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Thursday, June 14th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. It's. There about six 9844999. Alou play profiled as in minutes. I regret your headlines of only one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right and inserted on the most popular vegetable in every state. That's ridiculous. To write any guesses. I think the fate. Mass. I don't know man. Bruno Dario does that say those. Honestly broccoli one and 24 states what I was gonna guess maybe onions but that's good I just use a ton of money from an anti U voluminous new. I think if somebody asked for it's. Did awful feeling. Feeling every listener we analysts are all five of them she is it it it. It was popular you're trying to eat a good fashionable but let's be honest details king of the match about a narrow view by David just anywhere. No matter how you eat potatoes probably good scallop French Fries hash browns great meaning that it doesn't matter that regular things didn't make it. It's kind of like Bubba would trip him for a golf. 77% of people say they wish they can work from home according to a new survey. I'm all right 90% certain 19% say there's no downside to tell communicating. But for me personally I could. I don't know how late the I would from the look at it remind you it's real hard to commit some things. And the comfort of my own home when he played eighteen I think there's a lot of jobs you can do for. There absolutely are and I commend the people that have the self discipline to actually do it correct. If I couldn't all. Are you doing this interview from your bed now oh. Eight. Foreman in Canada called 911 from a restaurant because she and her son were hungry and weren't couldn't appeased a fast enough. And what does Iowa once response and they gave her a warning. Basically don't do it again. Why do people do that. I mean I know you get frustrated about some things we do really think about the things are frustrated about not that important but. Certainly not so important even in the heat of your anger. I don't think I would think what do you call my moment. Because and I'm making my pizza fast and that's a grid that will resolve this situation that is in my line of thinking exactly tomorrow. Actually dislike Paula maybe I guess. A man from Alabama started a nonprofit a couple of years ago called raising me and lawn care that encourages kids to mow people's lawns for free to. This summer he's firstly having to all fifty states and mowing lawns for single mothers veterans and the elderly. Now thanks to all nice very cool left FA he saw it think about he got the idea of we've all seen as a we've all agreed to knew nothing about it driver down streets on old guy I guess fumbles lost and it wasn't a guy he knew. We've just got credible long he offered the mobile guys want forma figure that point by another guy was a veteran and that's essentially why so little lump in my get warped. Thanks what does he do that he's traveling countries yard retired goes lawns to at. Today is that money does like itself but he had but he's but whatever pre. I don't know man I don't know I have no idea how it pulls it off with a zone for a couple years back. Capacities. 41% of Americans say talk about is their favorite drunk dining spots offshore and Jack and edit any others Jack I'm a bath iron off. Mu let's proceed not on my list ball and houses and Waffle House yes love love it's got to be recklessly Denny's something that's got to be a late nineties and McDonald's actually comes next puck. I would I would guess that damage felt got you covered with the nuggets are suing the nuggets for adults have to go off as the night goes on. Oh sure you know may or may get more appealing majority yeah. And none of the Montgomery now moon. According to I just wanted to race according to a new survey 30% of those aren't sure Hannah and windshield wiper fluid to our car. Really tea why is that right there on the cap even I can do that it's right there from the unit did so through whether. You have the deaths 53% don't know I think it jumpstart the battery. 61% aren't confident they can change a tire. Hamas. 41%. And identify which part is the engine. Com arm. I don't stars instead 41%. For 141. It is great other people are like younger people. An audience that is now known as I have that's unbelievable to me. I won't say changes tire I've had checked that YouTube pleasant thing to be in pain and it's not everyone's a little different right to be fair but you can go to general idea of dope but I don't know where the engineers. I don't currently injured all right my caller is what in the front it'll come on man. At cedars new flooding going on sale in July that's why is flavored water. While his call one because is not alcoholic and it's not clear who they're expecting to buy it. See I think this is not a terrible idea because there's an alcoholic Beers and earned our caller why. The big Mike why mr. Healy could still prince gold grade Houston. A new given the cereal just came out basically just corn pops type serial Melissa we clusters of special dividend that's next in I'd give the world right. Sounds unhealthy so probably pretty good. And yeah doesn't turn my milk the Peabody. To see you guys might not like malls as much as women do but a new study found they're just as likely to shop online and tend to spend more than women now when they