06-14-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Eats Their Feelings

Thursday, June 14th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has foods that make you happy!​ Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. His room. Obviously a learning curve and process on blowing up these animals as Mike took that big green long balloon and has just two greens all solo to the failure going on here in the world of the balloon animal world but I guess you know your correct I didn't even realize that the law's opponents of the elsewhere Iowa. Opponent making the vagina. Although I made two I know you want to be. The way it shouldn't be that hard to tell. We'll have a great. I don't think. Yeah and he doesn't hold. You win you learn to tie a balloon and how do you remember I don't know contradict it happened so long gone don't even know why and ought to do this but I thought I mean Philly that's that they feel like I'm going like that thing is like Kevin thanks Lou Perino. Kind of a Hardaway are coming came in to assist the little people I met Emanuel Lewis before he was driving the full size Ford Explorer and the men's super nice guy. Everyone I know West Virginia has a huge trucks are they're not the biggest auto manual Lewis. It's sort of good Gary Coleman man yeah. I mean you always like who has an action figure and Emma body worm he's like five move on he was a 125 pounds all muscle but I forgot what he's got a ten foot ladder to get up front. Colin Farrell is like I killed bag that's good that's good though Larry. I told me all welcome back to the program. I'm back home not our Little. League what I would account name is lethal again what is our country aboard an or. Did you wash our own it's. Bella. L I ES LOK and they quickly. The German equivalent of Elizabeth. Where America time but I don't need a lot moreover there. We leave you. A walk yeah. I put my diesel and believes in public about weasel and measles since. I don't think actually going to be a big ammunition here and I in our power. This is the West Coast and only solution. Yeah. What is the common name for deluded suited as soon. Does he did the right and Hulu. Diluted what at CAC. ETC. I know. Yeah. Love me. If you really want something with the votes to move the colts almost diluted Lucy because it's being here. Laura and I and our take on salad dressing and who. Where I can evaluate the restaurant raid. Oh my god herbs as yeah. It's like a salad it'll loosen it hasn't now named different hair red. Cause a divided and Olivier Larry I guess you'll be all illegal that we gotta look good news. The fifty million I think yeah okay I do think they're doing a good afternoon. Whatever your ranch equivalent in Santa event Garko. Once a month in its name from the Latin word meaning ten. But it. All October. Do you think he would fit but the I don't remember a good start October through September. 12. May. Some. I think about the metrics. It did doesn't neutered Basel whenever they felt like it needs him right at drizzle October. It was 8 November well I won't say yeah October October resumes eight mile November rose rooms with the knights while I'm Brooke. And the Caesars did indeed July and August going after at all I mean he's their take on a Caesar salad. Yeah our guys did it's an aid as a walks or reuse on rural neighborhood and totally grew. We're Colmes seizures that are gonna have gone. Platinum mine quieter than that. Here's my thing I don't get our house. Floor. Once occurred on the lateral Brad. What dessert as a custard base in a bar it's harmful or it. You know damn there are websites. I've let Mike talk gloves some permanent as prevent Salmonella is that I loved her and all I assume an item and glad that that's the go to people like cheesecake now on the release I had done that I like guy I go Cumberland but I think cheesecake is more places again I think currently I grew your rob Roberts he's in cheesecake I'm gonna take home right. It's a desert our party my advertise I was so she's J. Crew overlay is like tetris it doesn't matter how much have had to eat you doesn't fit. Man that answer fits or doesn't really know it's delicious and outfit you're absolutely right with a chocolate cake is just too much of this is big dummy 844999. Alone who's our next contest and write a play the big game hello Jeff welcome to the mentoring. It's good how. Everybody would be so burnout sober. For over and over Jeff welcome to the show. All right miserable today just got to take a body to Livan will be Gary Coleman Andre the Giant are gonna tell us Versace. No I think go under the gently bit longer so that doesn't tell you might be right well I would until I was on my she's alive I mean you've as if you look did. That's really don't know a girl. Yeah with the bodies are not a bit more distance and. It's not about the sex as much as it is this the what you what you kind of looking at the stature of it that that man and that is the difference yes that's an huge difference and you know and maybe I would have been big