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Wednesday, May 23rd

Mens Room Question: Drunk, high, or hungover, what did you get done?


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Lord. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. It's November 2832. Won it along with Steve the throw a hail. Retreads. I didn't blow. I did my car. Yeah I don't know Breaux a. Maybe trying to return a move Sox last. The word has names parents invented it for these kids just last year. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines and has a job today but those are emails. Everyone's favorite TV time with different Packard and IR Nouriel Florida man enraged at Burger King attacks worker over a coupon that. For a whopper. Not to be outdone Florida cities Intel fake some dealers during a power outage as a top. Ohio and goes in distorted by lottery tickets is these sour push jackpot instead. A judge rules that thirty year old living with parents must find his own bed with Ed yeah the guy used a rattlesnake hill for my tree and then. He was locked. An assault on and on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All love it don't good day do you and your arms are losing the story. It's been around for a long time we've talked about in the life on this very program but. It remains one of our favorites former Major League Baseball pitcher dock Ellis he throws a no hitter on June 12 in nineteen and seventy. Yes his pitches seem wildly yes he lacked control as they say. But fourteen years after touring that no hitter he admitted in an interview look man I was tripping on asks a bad day. That's right he's throwing a name near perfect game while melting into the world of LSD. Well he's not alone former NFL Super Bowl winning four time league MVP quarterback Brett Favre. He recently did an interview Sports Illustrated. In the interview Brett admitted that during his best football years he was either high or drunk or both. In fact in 1995 that's the first year of any woman MVP award. Yeah and you flow and I'm glad opiates. All the attack near miss this himself but locked in a way. No one really should be surprised thing about this. DNA picked the fact that we know anything about human being may have led to all kinds of medical upgrades Wilson well that was discovered thanks to Ellis who. The most recognized product in the world in the world Coca-Cola directly named for cocaine. The program you're listening to now the Muppets many things on the result of what the drug use were heavy alcohol use or both. And every once in awhile in spite of how you feel. When you're called action in ladies and gentlemen. You'll rides do it no one need nobody to believe that your butt and draped empty bottles of Jack Daniels you had to deliver a baby that they've been dammit. That's what he'll do. So here is today's question. Drunk high or hung over what did you get. Does her brother Joseph caught a 449990. You go like humans are month FaceBook follow us on Twitter and instant Graham Edmonds her life. And to those emails in men's room at men's in my dot com. You're listening to the men's room DO network. Fitch is you. It's true it's over Soledad oil they go long and as Jennifer 2832. I have created a they've got to return on food Sox last stood out here too much of a buzz as far as the disgusting level of who sucks less than a week so hopefully when it gets a little bit of a break. In this week's additional who cyclists some of these people rose suck but again they are so lucky to of the people which we have determined everyone is okay well as Steve takes three stories that appear in the news it's do you determine. Which of those three stories suck the least now the word has names that parents just this past year. Have invented it for their kids now. These words did not exist in the prior year so if you're wondering. It's well over a thousand. Invented it names and to be not only an event to name this name has to be given to more than eight individual children. You have to keep that in mind. So what do we say there are thousand and some new names that means that there are also eight or. So an above. That have that name for it to appear a lot of the times it's just eight a change in spelling a lot of the times it has to do with but what is popular. Social media that is spelling is one of the worst like look. If you'd just give one of these really stupid names that you made up like they have to live with that but at least. It's one thing will be true good to say hey man what would today but I improve state and Rami get aren't what it's done may be made it up but. They will be asked to spell that name when you just changed the spelling of the name that everyone understands. Like everything they do gets aft up radar to the life and OK for example the biggest noon in August when his camera. Now traditionally the name Camry has existed in the Toyota spelling of camera right CA MRY. That's been around for awhile with a 113 baby camrys born in 1990 sevenths that's been there for a long time however. And there's still running the new Camry they probably aren't here MRR what are very reliable very reliable strong Nokia. Other biggest new name is Camry CE MR. EI GH so the REI GH. Is replacing. RY in the real world Audrey might be now REI. GH alone wouldn't wanna do that I don't know everything that they ever do could be misspelled because your object