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Friday, May 25th

Mens Room Question: What happened with the gun?​


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. All our friends on by united concept and yeah aren't gonna program now as well as our friends and ID Iraq California's rock station lovely Sacramento California. And had done Iraq 96 point nine fox. In beautiful album Wisconsin big chill free today as the return of Ted vs the FCC is coming up here come the bad jokes we'll bring it tells with a shout today. And a profile this also coming up our question today what happened with the gun as a flying gun. Got lodged in a bummer of a passing car along I five south of Seattle. The flying gun became lodged in the front of the car on Wednesday afternoon. Driver was heading south when he saw black object in the air strike the front of his car. This according to trooper guy gill guy deal was amazingly wide T the widest keep America why you Steve we've ever seen on a man. Other driver said he didn't seem to make a big impact in the car he had no idea he kept on drive right time. I made about eighteen miles away stop for gas in Olympia surprised to find a handgun was lodged in his front bumper huge Kobe's surprise the driver called 911 and he was just kind of like everyone else saying this is so strange but I believe. I struck a fire arm and it is still stuck in the front of my vehicle technically I think he should of called three or more and and I think that's because my moma makes it very clear. Just called for an emergency that's not really emergency. And. In 23 years trooper guy Gil says this is among the strangest things he's seen in his like densities that they were about talk to a man who you can see a smile even one as my office we could hear it through the early through the air at the radio where he turned on the search led by smiling when you call that way what do you call that when someone's eyes just sparkle like that to you in terms of that right Robinson I'd do a gum term knowing you reduce that sparkled you touch amount. All with a gun widgets orbits Orvella orbit yeah dirty mouth Kathy orbits the orbits daycare definitely comes into orbit date and exact. I knew we actually have ideal on the line. I know officer guy deal welcome to the net all right guys are blood on alert called an earlier but I was too physically too much seat. There are articles calm and avoid guy believe you don't line up the good news. We could pure pleasure you have multi YE ET. For an adult male I'm totally flat what do you do don't just say you brush to the cannot tell me that. You're a Rhode eyebrow stud that's all. I don't believe and I don't I don't review I'm under I'd brush that's all I do you know why I shouldn't say this to a police officer Bernard feel compelled to break into your home. And I'm gonna go to your matters again because I don't there is no way did you know I don't know if you look at the picture on Twitter. I'm good manager Torre you that it's so then everyone has to comment on your teeth right given amazing smile right. Well I do hear that from time to time on the motorcycle guy does so. Among our most timeout the star surrogate can I think that's what else might end game pretty deep sense. I do you have a lot of in the dark about why don't. OK the secret is I don't know as far as that's probably as far as his gun is concerned and the story that that we picked up from come off again so were there there is shooting earlier and actually that at a park. And I believe that this might have something to do that gonna trap. That's right and this is a good story guys because what happened was that gun was used in the commission of a felony and probably would one day when they play that scene after the shooting. They're driving down I five at some point they thought library get rid of ten going to be tossed. And it says I told my buddy don't also about the windows something battlefield probably prints on and everything else have they were is as dumb as they were thrown out when aren't. Right and I mean what a good story and if we did find that and get in such an odd way I mean it's still this one of the craziest thing you ever see. And then they'll link that and get back to a felony and then make some arrests I mean that's just. It's a crazy incidents both political story at the very end you know some good can come out of that is. I'll get well let me ask give us in that because I really don't know okay in this guys case. I into the gas station there is a gun in fact embedded in the bumper of my car but to me it is odd I certainly need to let someone know of some emergency. To imagine like all 311 lake there's no particular emergency you know not to get labor Wright is now 11 the way to go. I think that's the way to go I think other problem itself I think that's just talk colonize what one would especially mean it's a handgun so you you just don't ever know and you know if it says it is an emergent matter I mean it's it's debris but still I think that's a safe bet on not a liberal. What do they say the you have to look at the call made dispatched do you guys I mean did they say hey you know. Here's the address of the guy with the gun in his bumper is there a police number code for gun logged on bumper. No no cover that's about exactly what they said oh we got frequently got also that it's. There's big weapon lodged in the guy's bumper in my and the troopers showed up. He's just that he was shocked just like everyone else would be can believe that especially after driving you know eighteen plus miles lipped out lodged a net. Ever I got to ask committee as far as your job