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Thursday, June 15th

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This is dumb men's room. He's real well miles and spread. That as a micro violence Keller and I'm right now 8449 at nine at nine all Lowell play profile this coming out of ten minutes. We do have headlines on the way one hour from now the first quite checked into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not sorting out our at a new study ranked the best and worst states to raise your kids and I mean. I'm guessing worsen bill like Mississippi. Mississippi. What's best like them. It does have to have the top five in the bottom might there you saw Hawaii using best known fluff apps oh thanks. That's these rich kids. But Kansas. It's like the middle of nowhere is safe isn't well let's see at least three of these are on the are on the east side and tumor in the middle an hour. I had no idea what a New Hampshire Massachusetts Vermont Minnesota and Iowa are the best. And Mississippi New Mexico Louisiana Nevada are the worst in the bottom one it is airs on thrill out. Mississippi is like I. Finally we don't get everything Chris beat Arizona is great for one month out of a year. Put them January pauses in late February the president and I are so there is heard there's. There's Minor League Baseball are right or training in French or you can breathe yeah. Yeah outdoors. Krispy Kreme recently announced they're giving out free coffee to teachers this summer but you have to buy something else to get it. Like it doughnut yes right. Leader groups regard going to be in May be given a free coffee during the year. That would be your money they may be relaxed hinder in the summer is definitely do it now for the moment they're not enough early. A Tony nine year old men and Alabama's told delivery truck yesterday and try to lead cops on high speed chase. Put an end up being a low speed chase because he couldn't figure out how to get the truck got a first year that's the thing. And I don't know les pointed out. And how to drive stick can't roll tax. Yes that's right Mike that way when you're still the vehicle of a better chance of getting over it is for table a man and a clutch is better than having a club. You've. Cops in New York are looking for two guys who attacked the cashier or attacked a cashier with notice last month. This drama got as adamant all they know John several fractures to his wife sprawling car obviously they were right in. Yeah no kidding and it probably with journalism accountable for their own because they needed something that they can waste easily miles Nava tells the one of those things on you all why not a and she's always done don't let let's roll you reveal that Mexican food. You don't you don't really remembered is the outlook well yeah I avoid the avocado and all they're retired car dealer it'll come like it will. Here all the candidates are coming yeah I was there avocados about thirty. Now growth kind of be in the way vote this carry you know again he's put it on everything the testicles incidences. Yes a lot of auto leads us to go do love those tests will soon math which makes guacamole smashed festivals pitchers don't want it was our turn brown stuff then. This is made to put the put the put. The owner of a bottling company in Lubbock Texas has been trying to start before Wednesday Wendy's but posting insults on the sign outside his star. Then a nearby when he's responded with their own signs are now it is on it. Actually had you seen any of them Mike I'd seen a couple of on their hilarious it's pretty funny. Yes and foreigners and Windiz you won't be easy you've got it some of that effect. Maybe it's a Wendy's they do their burgers or do we square thing over there deflected just dumb stuff. When he's a horror. I'm glad that you're going to be there expect the red headed step is out I don't know the people across the street doing that very specific to get into their critical of the pure water right now data they make tea and water. They make water well thanks big winner here I ought to go all the crystals. Glacier stream water they purify. Compared fact. The leak of favourite Lleyton minute mark I mean they're glacier water was like from some place in the south and is thought to much of a thrilling somebody who some had some glacier named to it. With accuracy exactly another guy to live or above targets. Million but they sure do our defense in regard to assess in our film or I saw you in the it was from Arkansas our Kansas Archos what do you call somebody for markets off. And our own small world. What goes on canceling and canceling. The Wyoming nights vermonters. We're going AM from Montana among him in my mind I Hannah Montana Montana Montana and yeah debt to Arkansas would hurt. I mean did we had to say hillbilly but I know that's a few Americans both races. But I don't think there's a more technical mind. Thank god that's kind of bugged me out Dave I know and I gotta go to a man I happens is no no no no look over and it's got to be right Arkansas he had. Arkansas only am I mean I just think values cuddle our homes that are called bird RSS. Our guns. I don't know if that moment on tattooing freckles on your face is a thing now that's stupid they're not permanent but can last the throng we have built 'cause we got that I saw a picture of the draft. We'll my job