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Thursday, June 15th


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This is dumb men's room. Great hotel good food fight coming up with a head gem in the meantime the game is big Denning who is our next contestant write a play the game hello squad are welcome to the men's room. Caught them the whole word bitch is on. I put the came over you know. Off work for them my. How many 12100 guitars where much of favorites favored chain restaurant. You know I'm gonna have to go Red Robin and I love that. He river barbecue burger who. Christie's river well if you lose you never really reliever ever did you read bury our take my man. And now I can I think a couple of clicks you can make no oh no no no no it yeah okay go of if you missed it and I lanchin. We gave you great father he thought. You've got them out here first off. He's as bad life is like good news I'm usually a bread route fifty digital they've been. As well as my always secret alright guys that's all it's a version. That that's yeah that they've already got it and let it fly under our reviews I would redo who could be close tonight and well there's magic in that red kitchen when I wanna know is what is the dip in the blooming onion. The bloom I guess results seriously is that tiger is a menace tigers off Yemen and never let you are only comes with a couple Ferguson act at the what I should pick it. Tiger paw also think it was. Hired. Yes why we have to work whether he just call but yeah all there every day. It's like five minutes of your weak. Arm and here's your question. A guy. Named Nolan Bushnell invented the videogame call he founded Atari and he found a what children's dining chain. Who children I'm sorry. Career so you had Nolan Bushnell invented Paul the Atari and then founded what children's dining through. A body was a guy behind the binoculars. Check achieved. You're about how much joy this man has brought the world. Well children make it and I know this is bad. I know this is bad and I hate to say this. When I can't help but say it I don't such a cynic but I just feel a bit bold abroad that much joy to children they creep me out man. I mean and I know I know it's I don't know man. Like put it this way of Willy Wonka and been real cat RA. And when your kids that hey I got a gold ticket he's now that yet there's when he ran the photo and hello can you go like you know listen I know you wanna go about it when did you. I cannot let you go to Michael Jackson. Right right right now right same thing Landers does he brought a lot of joy to a lot of children. And he schemes me out man I'm not saying this guy was bad and saying what ever reason Mosley. What concentration until. I think we've got to the genius that I could operate freely and ingenious I just what he did great contribution bombarded Joseph Biden says. Great contributions is men's left behind. The video game revolution maybe I'm sure would have happened but he basically kicked it opera Jackie chief of police to take the kids they can have a great birthday. Greece Rio would never let you babysit my right because most people they bring that joy to children make that much you have a real jet but another job murder realist you know what I say you make children. Why am appalled. Could invent and video game empire if you've got a real doubt it. Hopefully it goes right or wrong thing with a mouse is really gonna take our brilliant variety rapper I have. But they about a fireman or policeman right brown children get real fired up when they see him but that's not all the firemen or policemen do. But I want to decrease sell low rank above people like I did like firemen because the firemen like fireman on go do it apartment. I want to let put it this way clowns bring some kids joy. Do you guys like clones now so why. It's a terrifying ride it's the same thing. I'm just saying to somebody about it. I'm allowed. Or worse is an adult though. Just because I've had they creepy experience of late talking with a clown who and he just like talk to the regular books if he were were you when your dog Oakland. I was at a gas station Arnold at people for megaphone. Like hey get over here. And the cloud was a part of the entertainment he would show us some lunatic in I want pounded over the born to who who wouldn't want to go to Baghdad they have one of those a tall inflatable guys that looks like a pencil that just wiggle out now and I have a sign Spinner I wish I wish I love those the acting guys. But Blaylock the clown and a one of the events the clowns Lagardere don't everything's all right you can you can find microphone and little. I got the speaker and it was weird he was just a normal dude in the clown make up talking to me that is not a normal boot yeah Google doodle or Oklahoma ago. But then don't that I got my I hear what you're I went in one of those spinning Eros in practice for future jobs in a cynical. I know a good foods are always gonna do is give him tell you gonna make it to unseat him everywhere scares big news or next contestant had to