06-15-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Stole The Ship

Friday, June 15th

Mens Room Question: How did someone do someone dirty?


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This is the men's room. Our present 65 WC MM Rochester is classic rock station a Portland's classic rock 923 KGO and joining us as well Xerox willow three. And beautiful Lexington Kentucky welcome show a big show for a bad jokes on the way with Ryan castle the drug charge another round of ten vs the FCC we'll bring it tells the shot today. And today believe it or not. Our question. Is inspired by a man named Erica Brahma vets and Eric is a world famous clarinet as an outright from Canada and at one point in time he applied to be one of only two clarinet has to work and very very prestigious teacher or you shoot a. You shoot our man dagger you have viewed your food that. New general hoot about you know I don't say dude I don't know them how. To food we already screwed up the great don't who if this was a real deal this was seriously like it's a 50000 dollar. A year full ride including tuition room and board this is down in Los Angeles as well as money for meals and other expenses basically Healy works with two people. And once you graduate with a skies teachings. You who'd you are guaranteed to make a ton of money and be able to be professional right back yeah yeah rest you're not Mike is turning away we can get audio like a clarinet solo from you who did we have immediately maybe even your he's on the phone everything anyway I'm just curious to know I had an amount may also it's earlier today as we look at the story the story itself crazy but. One line and I'm like all right more with the top ten clarinet player. And I read their names and I don't recognize the name of a single you and I'm one of them yeah but you might know one. Erica Brahma bits because he applied went to the school showed up in person did the trial and never heard back from you who'd. And he could bully you know it's obviously disappointed. And he also that applied to Juilliard in new York and did not hear back obviously quite disappointed. We found out that. His then girlfriend who has not its current girlfriend anymore intercepted both of those emails and basically rejected it. Because he was accepted at both places under the prestigious US food and if you don't know Juilliard and you can't help that that's that's that's the that's another big ya either way she. Wrote back and declined to both of those scholarship offers because. Well according to her Eric and other things going on truth be told she did not want Eric her boyfriend at the time to move away. From where she looked. Out of the ovals and take this is sound advice right now and don't ever date someone literally got on clarinet. Eventually they're going to leave it yes the alive and is gonna go to your Buddha is just it looked. It's how old are you David clarinet player updated 789 women have played clarinet I lost the mall break your heart every time to go who think of it this way. You'll always be second chair. How did someone as someone dirty. I don't want to laugh about but I am I Catholic as a media IE an insult but it's funny yeah I think it is Politico Mike welcome to the men's room. Liquor or are they colonel Lawrence. Goldberg along I did the wrong. Okay it. And I will say first it is not okay to fuel or joy ride people's equipment so. You say invented the doughnut hole if you come quite honestly I feel about it anybody listening out there I'm because a lot there were a lot of people out there thought that was firm Leo came over your golf is ruined your day I don't think right now we're just never way to. I. Saw early ninety's did in downtown Portland with my buddies. You know and we are you know not the most out of any citizen. It happens and your buddies yeah if you think. Yeah I well we are. Drunk one night I mean one body aches and we're down on that nice marina. Then you know it down right down. And we're kind of jockey Bachmann you know just going through Q devotes just seeing. You know what they're not really steal anything but. I like you go John you balls and how you felt so bad as southern Lebanon Bolivar peninsula. In the day. So anyway there's the biggest yacht you ever saw. Yell at my by you like all got to get on. I'm like OK to like boost him up and then. I climb up there and it all locked up you know and I go to the top as I've I've worked a few resorts marinas and stuff so I went up top where he can drive. And I don't Biden we can't live. And open it up just enough like deceit and there was two keys. With two start but I'd like no way. The analogy and mania ride this thing and still do at all. Right now we'll try to turn one and I hit good start and she fired up. I'm we like scramble so we jump or give up the boat car Honda down there are. Led the over the vote. Lord no he stopped me in my but he obviously and nobody can hear it. Carmichael true don't eat an Odyssey is quiet. Street like let's do it let's do it now. And I'm like now I don't know who else you're going to do it. I'll tell you started it your way out no I mean I'm halfway there fired I have fired up for what are the. So until we run back a column on tire. So I climbed back up he start on time I start the second engine. And if I don't run back down to help him out and then we guard pulled forward and even missed one line in the now. So he's got to jump back up on how other airlines do America on. And if you know that marina it's kind of I get down there yet to jockey you're around. Split about. I'm gonna you went back you members we have great that. It's four bedroom or bathroom so we will look I'm up top looking at about just