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Tuesday, April 24th

Mens Room Question: Who snapped and why?


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This is a men's room. Listening to. It's done by united front seven down and I Marlins Dan and a Mac you Rockwell three battle North Carolina hello there Fort Bragg. And new rock of fox and Appleton Wisconsin big show for Iraq castle drug charge coming in to sit and spin. The ten best boy band songs of all times men's room rules coming up and once again we will drink and tells with a shot of the day our question who snapped in Y 844999. Cola got a double about comments here and let's face it when it comes to sports. Once the first sport you think of as far as like inevitably this is gonna lead details can lead angered by its as far as. Would like pick up sports. Game you play competitively. Were OK miles obviously I mean they croquet and in the case I was I was gonna is also a billiards. Yeah I think I know I've said well I granted you got to take into consideration where you are most of the time when your playing in alcohol is involved but I think I've seen more fights I mean. In the fight and if there's a fight any sanctioned event in other words if you are really on a team. And you get into a fight like a high school or whatever those suspend you would do whatever they got to Dubai so those fights through a lot different than like guys fighting in like a softball league. Well one you know even like a baseball fight Wright I he threw the pitch you might charge the mound you don't bring them back with few. These autos are like pool I'd heard some of those patriot who grabbed the back. Pool like a certified in the pool the pool cues they've gone for me an instrument of the game to becoming a weapon yeah. Even right even even the boss I've seen their write everything about like all good to pull table not going to arsenal and I know I'm boards you. At least you just get the fisticuffs like put a pool laws to favor and against the number one alcohol alcohol and or twosome who were playing for money. Well you know I understand a wanted man. For sure but this is croquet. Or I could see that happening well I understood that they believe it's like OK your kid and it says while playing croquet. My brother kept hitting my ball so I threw the crow came out godsend to the corner punched two holes my ass was grass. Okay did I did a miniature golf by my brother hit a shot I was pissed off. So like baseball swung the putter all right but I didn't realize in my backswing was my sister. All all locker leash you kind of put her forearm up or what it knocked out teach these diseases don't argue Chernoff I had to be LeBron says all of it is. My friend and I we did ask him when we're both seventies he started freaking out the rest of the day. What does that figured out what was going on my friend started punching his dad in the face in the back of the head. Finally stab was able Russell to the ground he was able to hog tie him. Until the cops in an ambulance showed up. Subpoenaed to his court date shortly after a time stamp may have lower Tuesday after Y 844999. Cola hello clay welcome to the men's room. All it's. So we didn't talk about how he had a functional tool. I opened it the same thing but I do don't crush. Our crews knows what's wrong with the amount grinch won't Gordan. Well I I said something to my dad finished probably should not. And you gotten all. Up and analog delay and it is been one of those weird gave me and I I punched a hole. And I was about doing just from like my luck Obama to let or. What how old were you when this happens. Eight Croatia and tell you. Guess what had been deleted because it seems that way so they don't have family again like. What it has a kind of had a couple things in common cold and ignorant. And yet maybe the typical Clinton hated coming up. A little agitated. And I was mad that I took them off and now it's. Had this been like. Something that have been brewing for a while or loses came out of nowhere on Christmas Day in the celeb. Although it would on the day that didn't happen. I just it was the wrong choice ordered them. This Christmas so it's quite that bad I mean if you think of nothing's been brewing up until that point Christmas Day for the most part it could be you know weighing in all I know things but over all. People seem to be in a fairly decent mood. Oh yeah another group not something that's been there more than boom and it never been like up we never had a bad trip mr. like I was I was like good. First one. So that if you could consider bad. Way to go I what about now only does that on Christmas Day does that conversation ever come off like remember like Christmas aquae Ramona functional. You know not much more. Namely that you have to wait you know. OK are. Your silver lining. Do I don't know man well. But will not be that all of a white crowd that while Dan that's important it is I don't think he drop then have to go on goal all well and that that would weigh on you a little bit unbelievable and present a Y 84499. Finally got to talk about the organized sports the one of