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Friday, June 15th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Those standing by caller ID 44999. A local profile this in minutes. Ever headlines of play one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on our. I good news the first pumpkin spice product of the year is already on this now Armond ma'am. Someone's got a special K pumpkin spice crunch cereal. I feel like with a breakfast cereal I can let it slide a little. I feel like pumpkin spice just to be a year no problem if they're loyal to us anywhere else in the country yard experiencing summer here are reason you're here in the pool. Then moving northwest near Portland you know we haven't gotten anything. Steve buddies might really don't go to summer yet you don't mean like everyone else that we act and that sounds horrible. I'm like getting the fact that the sun was out this morning when I woke up in my head on and probably Iraq while not spring out of bed with a thought overslept my kids from 657. Inches sunlight and I'm not used to. It never happens in the morning. According to a new data from Google and more of people are most likely to search for porn featuring different types of booty sniffles. Shoes. Floods like sneakers or votes is that even. Look I mean I've never even seen that time quarter of this thing feeds isn't right after they'd been shot into those tensions. So I get some Nike shocks that avoid who wants to Nike shop more I guess out of once getting lazy now I guess I don't even think or no it's more specific might again be I'm only watching a girl and 91 there Max. They are no good year period here man yet few that are 95 split but do she got the new chuck taylors. I don't do much for him and Eminem had nothing like a flat but it won't. So it's quite a large support me and you're looking for a woman's door and support so they have no argument that they don't know where she who were known fact support. There isn't tired dating Brooke wildly before woman with flat feet ego. And at the of flatly if it fell to figure out. Those who she's a go for the flags you could probably swim really well to the kitchen. There's a woman in Florida why he could. There's a woman in Florida are on the way it was clinic called doctor and drop it like it's hot. The agenda should performing minor cosmetic procedures members try to weight loss drug without a medical license or any degree is so she was just arrested through drought like it's. Drop it like it's not because that's when a doctor would do he asked my doctor. And you need to play on words in your doctor. Now and had a good morning doctor got a problem here no life. It just keep you think the doctor's office this weird with the play on words which of TV time we hear from local share at the same Kyra barely everybody had jokes in the south. I'm Eric I still didn't Texas Davies six minute speech in his graduation last Saturday. Which was a big deal because he's autistic and rarely ever talks. The name of the speech was unexpected things and he got a standing ovation nice I want to hear this I wrote about that this morning it's Obama is man that's true. That's the one feel good for the day 44% of people who had a workplace are rather 44% of people have had a workplace romance according to a new survey. He ran a workplace so romance Mike Cox yes where was that was a the full house that pulled out of it in the pool Villa when you're still bitter about having to leave that job. It was not a good romance. While nobody ally was the summer at the pool yet chlorine wasn't summer feels winner in all it was a cold winner for you want. Sure was Mike. Sure. Yeah Mike I I I. I've been accompanying now about them or rather remote I was in the number would be higher. 12% with 4044 token there. Says 10% of had one with their boss. Now now they have done them and I've tried September 11 I that I got Nintendo Republican when I was younger. Survey also found that 14% of people have had sex at work now I wondered if that means with somebody that they're weak that they were way if not they may be physically out of work. Right you have had already full and Eddie Daniels. It was a restaurant and a funny thing was we fell asleep member of the brewers are from. Are so I fell asleep on the sofa and display there's a fireplace so we woke up the next morning about two minutes before that helped him quite remote detonate it on the sofa mrs. Kind of a major restaurant Baltimore went all Manso. We got a clean up the helpful the morning shows off. Like what are you guys stories written work O'Malley will work with clean all night inventory I think they knew we are inventory miss hit it. There's a gym a New York offering new work out or you get an electric shocks will you exercise. This in his arsenal to activate the stimulus activate and stimulate your muscles you'll get results and half the time it would normally take. How well do you well if you're being shot actor originally they said was if your being shocked when you run for thirty minutes is sequel little running for an hour I donors in the technology I don't know what I think you run the harbor of the idea I am delighted I think it's like we don't value is any guy you know in Finland it's very ran I think you're drilling ghost of. Oh god I just. The Oxford English dictionary just added a bunch of new modern words sound now got to come up with a word adjustments and front and I gonna work now when you have any offense I think and I'm I'm I'm a law among confidence that I'll