is first of for celebrities. You're really gonna judge you have to go the way in three years. Put a camera three year he had been freckles always go return a nobles to an. I I am when I was a kid I remember people in my family. Running cucumber. Skiing. On their freckles to try to get rid of stuff. All you have back in the day man have freckles make good targets yeah. Subliminal reference for animal I do freckles afflict the world that Iowa all the good looking girls must go after the please my mother I I would I would stuff freckles reared and then I worked for the very light when I was dinner when to do that works the light skinned black do. He had freckles is really how he's just been killed and. Every night he had to be and you're right no matter what he said it was like shut up man. Freckles. Confidence. I'm gonna brotherhood front we'll get an unhappy bride is just you know yeah. 48% of US adults aren't sure word chocolate milk comes from. You it's no quit so unfair that they don't know that dead kids I saw those earlier and I almost wept for Gmail you everything you need to know. Right there and one guard and they can vote amid all the led may have its its were they thinking came from the bothers me most. Why like I think get you to be learning they think it came for a match that's why you would shed a tear chocolate kind of demanded. Be serious yes yeah brown almighty. Seven number of adults oh my yeah this was US a goals. Thought the Giacomo came from brown cows and and and finally did a Gene Simmons does that and again and for the rest that I outside all about a one hour okay thank you we appreciate in my cocktail lie headlines are coming up one hour from now but first the day it is. Room recess. Throw inevitably turn to one how profile this is playing a short dead mild but the simple game where we sir if you will lead new story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth yeah. Earth. Purpose and let you listen to the store based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people might. We'll ask you what it is you think made the story the story. Hello Derek welcome to the men's room. I regard thought wow I Dirk James fan of this your game is split. I think they feel fantastic before we get to game I'm most go back to this one thing we were asking would you call someone from Arkansas I found the complete list of what you call through different states but I'll start with Arkansas any final guesses. He calls on her grow our carrion worrying. They have there's three ways you can go who's an arkansan. Okay arkansans. And our Retief or Arkansas our. Arkansans are not. But to graduate high dirt back you let's do your story. Oddly enough miles was talking about your favorite chain restaurant earlier and wants is somebody brought all of Waffle House as a favorite terrorist group. Global go to Lancaster Pennsylvania. Were five female relatives were at a waffle. They're they're 2:45 in the morning on Sunday. And then something happened that clearly. Provoke a fight and made them rob because all five of them got up and gotten to a series brought mr. Vito. Now someone else of the Walt White House filmed it. You can see the woman throwing punches pull on hair authorities over each other thought himself all tables at one point you're one of them screamed get off at. Don't buy it now five women they reasoning from 56. Down to 25 years old and it's not clear how old Bob Barr related but they are related and all of them were arrested for disorderly conduct. Question we have is do you believe that this lovely family may be used as black white ninety or age. And I have. I don't know what you guys have to go black I'm black. They're all related. Girls are already let it look at Arkansas no loses Lancaster pens all Lancaster for the same their movement in Atlanta. I'm different aren't they haven't looked at Lancaster Pennsylvania is is that the home of the Amish. The threat to rent an Amish country for sure. Lot of farmland and rights that would meet on the Mexicans don't make me think more white now it is a Waffle House and it is after midnight. Q 45 so. Do people eat a waffle houses before midnight when I've never heard about a wall files and emboldens mean before twelve missing to me and he would go Mexican if it was. In the morning and you're eating breakfast. Don't make sense I think when you're drunk late at night after midnight it's gonna be a wider black inmate with a fighting with each other with each other usually tell them. They got to have. Could be one of all relatives and five of whom I don't know what provoked the fight but when I got of the flight I may win at. And models involved the mother was involved although if you read the table and you got over you lose your thoughts on his mind it's a weird one fight within the family. All the good ones and we don't know what it was the beef was about. Don't know there's bound at the Waffle House 2:30 in the morning and rich and I guess all fired within two seconds to be told all five more on her feet donors. Let Garrett go if I guess I gotta go that way that did because that's the most. People from mark inside. And our motors I don't R&R golf and gather the visual image in Pennsylvania I won't say dude it's a very white area actually. Lancaster. Yes but I like the fact that all of them popped up and why do you sleep and got into it that screens