Od. That's an excellent giving an idea of that but there are thousands of yes these are not the best ones those are the most popular. Right so popular means that it doesn't sound nearly as bad as the others in my mind my gig against the repeat it's pretty messed up he. Sometimes maybe just go tried and true on untraditional late if you're not. You know what they mcewing every lava man just know that it's it's like you always say man it can not taken reckon like it's just this. You made this decision average kid as liver but it did feel that strongly about he stupid name and you got an over stupid or maybe don't know real friends whenever you. But obviously you legally change your name to led dome asp pilot has in new deal. A threat. Hop profile that's going DoubleTree hotels with a shot. Of the day and that they were gonna talk about what you accomplished what you got done it. Via drunk high or hung over we'll start with us what and as a comes from espn.com. And the story is about retired quarterback Brett Favre and he says he made three trips to rehab centers during his hall of fame career to fight his dependence on painkillers and alcohol. He's 48 years old he was speaking the Sports Illustrated Eddie said that he took as many as fourteen viking then. At one time during the 1995 season in Green Bay by Q did and that's an upper. That a downer is that an upper I think I've got an opiate. So you're just go around your your is you don't so really so it's like you don't nothing would be my dog got fourteen bison you take them I couldn't chill on the airplane. Well I mean obviously he's a football players he got for patent owner Donald forever Colorado okay all right so you just really hyped up on painkillers yeah I'm. Also as he was in pain involved once he got hooked he was caught them and it's a little problem with no enabled as it was during the 1995 season in Green Bay great form one the first of his three consecutive most valuable player awards that season. X it's really amazing he says as I think back how well I play that year. That was an MVP year forming but down here but I welcome in the morning my first thought was I gotta get more pills. Favre said his issues with pills thousand to spend 28 days in a senator in Louisiana in the early nineties. Favre also city's been 28 days in a rehab is strictly for drinking in 98. Story also mentions a previously reported 72 days stands at a Kansas City rehab sinner in the mid ninety's to get off my can and he says when I drank I drank to excess so when I went in the second time to displacing Kansas I remember vividly fighting them in there. These are drinking was the gateway drug for me. They were right. Absolutely right but I wouldn't admit that I will only never forget one of the nurses. I had it all figured out I thought would listeners all of the time would not admit the drinking problem was a problem at the end she said you'll be back. And I was back in 1998. Guess who's waiting there when I walked in. That same nurse who. The Packers did declined comment the front office according to this article from ESPN and coaching staff has turned over several times her all turned over August and have a lot of turnover order. Let's say about a had grown as Amanda got ivory were erratic and won MVP 81 of Super Bowl. Cool keep going drugs we didn't really really well when he was I would do you think we're going to say about the giants fans are too pissed off about Barry Bonds years. Or near John big Al Lawrence Taylor mega go to the game Russian veto balls fly out of mark Ellis Island you know if you are that big of a problem you wouldn't don't ever see a band line and I over the comes or say they assay results of Carl when he proposed deal movie when much of the television show that I get a prompt you wanna let your kids play with the aid the product what are those leaks this play. I think everybody in baseball basically was juice and all the football players hurt where popping pills like crazy over the years of things aren't so and everyone worries about it in sports bar like okay well. The musicians you have to know what's happening in the music world I would assume that most people understand what's happening in Hollywood. And all the bad said you know as an adult. When I was growing up you know teachers were always teachers and the thing about teachers even if they were a teacher at a different school but you met them somewhere you still had a certain level of respect community. Fast forward I'm an adult some friends of mine people know or actually teacher and we've done drugs together and we drink together or understate it doesn't matter you're profession. And all of gotten most of state gay guys that was a state senate floor for me state I did not live in which he had liberalism previously. He was on his way to Washington DC he calls me. Weren't the back of his government funded the limo smoking weed because I know he's been an American vote against. The legalization we dozen or nine views of those points and there is no chance. An evil when I asked them what ma'am we smoked substance I know and you clearly have maps out. We're sitting in the back your mama didn't her you're a guy named senator and a gonna vote gets into some grand. It's just as easy one. It's easy to get. So on the award by going away and to its political suicide at that time to say hey let's even take the time to research