get that. Says. An amendment I spend my money we give them gas guzzlers are decorated. From civil and a mosque were just aboard you can use words eating red carpet at the same time overload our brain and makes us over reads according to a new study. It would kind of persuades itself. There's a delicious. I never see anyone over eat their vegetables you know I didn't go and healthy thing to me if you look at our own. I rarely hear that mobile people eating stuff like bat like yeah I want more purely turf is a tough question what's your all time favorite carbohydrate. Spaghetti. Now it's pretty strong desire new. Showed us. Potato you know playwright Eric I don't know I put it Carlo he mentally it's got to be definite you know the doughnuts to the one thing I don't get an updated twelve. Need to eat chips but if I had if I can afford a ticket that it. Is this is it because we've doughnuts let's frequently like once a week donut show appeared. At the office and I do not care what else I'm doing and I always grab one I'm making bones I'm like it's it's I can't pass the thing I don't I think mine's mashed potatoes. Really yeah you are mashed potato thing again this French Fries chips macaroni cheese yeah. Then why aren't really overload our brands and our lines a hard question at a gift and you saw a man what a loose is a fellow looks like Pokemon balls on Wednesday but they were really improvised explosive device that's more exciting that. Tennis balls filled with matches suite one of them did explode the luckily nobody was hurt. And they have been playing with the things and they left it on the fortune one side exploded game set match but I. It's roadways and afford a new study found people who are religious live about four years longer are if you ask bless me father for I have since the largest bull frogs had bull ever discovered was recently founded upon and Arizona how big was it. And the idea of our top I'd like to know that but it's pretty crazy from what I hear from this on the set by NASA's named Jeremiah. The visible for. Is different mind that song about a lonely man got in there and I love the bull overall what the good brick your front notable programs. But whatever the figures unanswered because it's still I think is a song about and ask. Four people and can judge you broke into someone's house smoked a bunch of plot and the bay decade is this the second war started a bad word somebody is broken and somebody else house and eaten fruit and done nothing Gallagher thank you they go to their own food like you know others are taken in here let's make get this over the labor there'll kick. Why do you think of it did better than they bring their a pick stuff. I don't hobbies and they'll hold they don't like we got about an out of there today the fat. They think most believe that they got the monkeys and dogs through the cabinet when don't I can't do holy cows less than you do OK look at this fund today. Yeah I probably is the folate. Did you know because they did the cops would do they smoked eighty dollars for the bar we. Who could look at the crack army general and make decay reeling yeah and tackle spot and I would Evelyn homeowner got home really like all right hasn't paid. I don't believe he's okay and I got away in their. Amid bargains up ranked his wife when he met her at the airport to figure out how to do that a Zell about a one hour from now think about knock headlines are on the way one hour from now the third. True precepts. So thrown over to police everyone now profile best airplane are short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real like news stories something's happened right here. I blame her. Her arm and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true about people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello and welcome to the men's room. I thought wow I can you understand this your name's place. Yes fantastic. This is one of the few times I will give you the name of the person because it's ridiculous. A man found guilty of murder in the shooting of another thirty year old man at a barbershop he was sentenced to nearly thirty years in prison. That's right 22 year old Ozzy Osborne. Was sentenced to 29 years and eleven months and been shooting evidence showed that. Ours is chubby guy at once in the neck in the barbershop as the guy was walking into the barbershop we just juniors waiting formed some former being whatever. But the district attorney said quote. Due to the hard work of our climate crime T the Montgomery police department the witnesses and the jury we were able to remove another violent offender from our community. Our community is tired of these senseless murders and it's my hope. This conviction and the sentence but reinforced the message that third stream consequences. To violent actions and as a result of this yes the man by the name of Ozzy Osborne. We'll be spending the next thirty years in prison do you believe that Ozzy Osborne is black and white makes you or eight. And you move. Us I'm gonna have to rely on my yeah palatial consultants here. Let's indictments because I'm torn between. You got are these so let us although there's that much could you actually. Is that why you don't even call on the loan and it's where I hadn't thought about it push off the news Montgomery Alabama oh yeah and Montgomery Alabama and his barber shop. Yeah. I don't think Jim and other than anybody. I didn't. Ozzie Newsome out yet I Ozzie Smith when he is not going to be more black Nazis and White House's. And it stick