05-18-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes In For A Kiss

Friday, May 18th

Emails, Ted tries his luck against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Read for pleasure whatever on the plane 844 or 999 alone. Are cramming. Man man do Larry I don't know Mac. I don't all right so you've beaten the San would you determine these challenges is not good. And that now you're starting to get the sweats. Oh yeah. Yet there are like that I I kept. It related the bathroom. And now of course you know they're like it and there are ill allow players there's. A pretty out there. Very I think it can manipulate with AE. You're going to knock on the door. And I AJ QIQ to be an air Marshall area are being very narrow. Ya. Well another 510 minutes go by and I am not stop and led 888. Bat you know make them but not big and then make. Little more sternly this kind of make certain irony there and yup I only mustered up an out there and and a throwback they vote on real quick and opened authority. Outlook in the at everybody. And a bit better than they're. Making. Is that by their let back. So the idea until Miami and it. Things are going as well as anyone who isn't a bathroom for a long time yeah I you know what I went back to use the bathroom on flights and we are having a real real bad turbulence I was back there I had to go those woman in the the woman in the bathroom. And I don't know would have to choose an older lady and I don't know if for whatever reason. She did not close the door all the way to a story hit this turbulence. The door swung wide open she was in there she was bad both sides. All growing up all over there and I'm it's OK I don't know. Mean well no she was sitting down choose drawn up on the floor she was using that playoffs there was like she was Aaron that the worst case scenario the worst time and she was an older lady. And she looked like she was seriously struggling like kind of coming in and out of it can elect of god like oh man do I when he ran ran in grabbed the other stewardess and and I'm not going to go in there and help her but she's I thought would be a better person to go over the female oh sure I think that's right call it exactly but it was still like a you just feel so bad they're. All gone and I'm. He is the worst time of the worst place undergoes a background he went out on a plane a 44999. Cola. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I try to get this done. So are you got to play this story is not. A thorough sore. On this little blue state security being hurt doing this tour being a good candidate. If you are like a little. Business jet. And so I was gonna sit towards the bad news is like. I practice court is like sitting there. And does so we go our plight you know and they do work toward Iranian. The come back we were all loaded in the plane again and I diagnosed that that out Fred is right through gone. And pirates are all kind of giddy and happy up there you go out. And so. The we're flying back in one room spokesman says that if there's no. Who are supplied to play. And so this kid. He had. It is. He gets up there in the cockpit. And he's fly the plane load third. That happen editors so. And we're shirt a loosened up a little bit and there are egos okay switches to. Back auto pilot. And there will be reset switch step. That little play do like a floor on barrel roll it almost inverted to get back on course. Below. How how I can get back yeah. All no no no no no you you're you're good man you're good so it was a. You have those solo shots that started having you weren't even make the navy then we're displayed. Everybody had nervously looked so their base at. Yeah but they're dead. Well the landing like when your pilots bugs. I was like oh yeah I the end of that flight. Probably for the bats I think everybody on that plane those things. Yeah they were just you know he broke out there. The Basel the our leader broke out those little little borrowed. Let together for the far. And we all kind of and he's like porn shots after he did that. Are you drawn now. I'm I'm I'm not O'Donnell did know that we don't know the job is there Melo back below. Both the new routine that you. Air disaster do you make. All ma'am I get suckered into I looked it terrifies I didn't do what I was there the the there was a false horrible I didn't realize it always ends tragically down Martha is one and air disasters. No no way they is that there's still OK so whenever we went wrong went wrong and some new plane and and when I wrote electric thing with supposed stake over didn't so now it's back to humans but they were kind of messed up okay and as the worst out. The rose another pilot commercial airline pilot I'm playing to labor and I don't want to and it's an recreating it may. But he showed this guy out like an animal pilot for whatever airline like cool we need you to do this in the way it worked out against. The pilots are in control of the U oaks there something wrong with the full controls solo pilot to the the undiscovered pile of them being passenger. He's got a sitting in from a pilot he's controlling the view that you foot controls but the saints and a show and these guys and are. Let us senate to dock you drama it's the go back to the cockpit alike are manually here we go we have come in like