actually gotten to that point for me when we first came off of us. A picture and story of America and it's almost like one of those those TV shows some front after a White House they want the three options. There's an awful lot there's an X through her instantly like she's had checked into guerrillas only. Known as he's out and outbound Andre and me there just wasn't enough and I need a lot of closets and quote and nothing boo birds than to collude interface but now now that I could not do that. Our answer question. Whose daughter were the Eagles looking for most home one of these nights. At all. These crazy old like you're gonna find out pretty mama. Oh yeah. What. I don't know the devil himself. And correct the daughter of the devils fell hard. She deferred amount of. Pay all their pretty moments just. Multiple choice who was the first president to proclaiming basin wide Thanksgiving Day celebration wasn't. George Washington Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. I already George Washington. Oh my god duality correct all the different president established this specific day it would beyond. But I still celebrated each year George wanted to mention that by the way my hawks still a process of making these balloon animals. Comedy comes and it says Mike hawks balloon school thing story. It's so fascinating. That Netflix should make a documentary he doesn't know how he learned to do it through an innocent little jealous knows I can do it it's like someone who wakes up from a coma. And then all the sudden has these skills that they never had before and speaks a different language I think speed everywhere I went to play piano all lays off to amaze you think that's the market. Mike had a near death trend car everything that he was an eagle scout if you could tie any not a world like I'm alone and I think meg not trying as like do this ligament. My mistake that this still you more right. I only deals got done semblance. Hall. Are awful awful all I don't know as far below those seats you have pitches that are quite and are you kidding me yes and chizik it's. A tie your boat landing. Game is big dollar 8449990. Those are nice and doesn't try to play the big game and lol you're very welcome to the men's room. Our. Hi Larry are you over until. It's over it's over Larry welcome the program Larry I have a cat named Larry. Very nice actually talk to you that I wanna say you know I thought July he never thought back. Yeah he's pretending you're instead nothing weird man Larry men's room holds even if we did talk back and I'm big body. Larry Larry Gary Colmes enough good giant has done a developer side. G the lovely woman fashion person if you drop the lovely part. You thought it giants 200 million joins. I got it headed out there plays he. We'll sort them by their goal and you fit anywhere you're probably comparable. Advocated here walking little crowds here in eight days. I would say that you could buy children's clothes now would be cheaper but they're really not and I can save nobody uses his own as you spend X yet trust me in somehow. He's just really short. Of his I didn't count look worse or does he started out real well and into the break anything you don't raucous. Then double or do you think Andre no I'll tell her side she's a little longer and actually legitimately enjoyed herself and amusement park. That's terror. Part of your question wolf river separates the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Blue book. And Mississippi. Great guests learn. And Laura got that in millionaires man I am and I feel like up near the beginning up. I don't think so yeah I was in Iraq remembering this morning and I was stomped and kicked. He was big dummy for 49990. Do we have a new contest and right to play the game hello Matt welcome to the men's or. Hello my daughter's murder cars batteries over Alonso over cola. We're overmatched wolf it was show. Okay math and revolted they got to think about it Livan will be Gary Coleman Andre the Giant are done until overtime to. There was no white guys salute Gary Coleman clearly I don't know there. All you're still being manages the normally I have no friends. Losing their life is short and black full full full fitness mentoring you and it Jamie Bonser get a slap people whether I drive if Tom thinks the image from the way and then I'm glad Cuba within days. And authorities. Have. If in the ninety's and I bring it up now right now remembered something. Think that's it. Hi here is your question. But I. What kind of insects. That don't believe Bayer. A league Baird will be better. And in so it is always bear mountain. Incremental capacity low you know since yeah. What do the initials OJ stand for with regard to OJ Simpson. And knocked out of jail. On Oprah first or it all right now the next door to a lot more normal. Then you on juice. The you know. I was all the apologies and I do not pass. OK okay. Or Paul okay. Imagine well lines in the Nextel would play next week you'll orderly adjustment coming up just hold on to stay right there we'll be good