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Monday, May 21st

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Fellow car crash on a five K five is now Maine's classic rock in San Jose good morning Anchorage dining for seven K easy Indy Alaska's rock alternative. And our friends visiting Iraq 100 point five the cap the legendary rocker in Oklahoma City big chill foray today random question question your guess is as good as mine categories including adult and include. And the return of Assam and her right before we drink a toast with the shot of the day. You know actually it US teams do different random question questions but they both come and play one was as a kid when did you need rescue and a question to most recently asked is. Literally or figuratively Mormon you deep fast and has about three year old kid who literally. Was in deep pilot Carolyn nor I guess that's like quicksand yet so he legitimately need to address who recently he didn't think. And drowned as far as wind did you need rescue of the sky chimes in from the comets and says my dad rescued me from drowning. He was still fully dressed. He pulled us Campbell's out of his pockets first as soon as it was down he jumped in the water. Janet I like the fact I don't think about this your kid is drowning obviously upon fully clothed and jumping and try to save my kid but I like his father in the presence of mind set. I'm good Tomasson. Your ass out yeah exactly like a movie about that they used to fund my kids drowning but still for now not my cell phone not my issues not my wallet. My cigarette I hopefully my lighter gonna stay on dry land ice I don't I don't run with this crowd anymore and I'm not sure exactly how I ran whether it's a growing up but it just humid more people have pools than. Absolutely and outdoor pools over your friend's house man in my apple backyard and it was. It was very very common to push someone in the pool was fully clothed at any point time I didn't realize governor to have Xoom but man in the eighties the phone. Our funeral my mom and dad and but you're gonna ball I don't ram of those people in more than I did just had to pull. On the morning LAR atmosphere again because we're adults and we don't own a poor babies that's where you are kids who we are we are I geographic and yeah I think part of it's where we are in the number two is they did the above ground pool doesn't seem to be is in vogue model. About the money regularly mostly my cousin to the people I knew that I had pools generally use above ground. Ever how much how often did you actually have supervision as a kid when you were in many. I cannot think of one to I'm just thinking back. I'm Arnold a result of eight they may have been and how old somewhere in my remarks even matter I I cousins had one minimum it was insider I think we're always together. But a few down but you're right I corporate kids they would they would just let's go to lake getting cares for me there as you know I give you never. As many cases like guy. The long article the red you know where I was surprised that we're you know remember the LG yeah today the physical world mr. legs that a good after Brandon. I remember America can't be here at Carolina presented data reported. And assimilate them and the program the good old voting begins at 330 the number yeah. Don't be home after three don't make me worry we'll tell you that he contacted the small screen got a drain ditch in a flood season please be home for dinner but. Those that go we will hunt you know we adhere to an unhappy about Iraq and from Wal-Mart one down a river still don't know what he did. Hello Peter welcome to the men's room. Full. Think it's. All. All right Peter let's see here literally got Peter would be one. What do you want your I've done what we are the big winner. What are the Warren. Then. The first thing that comes to my head. Is being hit by day on our dollar scratch ticket alongside a hundred books. Doubt is a big deal. I'm so happy for you delighted and happy hour because you don't an used reds tickets a wanted to and I know it you'd I don't you know you have an oblong so much that's enough to buy elements similar rented by two this weekend and god dammit I want 25 doubt that you include but I do and what a five man oh man and almost broken and now it's the largest door and stuck it just goes by that if you 125 dollars about 1000 more time you break it. And that's 1000 times and raw are skeptical yeah I am I'm a loser who expect a grocery store Simmons is tougher to inspire yourself. This latest. With a family a Philly you got a budget out stuff for everybody else what he would just be a really you know what mourned him and have steak wonderment have shrimp and it's late and your bills 130 dollar contract worth realizes that McDonald's my mouth again for Kevin just want to. And the thing. There is grass would be one of the pretty exciting story Lincoln Ericsson. He won a brand new boat a motor and a trailer rig with fish finding electronics. On lake Benetton go what do we know lake Munro thrown our blue Aikman played minutes docket. I don't wanna look there's a complete and then come. Simulation games room. She well okay that's just a little oh you like the prince friends I Palin try to open redemptions and he's on he's caught any of point 93 pound crappy. During the Minnesota bound crappy contest. His prize winning fishing this is how they do what was the first registered to hit the nearest to the secret wait chosen at that time by. Contest organizers. So this is no pun intended a crapshoot I have heard it yes. All the way to the fish