04-24-18 Seg 3 Mens Room gets jiggy with it

Tuesday, April 24th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Boy Band Songs of All Time! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Drug drug charge and have tried to ask you sit and spin with a ten best boy band songs of okay. Maybe you don't think that that's very exciting but it depends on your definition of what a boy band is how that is classified. The list is of all times sold what you think the first boy band members. Well would want the best did the biggest the the first day to temptations. You know what you're great you're not too far off and I've done about it as I was leaving The Beatles. Beatles are a boy band but they played instruments. They did so but yeah I think the whole thing together they also angle monkeys which put our reputation same thing. But the Coleman mobile so I feel I feel like modern day absolutely you're not playing a true deterrent. But back in the day they put bands together different and that's just my personal thing we keep playing each million avoid it. They're real musician goes up those men knew Udoh. Yeah depth more than just all right I mean look there's a lot of boy bands out there to pick from so they ten best boy band songs of all times. Coming able Ryan castle and sit and spin and it's a very interesting let's start our question. Who's nabbed and why 844999. Hole I said by the way the comment you want me to let you know purple noble. A pro yeah purple purple light at that Mike wrote that down I just I never think about that we averaged three Retief was hit twister. I don't know portal zombie the most elegant ice briefly begin to kids like hey you want them. It's purple nerve problem horrible but I had more hair on my body. 01 guy and they used to hold me down and read my hair until it can only go knots. Blood that those Kaiser he did that there is that the Indian ruled Peru Indian army Indians something burn right yeah I'm sure that's politically correct. I'm sure it's accurate historic. We haggard really scary thing the native Americans did we Indian McGrath told me Indian never broke Kennedy's exact answer. Anyone else find it around them at the land of lakes lady was nearly. It was weird to the negro thing they need to know the guys are usually your skin cancer probably just didn't have players older bro. Who us now to YE 44999. Old was not wearing pants it was a shirt yeah Lendl excellent. Final how much you doubt I don't doubt I believe god has finished because I O'Donnell are socialists some are more. If you if you caught off the label. And you could offer knees just below the skirt. You've been paid those knees behind the box the IU polish its deer skin no and we knew that the box it looks like boots we know that all the time the dead. It does strike that's where is it from Minnesota. Land O'Lakes. I was floored I think the plant which floor. Because there's city call way admirably sounds a sexual sweet cream did lightly salted. Or coach Ritchie would lately he's felt that. Matthew didn't bedroom. Bring the south shake your beat you you how long did you would you guys sweet cream with a little bit itself. It's a very specific category. Paradigm foment a low one out welcome to the men's room. Our job. But I don't think. And he didn't really big Harry Kerry didn't. And he. He did not want to say to that field and I know it documentation I did not like doing the it did to turn on. Screeching normal. Almost yelling at. My agent Leon he can't like I didn't didn't crap you got kicked it off. Yep I like this diet hugely cute little cute little insecure. And a diet ever eat. Blake. Could be good hilarious they he doesn't he's not at all like the end of the way they did it. Not altogether and. Well hopefully that they don't come since Richard you know like ideally he would you'll be surprised if he done it yet. It probably would not eat I believe I didn't get it. A boiling hot slick even if it you don't like. 310 well now strain well a mile and and we brought Scott before on the show about we used to work with a guy back and you lose to Baltimore and I must say his name known for fear that he would drive that entire way Alter the night and a diaper to diaper writers are growing quite good about our throats there and that's what I'm sorry he's this guy right and there's no question. That he's this guy and I mean to say he looked tense all the time is the true under straighten this guy. You could put him on a sitcom. Enemy like Cramer from this guy is so well over his heels have never touched the ground you would not you and I believe it's got to be true but he he is like that answers always wound up and work conventional one day. If he does not retire or doctor ordered. Vacation somewhere on the men's and happens to the one thing that we did was always treat him well. Always treated him always agreeable kid in the cool nickname the whole night because we just thought look. If we're still here on the day comes. Maybe he's bears yeah right there's there's the students to people in any at. And normally think about on people snap obviously people loose network of much. Most time its when you're in a personal relationship strong your closer to them and you know whatever