for. Hey Jeff got a deadly intent of this food to make you happy and food terms that are not so advertising. Or appealing and we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day that's all on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you see your. So my cock. Furiously making balloon animals we just an amazing we got to realize balloon knocked it. Read that LA is side is going vigilance and now we're getting closer. As we are nine days away. Pro red festival it's a believer now Randall freak party this afternoon evening and we'll run we get out there we're gonna do have why it only. And the wreckage given the play two or three songs being out there during severe and if you love like the men's room on FaceBook. We'll be doing a little creek party and some beverages hanging out of those guys and that do little creep artisans. And does all things and I don't know who's going to be within four months of the roads and scream split which will be able to shoot yourself blows and interviews with the guys I'm not only on why only in the wreckage playing. I'm good Tim blues trail will be there. Woodshed washed in black new originals are gonna play as we have an all daily lineup around ordering an outdoor music. Great food professionals going to be tremendous left. The new original to a play. We're gonna report practice yesterday had to be canceled. We have not practiced yet you know that day and not and I your tickets now yeah cheese diced. We want to do it may have honestly we we now have the songs and I. We know the seller list we have made it that far we're gonna go first practice yesterday. And it did not happen. All. Yeah so we're gonna play but I RA. Lyndon. Even bigger vans even more beer. Not only that but to all the normal shenanigans that is men's room read festival that would include the belly dancers the freestyle mode across their. I think they've got all kinds of crazy game set up the food's going to be fantastic getting a chance strive mentioned sausage. You can do so there and over yet as we drink as we eat as we check got a full day of live music. A portion of the net proceeds red festival will benefit our friends at C fair foundation. And the Fisher house so you do a lot of good as duke now north bringing us. And don't forget if you like men's room on the FaceBook coming up here just after the show. We're at a little live video and if you haven't got your tickets yet tournaments or live dot com. But we will be may be offering you a bit of a discount there with a video on and everything else on how you can now get those tickets to save a little myself that's all coming up. Like humans are month FaceBook knee injury Marty we'll be right at. You know I'd have to cover a few emails here for the men's room amends in my back almost. As jump right into other birthdays guys out today is my daughter Kylie pronounced Seubert jugs monkey butts tenth birthday. She respectively request and owning the window and the clean it. Germans again that she is ten years old are talking about the upcoming my little pony movie. On Iraq gone bitches that from Don in Graham. Oh. Young unique to a you know this month in porn movie comes. Because I shouldn't be stuck in the movie theater with my dog to agent three Medici you can look to my popcorn limited to those horrible news. Yeah yeah the yeah I'm confident when this movie coming out yeah if I see this in my future I just. Since the exciting thing for this highly until mom got to a pony yeah Qatar but the the flu because I do a lot of police beat that's an eye. At best friend jade is turning to anyone this year and over to death don't know what I would do that are gonna get the dirty Germans talking about being a legally able to drink now from the lovely Deseret. You're not legally able to. To break into legally a bit more attractive to. Job improvements to the fact that one and. I could legally you can apply. Guys at my girlfriend kaelin's birthday she is 22 a mass of Stoner a matter while we're both guest and a musical together three years ago we came to the rehearsal Ohio and animals. Hello giving her the dirty Germans talking about sexy musicals thanks guys. The most since coming into them out to babysit. Now we most musicals of sexy I guess the census and she's precipice it's the big cantaloupe and now the thinking ahead of well warned that the yeah yeah yeah envelope way I'll know more you lose goes through this six and I know. Man. Yeah. It's easy musical jab at it. She description of the good. We saw with Merck. Guys choose John said today marks my 23 Jerry Brown the son that I'm currently working tonight's until I can get an art related career. Good luck with that I'm so gonna get a slug a guy gay and the dirty Germans thanks guys you're the best all of young are you want to an opportunity for on the future. Down the Democrats could support a few of these ads. Oh there's my friends expert they get a given get a big old LeRoy. JJ. We. My lovely wife Kim he's joining ninth birthday today she would love a little kid fish sandwich