the I didn't see what happened afterwards the one of the just more crazy things and I've seen in awhile. This was back us by seventeen area now vows that I schools I was eighteen or nineteen years old. Hosts playing a softball league and this one dude who I kind of knew but didn't really know did basically. The few that we played on was used by everybody so when you were dealt with your game was another team coming in there was no big softball facility right get a time basically it was roughly when you're gonna get done so. How reunion. Probably 1819 years old pact. And I'm dabbling college at this point because I remember I remember the car that I I've I woods. I the nicest car than I've ever had in my life and I parallels wave well it it that it hasn't had time as a Volkswagen Golf GT was still a nice car ever had a terrible but I remember rap part too but that when we get hit my ball and and I thinks as possible over the engine blew aerial exact and so I I've had at this point so. This guy who was just a complete deuce and I did not know him very well but he played and another team. And he was like Corvette guy. Quote him when he pulled up apparently. The girl he was with the two of the other team that we are playing it was he it was her ex boyfriend okay. So we we're leaving he's pulling up our game is over he's coming in the play with a escrow for them. The guy that was on the other team we're playing against. Takes his baseball back as he was the guy was coming in was I guess it was late uses girlfriend because his ex girlfriend the other guy's ex girlfriend. He drives up tops down she was very attractive blonde haired woman. He may not go to open a Corvette nobody to back away like yeah he like he runs to meet his teammates you know whatever. And she walks out at me and she exchange is just a couple words with her ex because he's walking to the parking lot as well. She walks out she walks away after saying something I wasn't really predator that did her body lay were all involved saying something analyze all over the dude just take he had he had his east and back. And he just took it to the windshield and entities in there and I think it was a Corvette convertible. Summing glass with. All inside the car when he smashed the windshield through me he was just. Bashing that's what's what's everyone doing that got I mean Anderson they do well I have to let someone go about people he made his buddy stop he got out of this car likes so he opened the door. And then basically got back in the car took off this guy standing there like oh my god watching this card it's mashed up. Apparently he met up with a guy later tried to be is that I don't know whatever happened to would have them but. I've never seen anybody like I've never seen a destruction. Of property. On such a nice thing before. Brats ever like I'm never seen. Anything like that. I've never seen anything like that ever since like that's the only time I love anything nice really destroyed completely like if you wreck your car that's one thing I've driven by that formula odds acts but that's right yeah someone take a baseball bat like a brand new Corvette. That was pretty messed up we hear what you're orbits a delay he I don't know 198990. I damn nice give a Corvette while you add the Corvette. Man I am a lover I've seen people who. Post high school got a pretty college party I don't someone that age group by. Long story short a bunch of people showed up the party had been fine. Somebody stepped on another guy issue which in Baltimore city at the time was Paramount to shooting them and indeed writers and stupid macho crap so. I knew the guy who had an issue stepped down he was. It coworker of mine in the mutual friend we have got bad news you're one of the bad smoke those efforts like. Man I gotta get clay I think of names I gotta get clay out so many seem fine amendment to Mac and all these chicks and man. So most of under Shula took there's a hundred people in the living room dancing in an email Mike at. It's inevitable it's like it's clay you're first or whatever so I think gully breakfast he claimed corner and I think that was anyways so. Fatty is now talking to a recent courage again like. Hey man months ago. Kleiza one of these guys who decides like our I'll leave but I honestly sometimes guys step on an issue again understand. This party it's typical young person part of her 100 people dancing so. He like singles up this guy and I take huge thing to me just go on and let the guy come as his arms up defensively knowledge he's worried about it more like. Pam am flight of a stubborn she was sorry but we're bands in their own right now anyway so. Were interstate and cause these two guys go outside and everyone starts funneling outside. And like Bono sat in the B in the street girl okay this is the crazy thing about some street brawl. These guys go out and all these other people jumping and NB in my closer buddies like we're Smart enough to not involved but you Leon doors Lloyd. I'm not trying to get rested and does nothing to do from watching this. And remember goes down the street in a come turned the corner disappears