black get out I'm Ian black on that one because her because it's how you play under their. This regular behavior that they are no big deal she didn't go to the well you really need to learn and well yeah I mean may have heard they like that. Inaudible I think nobody disagree with the spirit gave it out there were awful. Behalf about how the fight you might lose sales on the black women love awful. Yeah cock right so are you gonna go black eye makes the Eurasian on this. Our goat where the real white yeah okay final answer prairie are all right we'll find out of that them it was black white makes the or Asian next. That was a tease you are listening to the men's room radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. We'll get all off whilst after midnight and Lancaster Pennsylvania for today's profiled as a family that were sitting there. Enjoying their late night meal for the mail and then all of a sudden they got into a little bit of this two guns and all of them got involved and ruin the table they were all in fact family members and until the ages of 55 joyful downtrend endured we ask you do you believe this family was like wait makes you or Asian. And initially used to black because black women love waffles and the and the endless period and the end you went white church. And also now home. I guess current also apply to women who like waffle or study was bright blue man who doesn't. Need it and Camilla waffles I don't like wobbles and I didn't of lack of you're LeBron are those like law blog yeah. I'm a pancake guy I think final awful Cink thank I want to thank you better I don't think Dover okay all right we'll who craved. The blonde close that's close and businesses painted. Something for me to pancakes in Memphis. No jazz try to play profile that's tomorrow same game same time same bat channel all right from the TV news all the time it is time for TV time a tale. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the newsroom presents. Miles out of Asia were thrill Sony mentioned your mother and throw. Tyranny. Question there but Fox News is dropping their fair and balanced slogan notes correct. Pretty positive to be honest with you how long we've been fair and balanced. As far as our slogan oh yeah I would say like twelve years of retirement we've known isn't really that. Oh you know what you're right it was used by Roger Ailes who when he like manager. Ranked red Dan grant imagined when he launched the network in 96. Million. But basically they're dropping. They said they take a lot of heat for fair and balance that I use just your thank you see you know normal time back on the when he was on The Daily Show. They sit. Fox will be marketed now under one of their other tag lines most watch most trusting it. Not. When she watched her back how about that that sounds familiar so they've obviously been years and after awhile. Well and I am a pretty long we'll lose vision play. Yeah I mean news has a limited number of slogan the good ABC dealers Eyewitness News and Ingrid any number of cities and her late local only breaking a rare that I barrels whenever the ball important years for the life years. Lives. Right and then the game. Were telling you first years and has like seven years like you hear your first years was that a decade of alive and then you hear it here first because I think. Man it's good thing I wasn't watching the competitors it's only like three minutes later Zain Stiller Brad and three minutes it all my friends banks on watch channel twelfth. And here's where it now is somebody gets paid to read tweets. And I get it. But you almost what I tell people are watching the news to watch somebody else talk about the tweets like. He gorgeous late surge to cash stagnant. The current I go who has that I go I generally nobody here from like experts or something you like there's a terrible you know. I don't plane crash or something not too bad nobody died and attempt dark. There's plate you know I don't hear from a guy that lake has flown planes or something about planes at their dislike rule. You know billion Potomac says is the bread dough while shot that went one down parish tired couldn't believe my date. We're right like thanks Billy thanks Billy feels like most of us that was shocking you can. Joseph in Texas says I dropped docile slack. I. Eddie House they're going most watched most trusted. Another reason besides the fact they thought they are being mocked for a basically they just it's too closely associated with Roger Ailes. Who of course has passed away. But Willie that was being embroiled in multiple. That sex kind of handle stuff going on their Fox's. Shore birdie rather heard term bound to be fair to Fox News in a kindergarten dried but still. When I heard term violence I thought Fox News I never thought of Roger Ailes and again to be fair to Fox News when I think of them I think different people. I know who robbery shield laws but to me he was a separate it. That number Els is Roger Ailes and yes we only on Fox News and all that but quite put it this way you don't think it's Ted Turner we're watching wrestling. Now do we know when you all are but most of those don't associate woman the other at that time that you're watching Fox News one of the road grooves open. Yeah realms over fought through those little rubber it like I know. Analysts think Timmy most people you think fox