reason has had enough but and you can't get it right because you really snapped at work you know you need a paycheck you need your job there. All you can have a but not usually the same place more you want but. Two people the one that you think is going to snap and then the other one is the IT guy. Because the IT guy knows everything. So just don't mess up those two relationships of human greed you know you can't teach I just really have to snack because he can make your life a bit and help our guys say that if they don't well I'm not talking about you know I exited treat that guy well and and straight to crazed person while because of one day when something bad happens. We're it to restaurant Goer vol Richard Mike Weir and his job well no just big sure that you are always especially nice to those two people. We're at last I heard a job one day and those second's opening as well I heard your producers that hey can ferment of the doctors at the door. Hey your producers getting fired just read the memo. I I think guy a guy that cab damn about what that was yesterday Iran sorry about that mentioned ninety got a who's out to Hawaii 44999. Cola. Hello Josh welcome to the men drew you know you already are banking guarantee everything. Oh yeah. No. Not only want to let bit bit but buddy doesn't air force news station got to try and Wyoming. You're stuck guarding a bit that also that they have out there. Well he had boarded up or down pit bit. And we party pretty darn. Well last night there. Is surging that is out to a strip club that out in the middle of nowhere. You're in Wyoming are already in the middle of nowhere. We'll go well. Yes I don't edit the gap. I don't I can't avoid how how does how come the Gaza Strip club in Wyoming. There you. I mean I don't know that's isn't at all when you drive fail and declares. It's like the opposite of those on the strip clubs they got when he ugly ones in one good look at a guy aren't you. Yet ballot that some this. Ultimately at third and they'd break what did that but it's quite often. Hum. Well this certainly. Coached by DelHomme back my book out. Five million women who were working there their male strippers while on guys you had to close it. Padilla we had it described pilot or the director liquor store I'm pat down to Jack Daniels. And it don't. It like 2 in the morning Soviet the toilet want him. Recall that Wyoming money. Yeah solidly too impressed but you don't sing. They're ladies and a snack or the third. Flickered out of Florida so it really does matter that void that can pass this is George of the grandkids of the happy I'd just brought my kids are then you only got to hit the grass is that I want to build a story and then it turned it down. And so but buddy of whom the blonde stripper and a NASA ground. Bloody bad over to have a beer. Out of the yellow mini fridge bookseller. And she's glad to bat. So art art than any mayor and other city slept and slip to a woman don't why don't woman and he absolutely freaked out. Well they are up on the ground spins out of elect. The whole leg lock around that next. Women are they actually quite big in my get a motel six is on the. Well bill or outlook though. It I'll dam and the other don't you reevaluate your life because why yeah Spaniard achieve vast hotel. You've got to handle Jack Daniels you got five strippers and wanna get your body and a leg lock on the floor trying to beat his act. I mean do you think there's Al. Maybe it's time to slowdown country just like they guard well you know. Allowed only one I air units on them to do you enter it in it'll I let them. Let's learn how and I went into that regressed. Well it ended shortly after that. You know audio and you don't see the dollar gained in the bay this get a pretty good lead on home. So when I went area. Hang on had just one site so those guys didn't show down under for because she is the stripper pole led to put this is the same guy. That our country relies on to defend a missile silos right. So we could basically take your initial well live with a thought I don't ever driven by strippers Bagwell hit again we've got a gun at work. Right. What are including. Everybody gives you I should prison and not on duty but let's also said that he was a regular displace I'm sure he saw these ladies again right. Said he did but it. A little while later a guy that they backed. I know not not not at all again I'm old maid and a certain break them up you know. Right yes knock it down well. Well he's snapped again. Eat straight up duplicate WW I'll ever. On the one on the woman. A lawyer asked oh Jesus. I thought a broken neck out look out my you know law but pickle boat ready to put out. Yeah I would include Evelyn oil anyway. You'll get if you broke her neck you're gonna copy new garden ruled Allah. At I didn't wanna be there Arlo weirdo. I I'm so wish your kids were in the car right now. I made and ultimately this is a story that they need to hear that from them boom boom and they're a little early. And even back to Wyoming. No. Its that's what ever happened your friend. He got out of military relic or by here later did a double to it and are acting got out. We can't and we still in contact with a we still do an okay. Absolutely. In my