did. I think most guys don't mind borrowing things from so we just hate going to distort. Right I don't know what any guy talked to a point where I'm fulfilling going to the store if you say hey what can I buy you store yet you get in New Jersey from my favorite team like all the stuff I would buy from a sort of short injected. I just don't wanna go Yemen actually go clothes shopping and I'll spend a lot since I don't want to come back for Christ. Two parents in Philadelphia attack their kids principal and vice principal while attending any quote damn late Sunday family fun day. Because they weren't a million now or remember the damn man from New Orleans kids are gonna go commit itself. It's trial and sad it's going to be you know with the worst things you know it's over some stupid thing to be very self yet. Amanda California broken or someone's house on Friday and really made himself and home. He'd do read those had a drink took a shower even alleged dirty clothes in hamper. These take their close. Says I'm now working on just as hard didn't. Just leave partially clothed there exchange was hit particularly me I guess he did Jerry need to clean clothes. The I I know you mislead into duty steal anything else he's made of some help. Just minutes on and only as. Also we're level like. It's weird it's illegal but fencing that illegal if someone has a break in your house I hope that's the worst they were. Rent let him and it has to be just an Sharon still closed said I'm trying to imagine him walking in my apartment there's dude sit minutes like what the hell you doing anything after the shower and eat snacks that they. That is weird that get the hell out if that's really really weird go to get to hammer if you steal the thing now okay to go. Plastic surgery for men has gotten a lot more popular according to a new report. Torso tux that held potentially church adds enhanced G. N. I have now will sit ups tours go to torso time. I think got liposuction beyond guys now to our own. Kind of I'm fizzles out whales recently hung up by huge sign declaring their town is now plastic free. Who's Simon play the sign is absolutely made out of plastic mama are just come on man. Rio de. It's a disease across my desk. I mean what they're kind of sank into death. We give them a little bit right now don't just not classes like that's the one that material again you know. That that's the only want and that's the material you've got this on me. The FBI agent who dropped his gun and accidentally shot someone while doing a back flip has been charged with second degree assault. Because he shot somebody. I don't bar if you think that they get them back was rightfully given there was loud go back for quite second degree but it's still assault product. And Billick I don't know all the gum balls are pretty sure having a loaded weapon in a far as the thing is that no. Is that a ticket might. I think the pedigree of the subway to post something that you can have firearms in the far apart I assume that if he's an FBI agent there's sort of friends there area right right. A new study looked at how easy it is for dads to work and make time for their kids according to the results the best states for working dads are. You're not working on it as drags on the East Coast I'm guessing. So I think that's all around not yes and I don't know I charge dagger in Florida was the ordered from stealing cars at nine point twice and for the same reason balls that a tell that allows an. I'll tell you about god headlines are the only one hour from now first guy to. Is true precepts. The drug to police are on how profile this is playing short and mild that the simple game where we sure do real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Or or an as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make the last few hundred as you think makes the story a story. Hello my welcome to the men's room. Oh. And much. Mike but Mike you understand how this new game play. And a fantastic here historic and a mother has been charged by police after Hugh Grant her car into the vehicle of another mother. While both women had the children in the car. 7 about 7 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday police went to a parking lot of the Warwick kids academy and mama won't call. The 33 year old woman. Says she was the most media the parent the party line. To discuss an incident involving their children who sneak into our attend the same daycare not a victim said she met the other mother. Who attempted to enter the rear passenger side will be able but it was locked. So in my case. She ripped off the rear windshield wiper and sort of using a scratch victim's vehicle. Victim told police she tried to back on slowly leave. The other woman put yourself behind the bid also some point until the woman got back and her vehicle and then ran the victims as UV with their car. And again a six year old girl to be the victim's daughter was inside as you be at the time the crazy woman also had her daughter inside her vehicle could do was drive. Nomo observer double Cuomo was arrested and charged with two counts of malicious wounding of the tunnels like young beauty pageants child abuse last neglect drag. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and intentional damage do you believe most angry woman is black white Mickey or June. My dad doesn't longest profile that I ever heard how sorry. We have a location. I Newport News, Virginia okay. Reid pointed out today miles as the rules of moving India earlier version Greeks. Important news leaving not. I dropped my ball was miles three news today like people are moving there audience translate and they ever been there. I'm an eternity I really believe that I'm really shocked as well the only good old Leo and hilarious. Think in opening hole with you but if it was a no meaning each other in the morning in the parking lot of a daycare are both good kids. Right there's interact there's plenty of I guess some dynamic community is the mother for gonna talk about it in this is what could have happened you know mother ran through the car correct if you like. Madison they're traditionalist. Newport News and I think I fear Mike what do you think it. I don't Newport News through me man com. To. I know Ted. Is that the black final answer is sure aren't gonna find out is she was black white Mexican. Or Jewish next that was fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio network. Seasonal. You constantly. Read the I read an iron thread doesn't always less than three weeks and your tickets and Wear red we're talk and read huge Red Sox Red Hat read by did you read about it'll take a supporting this lieutenant foundation and the pitcher now read loincloth tour is a bear out guard brigades an addict is there another dumb stuff and beer help pay yourself Redford heads and. Come and for a grand festival from the rock that Seattle 99.9. This. 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Sweet here's some more progress and get 300 dollars when you look at keybank premium checking account with a qualifying direct deposit. So. Be like walls used to read Q. Service charges in Dallas requirements apply for details a key dot com slash 300 local branch. Member FDIC. Men's room at 77999. CD tablets at C I sent him a call 800 cities and an iBook. Hey I guess yeah. While this legal loophole loophole news of where. Tell mom to get into its I guess their kids got in trouble they they must got vilified at school are probably whatever the deal was they agreed to meet at a parking lot one thing led to another and what the woman's decided she's gonna run the other one down under car whatever basically just. In the ramming her car she's got kids in her car the other mothers got kids in her car no matter while the other way they're there to discuss an incident between their own kids. Was the woman black white Meche scattered usual as you know coming up next you're listening to the men's room. I. I. You. Yeah me. You can't. Can. Unless the. Can. I'm fine. Oh. We had a Newport News, Virginia far profile that's where we have one mother who ended up ramming another mom with her car both cars had kids and I'm. And in just so happens that those six year old to work cannon and a some get a skirmish her scuffle at school or wherever they were so the parents actually met up the mom said it's gonna discuss what was going on with the incident between the two gifts. So that escalated into one of the moms ramming the other mom put her beats. That is up maze. Leave the entire story we don't come all the details of what went wrong what might we add few based on that alone did you believe. The woman to do the ramming his wife whites make she's Jewish and I you have no idea I'm assuming you're not from Beirut Newport News, Virginia. Ted and myself both president had to play the numbers and said black and new agreement as an elephant a moment to. Why not I wanted to go Jewish people are heard where it was that so I'm going with the pretzels. It's. Don't go home race quarter million. An important broke guys are we want to get out yeah it's big and it's Nick Price from. Got to just say like I got lost in Norfolk once. Rolled on the window and accomplish and lost follow the defense this good before the Big Brother alibi that was the entire conversation I'm not. Now relative redo all the time it is time for TV dad would take it. Find do countless hours in front of a talking. Presidency. Any lead us to root skew the guys and honest. My I used to be able to get to three or four sides and an island I couldn't finish it I. Accidentally. Accidentally. Got one side wants. Are you do a cider to victory I really care I just can't I can't finish I hate them I'll repeat question no no no no. It'll pyramid game no and yeah there's a brother that's gonna question all right the answer is no I don't Chaman say no but. It's hard into it and not be angry at the same time man goes to see a lot of time Friday and I never let him in and then we'll include. You'd see it in the conundrum it is an impossible thing you can study how to. You know. All of them to a really good right yes that's right so I think that the yeah Isiah obviously I have never solved only work with a person who can do one. I don't regulate 141000. In but still pretty good yeah I'd grab I think that is what a joke only so brilliantly the thousands of people like the these put on the highway Coca he's ranked. The world is aware of him doing rooms as well you need to know I think that's really cute you know there's a few things in life is good to be fast that that's what. I think that the people well I didn't fled on the quickest draw laughs I. Will be out to dinner and thirty seconds it's a fix. Puts ability to roost you stand there also managed to do all the time and I'm rack my brain I don't get it here