being dangers is a more dangerous on on a motorcycle just to deal with distracted drivers and it is more so with criminals like isn't. More dangers in your job just about one of my life around corrected Ron's little pop our people learned when people are just not paying attention you can see where your ally we invite you to look into a car right to help people are up to sell. I mean that we can is that is MR Dallas do you sometimes. Yeah we had close calls on a regular basis in a motorcycle pit stops series. I mean that's sort of you know part of one of the most dangerous position just because you're out of traffic and we work on my five. So as you can imagine just you know lots of traffic and you're you're going up to speed strawberry you know catch a vehicle to stop. And safely moved to the shoulder across four plus lane and then you've got. A bunch of times a day so exactly how that stuff out a moment when you know some close calls but it's also probably the best job to him I love it and it's good stuff like you ride a motorcycle and allow them. Sir with all the restaurants are with all due respect I completely understand how the Yamaha Zuma won 25 scooter let you know that is they did you go to him. I Caribbean nice though. There is no comparison a it's too real brotherhood of the country Ankara. Yahoo! what Gil in my hand and I aren't into an eight and widely stripes and then I guess throughout the threat yeah I have a question Korea Goosen and do you go to all those sea change your twitters pretty active like. Are you all on all those accidents things. It did it depends I go to the major ones sit and and luckily you know. You are a lot of good friends that are paratroopers and they go to those scenes and they they can get all the information important to me so it is kind of depends on what this. The seniors and and how serious it is. Islam and how long does seem to be their side we try to get out to those. And I get a discount depends on what what is. One day to reveal the hope you make it on cops is that like the ultimate. I don't like is that the pinnacle of our game that means you have to chase a negative person and I don't you that's seems to be. I don't wanna do any of that allied chasing naked people I'm okay with just due to social media oldest. Talk duress. There. Thinkpad as good as it's a trooper on a bike you deal with. You were naked people than the average cup because to me to Erica god you're just here to save the rest of us from making people about a madman rhetoric. So my goal is when I start my shift is just not up to do it any naked people they it is this evening that's what my goal has been one of our culture in your are not entirely true good. In your you're 23 year career is is truly one of the strangest things you've seen involving a gun. Yeah I mean. You know once a while we do mean reduced by firearms on the side of freeware it's not actually got uncommon way or not but as far as being what the other one wedged in the other vehicle. It is the story behind it is did. Derrek Lee one of the strangest saying. You know you can imagine that things that we see in causing and traffic stops and things received that. Yeah is still my car until you see Cheerios. Oh yeah yeah I thought I think probably the capital and I think she's fine serial drug ideal thank you so much gonna show Cuba smile and we appreciate you as they say thank god actors are absolutely adamant that. I don't buy. Trooper Roger were a guy Gil everybody can see those pearly whites the pharma and I don't know what this is brushing past the. I once 10 AM to hold a strong demand but I met a lot of tea people and right and I understand what he's saying I consider your 10 person I am perfect example Rudy being black flag at the around ten ma'am marvelous my condolences one valuable for the white teeth. Yeah yeah I mean I thought about it is they think I'm already beaten with the YouTube the same thing other than spin. I. I think that if that's for public what happened with a gun and 44999. Ala pat and Matt and I hate go and I'm sure if you let the people. We all hat where either Kelly Joseph Flacco he is like one not running to. All the losing tonight when discernible I didn't see it dead in the middle look like they're dogs and then use whether it but it but there was a guy yesterday. I'm one of those like and admire how should house hundreds or something like that and I'm terminal off the TV I'm watching show but it's arm was on one of I go to turn off the TV and what are the couple's debating debating. And I took a second before I hit off because to check with relief right am I getting our mark OK and then they they click over her husband. Indeed the normal looking dude except for every week she quit in his mouth. You're so like guys deal white except in the middle you can sue the browns come and yet I'm just like oh my god it's every two of in his marriage as a matter of people who have crowns as the Monica does have a couple teeth drug usually wider door and a sure how I would just simply the threat black. It would just hurt. I don't and that's what I wanted to do to remove my name is it is. Back good to like it hurts the had to get it out I would think. It's black that Daphne got his one in years that they don't eat cold stuff but again I go back to Joseph Flacco. You'll regularly a hundred million dollars a year and tool you don't have the skews the most people have about not having the money. Together for the good there's no way. You don't notice that one of your teeth. Is eighteen shades darker than around one what is the what does this stuff that I just bought to try to get my teeth as wide as