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Monday, May 14th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Food & Pets! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. It's all coming up Saturday as Ottawa and the return a profile that's in the meantime. It is our random question question 844999. All of a few comments rolling and I want one particular financially you're saying who would you met or who you want to me ms. dude. Naturally met label played exactly you're expected to on the ferry between Ireland Scotland this dude says I show Andre the Giant. And I just single this out also the largest watched I think it's also to meet the guy just wants a documentary they did on ESPN HIB a whenever. And it it's phenomenal. He's much I don't get the you know that almost almost cried all dude I mean because it was it was on all our problems and I period dude look at and you don't want I have an old yellow Brian's song on her motive just know. And the lightly you want to think fast in the last few minutes you like all got nodes are all he can't lie to our as normal as a die die they didn't end well for the giant Knoll. It's not you know he's gonna die yes we know back right so you know that's coming seed your field you have steel yourself now the problem is. You're hearing information from so you can talk to Vince McMahon I know that Hulk Hogan park and these guys are getting very very choked up okay. But then they talked in the sky you've never heard of that and and hundreds of dimes for an pretty much threw everything. I and he's a wondered just. Yeah I wanna take you down you like some of them. It anyway the point at hand held stake announced that I did the does Vince McMahon an emotional lows business but I mean you he's truly moved in this moment I really don't whenever whenever. Anyway the size of my hundred the giants and justly so because I and to me that's like saying. How big of a Thanksgiving ham and shaken up about his hands they showed a picture of a beer stand in his hands yet. So official world little I was a V8 comes in the little eight ounce can emphasizes it even looks Marleau so all of that it is or I can't imagine never shake our take his hand. And as stories are legendary defended it didn't matter what it's oh. With the part of the document or wasn't he touched everything from tennis reasons sexual prowess because as I can't remember rose may be Ric Flair said look. Here it is. Guy in the big hands big feet you know look good up right and don't wanna get all over Andre you know he was happy to mobilize in the have that aspect of it than you have the his parts were legendary there was nothing up everything was had a rare thing about this guy was like decides the crap season was legendary at every every thing email address is the data is bigger because you have read it. Everything that direct hit every single think he'd do it people like almighty god fifty candy bars like ghosts is never liked taking any of our family room. Radical as a question before porn. I 90 yeah oh god the welcome to the men's room and I'll I'll call wow hello Bob. We're gonna Bob Beriault. Doing great or certain guys. Bottles you'll lose and who would you say is the worst roommate or person that you live with them life. Worse roommates and water already when you've ever her husband's time was to have a data with the mountain hood they are offering good you can remember and there Eddy Meyer moll. Why don't you why you fly on over so quick he had eluded him now. That they already know. And yeah and it's great eat you know your current. Well. Well it is FEMA did you move in your house because she was getting up in years and she needed to be taken care of or is she moving your house because you wanna lay around and be drunk. Do well there and baker are. How old niece and her boyfriend beat her here. Although I have now know how did you get how did you. How do you get caught up you get stuck with a boyfriend as well. Well you look and allowed like well you know where excess Martin Bashir. I shoot any. From Tokyo murdering so we don't why do against Texas on somewhere along the line if someone's drunk at. Pretty much an index that you're on my property manager ball. Yeah I do whatever you want and I mean like you did I mean hell you could just gunned down a ruling yardage because I got right. There's a form and I cardiac things on the go no one left I just shot the ball the it's already oh yeah how long did she and and that in the boyfriend stay there. Believe it or not. They stayed there until he went to jail for trying to chill earnestly. That elegant that they are finally it. Try each tried to kill her in his sleep. No restriction late okay and what are you try to choke herself on the woman actually Joker into this was in your place. How long had they've been living merit for the boyfriend tried to murder your mother. Appreciate billionaire Larry here. And all the things he's said about this guy being a sketchy person if you ever see him you'll shoot at all either to the delight ball click in after this incident I mean did she say hey you are right. He's going to be like that I do now married about how I thought I'd be. It's not style. You can't say other radio. Children and please keep them working side. And Kenton who's. Well wow Panama all right well now the reason we ask what was the worst remain experience you ever had. 51 year old Carey did angler he down there a Key Largo Florida is the and its UK. And she has a COLT revolver