third time do you always reminded of the time they got an you know let alone with a strip and really why that's there if you brokers that sex is now my out there. All of joke that my old equipment. Played probably still goes back club I. You know the thing fear that. Ride out the drug charges gallon since then today we have the ten best boy band the songs of all times and we got your email on our question. Who snapped and why that's coming up next you're listening to the men's already network. I just trying to charge Kevin Anderson mini ten best boy band songs of all times on the way the first time for a few emails here for the men's room Edmonds or my back job. Our question newsman Dan why did you is a few close friends I'm out of the bar to celebrate graduating college this girl came over who would always come over to our fraternity and began talking with us. After a short time talking she realized that I didn't actually know her name not sure how that came up I was drunk and a first I felt terrible apologized and asked her what her name laws. That's when she snapped. She refused to tell me your name and rented through the a whole list of things that she knew about me and the other guys the table. Then when no one else is the table that could remember her name she started lecturing us about all the times. She's been over and now she's done so much for the fraternity. Blah blah blah block. That's when it's now two very loudly I told her to shut up. You came over to our table. Please we don't remember your name and other very offensive things. It marked no fuel at the table the group of let's go back to drinking and talking I still don't know her name Q on rocket that from beat out. This taste test drives up. Having the most awesome roommate never was almost in every day snap. One time she decided to have a party in the middle of the week there was a bunch of underage drinking and loud music. I go and turn my radio down at 2 AM so I can get some sleep before a 6 AM wake up for work. Some drunk kid turns the music back up I go back out turn it down until on the please don't touch the volume. He yells at me about being an old man and I should get a hotel rooms and they want a party I'm 21 he's like seventeen. After it turns the volume up there as I'm standing I grab them and thrown through the screen door that was not open I shut the door and went to sleep about another peep from anyone. All the guys and wadded back when I was in the navy I've played on my commander softball team one of the other players happened to be one of my chiefs. Now while I was only a petty officer third class we did not like each other and everyone knows we got a lot of work to be cordial. But this was a pure case of respecting the rank and not the man. Tom was his name any ill from North Carolina. Deep woods country boy through and through if he were a Canadian tuxedo to the navy ball. It is bodybuilder wife was Intel had no children but about nine Helm dogs that he always talked about. The guy used to roll the sleeves up between his biceps and a shoulder to show up forty thought or muscles and what constantly clear his nose by sucking in this nods but not spinning announced. God that I hate him god that I loathe them. When it came to an old saw always thought he was God's gift to the sports but he was about Tony years past his prime. His pregame ritual was thirty minutes of rubbing Ben gay on every part of his body. Putting on about seven sweat bands those hard plastic guards for your elbow like Barry Bonds used to Wear in the final move was a put on the biology. One of those hard braces that goes from about your share into your thigh. We have practice one day and he was finally ready to pitch he wild outs of the mound with a stride like whistler from blade and all that year I was up for BP. And I hit a few and then came my pitch if you know anything about softball when you swing and an outside pitch in as a tendency to go right back up the middle. He threw me an outside meatball and it was like he yelled in slow motion don't swing. I nailed that ball and went right back up the middle and nail them right in the buck county knee at all then as I jogged to first I've pointed at them and yelled yeah right then me you ever. Todd snapped started grabbing balls and throwing them be as hard as he could. I read the bases dodging every single one mini charge me like a mechanical right now. I danced around him before the rest of the team him to mop. Coach told me to head back to work as Todd yelled he would have been knocked down a rank and ruin my life as he was breathing like a wild hog in heat. As soon as I got back to work my senior chief told me to take the rest of the day off because thought it was out for blood. While us live out the door just as I heard Todd storm and yelling where you have to as Marie. And head into the breach to get drunk and bask in my glory everyone on the team wishes they could have done what I did that day to learn to catch Todd. These savages. That from speeds fast the only tar sands adult softball game to a fight. These guys to play all the time curiously to put the ball or they want and you created at the middle pitcher that that's a start to mess it is. Policy here any