but it's just this mass of people actively fold but it it's all about shooting. So worth a darn it let's get everyone else out here. Play him and part of got to be done cops are going to be cold we understand what happened. So now the fight a little bit circling back around the quarterback of the street so the final sell mobile with I don't know who got the upper hand on who. But the last thing that happened has got takes in metal trophy and throws it in the fourth. Window of about how to host a party but the thing we're looking at the skylight. What is he even at the party so normally we don't know one knows this guy is what I'm a rookie walking down street he got caught up like in the melee. Original people pile lobotomy was duke comes on the street pace of distress in general it. There is no way holy crap thrown into the wind and with whom we knew that I'm like I'm not I'm not going to be here. Demo of the stuff for the whole time Blake. Does anyone know disguise. Because that there was a moment of opportunity is really like do the right thing I kinda like compact like America there's all the stuff golden arm. I love her transparent little window LaBelle good number and got to rip off a daughter wanted another guy with it. How to work was an effective no I would just look cool yeah clearly just ripped off with our advantage and debated Dan camera but at that time I've done it looked so tough. Oh I want to do to spare any thing also back I hit them like. I gave you rip a rose out of a garden like that would cool dad who's had to YE a far far 99 I know more recalls coming up you are listening to the manager radio network. This is your. I have a drug cartel since then we've got ten of the best boy band's songs of all times coming up. With the drunk in charge also been drum rolls on the way our question who snapped a Y 844999. Whole lot. Hello again welcome to the men's room. Hey don't forget I'm. Eight first as far as saying and those new guys simply got wants to know about four years ago and don't you guys been together for years years years beyond that and I have never heard an episode weren't so lucky youngsters on an end. I though is Ernie argue that there. So you just ahead right we know we've only got in every single rabbits. Our media and he had gotten those what you see candidates are how little we care. Now we knew it only gets a circumstantial that this society we live in man then got tired pretty welcome our economy had an accident. This is my voice to the mobile palm and home yet man into a private stuff and acting. She's not the. It's miles and I appreciate the story at Eckerd and a dog park. I was bringing my daughter and my wife or my dogs an 8090 pound it all mixed. And now only one other person at the spark at this little how to do it one month old little puppy is due to slow poppy you've ever seen. On that the other talk among the minimum to go happen and other perks but I don't know if this is normal or not but I react completely disproportionate and to pain. It's just she's a player injury that is not becoming. So my dog in this ballpark beat runner around chase each other and a little time. Exe and all my dog making a beeline towards me. But you're not looking towards me. And in my head I said I should probably move. Somehow I never you don't got to a point where I was actually gonna move next thing you know my legacy like an ostrich. And guys you're some bubble wrap sound that I'm on. Ground writing and I'm telling you man I think I really believe the dog part is probably responsible for more knee injuries. Then mode just weird things we do have a solid answer at all yeah. So that is dogs and puppies or want to do you know they see somebody injured and try to maintain missile. Plus all you have Polly a month old maybe you wait and Collins comes up and start licking my face in my head that they must do the destroyer real world's undertake no way yes yes well I go into like a Lou king bicycle kick on my back just screaming get up begin Altman. And I was dreaming is trying to destroy as. Automate your screaming doesn't impart but. For everyone else's see there's a ten pound dog licking your face. And everybody else that the only other person there is this puppies owner watching me try to kill her dog basically bird just licking my face. They're so as chief underdog status her dog and just got to start in the briskly walked away contest and hand over her shoulder I like this so embarrassed by how violent I got towards this tiny innocent little puppies she is locked in the other way and I'm sitting near tears rolling down my cheat they remind you completely obliterated. It the only two people around here just ignoring me walking away. Is that how much of a jacket that is looked like ally it's always in these. Our man I mean within a couple outs are learning inserting him better than I had broken in the past two side but I agree injured. Up a notch or not be okay deserted crunched any kind of strain like in this position on the Nolan to them. Let me out let me ask you this man because before my dog died my dog with a pit bull blue humor makes it to decode so look