play the game hello Jason welcome to the men's room but. Off more. I'd basically for teams over peanuts over. Humor has. Hopefully I'm over here. Timothy. We're going to outlast them. The familial this year. Yeah we're in Berkeley weekend so I'll go real predicament they're in their mind implementing an anti business. Jason would you favor chain restaurants. Waffle House Waffle House I didn't quite a while miles yet. No but does make it sound it made me open including. Oh yeah and ask you this event because they're just they're not they're not in our area so when you go Waffle House which is standard which you go to like what is he goes to a people that lawful. I'm assuming it's waffles loses something else. I'm the local heard the more older than most people heard you don't match for him I'm not really a. Has friend and myself but they're also out now would he get. I normally don't get access they now. I see that's and I'm talking about I'm an accident like that I know wobbles look like an okay Jason is like noticeably different is that than what's on the menu. Jays are part of my five minutes ago bailouts relevant it is cool it is not an indictment alleged you know I'm glad staying there yeah it is staying right here it's like my own personal poltergeist. I can't do math computer is something that is so. I hear is you're here's a question and which ocean where you find the Canary Islands who. Merry islands. Were never a lack. Miners are did you know Federal Reserve just a guest. Brad now toppled underwent poster child American. Yard punt on him. I don't know O'Neill the West Coast of South America would be off the East Coast of south there yeah don't me to be in Atlanta. And it's it's it's it's so automated ways that all British oh in the local the Falkland Islands all that stuff is little slimmer and I was mama know the British I believe isn't it a little territory yeah we are because Argentina was like hey man it's hours. It's a no it's not Argentina's and if you were into occupied England's our navies can be given to reach some of serves as Diageo fourteen days about a man is this part of it is that at view the English navy showed off impulsively a day later Argentina's like OK there are is this yeah is this island like Fargo there's a full of birds or is it was it like somebody called canary I think it's just. You know I think he's just her 100% and I don't think it's like prime real state I think that now we're just. Darwin was delayed work on his theory. That was the Galapagos are packed and other side and Damon we're learning a lot just by talking no we're just talking a lot we don't even over three world right this is all true were right to legitimate big dummy goes our next contest and ready play the game. And it's contestant is day and hello Dan welcome to the show. All that in the AM bellowed then all of auto. I'd been sober enough to know. Right over there and look in the show. Then what's your favorite chain restaurant sit down styled. So thorough. Her sort burned and Denny all right. And I didn't get all the brightness places represented shore him well yet and I mean I presume and greatly Waffle House Denny's I half I mean he immediately cracked the menu all day. Manner they're. Pretty good luck I worked my arm or. We're gonna how would you get what's in your round. The chairman seemed OK okay. I cannot forget those those places some time to get items off of their dinner menu as well absolutely I don't know she's very bad cheeseburger and has brown. I like to get an appetizer of chicken wings and men and hopefully move. Well boom lavish lifestyle living dead. Got to love it we can I have a recipe camp fires off a ha ha ha are well and it gives us is also the only good but I have is it from Red Robin. Who's the red rob it's it's just wanted small data but I noted is the level shirt is on them out miles I will forever remain ingredients to illuminate you don't give me that meant. A lot longer no good ingredients what is it it's mayonnaise the creek look there's a blend of spices and her manners. There's two other rulers say a liquid that is added. I'm thinking outside and you don't know I'm on a record tiger hit it if you're under milk the milk no real tigers are under the you can get it from the inside get Cambodian I don't know if any stretch for a wrench oh OK now I thought I Weis is given the color ha but I know the campfire sources. Rahman and I had respect their router equipment or whoever murdered who wouldn't lose the little blue Obama. Part of the question of who's the first non head of state to appear on a US stance. Basically he's the one non had to stay tuned here I never goddamn thing of course. Elvis who. Adams. Mind me. Oh yea yea yea yeah yeah you know this guy is. Aren't I do know burger or a warrant or art I'm ready aren't old girl I. Over pretty accurate. Oil and you've got a lot of folks do you want talk it was a longer clubs like double or did not know. What you're going to lie. Yeah. Why don't you just told its candidate. Are a Democrat I'm gonna break from your effort remember. You