06-15-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Runs For Redemption

Friday, June 15th

Emails, Ted tries to redeem himself against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. It's all for the salad ever character out QWERTY FCC is coming up our question and it's a Monday someone dirty 844999. Old fellow Mickey welcome to the men's room and. Hello to know Mickey. I Barry got it and all. Do most of my kids back there. And dealing with some children record book. I love ya know like you had X. And occasionally yeah. And let's not often as he'd almost seven also seven and a half years ago you had the sex. There ego Leo now he's so who did you dirty. I'm ex girlfriend of mine and dynamite. Get hurt guy DeVon and we ended up. Moving in together after I got that lodged. Little doubt where where all the RNY and you've got hurt Iran what is the injuries guy that. I'd shoot doesn't know. I know what shootout and I displayed using a little tiny parachute because I have the age in Atlanta bad year old and invincible mentality so. And landing time I. I hit so hard that I. Now no doubt in my issues came up and what much you. Went out. Let let it eat beat Florida and I did and I ended up break in my eight America. Yeah mark right femur left it dead well this compression fractures in my expire and lecturing a kidney or read about ruptured bladder. How tall were you when you know I first jumped. At about I attended Al are you 59 and now. About yup yup I you lost all that they're based on every result I hear your short guy now. And now you're living together that exactly. Right we we am moving in together and data on things kind of went down no. With the and that's how I had in all myself almost almost up was in the garage and she ended up put the lock in the garage so that I couldn't get through it yeah. I I would come home and ended up yelled it a beacon of Roger watts and I'll let one I'm buying writing on Marla. On the the law while not washer and dryers god it's your own big Tigger who is younger than drugs which. And none that I know see that's not right he actually at one point he would get a prescription drug problems I was gonna say he's selling a good. These things if there's a reason she needs to get cash and right because if not she would just let you take your stuff back and move out. That's the easy right to do it like if you don't want a riding lawnmower in your garage is is taking up space you called the person who owns it of its not yours and say hey. Can get that thing out in my garage or a gorge yourself right or I'm going to. Others. I would still eleven Erica time this year they're young. Yeah but he's got John and how can you be how can you be you never ever did you dogged out your own garage. She she turned a doorknob around so that a lot. But the kitchen walks but no in between the kitchen and garage. What people want you lived there couldn't you get into the garage from the house silly did you live there I can now get in my whole continue to go into the garage and and fix. Let touched. OK so hard but one inside out and turn it around why was he holding yourself hostage. Did you not knowing. I did not know or muddy I. I ate each he just. I don't know what ideologues what that I don't know are sure why he decided that I couldn't have access to my lodge we might get to play. And did you finally called the cops steadier stuff around did you move out of Noah. Not I actually went as they get an operation and when I came back. Out of locked out and it's. What I am went to get myself I couldn't get myself by handed out moving somewhere else then. Got a lawyer involved with it and got bitten. Lucky thing Mike couched my age you know low seat dining room table yet that was about it. When I'm trying to get my TV that. And you weren't married errors so she she stole her sold all your stuff. Oh. This is good sense I do know womanhood a mile you know our your friend Susie Mecca Baltimore and she dated this guy anyway about the name of Gator and I met him once children introduced a guy. This is it was in the show. I don't believe so all right why in the hell would she go out and about and a Gator I have to us and this guy wedding album personnel and that I can probably say they have heard about it my name's Gator in my exact words to hear more notes. So ready we did this guy for awhile aren't in he was the type but rather go Lebanon Gator I've selected are gonna go to coconuts to Steve Roland precisely like I wish he was okay parents aren't fast for like two years in the senate a few years ago. And I'm being told by a mutual friend hey Susie in Gator broke a car bomb and apparently this guy Gator and remember what he did but each one of these guys he's an entrepreneur orbit around money or business got a thing. Susie is exceptional responsible has to supper business is probable also I think he was like funneling money from or whatever. They break up in she even did the hidden and commit yourself to see enough of the tall right tsunami waters he's