I would think of what's his name Murdoch first. True you know I think and I think of Shepard Smith has been on the new ones like heat to me although he has not. The voice of Fox News and he is the one that I recognize the most and I think respect the most. Risked my demos for short of the horizontal I think over should be Hannity. Yeah I don't dwell on an annual Bill O'Reilly before Lebow a broker for over bills go on and build and he'll do just fine but Sean Hannity and not losing his mind melting down free economic cry and whine and all amounts and so he's kind of taken over as the boards but I mean that happens rate I think when you think about CNN. Usually if they went Anderson Cooper. Frank nor did I could not figure was single for our John Lennon had look at the 10 CNN they got nothing right Vegas just gotten this Anderson Cooper put you know is on CNN but. He's like a separate thing in there either remotely like that Hillary Clinton are just not saying anything I don't know it's like go to mayor are talking about Fox News right now when you watch him or not. They're doing a complete reconstruction verve than me dude did from Megan Kelly gone to. Two new VP of programming now I'm putting different shows on putting different people employs its its restructuring. CNN's just doing the same stuff expecting you to watch yeah yeah but it's funny how people are associated with a network Jeremy is like MSNBC. I always thought of preterm out breach Rachel. Matter how mad now Manny Jackman Daryl now and I think you'll have that in the morning Joseph couple that's always hook it up and they're getting married country. I just Charles Brown the. Only thing I know all morning Joseph. There's other compliment or hooking up and you all the reason upon of their cobble looking up just don't put it in the nude I've never seen her show I mean I couldn't say anything would happen I know they exist. But I don't I don't know anything about it other than a fact and presumably on in the morning. It is and the one guy's name is gel Al surgery coffee dust upon morning Joseph I think if they don't really know Obama. Alone does gonna catch on everywhere. Let's see hopefully you know I don't know do you think guys that raced motorcycles drink coffee. I think they do I think they go yeah I need to go more often than the best of their loved to have been a little girl with a jug drug scale of I would go up more so than the downs so there's this island right I want to say it's off the coast of Ireland doesn't matter the greens were wrong all the time the Isle of Man. I know miles south at a fancy can't you wanna go to doctors could be I wanna little locomotive ultraviolet trying to reveal a camera angles lotion a material. From room. The that I am a man. The base leads a small island right it's a nickname for really big dude but there's a big do for game throws like a thriller the women of that. His nickname is the kind of man that has got a great name to you yeah I mean it's. I think is the mound that now dead. Well that's better than like chiseled Rick. Sizzled who break that was the only game I don't have a three over amounted children. The go to those schools chisel and Rick is like a guy you know it he is chiseled but he's annoying. Right it is a brick and yeah like he shows up streets are your vodka right your flavored vodka. I think and let's go to water what you're talking about later to yet weld chiseled Rick was here I thought I had a chance for the president in 200 and he's got to do stairs and I just don't relax yet but he would screw it up steal. He's much better look giving you I mean he's chiseled promise he doesn't have much of stairs right have to do. It's just the rest is correct yes he's still secondary Jager bombs what it's like ten years yeah I mean brainy Gil were over there he's not on real Smart guy his dad. No Dropbox that ball through it. I don't know what age of the rhetoric just to take one. So this style of may and are paid him as their favorites for this motorcycle race right and basically there's these small lake. You know lake I European small streets no cobblestone come bill yes there flying around to a Judy here in this that I was TV announcers here are our British or something. And it's only right that they get real excited. You can see the video on the mention FaceBook page basically just keep in mind. This guy is going almost a 150. Miles an hour. We might we've jags millions coming up our sport. Another thousand everything. And I. I have watched the killings familiar for the cal was talk. You meet him. Yeah that's a hot and give out mom yeah along. Expert brought up that he's no one's business now oh my goodness are half. I'm not saying anyone sight a lot of like that in a long long drawn. He that good news they may say that. Basically what happens he comes flying around his turn right and you almost goes inflict a speed wobbles yeah. Any self admittedly he's at a 150. And just kind of ticks are laid out he keeps his balance and somehow pulls it back. That's what they're trying to go so crazy near a wall like we've never seen that a bit me on the nice glad meter. Event. Yeah I mean. Also other Mac guy they did I can't imagine too many people in that situation keeping that bike not a purpose now and started on the walls as he gets some air right when he delay and his front tire. Is like twenty left