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Friday, June 15th

Mens Room Question: How did someone do someone dirty?


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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. They say yeah or even free. Times. And Jordan. I don't really go in Arizona our 2846. At. Along with Stephen Tyrone hill. You'd dead bird flu. All right our. Okay individuals. Okay very days away from outdoor regular read both to go. Here come the bad jokes vigilance returner Ted vs the FCC get ready to play profile there's plus headlines read your job today fumbles through emails and everyone's favorite. TV time to take a class dream in fact our new go to Georgia may mall goes out to put new bumper sticker on her truck. And kills a bobcats with her bare hands instead. We go to Florida where fraternity shares personal sex videos of your daughter with a pledge member or friend. To DC where deer takes the crystal city subway train those baseball the bark in the par game are hard for a German shepherd to contain. Head North Dakota mayor reelected. With three holes and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All up Reggie is good day to you and yours. Are the people closest being steadily. The most likely to need people to screw you over I'd sometimes people freaked out over the inheritance way to get there and family stop talking while. Recently. We shared the story of the Japanese guy. That was found alive and well. Eleven months after his wife identified his ports. Now they weren't working on this together so it's hard to say whose work we do do step away from his wife for eleven months while the woman who doesn't know what her husband looks like. Either way we'll let them figure that out between two. Many of the story of the Canadian guys played clarinet public. I can't imagine how much competition he had but he was awarded a full scholarship at the extremely he's up prestigious. Colborn conservatory of music in Los Angeles and I would've been a dream come true for the when you have to apply you have to do all kinds of tests. But his girlfriend of the times all the letter of acceptance before he did. She got rid of it and forge a letter of denial instead. But four years ago he basically just found out any reasonably do suit because like I said. Sometimes this is for people closest to the SE most likely did you get there it's just how things can play out and method of course news today. Maybe it happened do you maybe you do have to someone else maybe it happened to a friend but today we just want to know. How could someone new someone dirty Big Brother Joseph caught. 844999. Hole you can Mike commands are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham amend your life and in your emails to the men's room at midterm live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. I'm HL you don't have gentle men's room but John Taylor go ought to be shot over 2846. Yeah Derek on the bad jokes they drug charge frank castle be indicate red jumper before we drink it tells. Will be shot of the day the return of Ted vs the FCC coming up and another round profile listen today we're gonna talk about the ridiculousness of when someone the does someone dirty there are many different levels of doing someone a dirty. But man our summary go wow that was that was something else so we'll start here in in Montreal. And we go to an incredible story and you thought you did say incredible story and clarinet in the same sentence. I just look before you start the story all I want to say is. When you're grown ass man in you still pursue the clarinet. I'm my judge now but what I would say is this any time that that guy gets the win the gap because he plays clarinet let them have do we know. You wanna clarinet you know. My wife shutdowns and held a my brother Lyle placed learn that really well. Yeah really yeah no he knew he was like a gray area where I don't know and I have done thoroughly I'm dead serious value is what really good at Claire like he can take that thing up right now. It's article it's one of the few things he keeps clean you first of all her I mean that's seriously that thing looks like it's been shine a proving my point of this death I just am proud are gonna look good rallies character but. Look if he could play the clarinet really well one has that done a power tell you him I'll tell you because all right say all right so you're in a band right yeah and for some reason you're clarinet goes down you know I mean they get sicker and I'm not a band review where all you call my brother lawman but he like Conan. He'll show up he's target anyone know he'll fill in play the clarinet we will not so well this bank and I don't know. Again let's say an affiliate for an eighth grade you're playing the clarinet in the NB I'm just guess senior senator you all know he owns. The only reasonable doubt that the U did you join the symphony for sure right if you're a good bit otherwise you're. The local school music teacher right this is the story of Eric Abramowitz. McGill University music student Eric a Brahma bits was among the top clarinet is in Canada. He studied what was competition. I'm not the damn America you gonna