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Wednesday, June 14th

Profile This, TV TIme with Ted has clips about Kevin Durant! and we wrap things with Headlines


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Baghdad the play profiled as those get a contestant on line color and I'm right now 8449. At nine at nine hello will play profile that's coming up in minutes. We don't have headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my doctor some of the stories and headlines that he is not working out are at a 35 year old man named Jason trigger accidentally shot himself in the foot at a dollar star in Florida on. And he got arrested because he's a convicted felon is not allowed to have guns. Sierra but the good news is and he might not appreciate this quite the way we do but he helped inspire today's question of the day of course Marie you would suffer five. And then. There was a story about a couple had had sex in their seat during a flight from England to I'd be I usually a visa and I'm an Edward now haven't spent. Turns out that the guy had they pregnant fiancee and home and he was on his way to his bachelor party weekend. Seen pictures of them having such now I understand something about this okay so my first heard about the store double days ago. Don't passengers have sex on the airplane and I figured they were at least making the effort to beat the street. It should be made very clear they're making no effort to beat the street the man first of all believed sitting in the middle seat. This woman is just sitting on the flat bouncing up all around. And the guys says to the people on the play. Today does anyone have a Condo. He didn't think content what's the British slang term government bond with a developing a little rubber knowing though Jimmy had no clue what happened that I was I was so I'm so there was so British whose views as you put on the Phillies. There was nothing subtle about Eastman Kodak camera what color. Anyway you know every day am I saw a picture that they're not right I don't know how low he either at any. G I Joseph Condo they just met each other they got hammered on the plane and they started now on each other in the you know I mean he's. It's a pretty jacked up duties apparently a ladies man according to move the story it seems I've got to file what is it. Yet shouted. And one guy jelly and it's an AM until. And I and hit them all that's. How do you a little steak and angered about the fashion these. I want Bob Johnson's body day I he seriously streamed around and asked if anyone had once and gave him one and he used offline that's how it went down I mean didn't. Just don't get married do I think if you're collection. Describe the 2003 I think you need to go pull the past years it probably just was checking off. Some in the way down on the fly there on I beat the best shape Ted would you approve of applause on a plane after after they were done. Funny she's kind of attract beautiful neighborhood coffee and yeah. We'll break auditor is pregnant fiancee has had a slow collapse after healthy we. Everybody yeah. It was curtains and apparently voters who voted wound up and you would know who got who got New Delhi and government but nobody on the plane knows that they're not to get. These little couple game right road I had well there. Jerry Bennett and I were according to a new survey 75% of dads today change more diverse than their own dad dead absorb them. Obama goes miles openness our goal and yeah I think on how bad it was already day message. Would the legs over impose all bought corrected some reference to use reusable diapers that's exactly what I remember Amaral liberals portals cloth diapers and I mean they just stunk so the idea that those are both move right exactly hope for a title of the way I mean again it I didn't get a we were all the reasons rags they are good for the environment. Yes they are there's no doubt about that others no doubt about that there's no question about that the question you have an Obama what about my immediate environs it'd be like Kevin approved Brad and every time you would need a good movie ever rag that the only bragging use monetary policy every time you use it again and you never have to buy to a paper trade the environment but you have to want to put a brag dynamic. And he got a dedicated to ones you think I'm yes I know. Yeah got into the business thank you going to let assessment. I get a fax numbers on my dad read it you've proven your logo are all but I'd be happier putting disown my toilet. You gonna do well enough volume while Osama into the NFL. Seven. I met up an hour of vinegar Reynard is amenable to a minute but it isn't a bathtub shower the stranger ain't mine are having. Well sometimes it just have standalone showers that don't actually have lead. While I don't understand a Myles out right it goes on the Yahoo! waffled grave hey taking care of environmental threat stomach flu and fancy my best and I don't know about this another soak into just. I don't know. Our that I waffle