but he's going straight. What is it about the wobbles to and it doesn't matter what you're going once they start who's like oh no ride it's over now you just know. I mean look or while he was going 150 but I have a similar story I was going down a steep no one night. Fifty CC scooter. And there's that that little groove on the road and I hit it who's your ordinary can I got a wobble in. You get the wobble I did and I went on but I ball. Dude I was social media well just because I mean look I get a it's like to make fun little scooter but it's fifty CC straight you don't 35 at this point in going downhill. And if you light it that's gonna sock does it's going to suck Ted. Steve was and they went about my first beautiful woman got still yup and the woman who sold to me whom places and they look you know just be careful here here here. The carefully be especially careful on the draw bridges with a metal grates all humans these greats like you know one of the civil case a lawful us UH yeah. The throughput alike men and not know yet that's one of those just. H street and continue your speed and so you know everybody knows a bill cause he's been going through lately so. Some networks have started airing the Cosby Show again from last night I couldn't believe. Yet so let's just say it. First bounce Stevie had it in December I never heard about Stevie. You. You see it's all the money they got nine dryer sheets and good. This it is on TV channel re till smuggled to ozone. They're prepared if it was it was it was stupid TV online Biden did that a different world fallen on the divestment. So it's old TV shows it's run back and yet and that's about prop. That they took stuff right summarizing and I thought I could speak and a fellow frogman. So anyhow so the air it's a TV one sorry airman to right. That green it was a different situation I'm sure nobody thought to look at Dover but they aired an episode where Rudy is the order was sick. You know our Rome that's in there is one way to get her medicine to her. So the air and Gaza what we're 'cause he's crushing up pills to put them and begin our world doubles gold. Teeth are we sure had a grand. Yeah I mean I just lake. I get that eighty to eighty sids we're gonna start an on again be used to like somewhere along the lines of an even like an Internet ads always crush up pills and put in a Jews. It's a small thing and we understand is oversight the united got to be sensitive to these things look when when Chris Cornell past we've played pretty much everything he had done. Sound garden audio slave. There was a song though we did not allowed to organize once they were was woods based on everything is what. It's popular song we're not going to play that one it just hits close the hole so you think of the house briefing same thing like look. You're gonna rattled the cages could replenish or I don't personally care about your plan to show. There does not bad episode ma'am. Yapping that he's currently in golf. Just say he's he's he's not been proven guilty of anything but I think with the charges and everything else during the current OJ one of them you would you would yet in you wouldn't show. Maybe they lag as the OJ just in movies was that a regular on TV about if you poetic serial killer with a knife you don't know us on air that mode right. Right in there was a lethal what are lethal weapon a loaded weapon. Right voter right there yet. Files from police fire with a low oh yeah he was making gun load day you may god. I guess yeah. Leslie Nielsen Capra corn one naked gun all the big movies. Right that's a safe but if there was one of those famously naked gun 33 in a third where he stabbing people a death I probably wouldn't look at that the same way. Now an apple did you do it now has enough time passed. With the OJ yet. Now it's still can't do. No okay noted the now what do these guilty let's just what he's dealt what if he's guilty of two of the charges and the present bill Gaza yes you be well he's now guilty when you found guilty OK it's a different question it's if he's found guilty do you still run the show. In other words if Gary glitter does get the money go Gary glitter gets a royalty fee from rock and roll part two ball people boom turned everyone stop playing and immediately once he was found guilty because. Don't residuals and royalties 12 Gary glitter. Who then fled the Cambodian him yet so do you keep giving this guy money because he's still going to make residuals the family the whatever the cause be something rather whatever they got the name of it is. He's still getting writing credits put a depends how the judge truce drawn so I read something with who's the Barefoot Bandit bunching your stole planes and reload mama so. One thing that he was for us about a lot of people were interested in this kid's story salutes them to brief president distorted it and where the judge rules. Basically they. A publisher paid a million bucks for the rights to do his story may be made to move the judge said that's great he done dividend. Well the only thing I would guess is do the royalties. Of the Cosby Show exceed. The restitution payments or anything else that might come down in civil court allowed then criminal court so in other words. Syndication is what everyone goes for Arnold that money and number is no study you know it still doesn't matter likes to say the money into his