and that's the message that a couple times that was about it it wasn't for me and right. There's a weather reporter Donna West Palm Beach, Florida. Name Lauren Kozlowski. She basically she's gonna do the whether she did do room excuse of course he anchors when I look fun perversely tossed the rivers cube while she's doing the weather. We have been mixing the South Florida and mrs. Laura we have to challenge for you we wanna know can use Seoul this. And given the forecast at the same time I'm going to try and very nervous my heart's like racing at are you ready. And I didn't play my graphics that come all this is all set automatically. So right now we are waking up to dry conditions across our area we did have showers this morning. We are under a marginal risk of severe storms from the storm prediction center. That is a one on a scale from one to five I just messed this up I think that's maybe not. Yeah I had to worry right now our son is three and we had eighteen Y no longer star. Am I your Sunday morning but well. So she finally gets it done. It does take a long time generally the weather report seems like it's like maybe ninety seconds. But they hurt if it's over almost three minutes of doing what's okay cheat you fair I sent doesn't seem like a long trying to meet. Potluck I won't lose Q3 meant that the bank had. Shut your form out though it is not bad as the speed of light to me right you watch the full video up of the mentioned FaceBook page actually it's an agency gave the whole weather report. While doing. Still don't achieve this started in my life of aliens yet legacies she syncing up with the video in the back Bob ball not limited owners to decide she's just really doing improvements Cuba she not even looking at the green chipped up she says it. So the spreadsheet that's a multitask right there I tell you what they tell ya gonna depends on where you are but typically the weather is pretty close to be in the same for both she I think she makes that joke in the broadcast she's like. It's South Florida to generate at least ten days right plated hot rod elevenths is like. Right to be hot humid it's the rain ramping after tonight thundershower Crowley. There yeah exactly him yes that's exactly what happened over it feels hotter than I did humidity it's such as your car a law. Why don't even do whether they like I've got a certain cities you don't need to act like. Generally speaking if you live in South Florida as of about now through whenever it ends because they hate our new weather person. You know the weather 395 degrees can be 95% amid these thunderstorms maybe newly dead and check for these thunderstorms at about 3 PM. I'll rave overturned tomorrow at the exact same time we'll see you guys and October. And I don't I am out of our mayor really I want nothing else to tell you more so than anything down Eddie's gonna know in the element you are dating her and a gallon in the midwest generally tornadoes break out I have you know severe weather alerts of the members are Phoenix but your take the weather's pretty much say. That's what I say a boob yeah. Well I do to do well in a place like Denver. It seems like he could be eighty degrees or snowing at any given point and I don't know if it's always going to be sunny. At some point. Yeah but the team tomorrow when the sun comes out to be 32 degrees. Are what it's gonna start to warm up bring those rains are gonna slots for tomorrow to wake up it's gonna be 87. If it ethic that appeals quite that's the tone for Baltimore used to do that. Or give it two feet of snow than today's letter early eighty degree of Christ yeah percent to flooding. I am I a body mind he almost died on New Year's Day when yet. You've gone out the night for the next Dan no we're 75 degrees that he was slacking off and address the car. We walked by a group of people they like you are one of our chairs he looked that bad a hole we eat yet he he he didn't have an US and removed. What's that he just turned up like that many degrees and oh was he ended February Brent I was I was in shorts and T shirt is Xavier represents a good thing that definitely. This is kind of a weird story and in trick it truthfully like. I think we all agreed to leave children alone but even make famous children went on yeah. So Millie Bobby Brown for sharing your thinking should it be that deactivate your Twitter account. Because. Basically people were just for some reason they want and she's very. What sort she's very open to all content. Race sexual orientation they're dead right so well that she's a kid right there and so there's nothing that a jaded as adult. People started kind of messing with her broken faith means and story about a a horrible hole folks yes. And some other rightly thought. Like some of the things and I get it some of whom we're trying to be funny. Think one guy we set out Xena jar of pickles and pride festival but like Graham. She came up and fired in the jar and to enjoy your part pickles I. She spoke both with the with. I learn. The fortress. And then proceeded to break grandma's knee caps I think Brett I just right obviously that they are and I and I get played du and over the top plate will lash regular cup Twitter follow tiny three. Three year Letterman to youth football coach I school apps for the people get really pissed but with her McClellan. She's a kid write but he did this to an actress that was an adult and it's funny