you just get deficient about you measure the fish and if it happens to be the predispose. Wait that was probably more ran. Then you and all this stuff do people eat crappy crappy inedible food you know you people eating crappy things it's not pounds have a triple murder it would have to be a tiny filet but I guess you get MS did a new people either physical grant I guess it probably doing crappy. I know that if you're gonna do crappy always got to throw. Like you gotta throw your Christmas tree in the pond. When Annika well if you want crappy depending on where you live if they don't that they don't exist in the Laker of the pond. You take your Christmas tree then you've thrown a lake in it somehow out of town this works with the crappy show up. And us us is our Christmas are fledgling us not crazy you basically billing a refill them get an injury to live isn't a place to just stay hot and if you do we corpus that's different places yeah. Hey there. Are divided putter Christmas tree in the Alley and got a viable car and you can need anybody's a front and I want them yeah and in the Al you're laying in my brief their reef. Brief brief loss to get in there well that Chris is still yet again. I was only mother driving there weren't alerted if it is a ripped out there also. Here Jim Lincoln Erickson won now a brand new boat a motor or trailer rig with fish finding out Liggett was eight years old buds. Heads the beauty if I'm all that I can't wait until you get laws that are real but I don't know what do you say it's even though random friend. Steve Lacy on top of the bones and the and yeah how. My dues in third grade out all yeah you know like hobbies in burger Eads and it's her whole life probably six. It's our moment this stats after it's what I live for fishing license. Probably not. For minimum cost. That. Hello Al got him hello Miguel welcome to the men's room. Hello I'm ourselves. Good by me jokes here. So we go live hello. Who files that you Chad hello Larry welcome to the men's room. They all. Hello Larry. Yeah you ended. RA and miles just real quick a lot of people who send me hey man. It's pronounced crappy. Not they grab videos crabby amounted to crop means and they actually pay improbable gore real parallel critical as that sounds pretty graphic Dallek and client cornmeal you know it's drawn create Christ almighty it's crappy and crappy ended your rain there things that just it's that these other benefits close you go for the U go for the win every time every time its crew altered. Not crappy is helps high cereal who is always a bad mood as your random question question who's always in a bad mood. Yeah on your lifestyle who you always know is going to be a bad move and every season. Shocked I thought I did not want. I'll say that you don't really annoying you know the guys more than a bamboo now I need any candidate. We used to work in this building not too far from here but there was a convenience store I'll guy in the convenience store was it was. What's the best way to put this if you really really you really needed some thing you go there but you just you didn't wanna go. You're angry about it here's the analogy this convenience store was almost said. There's a million ways you can travel across this country and we can duke aren't I hot air balloon we could do it on a plainly you know and in the car instead of budget Graham and that's in his places and it's so we it was tough going in there but one of the problems with the laws was the woman who worked the count there. Well my goodness you just a mean mean mean nasty person and you lose guaranteed I don't think scheerer has censure any day. She always just seemed to be had a nickname for that I the sale of the Arab I don't know so called you know we will Lauren am yeah we don't we don't. But do you have a person like that did you snow was always in a bad mood in your life. It's we don't lay out an attorney for twenty years okay well as a trial. I'm literally a matter blow it you know today your you know Obama. Did he tell you about it is that the real problem. I bring these is the man okay and I basically totally not part of the place and she told some dummies and that. Mike joy of the leaves and yard. Yeah apparently it saw no bullet. You're a born again that's nice. He originally at your own house and it was always in a bad mood the world's oldest woman claims to have never lived a happy day in her entire life. Her name is Coke who asked them balloon while you need the sad news man co coo. As Campbell lose some light and joy. 10 AM to sample. Graduate without crappy name that's exactly how they say he says he'll Kuhn book. It is yeah moon below book when no love like you've been you've got a new book. She is now apparently a 120 years old so that's long it's a long time I parents apparently right. Her birth date of June 1 1889. Was apparently confirmed by the Russian government on her passport Alaska still hard to believe considering the oldest person ever documented it was a 122. And if Russia. Despite possibly being a record breaker. This woman who lives in the village in Chechnya is not too happy with her life post. I have not had a single day in my life it's fun I've always worked hard digging in guard and I am tired. Long life is not at all God's gift for me but punishment do jets Indian accent looking back in my unhappy life I look guys I wish I would have died when I was young kid now I'm not living and just dragging through here's more quotes. This constitutional. Thing is he or she admitted that she left permitted no okay. And that hurt you life is not giving meters