this whatever they have to say an initial visual footage to blame when it. Smash into the room when her snowball flames never went back. I but but the way they do the show you're thinking man embassy building this big erode say an American exe like. Well now aren't there a way to marry in Iowa ever and a right into the day in the disaster not almost disasters not food and medicine man it is Joe's. Air freaky and disaster gather no one wants senator elect. We should have landed the plane in Nova Scotia and I don't know I know I'll apply. It left or girl's deep love that show I will rise Ireland call I almost got away with it a love match. But they always they don't get caught right because they almost all the folks is the TV Brett I almost got away so I do like the idea with lady Nate made use of the ball you sit down and like almost a turnaround for this plane now. I. I don't know I don't. A regular person like to be and I almost got away with that OJ can do special I got away with it. He keeps this I got away with what happened on the play and 84 record 999 cola. Hello today and welcome to the men drew. Oh ops I'm. A dog yeah Dan are you and are you I'm doing great starting days and yeah. Hot dogs. And my wife and I were flying back from Minneapolis Seattle man about a mile an hour flight and vote we're about to take off. And who is mellowed quite as Powell Barton. It tastes and my wife and I got to look at each other accusing it. And we've realized that it wasn't us it conducting any I'll. And you know we kind of laughed it off no big deal. And right as do start to dissipate and go away. It smacked me in the face again I know blow. And I know what was its. Goal that crept up. It pretty much pulled it got a long blonde joke. Oh yeah let's do you mean that didn't over the course despite our life. Yeah like three hours this artist and equipment that you guys should drop involves they'll look over wan port he went what did you do with the mortgage. Dude it's not just goods. Hello yeah. It's. Asked to pack back. And oh yeah oh yeah I don't eat right like three hours later. Decided to get up and go to the bathroom. They were in new is bad and let people brought a bit behind yeah content. Though its path near the bed. Three hours he's written these aren't they indecisive group. Yeah they're still ready to I don't know how it I have to pull before that then it's all the struggling cities though have sporting have to cancel yeah you did thank god. I am ma'am yeah I mean are you set out how far on the plane benefit if it's that much then yeah let's go about about you know when you don't use if you're starting out much and you're sweating you've got to go to the battle shore at one of the weirdest things I don't know flight mantra I don't know ownership plan. It there's an old dude sit in front enough Super Bowl maybe sixty or something like this special flight takes off everything's very normal. They hit the dating you can take off perceived out of who worked so this guy is sitting in front of me. Gets up on his knees would turn around so that is facing my direction right. But he's like looking over the seat some sort of better it's just weird give and receive a grown ass man do this. So is about as it is now racing's facing backwards his seat looking at me if I'm looking at him and I'm like. What's up man and eat truly says nothing he does not utter a word that you got to Richmond to see he pulls out a book. Puts the book up on that they had rust double in his reading his book. Both army abundant but he's like two feet away from me like facing in my direction and it's strange well. As best I can they travel to other adults indeed did not appear. That anything was wrong with the guy but it started. I sort of think okay. These people who morally chaperone him like he's like one of their we're yeah but do it it was from Houston. And take a three and a half hour flight with this guy with the exception of the time you have to sit down. Instead he wouldn't say a word nothing answer what you eat your food he is however Robert Madrid a book. That's strange knows. He wasn't doing any thing in a wildly after world you've got used to it you realize he's just kind of weird. But it was a little and company you did get a little bathroom and a legacy you put your hand on the people and held almost on a shoulder to stand up like a face to face language do you agree. We didn't. Is that your lady T you really did well up and not. A worldwide like two people in a fast food restaurant don't face the same as it faced each other you wanna say it's out of those rules just don't wanna like blindly face someone who is like directly in front of you you know within fifteen to twenty feet. Yeah like when you're on the bus the person who's very Iran would ever read they find you intriguing he finds on the good state you're trying to. Study whatever it is that our power of a weird really got some weird her hand under. We try to scoop about the new realize that you're doing that event for the rest of the ride this don't let must me and like I don't go look at me. Hate that so the what I hate is when you're walking. You're like on the same pace for somebody to death and it's like. It goes for a couple blocks and I always just instinctively want a good I'm not following you. Yeah