somebody all I go take my sharp things to him. All right Amanda are you just don't call me I know you only now wondering how I. I. There's of the fact. All right Amanda Florida says the maintenance worker at his apartment tablet slashed him with a nice last week after his dog went to the bad Germany didn't pick it up stuff. Well I think. Maintenance worker so he's level every unless they're all there people who don't pick up your dog couldn't tell you what a jury might take you shank. I'm folks were static something good can I didn't feel loved and all you people who don't think if you don't. Realize that you come home and Arizona is up for sale and it is absolutely filled it with cash related nick next. Nothing's coming on a martyr for a long time do most people I know that the interest in the living their can't afford it doesn't taking care of the cat's going to be an old woman advisors. You don't going to be netbook you're gonna show the place that they typically tell you that kind of downsize a little bit tough plays look more roomy and airy and afterward some of put together a list of the most beautiful natural wonders in all fifty states. Yes they did because it has its it's a pretty impressive it's one of those lists where. It's like whatever granted you really like do you turn Amber's a sale like you're the best places to get those needs and every stage I think the middle location close. How does the same thing if you're into nature they're really is as it is it's very cool. I was ever the state of Iowa. We're the only natural thing to look at is the clouds in the formations got more count because there's nothing else to see that corn field I was a little ironic opened this guy who's going to tell museum grounds of nature wise that would happen with the weather is more spectacular than anything else. Out on the ground dad way to go Iowa. Summon a Baltimore recently got a boot on their car and instead of paying the fine. They just remove the entire will left that there absolutely is in their primary on new Darrel they don't care and it all you can buy entire like on the on the outside of the road July. My books and a good job and balance of power if they don't hey guys. Had violated when it three year old student and Wyoming was arrested for shoplifting but he gave a great excuse for why she did it and while willow was that excuse I would tell you all about what our map says so you do that. Thank you my dog headlines are coming up one hour from now the first forget those. Men's room recess. Yes even throw Hilton to please everyone how profile this is playing I can and I will miles that's the simple game. We're reservist you'll really like new storage something that happened right here. On planet earth. Moved firm. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be two people. And the decisions that people make bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. I know overall are welcome to the men's room. But we are going wow OK when you ride it mostly your name like bank username is in writing you play another game to play. I heard there aren't rewarded for Eric and can you Wear belts. Are what your credible. No but I agreement so the guy I'm very happily turn around other human life. But only a belt and racism and all the black metal rings and an Orion golf and Italian consulate I've volley consolation I'm mr. science humor man thanks gentlemen Lindsay tomorrow a sensible time I'll go home amongst them. Really I don't run an offense I know I don't OK I was faced joke space Jones faced outcome of one of the continuing. I give them today I don't know that I'll. Sometimes it becomes the best human events and boom. Space trips we got mauled by folks sure. Are here historic. There's a 27 year old woman in Clearwater Florida. And no we're not on the floor on purpose Florida just pumps Mustafa and recently. She's started texting her ex boyfriend about booty call how we're brought her up on the show before. But he never responded to them about 5 o'clock and mourners headed over to his place anyway because she wanted to give it our own. And normally this wouldn't be the worst thing that happened but unfortunately for her what you want to do is bilateral. You saw another woman that but keep in mind. They don't date anymore solution be that big a deal however the woman told the paralegal who turns out butter more for to move on to a new girlfriend. Well. The action soaps that she started punching new girlfriend and face tried to beat her ass while she's in bed with her ex boyfriend. A long story short she was arrested for felony burglary I guess she did in Toronto and assault and battery because she did beat the snot out of a strong girl. Question we have for you is do you believe this ex who need the booty call is blank white Maxi or Asian. I am. I really wanna go. We're both black. I don't think so you don't see growth now you do you're inside you are under white whiter older brother and an. And I don't know. Just you just okay. As far as breaking into someone's