soups. She says it was God's will I did nothing to make this happen. I see people going to sports eating something special keeping themselves that I have no idea how I've lived until that all the she's doing that stuff. He won't die every day I dreamed of going back home despite the doom and gloom she's fairly happy sometimes. Especially when she's sitting in her favorite place outside of her home some. I have been the current oldest person in the world is a 117 years old from Japan. I think yeah the pictures over. Jesus looks like this so sexy without those pets because he just wanted to be overly. To get the big bandage unborn if anybody looked for war you know notes that when my pieces of your skin on your faces falling off. Did you reach that stage this youngster falloff in. She's alive motor bodies not perfect just fall off and even standard for the market. It's an awful lot during scalpel on super skin patch if the. When questioned why today 4499. Dial up more because going up you are listening to Ben Zimmer video network. Did you know you don't have a gentleman's room. Goes my killer categories will be a tilting in finger foods we'll play your guess is as good as mine after emails in the men's room. And men's or my back I'm in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. All love. Load. Wow how could. You know rejected before Florida with the lead edit that out and most of you don't noses a repeat from Fallujah few months back a great question question 8449990. Le grand piano currently I'm welcome to remember them all up. Yeah okay. Right Tony and ran them okay Tony. What do go this morning animal on this planet do you think is the absolute coolest thing we'll have a theory that friends. From the cooler that's the ball. Paul. Fox fact I'm afraid I'd say forget what they're called the specific type of oh I know enough does Jen love. Indeed the Italian bread and bad math there. Yeah I kind of a guy that's the way it looks like a bear for two years yeah out of the larger than most expensive dog in the world and that's why don't school aren't yet. That OPEC. I always when I hit I always thought the sharks a distilled water may not yours makes sense hey you know what what is it does seem so cool about a spotlight a short itself was Clinton they made jaws legally banning them again what is it about politics. I'll talk to add intelligent underdog but I have had earlier in the cap. Don't like about the ballclub. Wait to you like the cuddly thing. Collapse actually Erekat and mental. I look at like oh you do so what are we can live would why do you think you'll Fox's cuddly but I understand it wanna be around and bite you big stretch all loud. If you get a domestic and all that they're domesticated couple our generation or were a lot of meadowlands and it'd you can keep them trick them like I do like commemorate. And like how do you know that's how do you know where I go to find like multi generational domestic goods like that's not a I had Paco. There are no illegal on Thursday. Though. That's it economic state court but I looked into that 200 in my middleman and also off plight. O line up okay it's really delighted that that really had the hands that out there Robin Eddie through about five to rob buy and use that into Missouri box with three axis so your device and I noticed yesterday like he did very risque you know foxes are pretty cool they can you've probably video is of them jumping out the men into snow to hunt didn't like my some things I was so they use the Earth's. Gravitational pull to hunt. And stuff is under the snow like that like their crazy intelligent and your fox can hear him to yeah any sort of redundant I UK got it purely military related he was your great grandfather and let's see fox and steel panther. They're all true yeah I hear. Alphonso Megan Fox who are always announced only Fox's. How would you say is the cools down and I don't know part of me ma'am like we knew for save the person goes on my mom's like you kill a way that would be met that would and I think that's even if you're great white shark this bitch just whip your ass. All the time it's much and go to horrible creators a legal right or young they don't like here's a single is that it just eating like it's bad enough to be sealed with a birdie there are sealed to the tastiest everything in the ocean everybody right. And these are shark breach the break your back the Ichi the killer oils like I'm going to play with you for ten minutes I would terrify you and then I'm going to eat. Tough question to cool so I don't play like there's a las marlins' other like oh I'm only a wealth of the protect humans are seals from tiger are nice and cool. How bad are like our battle but you and I'll put join the big fan like don't don't don't I Wear eat my you don't need to draw blood to be cool like I combat Google made your bad actors no doubt about it and I look I like it. Like one of those white man Samuel L. Jackson school. Pope seems easy but if you funeral me and you might like both would have considered cool parliament and call you mother effort ran into me the killer whale he broke volume of. Effort you're like about wolves. If you're like in a pack of wolves in my view the leader whatever but he day comes that most animals you've got to like lions are payers are. I think you got to fight the dude challenging right yeah. But not the wolf by a wolf knows that when it stays up. These walks off. He does very proud Robert Meyer is just Johnson my dad he just bought and they are all what does he go they walk over generally just over at Hilton never be seen again