gone to the local I'm driving the local right now you're drone. Yeah well you know we're pretty buds are I don't parents. You know a bit and so I'm just dump truck you know drive and a underneath the Portland bridges. You know headed whichever you know I knew not to head towards say Lanka that's a no go you know nor would chords called the Columbia yeah you gotta get out. Right yeah I'd like like all the sudden we think we're gonna Cruz's single or you're soft you know that that's how drunken Cuba we were just enough. At your disposal I don't know this is escalated quickly forty hour. Is bug remote island and a lot of. And then he comes up and he told my leg jackets who have not the warmest and I. He's got a trip to Jack Daniels can go on like were you get that that got us in the window and got him. All of them. So who who are. You know about it nobody. OK Ali yeah exact example and our ability and I'll I was soldier dead if it did I hit if it could. So I finally went down the inside to where you run it inside. And their lives the biggest. Electrical panel you know what all these boots which is. I know I just a you're you're like dumbfounded on how do I turn on the lights to at least have glumly might. Finally figure that out and if so then we're going really kind of light and now we're on the Columbia. And. College that I didn't pass but really how long did you guys have been cruising in the boat at this point. Well you gotta get through Portland so. Maybe an hour and a half. It's you know and you're doing we've that you were going. You know don't we talk. We thought we are home creole like like this said I'm twenty wanted to he's. One good about the war veterans that I know when do I gotta ask you had to reach a debt is now you're gonna rip you know would wait with the speed is in the tallest of no OK don't decide you know I assume no way. I don't know night and limit the devil you know I ask you a light up front you can see any thing Ernie you know. No not really know there's blue markers and stuff unpleasant. It wasn't like a pitch black no moonlight. Good and I think those are being asked tankers commands from China and just parked in the middle the river all almighty god yes and we had one pastor actually who's monster. That's on sale and I don't know if we're winning when he stopped for the night they just stop in the middle of the damn river illustrator one Oka and don't move. I know weeded out Coca. But it. So when did they also position not a and the they have these fishing nets that are. And being this stretch almost of the entire width of of the Columbia. And this one vote that is that is light shining now and that's patent. Well it China and access and they're moving it away I'm mood late and I'm like what are you trying to says at least at least you know. Got a status three that he string of booty over the about. So I I I throttle out here reverse throttle up. And you know they're like we go half way. Good movies are now halfway under the boat broke but not the engine parts. So good you brief portion stops and starts going backwards. And we go round. You know we should've known that I'm. And about that point where ardent sober up you know it's like 3 in the morning almost war. And boom it's. And I. You can't say on the radio. Sugar oh. Dad got a bad words there made it that you grind so hard you did a great job. Considering all the story here though. We we knew this wasn't gold going to do it. So. My body was like on the white guy on the boat we have just throw everything off the boat we might have touched you know barbecue everything. I'm tired and not off a little bit that's when the tanker went by you know Q she comes online in late. Do you see this and I we are like oh my no actually look. Well there's no I didn't Ferrari. Yeah yeah I didn't you know kind of goes in there. Anyway. So there was a quiet it and you know obviously it's huge not Ukraine on top seed duke. A big load of crap like saying who the motor on the back. And word will get that off and we'll do it too sure. So we couldn't get the crane work it's still unclear and I'm pretty big guy you know six to. You know I've Markel and all the time you know but. It's all who will hold onto it would lower it down. And I tell him okay rundown. And and and and older on the bottom and won't just let it go softly. Listen to let go. There goes the vote. So it. If you did it float away as you know a little bit and were like oh my gosh that's our only way too short to possibly meant. Tell us why you run backing and started back out at that point I believe an alarm or something went up because religious. And of EQUE. You know and put it reversed he grabbed a life where. And so we shudder off wipe everything down that I Dutch. And we give them life raft. It will can't get the engine is started side our roads to shore we pushed it off into the water truly yours on the water. And and that is he's a memory I will always have a mind on my head he never got caught looking out there do you know who you know it was. Okay. Are we believe. Because a friend of ours who has. And went to a black tie affair like it was later and overheard a conversation that you guys sent. Wanna put my vote in the marina and the other guy. I wouldn't that's where Paul Allen spoke about Paul. All I could get. If the mile. That meant that. All around jets pounded does someone new someone dirty 8449990. Hold the line more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. It is you. True that's shows on the way to email that goes to the men's room amendments or live dot com looking awfully bad jokes right before during Intel's with a shot of the day I write a question. How could someone do someone 3844999. Cola. Hello