do up there. Any pain he goes still the other patient and it's important to watch Trailer Park Boys who played trumpet player you can play play hockey you coupons. Axel that you play you curl a little. So he's one of the best in camp period Bennett thank he's one of the best day on the continent of North America again and I'm not minimizing it and just say he's also and one of the death. In the world when he studied with some of the country's elite teachers from the age of seven years old. He won first prize at the famed Canadian music competition not once not twice not three times six times he was a featured soloist with the Montreal symphony orchestra and the orchestra symphonic. Dick Quebec. Which is the symphony of Quebec Luke issued a nice I say thank you thank you. In late 2013. A Brahma dad's applied for a full two year scholarship to complete his bachelor's degree. At the prestigious Colbern conservatory of music in Los Angeles. Every student there receives the full scholarship. Including tuition room and board as well as money for meals and other expenses. Roughly 50000 dollars and they take irreverent look how good you get money for food and housing that's me it's one thing to say hey we'll pay for your education but you. If your full time student you still need to live there is gonna define a list let me take care of the whole deal. Basically don't know what the football factory of abuse yet but you have to be that good to get into if accepted to this prestigious school he would study under. You know don't say it Yahoo! does Ohio all right you know dogma. He's wanna you the best breath on the planet of the you know Yahoo! that I just I think I do you say you're outta running at somebody that I let you know for a you don't think Oprah Winfrey really old when they aren't I don't know what's his Presley right you know and it's Elvis Guccione yearly reminds us and consider one of the best clarinet teeters on the planet you know more obviously it. So. He accepts two students a year out of dozens of applicants from around the world not to be chosen. It is virtually. A guarantee. Of a high paying symphony career directly out of college once this guy takes you under his wing once you graduate from an X exhaustive. Pre screening process and the learnings and all that. You're guaranteed to play would ever instrument clarinet for the rest of your life to make a lot of money doing OK now I hear what you're saying my question is is Dora lol paying simply did you like. In Zurich and amid did you blame the symphony like. Manuel then defensive lineman monies by based on size. So it could go play the do love the pick earlier screw it depends on where the symphonies to OK I have to admit that some small town. You think like I don't know what the which at all symphony is gonna knock them dead. I think what you thought might do OK I think it's been it's like you know do you brutally Pennsylvania are there we've got to separate ways to beaver lick Marcus. Yeah I want to do obviously that it won't do some stuff from mafia you know Bruce Davis Jessie idea you know it's a business Danks doing things. Steaks come sail away. You can do we just broke it just click right rough quite like computers I guess infineon Washington DC rapid but you wouldn't be in that we deal like the college Marxist and it's like. There Pittsburgh doesn't paint the validity of oxen hill tries not notorious B wagon ride this storm out how you doing out there and I'm running neck and so anyway. It covers. A symphony tickets if that I can't fight this feeling any longer if it is that the and again here so bin after Nick's soft give free screening process this young Brahma bits he flies from Canada and goes to Los Angeles. In February of 2014. With his parents to do a live audition before Gilad there'd be a letter whatever I you know how to say Yahoo! W mood in my also a committee of faculty members a month later. A month later. Coburn sent an email to a Brohm of its. He had been chosen. Who have been Astros and buy a Dell who dot except the brunt of bits never got the email Ono. Jennifer Lee a fellow McGill music student and the problem it's appropriate time and in fact receive the email. UC. They've started dating in September of 2013. And that month he was staying in her apartment almost full time he trusted her he letter uses laptop. He gamers passports. Scared that he would move away and perhaps no longer be a relationship with her leave then deleted said email. She said the Coburn conservatory of music and email pretending to be a Brahma Vince refusing the offer because man gonna be elsewhere out of town. I'm going to be out of town that's that's the response she's then she sends a brunt of its her boyfriend and email pretending to be young who'd. Under a new address she apparently established herself saying he's a Brahma vets had not been accepted for a scholarship at Kohlberg. Writing as you go to she told the brunt of it he was offered a position to study at the University of Southern California. With a small scholarship both 5000 dollars a year annual tuition by the way USC 51000 dollars a year a cause she knew their brow that's cannot afford. So he was completely taken