in your Paula thank back. I don't whatever I'll Oreo worst thing is that what happened on the plane at 84 or nine and I know Iowa got a lot to get too bad jokes on the way the return of Ted vs the FCC. And your emails are coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Our question what happened on the plane and here come those emails in the men's room amends or live dot com. Mama tells another story when I was a kid I was just born I had. Day hearing issues we were stationed in Japan when I was born but is that a hard issue within Johnson to Hawaii to see a specialist post put on a heart monitor and was put on the plane. Everyone on the plane knew about my condition and there was a doctor that actually wrote on the plane with my parents. Well the heart monitors started alarming halfway through the flight. Passengers in my parents started freaking out the doctor Johnson ran from his seat to check me out just to find out that I was playing with the finger clamp. That read my heart rate. Good times original doctors tell my parents I was going to live three years jokes on them I just celebrated my 29 birthday and I'm still going strong. Guys I've been a very young son were flying home from New Jersey I tactic kid size thermos full of regular milk for my son but did not think about the pressurization. Mid flight would pop the lid it literally sprayed at least two rows back. I turn around see two teenage boys covered in the sprained my Smart and sarcastic gas looks at them and says although I got on the story goes my breast milk. They both look like they want grow up and I I obviously told the truth but only after my husband and I cracked up for a minute. Guys die. Started we delay on the tarmac of about two hours JFK. Later. Flight but a full flight. No kids on the flight just grumpy adults the by the into the flight we were off all friends why may US. After we cruising altitude the captain came on announced that all beverages including alcoholic beverages. Would be free as an apology for the delay the ice whatever they had stock that flight didn't have a chance it might as well been a party bus on its way to Vegas young old didn't matter we are all drunk talking to each other it was epic that from right. Only in my he's boring boarding a southwest flight. House in the second boarding group as I got on I saw there were three more exit row seats and 66 I will do anything for that extra legroom. Sadly about fifteen feet had to meet a family took the seats I am resigned myself to us in the back when I walked by heard the suns in the dead dead but I'm not thirteen. Data blood don't worry they won't Jack I did stopped. Turn to the front yelled he's not thirteen he can't sit there. After being glared at by the family and most everyone else it and made their move he was twelve I was the most comfortable Brian on the plane once I got my exit row seat cheers guys that from Jim. Guys vanity URL home state of Illinois and we take our dog whether it's she has no service animal that's comforting or anything she's a twenty pound puddle. As we get to our seats I go first because I need to be by the window and life is next to the dog in a rolling treble sure portraits. There is a net the dog in Seattle as we board the plane Mattel the stewardesses that this is the dog and are packed here. As we take our C the stewardess the same one who told us about the dog do comes of the says that we need to put the back Bankrate. Under the seat program. My wife who has not shy replies now it's staying right here. Three to translator about blowing the backpack under or above the attend states the rules say under or above and finally my wife says this is our dog and she will not fit under the seat. Nor is she going in the overhead bin. We have traveled there every flight we take all when she is fine where she gets the sort of says oh I didn't know he had a dog in there. After enjoyment debate we finally have the stewardess to just ignore the dog and go about a ritual every week and everybody that from the Bonny Lee cowboy. All of September performed at a wedding a wedding on a plane well the first half anyway within probably jumped out of it. And I've finished the ceremony on the ground a friend I grew up with put out eight. And by god I took them up on the offer so far I have a 60% success rate in marrying people and I'm happy to say they're in good kid in the category it's very strong throughout Sundance got this account from a regular people that do that he's a priest or lake. I'm the real thing about how many they've had nightmares blaster B divorced for probably. Fractured to a bigger and is well probably knows you the better you know and let you know them personally write to how would you know. I did have a body that's been like three or four times in and fortune one of them didn't work out but I give my hard time maybe years of bad two minutes now that's probably the after the fact. Does not play Soriano and a few years back and my wife and I were heading to Georgia after visiting family. It was our last day and my sister wanted to meet us at a local chicken wing restaurant before we left down. We meter and her husband at the restaurants and her husband told me in front of my life that he had done. The seven alarm challenge that was roughly the same temperature as