motorcycles mass of Jay he's Gator. I don't want to lose our tearfully for monthly payment and com get your stuff may have actually it did you go to court because he would like to signal terror account from a business it was a messy thing. Bring it so. He's just wouldn't come around to get it sushi bar and we started selling the stuff I'm boards and she didn't want to deal with that but she's like hey man I wanna say get you right Charlie's almost a Chiba like the course tempts one of her so are a boat all and finally Farley when he realized he was serious. Eight by Alicia got the rest of his stuff. But yet she made bank but the differences as like hey. Come get your stuff I'm not trying to complicate things but I wanted to up my house lesson never date a man named Gator Mandel a president be introduced himself as Gator or you could come did you Golden Retriever with a Bandana around his neck. Bald dude had a goatee pretty had a right foot made me sit in your the doors off waiting to come home then there's multiple people named Gator in that area but I still get you meet certain guys that Gator and I feel like someone else gave you this nickname I'm more inclined to like you wreck and you know why I like Bret Michaels all the Gator this guy I'm like a feeling you give yourself the nickname given to regulate. Kenny powers and you know. Bret Michael that's sex. How does someone gives them a priority when I medal because these are a's he's bald as the goatee beat you just know if you saw pictures from the eighties like orange span ultimately. I knew Bret Michaels. Hello Salem welcome to the men's room. I know it's. OK I've got another one from the crazy mother lost. Story. I'd opt out of date a girl for eight years. It. Looks bad in the gambling and bingo and all that stuff. End up working relationship you know I got really should he die because there she was disappointed kids they're rooms are met she couldn't see the floor. And beyond thousand. Let me. The end you know I think ability to everything you know you know kids kids kids you know they. Little predator out you can remove these roller skate well let that told you know they need guys you don't clean little if you want something equally little. In the limit those apps you guys just talk we let that. You know I don't got to go to the policy would be kept out we like that in that mid accumulate and DL again and let alone. What are you what are you did you talk to me like that do you like the father. And politically that they want shuttle from meat. Daily between there. You know. Yeah. I'd just shattered. And she got to develop over the mother. And you and I told I should look at how. Guy. Know could I was patient I was very patient. Special about it. Really got people I'd be lying and it didn't show where. And her mom heard that over the phone call the cops that I got arrested and charged with cellular raft went. So I didn't. Turn any Asian jail. There was no contact order so I told myself I'll move gold in my life who looked up another girl. End about a couple weeks. Later she called me and actually I wanted to come over talk about the relationship about what you know. That it was done I'm writing this post docket do you. Didn't come out futures. Do Jews couldn't accept this. Yeah you know dislike okay. How come over. Yeah absolutely no local all right yeah yeah. I came over there and you don't talking in the kitchen and the kids were in the bedroom you know well. I just got to get angry and deal really just combative and I'm like you know I know I need to go about and what we got got to do. The social pushed him back up elegantly garbage cans. Energy and public option again does that tell the cops and Obama web door eventually got Nolan swap all over the outside of the house. And I. Rescued from regular contact door exit. What according got a year's big game prison. The breaking a no contact order that I want to play through it and I. Before our flight data they relate moment when 200 forego all of which has the might look. I don't know contact with a normal vehicle like broken candles placed an order got quite upset over ready to look silly joke. I don't know work. I give you fellas camera there are quote appetite. Whereas the into the trash can table people have made it part of my lunch would you like I think it. No we don't want the apple man no matter what did you say when that you'd Richmond tonight at ten valued only white dude and these are very. North at all or would it would've got. With the what you get a drink your jury something did what if somebody like says some junior like I just knew I don't say. But oh no and also within the first ninety for the second night and you know it you still sit in itself like sixteen via. And just starting have you seen anything about Baltimore the jugular you think that he is walked in and you think Al the way fat boy. Yeah. He needs a lay down on the let that man yeah that they would every phantom and astronauts of food. The one guy just do a trade and