and there's Ozzy Osborne we all know where that is right yelled out he's like they go to my replica. Or dogs or no auctions and then that's a tough one. To us into somewhat of a barbershop. To specifically barber shop I was a black nor shall there. Coming out there and the city shot I'm on the way. The guy the guy he thought was walking into the barbershop beauty guide India and he shot him. I'm torn between the next annual black. Now let him out for almost come up. I'm glad I want to go black and a little back on the rise we're gonna find out if he was. Black white Mexican or Asian next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Well thank you Montgomery Alabama. And commandos killed in the barbershop Ozzy Osbourne shot a man in the neck and he was sentenced to thirty years in jail and it was a Muslim is he black white helmets and Asian descent yes his name was out the other hour I'll. And tell them darkness and in view you say you're going retreat blackened meg C and you picked blah. And it's. Now brought dude loves does that he meets up with this and and did countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. You don't before I get to the video part I usually start out with. I'm a star with in the news we were talking about the crazy story right if they the fake nurse. Who was working in basically doing plastic surgery yet I don't like to New York with that and New York against 404 okay same difference. I pretty much. Severe man arrested like me and it's not just that lady lake the cops have a lot of jokes right I was suddenly. Basically was in his cop described the crime in what happened and I feel like he's had like he's he's at least he did these lights have been waiting now he's given the press conference you here's jokes. She knew she wasn't a registered nurse. The doctor knew she wasn't a registered nurse. But she's a C aria she's a criminal right now that I will lift I'll just live my cheeks were my fingers. I don't want any vampires were messing with me. I don't want any fake registered nurses. Dealing with me. And it's Laura coming into Florida and data bit on his head hit how long you know you wanna mess and with my food sheriff Grady. Follow us here Grady shahak. It's united you sheriff Grady Judd from pulp Tamiflu all gravy and yet I've been here six real real slow let me. I don't know where it is the south think that's northern heart if god take me a lot of on the really think fast is not here. He does so I read that I had breakfast at 3 PM. Don't take it's no I mean to me that's the scenario you cop to ever run into by gets a little talent and he's got ready to draw there have grown man the well. Never seen nothing like that around here before. This felt a lack it's how. I think have been devoted listeners who song now they covered like it's Kevin that it's. So Zach Galifianakis it's a pretty funny show on Funny or Die. Call between two firsts and I think all I could say all of us are fans here who. So Jerry Seinfeld. Is a massive star. Might be if you've ever seen the show when he does it that Gavin Mac is he kinda has some fun with some of the best. So he just doesn't appear to be very impressed Jay signed Bo Jerry Seinfeld not to press is that. You have not comedians some cars getting coffee James scoring has carpal karaoke. What's next set in lazy and car based on non comedy in that movie made they'll be moving. Doesn't he should have been called. Is about peace. But it was the number one movie when it came out so I had that feeling. When you had in the first hangover. And then. Do you think if they only made one hang over and didn't make the other two we would be considered a comedy classic. Do you think that you destroy it. What would have been a comedy classic by cash grab of two and three. Me ask you a question do you have relatives that needed emergency surgery all the time why do. My head down Bryant needed a baboon heart transplant that's why did Herbert do. My uncle did he Jockey Club burned down and that's a lot of attorney is is age my uncles dot com. And Imus to stretch Hummer. That's a great. Great story. And really it has a funny and then. Price I mean that he's pretty dry earlier at a both of them but it works pretty well. Now the funny part is. You know I've been talking about it for awhile but probably last year music we we tolerance well how the party be right in me yet Carty. He's the stripper this and that but she's she's got a pretty think it's their last year's remember he was interviewing Jerry sign up. They only have one chair and he brings had a second guess which is party be easier I think we have a better guess we have another guest. I'm. I thought I was gentlemen please welcome Carty these. Next time you Jason Kidd wow Larry this is a hypocrite others in the cricket that couldn't pretty sit there and did we doubt. I. Carty being sent PG Jerry. Carting your album was gangbusters you're a giant scar I mean are you able to look at all this and just take it then is it is your life not. Let's. He found the game you're about to have a baby right won't great so we had matching gift. Because that's what you do in show business public these kids to a complete I can think. The moon trap then yes I don't know if you can have a boy or girl with the colors gender neutral so. I'm special you are special but the most important things is irrelevant when this is really different interviews and doing a good. I'm not even between the ferns anymore and worrying that the descriptions of the show and I'd do another show group