so. It doesn't matter the profession trust me people warning you about it in sport but. Whatever profession you are and there's a lot of high drunk pill Popper mobile's around me. It's a guarantee you look and I IO volume not our go out to eat if you about big it'll probably drugs don't ever. The heads of float my cocaine at form of York in at least eighty I promise you. In 85% of the staff who's actually they're physically making your food there stone my own. Though after every very hard and out in your way I barely can go to slowdown Coca David door sharply this is how the moral you also. Created some of the best in unique foods that you probably even you guys are. I think I DN back tonight not only are they preparing a but it was admitted that the hole the old Leo those smoking in DC there smoking that you restaurant where smoking is partly or work it. It's everywhere what I have to go to the airport looks like in on him and do not travelled we but I want told pill Popper. Get away with this drug in the hell out and what's yours blue unless the slash I'm a pap these aids and that some might come on man. You problems whereas you wanna behind Burnett got a problem of that but. Put Lou I didn't eat that we brownies I got a problem fly didn't we brownies I like we'd just say right. I I had one experience where I'm done I'm done my share of drugs but have you total I'll leave it I'm just trying to think as far as it is it. There are two instances don't buy it you've got a few people who shared one on one night at it one night ended a shift on acid and I was on the air that was incredibly difficult it really was like I was having a very difficult time. Eventually the good and wanna be there you know the problem I just didn't wanna be alone. And he promise of NB a most people that's their recommendation. What is to be did not actually go to work down right that's not a good idea and it wasn't a good idea because I really want to get my stuff done. And it was just not a comfortable environment but but I ruled that the one the one time where I kind of had that dock Ellis moment was. It was a morning MI buddy pick me up and we're gonna meet a couple of other friends who are driving to a golf course in Pennsylvania and this golf course was up on top of the mountain range. On or a rich the entire courses Obama through the Richard three mountains. And what we got up there. It was so foggy in clouded up one time were we we get it was a literally wait for somebody else we have to wait for everything to burn off. Somebody knowing where we were were on the practice green in newly reaches into his bag of ordering you. I'll Gotham cop. Now like what he got nine is that I'll have this lasted an hour put it in my maggert someone added and I just remembered I put it in there is a guy he's totally forgot about. I was like hello we should do that you know bridge is you have right now at 9 AM and we just after in my head this is good we already got a cart this is gonna be a great idea. And so. My other buddy star turn another friend come out man we Alice and I we're all it. We're all in all doing this. And so we all drop pass it now that the first couple holes are very uneventful and then all of a sudden only the third hole. It just kicks in I mean it kicks in for all of us for all of us. And you've never seen a better round of golf from xi war for hacks like. The putts were dropping from everywhere like we were helping each other lineups that everything was so easy deceit. I shot the best round of golf that I've still to this day I. I don't and I wish I knew the score because it would I know be the high water mark I know I had like five birdies and almost par golf I mean yeah I had one. I. No more than five over par which is unheard of for me I'm not that good of a golfer every one shot the best game of golf. Of their life and we were so it was so intense. Will we were laughing our ass off the balls were like all grouped together in the middle of the fairway it was. So weird I mean it was the weirdest can Levy did that it was the weirdest thing ever but the focus level on it was like. Every almost relaxed it would eat this with the game just became. So incredibly easy because you see of and it's one of the most difficult sports that you could ever played as far as just I think just gonna ask. Iran but can't I don't know if anyone remember your story reminds there was a comment I heard in Baltimore and it was when the movie the matrix came out aren't. I remember but it barely skimmed over the movie spoiler alert. Something happens generous Carriker and suddenly he sees the major basically he's data okay isolate. Everything turned to do is dream digits in you realize in this moment like he's about to go kick ass. Dusty can series. And her arm and how close those guys had to leave clearly behind me but you get to this point the movie and it goes to this were the entire matrix this thing that's been so confusing. He understands it because he sees the code knee feels got a Barack let. Sure he had. I don't like that I go to drug that's the good news right. There and I don't know if you heard America what you were saying well I did well in the brightly in that moment male would your trip and Matt are then if you're focused if you are focused they get everything in the universe makes after Lusa death numbers look good or bad has just. You'll understand storm