followed by the dirty Germans talking about pirates. He bon Moroccan Nat from Jeremiah. It's young the thing I like about being applied to stumble contested in your chest and you moved to. Now on the hootie and the thought of people upon. Just so keep eating the students. Are going to continue to put the ball solid they did you like about this if shock. Both of whom didn't do. I remove in god Jehovah Buddha is. It is our joys my brother Robert pronounced the BZ by the very happy birthday he's best brother and friend the guy can ask more he doesn't know this until now but it's present this year and is a tickets to read about more red alert is on get our anger maternal eye to the Montgomery in the closet Eli get in the other thanks guys at from a Brenda and David the butcher. All the show's famous piper I'm not sure how this works for today's my dad's birthday and hope you guys would give Michelle that he listens your show every day his name is dean and he's turning. 53 I know that would make his day how giving him your penis is too small. Office. I don't know all of those are your dad was that this is gonna make fun you know many album of all day don't treat. I guys it was a girls. And finally you know maybe in his bag in the 1775. The united states army was born in two years later in 79 at 1777. Old glory was born. Abby 243. To the army and 241. To our stars and stripes their birthday is it a couple of others who won't get fooled again yells. All of you guys that from command sergeant major retired Mike. He would like a who yeah who yell please I would get a New York Julio has stood momentarily of warm up pipes. You don't studies I'm Robert altered dammit you has taken program studio that's who. Aero. Hi guys serial. Having had a hundred. Have you the American hey happy I got I dated to me did you. Me today young they're easier and lemons and available through the music world in a men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Who I am sure my fun. So who's out there return to know as Sherlock is on the way as well won't burn hi. Did some of the happy times your life. Not a day to day basis on a date of death is right I don't know man I can yeah words out of my mouth and look at. Are about to reflect and be happy man I don't want to drink what those events which are both parents who looked over the birth and why is it from our planet presents my. That's weird retrospective balsam like it was also brutal to weird because I love this weird look and slammed by appointments the center. But not a daily basis what's at that gives you joy either mentally or not only glue guy hello miles a is that right collecting I love my kids have. So all this data hey I'm a weekend dad okay darling of the Iowa does okay lawfully and out of the meeting cinnamon toast crunch after the kids go to bay and then I read all about it. You know I think sometimes I respect and applicants is the best thing about our being. After the two hit I don't no no they don't you do a live Internet that was cool. I laggard and wanna be a good 330 tomorrow and start remembering the woman's indictment I was also thanks. Cinematic back no matter how bad things are going basically there's a new survey that said 76% of people say on the average day there happy this moment is when their eat. Now on who people on diets and they man he didn't want to die you hear all of the office right most of the drug he's at least healthy. So role of the kittens on Helio what are their heating up and it's just. The look on her face is to small and I think it's services Sus and I think it's either going to be breakfast or it's going to be dinner. Our program breakfast you can get excited on the weekend you and out you go wow you know I mean maybe get up and you go someplace eve like a big gas breakfast right there. But lunch is kind of like that thing where you know supposed to eat that much but you should eat something and I held that people like picks salads and like you eat fruit and and you know I think. It's only gives that in the price you Dave you don't got to got him blooming onion and some has started and I like that makes me happy yet announced that the best thing a should be eating but I mean oversight and you're right 20% of people's head eating is more enjoyable and get it on. A survey also found at ten foods that make it's happy there are no particular order to get a number in a number I accept that as seeing. In an emerald. They're now. Chocolate I'll shore and pure and simple people like chocolate. And why do I think or like me. It's all you get it's like he's only like milk chocolate now the LA dark chocolates or why does that do the right man it's done all abide by our party that's at least she's undertone her suburb Y no fourth hit. I hated the special Starks. They come in the mini pack of the Hershey milk does a better man over now I love overtime your taste buds who rode a bit. And another incident that takes a lot of that I did like this is akin alike in a lot of time you don't taste and Anaheim's and the older you get