called to the right of the fern yeah you'll be the first Jessica. For right now it's hardly be a nice to have to know each other. Party thank you so much for coming by and save in the show guarding me everybody thinks for complete guess and they teach full song won't you meetings. So hasty OK about my. That was the office who have no connection. You remembered she gets you know I think he'd like Jerry actually won Indy are like a hug and kiss on the cheek. This pretty good if you would watch some oh liter units of the Yemen from FaceBook page and there's a little more interaction between party B Jerry I fell. We just heard is ambulance yeah on the real start out that. I think he's just constantly to thank you for saving the interview but I think that at a better guess I mean another guests. Well this is gonna be bad news for everybody. Jerry springer show it's ending blood yeah. How long do you think it's been on the air. 25. Years I'm O I don't know still on the air good call I nearly 27 years he's been doing this thing five days a week for all that I mean yeah that's crazy. Guys don't see them much I'm sure it syndicated and I just don't know what time it's on all of that I I had if you ask Rudy was doing that I would say I'm Nadia we should do Jerry springer show. Would scoot it back right so a recent lawsuits distribution deal with NBC universal. CW quickly picked up the writes the repeats. There's no word on Mike you figure resume production whatever springer. It's gonna end after 26 season in nearly forty Ers are 4000 episode. Yet. And Jerry hasn't commented on this but I do agree man like. There's a ton of other talk shows lose to a trashy ones but. Like they say Hewitt no matter what was the hormone your won't be no matter how bad it was like you kids turn on Jerry either find something worse. Oh absolutely man edifice so silly of animated fun. And you know for people that are a little younger like cherries I mean that's I felt a Jerry Springer that was such a massive thing. But I remember late MTV spring break bought him brought him down one year and I mean he. Apparently he's just a legendary party Gloria in this and and everybody wanted to be with amber and that that was amassed a finger went on there was the there was a movie spun back. Opposable. And something increasing is basically was that a movie version of the exterior shell out there but like follow the people around and we knew a guy that have been on there are buddy Jake yeah I'm pretty sure some of the storm moves were complete set ups in vain. I think some of the stuff is just so far fetched I know a guy went on their twice not once but twice as bright food different characters. Right yes and it got that right and end that was Jimmy the Jimmy off tomorrow guidance they're twice before I mean before they really broken out of the mouth of every day but you don't. For view it recognize maybe somewhere. A small club. Yeah it's almost does just twisted but I mean at fights that people cheat on each other I mean it was. It was low brow TV from back in the day and fears about par even for it for the world but he used to be over now and are out on the fights are inevitable that put you tell the fight you Khalil generally generate and then at the end of the show. Everybody in the audience got to stand up and be like actually he's nasty. And at all 0300. Driver got about a bit and if they do they give and take that people want a fight with him in the audience inning and I just remember. Being home sick from school or something likes got a big deal not only that but he you know. Through a lot of other good moments but goes to Mike Morris great. Mean you know I mean like just that hope branded television kind of came back around and oh yes outside I think he'd allowed for the for the genre. Of the ridiculous. Yeah I think Maury honestly I have a lot of their shows wanted to be. Stake more serious in the thing that we'll attorney Sally Jessy Raphael she tried she tried within once Gerry came and in great in his show wasn't always that trashing the once the trash started getting good ratings it seem like Maureen everybody else had to kind of go down that path of like. All right we got to get Peta Seton there Morrissey is here it says that paternity test and one guy Danson and everything. Guerrillas while John enough Oliver on his show he'll roll they a scroll of potential questions at the end of some of these shows like are you a lesbian involved with your mom and female are family line that Rangel. You know look argue the think Jim as you go did you murder your significant other only to have sex with her corpse in the funeral home district volatility like oh my god who called them to be a guest on the show. And a idiot right he does that one of more it is it is there is brutal. But I think if you if you. If you just three guys have to look at relic whose it's a rights as governor of Ohio that. You for being caught making out with a dunk yes exactly give us what all like let's keep with the chair and they'll do the positive so you can be on TV yeah. Urine and animal eats oven oven or those who called Jerry. If it if it and. Man. I do not watch this is thus that the shorter race crying all the time right yeah then it's ask Brian possess crime that night to tell people that you. They do and that's got I would say this is us. Had and forget his name right now black actor. And every now and gathered to yes I like him get the YLEJ brown yes yes. That is like the Gil Borger. That is a modern day Gilmore Girls are under