06-15-17 Seg 3 Mens Room starts slingin!

Thursday, June 15th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes goes to war! plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. David I don't let Robert just so you know Christina called and her favor us troubles also Applebee's only took her to. Questions to get well Brian McDonough just you understand and I always is listen and they don't like dumb people. An obvious little Brandon direct mail him and you gentlemen you're to student. I'm going to be ultimately I'll probably going to be the biggest dug a hole I am pretty stupid things are yet purposefully called approve the I don't know man you missed the Darryl my deep eaves for I would know I would Goodman being handed out telling you I I mean I actually think about the golf ball that golf ball go I might I got that right. Why I'm telling you would be pretty stupid Robert did you graduate from high school. No I did not okay get a job. Yes they do yourself or your client so far. Well what your business. I'm Billy Martin beloved book that nothing else I go along what our tables as you can question my. This small apple gone down got too big deals are. Here's a question here at an interpreter and great cook knows leave the deserve what got a bruise easily. And the move into Jackson who probably won't command ran into the lungs babe might. What kind of dog that they Harlem has aluminum quote thug fiscal two guys on Wednesday by Trinidad aid and an electric and you've got the drive. And what a decade did Ellis Island close as an immigration some. Who who. All of woke Hulu we'll for a decade after he judo master you can get close. Who had been at the last hole. Encrypted form. What's best car you got on the lot right now rabbit. All right although it has been through yeah you don't mournful thought why didn't quad throw home Coca. I know why it's still look. Probably more like that you buy low sell it car car pit and all yeah I don't want carted time Robert. Or don't have the usual so I do at all you know. And I love her look. Exactly MOR Cooper RS Kosovo. Conflict you have your own TV show and no doubt lingers. People who are human adults have how many bones and nobody. In order overlord. Cook. It. 300. To be fair. There birthday party back doors and physically tough moments. I forget that my wife Jesus probably wouldn't let you golden not her hold on the McDowell. And you go more bones and good job. I always just talk out loud and telephone. Oh yeah he's in good. You can always buy any green in the light you know coming down the governor pat Murano in your honor can you proven to easily she knocked on the door like you and there. Here are the humidor yes he does and as she does she allow you to have peace in the shower or do you have to have her talking to record. You know the doors open and she thought we knew all of them could you welcoming. The man alone to. Film the man let him at least. Poop inner peace that does this one universally. Understood moment that most people. Not been allowed aggregate numbers with some now we're gonna want the sweet release man. Just let the man do that. It's just one small playing. Let them open piece. To. Our man on prime force at your next question you weren't taught you are on the rumor Gloria. You got off of but that afternoon. What years did the pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock. They could land it on she doesn't know you know gondola and I don't know is there. Should tell you when to prove them. Or they boom was. 1870. Court. Ottawa. Toledo Toledo. Fifteen. It's. Brief moment. Sixteen test thanking Giuliani 62 67 and I've never been Plymouth Rock in my mind it's always been as big historic thing for obvious reasons. Ted was in blue who assiduously sought the assistance is saying I haven't seen it but he he tells me it's really small. It is really small and easy yet it is tiny closes and it's it's always disappointing way to unbelievably disappointing is the most disappointing thing you've ever seen so are resilient very unlikely that they spotted the rock from the water and made that there's no way to accidentally ran on top okay I see that's my thing. Because the way they teach you want him and it's like you're at C Spears' jar Iraq was you type in the rubble of America let three go in the guerrillas say Curtis this is it this is all this. Is this though. Tiny iiroc did result in favor of Google picture of the Plymouth rock and you'll agree they didn't seem that from the ocean this is just that promotes stop them that's dumb and they ran at a beer they have and I don't know who part of should establish sixteen what. That's only new year from unstructured way and four there were no question number four hour. In 1942. Which president designated things getting. Beat the fourth Thursday in November. She's talking again as you can yeah I didn't know it's easy listening to the phone call like she have her head up against your head. Mary did aren't speaker I take us off speaker. Or don't let her know were asked yes seriously and veteran driver went and asked them. Where else bigger. Yeah you're Norah. When I pesos figure. Another dumped can't manner. Any showers in the door opening match and she put her head up to phone. He's got a because she would cordon boomerang won't. Whoever is great three and 94 jailing of marriage and that he designated. The fourth Thursday in November 2 good films get. 99 world very popular president. The dude was elected four times and arrow. I'm probably wrong when they really don't know all the President Obama and guess. Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan 1940. Darryl Ledbetter won't go there and overlooked I'm only teach your docket. Yeah FBR. If if if if the question five Robert. Before moving its headquarters to the United States of America was originally known as the base of what European country. Think those who appeared in the country at all. So you mean do you the end we can you euros into anything we want you to name a country in Europe the Bank of America could a feasible he started from. Or maybe. Italy. Why are. Are unbelievable. Man some peace and quiet and humble but the answer do you see that is why it was a talk Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar. They could get anything or we we take off speaker we ask them questions and makes an educated he gets it right see the blue don't distract the man. Let the man who he might come over the next genius idea sitting on the toilet in my flood. Like three cars one Wheaton then a big dummy goes our next contestant ready to play the game hello Gerri welcome to the mineral. Yeah well it's. Carries over now. Show George favorites every chain restaurant did it well then again. There is it is famous Dave's barbecue that's under I'd be famous Dave's first barbecue mentioned today. When he gets famous Dave's. Earlier Hewitt they're combo yeah brilliant like her ribs and brisket. S don't like very. Usually go through three items from both. I like that when you're you're 120 yeah things. Awards every rough Rhonda didn't let me give instead of eagle and then and I can't decide what I want I want to do simple Mexican restaurant she's really want one taco one enchilada or two or three armament and get a look back on the top hopefully you are. Kumble my favorite. Part of your question. Liquid sunshine. Was the slogan for what soda. All I know sort of what we're having are actually struck. What sort of sluggish. Seeing. Natural that was an okay hitter get cash crunch the proper kind of get the benefit stop that maybe something like scoring he would cancel that. Now liquid sunshine with a slogan now and who wouldn't doctor pepper now. Yeah that would I don't know about you let the sun is not around any words that may be BZ. The sun does not brown gonna open it. Hurdle and that is brown liquid in front of it typically you're not gonna giving hitters. All right more organization was originally known as the sons of Daniel Boone. And related groups are on the way to bonus amount. There are cold front that bear no fruit yet what if you have the organization still around now. Summation. More shots Oslo. It is understandable under the Clinton subdivision. But then my dad summit under through the boy's dad. Cancer got there multiple choice. 30 boy what appear on the Connecticut state flight. Three maple leaves three great fines or three hammers. We're never. Four and really take grape juice them up they. Conklin. Given assailing what they never use those great tomato lying it's always great jobs but are quite certain grades chemical a bit lately surging rates are going to make better ones certain bridge future graves at an upgrade did you. Used for one you can't really eat and vice Versa. So they say that it just heart. Coach or some who would you use tar vs our Legos I'd never say. In Amarillo loves our home and who didn't Hitler. OK near little greater. Literary work inspired. The song white rabbit from Jefferson or. Literary. World rent. Glad I felt. Ellison wonderland and. Merry go very and Karen do at this is in London then. Our newsroom pole here you go also noble troll then now banks stakeouts with a vote famous Dave's with a vote olive garden with a vote. Andy Ram adds to the total right now I hop in the lead on our men's room polls version beverage and restaurant man at our problem garden my new mascot would be my comment out of them. The pick and yeah do you think I was in my home and I'll leave it right no my mom and I did go. In its bread sticks. Tied the game is a big dummy coming up we get your emails on the way from the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the bedroom radio network. Drew smiles so. So I don't know I sure thought we'll bring it fills with these shots of the day that has also on the way the first time for a few emails here for the men's room mad men survived doctor job. And whoever go all the fellas yesterday was my wife. Shannon's birthday yes I forgot to send an email request for the birthday song go ahead and let her know what an SE husband IMF from Norman Nebraska Norman I've darn thing. Jerry knows she who you do that all by yourself and you know you screwed yet you address racial remind you that you'd. All please would you having ninth birthday to Ryan pronounce Ryan getting two little kids they sale generate laws go ravens at from brackets eTech. Ultimately get our son hadn't heard T Shia now cabbie thirteenth birthday to our lacrosse playing suntrust and here's to you becoming a teenager and have a suck it up cupcake in a big only draw like Zhang gains thank you guys that from Laura oh. Well. Our car says while little brother Stephens 42 birthday if we had a birthday song along with a barbershop quartet fish sandwich that would be amazing rock god from Jim Beers it's. Movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on this. That's the only reason I wish movies do really gays in the morning and afternoon and news and then and now. It's just as my brother take a story third birthday he's a software engineer in Eldorado hills California field to rob who got that in the first sentence and streams they show every dale Oregon guys have been losing