other diplomatic and if you hold not gonna pit bull but if you wanna dog that is a month but part of the spit ball. You'll notice because of what kind of dog is. It doesn't matter in any thing else you say once they hear pit bull. There's this weird direction so I've always start with the well it's a blue healer what. All of that doc pit bull mix. And pulled him back unlike. Those dog is friendly and his dog is kind of heard the door marked twice right in my life. Have you notably there's no point what does your dog mixed with. It is Rhodesian Ridgeback Q there retriever in temple on he's Pringle coloreds is kind of target. The purple color you medical agreed to have their own concert. Only thing you say is pit bull because you know or so it doesn't matter what once you say Pitt bought the only winning tradition respects a pretty solid D'Amato big gas thought. Not yet muscular Randi you'll you won't even defend himself like another Donald come on he's been Mitt that is embarked you know he'll just kind of correlate. Not cigarettes Hillary. The man at the numbers as Ohio look pit bulls do is just based on how many pit bulls are out there. That's it there's good numbers there are there der der deep there though like the second most popular dog. A population wise in the United States over the still only the seventh most by eighty exactly you're exactly and the thing that more would also like to Wallace two all those don't count and we all agree it's specifically because. No one's scared of a Chihuahua and when it comes to the upper hand like a bug like spider freak me out bullet comes onto it I win 100% of the time Iraq. You look at your wallet site you'd think that bitch to moon doesn't but what do with the daughter of light with a Q I yellow lab. Oh yeah he'll have to bring despite a mean consistently. Constantly but no one spirited yellow in spite of Brett is a big ask all right it is and if you want to take you out a pretty much good. So these things bite but kids' level so nobody care eight pit bull on the list of the top ten breeds that are likely likely. To bite the majority interacting with this dog. Doubles seven. Analyst Tim but still gets the worst threat and it's specifically because people are scared of this my guess would be number one on the list when your dad hates you. Who snapped and why 844999. Cola. Hello Josh welcome to the lender hurts too. Lola Mac. So about three years ago I just got that position supervisor. And a big job dropped out of nowhere on an ever done before so there's a lot of stress and a lot of pressure I was the one that snapped. Well. So. After all the pressure of everyone being interested. Another supervisor called me to wonder why I brought this change and explained it to him and he got aggressive and I just. We're not a big pitch. Did he say where use that like what was the words he set was of his attitude and like what led you blown up on the stat. A more attitude you know how how dare you do this without talking the need even though I talked everybody else. How very you that it might might work to do as well. We made the decision what everybody who needed either at the time our I don't like you know. And the attitude continued all you're not the one who's gonna delegate what I do and so it just been escalated and but the highlight our. I have the guys so order a fact that I think you glad you wanna brush and make it and the job at just about like trying to find where's Waldo on a good use tampons. You want it you can pick. If I. I guess kind of revved up like yeah sadly it first humanized him as a really good job no matter. But then you compared that's gonna fall glamorize assuming an urban unlawful and president I raise the most bang model I did not know this is forward some odd dollars. And I'm vaguely familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I've told people assigned by the way the ridge backs they were bred to halt lions' 00 yeah that's their big docs it's how I like a voice. Okay our. I kind. That's great if you save this thing is train hotlines and look I get the ball I'm sure it's no single and out but. A lot of the moment thing about two seconds right. We thought it looked. I understand Rhodesian Ridgeback might be a big one it's a doll retarded as a common it does not have the upper hand going up against a great cat. As a line would be I don't think it has to speed that certainly does none of strains. I don't hold big there overnight at the photos and that's what I would not like. I can find the line but the last thing I'd wanna do is what the lie and know that I found a deliberate due to a third all crowd usually amendment they're cute dog G. Would you put. No really those are good looks like him then looks like a lion does this feel like a boxer Canada's wood or meet up but it's a beautiful dog ever think my buddy has won its very well behaved in this and there. I knew another guy that had to in his scared the crap out of me. And throw a work of art heritage is if they were politically he could be because you can really get thrown again that's what you did not go in that backyard people with you have to lie 