and clearly isn't shy about using it. And it seems that carries roommates had hidden her bottle of vodka. Her precious be loved the bottle of vodka so she demanded to know where that was at gunpoint and it wasn't necessarily an idle threat because earlier this month. She shot some frogs in her account apartment complex who were riveting too loudly blow. True love. Drew earth. Remains ion ones in a plastic products and parents heat when the cops got there Kerry initially denied owning the gunman eventually and it's on the Gaza story about. While trying to shoot the frogs and got conned their lies she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault that. It's a couple comments come early on real quick the Andre the Giant documentary. This guy says I want to document and in. And it had me in tears I told well I don't want to slide on I'm not walk ons like Marley and me do it crowd abuse and I didn't want to see if they said it's gonna make you cry here's the difference. You wanna see this on great thing and it will maybe make you cry. You Mo we give you more. Our selling its like penis. If we see a movie we like it it has a necessary peers are too much penis. We'll say look here's the deal one point three through you're gonna get subpoenas but see we tell about Andre the Giant as he warned the right Marley and me they say it like that's something look forward to appeal or post about Marley and me. I'm outside dog every other guy round about because I don't believe that we don't like you live in the book a watchable crime an airplane reading that thing that's why I knew immediately that I and it wants the movie I remember I was the last temptation of Christ and our people were crying and I'm like you you didn't know obviously no known it'd. I don't know hub again there was no spoiler alert American man that's. The last temptation decries and it. Man yeah that's crap yeah and I watched me in a new word is if you weren't sure what can you believe the brutality of like that group so I do this why do you think that they were cuddly open until that moment and make good good the most demanding watch it you wouldn't commit and a middle you lost the first part of movie you would many Jewish. And brown ran down brown. It's funny out there watch the whole movie a watchdog group. Jesus always wanted to enjoy freedom you watch the last day surprise move that yeah. How many of them half done netbook halfway through take a look over it halfway through as clearly as they're greeted there really believe only that. And journey ironies of that yet. I'll always have played on a plane and we'll watch it overwhelm boom that this I don't know movies kids bootleg with them so we would go to the theater and film thou shall not stand in our hands Tuesday but never was just weird things that Movielink an awkward week he was Marty Selig. Yeah we've watched it about half the group put it. The last temptation occur now what that want to be rich that is the nominee heading into the last two movies Alan Silverman yeah we are seldom I remember you used to watch all the Louise will forever and yeah. Was amazed when there's an you know hook up bright woman and somebody that would prevent. We just knew right ago. You know yet hoses we had another prize catch it right thank you might they can light the passion of the Christ in my bed they both in the same. Cut me some slack they a lot of them seem characters right. And I got aesthetically the last temptation is whatever they effort. Presentation don't. Why do you think they need your for the debt well everybody there's little doubt that you guys have say in this until about a year and a guy and I and I thought of food is a temptation is unclear as well you know. Are you I'm related to pay uses iMac and I'm I'm angry. Doesn't give you one batter not happy about it eat right. C announced today I like to be it's not the patient is just flew. But I'm announcing that they are the biggest temptation now shifts its wholesale offices that dale white cheddar. Our doll I got my head right here as though do this stuff is free Kindle listens to. Hello Patrick welcome to the men's room. Her door and turn cars. I'd magic this goes and maybe it's been a long time to experiment a member of a group the club anything like that they've grown up for your adult life. All our. Late amid a group currently it's our buddy and I started it all military ought to eight mile truck. You got. It's just a whole bunch of military thought Billy get together her words as big giant family at all. Trucks and we have bonfires and everybody's out immediately and sponsored truck eat and just. You know or just. Trying to providing good support system for a lot of soldiers out there who don't have the support system. I know an ism or another that it's more about. Taking the drugs I'm on for a real and is a more about just showing the trucks are what's you know I'm anybody has and I struck when you're you're you're invited. Eight well. I'm not so nice superstructure there's some people in the group with Billy that beaters by. We ought to go up or we don't we have truck shows car seats so where Lee crashed car he and other local places that. It pretty cool so we have lately guilt or really enter go ride on the features. You know. Just again together apple can have a computer. That's elegant diamond truck stuff yeah they got a good support group for anyone's right like let's get together go to leg have Beers a friend Clinton okay I'll go to your house you barbecue clean up that diamond income mine or wrote that I don't want who has a good yard for bonfire. Without burning down to neighborhood yet none of us have our guards have quite all the I would do the Bernama neighbors. Three Israelis what group have you been a member of residents of the Pennsylvania town say they want to find bags of candy hearts attached to pamphlets. Strewn out all over their lawns admiral police chief James Garner said Saturday that police are investigating the incident that occurred sometime over the weekend. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the flyers referenced the loyal white nights with the candy. A North Carolina group that well there are active chapter in the kkk. Plastic bags of candy hearts were attached to the flyers fall garner says he knows no racial tensions in amber oh the could have triggered the incident described the flyers as. Distasteful at a minimum he's a police are investigating seriously because they do have concerns about some ongoing and an all night putting these things on people's lives that's for the day and have girl. The gland does not need something racial group they exist for any reason these delete the candy. Hell yeah right there god damn gas gas. I have any idea how long Barbara I don't know exactly why air but like. If we're getting caught an Alley the candy thanks to the wise I doubt Obama did one of those things as we love your guys this is gonna minor categories will be food events as the men's and kill another would get your emails on the way for the men's or mad men's or live dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. Love your guys is goes by categories they will be food and that's the first time for a few emails on the men's room and men's or live dot com. And the birthdays guy's gonna get a birthday song drive beautiful Melissa's 21 trip around the sun. I know she would loves and dirty dirty Germans to congratulate her on making it this far thanks guys love the show that from Paul. Your second graduation from here. The best form no you need to go to non interest. Not enough viewers. Congratulations to a 21 birthday. And the children. I think just get started right easily manage that they felt like I hope she's okay. Only guys always gave big fat ass happy birthday to my. Please and just and a huge bomb ripped. Followed by age you like that thank you guys appreciated that from cameras. Well a German man woman today I'd turn a quarter of a century man have you guys talking all over yourself about miles wondrous land of Al go yeah. Thanks rich is bad from inlet. You're not gonna let everything layout isn't the only thing I don't think they put enough that you're going to be embryos and courtrooms than what it's like you know nothing you can always and I think we'll do is probably companies around her diaper I was selfish to being a serve they knew each secondly. Beautiful actually spell smash Lee she once regretted not telling throw his penis was too small little perfect circle concert don't feel bad habit an original face and was a big old bomb ripped and herky jerky the house is on fire from miles. Love Roland. Sandwiched. Cause you got to love my job. After apparently retirement it's got to build their own. It. It is Illinois to have ever date a wonderful gifts he jetBlue announced in the this really gets over some time and have done that dances and animal is who's going. Lining really in a tragic starting at the end you entertain the masses go to the Trout would you be about a bodies because it's only personal that not only did that everybody in the family he said sadly is kind of drawn any kind known monitors and they won't. Maybe I'll hurt you look. I think yeah I think he's the one that early days I think he's a cop somewhere hole. Yeah they like hey your hockey word about economic and how others haven't heard I don't want to won't be undone he's the top of the town you go back to ease close. Thought Pol Pot and I would hope they have movers Salmons. Yeah I don't know I. They have it. Got a few Mahuad white beards or he wouldn't know him and he would never known mostly told someone told screw this and don't lie all he would be my ass I know he would be my ass legally yes it could get our hearts alimony announced for examined in our time with Craig should. And I would know it. But neither seems bad seems to just wasn't so hot I don't want of that I was through the followers I have ever date of my wonderful fiance Jim Brown's gen. I'm a longtime listener got her hooked on the show it you love you guys she works at an OB GY and clinic and can she get some dirty German talk. From thrill and then some Ozzie dead and maybe some Virginia miles thanks guys appreciate that from Sean. Jarno you look at the OBG life. I promise you I've seen more of the John. Yeah if you work that you know. Path. Danny from Melvin delicate here is that both Duma chairman Ben did you know B fifty YNBCC. A lot of mass Vegas. And a hundred bodies away from down on the and give him that. Does a lovely wife summarized birthday today she's my world she's an amazing mother and as a beautiful personality funny and keeps me out of trouble. Gonna get an original face analysts LeRoy Jenkins and a Joey chestnut love you guys you rock that from Travis Sam. Movie. Guys who names as well publish my dad and be happy 42 birthday out of the dirty Germans talking about fast race cars. And I trust this combination. I don't know the feel of this. Payment to drag race. Foremost is fast costs because you can go and rub some of them on the and its influence of yeah yeah pipes. Yeah songs. And the place and it's no ultimatum to blow my about it. Our guys go. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Grab me and I'm glad I. Hey hey hey good to see you mid day. Do you gentlemen brought by men's room crew was so available through these will stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Shrine fun. We had a good test online for your guess is as good as Bynum again 844999. Old take color nine come morihiro quick. Guys few days behind on the podcast to drive for living listen then I I live on the middle floor of the three story apartment building pretty standard stuff. The walls however our paper thin. So I go over and I have come to find out that our neighbors directly above us had a set sexual schedule. Thursday nights between eight intent we had seen them before slightly older couple probably in their mid to late forties or so. Man's average build in the woman very very thin to the point of looking kind of like a man as well. Until then do I Asian born start type you can hear every screaming moaning yelled to the point that I girlfriend tells everyone she has even heard her say. Do you want me to get on top now. And then about ten minutes into the slapping a flash of places junior plain as day. You get the administrative hearing him grunting grown like he's having a heart attack 45 seconds later we hear the toilet flushing thanks on the show that procedure. News completely different topic that I hear pitches. I was you guys every day on the drive home from work and thought you might enjoy this. My wife and I were staying at a lovely lunch on Saturday night fills a Christmas present from her parents and we had to wait for the remodeling to be done to get them. Well we made dinner reservations a month ago for the restaurant in the lodging paid extra. For a private room. To make sure we had a view of the falls to make it you know a little bit more specialty where there on our way there. From most Quinn got a voice mail saying we you to call about a reservation. So my wife called and they said that new hostess there I'd screwed up and double booked a table. So they apologized but said that they they had to move its. Long story short having Russell Wilson table Jack doesn't. Are granting view of the falls. Only pissed me off. My wife especially your mom and then they mentioned on FaceBook only to have their post deleted hope you enjoy the view Mr. Big shot great show guys that Max. Russell Wilson big time you've. I fifty books are thought that they don't. Yeah this. We're all. All month our reservation at the they do our rock and I showed off he had no I don't look he just called to say payment leader who was able to view pitted I don't chair when they tell you what Russell Wilson Joba when he said there wanna room the view. Guarantee that they didn't accidentally double book tasks they say a word to the restaurant industry know this works look it's that look we didn't happen all very unexpectedly gene had enrolled him. Guess Virginia necklace that. Wherever she had been one god damn right it's still daddy hey you can lie to anybody at Melbourne a Barbara Starr that we yanks to you know I arrived bits that and I'm sorry she just as Rio. If if if if if she really putting Brad Pitt's it. He did not he stood and waited a mind of their film a movie cross street walkers who but he did you always say is getting to this was you heard of 125 years ago he did duty do you know I am my exact response those. I do and Wanamaker food for you anyway. And regards to your question about what it's been for quite club who is there was zoo actually it sends like it was epitomized what I thought I was. Our fellows I got bit on the area in between my butt and my boys. All. Yeah you that anybody whereas yes. 2000 these are concerned of any part of your body denied Georgia at fort Gordon we are doing PT 1 darkened early morning when I thought a sharp burning pinch on my fleshy fund bridge. At all witnesses say Allen from laying on my back to about four feet straight in the air to matter milliseconds all while furiously swiping in my crotch trying to ease the pain while simultaneously trying to not cause more pain by hitting my apple bag. Mean based on the way he wrote that I think we should call an area army's fort Gordon you need to get in there romantic. Novel bill is that biz for sure how big is used on a fact grouchy little Chihuahua named Lloyd Rodriguez. There was a lady in our neighborhood who on the Basset Hound and Lloyd in that hound hated each other with a passion. One day I'm out Walken Lloyd and ran into the lady and we got the dogs too close together in the Basset Hound lunged and got Floyd's Lloyds and tiger face in his men old. I've freak outs lady freaks out the Basset Hound immediately starts whining. But Lloyd he's standing there calmly and fighting his tail where this head in this dog's mouth. It took several minutes deprive the dogs barred MO we did Lloyd was unhurt but the Basset Hound was bleeding from the mouth. Turns out the reason it was so hard to get the dogs bark was that Lloyd had sunk his little Chihuahua teeth. Into the basset hounds tong and wouldn't let go best dog I ever own give up the good work all that from bill look at actual lungs. Just some why aren't we keep them as pets. Here's a thank you are tiny thank you email I was so rats is. There's a says guys are hurt my back last week