comments today I haven't had duties once aired says unfortunately I smacked. My personal best longest there's ever I was home alone in the fight urban Laura went off. And my ex wives that during an argument. If you perceive the stabbed me with a butcher knife he's a weird eight stitches later and divorce papers signed as a free man okay in September a few extra emails men's or amendments or buy dot com. I saw the show is my 26 laps today hoping I'd get maybe some turtle wax with a what bells Amro in the plaza nabbed them may be a Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Willie. Oh my god what the. Only got my husband Tony birthdays today longtime listener big fan especially of the case damage that it was a matter of birds they give a barber shop they sandwich thanks guys out from say eighty. Beer is it to movie Laura present wins. She's a daughter on this. Oh that is so I wish I visa Bill O'Reilly is in the morning and afternoon and. It's always element today is my amazing husband Charlie AK AD Charles thirtieth birthday it's even better DC Harley. Hoffa says dirty thirty could you please give an original face and legends of dirty dirty Germans for this milestone day with love from his dearest width. Thanks guys keep on rocket. No book I want to show you in my boots sold. Yeah I. Police chief. Popular pick Kyle lots of good things are coming your 32 year thank you for your ten years and continuing of service in the navy. And here's to us getting the good news we deserve. Think I'll get a array Jake and I grow up and you guys talking over each other all about snakes thanks guys that from nova and grow up. As far as yeah you include punitive one yeah I watching as they do I sort of yeah. Somebody should Austin I am Somalia under the noses at all so everybody's lunch and the gentleman very young pregnant wrapping around the hot water here. Our guys my coworkers Jon as he's birthday can she gets a dirty dirty Germans talking about hardware supplies like grow blue tie downs at setter. That from Levi. He's a look closely but this is the stupid yeah soon to people who speak to get them cheap brands and I'd just like the affordable rings that when my favorite things come from a common you know. Football team who now within the two rings Putin talking about as they matched it up. I'll bet it's during a birthday shout out to my sister Gina she's 39 Abbott and original face and a legend Bob and saying happy birthday in German. Thanks guys that from Norman in that Nebraska. Sandwich fully king of what's that all I'm the eldest of five in my mother's birthday is today so gonna get an Alain your 41 and a thug and I've got gay thanks guys from eighty listener well. They had met 42 grandson today have a building Roy Jenkins. And some dirty Germans talking about playing guitar that from his daughter Isabel. We. Yeah I think we move through the best thing about playing guitar is looking to g.s for. Now what I like about guitars and involves a lot of thing goodness and lifts. She's this is its own we use in the music industry that. My eyes go hole I mean I got it done OK have you got to learn to. Yeah I'm glad I. Hey irons eight irons you. But today. Young pitching German Bronson but men's room. Also available through these world sings a men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Trying to apply. Lou you guys one more email. And this one comes from lovely Tiffany hello Tiffany Tiffany the subject is in place of toilet paper mobile all the alcohol alcohol I don't outside activities are always act man let's drop the love this act. I wanted to share the story after hearing you guys were talking abouts when did you have to use something in the place of toilet paper. Are brought up the show that cover that topic of my husband he got a little uneasy and said. Well I can add to that he then shared their when he was at a grocery story in Mexico frantically in need of a bathroom he found one and relieved himself only to find it. There was no toilet paper in the stall. This was by no means a perfect group rather aid too many shots of tequila followed by spicy salsa group. An abundance of toilet apparently need. Flip flops to Dublin themselves to the idea of using Sox. So he reached into the trash bin for used toilet paper for those of you have. I toilet paper is not placed in Mexico and is put in trash spends next to the toilet. He carefully selected a wad and then unraveled it as it was rolled into a ball to conceal the contents until it was too. Eight clearly use section. Where then he broke it off and use the better half the white. In other words guys he used used. Toilet I. He didn't say much after his return to the car where I was way to act after sharing the story I asked why didn't you phone a friend I would have brought you some he explained to the bathroom was guarded. And he just did what he had to do hi says that's lovely to. I am still go during adulthood shot of the day at first they drug charge and how to get it is time to sit Dansby now. Yes friends it's time once again dog. Six and spent and the Mets got to wrap an old radio and listened to some sweat a. Like most about this list with that and it's not the song that's definitely not the solider at the fact that this