know this. But I like limited their ability to play another confessed that I brother and talented guys but also a wanna look at the moment stupid. So I'm gonna come clean up and in partnership with the media are now. Can't go play in court known as the doubles bed post and it's before okay what. Who. There. I'm a much different tomorrow I'm happy to protect. Are brutal art. Having killed a famous gunslinger. What was known as the white played. Brunch. For Kurt could but. It. Your regret for what was known as the white plague it killed a famous gunslinger reckoned. Well meaning black Barton. Who did this or corporate market. Rare thrill that was Rick written. Out quite play you outside of that Africa. Are aren't afraid or her vote. I'll be huckleberry right kind guys filled won't be easy to kill them out tuberculosis tuberculosis on mother directly. Hi Dan hello I'm loyal big Demi go to bigger designate 4499. A nine hole you're listening to the men's or radio network Sebring. True with smiles and that's just coming up. It's made of potatoes this flu shots. Coming up with the had Jeff right after emails and game known as big dummy we do have Dan on line there is working on question two for team sober. Our men Drupal today your favorite chain restaurants. You said yours was Denny's is that Greg Dan in the meantime through the emails we do have a vote for Buffalo Wild Wings and they know their votes. Four Red Robin so there was stand on Herman's rumble. All right January you're next question. What was the name of the ball are in the Dukes of Hazzard. I don't remember a bar. Aren't average on the what Bob ball hog and Chris says look I don't they always a state of the other you know as an account thousand conscious of where they were just it's the only place they appoint either. They were oh look they were on the road or the actions that took place in this location. And how many miles makes and wondered wondered group in my ear who are what their movie. Now does some good players who are you okay. Yeah everything I don't know delicious lunch. He greatly regret or more Miller and his own borders and by the time it. Then Emeka great entered immigrate to lunch meats. That horse head they did abortion or do you know all right all right get them they're good guys try trust Powell that argued a moment. You're nice question gorgeous Chinese settlement outside of Asia isn't what American city. All you gotta get this work come on you know that's what he. All American he's been the largest. Rumor come on there we wanna talk to you that long come on you can do this one of the largest Chinese settlement outside of Asia is and what's. US but they have the biggest Chinatown and all of the cities and probably do you know probably famous. Your city that day. New York. It's still rampant don't go. I have grown and I have wholesale orient express and if someone does get on this now. Don't call it China now clever clever Bagram. Man oh man who aren't gonna know who we walker there you go to mariners doubled chose not to. Don't have a weird name for neighborhood in Baltimore with a different ethnic groups like Chinatown. What ethnic group isn't that. Is it by having to take Greeks are poll are always cool tone color they go great Dallas pick down. Which paid down the local NGOs we Rhode Island newsroom. I've did you question I was a legislative races could pick yeah that's all you can look at. Yeah I didn't do our own lair. But it. No Mexican food. Reed Richards and that's the real name of what's fantastic four character. Reed Richards that's the real blame for what fantastic for terror groups. Who. Stanley you Verlander. Style contrast here I wouldn't. While there are. What does Corwin on the corpsman do exactly. Our current and edit. Are likely to receive a movie or something like the Marines in there and bat like they always jump Corbett I and it's the navy guy goes mad the navy guy that he's the man in court you gonna nutri like shark bites and stuff. Would say yes. Who wasn't here and testify well mister fantastic. Hello. The whole area and I don't know what we're employee offense does before the red that's occurred like mullah shotgun and a car. Is the time. Of the clock. On independence hall and 100 dollar bill. Rule. Book or two what is she an up or all. Or thirty who. Don't push it. Nobody knew they wouldn't go forward. We go back to the world of bed post over the double bed post threat for globe from the deck of cards. If your bowling is also known as dead hookers. Most people are not happy to do. Well it. I've never heard anyone call it. The bed post let you know Vienna today there's a 710 gets a seventy and split them because they look just throw on the corners instead about themselves colored and ordered him though that's the newsroom both those yeah I have a bad puzzlement that more of those days are gone aren't going. For the most part man forty times a week people of the militant in the bathroom in the bathroom go out and I say in my closet okay well this is not a lot of good places attire with these new beds and there's