the more you become like binge eat. So it's like can make a lot more better felony. Yeah it's because he. It's about. Those speeds and if it's a pizza pizza delicious I'm smiling just and the word pizza I better other. Never met anyone who doesn't like pizza yeah. No you may know weird dash cam all that's one day tablet is the reason it's. Now but that's very easy but it still awkward I can't get it has been weird but it's because of how much you've exposed whose kid based on his dad's job. It's not that he doesn't like the taste you know Amanda Thompson iron. Minimum. Always in emerald. It's fried foods shore again whether it was food mostly allied. Without a kind of doubt we have most of the list of stuff it's not I'll support fried foods and burgers ice cream brownies cheese. I would say the three that are probably a case like stake shore right you need steak steak is steak sauce spicy food OK yep and then pasta. At granite. And you positive that look there's so many options Apollo pop is back everybody I'm not I don't know profiles to create and publish negative and every day. And I am not Afghan erratic get it he he he he wouldn't do there was almost an evil call I'd be like forty inch waist. Right oh yeah absolutely I had a bloodied in a posse every day when he was like 22 credit whenever it seem like a joke. He's very large man always. You can OK you know I don't think I think he says it is right he's stuck with at the through an early twenties no team. Now on the other side. They did some basically found out which food terms are the least appealing to us OK I think I can mail some of these are issue. Begin biggest number one yes I'll tell us the fast food less I missed it I continue my roll. In a might not even in the food isn't the people's views are firm grew out gluten free. Free comes in a bubble our Iraq content and I'd rather than. You're on the right path here miles vegetarian. Vegetarian does not make. Healthy. Panel fat. What's the well surely I'm free fat free sugar free okay both make the list along with just the term diet. Al and the died anything's negative well a couple of cellular go to this diet basically. And then receive turn by this is how I perceive it in the says nothing new probably don't think it's. When you say diet I mean product and you're otherwise familiar with. It means it doesn't taste as good as the product to actually like it sends an oath I've placed you have a better chance of me buying something that's healthy but had never heard of before race computer models whose Gypsy minority candidate for health it improbable there's a better chance about that then if there's Ted chips and I've always known and businesses diet Ted shifts it's likely we'll see date determined that your world is Bateman day and it's almost attention Arnold playing more like one notice they put on the top right if you think diet. I don't gonna things like if there's a crowd almost gonna taste like doctor pepper casino when you drink diet soda generally people ago. This the best diet soda of the diet so dog died that night with her not so yeah it's a K rat you know many bright he knows this stuff the comes from the ocean in about a dog crap the original. Now it's tiny little red fish they pushed together with the SI think she goes in it they like you does that are going Warner Music giant cake. Yeah I iron. That's gluten free up some of these on the bottom Africa and we organic comes almanac. Join organic Ali get honestly organic is does not mean healthy he just needed for the double problem isn't it. Like I think it was a good sales pitch initially right as people deny him a lot of thought to what it actually means so you translate to healthy and as a result of that. And it's a pretty meaningless thing to put under product we we do it YouTube onto people law. I'm doesn't mean I might pay this guy told me that the is fair guess it's our Danica these targets is not organic with a four dollar difference comes from the same farm. Yeah. Low calorie number these are mainly food terms. Low calorie parent approved. Well nobody wants premeditated. On anything this would kind of bugs me ethically sourced. Spain but what does that make food tastes worse Brian had that it wasn't it or leave the pictures really don't like say bad things like action Pope wouldn't Laugh Factory pilgrim crop up. It's tough day home. It's tough we are likely source and then sustainably sourced. Sustainably sourced. I think then maybe. A bundle put out a product and you have a problem with at that we sort of late in Orange and make non ethically support like. We have children laborers have provided this pig that's been fed nothing but steroids. This is going to be huge hit right. But some say most of us this list of the least appealing to terms makes sense to restore ethically sourced ads but. I strongly by folks like you made him by and saw that I shouldn't be right advocate. Think ice cream that's a power play units ethically sort of thing is they just they screen behind it buys me a billionth. The second