life than his wife has gone on trial for everything that you still a problem with that technically goes to the cosmic thing but yet he's not Jamaica. And no offense running in fear I have the feeling is of course wife is standing behind him for all these years it they're they're they're one entity she's not that state Debra. Are now here's my question would go out and and obviously his health is not a great just doesn't work he's playing that up a little bit right now for obvious reasons Clinton years. Chances are to be an afterthought if you all are the I don't know if you don't Andy's. How's her Golden Globe to what is supposed to double the memorial home hey remember the wife kind of video montage over Heath Ledger died that the three minute montage of his stuff. Do you do both rounds now have. The guy has what 4050. Years through the stuff. Yup seditious there's certain things right and I hate I mean I hear under the emulate his Reilly tomorrow raging people. I think you just ignore. Now I think you're just kind of used I don't got to England did that when they go rent a kids show oh god yeah it was legendary in the potential of fear what this. Passed on months all these allegations are emerging and also front of you might be still a lot of money in Joseph I've accurate story is which we never want to show rapid your marine about the time that all the subject. Yes I mean. I don't know about the airing of the shows I think I think this immemorial thing. How to get peace. Convicted and I think he's guilty but if he's convicted Q&A that's a song you know what if it's even just this once those not a big montage honored Truman as they remember everyone that died in the twelve mile per involves all the celebrities and I don't want to 70% of the end of the year real no also blue and do you put on for the brief second season you know miles Montgomery he doesn't bill 'cause you keep movement or do you exclude him for matches. I excluded from every everything yet would you pay somebody out of pocket all the time for crimes that you didn't commit. Personally guess and now I mean answer as internal short of the court Moeller does a so Lance Armstrong to me it's lying and lying in line and line and I think there's eventually going to be there it's like all right I met. I don't think you will buildings and now. Yeah because I mean look let's harsh to Hong is deep and was very rude to a lot of people kind of ruin careers and stuff or bitch still just. It's just not committing sexual so it's not ruining lives in the whole line cheated out of sorts at some level and saying as you can just see the familiar pattern of someone might defending the line rider and I'll. In my mind. I've made my own opinion and so clearly. But I mean also you know I go back to discipline deliver against that that's that's part of the society be lifted now. You know that's the thing if you can't proven in court you know you know that it doesn't matter. Yeah did you ever over to court used that message her degree amendment c'mon man he packets actually and it's brutal. All right let's hear something funny now and that was kind of serious that what. This'll make you laugh it you'll laugh how awkward it is you won't laughed give this guy out America's Got Talent is not funny stuff right. OK for the longest time I didn't know that shocked a condom was a talented singer songwriter. I thought Chaka Khan was aid. They freeze thank you explain triumphantly much like boom Shaka locked up so. If you if you can just kind of picture a small white boy you just periodically shouting out sugar content that's. That was meat that was me. He's I don't know UConn and comedians has got talked about their sex lives IE. Don't count one of those IE. Like when people say that they had a sexual encounter. Next. Never made intensity because they turn you know. Not going well for me. I just wanted to say thank you so much and shot at time. It was just grown and no. Everything was better driver gal up reality I think it was so uncomfortable. With everything and let's just a brawl that. Take it dead around TV time instead we've got your headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to amend their radio now learn is truly starts with smiles and now let's see what's happening in the real world I you know Gene Simmons does seem old Gene Simmons thing possible he claims he owns your hand. Meanwhile Fox News admits that there imbalance really doesn't go with there brand new bring him. Partnership Roberts almost made Johnny turned them down if he makes more an hour on the streets. Meanwhile in Maine woman attacked by a rabid raccoon is not going down in defeat and animal rights group rescues. Pigs they were free. On an island in the both groups it is time for headline. It's time that it. Scares. Mike Cox. I tried and I Gene Simmons does that again he is now he is now claiming to be the creator of the rock on gesture. On to great lengths to get a patent and trademark but there's a little bit of an issue. The gesture that he's trademarking isn't the woman everybody uses. Most people throughout the devil horns with the comment from India's trade marking the AFL symbol for I love you with the found out. Does LeBron I can allow that to happen probably not asked I told miles earlier laws. He's not easily nor do I don't think he's particularly stupid but he is attention starved