the sun. I've course. Took that as a challenge and I accepted. Everything was good until three hours later when the plane started attacks the other runway and I felt the first of many got girls to come. About thirty minutes of staring at the seatbelt sign praying it for to go on for finally to go off. He did it in my past bounce from that window seat over my wife and elderly woman ran my aspect of that bathroom and exploded on impact with the seat. Like an upside down volcano. After a splash some water on my face and felt halfway normal I over the bathroom door to see a young boy oh boy scout uniform patiently waiting for his turn a legitimate said. Sorry did bad news also considered day out as the can realize what he was walking into. Love the show guys spent from. Guys I just got off of a working your question is rip the scab off of an old ass wounds from four years ago my wife and I were coming back from our honeymoon. We had a great trip to the island of Hawaii it was a damn great time we had so much fun and made many also memories. Sadly the last memory we had was the flight back home. It's around a five hour flight which is four hours way too long fur flying in my opinion what would every have some drinks watch movie or two run out well that didn't happen. Mel started with a flight crew saying hello Mike that the family was coming back from their family reunion and that over half the plane was just that one family. Our seats were in the very last row of the plane by the bathroom huge mistake. The second to the seat belt light went down at some of those in the bathroom for the entire flight. There was always a lot of people blocking a store sees the entire time in my head can still hear the sucking swoosh of the toilets flushing nonstop. Next comes the beverage service like I get drunk to be cool. Well Miguel finally got to the back she said that we had no luck all because they didn't get refilled on the island and that the family bought what everything let that they had. And sucks you down if laugh at from Jesse the body do we have any taxable though weren't so I'm encouraged it's all about the same town and country wants a fart a lot of people dealing with all the peoples for extra time for a few extra emails here for the men's room lemons are my dot com. Only solos on my door is my son America had the fourteenth birthday your mom and I are very proud of you and the young man that you are becoming. About an original face and we don't want to add does that. Sandwich yeah. Crawl all Avi of a birthday shout out to one in my power sports technicians Nicky needs internal sexual LeRoy Jenkins. And it's not gonna go Kagan is live sorry thrill liquor and horrors that from Christina. You. Oh it's. College Alonso an always my good friend Jared happy Tony for a birthday could get a shotgun thrilled against Andy your penis is too small. That from big burba. There. There. There's my good friend Brendan story seventh that your grandson could get some turtle actually your peers is too small in the plaza rock on bits is that from camera. Okay. Don't save our brother Matt's birthday it is is that Tony time around the sun and I'm hoping you can give him an original face there was a LeRoy Jenkins. And the dirty Germans talking about loggers. Thanks from his brother Ricky price yeah. You know she know what you think of my low altitudes there didn't she. Got to be very dearly and Florida got German reluctance to. It's a big joke. I'd like to stunt. Only as crazy as during the Big Three oh we love her dearly and can't wait to celebrate with her tonight she has a tiny mouth and love your sausages. So if you could talk all over ourselves about that it would be great love listening every day that from Jan Erik and the kid knows all right well I guess reasonably good results yeah I'll have as originally it was all our eggs are gonna I don't know what I don't hardware and other dinners or take every time underground facility that also is to let you know I thought I should Russell Shepard and that kind of map only Joe's always my boyfriend Tyler very special thirtieth birthday he's amazing and I appreciate all the things he's done for me. How to barbershop they assemblage ends and dirty German dog from you guys thanks a bunch that from Jose teen. Is it do there's people around this and win. She's a daughter on the side. Cody Stanley is he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and. You know you both and really played well really good to Christmas poem well to install. After that maybe you. Even be in the move from the defection of efficacy. Bruce driver I know friends so I mean million for myself. I turned thirty today and I forgot to write the last two years so I want just one thing for my birthday for you guys. I want Robbins best attempt at wishing me happy birthday as you put it almost felt law. This is misses view flow hubble's. Wishing Trevor a very happy birthday thanks guys that from Trevor who wants you to do that for whatever reason I don't know. All right that is a vivid I guess this is must be you'll flimsy little Latin blood they did you from the G. A bit is that I do is have a bird there a veteran Jerry Christopher walking out I at all the hello don't go and you guys always give us a great things to talk about how about a dirty Shannon