right you're suck yes involves suddenly gonna end okay here we. Is one of the five greatest things ever accomplished while I think you're trying to hit a golf ball bad. I struggled just rolled joint one hour after half a few so so this is from crack users from other fine folks at Cragg magazine cracked dot com you got out of our neighborhood and I hit it in a bunch of books in much articles in this comes from one of eighteen articles they put in the book it was the five greatest things ever accomplished while high. All right so one of them is that c'mon and you gotta give some some fob number far. 00 yeah I mean but these are not small thing wows and do mall but I'll do all the good way to busy I'll give you good numbers. Because it is Francis Crick who discovers DNA content which is a big deal to end up thanks to LSD and here's how it today here's how this goes out in 1953. In Cambridge. Creek burst through the front door of his home. Shouting his wife that he thought it would she thought was crazy gibberish about two spirals twisting knobs directions from one another. Fortunately for him his wife was a very prominent artists in his he's going through this gibberish and all the stuff. A she drew exactly what her husband was describing these kind of been the pair in a research partner named James Watson all into a club and just got S faced. The wife had no idea what they were celebrating. A Francis was always saying things like that so he probably just should have drawn everywhere now because those twisty spirals around become. One of the most reproduced drawings and history of science the first draft of the double helix structure of DNA threat that scientists today still describe as the holy Grail of you know the bee's knees whenever he goes back farther you have your scientists called the bees they they've ball they say b.s often if at all and another business crackers. Why Pelosi. Oh win win as they say when I'm discovering key life in winning the Nobel Prize for it. Craig's been the fifty's and sixty's run all writers famous for featuring that area's favorite party favors LSD and he also got naked and everybody. That he was definitely experimenting with a lot of Ellis. Now Craig was also a fan of all this Huxley is the doors of perception and this is Oregon and what you're just saying. Which is a study of the human mind it which was undertaken. Like all studies. While driving around in LA seriously on Mascoll right Huxley wrote the the silver mine has a series of filters on it that basically prevent abstract thoughts then so if you bring down those drugs temporarily genes than you remove those filters then maybe you see things as you were saying a little bit different. You do several things Gene Simmons is a big issue my leg amused by not everyone agrees it is part right but and I am and I don't smoke I don't Drake and brother we can tell. We did our own good got a close monitored telecast human league you don't consider. And you have to agree with anything I've wholly irrelevant but the fact that you can't even in the plaza consider other things like. We know you don't know there's a lot because you're in any. Intimately those people don't have a sense of humor you brought. Jeans and there's there's some there's a very telltale sign him a people who just it is flies over their head like oh boy you're deal so here this is. I mean I think some of them are fine and play guy and knows people they're pretty entertaining but they are strictly that straight edge. Sure they don't really mention on the legislators of difference praise you ask him about the missing in and out I don't bring it right directly keep dean's image is one of those people it seems that he's holier than now. He's like you begin envoy to told you before you act passed yet. What you Lamar are quite after winning the gold medal white river for. Oh well you're gonna go to our gals all of those auto out of my dad and a desire and the discuss revenue we bring you talk about Arnold I was moved doc dock Ellis we got his story in there as far as throwing the no hitter and has apparently. Dock Ellis never pitched in I didn't realize this until I started every morning this they don't bring it up but. Dock Ellis was always aft up when he pitched so he was either drunk he was on all kinds of different stuff and it started when he was in high school he always pitches drunk. And then he'd be a graduated from high school well. If you do don't go right from high school to the majors if you're good so he goes straight from from high school just get hammered. And he's good so we can get as drunk he wants and goes out there and fires you know seeds and he's he's still in the majors that he goes in the majors is like a 78 year old kid now isn't it don't think outside of kid golfers get frisbee. There's not many those would feel it's a sport I don't know that it I meanwhile Iran for his BLO on television exit summaries and other crazy and it's a cancers are about a couple gusts go to various exactly I think the other guys were trying not to run he just he just would never I don't know what to hope they don't get your ram he's like I did everything just never would've done acid that day. If you know my how did you even know what deal was he woke up and LA you have to remember that morning he you know he was pitching. Until those girlfriend showed in the paper the game was in San Diego. He's