a trooper guy go what does that what does a isn't the on charcoal doubt heard a car. Yeah we do some before and after photos in the Wilson and a trooper Dylan he could see how. Among white yes and yes I'm sure there's very curious is now that was to come you aren't busy at all no no no no no I'm glad that I could have guy when I challenged early lights are on sale and you do the guy you'll thousands of your wheels toy via drag you away what's your time period are we I don't know I definitely don't think the most news in the early months you can use it daily. No I know but people seeking an ideal white. I need. Again I built like they are nothing you know right in the middle and edit edit edit and about half the battle repetitive but even he couldn't get it at a okay. Pairing off the hook but let me let those people far and not come on me. I don't know I don't want ball team. Maybe got a fixed I don't know. If there's one there's just the mean that says unpaid and a regular dog he's a great I'm not gonna go on about suns give him some credit he got Morgan. Our question all what happened out with the guys eight point 4999. All us. We've got more your goals I've gone through a big thanks series evolves into a trooper guy go for optimum programmer question would have a with a gunning for 49990. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. It's. Brought a gar lot Hughes 44 years old it is revolver in the broiler of. This kid came to visit him. He neglected a telescope for a net. She preheat the oven for some in the she planned to cook later that evening then she heard a gunshot then more gunshots. She ran for cover and called Carr Locke who faced a grim situation. It's too hot or a police detective Dwayne MacKey told the newspaper the gun that literally spun around because it's going off. He was burned as he tried to retrieve a gun. And got shot twice by the gun spinning in the other. Luckily I don't do that our question what happened with a gun 844999. A lot I got a couple of comments here and that they cover a wide range of topics they talk about rotten teeth which we just talked about. Trooper guy Gil in the back to the question Joseph the rotten teeth we're talking about you see the person where all the sequence of white vendors that one minutes just brown. Maurer. If you wanna make some fancy let's assist hope I can was it took all the with a preview pretty tote too. Says I have a debt due after awhile the root dies and it doesn't hurt at all but tiny pieces break off. That's going to be fun and the nerve dies then solicitude could only hurt want to becomes infected you can go years and years with the discount. So that is lines that trooper guy deal out one of the storage we have today to set up the question was about eight. Especially guys found a handgun embedded in the bumper of the scar Eagles cops click on the get it but one of the guys that sort of bombs seem. Police officer by the name of guy deal guests was a pretty massive following on Twitter but more than that woman clicked on his Twitter page. It was a picture of my relate. We got some white nasty. So some people would trooper guy dill first as a trooper guy gill was also you need a segment with him. So there's that and that is and I just went to his Twitter page you are line about a Steve saying guys you got the white ASCII art. Now back to the question what happened with the gun. Out of the correctional all sort of maximum security men's prison every now and then I would fill in for other officers. There's one time I was coming off a double shift before the tower officer can be deposed for the next officer to go up. All weapons must be unloaded and ammo accounted for. Pro life for me I couldn't get the right below loaded and ended up blowing a hole through the roof of the tower was never stationed in the tower again after that. This one highlighted says I can't tell my story because the statute of limitations not up but that's a good one and it's not my fault your own. A really Smart they got a house and that had a gimme paid now we got to talking about how people raise animals of farms. They do is go hunt and somehow the conversation went around hey we can be Guinea pigs as a George tripled home the bomber property. Some of the Guinea pig loose running across the living room floor met another verses they gang up pulled up my pistol shot. Not really I was drunk is that and I missed oh. The Guinea pig farm as there's money to be made I can feel what panel of the gunning for Ford 999 a La hello Brent welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I think it's. Hot. So I do apartment Mahan and Aaron. Or quarter hurt garbage disposal little of the work done refuted when Bob Ford auto. Sort of the Muslim part of our democracy not a lot going yup well. Hillary answers the door and she did was commission virtual halt. Both put my key in the door. Sounds you all made an inflatable door 40 and I have they shaky 38 caliber revolver and our affiliate. So it's. Good. All I had instantly hit the ground and I'm looking out government and they'll spend I'm dismayed this payment plan and I'm here and in the finals she completely different all the ball well let's look at them and me how to work order she thought somebody would turn to break in the booklet. I won't. Unless you're a great shot needless expenditure and what shortcut little did you actually get credit. All of the puck a little bad lie always speculated about what it would take to get that point are you seriously look just lose control about. Also shouldn't vote and it really expecting so good that's really mean that that would be the scenario. And we are not