your show since 2006 he would love nothing more than some redneck miles. And the next collar for his. Birthday liquor and whores that from Matt Monica and Tyler in lowly Sacramento California saying it's great to hear the show on 98 rock that's right big and sexy or men out. Dregs of your route looks to be a good place. Get rid itself. Met alternate flexor Brian's birthday gig isn't total sex with thrill yellen did please. It's my 21 with seventeen years of experience rotating around son had Labor Day to may have gotten dirty talk from the Germans banks a lot. That from the dirty Asian angels. Yeah I understand all the restaurants you go over and we'll visit Joseph grumble. Yeah I'm used to do an Asian news in the most. Sweet and sour and is coming yeah. Always had ever dated Nick Brown I'm pretty sure story for. He's so lucky that he has good friends like us that are taking him to see tool for his birthday can get a kid they sell engines and dirty German talk. Thanks guys that from Jamie and Cameron. Guys sounds awesome post and a who's who but you'll be okay does that pistol whipped with my love. Tool. Good news is Germans are coming over who gets used to a tourist. This one's terrible. Bitches my husband decided solving as Internet issues is more important take me out on my birthday so I told myself that after assess left the house I'm taking myself out screw him. Can I get enough a look at an and how hitting the window thanks love the show that from Blyth though a look at. Oh cargo. The life the angry wife intelligence right. Today is my wife DK Tony turned around the sun we start listening every day during our car pools from work to get through the traffic. She would love a little wedding puke and some dirty German talk from thriller and dedicate starter birthday festivities thanks guys that from David. This. No I don't blow to a little legged chipmunk cute to be little nuts. John you can munch on network from the teller. He feels all right to accompany you to. Which also might go over Amanda thirtieth birthday always doesn't really show a lover more than anything gonna get turtle sex and some dirty German talk thanks guys you're the best that morale. Problem we have a little bit the roller thousand changed even go down and hold. Down and across the greatest song would do. The output against the men in the box with. Home. To roost and who put up a puppy yeah. Yeah but in the next you'll be the judge dead guy who did the freak together. Business this is rainbow dead animal today and affect guy from Port Orchard my family hatred show so this in the some myself my only request is for thrilled atomic that a suck later bitches on dude you definitely saw. So does your family federalism the show and you'll see a lot of tell them they suck you suck but they suck more. Guys love the show I have a special hurt their request for my wife's 55 birthday on our favorite day big dummy this is request and only Ted can pull off. Ted knows my wife Cheryl she used to clean his apartment. She go to Hawaii and as reaching the benchmark of 55 years of age are running in for the birthday requests thanks gentlemen to keep up the other quality entertainment love you guys. How about some dirty German talk for the old wife Sheryl please. Cheryl I've never used to come over and homemade cookies. This time the Germans will be enjoying and guys you opened restaurants between the legs and go to the month shoot outs and emotion and you know made. Imagine what you look at. We do what do what do. Yeah would you would you looking and. Yeah. Time guys serial. It's. Okay happy have you added hey have you had to deny. I came a day curtailed that says salary out there. I high tide I have been a long time listener eight years of the men's room and it's a time to see if I can make one in my favor dreams come true I'm moving abroad with my dope husband well were you taken that forward unit and would take her someplace. Revenue the bag goma pick up and I wanted to see how well one could be a part of the live studio audience the men's room estate in front of doesn't look like there's a place on the website by audience tickets. So hopefully someone can directly over the email thanks a lot that from Veronica. Brooke unfortunately we had a someone burning fake tickets of the number years ago that we had an incident in the cents at one time we. We have not a lot we do not allow legally the and his two Bewkes that is for them that's as just part of what we called the incident but didn't abroad and I don't pose a threat. Also taken a broad gap among Obama is David from our question from yesterday where were you when shots fired guys for those of us who are in or just a veteran of the military I don't know when the bullets weren't flying. That from gummery more shots guys I was in Mexico City on vacation with a wife and kids visiting family. One night went to a restaurant eat and as the night was going on we could hear a lot of sirens getting closer and closer out of the Alison a car crashes against a light post next outside of our tables window. Four guys jump out and try to enter the restaurant where we were eating. All the servers waitresses and people working on the restaurant tries to close the doors and mocked him before the gunman entered the places there's screaming for everyone eating. To hide under the tables. As this is happening the cops get to the place have a shoot out with a gunman and then leave. Once all the chaos is over everyone starts asking if everyone's okay and that's when I see my beautiful wife under the table with our kids. Enjoying her delicious tacos