pay in the original hello Ron Wolf. Well there is lone wolf they get but their writers are not allowed alone won't know don't you just general you set a fight in the younger dude you just go. Top crap the younger duties in this younger you can take me and you just walk off it's like with a whole answer product called Turkey man Andre the Giant. Under a new diamond in the holster took an hour and yeah. Welcoming anyone try tomorrow. Walk the hell are you got news in uniform North Carolina I wanna say the lone wolf who's the wolf that goes after the alpha. Before about the red to wander off yeah they were generally don't you are now he's like yeah you you need to leave the power so does the lone wolf we'll just hang around to scrap so glad to cool Salem. I think that part is cool I like he does a man because I live there so creepy and weird. And they just they're such an out book what was an rhinoceros elephant whatever they've killed in this thing to start eating. Everyone else on board after the rig right in this high into smaller amounts and well into the path least traveled stuck his head right in the rectum and climbed inside and ate his way out. Yet they do that'll work there's an incredible sites through my yeah I mean this is weird man. Reason we ask what animal do you think is the coolest I get ready for those on evidence of the. Talk to close evolution Joseph it would have happened too quickly to have actually begun here on earth. This from a published article in the progress of bio physics and molecular biology journal. 33 scientists have declared the in vertebrae sea dweller is. And alien. Buzek planet from space. Again at the octopus isn't backed an alien. Whose eggs have landed from space 33. Scientists. These scientist do go on to make it even more extraordinary claim concerning octopus which seemed to have evolved unearth quite rapidly beginning they believe 270 million years ago. Or 250 million years. After the tambourine and explosion. Howell how you Al all. A unit throws one in the news can be also all right okay. So this huge job this huge asteroid hits here and and believe and probably. They were the Gulf of Mexico it correct. Now it's got is it's got the explorers of since our usual sports of some space life bright to me this thing hits OK and just like sea monkeys. In a week boom you've got pocketbooks Oca is that fair enough to soar as a close that is my entire case close yeah to move to pay overstates the genome of the doctor bushels a staggering level of complexity with 33000 protein coding genes more than as present and homo sapiens alone. Is large big bag brain and sophisticated nervous system that is a big bad mouth and almost everybody guy capita than remembering Campbell look at Canada's ahead. Camera like eyes flexible bodies instantaneous camouflage. The ability to switch color and cheaper just a few of the striking features that appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene. One plausible explanation. In these scientists view is that the new genes are likely new extra terrestrial imports to earth most plausibly as an already coherent group of functioning genes. The landed here. Iraq long pond that on an asterisk. Think it brought him along the mood. Is arrive you know I mean flying through space doesn't boo me land here and now you're. Now I hear an octopus and I think that's pretty cool. Yeah I don't think that's case why Geller yeah Brad Brad you write a hundred influence more exciting brand. I you know what I grew one part of animals go to the problem of the planet I gotta think. Slump I just look at the slog in my room and you you just do not make sense I don't know your purposes or. You are not good looking no one like huge your toxic your slimy your growth I'm gonna go less any got a problem also wanted to snakes but snakes look like other faith. To make it look like a real good stuff that I nevertheless stakes so they don't like them. You can see where they want you had your defending her yeah like you could tell the thing is evolving used to be like a Lister like to think it's right here a lot of the still life. Then loses I got a legacy grid but nothing like screen it. Led kinda. Low deal and welcome to the men's room. Do your. Question here you go do would you believe it is the worst or best cover song what is the worst or best cover song. All men and worst or best cover song slowly channel adds to our earliest because it is a question ma. Residential resident racist what so what superstar from cigarette broke. Or racial consultant sorry. That's a little bit better Elian getting into that. I mean I've for best cover always take Kate I will survive. That is Bernard I'm not a very comfortably cool there's a lot of bad covers methods the others are OK no bad what do Madonna do loses them. American tire so I don't know but also why are aid. Why are you doing this I would argue that. I'm good Johnny Cash rusty cage when it kicks cents. I sorely and it's I think that I like the whole interpretation that only do you original version of the song is great and like Ali Johnny Cash interpretations telling the song both ways which is rare. On a song that either you like the original Oreo write cover originally both. And I mean I don't know I think forgetting for the best cover some it's got to be Hendrix all along we watched our but it I don't run an upper and I don't like to do inversion as much and that's another place and the better coach yeah I don't know what I told you know a little worse Woods Hole you heard you said why are AOY I mean I think it's the one he's got the talk about it. I don't