Sharpe with the European as is too small things guys keep on rocket man from Brandon. While more you do good you look for your book I would what you thought about sixty stuff. So let a lot of my 34 birthday gonna get the dirty Germans in Virginia miles talking about all things Weiss thanks in love the show that for more again. Yeah ours a black man I've won what you all to probably keep chewing the yeah these white sausages and delicious she tries. Oh we also hold please why how about tampering. Ugly sweater moderates. No leaders. Beat hopes. Unpaid internship. With the lobos state goes. They're talking about wanting the wild. I love the line he's all white people do meet you as a Brigham and discover they they think oh my makes I've watched the while electric. My girlfriend Garrett is turning 37 today he really really hate your show when I'm sure he is crew it's parties listen you guys every day if he did and Andrew penis followed by your peers is too small I know they'll be greatly appreciated cheers guys have from Ryan the robot whisper. And broke in his. Guys on today's my dad's 43 birthday could you please give a shout out to a key for the second I've got Jake and the dirty Germans talking about Volkswagen's. That from his daughter Athena son org and why just a love you guys was all the time keep on rocket and. Oh. Yeah. Under the tone softened who can I do know who to me that we would do to. Yeah we'll not be far from the big breaks up and we'll take a look at the you know these samples popular events he needs something no problem tonight. God does my boyfriend Tony has birthdays a long time lows early Belo Michelle ias 49 years old palace I get up come take a LeRoy Jenkins in the dirty Germans talking about they're delicious meat. Thank you guys up from his awesome girlfriend Heather. Oh. He didn't. Yeah. Yeah. I am not a good chill but the hope to have the best penis the most intense and I mean coming up in the business but it's clean it looks great. The bulletin did a great job. 150 sent to. They don't shake you'll have. You disagree. My two season meets. Might we should use union. You do introduce themselves to. Oppose don't want your day job to my wife. To be lesbians he gets the construction working men's room at dirty Germans thanks guys that from Craig. Yeah I introduce you to the skin Jack cam. Ya. Get back to a place we originally meant the port to talk. No hi guys here you know. So happy that it's. You didn't learn OK. Do you have any. Thank you go to New York they do May Day. Young and did you German drug. All available through these real shame on men's line doesn't come another fine retailers. Trying to fly. Villagers here we always do are polar miserable we do big guys done again and our poll this past week was. Did you wanna take on 26 year olds Tony seniors or seven. Wiener dogs as a woman was actually attacked and killed by a pack of Wiener dogs who mauled by 100000 goes and it says but doesn't want an. To everyone who makes seniors your freaking crazy my girlfriend is a med tech and a alzheimer's dementia unit. And he's told me stories about taking three or four nurses they handle one on really patient so just imagine a group with. All of there. Facilities whatever a rock cowboys reverend Jacob listening and 99. And lovely Kansas City what else we get our breaks we're gonna get my hands disk and I picked senior look man I here were to say and I just feel it with a brutal loads. You can get him down they stayed down for a while and hey look my mom called me to date and at the end of the conversations that thanks for calling I said mom you called me. It's just maybe feel more confident about particularly seniors glad I didn't leave. If I as far as don't answer talk about donuts and the idea pretty tough to tonight and deny that doughnut average America needs thirty donuts is I would only it was dirty player donuts and you potatoes yes. Guys I work at the naval shipyard we have doughnut offenses violate won it and you have to bring in a box for your crew of some of the fences or reasons to buy doughnuts. You get passed on by Siegel was apparently happens a lot can they be shipping around. You show up late you forget your badge you get a raise or you feature named in the company newsletter. That's fair I think it's pretty cool just have rules where if one of those things happen you got to buy a box not sure our rivers that flow north is the subject and you. Until the Monday Willamette river flows from the second largest natural lake walled lake in Oregon to the Columbia River in Portland. Walled lake is also the third purist lake in the world but by the time it's pure water against the Portland. It's the most polluted river in all of Oregon I swim in the lake not the river kibo the Larry shows on KGO. And bitches that from Paul does. I'll ever say hello comments in the correct you it's will limit dammit little lamb that whether an. I am Milan and I only down now no man I'm they've got no you know something occurs when I am I told you don't know for the last our act. Oh we need to go back in time lesson we played that Denver's the FCC don't lose the baggage and then. Or I mean Tony can I can't tell quality tracks in her quilts. Then I mean Connie can't. Started making quality cuts in her style I mean I mean. Packed quilts presents match. Connie Connie can't can't cut quality cuts in her mouth then Connie Connie and started making quality because of your stunning funny and gotten. Wells who aren't cutting money spent can't cut quality cuts that are twelfth. Then Connie Connie and started making quality cuts understudy cutting. Well all of. I'm good call yeah. I don't do it again. Lose three. 