I guess when you're hungry you gotta eat everyone was unharmed the restaurant except for the gunman there were a later killed. A later we found out they've robbed a bank and take it easy guys are the best on the radio I'm glad to shows getting more exposure you guys are fantastic. That from eyes the beast that is very she was common that situation still eat cock in dock your congressman. Guys are groping and I have to graced Marilyn and month summer evening ousting in my growth of the time on a date down to Phil's point in Baltimore city. Once inside the beltway I turned south on the highland avenue couple blocks down there there was traffic so I turned onto a side street at the next light. Four or five guys arguing then as I pulled up to the spotlight at a stoplight one of the due to start running like all across the street towards me in my girl a stopped car. As the other dudes pulled out their handguns and are drawing on the runner. I recognize the danger dump the clutch smash my girl's head into the dashboard and ducked down as I sped through the red light. Heard the shots and even heard of bullet zip through the open Wendell my car in my mirror on those runners laying on the ground as the dudes all started to scatter. Needless to say today was pretty much a bus to that point. When Patterson park and smokes and we'll cigarettes in the decided to fight the traffic and take the main Rosie Ayers thing go home. And that was my only the second worst trip. Through lovely charm city Baltimore cordially cookie be sunburn ginger in Tucson Arizona and better as a part of major as some rated. I'm totally you don't want the other talk about which used for self lover whatever out remember but I thought about my fourteen year old self pretty ingenious the time when mine that and basically I took a cocaine and and using a can opener aka the top part off of the kin. Stuff to sponges and side lined with a plastic bag to make it little you know. Thanks to the rim of the sharp again at edges it wasn't quite an issue. But it could have been that from Jason was a wild stuff it into open cut can't do you sharks are made it's been imprisoned. All the things that come up yes but what do you heard. I heard about one person not even using their hands and justly causing friction might go to their bodies really. Yet you'd. I'll want lower loan and a drought lately you know I'm a meteor so what they call it writing secondly mirror. What do they. Will be announced I don't know I don't wall crewmen. But both the who are going through a political wise yes sleep we will will drink it tells got another shot of the day is underway the first time Intel's. Okay. A lot of wild stuff hadn't in the kitchen Newton Jack. There are you might remember you know when you're rejected got to deal with all that stuff and yes sometime you don't yours there's just goes well so does then you have those cooks get. You gotta Rodham who hey Jeff hits. Just try yeah that was part of the problem you guys didn't hire out here without the patient who is the better no doubt they'll they'll work of architect. August oh you bring him out cocaine. I do not somebody is yeah the lately thrills and no I'm definitely I just did a good yeah and have you met our door guy Bobby. Yeah. I like do you think the code. As far as brands are coated in the weeds as an a means of women about it lined the route I'm not say the names places is a world famous restaurant like. Celebrities go ordered dignitaries when you go to this particular city they are brought to this restaurant so. Getting a job there was quote unquote I'm a big deal so whatever I get hired and until long interview process. Days like a week to get into some McCauley back I'm sitting there and decision announces that I've been hired gonna. So there's I didn't need jobs votes like. Cool they'd give me the job and as soon as he hires is like okay so our peers get. Eddie Eddie coming here are this is Eddie dude if you need about we eat anything like that and he's got to read if you cope the guy over there gathered are trying to salad. That guy has amazing cocaine and if need to loosen eugenics arming and pole here in price and you a lot of those should you start training with him both in Colorado you know. I'm like it in he was being dead serious men who would want to let you know welcome what drop like we understand deter drug addict if you work here so depending Woodruff you need. All of our Kooks come equipped with something that can help you spam any kitchen right some guys like some things that guys like other things and you know. So I'd like everything would go that this rush or yes go my best employed. Somebody would get into an argument about what drugs used off had your fit sure food sometimes does keep people. Kind of fired up an argument try the buzz he put together a list their colonies the five ultimate food. Arguments and Karen. Most of these are pretty simple but I can guarantee you you're gonna get fired up about. Should Mac and cheese be eaten with a fork. Or a spoon for four houses a discussion. Yeah well I guess not the 75% of people say fork but sometimes made it is he's dirty with a spoon. If you're shuttling. Yeah because when you eat that kind of food like Norway with a spoon. The front of the school go into your mouth first and writing superstar you're not Jesus beleaguered housing informatics you know audiences brewery in the from the varying from insiders is he the whole thing like did you shovel and an engineer your mouth open and you learned over your play the sides come here are shoveling and maybe it just seems