the show Gilmore Girls do that every female that I know in my life watches the show. We have the same for the U so Christie meth from this is us. Apparently she. Can't eat without people asking for pictures. Secede just issued some new guidelines for fans and include no phone no for a new photos and she's eating her traveling. But she's not being a diva about it too much in it she says quote I want to take pictures everybody I want to talk to everybody to sign autographs and pictures and sometimes I just can't. You laid down like when you become that person where you can you laid on the rules and of social engagement for anyone and everyone like you come out with a press conference do you say listen everybody I just think Twitter. You know right. I don't know that of a meeting I'm just I'm hungry. I'm delegates he's there every chicken I'm sure those pictures are. Huge for whatever reasons where there. The clothes she said she just doesn't disturb her for five in the restaurants. All the calories. Even invited the airport that seems ridiculous not some ostentatious. Austin patients yeah I mean the years into Texas I mean like. I don't know I think there's a difference and I get if you're sitting at the gate you don't wanna start a huge line or whatever the lake. I think there's a way to that you can walk into somewhere and might kinda had your head down in my people won't bug you as much. I was just seems you just put out a public statement like I'm not taking photos. And restaurants anymore like you do that big of a star I'd imagine you're in some restaurants in the back rooms are like. The general public judge Ito is right and you know that you know the restaurants that are gonna garnish your attention of your looking forward. So now where is Lindsey low go to go to June. Yet entrances to break his one day they just won't ask anymore and that will be worse than me just my area that we do these to love us so good that one place. Personally I and I didn't like it here in the middle of dinner Odyssey title of bugs and in the military effort like this so that's the arm but had a drink like. Yeah that's my own personal thing I island Democrat. Got a woman come out to be in a bar a couple of days ago I pitchers are a couple of buddies. That you watch overtures. I know you are and I know you do which frankly sounds but the cops are right but coming to get you or killer is just like a site outside smoking should add to get a couple of great Escobar are you real cool chip up like that you you don't need to get that many drinks can only be about drugs they are today. Right arm and dark continent as Burnett for bird aren't. Who did the best that I had Islamic first or second so. For instance in whose second date of this girl write me and were sitting you know were random kind of bar restaurant whatever or sit in the Booth. And in the waitress is just got a huge fan this and that honestly. Think Q. You just validated me did you tell your date payment that you don't listen to the show. Off. Until this happens all the top I do act of a dance on the weekends. Roseanne Barr can't seem to stay he had an indie tunes. I think she lost her show. When she tweeted the racist thing about Valerie Jarrett today and remember she said well I didn't know she was black and then she said I was on ambient. Now she claims that she's I have never practice racism in my entire life. There's an apprentice I've got the signed on I was gonna say I deleted discipline is Joseph has been an error on throughout your figured out there about a brutal road OK you know I tried yoga travel. Yeah there's no racism to Lieberman's like pottery. Racist when those things you have to practice it happens quick well the thing of the month on race is more behind it just don't weakens. And the retired and after awhile like you never rider biking gambling on everything school for doubles in on the knowing if says I never practice race in my entire life never will. Rod sterling wrote planet of the apes it's about it's an it was about an anti semitism. That's why the tweet referenced the anti says semitism of the Ariane deal low IQ people can think whatever you want. Look to be fair most people don't connect blend of the apes anti semitism so indecent that tweet. We're probably gonna take it is base right well and a guy she's seen it made it. Cornelius. No but he's Jewish follow. And he co wrote the original planet of the apes so it's kind of hard to see how that would be area. You know anti Semitic movie when the guys Jewish himself also just like I. And a never practice racism and low IQ people can think whatever they want to keep you know like you don't have to insult people to. Beat you truly believe this ought to do it well. Dumb ass is a never figured out. Like that's kind of offense but most Smart people are Smart enough to know that very dumb people aren't going to understand there's an editor Smart you get off social media stuff saying stupid things. Did you guys know Jimmy Kimmel is gonna play Ted Cruz a bass while. You are dirty challenged and hired a guy is a really good Iguodala is he's talk what Jon Hamm about it just a couple nights ago actually. Yeah I didn't realize they were actually a play either but but it kills got to sell points. Maybe Kimmel basketball directly on any advice training in this game. I'm dying to see it. Everything that's happened I don't know much the other is out taken that's I don't know about cousin Sal and I you know I found out today that they how melodic. Absorbed and I mean somehow