no poser in all these lowly Japanese study they get a loan I don't know I've been beat people mission used to be it was time to got a bungee cord come off from the side of the door no I don't think about those violent offenders in our dog the dog that comfort like look I'm trying to torture people called for really is not important plastic is to make for easy cleaning. Game is big dummy goes next in jazz and ready to play games hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. I. Jeff what is your favorite chain restaurant. If you go I don't play if I hop boy oh boy here they come. You can't speak. Material would you go through the iron up. I'll do whatever. My eight broadcasting final appeal and ask any given time if you're in the morning Coca Illinois I was and it was my birthday gave me a free little ice cream. The older. Half earnings appreciate it. Riley night at a party I knew I needed that as a life of their balloon your memories incident where everybody had accused. I have the Jews around the table you heard you since you were 33 years old and he and you told them on your birthday or Christmas the awhile. Because those numbers you're not up on Christmas trees. I can't believe they make people heard on Christmas even and I don't feel unbeatable but a couple of people out there who could include one time they'd shut down during the year that I'm on Christmas. About the way guys we have a little clarification tomorrow's another Canary Islands which we discussed aren't too. In the area negotiate until we got our our that we are 100% correct about. The whole thing about them being off the coast the East Coast about South America in grad. All the way let's go yeah us. Bad golf the way it goes from Africa and they are just territories they. Things you all ten million people think I got all of that let us know that we know our stuff. We got to get all the question was was what ocean we got everything else but when. I hear your question let's go to the world sports. What's in sports. Is four and a half inches in diameter. Including. What in sport it's. And I read an instant is it is it's an important part of a specific sports in this specific playing. Is four and a half in 2000 diet. He notes or are around the great guest and it's not that I'm. I you'd think here. I do not know sport Carol Carol it. Are you know drowned. In the round thing is in the morning averaged by him. I got it is it. Oh not you should already raids it really looks like. We're doing sexually suggestive thing now I'm not under control breaking well I don't know us out of it as Annette four averages. Do I think I know they'll be about that at all the whipped little bowl intends. And. Now diameter it's. A comfort classic. The ball. The golf all the golf hole at all allow all it what I thought was not a bad yeah I was nervous they don't baseball chronicles that but not really. Maybe a sophomore soft balls get a baseball ugly could fit in hockey in in a golf hole yet what he's. A or pocket just found. Golf ball up against somebody here sounds like you know do nice things that the gulf only based their moment what was your golf hole at a at what. But it is green card debt was up there and draws focus on ball and you don't know Olympic history needs to be area didn't include it here. I know is questionable moral cinema like dirt bike but the book if she hopes that the welcome shadows was alternate title. Which first person perspective or worst sequel. God damn it to look. Well question near and long story about I don't know Jeff. But the whole credit game go to war movie came out it was shot first person perspective. Women sequel to and an alternate title of it was book of shadows. Folder. All this and I don't know that we know this when can we do know this when I do and general of the name of woman and you don't know that it was a white. It was filmed a birdie or around don't. Targets can. Or paranormal experience. Blair witch project. But hopefully after the. There. Four Jeff I will say whenever he came out it's terrifying and it was a good thing you didn't even need the seller who's found potent but you gotta look who's creeping point three. Yeah I show that to the kids tomorrow night. Didn't gather around six and a half on five our this is found footage guys let's see what happens. This is what you eat diet. Who. Are quite well look first soda company to sell cola contains the Pepsi Coca-Cola or cynical. Sorry doctor pepper. Bottom. I don't have here. Our team. Welcome back door to go. In early or she's stands for royal crown I'm sure I'm assuming it's the same the meg program content. And Maria academy and that's a good the other end of them they did his lecture us crown. Oil and television. Well let's see here who what was the original name for the White House. Garrido and a true way out Barack Obama pledge of it's George's that didn't get him cock. The freedom I'll. Play. I think for mainstream. The American left. Thirty seconds left and then the president thought I was in college Presidential Palace and it sounds to royal. United Judy