and he lost his two year scholarship opportunity to study he completed his studies at McGill of all places. And then he did it to your certificate program at USC not on scholarship. Re got the study. Part time then under U who'd part time you heard you're outta violence and end he's a little bit this though I'd be a part time you who'd did he ever connected. In an order to do with the national postal Brohm of its explained how he discovered months later long after his relationship with Lee had ended. The un related real unrelated reasons for him not being accepted. It was at his second audition. Before you rule it. Don't go to U who'd stick it right may have some respect for the all right and I are player I ever grace bay Cuba are you know who have. He's from I'll go national if you if you if you hit. So they talk about the brief and strange interaction when you Houda said. Why did you reject me. A fair question as a brown that's put it you don't reject him he is the master of you who got but having done nothing of the sort of brought this pass and returned. Why did you. Reject me and then that's when they knew something under hand was afoot. One day in 2015. A friend set about trying to gain access to the fake email account and because of Robinson Lee once shared computer. He knew what are for passwords which he randomly trying. Miraculously. It log bride in her email was listed as the recovery email or phone was a recovery foam we felt like Sherlock Holmes. A brow of its already had computer access back and today she did a similar thing involving fake emails with his successful application to Juilliard School in New York there are calling him to be declined to from there as well. After a run of it's learned of the deception he sued for 300000. Dollars and it is including loss of reputation loss of educational opportunity. And the loss of two years of income potential and two years hanging out with. Yeah who. The case was heard in Ontario because Lee is a resident there I accept and find that mr. O'Brien has lost unique and prestigious educational opportunity. One that would have been dances careers professional Claire and has. Bubba Bubba Bubba about a box one that. Can only get a big break like this once in a lifetime promising an artist. A stratospheric career. I cannot speculate as to how high and how quickly mr. brown that's his career might have soared but for the interference of miss Lee. But the law does recognize the the loss of a chance is a very real and compensate for the loss. Sure the judge found that the loss of two years and scholarship was easily worth 500000 dollars teaching teaching to Ding the Klamath. To 300000. Dollars Canadian. We he has not responded she did not show up in court. It's more than like it likely that he will never see a dime of any of this money. She's not really what you don't have you can't give them what are they gonna garments like right there's no chance he has that money boldly garnish wages amenable to it doesn't seem like from his comments here it just kind of seems like it was the point that was proven. His former girlfriend never respond as the statement of claim against her never filed a notice of intent to defend our statement of defense and thus was noted in default. If she can't be reached a defendant who has not been noted in default is deemed to admit the truth of all allegations made in the statement of claim therefore she is guilty based on not doing anything. The award expresses the courts. The valuation of what miss Lee has done. And now that she will actually pay how can they not tracker now I mean the guy got into her computer you think if you can do that much. That's crazy and that he's really can't find that's a clear this is crazy as Claire a story of error. You don't man as far as Arnold stars go I have to say that is my first one ended one of the better ones. Our question how does someone new someone dirty 844999. Cola. By the way and message did come in what do they say they said low paying symphony TV Morgantown for demonic. Another the Morgantown philharmonic. Get out of here knowing I says look I'm glad that I play the trombone from fourth grade until he graduated. I can attest to how blamed the clarinet is let him win mortgage loans available on the course been able to Obama now there's like a guy named Phil harmonic exactly. He's on calories and homelessness and harmonica fats like closely. Hello Alex welcome to the man drives his god bless. To. Learn all ours. Thank god. So I actually got my way to the car dealership right now I just bought my first car little actually two months ago pat down. No Marcello. Know this is what our prize has to be used cars they build bulk upload. Sales and he. Kind of handle like ensure. Ardent a big deal of Arkansas hello. I can't pay important about us like oh you work Brooke registered I have a promo code IQ just great bridge but I got. And he. Just so you know that you lose like one of the biggest car dealerships and all. That military yeah it's not so. Thought so anyway it's. I start getting emails from president saying. You need verification of this and that he called. Why is. Now good reason why you're getting such low rates but it's