I'm the underdog which infuriates. Infuriates me this city of Las Vegas where I grew does that leave the under at all possible I have done so that feels like the fixes and well you know we did we bet we just bad. Bet on me that's what we did turn out. NN I brought money out momentarily. As well we're gonna do. Here's the thing. I've never seen either of these national basketball may mean it looks like camels in better shape. You just don't know you just don't greatly cut in some places and seemed subdued hidden pockets through this like holy cow and make that racket ball. You you don't know you're absolutely you know the apple does is people. Until you see him go. Yeah it's the largest going to be good at a certain sport right. Lleyton is saying maybe Ted Cruz we don't know this recently it rained threes his ball right I think that's what he does yet when he's gotten though in that. In congress there this I forget easily congressman or senator power costs are embodies that I did they drained three quite easy is down there open and not when I'm not Laura and I look in forty years older than I really am. I'm playing hoops yet he got called by street name that TC elections thoughts on health. These politician I think this the source. So that's at least it put me if he's that good election who would you take an act that. Not knowing anything like I'll give it out on the one of them that's an anti Kimmel all the top just rigor of the day and just looking at them but the he'd just don't know. There's gotta be here is what Ted Cruz of school to do. Knowing where Kimmel grew up I'll take Kimmel based on the fact that is age and just what kids were doing at that age out of that and and look. Cruises the same age as Jimmy Kimmel. Bass yeah yeah after member than what I don't know what the hell's going on taxes novels two out of about about the I don't mind but I definitely know if you're on the East Coast your Jersey or Philly. Your opening up the difference pretty regularly. Yeah it's tough to tell what both of guys Tuesday and suits all the time. May I write funny NEC might be shredded. The only Cecil mighty generally like work out our athletic you you I think you kind of get a more realistic fuels like with their body looks like. But Salinas soon it's hard to tell something but I think also that's just weird to me. But another door to for charity if they think a late night talk show hosts this day. Play basketball Ted Cruz I think it's good because for they're they're completely other different and obviously of the political spectrum as far as their feelings on their ideals and everything else in the like anything else man's country was found on people who didn't agree Democrat getting together drinking a beer. If for some rail reason you know living in your Brothers and you know they're up I'll do whatever the hell they are making it to be together. Outside of all that realm of the world's gonna do something different and just you know agree to disagree. Do some of funding for charity and other dealers like if you don't allow more positive stuff and people just there and talk crap. It's too bad Nike or use the term hoops Summitt. Assess the degree of pain that would be cool headed and you pay Baghdad we appreciate it we got headlines on the way with them I got here Ed does the few minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. Please and squishy miles. Now let's see what's happening no real. I hear ago Georgia meanwhile goes out to upload new bumper sticker on her truck and he killed they bobcats with their bare hands instead. We had a Florida where fraternity sheriff personal sex videos of your daughter with a pledge member named Fred. DC where deer takes the crystal city subway train. Those baseball's a bark in the par game is a hard for a German shepherd to contain and drove the got to marry is real I do with three votes total this time your headline. It's time naked dead. There's Mike. I hash out surely got to Arkansas or woman was traveling home from a business trip and her husband decided to have some fun. The husband arrived at the airport with their son the meat is live at the airport for a lovely green but despise about the man give a son a cardboard sign that read quotes. Welcome home from prison mom. I kind of funny right. It should be noted that the woman has never been a prison delegate laughed including others at the airport they stood there for probably half an hour his winning put that sign sitting now. That's fantastic I left my as a rising visions. In other news that's another episode of men vs bruises oh. Today they go to Georgia where grandmother was making your way out Stewart started take a picture of her new bumper sticker. Plot out in the driveway a woman spotted bobcat. She says she took two steps and it was on top of her coming for her faith singles rabbit it was. Initially you gonna call for help but the remembered that really all she had in there was her five year old granddaughter. She thought quote not today. She grabbed the animal by the throat and begin to pummel listed until it went limp killing the bobcats. God damn ministry for some stretches given separated but surviving counter score one for man. Or one man. I just love the commitments is like not today I'm not die and my desk. Her name was DV in my guess and my other Philly woman named DD is taking a picture of a bumper sticker on the obstruction won't kill him you know with the bumper sticker sets. Yes yes tell them women who behave rarely made his it's pretty damn straight it's