and I'm I'm thinking he did there's no there's no way he wins this. That he did this to be in the news for something. The event. I do a day of the Mahan needs attention he isn't that kinda guy and the Earth's entire career he's always been annoying to me but it never struck me as particularly stupid. And are you self aggrandizing and all kind of grappled by. But not this Dark Knight has bought always attention starved so it just make may be I would sleep better night thinking OK this is is Gene Simmons needing attention. And I was sleep thinking oh my god this man is one of the dumbest multiples. I think if I don't think he's dumb. I do think he's somebody their plate whatever the void he's in his life in no amount of money we'll fix it okay I bet he's gonna try so he's gonna drop. I am I needs as much money as humanly possible and he's still on that. Right around the world success academy of cobble hill has been a mother from their premises. And has ordered their security to have her arrested if she is on the premises after she set an unspeakable word in front of students before school. The word was. Damn Dana. Wow. Where was a school this was in Brooklyn oh boy a lot of hasn't those kids are really going to be in for a shock. Yeah and Brooklyn and they go get a piece of pizza that a our own one and allow students are you do one of those men taunted threat coming from Nuremberg when you get to the back. The tone deaf and amp. All right we go to Maine of this story is a little bit messed up that W automated word jagr had a pretty scary experience. She was out for a job when out of nowhere raccoon came sprinting after her and snarling in a way that she described kicked. As like the Tasmanian Dow kicked it she might that's why don't dog it. GSE tried dodger on the animal but it persisted so she had to take action. She knows get a virus that she offered up her hand and a bit down on her finger and hell lot. Now of course she's wave around and she screaming and she's trying to think of the next thing bill is it was at that it was at that point that she got the idea she shoved the animal's head under a mud funnel. That was nearby her until equivalent. He's around the ready to round this drag you know with the lowly Houston to the raccoon like that's. I'm guess I'm guessing she's still got rabies or they had to go loads of mistaken for two days later that the raccoon did it what wasn't fact rabbit and she did go to the hospital to get shots OK don't we already. Are we RD immunized from rabies until we get rabies shots and knowing hoga I don't believe. How would you say this is some might just get another one of cadets. It's dead on not punish relish playing time here any time we go again rusty nail down and get another shot in the back. I'm free cash that's tennis attendance at this. Yeah and they give you a tetanus shot to keep that from happening Lynette do you get that he's delusional and every you know the shop. A silicon based gave you rabies even a small version different graphic rap act. We try and be really angry about my W unspoken thing that happened even 36 wings that they did you do does some good good. So maybe the federal ready and when we got to study what happens when a human is rather mean I don't eat everyday caught cannibals enough. Biden other people yeah movie about a try to remember the title but I can't take it past him. All right as we talked about a guarantee any time since 1996 Fox News in front of the net under the same slogan fair and balanced and other. It is company has now decided to drop along you slow and and run under the banner of the most watched most trusted. And check. Yes there's a golf Fox News fox. Fox. I'm roads movement toxic weed like blondes we got blocked stocks. We go to Russia where a four year old boy has been found alive after having spent five days all by himself in a bear infested forest RC does Aziz four year old from Russia. Probably hung overall I don't like a lot do with them we hope that they kept me warm wolf government the breakfast I had to do drew boom times. And for days now Forrest wood dangers Russian child. So I'd be glad you fund is sort of the blues music and movies to bear club with a man on low in the leathers. But it didn't do that if I think he was out on a temperature of this family gathering firewood when it would his dad when he complained of being tired and wanted to had backed camp. His dad put them in the right direction but the four year old still lost his way on the way back you spent and hold near a farm. Near eight fallen tree you've thing that I do Bonderman right directors it stands now comes the list I dug removed. If he did units though below the late fees if it if you're all right. I thought it Brighton Michigan a car dealership has put aside a discouraging people from donating to a panhandler in the area. The men have been targeting the area for about two years which is right up the freeway and the dealership thought they'd have the man out by African pulled on W did all the hour is it but I make my name more than any of you can I don't realize that I went that might. Is the FCC badge of Friday foray tomorrow yes the data until then into new bass and poorly for the sake. Okay. Yeah. In this room has been paid before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester limited. Presentation knows the man truly feel that way.