after a while there are whenever relate. And that's that's that's the world though we're Lebanon. Yeah the general rule like went to sleep kids whom. The third emblem in another third to end the gallery area and another thing and you know I obviously people know who people are. But there's no age on Twitter. You know like I if if I were due a comment on a post that someone left that they could be twelve years old they could be ninety years old I you you don't know I mean you look at the picture but the same time me. Don't trust patient yeah exactly. You can still social media draws the that I look if you like who like this like all that's my kids' friends. You know I and Evernote. Yeah I'm with sometimes just late apt image is seamlessly. Close to high school legislate. You can you're thinking it I think it hit it and it if you'll follow if you got a I've got a couple of view it's expensive move along with it. Ilan mosque of course he likes a lot of things. Famous for making test slows him. Are you ships rocket ships has since let Johnny Depp and pirates sex with a as well. You must go to Johnny Depp knows wife oh here's. He never heard lurched. Much more fascinating you don't run bus and I'm like yeah I. I have not heard that one okay just somehow I can see women love Johnny Johnny Depp why you don't play Manumaleuna drone group in and you are mostly so don't you most try different things out as a religious one that got conversation on tape of Joseph Perry in the Hollywood vampires and Johnny Depp sitting down just talking about it. He's just wanna hear how that conversation. I do not sit well Elon Musk is coming up with a few idea and that did court that's thoughts of that. This brings SpaceX and Tesla found it. Plus money handed down his latest and grace's new products. To the first one thou. Thousand customers who bought them online and not products. Is a flame throw line. We were all crying out full. Think you're not able to stop using other people are. I'm existing loans act in a mosque is calling the products. Not so flame thrower. I think sergeant do you use one of these not to blame. And not a robot maker story. Yeah I am I just don't know why when we need to find there are I actually did it to be I think Arizona they are legal. Dario Ryan castle amber and frank castle. Three weeks ago for which no one ever was he I'm mad his place and he says hey I'm. I'm looking at a yardage are looked pretty good and it got to gravel driveway and unlike most regard zero weeds anywhere to be seemingly says look I'll be honest with him and we have three day weekend awards and the Saturday he ran to the flame or okay. Please please me he just torched the entire goddamn drove in his outlook. The burn the Wii is way in a figure it's better than chemicals. The great irony of this is his stupid neighbors down the street thought he was burning trash and called Sylvia. I thought I would stay in the MI forms your. Trash on the street as opposed to that's a weird instant. To me that somebody is pretty trash on the senate where did you grow up why else you'll hopefully I would not have thought well I think we lose driveway what you see if you've seen them doing like fresh asphalt. Yes I'll say oh they would they gunned down even if they normally do OK so there's like that right I guess that technically the plane there or doesn't seem as big. But it's gas propane run down got a big blue flame as the car sales walking by a building that was being worked on. And the guy had the thing lift chest didn't tell the cementing. Now we're in a book party on the shroud at all I feel like the men's room on FaceBook follow along as we're gonna hang out there. That's because you can tell that there's this well we have beer we have abandoned in melanoma really maybe get some pizza so they hate. So great so they're using that because they're doing construction and they are like the city is just a group of guys. And the thing is split and he has to sit on top of the propane tank oh right although I think seeds but the it is you're gonna get there it's got slogan at the pump better. But that doesn't like Dennis rolled the dice on time I go big on the plane door goes back from Rula Bangalore. A flight apart. Our legal dutifully doorway and club at. Yeah could relate like desserts come out yet little teeny tiny what you're doing your boomerang you need to you know kind of talked about the I guess it doesn't get that does these reports funny how many restaurants things make it into the drug culture Aaliyah and you're healthy at all I am not getting hungry they're glad they regular red cream now recycle I don't know who I saw I saw I saw buddy he the top of the piece of pizza. But it'll please of what just. It's she's sort of bubble like that is in G again leave the Hollywood reporter it's okay. Other reporter put out. Basically lake. Just the Leisle comedies coming back huge it's a surge in popularity again fuel and tenets of comedy clubs even which is also good. So they put out a list of lake to the top most powerful people in comedy are. They have lakes and stand Epson yearly or some TV I would say Kevin Hart. I'm an artist on the list prettier OK I like they should know Tina Fey Kevin Hart. Again really plays he has fluffy. Julie Louis-Dreyfus is our man hours or TV goes straight Seth MacFarlane Melissa McCarthy. Will Ferrell of course makes the list with is his partner Adam McKay. So