food for an extra drinking does. Nervous I can tell you bite to eat now. Seats it's track economically I lab at the moment are you with that now. Oh yeah it was dead serious but under your autumn like don't worry white boards the mood in the middle brilliantly you'll be okay but like it's just now like to talk I do not think much no I wouldn't either but Arnold's butt but the way bolder in DC operates to a degree they would have that same conversation with you on the books. Yeah I mean it's like someone to walk down this. Are you ready to give a Lipper summit. And what's wrong did beat that people aren't there strangers would even give the guy is not really upset they answered. All ma'am I hit my got a bit like Munich days now Crittenton. And get on the but I just don't call you linkage. Yes it does that matter people does that. And somebody five through ugly that we've been calling him ugly anti wall Monday to speak you have a meet and like I don't even if you only need look like genetic yeah I had gone you're only Eddie you call pretty bored with the rags I don't know how many are they dining out of does someone do someone that are you get your emails coming up for the men's room and ends or my back on Ted vs the FCC on the way and the bad jokes as well you are listening to the or radio network. I'd alert red alert. I. Saturday June 23 even fly explode sooner we'll do some outdoor drinking live music don't they would get a chance and hang out with the guys. In wine only and the wreckage last night live on little free show forest played a few songs those guys kick major ass. And they will be their Fauria at the red festival maybe threw down man play out there. Always very very down there always resolute but is that regardless of the smaller abated skelley here studios kind of a small space bag they industry. Once they started playing. Thirty owner thing and they got him throughout Iraq I can honestly say I was very very very. Very happy if you are like the men's room on the FaceBook your taste of other little performance from last night Glendale blues trio woodshed washed and blood new originals. And of course still join the class of joy will be back for a day and outdoor drinking live musical they will have the freestyle moto cross going on the aerials of belly dancers. Begin a belly you can put the men's room original south of right there in your belly do it we'll have that it will be juggling and up as well. And I don't forget as we do every time we do our red festival. Including the twenty Beers that a portion of the net proceeds from the event will benefit the C Bair foundation and the Fisher house so we're doing a lot of good giving back charity. Fisher house will be there. You don't cut our check that you have helped throughout the years you did it make it out and everybody looks everybody gets injured one great thing and he'd say be good. Skin and blue streak of haggling genitals ablaze and into originals with us thank god. I've seen it blues trio once. I just have to say this as a bass player you love seeing really good baseball the guy that plays bass before an industry. Is that movie set but he's one of those guys so good and I don't like. And a half and I mean there's like you tell me really good and I saw them play and just the stuff he's doing is one of those guys from like. Why why am I to play good thing was I played before him that night. Trust me goes a long way. Over Tony bears available red that's all payments from original red we will have the goal there and of course. The dirty German beer and the newest Tyler we have Mike Hough is gonna make a balloon animals to sell about Byron that's. Those tickets on sale now mr. Meyer dot com and estimate anticipate Udall heal the breweries that are thrown up managing through red festival gathering outsiders to bring you some red Beers but what is it. Forward to 18 these people are all bring in it this it. This is the kind of thing we always dreamed of because look it's a beer festival which obviously something which. But it's out. And it's one of those things are evil when I share those of my parents like my mother is being grudgingly proud to donate his life. What do you do we sausage we drink beer with Glenn is ago that he'd like you've kind of founder strains but it's it's just I think give bug sure that all the stuff she told me that was wrong with new and as a kid have now come to be a medical eight days away. Read festival until it's until now amends in my Docomo I do whatever if you emails here for the men's room amends in my back up yeah. I get a goblins and our guys as far as the violins and being an orchestra the making money up professionally on playing. A classical instrument like our or a question of the day he said he get a high paying civilly jumpsuits and is there any instrument you play and symphony of the gets paid less it's as low paying and all small towns violins get paid the best and worst of smaller of the sections the higher the pay. My wife plays a hard they get paid better