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Tuesday, May 22nd

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 "Rock" Songs that went to #1! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled about. I'm Kathy Breyer John scavengers and today we have ten a rock songs they'll win too would number one that's coming up bread before during tells with a shot of the day our question. Why were you in only your underwear 844999. Cola. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. An article about ten years to go on to Brendan and I went to. That she urban concert at gorge. We won because. Who likes to beat Keith Urban. A lot of girls they like and not country is great and since. Yeah did you and guy and one about two songs that are on third and most Smart friend decided to just go back at the campsite and continue bargaining so we did that. And talk to god over everybody else came back out the campsite and most mud buddy went to sleep they don't want a party if I went off are you a few other people on board knew I didn't know anybody else well sorted I have the time those that. And remember we're parks Majid great jerky right now at the one of the pole with a letter number anyway. I walk over a fine of all I looked down let even G and particularly their daughter back. So I take all my quote fired back absolute. Jerky open it up crawl it. Well I would suppose equally bored my friend actually and the back coach Margie. Why did and then there's two people and so I get a between them they get that by everybody Paul might already doorman got like art is like no you get out. And so I'm arguing with him told him even long are you like a urine along. They did this in my car I drove in here. Finally he opened up the door in the light comes on and I'm laying being licked his girlfriend in between it and hurt and you know this my underwear. Nice move I let I would try that sometime. Our hero has been I didn't realize I Muslims and this is not your car is present. Yeah very much and thing ended I was arguing with that guy about five minutes telling him that. How far away were you for your car. So aren't we I get out the geared super super nice and cool term a lot about suit up a bomb that leads. Exactly a great. It was brilliant guy you let me out I'm still very much about spirit Ed grabbed my cloak at the couple other people on there was a big white. Org in between the two jeeps. Martin was a high. I see this guy and this guy in the morning. No they they had taken up. Brian of that creepy guy and yeah no doubt I. I'm. Oh boy I don't know if that's that's that's that's I'm gonna try let me if I am sorry ma'am I'm impressed that he got all the way to lean in between affiliates is that door open or deny they're eight and now. That was have been reeled she'll do an embankment charity you're right. I don't know this guy is Heyman Matthew leave you know yeah my girl right things between you your girl now that anytime you have a car there's a million of I'll guarantee those little car you have this isn't as you get that car just seems like there's a million of these cars everywhere he goes I 'cause it it isn't because you notice I had although they I think so yeah yeah. Why are you in only your underwear 844999. Cola and let's fuel the Toyota raft four in which case there are literally a billion of all I know all I had the money goal wiped my DR it's like you are constantly give you one way it's just they're every Frick and they're great car. Where they're decent yeah. They're the hello John welcome to the men's room is. A lot. Okay soul. This story. Quite a few years ago. November sold 2004 right ever graduated high school. At subject a bit proud. So it was pretty cheap back better bigger payback to refit the head that something. Let go by and potentially be a lot of you are so little that makes you better make little butted a couple experiences. Well. Used so well I guess the word intern Shimbun scratching but that's exactly Paul made Somalia at least very iron four credits. Well adoption credits were married and you're so long story short I did that given to the mud buddy. Ford about other bloodied and I ended up straight imports. Well. Or wow yeah. Know our it's a lot that's that's a lot. You're told me as well as words a wanted to experience now so I took a bit thirty minutes later took another and so on and so a lot. Well actually you know. I brought it ought to lighting. What group. Headed up gold but. All. But buddy. He starts here are remote and. I. All the. Got the idea. Children oh. Please keep them were tied. Our. So he's triggered really hard to lose what you're saying man. Oh do you. I sold or she bought some from the guy art bought some of coach you'd probably on like six or seven that left the news but. Why it's already it was my amount you're doing. Along source on. Your first time why. Yeah almighty god. Yes oh my how I that is reserved for people who are doing NASA's early years and even here I was tired and daily basis. I know that's what social Claudia when I called up my dad and we're buddies while almost certain age and they're just appalled. But Kitna can't believe it Burt that I took that to me that so. So he's driving your. Wolf cued up the glass and long