well. For sure war if you need me to prove myself man it's it's got a ball quite some massive why do you like yield falling or by calling Mary is charging you like you don't you're hiking riled. Like in that moment. I mean of bears don't like fecal matter no chance it thanks me but I mean I would absolutely brown camp my ambler without question. One battle of the Ghani 44999. Hole. Hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. All I. Yeah you think they're now are you. Our job I'm an historic. About this part is down. Shoot and Jim into alleged plot I like are my shortage first got to know. Have a huge obsession what I can present a little kid. And I figured out Egyptian my shotgun and an agent Larry launcher. They can at all you question it below the screen and about our. What I did and it was pretty magnificent lake unfortunately get deployed to cool about a shot like outreach. So you say yeah your dog the fire incendiary devices but everyone kept telling me hey man. That's a man I wish you are self admitted Kyra maniac. Yeah why my mom and admitted I was a little shoot literally. Straight to go to sleep and you are going to be a lot of what do you let's. See how bad it is and again I love the most read this again yeah I like. I can't preliminary round like Firestone and I didn't huge error are you are you how would you hybrids is did maybe. Oh man yeah night and blue. And our god and that presence is a bit paranoid and crazy. Out. Are you still on this says the guy the one that I haven't second are incendiary. Are generally going to had a negative but it especially as a bonfire. Non hello hello how early on did you start taking those drugs till Miami hasn't. Aren't due out there making it Jada or okay how long yesterday implore. I'm sure you are expecting to get the guys are yours or your all the now. And I'm like right there. I got I got. So what I believe your shotgun incendiary device the first time you fired a win when did you say yes this is also in my I've done it. All of you learn. God why are you can do this I managed our negotiate. No I don't date. On the ground with a bunch of what he thought he chose the right direction and yeah. Strategy to get rid of Sharon and finish up good good trait show about about a lot. They acknowledged helped by strong indication that apple. Did you Walter McDonough called it a bridge project out. And Gary are you firemen now. I've. Daisies glorified video many Eagles are absolutely. What Dell and apple the gun a 449990. Look well decided to some degree follow passion. So how many burning right now between team company and he's got a big play plot allaying antegents skylight southern PG county most southern Maryland. So every year once a year they had this massive fire it's like this guy would be likes fire a little bit. But it's it's plenty in those tiny room so they build this thing man I mean it's got to be. Thirty feet around I mean it's one of the biggest empire if you're seeing. In same thing man like one year they did like an archery with the flame on eggs they put like cats and stuff all they just so I don't know what you're and they just think shot up like her until that it's. But I mean to start it right in everybody's you know under 200 feet back course nobody can date but I mean. It is cool look at the minutes isn't also gimmick it's a Selig with that the viking funeral. Who's the guy you were you were there for other blasts on burning era when they burned out there follow labor in the manner that you well know had to either the highlight of your entire experience friend I think you hear my voice right here it is amazing how big is this thing. I didn't get friends and enormous is that I mean what is yeah it's Matt I mean it's massive debts you kind. If you had your or canteen. Or enduring memory incidents took oath you need them. We are losing you would need them to bring in general displays undermine space still you do but people mess with you in the still the streets that select all week the main and it's kind of play your he's right at the same already and they still the street sense he can't find out where your going back to. Although it's a lose the mayor and the kind of Nabih but I hope when they light them on fire and you gotta keep the mind. Played demands about the lip and then there is your kind of far back. But there's a whole rove just fire spinners and they may have fireworks going off I don't know if they put propane tanks and they are what there's like. Massive explosion mean we were not that close in you could feel the heat right. How does he was fifty or sixty Storey building or may and why owls eat out story initially thought if you're six feet these yellow and I you know I drive based on what you ask size garnered. What's going to happen with the gun before 49990. Luck at Brno last after the week two month death a week hello Mac welcome to the men's room. On out. Stop. The reality on the argument. I want to thank you very much I'm sold. I'm terrible Altamont oral bias. Now I'm going to. Not on the cool group are. Maybe. You know come through when no one of you know quality. When you're on Larry Gunner Greg Oden they sort it out about that. Mile border sheriffs are now I told me at all. Although her although those pitch keep on bash up on the real idea that you know gossip you'll say it. And I hate younger. Now comes the winners like. Oh Joseph recruiters beaten out like okay music Yemeni weapons carnac the Q. But can Steve's asking Gordon and I could live my nine millimeter on the tour are part of my army chiefs and by actual touch shot down. And another case. And you're like. OK and I you know I'd call