Seth Rogan made the list. John apple style meeting. Is may I talk about how does that weeklies Donald Glover. So Donald Glover has been everywhere. Star Wars. He mammoon easy Star Wars straight he's also chose Gambino ran he hosted did both duties for SNL so I recently just started Atlanta. Already done. How I am a reason as well break people right now are directly out of the kind of his big moment big break but I tell. Well he was on the other one with. Community yeah. But it Lynn that if you had to watch it it's an ethics show Atlanta is boss a big reason jokes that everybody might not get which are starting to pick up on the big. If anything there that that the idea that I could there's also just funny things that they have one whole episode they did a whole episode we're wasn't even just like. The regular guys they just to make up fake news channel and it was like the whole episode was just that. That makes sense. I'm certainly doesn't FA BE TC the whole episode was just paper boy who's one of the stars. On this interview but they even give a fake commercials and are out because of your critical goodness right if you've seen some of them commercials they've defend for like sponsors on black jeopardy yeah they can thank you. Is the fourth panic but if they did the whole thirty minute episode on it is it is also. It's amazing just the story of one rapper gets he kinda gets. Blown up Donald Glover by the way who's super successful in Atlanta he is not object he's like a college drop out he's couch surf they have. I hate it it's got a buddy Ed he's a great actors I believe him as an ugly poured from the I believe I'll I knew the anymore are right would you look at that group are I don't think Brad Pitt broke. A Broadway led no calories him. It's obviously you don't look at rich dude. He's good looking enough now to this character a match on its face it's like porridge stuff up like yeah. This dude is a hell of an actor he can blame the Broncos yeah he's got I mean if if if if if if it. Big and I highly recommend that show it's pretty awesome and obviously I went there would in my forty's. One of the most topics I can't believe it's back in an excuse process. To ocean wow all I know line writes I know our buddy Dennis Hoff a yeah yeah I'll formula should Ventura. He's I think the Levy knock down an incumbent GOP done so he's he's gonna so please go to the Democrat yeah yeah but he that he won. It says one of one advantage I think no one else like you really wanted to smear campaign. I think. As far as integrity and not you know it and thought oh good lord of the crossbar dozens Malia and making sure that lets look at because you know more than anything else like drugs are allowed there amid since he's that history girl is no assurance so just based on during the rules that he puts in place I mean if he just takes whatever the rules are knicks haven't agree with some of them. The votes have been a place. At least he. Lisa doesn't say wanting to do it now. These are smoking weed behind the bunny ranch dumb girls again do drugs. Oh no don't you know I mean is I do think they'll actually come round I just as it's too much money sort Charlie I think it'll be Dennis Hopson a big wheat farm. Yeah we are to be like next to the bar at the bunny guys don't realize this little error but against smoking then mayor Barbara it's. I it's a prostitution and one of the more famous. Demands of all time with Heidi Fleiss AKA no Hollywood madam. She talked to a Hollywood reporter now this is the first time integrated this is. What 25 years ago as a rental have ranked and so the team and a file so. Yeah it is. So Charlie Sheen came up in that trial and I think the first time we really knew that like Charlie Sheen love prostitutes and isn't that. And the trial he was named Lisa had 60000. Now Heidi Fleiss is saying it was almost. 400000. Good jobs that he had spent as I haven't a prostitute for like three weeks. Yeah like Harry I just can't imagine so bill can afford a house he drove 400 grand okay Packers all right so OK but the but it was also brought up that story are those ratings of that it said that tell Lamar Odom. Do you know he was there for three days before he goes from before you ready. He's been growing up 75000. To have yet does that sound right June yeah it can be done. Writer and ice of that. Yeah it's a bit if you ever wish you the entire time OK now we have right now. Yeah and that's a lot of money I think I think there's a lot of I think Tony about thousand dollars today. Yeah yeah and I employ any NBA did everything right. And what did they think everything you can rolling into the crippled the film inside of the interior and big wins that's what you pay in Florida have a feeling you get the delta. Thank you very appreciated Diego TV Teva delegates headlines boy oh my god you are listening to the men's room or via a network. And Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real well I don't know praise the lord is out reverend Al sharpton's not for profit pay themselves 700 grand last year. Meanwhile Father's Day approaching how many baby daddy cars to help spread that holiday cheer. Florida man brings met the police station to check if that's your a woman goes to jail for hiding her gun in the entertainment and dining floor and send news for Japanese widow after dead husband turns up alive this time you're headline. It's Sunday. Yes. Mike I jobs