is gonna (%expletive) some people why leaving open as people don't look at employment and guard I don't know it's not the songs and is it might be that you hate boy bands those two things might make some people mad that they know is gonna (%expletive) people off or some of the bans. The Billboard Magazine says. Our boy pants all the way this time people are gonna go and and so you gotta ask yourself what is the definition of a boy that if it. Now as far as I'm concerned this is a manufactured. Group of young men who do. Pop songs that don't play instruments. That dance they daylight they sing they don't break the Sox exactly what what about the hot. Right it's always so little don't always thank you so I don't actually say this though so the monkeys would fall on the cusp I think between. So The Beatles they played instruments they wrote their own songs right. All right the Monkees started as a manufactured and correct only Mike Nesmith could play put towards the end they all learned how to play and actually played their owns the clinic is all I that The Beastie Boys. Okay sort of these you know part of The Beastie Boys a boy band tell rat. Well but based learned to play instruments photo editors say are those boys bit each John growers and truly your bank right. I think it's open to discuss our and that's the thing that's gonna (%expletive) people off and that it's gonna bring the argument today on sit and spend so these are the ten best boy band's songs of all time. Under ten. Know your hand there the fans from the ninety's not Jackson. Yeah he's pretty cute I was at PS forty years old is. I think they're all doing a little eligible for the rock god played about his opponent I believe the sun came out in 1990s. They still go out on tour and do this right to play the song and in their I would like ten in my van general Moore yeah yeah and collective soul in Philadelphia. You blossoms into the Smith's doctors were not there were other market grandma Wright would lose my Governor Brown about we've still got to throw your stuff they're infamous play there and Smith they wrote their own stuff it's it's tough guard Avery withdraw or they are they have always been this good for your Brothers yeah they're young and they think pop songs does that make them a boy I think so because they have the harmonies during harmonies are important part of the boy band Jon got really lose nothing and yet I think there's going to be a little. Now vocal thing these are they ten best more events on multi. There are now. My name but I don't know you know I don't remember that one out I'm not familiar you always have an a list of 100 great boy band songs they make number night. Okay so it was a bad I heard that the BB match I just assumed it was an individual. Like BB team before them right ticket I was thinking more of like crisscrossed with Mac daddy day many female. How oblivious to even know that I don't remember and you know when I probably can learn math before god does not that I care other. And those boy bands on small time. Boy you. I'm sorry new kid on the block I definitely can boy's family there's a white heard the news. Flew away and I believe restored to basically isn't gonna do she did so well there let's let's take a white basic math if I was gonna pick out one Backstreet Boys song that would definitely be hangs tough digital game and is due date but the video content on the block and attitude that the whole what I spending on how good you are like. Until bid to bowl was so good that they really kind of was more there are more and are indeed but they were over Florida and Illinois were everywhere where they were grown right now right. You failed given them well would Brian Arnold Steinberg buddy they're like eighteen years old now come on Michael 50000. I tell their pelted them they started asking. This is timid boy advance dogs of all time. In my mind yeah. A month to the bunker. Apple recently. I guess you know eventually learn to live right good they were put together to face plate to blame him for complex. They can still say they are they were manufactured group. That was for a TV land you know playing love songs. For or teenage girls by the way is that is the point that we have an and one of them but what is Hanson who knows someone says they now owned brewery that manufactures the beer cold. He hops are IE nine's sister mom he's hot path that's a great idea why not man. And as boyfriend's on the windows and I've been. I'm very sick. It's. Them who is. New revision. Other one of the problems I have only go to advance cloth is these are like really really really young guys talking about your body bathing. A man that I mean I don't matter did Sonia bank early on ever heard higher pitched voice than candy you're. I don't know if there's is that Bobby Brown the things that I think it might be Bobby brown and I never heard a song with a higher pitch as far as the lead singer had any that long that's like that's like up there with antique I mean it is. It's dirty shirt released Burgos soldering iron and disaster in the expectation very easy it. There's there's just too much sexual content some of these songs for these until the recent and I think as well they eighty while holding