glad to get to San Diego later miles I knew exactly showed up and that's the game. And you know he was even sure where it was. Drug tire on the over what did you get done before far 999 a lot because coming up you are losing to the men's or radio networks. Smiles. Also knows what they're favorites so the legendary Al flight goes. How played golf. Reportedly I don't know how denies a number of but legend holds that the former Boston Red Sox star pounded. How many Beers over the course of a cross country flight from New York to the West Coast I remember I think he had fifty Miller lights 64 is tough calls a number the number might have been inflated but even if Boggs only made it to 45. He still managed the feat in about sixteen hours as they did have a lay over so they just kept drinking and that's why the legend was the legend was put it in a nonstop flight have been different but. Barely had stopped for something mechanical issue. Storm grab more Beers they just kept drinking and that's what it was by the time they got from one side or the other they've been they were absolutely hammered. Boggs is so famous for drinking light beer like that that for a while. In like the Boston area stuff people were calling Miller Light boxes we got to tackle box it's as if it. John tire hung over what did you get done 8449990. Look hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Sean. All up call to blow job. All I gotta do a good John are you man. I'm doing right by Monday nice so hot so hot here. Like the Arizona without merit all eyes now. I don't know how you do it. Could it. So I call it Roman Oben guy who I am I grabbed him and I'll visit Iraq and I'm here to blow up a game and he's certainly it is down and I what did you get out. Those are like or he used when he lawnmower now urging your arm. I this year. The next day and I took her without then started hurricane. Dollars and eighteen. To forty yards to move all they English and there are surging into MP from the bottle. Extreme you know I'm Joan crawling around on the floor get too aren't the only and I have to go to work the next morning. I'm on over. You hung over or you're still drunk. Out of box. That I got to we've built up the creek. But it did it. Then it's very low art in my manager looked at me and said you're you look nice. I dig all art they've. Worked my whole share drunk at a structure honor they can order a bird in. Jeff are beyond that demand among Roman burger King Abdullah about it but I don't care and I get a crack. Because I don't think it normally I would be too. I don't wanna talk to me in the goddamn morning like absolutely be hammered out down when we only flew out here for a job interview. We. We had been out of town and while we had really we had that we we've been working a lot and you know. We get this opportunity of fire across the country is pretty excited we don't really any money. More gonna get we actually have any money still to get hammered him I think is it didn't matter we still don't have any money all the time we still figured out a way to get hammered. And we came out here and we were we were pretty low hammered over the entire course of being short including the governor gruesome death and and we thought it out probably a bad idea out we got back on the plane we're like man how to we do. Those that do you think we blew it. If if if I mean look we're we work like a little bit drug of job and we were exceptionally. Smash a job interview but as were flying back to miles is man. Think we blew it I'm like oh yeah. I have no doubt why do as coaches we get the job yet there were zero chance to get this job because it rip and ray in retrospect it was about eighteen hours been like man. Bronson go to a job interview like after. All man the worst one the worst part of that they thought this was the worst thing so it is the I wanna say it's the morning before we're supposed to fly out. And we had gone out the night before. We had either gone to an NFL game I can't remember with a series of events was we were out way too late we got way too hammered. We get up in the morning but we're supposed to have a meeting with the program director and at the general manager and of the radio station who we had not met yet. We go to this very nice very fancy seafood restaurant I wanna say this is a Sunday brunch type thing going down was. And I decide my infinite wisdom. To order the seafood chowder now I we've tried usually I don't man don't do I don't know why did this but you know why are tea library and you know it's even shout out of shout let's see put out to meet up right not bad day all boy they know the seafood jihadist story with Cilic he was very very rubbery. And make. In I think Steve you hear Mikey cheered the clams like grinding together much either. I sort of get them elsewhere is like this based fuel I don't like you can get those guys had the rubber band soup periodically you clapping I can't look at the stable of mimic the look Alomar and legs like oh yeah. All Arab and Mike are ma'am to throw up. When you grow up on the phone throw up on who's gonna think this. He just met me I guess what they hired. Talk clamp down to me like gimmick I am planning and anyone should keep him but he's hands and if so glad you had taken a solid one who put two days. It's all. Are there or an anti immigrant kids. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.