smarter with the dealer fought off your work at sea gonna do you look for these mean it seems like airplane should be over hand and then. Room. Tribal people agree with you I'm not against whom are. And they're car is Mayo a good condom hell yes. And what goes with him yes 66%. Say yes Harkin and up on May use a very decisive thing that's usually don't like Mayo don't want it on anything reflects a lunchroom. I used to know a guy that's 48 Mayo Randi. He hated he hate mail you hate my nuclear bombers to America I do they matter this boy Dave Wright oh putting up crab dip. Where do it. Yeah I'm huge component of those crabs to crab dip is Maine anything meetings. Both cream cheese yeah. The epic but it's a credit which are better at a soft shell tacos. Are hard shell tacos I go soft so. Man the world originally just eight miles you know where you stand on this I'm 5050. You're art show a guy like them both it's like a cigarette like a mental or once a las smoke regular cigarettes but I really like a good crunchy hard taco you would probably Mel does allow. I normally ideology as a read those those locals tacos do so well to read us locals to commander then he won't forget they don't like they they they forget how much they love the crunchy taco but I don't think it's that like I had one of those tacos not because I eight. And I don't like generally hard tacos and but how important that eighth. Those companies to read those concerts completely. You don't like your crap I don't basically what I call it's like the Chinese version of American food it's crap beam americanized Mexican food that you're getting a taco pack is a kid nor an enormous from the hard times so you know that pinch big bed ground upbeat staying there are still gonna do this my nation with a hard talk show to me it's like to bottom Brad Brantley. As they bred it he's fine. But my body to a suit on the bottom Brodeur still blows up the back select the my hard toggle man. How village about I end of holding most of my taco innards in the palm of my hand and I that's not only that first bite and all the old practice grumbles and I would I would I would I would burn damage about a bread a big doesn't it when I was a kid I remember like I remember the first time go to taco bells and Colin Powell. So all I got oh yeah good good they home do you know it all was always that the hard Taka. And any right they broke apart they're look at how hard shells. All he knock jokes but then things actually like what I chose to go look. We know the dog with children explodes we broke the mold for you just put the crap on you doesn't polar tag is described in this group Paul Ortega. The from the what are you saying. Feat that two to two you're on number twos are you can different. Three there should catch up be used on day. Aches and do our business traveler I say yes I like ketchup on ex military will do but you write like you don't put her mom boiled but I don't think most people do 73% said no although sort of threw some stupid go to. Yeah well. Should pizza be eaten with a knife and 40 now or your hand your hands 92% same hand yeah. It's too hot you can eat it that's the best that's the bottom line you might need to give wake. Kabul well wait Chicago law deep dish I do feel a little different now as usual and with with a knife and fork but I would generally. You see pizza is getting these tea but then my hall who's making a face when we all instruments that of course in my hand do you disagree and you knew at all OK but you're looking metals like. No. I can't even imagine Mike sit around them working night and then back to letting him back to the catching bunny gets most people don't remember that you didn't like eggs as a kid in Oklahoma where you liked eggs was scrambled and the only former fashion and the only way you like the scrambled basis for ketchup McMahon out of this one thing I've heard about it as a parent. And miles you just touched on so when you talk while biology and so that waters universal soul let. I think ketchup is the universal pacemaker man like you're just a one. Don't think real bull of weekends. Look at the spotlight galore about just put ketchup on it though you vote if anything we're catch up. That is true it's amaze I remember being that way myself but I'd forgotten what a difficult. Individual elbows until I had kids as it seriously he has an inning and then. Unity to god damn thing and not only that he need this what you told me you wanted when as the day what do you want. Yeah we're there if you decide that would get out on the idea of eating it is they are nearby. So yeah like when I was a child everybody Dick ridership Girardi here who is president no doctors late stop beaten. It's it's quite a couple quick would you rather I'm. Would you rather never be able to pleasure yourself again or never eat pizza again. Never repeats and so you give up pizza. As opposed to masturbation in our. Yet 48 this woman's got a split 40% of regular pizza 52% of they give up self love and be real skinny does masturbating with a if you put her presence does pay to make you fat. Let's otherwise though Madonna guarantee I'd drop weight man just management yeah I don't know if but we've got this one is just as far as looks go liquor Yorvit fact I would do you wanna be Israel then master rating outlook I'm more so I'm glad they got PC guy that's different though. I think you meant what I leave or later girl over for dinner. Yeah it's organized in a pizza yeah. That I can master maybe for you comes. Ladell pregame at three funk and then when imported played game and I'm warmed up more willing. I gotta keep I'm now I like both of those a lot and I like to combine them. Especially with the name down you know right after you Denny and if you're in a picnic with the degrees and hang in there really dominated like they take a shower Flacco that the Sunday trifecta. If that's taken head sick. We appreciate it very young dude on its. We don't we have a couple looked a little out of the go and order he hit you eat pizza. These self love that you take a shower but the repeat cycle through time that is. Now today is gonna we will Drake and tells the first the return now know as Sherlock you are listening to the men's room radio network. Smile. 