because they have to move it and pros are rare musicians mostly make their money digging. That for Mitch. As far as someone doing it dirty guys baggage 2005 my dad help my cousin and her husband my motel. They moved up from California bought property 5050 basically he taught them all business Howell works and what it means to be a small business owner. Since then they minute of money don't three homes have cars and values of 200000 dollars and after recently selling the motel they stopped talking to my father altogether. They took everything they made acted like he never existed and now he's. Help them progress or whatever but. They did buy a new motel without telling anyone thinking they're getting a steal the deal. And now they are regretting at all. Health ever let them in our home again or reach out hope they don't reach out to my father karma is real. Odd tournament I was done dirty by an old friend will just call him Sam floor as he asked the man. When I was in college I bought a house when I graduated child left behind then rented it to my body. He kept sending rent for about four months than started collecting rent from the other roommates in keeping that to himself. It took me almost six months to a victim at which point he kicked holes and every door. Destroy the carpets at dragon a judgment against him and starting garnish wages he skipped out on the state. And is now all these self help life coach. Still never paid me for the damages are stolen records think twice before doing business with buddies guys. That from the spear checker and beaten. I go to friends all of his girlfriend is on the sofa. She looks like she's been camping on that sofa for quite a bit I ask your day with double sleeping on the sofa her response was. Well it's not located share his bed when I got pregnant by the neighbor he was doing and I got to figure out completely neighbor was married. All of French Vanilla and the fruit pie guys. So my ex and I were having some problems and she decided that we needed to take a break. I said that's there leaning you'll see other people and she's an always need to take us time to appreciate each other. And hosting other people or anything like that all we wanted to do is just take some time part to us and OK whatever sounds good. Very next night I find out from whatever girlfriends that she had a male coworker over her place and they were doing the thing come to find out they did everything image. And it she thought I would never find out try to call me at the end of the week. To get back together I told her to go find your new little boy toy and you know what I don't double a friend for a good old fashioned pay backbone. They're from Jesse the body. A few years ago working very well known automobile dealership one day I'm with a reception desk being with a male co worker in the female receptionist. Somebody was set out are my blood there Monday of a joke and just our debt indicate as such however I stopped short also indicating that the joke was kind of an appropriate. Of course my male co worker won a media tell the joke so I've but I refuse. What do you insist an estimated later just to shut about the cut to later when Michael worker and I were outside no drama co worker was Joseph the jokes until the joke thinking that's the end of it now. Next day I get hold in the office of the owner of the company that's what I found out I'd been accused of sexual harassment by the receptionist. It turns up the my co worker decided to tell the receptionist to joke. And because of bad she accused me of harassment while I was sternly lectured by the owner of the company. I was not really reprimanded beyond bad since I did and actually say or do anything inappropriate to the receptionist. That from anonymous I think we need to get December day a request here the men's tournaments in my back down. Microphone Maffetone. They help Mandel you were to lose. All of please always happy tenth birthday to our Ryan pronounced Ryan she would love a little kid they sandwich in a suck it up cupcake. Thanks guys that from sues at Madison and bracken C tech. This went from viewers my son turns thirteen today Scotty. A very happy birthday. With a what the hell is that. Yeah. Crawl. Overlook goes. Robbery. Hello fellow says nobody Brendan announced Evan Gaddis is 31 birthday when love to given that the European us is too small it's a dirty dirty German's love your brother had a birthday that from Jews. Your face some outdoor game we will play calling hope with one being. Job include feedback from the sweet juices desk. Hello grant stock show and down on today is my older son's birthday his name is Robert Daniel bales. And he is the big 40 can you please Benjamin on her show and getting in a couple of joy just now thank you guys have from the lovely melody. I was there I am forty today can you please play your penis is due small in an original face analyst thanks guys that from Romans. Hold a jaws like her because shot onto my body as Scotty Robertson pronounce Gatti