Zach welcome to the men's room. All the time. All star is not quite old school when he got more. Billion bid thirty. So. I have a I was in the relationship and mother my child. Kind of although long pass. So she moved out or whatever. We have a kid together. What is the wrong path drugs I complete. Oh yeah we got a concurrent. I got too close enough if you you know gauntlet. You know week or month. Or unplug it or. Do you talk a little weird but I didn't write in my daughter's American didn't fit into the no child care and all that school so. Anyway. So. She's got the readout courtesy. She's willing to turn right I do think he is that you guys to do it all good her. Mom find out. Yes I got warmer. Which I didn't know about. And I was during that I want to let her mom and her hold on the planet in my mother like go over there and what not collect some of them pick her up from there. She tells me over her dead body would you and her daughters and I can't even. More OK okay cool it's just when I need mom mom dad and all good. It is. And then. Next time he's over there I should probably let it go back pedaled on it but I'm convinced whoever. That until they actually think Mike is it to the police. Asian and tell them I'm what my daughter. Oh. That takes us strong left hand turns so what is what is your next move after that the government wants and it is estimated dozen men are innocent you are Jose accusations remain that is that is the tough one to get away from. It is so they won't slow until the until Google able it. I let him go over there I'm like a couple of things are happening that are making these decisions are ready. Volatile mine and and so long legged under a bad feeling like I go over there. To their album I wouldn't mind at her dad being honored at the Wentworth my daughter and he doesn't really know don't either one talking and he got a phone call from the police. I even tell me not me not real popular guy. I can hear you like to go back and thought I could hear like. He doesn't look like he does all along they get eaten and get any kind of you don't about all the into the police station. Blonde hair he talks. Told me they know. What the what had happened and they wouldn't let me do my daughter. And they we're getting on our political literally a little cooler but I'm telling them you can't let them be. Don't want I think you know taking them debacle. From Obama can do that I've got to get my relatives the conduit they would let the wouldn't have let song. Another hole unless you live on that she's gonna be talking of course you know to try to change no one ever. And certain other what other people hospital daily about. They don't limit your daughter investigation out there and everything panned out a and it. CDS he goes on dot. How long does this process to from the time that dad has recently leveled won't get it they'll actually believe it or not and this is what do you let our a year and a half. Much older daughter so the strategy work if you are innocent. Yeah well Blogosphere where it looked all but three months let everything. I got a bad about it in agreement later on then you know that she's been years since you know the sole custody. Yeah. No. My mom actually the one that has. If you don't you're darn well and it's it's on your silence in your favor and how old is how old was your daughter. She will be five and October look particularly when it started as your innocence been proven. Yeah well. As far as DPS yeah they're they're ruled in my favor. They even like in the media they've failed he knows he's liable but if you got she got a history of doing that before any different instead. Australia I know you're you're right again and I fear pattern of stone that that Ronald had the Al get into the only thing about it is like look man. You know you can stick it to adults adults are also need to recommend doing that but I get it because we've collectively we just turned and deterred right this is what we do but it. But kids like. Leave them out of because even if you made that accusation in based on aged kids as they go through that right this is not good this is don't you pay your pajamas or someone else over don't go through to kids they generally don't you think that that her fought the your father in law knew what was going on he's married to this one reason he's not a man of many words don't you think you're pretty good idea what she was up to. Or really get him out of the loop is even settle I didn't really know what was going on when he got pregnant and they just don't tell him. Yeah this candidate you know. Come public really blew me not just the if you want to you know can do a deal would there be a part of what's gone on it's like. Bourque had already locked. Terrible parents. And I mean do it you know grandmother my child so light. I don't know how they normally I don't know unless you this do you think that the mother in law. Was in coo hoots. With your kid's mom or do you think she simply believed her daughter when her daughter made the accusation. No she. Oakley Donna the mother much. Mother in law right did did. Which is just going along with the mother every kid do you think she believed. Do you want along with OK so. Warren is part of who was. She rolled you know she can get some lucky that you know your mom and she loves diversity issues trying to make her when you're younger lies about someone doing the same thing streaking new with the caveat that all you want everything done market. Question it at one point late. The main thing that kept. Because he did sign some papers and and let her mom of leverage. Didn't like driving the car. Getting money for doctor Oz. Indeed I did just to give her Kattengell