2000 management is the shot of the day is on the label first RLC has thrown a Golden Globe think things look good first started the headlines this. Win only. Sharon I. Eating fried potatoes. Linked to a higher risk of death spell and should not cut. Cord coding war only continued as cable brazen bride yeah yeah. Act and Google surgeons show that America is full of reasons people Rick LA well know. Sure knock it. The guys that bad all but don't rule all the searching visit this based on election cycle like recently they say that we can predict essentially going to be president who's could be maravent town. Just based on searches the number of searches receive massive it's just been. Across America it has just been making no one is out doing anything. Big engine. Of America's new tobacco crisis the rich stop smoking the Gordon and aren't. Yeah study shows wealthy Americans and businesses control politics and policy well monkey's uncle. Chirac who won a bargain. Many influences. It seems I went to I would have no idea. Former FBI director provision Russian hackers won't interfere with the war election. And no Sherlock. We continue. Texas he's highly rated teen births despite abstinence only an accident yeah yeah well at. I catch them damn man boom. He made little figured. Now until they won't. We continue politics makes those mean and don't know I. Knock. Man mauled by dogs on delta flight couldn't say gee you well the prayers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Show our love or maybe just that they're taken it then you come home I got all the world hunger isn't religion moment put your legroom on the one. That is a nightmare there right near Trenton plant and has got the whole decides he doesn't want you home. Earn minimum wage in the US you can afford to live comfortably in exactly 122 counties. And the show. Woman charged in the stabbing hate crime claims mental health issues and act. Fox News it is fair and balanced slogan I quelled. Sure knock him and backed court rules jumps still not people. And now Sherlock. A police dog as fired him because you like to believe humans well yeah. Not quite enough been under review Bennett Selena Gomez did not were brought in knew it was good to play yeah. Sharon I'm finally. Have the men lie about their hides under online dating profile two thirds of women like about the way to bring LA well know. It sure not to use Dave. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just my news. They got to finish usually had visitor gas cans even drawn little find out who are tells them yes indeed today we chose an unidentified man. From Santa Clara California now he's not what you would call a master criminal but he is a felon. It broke into a company called Rome B and he stole 100 phone charters the idea was that he could resell them obviously. And make a whole bunch of money he also stole a beer out of the refrigerator. And we stole the beer out of the refrigerator Jimenez to cut himself on the process. And then you demand in the so called blood but the look the man can be kind of which of course left his DNA evidence behind as well book. The police spotted pointing that out. Ben and even need to use the DNA. And I've noted all because those 100 phone chargers useful. It turns out they weren't actually phoned charters because company Rome B doesn't make phone chargers they make GPS tracking devices. All and he has hall alone the hundred of them so basically they flip those things on gave the information of the cops. As you can imagine the cops found him rather quickly now voted along this way possible to get there on GP recalculated. Here's a video but not only do they tracked this guy down instantly because he had to. 100 location devices on them. Our. The police were so impressed with won't be tracking devices that now we're trying to work with won't be used them for this that and so Roby basically they are broken into and now they might get a side gig workable to cops and Santa Clara California the a couple of digs into three. Through this Schwartz modeling various. They're drove in 2000 Boston's am 100 GPS tracking devices he thought the telephone George man. Classy guys or even that big of market for phone chargers. Think about it quite a star but there's a huge market but if you do need a phone targets like an adapter like to me the bigger thing really adapter but everyone has charged phone. And I think you folks all want you to stick your phone on. Mutilate your phone on top some are charged that a deal like man you need a dapper chartered you don't really spending a hundred dollars. Yeah they should be outsell every countered every hotel America Jarrett used to be used with more imagery does lose because we think it's yeah. Me no national over the tongue down the two party in arts comedies. Down now hollowed out good job ticket doesn't online for profile this 8449990. Look he's continue on the men's room radio network.