hands. Everybody motive maybe maybe ten miss more than you thought you wanna make up call. I'm Burgundy. Hey I'm out. Coming in now. It's six accords. All guys that somebody told me that can I did not know that he had coming. Really they are right now at center in my heart of Texas we'll try to attend as more advanced on a long time. Edward ball. Lines through those. What you have to. It's a military style they would be like that is most contemporary of the boyfriend at the yeah. And they're not together anymore right to develop. God there I think everyone's gonna write their own thing thank god but to wait for they become the tide of me we don't know if we get back together about a life what more hands and update is still performance at cup for Christmas are really left no I had no idea brewing beer guy and I guess you can drink the world in the G handset is the sixth on the band's. To invest boy bands on this. There are punching their spirits are well. Another name or bad but I do leaderboard I love you at duke but I don't blame it look at a little boy in their career I wanna hold your hand you know you could. Possibly make an argument for the room I don't do it now man I know you don't want to say is that because it's The Beatles. Maybe may do if you're right they're actually playing without debate right yes may I make my way around longer maybe that first album or two within the only get later on if it's definitely not. Timid boy band John. I would vacationers to be number one. This is maybe one of the great pop songs ever read I've always found out I think going back from the Jackson 5 was one of the greatest pop songs and it is a perfect perfect pops. My problem though with the lyrical content. Michael Jackson is not old enough to have lost loved at this point in his life. Yeah but. That age factor seemed to be something about and they may well lord and manhood that. If only knew then the one day he put on a chip named bubbles. The need to invest more than twelve. This comeback. I'm confused this nonsense something like it would have been right around it was massive hello Mike earlier TR well this is the number one spot. Or I did well OK guys like that left. You could play the phone every night on the W hello ball more than life easier lip and I hated it was only millennium. There are tied. Massive that's bad album sounds like one million copies the first day it was very you know I'm like thank you rank castle you're welcome listened to welcome silly and unbelievable on so well during its nose with a shot of the day miserables coming up next few are listening to the major radio network. They joke you don't have enjoyed the men's room. There there was drink it does not today is motorway about burn him. It's. Moment. She's yeah how all all I have you log on amends in my dot com we'll see all the rules that you made up throughout the years. Everyone's allow it they're real time to us he he can't and let's. Some new rules in in in the books there and we'll level we'll start with this when. And it comes our way from Joseph on the bus driver and it's an interesting role. He said guys Saturday heralded the birth of my son that would be my third child in fact but the first to support outdoor plumbing. Between sessions of learning to dodge and weave random urine streams a diaper changes. I took it upon myself to read hymns a men's room rules because frankly it's never too early to learn. In doing so I notice a glaring error in the rules it should be addressed article five section nineteen the list of words that no man shall ever use. Specifically the term daddy. While I agree that to stray grown ass men have little used forward and everyday banter they are definitely times a man could exclaimed. Hoosier daddy while four negating with lusty ladies or laying the smackdown it is videogame of choice more importantly. They'll I'd intention clearly and surely have the caveat. A less speaking to small children because since my wife present me with my new son. I can't stop repeating. Your daddy loves you very much of which I mean every last word we'll of course so that from John the buster it was more just don't call your dad daddy when you're an adult that's yeah that is exactly the rules about with regard to your father and Jack are robins is rather time we measure it ironies. The answer is secure. Jessica who it is. Our advantage usual way ahead is entering desk and Steven broil the fun outdoor toasted and yes indeed today we toast an unidentified woman from somewhere in Australia. Now like most did you. Our our Maria's on FaceBook and as you know among other things FaceBook is littered with photos of people babies and as it happens are on re had been pregnant. So which you posted a picture of a newborn baby. A friend of hers who was quick to comment almighty god congratulations. These beautiful I miss you so much. You know both very for her baby shoes posting a picture of a bold maybe one back at home are important. Her friend has sent the politics. We've put all those foods imagery does lose because we've vacant now may go back to all of the tongue and down the borrowed you Barney in our Tommy's. Doubt not all databases are. Can continue our momentum through the radio network.