house and going crazy and if if if you're dating a black woman and you do wrong anyway shape or form she might beat your ass. But when it's over it's done and she doesn't need you acie go get any measure he wants and she doesn't care isolated and you do that a swirl of them were former object. I don't need to OS eight when there's no tears myself there's no tears as he did I have no military look like we're like him out. And I'm I'm just like from what I have seen. I'm telling you that the women that I know. Who are black. Have about fifteen different people on the bench. In at any moment in time they can call make a phone call like you'd next like look I don't know foam block out you know it's exact that is going to be stolen all these. Whether your interest in me or not trust me there's somebody else way new definitely would like to. Would like to get into this whole body won't always result and it's open and it is said and done engine care here receives against seizures it bars and as you might throw drinking your face more likely to ignore you. Non. This is wider Mexico. Yeah it aren't. Al you're you're gonna break someone's house and go crazy and you know the relationship was over you know he's moving on no it is over that's the thing about it is you want to lose call and I understand that's a safe haven for booty call butt when someone does not respond to you than. I don't know in any situation someone is not respond to me I'd just assume either they do not get my message or the net interest and yeah if you wanna look at 5 o'clock in the morning. Broken tooth got him out and get her intent was immediately. What did you that don't beat up the other woman Hearst are being up here beaten up a woman. Children of the door saw him a bed with his new girlfriend Cuba might they have broken up to this is his new girlfriend. Reasonable people do obviously freaked out if you might give responded to or even so. She'd jump on the beds are beaten Olympus out of new girl. I what do you think it. Aren't enough at it even being a little why it might finalize or. Yeah viable plan now that she was black white Maxi or Asia next. Batch was fatigued you are listening to the men's room radio network. Newsroom this miles. As once again tonight. Florida woman knew was not convinced that I guess her boyfriend and moved on the fact he had and he was so with his new girlfriend and they were asleep at 2 o'clock in the morning when the old guy clocking our decide to come over break in the house and then beat the living hell out of the new girlfriend in Amazingly just another day in the life but in this case Iran we ask you do you believe in the woman knew. Came armed to the house insurgent booty call the Internet into fisticuffs was black white makes he or she uses enemy and you guess why. She now so I ran an IMAX yeah. Exe Diana. Her heat. Man it's. Gonna deny another chance to play profiled a site tomorrow same game same time same bat channel the first turning on TV all the TV news all the time and it's time for TB tablets and because you are. Finally did countless hours in front of a talking. The president's. You guys ever re watch stuff. The series or anything that you liked not a series I have make yet Powell watch shows and reruns that I liked but I I haven't been watched an old. Show. But again no American wants a sopranos are sort of router wire again or anything yeah what's funny CNET like I do I. You know I've owned the wire like it dvds or you know if you have on demand and stuff can get it but it was just funny. Last night I found myself watching the first episode again I'm sick cat team the show was so good who. And then even make you know we're talk much of the stuff today or girls for an upper earlier like I forgot to some of that. When you watch she'll like the wire in granite I was telling everybody else let's say it's a one of the bashers of me but you for debt. How hollow that reason why everybody's when everybody says this is one of the best shows that might be because it's one of the best shows right right you forget that this thing about the wires that I think not many things have changed in a city like Baltimore where it was not as fictional let's see here's what you do by way John do you believe some of the chilling intended truth that these characters say that remember that this is pretty true realigned with the writers and every morning Muslim governed by a Baltimore Sun I go okay there's one here ago already had a without fail yes without family to think about that the three major shows that came out of Balkan regardless in my hometown and I do love. I do love Baltimore but understand it's like. It's like if you're a parent in your kids older about eighteen Howell role Madrid in and out of jail you know learn at a club you still level you know what's good about them but let's face it you'll understand why everybody thinks are scum bags so. There was will pass they want to real quick little. Because people ask all the time as Baltimore like the wire there are parts of