know I don't know song remembered also as Lindsay I would argue. I the only character. OK I know what you're talking I didn't hear I would are smoking in the boys room crew I think is one of his dominance ever hit just I unless there was cover stuff yeah yeah who is the Vandenberg than. Growled the brown Brownsville station remains are I don't I don't know but yet not a group did not write that epic pop across. Taylor Swift recently recorded an acoustic cover of September that is. Probably the most well known earth wind and fire off a man. Yeah yeah the dead it did didn't show he did an acoustic cover. Little woman who wrote this on many levels of what this woman's name is Alley Willis and she co wrote the song with the late Maurice white and how McCain. Sure poorly said quote. I didn't really think she did a horrible job yes I thought it was as lethargic as a drunk turtle dosing under a sunflower after ingesting a bottle of Valium. And I thought it had already killed oval one story motel but I mean but it wasn't bad and the building killing anybody. Get a globe she didn't run over your foot. He's got a very calm and somewhat boring take of one of the heaviest habeas the most part most popular songs in history. Boy oh boy is that it is driven with Seattle. And now isn't just a random songwriter she wrote I'll be there for you the theme from friends. She co wrote the musical the color purple and she was inducted into the songwriters hall of fame earlier this year. So this woman as wrote a number of vets remembered I mean I don't know that it's the worst coverage just it just sounds battle paper some kind of shocked they went through and made it. It does selling a very bad idea impaired are like oh she's are not saying that's the worst thing in Seoul dental dental but she didn't do it I think that friend. That's okay because this mouth and eighteen and everything to lose there's all that. Friday and about a block by 73 points hundred had a hello Cameron welcome to the men's room. All I already. I don't so do well Cameron and you. They'll pretty good you know Americans get. Carol sear. That the lines go this and how did you get the job just point blank got to do get the jobs MB blow somebody is. But I'd love an internship. It's okay wait. A guy's open you got the job. That is actually that I was part of that interview IA went to the job and say it was doing canvassing. Over somewhere in Seattle and they're like. Hey are do you spoke we do you drink do you Ljubicic on the other of course be trying to get the job lotion all right now I don't do any of that though like ox that's champ. I know there are the late. OK bill so looks like you're not good for the job go to Google and almost smokes but all the time I'm going. Yeah of course as well we'd. So don't they are they give me jobless well. They they talk you into about making good at did you smoke weed. OK hey man put in before we it was legal and one of the restaurants that are worked we only got eight became a draw applied for job and I didn't like him but the one thing I knew about him just from. Other people under the name is bill and you don't want to hold and they look I hate the interview process where you're giving and forgiving him that you got to ask the question so in the end at the same man. I understand that you so we've and is like uh oh. Well let's listen to me. What I'm saying is if I hired you do not stop I'm saying I want to hire you because you who essentially want to make more money working as kitchen. For me coworkers. Then you will what I'm gonna pay you and frankly I don't wanna solid do we work like after three years. Now that's sad but what time we all got very very very very for this massive wedding catering thing we had to do. Most of a one off about a hitch bills working and corner by himself and all we didn't do was fully the same man. Just a label salmon bring it to me in the mood for or brushing back. And you realize everyone's real high but if he walks over and says hey man. Adam Scott kind of like lost in the moment. You need I can't explain when they do need to come so the thing typically the effect if you filet of salmon tuna caught off ahead right cutting down the spine pulled thing open and then the league cup the skin off work from there. And what you should do that I don't know how he did this a little behind he just knew Libyans can salmon and that's this forest is brand took them. So over the whole salmon in he had skimmed a thing topped the bottoms announced this through gruesome thing worth this. Just this peak meet. But wholesale mold eyeballs elements heavily. Jesus Christ built quite. I don't even know what to do with that made you couldn't do it fell apart into blues on salmon but. That's one of the downsides against onward I've known as is in the hole before that goal before it occurred to him before it occurred to him that he's just not doing it right. He had trimmed that and how it's done a beautiful job and it's as big. Well there is method to get the job Dallas Cowboys they have a new offensive line coach named Paul Alexander was doesn't really matter because Jason Garrett still ahead judgment this guy sounds like a pretty fascinating guy. He wrote a book in 2011 called perform an and that he said he grades players by observing. How they give ketchup out of a bottle open. When I see a large football player turn a bottle of ketchup upside down and pound added teal with tremendous force yet was limited success. I immediately make a mental note. He must either play defensive line or if he plays offensive line. He can't play for me do we know the