rare occasion bash at it as well I've finally called him paralyzed that I had. Insurance with them for the last eight years bitch. I haven't even gesture drivers are wrong. And so I pretty good out awful by action and he's actually an audio recording. I would say that's a huge problem would you I don't I'm actually a political solution right now to try to. Do not just our order. How are you what I so how how old you want. I'm Tony Haywood has what is it it just because you haven't had a vehicle you have no proof phones blood obviously a driver fired on his behalf they did have a lower rate of what I gave them false information. Yeah so you you don't have a driving record so if you do have a driving record and you can you put a fourth with progressive just is based on who you are low would be what what would be the flag would be over the amount that you could spend based on you know previous accident or are what's. And oh so basically is good news that the uninsured driver for eight years. That it's so we'll lower your rate and somebody has not increased its picture but it puts a plastic chair and not actually made the price jump like. Tried dollar mark. But they're asking him for proof of something that is not true. At least he's not the ally statement so how does that work in progress because someone else lied on your behalf but now progress and you know how slow is Lowe's there smack talking you right now so would you have. I didn't and so on my and that's why I'm going to a dealership because it's when I was in the office they need. Video and audio record all proceeding so that way the fire and they are protected. Execute well he admitted that it used to promo code which she didn't he life and so that I had an assurance that the CPU go. They're gonna go make your right or they're connected to our back pocket to get back hopefully. I always tell people tell me that the recording neither am recording them just to hear the uncomfortable that's on the end of line and does get a little yes I gazette we just once you know this is recorded line and all that's fine because a recording everything you say for my own personal news I'm sorry no I'm recording it as well too I've to got his. That way for some reason you're probably gets deleted or mine doesn't whatever rule both have a copy Michael let's move on me. Oh guy. But I'm supposed to let you know that I am recording you you know why did you date yeah you can and you get got to tell me either you're recording me I legally have to be required tell you that I am recording you as well a move longer. If but a better discount according to wield a totally hell marketers back in that are never just give me your number I'll call you during dinner then do exactly that and Mecca I call you right back no man I'm that we need your home number. Because like I knew all my personal calls like 2 AM it that if this is some bad three. Hamanaka let's stick on most of us fall. It's it's like if if the unless someone new someone earning 8449. I'm now an all a man turned up alive eleven months after a wife identified the corpse of this happened in Japan. Where they gave the family the wrong body. Okay and it starts there that you have to identify one body apparently looks much like the other few days in Tokyo and a river. Known as the eagle river Japanese woman who reporter husband missing identified a body found in the river as. A loved one. She had about a cremated and was shocked eleven months later when her husband turned up alive and well once it could be other relatives also identified the body pulled from the river as her missing husband who was in his forties and had been reported missing three days earlier. Police say that after the mistake was discovered they were able to use fingerprints records to establish the true identity of the body. Authorities say the body retrieved was that of a man in his thirties who was around the same night as the husband. And who'd been reported missing on the same day that the body was pulled from the river. The incidence is extremely regrettable were determined to prevent any re occurrence according to a Tokyo police officer. Police say that under the current system fingerprints and DNA verification is required when relatives identified the body. They did not disclose where the woman's husband had been during the eleven month ranked as the best interest in part of the story. You'll see credible for the police are for the family. Because the things you cremated body. Like whoever was there is gone again and I don't like he might just taken off frank and like you finds out literally. You do know they found your body and they registered US debt and think you're dead like watch one or run away with the million dollar and I've got him. I had not paid back I act and I'm not thinking about those scary age of the deal wait a plan to bring it exactly thanks for nothing. How does someone do us someone 38449990. Morey calls coming up you are listening to the mid term radio network's three. True what's. So the story goes. He's either got bagged give me a ring are throw me off a Cliff Lee last words of a woman were a case has been going on for a wanna say probably three years four here