Baltimore veterans Aquila to. The show before that was called homicide. No one questioned anything about the show called. Homicide mobile Mozilla so that was very out of the corner the corner we're all have a comment to Bob Dylan each other and when you lived in town and watch those shows and almost wasn't interest and Georgia a walk outside and this correct and that's a sad but true statement into what Tom's side corner. The wire annoyed or you go eat dinner I don't know if I think it's it's this is is I want to lose him. Yes that's the sad prominent character for more intriguing but overall that the problems are dealt with Dooley yeah looses but here's the problem most of the time and go and life you know you watch TV show. It might be chilling to you. I can't accidentally walking into the exorcist into the woman spending your head around you can accidentally drive into the wire under way home runs from there. That's the difference that makes this TV shows so unique men. Yeah I think part of promised Tuesday the you know you hear about other people's problems that you don't really too. You don't understand dumps you don't take tomorrow right so then when you see initially that he you know we realize how really it is they think they didn't it has a bigger effect on an absolute it was a little greatly those kids live in a different I mean a lot. Inner cities are like that right. You know I'm sure you can go to some parts of Detroit right now. And there's the Detroit Billy the rest you know the rest the country hears about Milledge probably really nice part but none of the road to order from world did they are the number on the same rules they'll have different aspects business wise whatever wheelers so you know like Chicago's much different from the problem going on Baltimore which is I mean guns are all involved but I mean for the whole lot of Chicago way idle Chicago situational differences are much different as far as why that is happening. Yeah and you don't know what's in Britain and there's no way to which way he did it again. We either watch a wired and you haven't seen watching a great show and I'm back into one of the best one were quotes that we can't say on the air. Yeah started the mess in the team and last for thirty seconds. Yeah. Yeah it. People always talk about how many lately that guy right that they've set out there and bombs these and over have a lot of black friends who hurt are the port in my life right now grab realizing a two minute what difference. Two and I have a Bobble head of a state senator clay Davis that's the character that has that infamous lines right. But the Bobble head is him saying that word. Number no don't get that has balance on the show. But beyond the supporting. Why you break it out like a moment yeah the centerpiece of an enjoyable. Putter I'm a birthday date last year while ordered three of them may. Me and my mom is still working at the time in DC. And I gave her once she's in with this for as he just give it to somebody on the night crew rest dealt I U I I should I used to work on the night grew to love like. They'll get it right through the I'm generalizing and so that's IDC shows that the wire whenever he sees them destruction in inner cities and now one thing most inner cities United States don't have to worry about. Bulls who think this is very true that is one of the event and you are do able from the brother so time. DeVon does matter if people didn't sound but I tell you what. In a notable. Now Opel would of the guys like to ride a motorcycle or AM. What do guys like to run on Sundays motorcycle on born yeah on Sundays debt and everything combining. A loose ball in the streets of some city it's fifteen. And you'll hear people kind of scream and a little bit. You'll tell exactly where he digs is sworn into a motorcycle car. Yeah I. Coach Charlton. Can't lose I'd hear this I feel like I'm gonna get her close you know play that game like this is like I'm getting aroused but I didn't hole dog legged under. Your life. There's a fairly common chemical another. Tom and. My whole head live to guarantee the nails again. My two bulldozers. And I'm seeing a blue like that. Now from the start and oh yeah I mean once you leave the bulls should read them voters I don't pull out all know we got a great time. I thought I lost myself enough I did your dirty talk includes lake. You like that. Don't you think he did it's it's it's an inner rog at at stake he's kind miles bridge on you like that do you enjoy this. We got OK I was in just about when we're done can you feel anything. The equipment it. Yeah picture closest you've Merck has won through to encircle the thing industry in the cinema manager and I don't think it. There until jet to colleague Ed right I'm doing a follow up to seal you'd Georgia experience in the aisles we've got a prayer. Would you go there again would you Don there that the fine would you recommend it to your friends at dinnertime at an entertainment and dining district would you go back. Would you say it will hurt