but it also should be like a Chinese restaurant. Do you go there union general supposing that I probably about right and it actually just got a clear whose side they got to walk up windows. What gas has a name that means new. Again comfortable yes it is a guess your from earlier this gas and crude and certain parts of town you'll see the stands everywhere. Oh yeah and a common. Garden tonight. Go to summer school of policy some gas. Actual name yeah look at all. Put up big in the ladies' man. Big 50s70s. And why is as far as the color of people's clothing means. Yeah yeah. Out carbon. Carbon. Phil black coming. General teacher and I just knew you know. The only thing I guess in the and I'm Tom Gallagher neon sign you're looking at that Budweiser signs of beer signs and all that's important. Multiple choice they knew this is the Egyptian god of the living in the dead or disarm. There. Who I'm. George Kennedy and lacrosse players are obviously is great and it's just really grown pretty terrible gonna ruin your day after thinking and I have to go home yet friend Jessica Allman. You know must always do the I don't I don't feel bad about those guys and good ideal polling. Given your audio so called take back commander early on the origin don't give a girlfriend. Yeah we're all gonna go home and have sex or. Just gonna get worse. I think he's done. All right and of course. Chili grind through its terrible and I love the show I Colin all the time that your the end and they say they go to sleep what you're threatened all the goalies available data and I don't think I looked like I had a fact that. Loving and elements. I know it yet. And which decade did they banned smoking on US flights. Well look closely questioned and which decade and they banned smoking on US flights. Oh me. Just missed it. But I only know. How does need. Start smoking early and I guess here's. You don't pass the time you saw them play smoke everywhere bashing I'm sure. Who's the first baseball player to have his number retired. Column I don't know bidders. I was yeah. Question June 5. Hard the business school. Jeff you might have be the biggest selling here's your. I don't do that I could we're not doing it to yourself brotherhood that is all you just look at the interest. All right a guy by the name of important hold it right you wrote a book called the side board he about a month. And his vocal cyborg was the basis for what 1970s. TV show. Convert over a factor. Nineteen. 1970s TV show based on a book called the cyborg in fact years and years and years and years ago or very own miles Montgomery. Used to use this guy's name so it's really for your radio and which is quantum. Change seventies TV show. Of the global boom and blue blue blue blue blue and the same name as a wrestler and he married fair Fossett ya know. They'd drive. You. Know I. By this point most windows Steve Austin more than rhetoric ever so bad but who's this Joseph six million dollar gain. What games you name literally translates to Mitchell we. Little one little wheels wheels. You won't find this game everywhere but are certain places it absolutely it does is it a board game is in a video game not a morning. If I explain what a live that way to a edited and yet when you have to go to specific place if you want to play this game. Amid all the games to play well Sandra Bullock is Denmark's team. There. Target champion and I'll come on now. But it sounds like. You know knowing that. Un. Oh man we thought to going to be the big academic congratulations great letter we almost had to pay him for a time spent on veterans of and through your employer. All right so far Letterman broom ball as far as your favorite chain restaurant goes it's Joe's crab shack tied with Cracker Barrel Red Robin Waffle House in Denny's looks like I hop is pulling away even for buffalo wild and crazy don't. Bigot does not big dummy 844999. Alone we will take a quick break and come back with a brand new contestant. And more of big dummy you're listening to the men's room radio networks. Safe is your. It's true. Always drinking and tells them with the shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dinner time for a brand new contestant. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room orbit all. You can overnight over. Well online through right now. Mike welcome the show Mike puts favorite touching restruct. The rams or liberal ranks. Hey get the grants. Her boobs or her legs for whatever. Oyster bags under us or you're offered a further offer multiple liberians dregs sound well this doesn't figure that that the the other. Learned my child molester. Smitten. Carter for quorum or I don't even know that would be used you do think Disney slimy. Yeah yeah here you have an amateur I think from those days. He. What bay is Otis Redding could sitting Sunni out and sit him on the dock of the bay. Or so ago. My guitar. No no owners add an urban area and we we learned a lot for him like. But we have time for a brand new contestant on the big night mr. do hello Christie now welcome to the men's room. Okay. You