sex so I was actually worth an Oscar you but the this past Saturday Els putting on my issue at 8 o'clock in the morning and I thought the shooting pain I want to urgent care they couldn't do much besides tell me how bold the desk. And was pushing on the east sciatica nerve I couldn't sit stand laid out that extreme pain the only thing agony was walks amazed they. I've been walking all weekend losing the men's room broadcast TV saying happy crisis still hurts but I see a doctor Monday thanks again bitches you provided by the service at times Thomas. Overdue embedded there let's see here literally get along like this when do. It's far sight nearly died all of it is historic story dodging death is about me. But more my brother who walked away from three vehicle accidents are completely totaled vehicles involved within one year. And all less than two miles from our home. The worst being in our older Brothers 93 Camaro Z 28 long story short they passed the vehicle going uphill doing. A 120 miles an hour when another vehicle Korea agrees to over there go to crested the hill. Our older brother reacted by quickly getting back into his lane but in doing so but the car into the soft shoulder and that has started spinning. It's fun so fast their seats were completely recline they ended up in the woods taking trees out a good twenty feet up. By younger brother was in the pastor seat his whole door was ripped off window shattered the only thing that kept him safe was a titanium rod going horizontally. His exact words with a car came to a stop war get media thought of the scars walked away with only scratches. From the window of the broke that is amazing. Let's hear one more guys dozen motorcycle accident 2016. Car forced to solve it to the cables. The front tire hit the cable's been the bike in half throws a sub and the air and back to the ground in the media. Almost died icu for two days many surgeries to my left lower leg. The glove the back of my ankle and lost most of my heel. They almost took my left lower leg broke my right forearm have neck and back problems and I won't ever walk right or run. Driver of the bike broke his back and ankle and hand and had internal bleeding. We're lucky we both of should of be dead because of this driver who does not like motorcycles and does not care for any life. That from the lovely try to December oh your guess is as good as minus need to game play we need to tell category is due to choose from. And then from there you try to get as many right in that category 43 strikes and you're out Seabrook are contestant try to play your guess is as good as time. Hello Mike welcome to remember. It noted. You are. Good news here it. Okay. Well like Dario rubbed. About how are you doing well sir the categories today on your guess is as good as mine that would be the ten foods that we wish we eat they eat every day with no problem. You may know health. Not gaining any way of getting Jake he needed eat anything you wanted anytime of the day surprise anybody that has really good metabolism pull that off. And there are other category is the ten most popular plants in the United States of America is the category that you're gonna go with on your guess is as good as mine. Paul can't well one under my I'll just take the most part Democrats in the United States of America aren't geragos quite civil manages comes down the numbers. And the numbers are in the most popular pets in America. And there are ten of them. It's her job and get as many right in the category before three strikes and you're out on your guess is as good as my. Let Dawood goldfish. And no give itself fish at times it's not know yet how many of them yeah it's probably not just starlets gone. I think you save neverland regardless let me a little bit different it cannot. He don't beat I don't know and we look forward to who wins the money on the bowels that they already know we're there. Otherwise spend money for the thing and episodes like black and you can do strike bulldogs had quadrupled can't. I I like your line of thinking. Check you're one for one fish are 9%. 9% of people who own the analysts. They like fish I meant I've been saying for years I enjoyed it. It's nothing wrong with having fish that you don't believe in her you can stare at them which is just treat it depends on the fish if you have a good Jack Dempsey or some and again and those are your helmet on I'm off today memorial exact and in your homes is based on who they know you and thanks Adrian product. Yeah. That's the that I wanted to look at do you did. Did you lose them Hydro one blood on the top ten most popular pick up at the United States which next guest. We are gonna go it. Snakes the leader not number seven Ted. Person of the top guys who love this next. Roger Goodell the job here man you're you're didn't then there outer perimeter of these as. You still got the main ones to go Siberian they are out of us for these are the top ten most popular pets in America what is your next guest. You create a New Guinea pig. Guinea pigs in a number eight what hurts everybody always knows do you think that is correct you are three for three starts amazing. A little pets. Okay. For vulnerable. Yeah. Answers journals and mice all in one category but believe it or not to pursue people who own pets pet hamsters Turbo. And my family members and a hamster and amount. Beasley and currently doing well Guinea pigs in another category two. The brilliant New Guinea pigs about themselves and hamsters journals