starting in Florida a man set out one night to steal a car. The first he Jon did you refuse to start so he would need to get creative. He's a bit of a carbon army vet embraced his ninth demanding the man's car and two in the event brandish his gun instead and a man that the man leave. He's fifty feet down nothing and and then jumped into another car using the exact same method that he did just before. And the driver got out of their car pulled out his gun and once again like an out of public unlike. Like a guy doesn't out of play Iraq's neighbors as yeah I do candidate Palin like my god you. He was dragged down by police and arrested. That you. How I think the second person much their trump because that's exactly right now for the responsible gun home owners who doesn't care hey down an exact layout and I got this. You too much or in other news we stay in Florida were a man's body was being cheated by his meth dealer. He says when you thought was speed but had a violent reaction and thought that it was not woody in order. So we decided to make it the worst mistake imaginable the mental disabled the narcotics to the police to be tested. Ma'am and limit my idea and I'm in the off. The police on and confirmed that the drugs the man had one big red amphetamine thing and then probably arrested him on narcotics charges. So how this works if I go Meredith say hey man I think my meth dealer. There's not Solomon method special god I would still like. Thank you stupid civilian for rolling down her voice it but he has that data comes back and it's baking soda and server right right did you still have been on a drug charge. I think he can be hit for suspicion. Because I don't have any drugs are no idea I've told him that I wanted and I couldn't just joking but I thought I want to Michael and you can sell. Bad drugs. You still get the charge right investor in the real Julia Ellen Miller if you have your goalie if your result in a regular overnight although I haven't sold weed in my life I've never even touched the stuff and I saw you back of oregano calling it we'd vineyard trouble I had a leader in journal charges you don't want to browsers I was expecting news and we ran a you're advertising I'm better so it right and I. I'm thankful to another drug dealer and the cops can and the Boston general damn good advancement but if I'm the buyer and I didn't get drugs like man does have a bag full of oregano poisoning oregano component assaults stadium just nobody catches he's gonna just totally refined they'll list they waste the red. I would not go away that again. I just had Rocketboom's it was a what do you some of the regular thought about a pound where he wants. In Minnesota at the whim stock country music festival young woman landed herself in some trouble. A video making the rounds online so the woman at the festival with their heads that any truck's tailpipe Palestinians turned it right. Jim actually pulled a stunt a few times throughout the day without incident but finally came up unable to pull your head back out and I think. Country music festival again like kind of back AF eggs also the site is probably like that though you are told my mayor doubted she got offered you're going to be pretty that's right he was a teenager Wednesday. You clearly think city firefighters actually ended up being called in the cut and the act cut the pipe from the truck and ordered a freer how loud you think that was for its. You're you're head is so hard and now there sawing the thing off I mean what you have here and that's lieutenant custom exhausted you've ever seen before we would is that. Well there's custom exhaust all over the Wesley I've seen really big one before but they're all designed to make it louder. So I don't Madeleine they got that song they're resignation call will be apple or old yet the pictures you saw some tips. I I didn't I never realized she'd been doing it all during the day and this is why athletes come on idiots right. That Illinois has since had been made for a woman lead so it was stopped by police on the interstate. The almost out during a routine traffic stop and her car was searched the search turned up both heroin and Ecstasy. There's probably they strip search of the woman and she was found whether a 380 in her vagina. Laugh out an all out there who tells us love seeing him in Italy and years following the plea agreement. Stay home that is that. Really love you made that. Single grease somebody a lot of gore hasn't gone global diamond. Like heroin and Ecstasy deaths where she's going. To IRA yeah. And might need a gun and you damn. If it's in the gun Janet. We go to Japan where it's scary and happy stories making headlines last year local police found the body of a man floating in a local river. Three days after the body was discovered a woman reported her husband missing they kind of put two and two together they gave her call. The woman along with a couple relatives went down and actually positively identified the body as her missing husband and the cremated the body. We fast forward and now with a husband has miraculously come back to the woman told the story has no idea where the other than the last year but that's every headlines that my god is not an. If I wanted to come back. Ten vs the FCC got underway bad jokes we'll see you next time Tillis yes indeed it's all through until textile employees who would you ask and Morley does say yes. Okay.