like you jumped out of my dad and vodka and a lot of gravy. Because my dad can't leave yet. Fred I think that quote past nine next to a picture mail on the morale. Yeah and I think that's right Christina houses I've been hinting that the out okay. In North Dakota and a small town of Roussel there's been a landslide election to keep their mayor and office. The man is believed to be north because all of this mayor and he did receive 100%. Of the wrote of the votes in the city. Should also be noted that there's a grand total of three people that resigned in the town pool but it blowout victory nonetheless. Gotta be running against someone else that other guys feel bad. Who who ran against. It might have been an unopposed election. Not in dive that you've learned it twelve was unopposed but hopefully yes you get 100% of the vote. They had no ordinary people. Yeah I'm just seem weird look. The towns and three people that can prove he really can't may introduce a brave you ought to be mayor Dana them all wrong he's even married now we are running against Fred. He's been said he's been mayor of the town for thirty years I'm just wondered if like City Council meetings are just over a Barber's place. Don't want to try real nice city halls of man came in his basement. How to run an end to the next town needed to all of Pfeiffer. Give a face of this damn. In Washington DC we go to the subway system where video footage shows an unlikely patron of the railways. Some Allah dear managed to make its way into the tunnel and was spotted on camera running around the station. The animal did meant to make its way back how does they know through a tunnel. And back out into the wild. You just don't expect to see a deer in the suburbs it's deer in the subway. I just know him. Tennessee now intent I saw this runs in and let's itself out. Now that's me I'm leaving the deer alone and others let him that would rush limbo here for can mean when they're cornered and it's in DCS. City folks the problem could. Oh yeah I feel I am and what is that. If if you're not a dog or cat your exotic and a lot of matching thank you minus undercount so it's funny to see him kind of running in Felix the dark. I thought god they've geared. We go to LA over the Dodgers host of the popular event known as Barca the park. Can dogs love balls right an event that allows guests to bring their dogs of the game to a Joyce and find baseball at your best friend at your side. During warm observe again the stadium did an event down the field listen dog owners which turned into a hilariously bad idea. Fly out on the field and excited German shepherd spotted balls being thrown over and over between people then found they throw that went wild and he was quick to retrieve it he darted after the ball. Laying the ball at the feet of the shortstop. To return a nicely. And they don't do that shortstop some credit. The dog ran over to over in the shortstop like rolled it over to third base the dog chase is that what it was yet. Because they basically you know when you warm up in the beginning of an inning for the pitcher and catcher don't get in the for a basins of Obama's second so short. So the dog he's just like oh man involved in the field. And he goes to the short sub shortstop but I'll play along and did it but then a good dog he brought it right back he did perfect. Visiting a dog or dogs I don't wanna play. I could mean it's a good dog is I get frustrated couple named the dog who produced some dogs the lake they take it they don't bring it. Act other solid on that does get best at that right at the Fed dog even seen a dog that they'll grab it and then as you try to take it from the drowsy in the and in bare their key tensions. Okay fun and they know how are the main bench right for the Milwaukee orgy at. But then don't try to grab as much to see that I haven't given that dog it'll play like four or five rounds and just leave it. Yeah there's dogs John man's clothes have ever come blown out both these are adults are who blog dog park with a ball. 90 totally yeah you can link by Dennis Miller and around the widow Andrea can't play at a friend's man you just throw the ball mistake you don't on the scene like clip you're. Out guy Aaron I'll probably two or three times at least you know our own Steven Brill allied to broaden its headline as Mexico's Election Day approaches over 100 politicians have been brutally murdered. Think about that and what I mean hundred politicians would murder what I want to say the last rose two months is on the way there at the edges as the past few months a 113 politicians. Including 43 candidates running for office. Yeah basically you come out against the cartels exactly. They knew hair out of that are going to go but I yet totally scary. But that last. Politician is like yeah I'm I'm like we're gonna do something about the cartels and executives and even though if you don't Archos that went all the stuff that went on in Columbia late it's currently going on in Mexico. Yes and it does not like what they say it was a guy oh. I'll tell outshot all right so. They found him and my beloved Mexico. The new way to watch away from the plays on mistakes you don't got there well they do very intelligent grandmother that my heart is now praise her Xena several rent a question was in your yeah mine men's room rules and we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it is alternative meantime we've been all above blues bit so we don't next time police. Would you do best and poorly the sick so. Day beautiful.