and might serve one categories side I don't know enough to know what the cadets but they'll see much smaller nearly hey I know what it looks like it usually hand for miles I would just say last weekend. All right he's of the top ten most popular pets in America so far you've gotten fish rice. Cancer is durables and my snakes in Guinea pigs we've gotten four of the 106 remain. Bird. Birds at number four at 5% of the population which I think is high. As of pepper. I'm mostly people who you know anybody owns birds I did get hurt when I was a kid that did it but it won't put parakeets and Vince is where my mother worked. These birds are part of the display and his mom older wiser they're gonna kill police say while mom. I've got little kids at home I'll remember why don't we do that broke out at you always feel like children definitely. There's more birds around the kids show. Because otherwise my dad had a parent for awhile. Or should that. What is in the amendment Florida Davies added in Florida when he had the key models will unite and get number I mean he is Cyrus part though parents he was DV bird brain. How about the big. I want tonight's fifth. I'll take. The real pigs. And then. Pigs are not on the list we have the Guinea pigs and Lowe's we don't have a regular old take on the list and they don't make it as far as the top most popular pets in America. But you're right on that try to birds hamsters snakes and get a pick so that joke. Behind but it isn't everybody's just more we're quite normal people don't want. For gas at this point second half good ticket to show up here and there definitely shown are they pets or they functional animals exist urban farming roads. I mean I think he's he's gone but so be able to have moments feel we have a units shifting its weird and emotion you are their friends and after awhile when you name home. You don't mean between him and I the other definitely got. A lot of it was number nine. Iguanas comes in the category of iguanas get goes another lizard so we are lizard one person that population who owned pets have either an iguana again go. Or Elizabeth. I'm up there maybe rabbits who is on the way there now rabbits could cause dog cat and dog knocked out. Now. Brad. Shea back. I look man I definitely play Q what is right. Two strikes. With four possible doses remains I'm pleased to golden tickets now. That's not found out. And I got cats. But not out yet I. I have ten there are two possible. Remaining answers in the top ten most popular pets in the United States of America are so far you've gotten dogs cats fish birds hamsters. Snake skinny pigs and block. Two animals remain stable authority you know go to the alpaca slash lama's the chickens to rent to lose I'm stigma rabbits I don't think it's fair it. How you have your own time. Everything. I forgot about certain umps. What do you guys think about horse. I don't know I don't know if enough people. Owning a horse to be a percentage of but I don't know I'd signal. All right we're gonna go to rabbit I hear I just drove. All right sorry and I am now. As far as activities our courses are number I don't know and tarantulas are number ten IR your ten most popular fast I was in the number ten tarantulas number nine iguanas a Guinea pigs 766. Horses five hamsters or birds. Three finish in the obvious. Number two askance. And number one. Goes to the dogs they're going to orgasms as good as my still to come with a drink it tells coming up with a shot of the day. And the return of NASA men's room is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Around profile those and we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day about birds. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Okay. Best he didn't. Oh yeah. It's my mom who aren't. Questions that need answers and yes. This is as good. No question as far as the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room events are live dot com and make the subject as a member in my neck as Toyota's investment gap. Has come visit don't look a lot I know there are certain words that you cannot be sit on the air and look these words up because I had no idea. But I notice that does sometimes you guys see this. And the rules changed also when someone says one of these words sometimes you cut them off completely and hang up on the color and then other times you leave them on the line. How do you determine who you cut off and who you keep up love listening to the show and love the new men's or Matt thanks for taking my email guys that permits the piano man. Itself. I would have to think that. Deborah going to air command. Arizona when your mother are you gonna harm autonomy like luggage it's not personal it's just this easy some people. Would make because it is a heated memory and generally speaking to the broader human man like they're not gonna stop Gaza and as a kind of in other people called drunk. If they 'cause they're not gonna stop her and other people they just. They slipped out because you comfortable told the star and you can kind of estimate like you don't come back like star Amanda so people re like sometimes I think when miles just upset but miles already have his hand moving into the sound effects that you can't say that's an act because they know before they even get there it's just an okay. I'm mad. If there's a figure of speech and and that children in our amendments to the removal of the Wall Street works night. And all that ass it's only easy to just tell are gonna curse