Lambert sent. I'd like to request a ladies man faced sandwich at a barbershop fish sandwich. Huge thank you to my friend double. Movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's done her own desire. Cody Stanley is he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and you and I cannot. Doesn't turn of the Big Five oh today also a cancer survivor for five and a half years going for another fifty how about they big boy bong rip thanks guys that from chemists. As early as my longtime friend Teresa masses fiftieth birthday please wish her happy birthday was it dirty Germans thank you guys that from Bob. In the Sonoma to fly them when did you join us for a boxing. Not that the Texas. Contention patients are being fifty. It. Here's a very lovely email. It is guys my dad used to bring you guys corned beef and cabbage every saint patty's day. Go to with the men's room mail and on other days he used to bring you wings brisket pulled pork ribs baked beans and whatever he did fine. He used to have a little place called short he's in federal way the went out of business a while ago. Could give a shot up in is to hear the love from all the people he inspired thanks guys his biggest fan that from his lovely daughter Yvonne and you'll remember that sold us Steve Shealy who still could bring us his delicious ribs brisket chicken wings baked beans in any time just for the fun. I don't know how he's not business and I don't know it is some will have his best stuff thank you for all the Fujita gas seriousness and and happy birthday Tuesday we appreciate it out of business milestone wants to recruit I hung around his own battle by out of paper everything you know I mean my eldest write your check now while the African food you teach me how to cook it. Also show up there on average each candidate you can't teach people how to do would you do Bennett. And one more old socialist I'm writing from a lesion brewing company and the lesion that we'll recommend an agreement. I'm making a special birthday request from my wife the lovely Jessica. We met two years ago I was traveling in the south for work. I know this all sound crazy but within two days of meeting I flew word to Seattle so meeting meeting and made. I'm controlling the thing I know that I didn't happen. I just had to sear it and that particular weekend I took her to a sounder Sebastien ran into my boss Joseph. Who haven't view of the guiding miles. Needless to say we drank and smoked that summer day away. That's when I knew this chicken and cut to six months later and we end up getting married. I turned around to the men's room and now she is obsessed she listens to a regularly and our conversations usually begin with her saying today on the men's room. We had Beers with Ted a few weeks ago too and she completely fan girl out. Could you please give just got a big old fatty bomb ripped and an extended version of the dirty Germans. Today is her 32 birthday we're all celebrating by drinking be refreshing men's room gold available now poolside. Thank you guys for all you do. That from turning at allegiance. Yeah I do enjoy doing the things that we have I'm all for you you've been through original original sources it is called sperm. It's about a little role play. A leadership which he provides high. Hi guys very own. Yeah yeah yeah. OK. It's. OK okay yeah yeah I'd. Great hey could he do midday young Buchanan. Brought by men's remove themselves are available through news and world sings on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Shrine flower. We're more email just because as you know mints from gold has just been launched add delete from Boeing locations. I'll bars twelve ounce manager local grocery and convenience store if you're looking for the gold Aceh goblins or live dot com there is a men's room red and gold finder on the air if you're looking for the cans are available at your local grocery either way just based on all that we're sad about the gold because. It is a fantastic beer yes a portion of the net proceeds benefit referenced the Fisher house so you're doing good when your quarterback but we did this a email here. This is. Why is there are no man's drew my PA. Our PA is arguably the most popular style of beer I would drink men's room my PH every day so what Terry Daly she's 98 and just say. Look ma'am. Maybe it happens one day. Maybe it doesn't. In the meantime there's still a ton of IPS I love the fact that you relied go to step into the ring but it's not like there's a lack of good IBA and by the way it's gonna be I. Because we like the idea of Mandarin IP I don't hale did it IP NL I was very real there's a lot IPA. Other opponents gathered at psychosomatic long birdie out of beer I would not want to but I bit of its okay and leisure money makes. Dope money you have and rice. Back below the immortal. I think all those do just fine on their owner Clark I was the only way to go back in time the last time I paid for baby that vs the FCC. If we could let's go back into. And I am leery of