kind of thing yes. And I knew a lot of our construction guys who keep that in their in their toolbox or whatever anybody you know it. That we were in we are in San Francisco and this was before marijuana was legalized in our state. It was a medical maybe what hum of I think California is I don't know Mariette ma'am may be Yani thank you and I believe that the time that we saw what we saw it was. Purely illegal just across and I mean I'm Tony what it was basically a bong and pipe shop but up the stairs. They had this whole area that was there were just places and things that you goods tiger we'd. And it was everything from up Pringles can with a false bottom too heavily on this ball and everything there's been an idea yet of applicable athletes or somebody famous got pop look like one of those in like a Gatorade bottle to screw on the bottom that the you know you have weed in order of the but ultimately. It's just you it was an entire. Section at the thought that enables for dine like I don't we but it won't we were just the may he was great at the different things you know sauteed hard box right I mean it was so easy that anything you needed hiding your how you can diner the marker Aaron first a muscle that it blew my mind. Where you will and in the car yeah a former coworker and so this coworker. After hours and she's given us a ride somewhere. And she keeps saying I think the high latter because I'm. Let's get to what you would say my car ladder and were being nice because to us she seemed like she was insane she consumer was just. Steroids and how letter. We sit down on the car and her heart lighter Palestinian car she bullish like this is my highlight and again. We're like. Okay crazy lady whatever visual gloves are slocum we'd we sit. Oh now we understand why you're so excited about that yeah. But all days at ten would say my highlight when we discourage them yet but some of that stuff is cool it's very cool. Reason we ask what they do I hide where you Heidi a year ago a drug you'll try to tell doctors that she was pregnant and that her baby had not moved when she was stopped in Mexico. The woman we know as glorious C complained of pains in her stomach at a hospital in Mexico City. In fact there was one of the kilogram of campus that was so freshly picked it still ahead clumps of earth attaching him. She had said that she was pregnant but doctors were unable to find a heartbeat so she was transferred to a specialty women's hospital. There she was operated on and instead of a baby. They found canvas in her vagina and her abdomen and the drugs have been around the masking tape that. Broken and still had clumps of earth attached according to reports. The doctor responsible for the operations of all the cameras out of glorious body and delivered it to a public ministry where it was dispose and so unbelievable. Brad a question Questar may port Florida 999 all. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.