wave that the coach Alexander is preferred way of you getting the catch about the bottle to do it correctly that he can actually be your coach and you're your your teammate. Material I don't know man I don't know anybody like yeah he's got to do it the other way which is yet to take it to two fingers and slap on the 57. Paul says are you the type of person who knows why the number 57 disaster on the next bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Typically only 5% know the answer the movement of his plays to the precise spot where of one tabs gently on the chipped bottle. The catch of flows freely from the bottle the person who figured that out. Was a jinx. But I am Heinz 57 tattooed in my view this latest I want with the exact same present relevant like Zach my grandfather was a stickler for that one tip they don't you us yet I don't give me a report in in everything I mean just regular I was always that way I would erosion put a knife and there comes Russia now. But yet he was he would sit there and I'm positive it works but it would expect. If I like Johnny Cash only guy right exactly like a very good finish only reason I know that. Radicalize or go resonate far far 999 Ol old lyme articles coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Tell the other turn and ask the men's room he had a pleasure for any of us here in the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room and then in my back on as a men's room. Coming up right before we drink it deals with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 8449990. Look around. I love Brandon relatives and girlfriend. Well. It's. Brand cars go with guns was in here. What would you say. Is the most unique thing is. That you either driven or been a passenger in her off. I thought. Hello it's include Chesapeake. Is most of that car that would limit my is that now. Well it's if you think source close. We'll get far smaller than ideal these smaller 56. Horsepower for our race. But but but but how long did you drive this thing. Are currently working on actually a row like okay what would yeah it would years this car it's a 91. It's in 1991 Subaru so what is it is it considered a four cylinder or. No it at three cylinders at three cylinders always do like one of those old Hondas and had a chain driven motor. No absolute interlude I mean adult but it's it's it was all or will it pump. How does this thing handle. What could import. Yeah I would imagine the women's if you go four wheel drive that it exhibits and it weighs one maybe not in hundred earnings. 19100 calendar wouldn't I wouldn't know would you say the name is and was again. The consumer and yet you look it up they are idiots just and is the odd looking car rescuing a snowplow on. On oh soon and again I think yeah all right let's let all that good guy I remember that car you were why are you working on this. We already know I don't want it evident today given if you if you owned it since it was new mortgages haven't had nice things up. Pick one up all online and how much it does run the like what they heard about it yeah. I do say this season Lara does is puts you in the Subaru club are you one of those people now. This young buyers it doesn't look like if she could now. You're a part of it I majority ground at all. I know that is still would remove the suit you can buy a new under great call all my god you're right guys four wheel drive in its isn't too door right. Yeah and somebody took the backseat out of OK you can go back there and terrorize you or your girlfriend does that anyway and he ended up being what is there are there is a four door version of the car but you have a two door version is that correct. Yes we'll import order we will not very common in the US and what is the color of your car. Is Rick all right I'm looking. I gotta rent one yeah yeah OK as a wears dark they're okay we have our right question to the right person yeah yeah yeah he did the reason we're as well what is the most unique thing you've driven or been passenger Enron. Hey joy ride in a motorized shopping cart landed a Largo Florida couple behind bars well. Security cameras were rolling when Jeffrey Roberts sable and Santa Ana Marie Walters. Santa Marie. Wal-Mart located on Missouri avenue Largo according to an affidavit. Couple were seen driving up the property and headed west. On rosary wrote on says Santa rose or Santa Maria willow and I'm rose three road that is correct. Shortly after this happened in heaven was reported the cards was spotted outside a parked out front loved. Jimmy sports bar. Jimmy Jimmy's in there are now would start to make horse just really Kabul the senate they saddle up to them are absolutely they are. That's really officer found a couple right at the bar. After denying that they have the kind of limited to Diaz Diaz here as they took the motorized shopping cart from the Wal-Mart and drove to Jimmy sports car. They are arrested on charges of grand theft and they were both booked into the canals carries it it's not a grand theft autos it's answered ran ran ran. Okay. Although they're not they're all those things out I never have you done it a fair and it doesn't electric wheelchair wants I was. I'd say pretty cool granted I didn't need it now yeah difference did the need this individual that also. Still got near Kansas goes minor categories they will be a dull thing that you wonderful term and your food your guess is as good as mine gonna pray that. Our random question what I've questioned you like you do on the grand question question 844999. O'clock. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.