is. Varied as supporting the death of warning it not for mobile O five you are off them. It all your questions get answered. It. But seriously watch a video over a momentum FaceBook page that bold just hates the motorcycle clearly Dahlia and to his credit he's terrorizing my whole blocking people are very scared. But it's I don't know because that other guy drives behind the murders of what he just got to turn that aren't getting it I've been modes if you can't. You received with a W we watch is the idea that an elephant destroying scooters in Thailand oh yeah and I think well ethanol is that college students here. Like Laura what was it like that it does. We've been in the city or what 'cause elephants a Harley rider. Thought Novak yeah a the world documented fact. I don't know duty just imagine an elephant Thailand golf on a Rampage the scooters that he's exactly would you think it looks like carnage. Perhaps if this. Let's see. Seven talk a little bit about we had hockey even in the NBA championship no act. Kevin Durant played for Oklahoma City. For a lot of years played his first rookie year course he played in Seattle won rookie of the year than Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma jokes on them yet become the thunder. Now for many years probably don't forget we Katie was in Oklahoma City. I mean to him and Westbrook were there but so was James Harden for a while you know MP. Good team then it faded so James Harden left he went to Houston and he's obviously blown up because superstar. Him and Westbrook were there. So what was it last year they couldn't get. Past Golden State Bremer they Europe they were up 31 end up blowing that. That afterwards Kevin Durant decides he's gonna move to Golden State a team the very good. So I'm not located in Oklahoma City. Correct. But a lot of people have some thoughts on this the first obstacle we still would here's the Jimmy Kimmel talking about the bachelor or bachelorette when she dated Kenderick. Bachelor trivia I have learned this today according to us weekly she know what's true. Bachelorette Rachel used to date Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors. That's right to start the bachelorette they did disarm the NBA finals security ABC we call that synergy. What supposedly pretty serious relationship they didn't college. They both went to Texas but ultimately you can't tie guy like Kevin Durant down he needs to be. Free to go where he's need at least and that's. It's very interesting because the way it should be operational intended to both get rings this year which would be her. So even mayor rightly that's the big joke is that Golden State was are you super limited bright they didn't need on this in the and I I get it. I personally don't care Brett Kevin Durant from PG downing Agra Buchanan good Kevin Durant is also the pro act with. Yeah you know paying you wanna keep giving her an Oklahoma city bank pay him or put better players around him. How would you like Westbrook you'd be out or so who will soon break. From her he never look he did not like Google Obama's lead in the Booth located. We're Oklahoma City yeah I have a friend that's a pro athlete and he told me once that he goes Oklahoma City. Because he knows he can't get in trouble there he's the fifth the let you know we prefer assemblyman and they do to get intro there okay. Aren't so let's Jimmy Kimmel taking shots right you gotta get that Jimmy Kimmel makes jokes you don't expect. Shots like this from jeopardy that ranked on the alphabet. Yeah they jumped in on exporting my for 600 after a loss to the warriors in the 2016. Western finals. This thunder stud that didn't beat them he joined them. Tucker was direct yes. I mean out of filibusters are just that's as well as. Do you feel the joy don't look sure it's not so it's still seek for jeopardy I feel like that was a hey. We're gonna get did you say to say about LeBron forming the Miami Heat. Funny you brought that mouse you know is on the ability to blog about that. Arianna. Well all right so here's final thing I'd. Years ago when you had the lakers vs Celtics all the time I mean everybody loved that and it was a different parent teen stayed together. But you can also make the argument you know. Wu is especially for the lakers they kinda had a super team short right and they were already pretty good men and you know than you imagine him and stuff too so I think these teams have existed. But also I do find it ironic that the brought on lost to a good team with some deemed had too many good players replace. LeBron cannot ushered in this new error to me when he went to Miami they party had Dwyane Wade niece and all it's gonna third and I'm missing piece. Don't I think people were pissed off about Ray Allen not doing that too. Right don't even know he's players and Elmo talked to Ramon no he was these seniors so to speak in the they'd like it may give people passes man when you're old enough and a matter what league it is like. Well they admitted long enough. Make sure they get a ring on