onboard. It's somewhere that are along the lines he gained a conscience you know and you know jump ship or whatever came back you know. The truth aren't so that the the mother of all they did those parents know Richard the baby momma I was like strung out. Yet they want to play that she had been did you like me people am I excellent two month does grandma one of the kids. Yeah of course there. I'm really thank them all tomorrow once the kid it seems like what we understand the World Cup. And I know I'm thinking logically about does not know motion gets balls I can guarantee you this would be my position but I would think. That I would think if my kid it's the call for Blake EU leverage in a matter while regular kids admitted to McCain struggled on drugs I know the American daycare my grandchild. I was somewhat my grandchild to be safe but the options that I have if one is art will save the file to molest her it is ridiculous that runs out to the other thing is treat the problem while trying to help my daughter and meantime but I would think I would still be able to receive migrated. You know while mortgages normal. This is also the help your daughter like we hear the you know there drug addicted to mom's almost like struck out Andre do thought opener got a she also did so. You know nevermind. My problem main evening I'm not enough though let me ask you this did she did aren't appear that. That's I mean I don't people who do dirty things and I know custody hearings to readers what they are being to do that but all horribly false accusation against one pair as apartheid like you'll be better if you say your father and sexual goats. He would like it's not a great thing but you don't complaining did anything to you know how. Not only for line I like in your case we don't say it because it's the truth you know but I don't know if my open like what in the Congo. I don't know up until I have to and I still wouldn't think it's a good idea but it can you just cannot think about Gerald kids of I can't explain it but my kids are young enough where there are still happy to see me when I don't know. Now generally you'll hundred orders done that they have a tell all but nothing about their day and give you hugs and all this so that age like they're good kids teenagers to get amended nerve. Yeah amounts of in my and a little bit something you're in a moment kids are very young to site. Man the best thing about kids is just the periods they don't know anything. And it's it's kinda refreshing who can decide frankly like this is why you don't. You just don't do this stuff. You don't screw people over right so you've already been lying for so long now doesn't even that big of a deal we're about done that before yeah I'm not a I don't I don't you get a life has given them a false accusation really good guy and say hey man out of our money went that's sucks but we never did you call the cops say him and he stole 700. Well once you're on the on what once I think have pretty good idea how that's gonna work that's gonna work on you get you get in child support as well. May well for Lugo off from father. If she was she okay Iran or Iraq look at say the cash dinosaurs a hair on his money on Rivera club but drugs to man and affidavit Richard for a while and like one of the best friends from growing public since kindergarten whatever. He was a decent guy. And she gets a call one night she so long. My buddy Sean. He got it out of rehab or prison I don't remember. And I heard about the Scott I had not met inequities in and out of everything most of what's his deal and actually well. You know is recovering from heroin but he needs a place to stay and Marty shaken hands and just like I don't know listened. This is a lifelong friend I select I am I'm really not going to be difficult about this but you know the thing about being addicted to something in those moments the addiction is speaking for it. I mean and that's going to direct your best friend. We're not screw you over by The Herald that it will not good or bad person that they need to fix it has so. Anyway you know this goes we compromise any stations. I would work so he states the most one night he gets there 10 o'clock at night a little fun conversation and I'm from the field and he is a decent gap. But I'm still way. He still heroin Tucker among in his hands the whole mind so much. All right get up the next morning we both go to work he's gonna stay there before I get home from work before I get the call. My cameras you can still within a month and I did not take anything in my which I was happy about but was stolen camera and other items like that if he'd left the note. That although I'm always sorry for similar outcome of I didn't want to have to say I told sober came home strong like eight votes you I do believe you do that as a this isn't good then heroin may have been by your own plate he's not done with it yet. He doesn't have cash and you of the world's Molly and he just got a presence and I can do Harold how did you not know this was going to have was the first item up for bit right got to January did you I have sex were. And my guess what I am I thought sex you're gonna go find Osama cellmate. How does someone new someone 3844999. And also gentle. My first volley to find guys like to get out of jail after ten years a number of families are agreed amendment to crime and hug and a mom and I think stimulate. Grandmother my mother may have been present she stood by me the whole time I saw the list relate. I will tell me I know I'm friendly email on my favorite but the food I'm so excited zero mom just didn't let I look it's not gonna take long. Seriously before and his family. I got a delayed again regulated. And tomorrow