the whole time you know that is just a basic lexicon and some people say it and you and you know what. You might cause but you costs. In was still caught her totally proper context of rubberized whole concept is in the context is his. Yeah I Dili that you should be able to say that but the FCC will not let you know because they don't want anything that quote unquote to delay its going out of the air. So if we sexually based in a way yep we make you guys have been problematic for some items turned on for some reason my listening this program you wanna have sex with your partner there really seriously worried about that. Yeah I mean that's amazing we just can't talk about anything you know well that we can't turn you want unfortunately its targets were sexy. So that's our first to do I don't know Greta probably not turning people on the right yeah I actually saw that and look and again here that turns people off I won't turn them off yeah yeah. My question is all jokes aside what do you guys do during the show. And who controls the sound bytes have been losing for years and always wondered what you guys actually do behind the scenes. That from Jimmy who listens there. And that Jacksonville Florida there a lot and Jimmy as far as the way things work in here while but who runs the master board so she is in control of everything. That you hear as far as the the bumpers the commercials. The music anything that has played. For the most horrid the most points as far as the bones of the show or concern sure all right so the ins and outs and all that stuff now. Mike is in another room he runs a completely different network thing we know what actually knows no one knows what Mike does Mike was on a completely different. Plain and there you always know it might not hear bad things happen yeah. Play it right we still don't know exactly what a lot of stuff yeah we just don't know whatever is going to apparently. Seem very important to us Steve on Steve it's all of the and Robin also hits a lot of these on the face jeered during the birthday so when you guys at the top spot request spurt they sound effects. There are about hundreds of the popular rock that she goes through and she has to get those and then Steve you have some of those as well. Jack I'll be goalie you're alive you've got the reverend I. Yeah our senior. Gains and mine my whole gimmick is basically everything I have is based on music so if you hear any kind of music the music probably comes it for me so it's just. I can for music depth music right it really did not I don't play dinner Vanna that's and I think you could read you here. That's not true models performs every song here and even plug in his guitar any memories these artists I'd say. No give even tell that not the real artist I just ripped through a lake of fire and no one knows that's my favorite two minutes loans. All right so let's see here we got a couple more and other wouldn't get to all we have these efforts. Time for. A black. No acts RSS they throw but why is it the 90% of the time if you ask a question on big dummy the caller asks you. To repeat the question do black people's voices not carry well. Over the phone or are all of your callers Def. Off I think NN and wanna lose in this country and certainly would have heard of Bob Black movies here outsmart people voices do not care to skyrocket really are hardy here and look. If you go do it David Blaine performance you'd never know as a black person. Probably isn't you won't it goes beyond horrible me and I'd like a black theater it is the quiet displace it if you have ever bad. If you have a cause of radios here in the amends or vision is an email the men's room and mr. buy dot com and make the subject as the men's or loud and have a legendary attack. And since securing. Men's room. Justin who it is. Your dad there then as usual we had to do very best dance even throw he'll find out nortel's yes indeed today we toast 39 year old crystal Anderson of Winter Haven Florida. Now three years ago to give you an idea of how she rolls eyes she got two of gun fight but the police should or should we NB begun by the cops they're like yeah that's great. They shot her past now they didn't killer but as a result of her injuries yet both legs amputated okay. And keep the so much she gets in the shoot over cops because of her injuries both legs amputated. She never showed up her court case three years on. I don't understand. She held up a Burger King. Help people hostage got and a shootout with police got her legs amputated because of results. And still posted bail and found a way to not short murder trial so as you might imagine. There's been worn out for her arrest for the last three years and come to drill our coal but they certainly didn't some tips. That she might be have a boyfriend and she might be staying at the board from tiles they go over there this one to war they wanna have. As you may be ABC crystalline awhile but as they approached the house. The police themselves witness. Her boyfriend was stuffing she's alive but putting relentless body into a plastic storage container so they could try to. I don't run jell O o'clock on its mail forward with a cop saw him doing it. I'm Larry I'm so we we won't lose them but we breathe is booze. Because we get this young male dominated golden dug in found that the road to the party and that's on me. Down our whole outage. Particularly and I live right now I scoreboard 99 I don't. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.