where and other but they weren't too happy about that. Yet and I would key player players too volatile subject. I don't now. I think Kevin Durant in the long run I think he does exactly what LeBron. Right he won and he won a championship I think he's chasing Golden State for them a year to. And that I think he goes back to the wizards and tries to get something going there. I mean why did that LeBron leave Cleveland in the first place I'm surrounded by a team that I can't when we're on the missing piece of my game. Mandela got liberals garbage about. Is seeing Golden State thing is a superstar teen nope that at a Kevin jumping at Sony couldn't act carried Irving. Kevin Love says no there he came to me is. I think several years sort of pretty super flex study team you think about I mean it happens and every sport you get people to say album Loeb deploy on the New England Patriots what we understand why. Because you think they need help the three goes right. This is a solid job anything that every single year is going to be in America and if you're a player you what are and I think that's where you wanna know right. However the difference she described. They've stepped curry did indeed zones aren't while we let us Tom Brady apparently didn't immediately gotten embody but he still wanna go their employment posted in the day nobody remembers that who won the title. That flew. All right. Everybody likes nature videos in this and that miles I know you love this we talk about this when all the time. To the video. Is the a small lizard. About to be attacked by multiple snakes you've seen this is the first trailer they release what planet earth to matter to more than likely if you've seen anything or Jordan River I believe and an author I have yet to see it am I have a preference. For most people don't know it. They're the original titles play editors to. Our checks back yeah. Electrical to look for. I think it actually they're gonna have a Will Smith there Renton that called planet earth. They're the planet earth there who urged her to write your two year appeared here and at the but could have been better hitter on that's on its new doc. Thanks so I'll ask why so. Oh there we go. We'll shoot low lizard. Like to have I was going oh yeah. He lives. Snags and and to do away. I flat right now has yet exactly exile an amazing how many games. No I mean she was hanged in what she does anyone paying a lot of lessons I think you guys tell. Okay guys only got 50% chance to make your life. It is a great line. And I can post if it's a it's a smoking weed but I would you actually thinks echoes around I get now now watch that video camera kind of funny and so. I would. I would think planet earth might even be better of snoop do all the videos or like mystery science theater to disguise. I shot at 1015 minutes I think this Jimmy Kimmel to puts him in a Rula good news video of this but I just love the way they do do did. But that human touch. Andy's situation good I like when you want to animals land is there heaven's sakes there about to die right like I mean I gotta fight. Or they act and bad is it but I really feel like in Sigourney Weaver does a great job of explaining what's on Mount Snow has been that. Man you just try to get all of enough but now I gotta fight another line on a cool man yeah I think there's times to that animals look cute. Well yeah. Yeah am like your right leg mostly do then eating something. Or having sex with another animal threat but then also you that may accumulate for the footage of them descent looking around. Well no they save definitely premiere cancer man you know sure you like a lie ended taken out my and a little while and I'll show you rhino spears moment. The mayor tenth rather pop a head out there look around missed there they go back down the we come up again. And then they point out like there danger they scattered them like what the what he'd shown there's an old. Caught late I don't know follow the global tour hawk was around and they disappeared yeah that's not a fight a tough phone doesn't like people to replace the gore full weeks. But there's a lot and there's a cinematographer is in photographers National Geographic where they have a whole reel of nothing but animals brokered. Oh yeah different animals might edited out when I'm gonna show no doubt there whereas in other. Hippopotamus with a spin a tale in all this stuff spraying everywhere guarantee they get a blooper real that. Yeah almost prove a lot a widow Leah. What else does not true if the marking territory in the short right of it showed tiger peeing but they pointed out he's marking territory and I thought to myself. This puzzle is marking territory until the possible tiger had to take a week. We could be doing both. But like yeah. Mark surgery every time to be duly otherwise why would a political although we didn't yazoo like they don't like this squad down late lead just two drops like man caused just a little area that all I know Barack you are generally about the times I've marked match