really aspect of it. I wasn't sure. Content be OK Christina what is your favorite chain restaurants. There will be. Did you say Applebee's or that would be wolf yes yeah right I got down would be. Mike Napoli a few Applebee's. I. Feeling good in the neighborhood on the I Christina. And ready for your first question. I am ready and I aren't. You field borne written a short of the world of breakfast cereal I'm gonna tell you the character slash mascot. You tell me what cereal they so. This case dig on the mascot is dig them. This whole war. Both secretary of ordinary none. Oh yeah. Do you feel Cano flies. Fifth a bit premature to deliver. So we'll get your heart rate up work to recant but I guarantee you we will not hurt our Christiane. Here is. Your question. There are five. Great Lakes that make up the Great Lakes. Which one of these Great Lakes is the largest of the five. It's right in the title. Or has an ego problem. We won't know we are five Great Lakes. Which greatly is the largest of the five greatly. They ask me do it then cool. Who were well the Great Lakes. Other look at all the initial part of the country well and have stayed and modest that you care. Our own absorb what was good ol' Rick here. I'll. Man I CJ roll duke what wolf who's a dude at your level questions now be Jack Jeff rest assured that Chris Carrino. Christina who you don't starter who you Joe's turn now. Two questions. To question to that you eleven and could not read into that and you were sobered yeah he's he's beaten and Christina was not I don't he's dumb organize such of the store from content. Did a bigger they do their next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Jack welcome to the men's room. All our. And I myself in my thank you are so that's my daughter who. But everything else rather deft through a little to do birthday shout out to the topic was perfect. Well I did poorly thought out I'm out all of shout out and it's believers out of our job jab Aggies over nuts over. Bill Weir okay and what's your favorite chain restaurants. Wealth while laying. Are you seriously so we're. Yeah I'm Howard. K well I know what did you know work. We've waited you know what I have heard contentment and left I'm not gonna. Yeah. They've been gone over a console her you say is Obama worked you know. I know Allan green and Charles Conrad there with a third and fourth person to set foot. In what location. The moon. All right coal mines where Hala that was a celebration I loads of Red Hat and cat. Then there's big dummy goes our next contest read play the game I'm so I'm just like you went to the moon we think about when twelve people. Have ever step foot on the move you had the experience of doing looking back at best flat earth that you took calls from. And no one knows the volume now and he's a man of Alan and dale Armstrong that's yeah I mean let's be honest about and who's really. He's a jungle and then just put on them so I mean who else could debate buzz light year. Buzz like here it does Aldridge did east opponent all drill in the cauldron that letter to distant from the with a nine year old Aaron. Deadly cauldron but there's I don't know I don't know he seems reasonable light you're not that big a deal obviously goes about stepped on the moon every time about. Well drug may put Iran. It's a man I'm I'm alum dean man. A third person stuck on the moon rock back like I loved English comedy now is to reach you if you stuck like four mu nuggets in your pockets right and it's million dollars apiece. If they don't have that much tougher a moon nugget you kidding me man I'm that I knew someone on and on Greg's us for a million bucks incredulous about ever millionaires go to score line. Market items a Craig's list are there's a billionaire you out of Ireland and jewelry that's been stolen from a museum guards left. BJ kind of go man incredulous as well they weren't gonna get a certificate of authenticity for a moon nugget I was there I was on the moon odometer is a big surely on the moon again tonight adamant that you know revealed commence in 230 Golden Nugget moon noted in my own idea except bottomless may own now if you are removed wing media dividends of and it's awesome to have a the Red Robin. Who's next in Desiree play the game known as big dummy. Hello Roberts welcome to the bedroom. Well I live don't go out. Nature of marijuana. This crowd here. Robberies over not so yeah. Find so little time on the show runner what's your favorite. Jeanne restaurant. Google yeah will be Applebee's to both apple and what do you Applebee's. Or are you there or warmth there you put forward about to fall flat. Last time Alexandra please they had the rebels going on houses all you need approval from double BC David good good good good good and we'll pass that no that was just really. And they had been a boom those little couple weeks whatever the hell that threaten the ripples literally blew the list. Are they gonna go to the headset is also go to Disney day knows all about the food fight. Since many things continue on the men's room radio network.