140. It's. Boy oh. Won't go way. This is the general I don't know. Lot of great rhymes and rose for a diversity are easy league low public event here and we get a listener submission Torino this email is now he writes this is beautiful. Guys ever Kobe is a smoking copious amounts of Narnia which is a great Ahtyba. And a few shots of tequila and a fair amount of trucker speed Jackie over the following tongue twister for Ted vs the FCC can really is the Turkish. Bigger nick likes thick cut bacon bigger next bacon has always think cuts bigger and ex girlfriend has a pay cut to pay cuts kick butts keep of the drug or guys that from Don. The way we play ten vs the FTC NG three down one time through and then three times fast. Bigger nick likes. The Internet like stick cut bacon. Bigger knicks bacon is always stick cut. Bigger Nick's girlfriend has a thick cut to fit cuts kick butt through death threats bigger nick likes the crowd make it bigger next bacon is is always they got. Cold bigger Nick's girlfriend has leaked to cut to fit cuts kick butt on the Internet blogs because they give. Bigger knicks they can it's always stick got bigger Nick's girlfriend Headley could cut two pickups hit my two big and it's like. Like Scott make it bigger and it's making it the only thing I thought spirited girlfriend has a thick cut to fit cuts get well. I edit everything then hey hey. And you go. 84 point 9990. You can email us the meadows at the men's room had meant your mind back on the drug in charge frank castle is kind of kick off the bad jokes next you're listening to rent or radio and work. And yeah. Showtime may port Florida 9990. You can email the bad Joseph to the men's room and men's or live dot com as tall boy go bad jokes. Hello Rondo welcomed the bad jokes. Fail or die. And I don't know much linoleum floor I was a man like he linoleum floor. Manipulate and rightly so opt out of the thirty year. You are correct I don't know I don't know governor I don't want to understand that is not even funny it's no accurate no that's that makes it funny. Hello rage you welcome to the men through bad. Oh yeah. It's. Why the Duluth eskimos dead when they choose to repeat what. So yeah. Hello Andrew welcome to bad jokes. But luck auto shop. I visited two partners the first part who's the most popular man that they needed colony. Who is the most popular man of the nudist colony bin Laden Kerry you've got a copy and it doesn't download. And then it who has the most popular woman it is present. Donate it at the last don't have. So yeah. Hello might be welcomed the bad jokes. And bloodiest day when you feel a blind do it sorts. Fleas and at least say when you see a blind near what. That's a bad I year. Hello and welcome the men nodes. Thought our. They learned David. We're the king keep his army. Is greeted. RO all routed the period that. Bloody end his standards to be ready. Men's room knows just. As usual way ahead doesn't bring death dance team at the royal flap nortel's yes indeed and today we just a late comer originally I was going to toast the floor up pothole filling drug command end up falling into a single. But instead I've decided to go over this it's just the Internet because well the Internet just doesn't stop. This is ridiculous now no one likes to say the word no right. Some nasty for a favor you hate to say no but maybe you will. Thousands of course look the same but now the Internet. Has turned a desire to be passive aggressive into something even dumber and there's currently a petition on change dot org. To get rid of the word no and replace it with I love this word yes it. Yes and got elected you didn't you didn't this is yes or yes that and that they say it's the opposite of like shoot assured that shouldn't yes would be it makes. Yes and that's witches. Yes it. And of course the petitions gone viral. Over 47000 figures and a life. Signature off Palestine and doesn't yet I don't want to claim a man you'd be here on time yes it. By the way it comes to an urban dictionary words posted ten years ago and it needs apparently a conjunction meaning. Maybe yes in May be no so I'm thinking that you have language is not going to drop the word no. Let's go ahead and just very user and yes that I was go come into deep thought this is the dumbest thing LC and I left about this repugnant and yes that. No matter death and yes that Obama today Leo yes an. We will mile tomorrow. Yet right you can have a sell out very southern yes it yes I am I'm sure that people are to say and acted the greatest. This care today was there ever heard of Baltimore woman told her son I told you to behave and you wait Meehan paid. True story. We correspondent during this Boozer because we think it's yeah. Me out bags over the tone it down the throat you party in our tummies. Down the hole nowadays are not. Deduct all or not up for the profile there's a 44999. Alone. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.