them what you wanted to knock you want. Take out of the truck in and you know grab a weapon TK and I don't care. The line on my name comes back he's like hey I never see Celtic chart its course. And he'd like dad he wanted to take a look at it. I like no problems so he asked me he grabs it out of back. Now we it and I just carries with what is say a tactical shotgun might does the good the shots anymore closer together airline. It's a ballpark. And so it loads from underneath. On its agents. And me it's more Nemo and I guess they are not then. Not been too terribly. Special. Interests in the car lot or grab it. Dayton and hired kind of BS and united and now I'm back my truck until it open. On each check in now and he's you handle militant I didn't and I got a little grin on his face and it connects. How odd because as people are passing that she concedes he's looking like I guess he did he have a guy at gunpoint. Well yeah he's holding a gun gun rights you're standing there that he's the guy should have the gun except he's smirking groceries are very latest bad gone. Jack yeah and you just hear that he's had a super cooled. I just you know my no no. And I felt safe and just as early as upon her in action ears. You don't hear that all of the now getting pulled off now you don't then they ended up pretty fundamental reason I've never seen a five pound bundle we are clearly showing I was very cool look at that and. Asked about the tactical thing is I have an Israeli tactical scarf scarf aide to Israeli tactical scarf they blew an easy tactical. But that's I think that all the time I'm not positive is it just the way I rapid and where it makes a tactical I don't know you don't look he's so much and I tactical firearm really hate. Bob Graham. Lawrence tech did so we're gonna censor I have had tactical scarf that and yeah. Effectively place to prevent Hickey expect it so is the Israeli tactical scar a waited too tired or as a scar themselves amount to act I've seen the before. I don't think he was there but I'm not sure that's I was glad mild ask them like now sort of wondered what is he just the way you tie it then makes it tackles its slip suffers pain. I mean I can't I don't think I can hurt you by religious scarves I don't think I'd like you got in that conversation McCain tactical stuff. I've got to do dumb things Israeli tactical we're our own on wheels we got ankle scarves it's got to drag as I do it's it's yeah it's Kosher. Went though heaven with a gunning for 4999 alone. Hello Paul welcome to the bedroom. Oh I'll bitch and. Only it's. Aren't so I was saying you know nobody else. Sort of sit around watching TV and kind of bored easily are doing to my dad gum. Don't like dirt or not. It goes back there and go to pistols one any chance. And eight point one of them I mean he pulled the trigger and nothing happens. It's been brought a sense not because of the brightest for an oral. I'm like kilometer what do you do unlike you know you can show me like it or not not the big delta problem. Pulled the other Jergen the other gun and shoot before. Us say a man. And we just look at each other and we're just kind of like. We're just looking measurably less than two minutes straight for anybody sane think. I'm gonna guess they expression on your face is of immense anger unleashed version on his face is extremely Apollo and I guess it does expression on his dad's face isn't credit. Langer. Although we never did find a liner on though haven't set down figure who's solid a much at. Yes very good how went out more than I dramatic in whatever that guy comes out of the party to elect a man who I. You put that thing back in your junk you know I really seriously you're not quick start on as far as I noted. Straight I have to I have no hard I mean Utley but just think I Ahmet outside where you guys do your thing. Round on year thanks to people are drinking it's midnight brightly wanna see it no matter I don't know now I know just like it was your penis for. What's Soledad with a Yani for Ford 9990 look hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. All the hot aren't top. Well spelled out stories Aureus. Keep your mind that I am now is responsible. Gun owner me after all these years but if you go back in time about forty years. These young dumb kid didn't want to ask it with a bunch still love friends the law. Well these guys are all also dope dealers and whatnot we all get together to spread out. After dark kick in and got buddies playing video game then. Outside ramadi. Always got loaded 45 Pat Brown Jordan. Deal to place its employees to read through what I'm sitting in this seat and a settlement. On the got. Is that on his guns. I begun chamber back. Churn out there is one in the chamber will. Old girl that runs out all the time so go. China irresponsible lit bit. Attendance hammered the knock on the doors all together and Al. Part these guys that are common in all our great bill. Edit them and the debt is now. And then. I got again underneath the table as they walk in the elbow on the back little mottled got backed up by the bands start. Up backed up the I hit the table the dampening overall the whole life and. I. Blanks and yeah male anatomy and Papa no you double your hand. Yeah it's always had my hand hit the widow at 45. App built all washed. Basically want the old cop killer is clean you clean your hands all the way through. Yeah oh yeah oh yeah ought to meet part. But the important thing he did not add due bloodied city actually and they're playing video game earlier played double 07 or some like David duke duke duke. All of them but he goes eight. I don't know what do you shot. And