trip but now I'm. About what I come through and I'm wondering like what they're going on. Why is this trip last until long. I took these trips about 6 o'clock in the evening. And I don't because stocks are urban told well 6 o'clock the next night. Yeah that sounds about right where did you lower did you wind up how far did you drive. All I drove to the Space Needle from DuPont because a lot of between the space deal. I drove through Shelton because I wanted to sue hood canal. I droll. Everywhere. On. I'll be in Anaheim where man that they matter anyway here and guess who the bulk you drove to San Francisco. Like I honestly could not I don't know how I didn't get pulled over. The speedometer goes like goes Hydro political under the Saddam ordered go from zero to a hundred back and forth a whole lot. And I. He's and you think like maybe I should pull over and drive when they that a good thing. Palm. Well just kind of thought such opened lower your app should know I guess it's your first time humans gone Aaron appeared exactly so. We you know reindeer that's arms but to not Washington so you may get back home okay apparently. I I did make about Paul but I would only be close about 9 in the morning after that not our lead billow of smoke shall we need to called balance plus the magnitude. Pletcher all over myself while driving. The guys in the past your seats like dude Dutch not rock and on blogs you're not rocket on that I wanted to prove the virus. I Iraq and not rocketed a mower man you're okay. Long glove. The ban on so I don't drive them home. Well what I broke her dot com. There and it's a long ago in which you look at me like. Good pulled off the side of the road obviously taken off all my clothes that my boxes without warrant. Sort of good hole and a walk in the gorge like water and go model have you. OK first off a particular your buddies she should chill on the front of the computer screen and it should here. Oh don't we are Mila what's go on Arnold we're on the strip on our should you know what's cool all right all right and Mitch our. So I don't shower and do my thing and I come downstairs and I'm in much how old are just dropped well. This sort of why it opened my door drop top right photo whatever Oprah. All Rezko compute. So well a lot of adults put them up we'll look. Camilo and why it. Our lives you win it. Where did you know the governor. So missile like. All whole world old four and I hooked up well served me. Of all suppliers your dad's girlfriend. The was still your dad's girlfriend. No but are still there are so familiar and it could you resting his interesting life. Biased you are yeah yeah what was the difference between your dad and girlfriend. I don't know girlfriend age difference I got to work up by about report so I was eight Gina Jewish thirty's search sites and I'm lately and my page. So much doubles likes. 3044. Okay to go to eight year age difference between him and her note like eighteen year age difference between medium or do you make better decisions now these. Oh yeah okay see I. It's what you should masculine guy laying on I mean to me he's good isn't pretty good despite its goddamn man deploy against it and are worse than being I don't know I got I think I had to think long and hard Rabin and ask a little brother with my father. Yeah our big men have gone a long and hard about that you know I think that is now right Mike that the bureau I'm out yeah. You hit it I hit it I can't imagine what that person would look like that it might not be the hardest thing in your mother I can't imagine they know I don't know allegedly to winning this thing the US Jammal Brown for the arts and I'll repeat that such a figure out when I'm out now does vehement type. Did you gotta diagonal looked vaguely like like your mother. Okay all right yeah it's. It entered the person with the type that that's a slippery slope I guess he's. I just I don't live my mom also blew woman looks a lot like mama. And I are Boyle is plenty to play I would assume she would be rushing him or Asian or some spark that he is ordered from overseas. Does it was all your back all or you're dead my dad all right oh sure I can see that very and you don't weird man our boss. Years ago David woman. One panel 34 months. Which she looked exactly like mama. Oliver I remember her by do end I remember he's like hey who am I and this seemed out of characters like for the want to be my girlfriend Q school on my short you know we meet for drinks. I remember walking in and just as eating grin on his face like. Basically digging your mother sold. Even but but the thing is it looked she looked so much like my mother I mean almost it was really really creepy but. Even more we talked about birdie there was a girlfriend or whatever color name was it was that man Serena mom progress. It was understood. But still that was. It was disturbing man you know and a light I see him give her quick kiss at the end of the day and I. It's. I know it's not my mother and I still don't form the table home. I guess the drug charges come descends daily gets in rock songs that went to number one on the way also our emails from our question why were you in only your underwear that's coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. My. Still