my territory. And whether or not they but I. They were full on peace at all I was marking territory when you don't understand because the bear correct and I didn't realize they have that there ever come back that week. I know you left. Now he didn't I didn't realize those market territory and this jurors brought a different dog and this huge shepherd so when he Pete on the street he can be hired the most lovable right now establishing dominance based on size just stick to it the tree. I'm not thinking about all the time to dogs being on trees you know me I'm an outdoor appeared so what about my geometry but I. The look of hurt among dogs they actually felt bad I really he looked a mile and what. News room my room on pain go woman whom you knew the home from a mile probably did you have them sorry you may not realize the important. Greatest moment I had a mild dogs Tigger RP. He was you know telephone pole yet let's let your dog might have but he was a Scottish Terrier the not a large animal. So it lifted up his leg in lifted higher I think he just fell to. When the Clinton not I. Only a few weeks I thought that the Levy and his golf you did you accomplish your goal their Tigger did you did you get a Doug you look at luggage jackass right now. Probably was booed and he wasn't Afghanistan. Six quote don't. Thank you all very go untreated because I know they want as my only regret is that your headlines coming up with are all my cock you're listening to the men's or radio network. Lisa and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I you know two teenagers that get lost in France and first three full days spend their time was six million dead. Meanwhile a woman is a walking down the street didn't know she was pregnant without pop ahead. In an effort to keep aliens from coming here KFC sitting sandwich into space. A high schooler banned from graduation after 250. Toilet paper rolls are all over the place. And Mexican mayor gives a speech for his election any solid word for word from house of cards it is time for your headlines. It's time they didn't. Yes there's Mike Cox. I had I got started at 43 year old student and Wyoming was arrested for shoplifting but to give a current excuse for why should day I'm good domain yeah he's writing a paper on glad to mania okay well and it worked for 3000. That's not the servant jobs forms on the bus didn't jump ball in the book that I never released. Due south China to leave Wal-Mart with a cart full of goods including three flat screen TVs and when police searched her dorm they found it filled with other shoplift and Latin. That's a ratings today asked a plus why are you change your neighbor what it's like to be incarcerated at the fifth. Around the world the most interesting man had a new gig. The man that wants promote a dozen cases now advertising for Astro fiftieth. Goal really moved on to new commercial shows the most interesting man raising a glass of tequila and saying quote. I told you I don't know history bear the thought while. And since send us an idea guy and to the hard stuff that he believed to set keys or did not got to move on dividend of there was a look at her thing but personally I remembered and do some objective was homeless where navigate that road. The new guy Michael Phelps. Yeah ha ha ha ha. Odd June 8 two teenagers and parents have been found if they went missing for three days in the pitch black attic Helms. There's a small portion of mechanical that is open the public but some have been known to access the other tunnels inside. After about a four hour search by teams and dogs the two were rescued the house Gary Busey venerable home. Well the fear factor I would think would go away after awhile. You know there's still OK it's still kind of creepy that yet others those guys don't NBA bodies and neck and I'm lost here. Right seasonally dead bodies that I don't know bakery because goes away Mike. Well everyday I wake up and like you remember that other she's made a dividend and as dark as got to go after a while you realize that nothing's coming after you when I'm getting that. You know you drove the alleged the basement and you try to run for that that door for the top of the stairs there's only a small period of time that you can actually your brain ramp up. And think oh my god there's a ghost I don't know what's going on your basement might. And I'd rather be stuck in my is weary legs man got their data comes in for it's I mean I'd be freaked out and they'll get me wrong I'd be W little bit freaked out that their but after dad the other guy especially when I wouldn't say anything you wouldn't hear me that's a risk last night out data and that my cock. I heard big dummy dead meat and potatoes ahead jet is back and no way Sherlock is that they the don't throw it back tomorrow until then. What you do best and poorly for the sake. Stan. Beautiful. The men's room has been date before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by the fantastic limited. Presentation knows the man truly feel that way.