I'll look good read and I'm like OS. Does not really Kapanen and outlook Garrett can't late in it and Wear jeans and it. Right where is James wore blue all of sudden turn dark dark red. So you don't tell yourself through the handle is got a real flu shot your body in the leg. Yeah and not just you know one leg through bolt lakes now how do you stay in jail for. Are you leave your delta air to go quickly I thought who did and everything with us. You're got a little left out situation but I never gonna show at all whatsoever kind of taking care of the kids for the entire hour I'm out an ordeal that up duke. This week in new data labeled Alley got a bloodbath this held about god with us. I got to grow the most respectable crowd but. We all I got the other end up been. Pretty messed up situation though just all the kids out there adult clothes gun. Don't ask you how often especially on pads only you had little Andy out you. Tournament and everything anybody on that's not always driven guy usually call in and be more entertaining PSA the most forget you know maneuver on the road. What's our panel of the gun 844999. Alone mobilize more your calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network network. I just coming up new you know the bad jokes to the men's room and men's room lime dot com below do bad jokes right before. Wagering Intel's with the shot of the day our question today what happened with the gun 44999. Allied. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Oh. So. What I ended up doing. I regret is incredibly. But. Fourth of July. Last year hadn't been battled all the years since that happened that. She scored the go I am outlook my girlfriend and her friend on the river it's got a designated drivers sides think that. Speaks through dirty habit I was. It's given pretty heavy into the drinking. We got back to our property which is that a rural area us and we have a lot of neighbors that are should not changed. So all. What I end up bearing was. Pulling out my shotgun. And I love you guys ever buy ammunition that. Wal-Mart sells these huge. Fifty packed shelves serves nineteen bout. And I picked up five or six of them just to have it. Shuttle. I ended up. Unloading about a underground than my backyard and in my front yard. And one ran those. Yeah everything blew all of our deck. I don't remember any other. It was everybody else with you and your turn off all these rounds. Yes that's so my girlfriend and her verbal they're. Oh I she supposedly. We came into thought that I thought the it's not a conscious. Nor fox I'm. They've read. Yes so they're all there and I guess they let me go at it for a little bit until. I blew all on the deck and then they said artwork on Overton neighbors. Solely on radio I dare you I am I radio right now but you had gone writer who covers the face and tell you on the radio. As a little added right now decision but I don't know anybody dumb of the blown home is that we do it's I notice that it. So yeah and so they let me god that they went up for the neighbors about who I'm not a huge fan out and out. I hear you do man do I John auditor were on the air bags used to tell the story about you gonna be dead on your neighbors believe. And this. This neighbor comes back down wit then that they were aware that some very distended on the front yard. But I. Think you know I thought my door and I I have a shotgun and I'd guess it just stuck in my hand I know I opened the door. Let's say I'm not a big fan of the guy I just placed it on my Beck grayling and so what that FDA wants. And that's huge crowds that oh never mind and called the cops. So. This whole time. I ended up blocking all my doors because they were obviously upset with the power out of hand out getting. And once once I locked all the doors right before I went lay down in bed I lost the front door. And I guess I just went in passed out I had all of this had to be told back to me because I was gone by the time we left there. Or do you still drink. I don't the bench Andre can't yeah I was just I don't probably be the the game changer you know I was I can't seem the cops came in the front door. I got did not come inside down. So. I mean then why does. This balloon I mean I know without a lot of but I cop shootings and I'll have a very that you can't shooting but Acker call. That worked pretty big in the nation to. And do drug Vieira did right now if you're gone mad dogs do you like your dog to them I've tried to tell you now seven times. Your friends are still as dumb as you were there is. It happened and and I understand having yeah. Final overload. Once. Once the cops got there at the front door unlocked. And they did not try to enter the house but I woke up about I think two or 3 AM. That matter the next morning and ended up. Looking at this missed call from unknown number. Left a voicemail I checked my voicemail and it. King County sheriff telling me that come outside to now. Think it might end the fifth that they don't lose the cowboys both locally yeah. Not out in front of your home right now I am the. He was so you can see out blue logo pray and my neighbor let me know. Because he was the one out down their weapons and he called he said did they had all their tactical vests on there's a couple guys that sniper I have full. Point isn't it your windows and there's a bunch of fumbled the ball rifles that were ready to go and he says that's if you walked out that door and there is very serious. The problem of good times have we July 4 by the way how exactly do last year Benedict dude I you know the head man talking to right to have. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.