Gomorrah cancer drug charge him since then with a tend to rocks on their way into number one. First time for a few emails here for the men's room amends in my back now. Our question why were you in only your underwear easy as pie if you guys judge me on this. You can kiss my ass miles apart and I checked headmaster made on his knees on his deck and peed in the corner when he was drunk and throw crap the bed long story short. In the days before cell phones a lot myself out of my house after. Dark in the summer no spare key. I don't know if my girlfriend and her two year old daughter to get home. Who was asleep thank god I was in my boxer shorts and a falling asleep on the porch our door was on the side of the house so no one can really see me. But when they eventually came home I was like their sleep with my penis sticking out of the brunt of boxers I was not drunk. Been wearing boxer briefs ever since that from sir jolly Joseph. Only guys to make a long story short late one night after drinking with friends I decide LaMont infinite wisdom to continue drinking when I got home. Around 2 in the morning I decided outside in my underwear take a look at the northstar other than a quiet neighborhood men Nolan stayed up late but. No big deal right well I can see. Oh well where my yard blows but I can see better my neighbors so went to my neighbor's front yard for a better view of the sky. And this is when I saw headlights and I started running back to my own yard. The headlights were from my neighbor's car and he was outplayed apparently. I didn't hear him yelling at me what I hell's going on. I was really embarrassed for the next day had to face my neighbor to get this out of the way explain the situation he just laughed and said just don't let me find is standing in your underwear in my yard again. Simple rule that from DB two or not has been my enemy only found that a lot of money and be candidate in my Greece short Obama way to see all our stands for controlled release all that's controlled. Guys are taking Ambien and obviously you're supposed to take it and get into bed immediately because otherwise you can start hallucinating or just do things without remembering. I can't even tell you how many times I woke up naked I would question my ex boyfriend if we had sex last night or something anyway looks at and say. You don't remember. Even without due to my bad I still wake up naked and in random places searching everywhere for my clothes. It rarely happens and remarked I'm pretty responsible with how I taking Ambien now but I've gone too pretty where as in the mail that I remember ordering and have had some of bears in conversations. Pretty sure I've emailed the men's room at 3 in the morning with some gibberish and that's nonsense. That from the G Ogg and one more. I'll drivers this by saying that I was on in my underwear rather I was completely naked several years ago to a my ex girlfriend ended up hooking up with and moving in the with my next door neighbors. One of these girls still had a key in my apartment and after the two of them have been drinking together. They decided they should come pay me a visit I was in the shower when my shower curtain was thrown open. And I was under attack by two drunken angry girls you know. Fast for about thirty seconds I'm standing at the time my stairs with a crazy girl in each hand holding them off completely naked. And both of their boyfriends come barging in through my front door. All I can think about was that I was going to have to fight these two guys completely naked. They thought it was the funniest thing that they had ever seen apologize for their craziest girlfriends and carry them both out of my place those guys the game do my best friends the duck. I believe that's any us our friends. Not made just a lot more about Ambien and then one moment chimed in with the only reason I was in my underwear. Is because I'm laundering and often. All you devious dinosaurs I'll always my dad rich a very had a birthday I know would be the icing on escaping here are your penis is too small and the dirty Germans talking about well Hala how well he handles is loads as a city truck driver. Thanks guys that from Macon. Us. Non volatility could look through is how will you handle everybody else is no. Johnson heads of these books so well there is no mean streets to expand. I would hate to school. We did not per day can I guess so I get a gun gig and a bong hit my name is at the end things or make in my day a little better for being on the air appreciated. Oh. Telling us there's my daughter Ariane pronounced air eat and stand birthday can a dilute campaign said I always love the show guys and maybe you already to each other pain in the grass set from Chris. It's all the guys it is my mother having birthday today and all I wanna some dirty Germans talking about gorillas that Michael likes. Thanks guys that from Taylor. Yeah I would most similar to like the team's closeness to gorilla but after he'd miss them that's when they were called silverback. It just be careful you don't wanna get these gorillas too excited and there might be some New London. Given a group of drivers that includes those sixty. There's not Tony things turned around the sun