only religious when we first moved to Seattle we had to share hotel room for about two weeks. Miles an edit in the rule that we had like look man. Just don't match debate. In hotel room I don't regret work hotel rooms were constantly. In each other's presence and marine breakfast and it is merited this inward rather like just. Just don't do a good we're related to beta handled everything great so we Farley get the new apartment. We've basically get the keys wants to be unloaded boxes and before we touched anybody by policy in a few minutes in which are several bedrooms. No shame of the game man and a play just clean bills by the or so after ten years in prison. And my mom I love to bounce our man. I mean some bones to set I gotta get laid how to does someone is someone 3844999. All nuts in the mama. Look man I don't wanna say about their continue to mine data instead of Oklahoma bomb the money you need regulated. Through longer than me really hello Chris welcome to the men's room. There are a lot of jobs. All right this story is my brother. Got screwed over by his friend and also a little bit fired sheriff. Moos. Well we look her living in New Mexico and good. In the county don't have like of other people living in it so everybody is look at the slope of the duke. What this friend's dad owned aid car repair shop. Well very kid. In good test drive the cars what does that commissioner never once while he can work on the next our. Well he decided one night to keep what are the Clark he's aired ticket or Cruz lat night. And he came across my brother. One of those gas stations. Picked him another spread out the word is great day. But they were also speeding so they got pulled over that and somebody else's car. It doubly also talked. And of the notes my brother of what it is brand had done. He was all cool about it and let sit there are minor they went to bill. To the station and to get everything straightened out. Called my dad. Basically couldn't get my brother. And then but when that station. It comes out that the start of the belong to any of you. What the hell. They. But on my dad get there all that found out and said the sheriff's guard to try to go after. My brother but not the other kid. Or saying he knew that the coastal. And were little jail and save that number cap on broadening of focus on YouTube. You have blood that sheriff that was already in global hot water in this trying to earn some points Burkle and after police officers kid. Okay I'm totally totally your brother did your brother get falsely accused of stealing a car. Did they tried they tried were relatively hard but my dad. Started an employer had held down. Dissident and apply. It on the tribe because. You'll and we'll end up owning the county. Don't know if I would say hello I would enjoy a ride an academy of only a thousand people because the car the you have there's probably only one or two of them anyway. Arnold you're dropping in off the mechanic and I see you on a Friday night drive my car that's gonna (%expletive) me off I that. I really thought George spent the night in jail I knew to be clear about me and about two roommates just moved this is back in Baltimore we had one load left two dead so I take my roommates girlfriends car to 1987. Baby blue sprint. That's important to remember is gonna help my argument that the company get pulled over driving through downtown it was at night the street like Toronto I didn't turn on the headlights aren't good balls were over and yeah of course. Do you want Bolger over my game I I have no I'd be explained while one out most people according to him if he still chlorine Alterman headlights when that whenever. So. I get all the information reasonable whose car is it your car so you'll know it's not a said it is it is my buddies. Girlfriends car. But it's in her mother's name so what is your mother's name us I honestly don't know and tested to make it worse if civil cigar from classic muscle listen I know is gonna sound that's true. My buddy's girlfriend the mother is tied a woman who at this point had been married eight times. And I know that she so she gets merged so much above someone went right it's just that kind of situation. Whatever I'd never met the woman just out it isn't because like so you're telling me. This car belongs to a woman you've never met. But her daughter drives it you don't have any idea of Muslims and they said ma'am I honestly I don't know Sonny you Rosie information all. Back it gives me names say like you know Veronica Smith is that brought those us something minor capacity it really doesn't he said. That's the right answer to that's not the name and a I saw them and tells me the name owed to the I sit Matt maybe I don't know it's a big get. Good answer let's modern day muscle luck I Arnold at the end of like he should have at least taken B did everything about a suspicious. The guy believe me let me go there's one thing I said his man. If are gonna steal a car it would not be. And baby blue nineteen. 