sharing shipped. Are shocked she shipped shock she sells directly to sushi. Today really happen that quickly out again like that it must not yeah vs the FCC I did not remember that I do so again. Need time. It's. Go way. Forward. This is the ruler. Who. Yeah. It came back with a date grounder to third I wouldn't base a rebel and basically build the church either way amend my nostrils are on fire today. Below boldly come in and we get a listeners admitted that it vs the FCC from our head writers are jolly Joseph sorry I period that he was he said we we knew where he was so he knew that we were up sorting to iPods he misunderstood and crushed up and try to start his iPod. Which are not. So dangerous idea do you rather this to vs the FCC and if that goes something like this when we do devers the FCC about the like crazy to read a onetime through and then three times fast. I've put butter and peanut butter unplug for nutter a nutter butters but then went to shyly six Ed city sushi. But I can't cuts country clams I can't cuts country clamps or wait oh man Ted vs the FCC as an eatery that once I'm through and then three times fast and it's a cry for help from Joe's struggles with this country claims and it should mean claims in the country anyhow the country claims to have. And there'll come from the secret life rocky mountain oysters you do map. I put butter and peanut butter on fluff for nutter and nutter butters. But win but they went the slyly sift its the issue she I can't cut country clams I can't. Cut country clamp Sandra back I put butter and peanut butter and buffer nutter and nutter butters but when they went to slightly thin. It's these sushi but I can't God's country claims I can't count country claim god. Apple butter peanut butter on corporate ladder nutter butters. But then went to slightly sit at city sushi but I can't cut. Country claims I can't cut country Graham do you not put butter peanut butter our corporate nutter nutter butters. But then went for slightly sick at city sushi but I can't cut country clamp I can't got Broderick yeah. Way to Denver then yeah. As Joseph did a good day four point 9990 I think drug a dark blackout the good gig all the bad joke fewer listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room that. I made for a hard 999. All first to ensure that the red dog plans for generations to calmly course must bring you these. Rules. This is the official men's room bad jokes rules and bad joke is a bat and necessarily had dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. We know how that. And yes we all know about demand from Nantucket and I do want you to do them so bad joke is that bad. Not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you call. Death toll drug charger to pick up the bad jokes why can't T Rex touches toast why can T Rex touches toe because he's extinct. What do you squirrels in cigarettes have been common what do squirrels and cigarettes having common. They're both completely harmless until you put a big about content and on fire. Stark as the government data. And then what did the Mexican firefighter named his two sons when the Mexican firefighter name is two sons Jose and host beat. Hear about the new movie constipation. No sun out there. During the entire auto imagine going to die so it's easier still you Reggie. Men's room knows just. When news. If not then there's usually had a great distance even throwing up on out nortel's yes indeed and today well today we chose a lovely woman from Nassau county New York. New Yorker believes New York this is what you need to know our 35 or ought to heroin and Kimberly done okay. Judith are strange husband and she says that he came to her home with his brother. To pick up his air conditioning unit the problem was she believed that it was her. Air conditioning unit in fact she was attempting to sell and on FaceBook. I believe we have many calls and got a good on the slide so they started wanted to divorce our diet and then they get into it this massive argument about the air conditioning unit again he believes it is his. She believes that search engine does also sell to get the money. While he won't leave because again he's insisting that its is so this voice when she decides to do as he was no threat to her she grabbed her big stun gun and the shot and in the testicles Jesus as you'd imagine this guy and a wrap things up so the man's brother departure to the ground and attempted to help his brother. And drove him to the hospital were obviously. He will be making a recovery she was arrested the same day and taken to jail without intervention told deputies. She didn't mean to shoot race has been was only trying to scare the good news is that more. Right in the Jimmy Stewart for a lose lose imagery does boost because. We think it's Yemeni flags over the target downloads for two party in our tummies. Down not a whole hour days out. Particular not a lot right now and 844999. A low profile this coming up. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.