I wanna Dow birthday Jennifer myself eight Jake HD radio. About Mayo some dust I got to come Kagan and you like that thanks guys you all rock well. Please that'd nicknamed the game so for the radio. AK radiant moment I've and I feel like it. Yeah I started our day to be running a whole lot jazz a spirit got. We don't know how many many laps he's made around the racetrack but that's beside the point was him and holy S. Ice. Good morning good morning until a mega had a British and on to my amazing life Corey is how about some dirty Germans forward dirty thirty thanks guys that permit. Yard field Boston who writes the Mumbai cheat day under a and they can be bold enough to introduce this may or if you Bank of America another look at the cost. Now we Elizabeth looked at the Muslims are making deposits. Are combined yeah. Thank you now is only latest. I did my brother's 54 birthday and we're losing guys in high school. He's served twenty years in the army is now a great father to jaded karma and sand getting you know we are all right Jay against. And the dirty Germans talking about as NAM thanks guys that from Milton and. Yeah. Ya know show them to think a symptom stones form with me at the saturation and more. Yeah emotional DB yeah on that ball back. Don't worry I'll make you determine. Well we'll pull made bogey. And who. Think that anything. I got there you go have you have you I am happy that I haven't heard hey happy and they haven't. I did you dated you but today. There's a German run. Also available through news and world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Trying to fly. We're 01 lawyer guys as far as what was the shady is saying that anyone tried to sell you from your random question question. One day 820 something year old guy knocked on the door my home I answered and he explained that he was selling it great quality beef steaks at center out of the back. On his crabby little truck. I said no thanks which she did not wanna hear and he began pretty aggressive and bushy insisting on bison beef meat products from MI Kim saying no thank you gonna wanna. And kept trying to be at least a little bit polite. He explained that he had to make is caught up Yani Yani got up and what I said no he started getting pretty fired up I got pissed and told him no slam the door. Week later I come home from an outing to find out the my home had been broken into and actually without knowing and at the time. We interrupted the burglars who would stuff bagged up and were ready to go when they split out the back door but dating anything stolen. Based on only got home. So I called my husband of the time who was in the neighborhood and on his way home I don't know what happened. Literally while I was on the phone with him he said decree in the meat truck just pulled out in front of them. We're pretty sure it was the meat guy who would try to rob us. So my husband started following him made eye contact with a guy that the meat guy unfortunately turned down a dead end street. Miles and follow them the guy did appeal out you turn to get out of the dead end and lo and behold as he sped off the back of his truck open and huge box of frozen meat and stakes blew out of a shock none of the road. Needless to say we thought it was karma. My husband grabbed the box obese and we had a great barbecue for months Paula tiny bit bad on the cops contacted us a few weeks later let us know that they had found the actual burglars. Naked guy is sick it happened at that from mega act. Sojo we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day Bob Burris. Yes friends it's time once again dogs. Six and spending let's gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. I urge you saw this today as side DD ten maybe ten no rocks on there so I wanted number look Ryan blew up several words you you may have misunderstood what I was talking about little Betty office these are not necessarily. Rock song third they're not surprisingly have not been a ton of rock songs that have gone to number one on the hot 100. These are actually songs with the word rock and the title up. And most of which are not rock songs coincidentally some like AC DC's rock and rolling noise and pollute the information of all I ever made its number all I see Ted takes 80% of our lives really like solid rocket rolling rock and roll from Led Zeppelin definitely nonetheless when they're famous more films on rock rock till you drop from Def Leppard. Not on the rock and roll all night from guess and never once and I never went to number one I guess audience that these are all big rock songs as far as right rock songs that you know to be right but this this this songs that have a rock in the title and and not surprisingly a lot of people like to use that word Brock but don't really perhaps that much for example there's only been twelve songs. A post Malone with a song Ted the rock star rock star that was the most recent one that was last year I definitely not Iraq's image number one right and before that it was 2011 and I was party rock anthem from LM FAO hope what grade are also not rock song and then we went. Unbelievably the entire 1990s. Joseph Miller song never had a rocks on earth song with the word rock in the title. Make it's number