feeling good Obama's. Right because you realize retreating are not gonna remember that it was at that we sort of a stomach from eating its but I do know what the mobile apart like hey man good on me but and so what did you by the thought that we sort I act I really don't remember. Yes exactly we can get around begin with number one on the list of the least appealing. Boot Ariza thank you Ed chablis a particular rendering it tells with a shot of the day they're exerted no pressure lock. Is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. I will break we'll close the shot of the day is on the way the first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes the globe makes it look good first sorry. Dan laden spraying plan. Or. Headline reads people are getting dumber but essential headline says according to a new study and people actually are getting dumber the recent. And I know to show. Plus the misfired. So the researchers found that the average IQ of every generation is about seven points lower than previous generation they believe. It's because the horse education Murphy nutrition and more tortured me. Three whatever it is it yours Iowa it. Spent an idea seven points lower and I have ironic that those who are neither expects. Are by no to everything you know and demonstrations. Survey says fathers are tired of seeing him do his dad's an advertising. Reality well no. Sure not to. By you about the amount of meat you know but I'm late it was only my kids played on that student MI that's stupid I guess on number. We continue. I. Theft right is that fat that's rising California. After California reduces criminal penalties. GU well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. So they pulled some move I wanna say they reduce certain felonies to misdemeanors and I don't have the list of what goes armored obviously. Theft is one of federal help are you build a misdemeanor. Like you're a lot more comparable to misdemeanor of them felony liking whatever comes up again with a deadly it was a missed a million people account. Are you not dangerous and a badger stupid right he made a stupid decision nobody on the job applications since you have a misdemeanor. In order to your point it's going to do you have a better and they continued. Being black in America could be hazardous to your health. 00 and Aaron. Anti vaccine hug spots bribe in states that make it easy to opt out of the vaccines. And I'm. Libby drew beneath. People who overestimate their understanding of political issues are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock. We'll do what's gone wrong. Who attend. Dennis McCoy as the dominant. Birth rates dropped most in counties were home values grew most. Life well. And we could have another tip but maybe this is worth a hole out of my. And it. Aaron and I debt. That I had an ad that I wanted to of one more heavily measure of the flown before I'm not sure about too much bad news can literally affect your health. Well. Sharon lock it right there and I didn't get to that somebody else they're considered to be ranking. Go ahead to the very best and see approach vilified outdoor tells them. Yes indeed today we chose an anonymous woman from Los until he can afford any. I wish I could be as cool under pressure in the life or death situation. As this particular one a family a Los Angeles of which she is the matriarch they're heading home from water park on Saturday night. And they start them taco truck for them. That's sort of 38 year old man and one Rodriguez walked up to them and told and he was an undercover copied flashing gun. Well the mother's instincts kicked in immediately and knew that he was not a cup. Johnson knew the chip protector for children her husband and herself. So what did she do she handed him a topic. She hit demand taco. He took the taco and she told him that she go grab him off you napkins Scioscia went on to the people working in the truck and calmly told them not to look. But the medal threat or friendly with a gun and asked them to call mama one. And than they did come came to rest a want for child endangerment and impersonating police officer who also believe the collapse. And several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Shocking defeat the quick thinking. Of the month. Told the stock at an all of hay which elected taco and it's the perfect play. That happened let it happen any of it whatever that Iowa and we know what about it right if you roll up there you know run in the Contra would you tock you're like. I gotta look line sake of those mama's so stupid and so nice she's actually gonna hook me up a merry go. If you just trying to robber and that's exactly easy given up tacos the only hope floats kids want to protect your kids. Out Hilltop notre. We've for the food to drink this booze because we think if you made out bags over the song and download for a few parties in our Tommy's. Daryn I'll elaborate snow and I. Ticket doesn't alive profiles will take collar 9844999. Cola. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.