87 into Baghdad and sent honestly man that's my best friend if he believed that I have a good night to remind you it's. How good does someone do some 13844999. All of our calls coming up your listening to the men's or write PO network. Smiles and I know coming up. Get those bad jokes Jose about email the men's room and men's or not back down the return of Ted vs the FCC is up on the way as well our question. How did someone do someone 3844999. Cola. Hello. Patrick welcome to the men drew. All I want. Undergo yet the browser. Or eight so I know I got kind of erupts on a boat. It meant you could divorce. You beard and Bangkok until he had a couple kids and they've got little rocky on the lap like six months or so. And so you know we decided that you know divorce is probably the best option older kids and I have that secure all the memorial Arnold and four year old daughter and so I'll decide that we're gonna we're gonna hammer out. Little how many guys you know you got you got the crabby cellphone and you got to go to. LO OK now knowing we UT got announcements are out so. So what happened now so you guys sound to go for divorce and you completely basically come up. OK I would by the gulf herbal divorce send out well that is on a Monday morning that we decide that you know we're gonna get camera view detailed and Ford is gonna get divorced and we're looking at right you're cordially and trying to make things happen. And Scioscia decided that color her mommy get a babysitter for that night. And we are both immediate Howell is not the work day in and around 6 o'clock so. I got home and she's not there yet and I'm image you drop about the kids eat and there were armed kind of hanging out kind of waited for and she's a little late and then I text there she says that you witnessed the car Iraq and that she's just a little behind and then. Churn up some that are hurt showing up three police officers show. They have precede it tell me that I fifteen minute believe that grabbed my stuff and leave the premise that because. Basically. As she went and filed a report saying that I threatened her. You never runner. No not at all so apparently it up put it takes to get them to pick out your house. And so. Hey guess if all that all really important and churn out fifteen minutes it got my stuff. And you know aren't even when you know what to do it in fifteen minute win win win. What do you think triggered all this animosity that you did not see coming that you set everything seemed pretty amicable you guys decided to get separated decided to move on you and making quick and easy. Why did you wanna make it more difficult. Well that's a good question I think you read a book on divorce. And okay well I mean everybody's charges dropped against you were or where they substantiate. Yet there it all dropped they edit no proof senate ultra and oh yeah and not. I was just let that get so many out here all. And you know at the end of that long streak record you know if you build a cheap imported stuff from home. And you know. But if members pared their friend and solid at all. Upton you know in a few weeks later it got dropped out people start seeing the kid again and you know that we proceed with you know. A lot on the board but in the meantime camped and she also works for the game. And I am a small bit net didn't. We're sad thing to her and sure enough. You know I can't keep the bank account that same day and you know and keep us safe loot all the a woman who doesn't say. And do you have an attorney. All I want yeah but still it is okay how did you how did you make out how did you make out and all those. Well I'm not into Matt over the next eighteen years our. Debt. Yeah okay now I don't know if you guys you've just got to get enough money to get a better from I mean as that is only because all the really matters is and life anymore I mean use your phone. And your coverage. And a collision and I'm like yeah. Times do I have to ice moving to a new place and it's on the ground floor. So it's like if I have to somebody yet that I go to the bathroom I can't talk him right I can talk in the bedroom. And then there's like I found out last night. I could sit on one side of the count should be fired tonight remove him a layup once I gonna Hanoi and when we didn't play AT. I just you know you feel bad for the stagger the plate and he shared the story. I care who yards you've been done wrong it's the board's involve kids of those little bit of emotional attachment. We are sharing this story I didn't about the jets and meanwhile we've heard about 40%. Yeah and like I made this quote I quoted this movie last week I think here but it was on the show and the like music I really was fine and in just endit take. Going back to cocktail. Things didn't end badly. They want an end to thrash death. Everything was fine and isn't it isn't that how things were literally everything I make. We're getting along we wrote an argument you know where were comparable to Joey we we unseal the people at. Maybe I signed Mike not a pre nup disarming and Ian says we will be civil to each other when this just would break doesn't help him break. They bat late people just lose their minds for a while. And I mean like I I had a friend. She was still living in the house and I think you've got to move out and they were like why an only because you're going to does break out that you guys have had some issues before what you just. But you look at that charged emotional you never know what can happen like you want to think when he got to get out of house young guys are gonna do something. The only person that's getting get under your skin that much who's not biologically related Q is your significant other so. Certainly if you're going to separate ways like hey man that's when you say hey dude can Estee and so before a bit like just get Smart don't be around each other yeah. Trying to think what I'd really fight for. You know just something really truly you know like I think so I stated despite a mix. I've seen by basins throughout the drama played quite. I just driving she's like two of the possessions and others of like that would be the last thing Obama. You know really stuff in Dublin time it's like that that furniture and dead after we'll figure out. Hopefully in a very jags if Condit does someone do someone 3844999. Alone live Morey calls coming up here insects. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.