one billion lap 100 foot you have to go all the way back to 1989 and they get to number ten on the image if you look at any CDC album and they never had a number one to my knowledge but X 80% of this they're song titles invulnerable our world right rocket or the or the I don't title Rhoda. That could be round rock throwing noise pollution America. Around rock and roll train for those about Iraq you have it never ends well he's her rock band but they are rock band right. Some of these are rock band but most of them are not what they like to use the word rock so these are ten songs with the rock in the title the most exhilarating and they're. Under ten. And things. It's about south it's we're. Well I doubt. This defense it's very. And now hi I'm Jamie need to hit it didn't seem to stop Jan you know around 95. At. I want every day no I don't know dollars and so we're doing that. Michael Dane also that was Michael Dane what was this for it puts us in a movie or something I just feel like this song was part of my entire world and there's an angle so you Google's book cover of a song. So he meditate they do this number one of those David Essex three out of yeah. So yeah good point that's amazing that that was the number one of those crappy the first time or lose crappy phone. These are tens onto the order rock. I felt exactly how I hope I. It's a legitimate. Job. Yeah I didn't. All of that you thought you gonna get like I was gonna role hair played ten rocks yeah why they do right now America and the Aerosmith that ever happened. Never rocks why why we thought the latest when we did better than I was I'll go I'll go six rock me on this course you know the put to good morning good golf is now can raping there. I. And I don't gravity problem turned turned itself round of the German ran I don't want pat. I like I'd like if you understand the police say Riley is he sane is the same losers masterful at third incident. Are you okay that's. How you helped essentially the first person ever speak my daughters I was at California like I did a good. I don't expect them to get everything that was something I think that's a bit like beyond these I don't know how he got it doesn't. That these are ten songs with rock in the title went to number one. Now there's Joe's just this song rock. I went to one number I thought from all okay and then cover that actually fits the criteria when we're there there there there's hope for this list after all but that's why we covered. I don't know I don't know I think Chris you know over whether to overdose blue if you do one more pretty show star rain barrel feel like greens daily. JOK okay what are the NBA where I'm like the university in Baltimore at JJ JUIM. I am talking grimsley. The federal dead dogs and saw them on the number one with a rocket attack. I haven't had just half of adds to ask you why but. They ask is possible. Unruly children back but I don't know how many number was that he had 770. At the same number of number ones that he had do you lies. That's a wide web design rights which I believe is this seventies. So he terrorized in the Hamptons. I think so yeah forget what he's doing nine Stewart a run at Madison Square Garden I think he plays. Like two nights a week at Madison square tourists go and then millionaire on every show has been sold out he's done like fifty shows in a row and by the way dazzle a comic gay men and obviously relive it says. Jesus tap dancing Christ I could have gone the rest of my a lot of thundering Falco if it's. Now you are welcome on today. Did Sandra rocketed titled bulletin number one. Owners say. My good thing my good man. It shocks me that. Now we hope we think we know about Michael Jackson he likes you still. Yeah but now you believe him. Right I thought it was just the pop song downloads and testimonial brother the system not early Michael Jackson prostitutes 1980. Did send off. Don't think anybody and Rocco. Good decisions often relied presumably and then racquet on my. Turns on the bottom of the title they went to number one he's got the ball. Right here on the Iraq. It's cumulative number one all so I'm feeling like you know well. Yeah Steve Miller said the same thing you did like he Miller on the number one I've got a lot of sense you know speaking remember him on this thing abracadabra reliant. Steve Miller Dow's big difference does it was the last ten songs with a rocket that title went to number one. They're flown. So look at these very. Chronological or we're back tonight 1974 and out there actually three songs in 1974 rock from the title that went to number one. Obviously he had him. Rock me gently. My reason. Because that's what she wants to hear. They say it is they've grabbed that I think my. Pull out of the water rescues we want to see what's going on what's going back up why did you hear what you did your lives Randy. And he would you wanted to do tonight rock for ten lead I'm slow they believe until I mean is owes you money and you hit man put on the side that's and I want you to do. Did Sandra rock in the title that would help. Yeah I. Rock me gently on my voice give this kind of data. Well I'm not good. They're okay it does everything in my opinion is very memento because I think that's obviously I