four years he app for nearly a decade and against mystery has surrounded what happened at 23 year old aspiring model. Rhonda Castel how good a mystery what were her last words in what was her fate yeah well she was found at the bottom of a steep ravine on March 16 2009 I'm the mother had set out with a boyfriend Steve Nichols died the eagle creek trail along organs Columbia River gorge. Bubbles supposed to be a leisurely hike turned into a nightmare when fire officials and responding to a 911 call. From Nichols came across the scene of Castro's death. What appeared to be an accident turned into a murder investigation. Bolstered by cast those families believe that Nichols the father of Castro's daughter ate about. Had something to do with her dying. Adding to their suspicion was a statement the cast allegedly made before she went on I she told her mother and her sister he's either gonna give me a ring or he's gonna throw me off a cliff. Pulled my. Yeah well we'll move won't. And during the castill mutton. I get done Simmons did nothing that can still was kidding and after she died family members went to the police. We all told him the detective that we believe that Steve pushed her this is not an accident. Simmons says authorities are bearing interest and what the family had to say the time however she said she didn't confront Nichols with her allegations. Police wouldn't let me see him because they knew that I was enraged. Then in February 2015 nearly six years after Castro died. Nicklaus was arrested are Nichols was arrested and charged were killing accused of pushing our offer 100 foot cliff. So he could collect a one that million dollar life insurance policy. Authorities also pointed to an alleged inappropriate relationship with cast those underage sister. And a previous incident where Nichols was accused of attempting to push his then wife. Off a balcony in China in 2003. Bought into it do you six years to arrest the guy. Who attempted to push his ex wife all formal balcony. Years previous and the whose girlfriend her last words for oracle push real quickly and it took six years he's this for some reason in May of 2017. And a move that angered cast a Stanley prosecutors drop the murder charge against Nichols in return he pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide. And coercion. He received three years of probation with credit for nineteen months of jail time. And still maintains that he has nothing to do with nichols' death to argue you say I'm criminally negligent. Yeah she fell off a cliff. Maybe I helped her I did not prevent terror and then lied to you in you're still looking gets three years probation and man moment. Our question how does someone new someone 344999. Old. Hello I only saw welcome to the men's room. Or OK yeah. I think. The other question. At ticket yet did you did you notice it's that we know someone that the levels. At indymac it's route out nice eyes are cool. And as we. Saw some of the dirt. Now I don't do situation and you add that. Okay. Other Leahy. You can own and sit there and we won't mean to America. Greg bird baths. Admit I'm carrying it and I'll have bombs. I had. I need to get my feet right on I was thinking you are cheaper over time like hours and hours our. Of overtime and I had all the money and that I think apps how much money unless money did you need to get all the work done. Like you heard about 12100 dollars. Okay and that I have 700 catch on here are great it's hard in this age. And I'm getting my parents and I cry and I and those each other money and I didn't really think anything other acknowledge are actually think it after that act. Academics aren't up. And I started to reach that it needs because please as. It's I can't I can't think Kyra and I didn't think in LA and I Diop blocked it out. And went to the bank to the content in my knee and sounded good time and so it ski and I can't see this sort of ate them. What you never saw him again. No law. It's about it if you're sick come out at the mild can be just don't want to believe your best friend did that she'll tell you know them. I had not heard a year likely he would like I'm not every single day you know employment and the main. He was waving in your car into money in the time it took you to get back to your car this cat has gone the money's gone and never for home again it's. No it slide immaculate heart aren't. And I dropped market power and I really like the bank at the crowd at the money. And remind you what Iran and and then he was not they're trying to Mir I need I go back to his house. I it blocks like it told negated and locked but I shouldn't do that yeah. Okay and currently running into a McGinley you're that tight. I am now since that's all I'm you know I'm not I'm anarchy a lot about a year skillet act. American medical Riordan. I guess whom it was real size is nice to. I was everything this guy yet. Hello I hear the room. Analysts. Turn I have to convert the best friend and he just like our friends I. I like the best friend that he didn't hit it it that's how it does someone do someone a 3844999. All I need a best friend like mad aspect homers. The show and many news continues on the men's room radio network.