think I can't I can't all I can hear in the song is a sympathizer who just told that one up. We. Being it's. He's doing okay how about some rental and recommended. That's done. I don't know if you know what I got rubble by relatives of George McRae Jauron draft rocked your baby from nineteen. I just got after tonight. That's what I'm saying yeah now Sandra drive in the top I don't know it's enough. I'm 110. Don't know when the last. I can for one Alberto in 193497. Goals in life here that was the rocky year most women don't race was simply rocks the Bruins this. This is done the hugely popular News Corp. has I guess probably the browser and a song the rocket entitle the winter number one and. Hey where's dad coming out really great films will be shot of the day. Third turn I want to know me bills coming up next that would be the US you don't need you know addition you are listening to the men's or radio network. Well hey Joseph you know have enjoyed the men's room I double break and tells with a shot of the day ball vs. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So let me here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know. And that today on what you don't need to know these are actual things that you really do not need to know. You don't need there is no practical now there's no reason you need to know any of these things however other women W on jeopardy. Maybe I mean I guess for example how many ways can you make change for a dollar that would not come up on job. OK okay. 302930. Not bad at all I've pull back complete nobody hi here's the more things that you really don't need to know. He words ramps rent gas cramps that is the only word in the English language that instance in the NC. And M&T and M&T and T. Drag draft yeah I was the only our revenue rose language that is not in an empty all right Ted. They're only four words in the English language which ended ducks deal US ducks like. I'll give you one tremendous. Depending stupendous there's another yes. Once something is terrible it is. Horrendous serenity asked and the last one didn't get a hard as hazards. I have as event a guy. Hi this is say that I am I'll watch company and I'm the trying to sell watching the magazine our time is it always. To remember why they do or do you tend. It is 1010% to ten and then ten to ten I can go to the tendon and then Daria. Who has the largest eyeballs in the world. Score if that's correct OK live move thank my mom and what Leo in England what is the speaker of the house not allowed to do. Yeah now. Speech this week. I'm not it's correct. In England the speaker of the house is not allowed to speak again these are things that relate. You don't need to know full seven games remaining an interesting one right because now in the microwave was invented. Astronauts or NASA. The microwave was invented after researcher blocked by a radar tube with a chocolate bar in his pocket and development. Well I power back in life and die any idea how many fighters the average person Eads during their sleep in their lifetime zero. Isn't really average person eats eight spiders and their life time of night while the NATO. On what you don't need enough. Wanted to let you attack somebody else they're desires to be ready. Men's room no. Jessica who it is. I did as good as usual we had the great desk and Steve throw vilify an outdoor toaster yes indeed and today we don't surrender for murder weapon called our president that would be. Now look the man's got a lot going mound if you the president of the US what he'll wiping out an ID you know you're busy guy and in his case he's got what Robert Mueller investigation he's got. These trade deals on the gone south North Korea will stop quorum drove slowly around nuclear talks but listen. That's the crap that comes with the job no today we're toasting him because. Other personal level he's made that mistake that I wanna say. Most guys I know that have been in the relationship have made and it is one of the inexcusable and most not and three different things you can do ever forgotten but I think. He didn't even worse as you may or may not have known first lady of the way neutral she went to the hospital last week she had emergency kidney surgery and are good we're good right. Everything went well this past weekend she finally gets to go home and the Donald Trump does want to do of course he took to Twitter and he says and I quote. It's great to have our incredible First Lady back home in the White House. Melanie is feeling great and don't really well thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes us writes he used the wrong name in Detroit. People said it's probably auto correct but listen he knows this mountain. We all know those. That is not an excuse you kidnapped under any circumstances. Use the wrong name the woman just got back from the god damn hospital. And that's pretty terrible war. Format given the presidential soulful very comfortable sleep now. Naturally like booze and we drink this booze because we think can Yemeni outer banks all of its home and down the throats and Bart are Tommy's. Down now and Arizona. Two good color nine in line for profiled as a foreign born 9990. Love. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.