844999. Alone to do that they were like don't put their head under lap they want you to pat but Wright but. If you don't let them personally it. My body of his mass and I hate that this man and you go to this place indeed there's big ass doberman that. As he says he rescued off the street I might and you go to guy missing from the jungle goes that's it's a little out there but it would walk up to you man Anderson legally drink a beer smoke pot. And content on the bright. Likely to anybody gonna absolutely scratch yours and you're talking your buddies but when you stopped the stadiums look imagine. My neck I am terrified I'm petting your dog food because I'm scared I don't like it. Hello Travis welcome to the men's room. Yeah okay. Oh no longer has the first time are. A so I was voted. Eight years old and my code and our bill looks or Erica C apartment complex is going to be retreat. I don't all the crap which on the other dumpsters and slow. Continuing to church are sort. So we've done a big blow to ministers by the dumpster. So you know I was delighted. The bent over like little thing you roll over to Orlando hotel got a little slow cars down. I didn't see currencies a little guidance yet. Yeah so it's been screwed up in the middle road. And so we blew this guy loose balls or tires were really no knowledge or if I'm on the power and ended up and had pitched so I gotta go and I took up running. And then he liked to do which does milk and like everybody knows we will appear to have been built or Guatemala and and nowhere to go where it is so let me go to at all when dad. So I look back and of course it would doubted what he did warn that a lot of it would look at 600 walked back across who spilled the word out crashed into. The tickets and dad's pretty much every step of the electorate to jump off the ground and then. I had to sell. My game boy and my Nintendo Loma baseball cards and looked pretty pissed about it like. Let dirty route even in my cousin and it's only been at gitmo on paper about it. Once you learn many things. Now know we learned their attitude control of those until he's sued by one and not certain. Cruise and Jack are infused accent after the update I'm gonna be up front that I external. I don't know my dad about a hundred ormat an anathema Rhodesian Ridgeback risen. They don't kill the line dumb ass by dominance of believers referring to me. They use a pack of them. So like American Jews around for cougar okay Sunnis packs a Rhodesian Ridgeback experimented wanna listen to kill lions Paxson strength can be galore and a banana hyenas do began. I don't think I you know over any day we condone the appointee strongest. Job draw strength a believable mammal. They're pretty good bite down hyenas man mattered chimpanzee. Japan terabyte hard because they're not trying to bite through huge biggest need by soft tissue off they did these people. Are thrown off a little bit by the hyenas just simply I'm authentic part of his visit talks to doctor that your natural I mean the urge your natural and everywhere on you know channels. Right it just it doesn't matter where you go behaving to what. There was at the woodland park zoo in Seattle years ago miles businesses and my entertainment is. Revoke available letter to vote for zoos and my else's man you've got to go to does suit or he's wild don't. And may have the biggest testicles you've ever seen and like come on come. I mean that it can't be that bad so. I don't know two years later I go to the zoo and Internet. You can happen upon our closure and for whatever reason is kind of run in circles hold a crazed we're committed Wisconsin running around so. There were two over in particular that rolling and I realized I can move because I now being mesmerized. I'd be huge task you do the biggest puzzles that ever seen and it's it's almost like some attorney monetizing YouTube experimenting sway him like he thinks BP. But new mobile or my and so we brought this up on the air in our system from the zoo maybe contact us missed the mark first of all those dogs you saw over my testicles because they were the females. Mara right yeah. Arnold goes on in the wild dog world and apparently females like there they got big it wasn't like the literacy and it was so broad that you Pergo but in these. It hangs on the outside it. And somehow and under the sound ridiculous. Somehow that made seeing what we thought testicles were much grosser. Regularly like they were gross looking because there is black and slimy because they know Valderrama marife and don't like these are dried dog testicles don't want to tell you those are not even tell us who would like that is disgusting to see. I know that hey you know what is that I don't know what is that if the army like. The woman who got my underwear instead of the most most schools are no those aren't testicles she breaks down like they look like that to go book or not that was. Who's now July 84499. I don't know I don't I don't honestly. I just wanna know that all of our ovals I normally do check out these dogs is not a jealous that he's not kidding it is. It's a may can't take your eyes it's like car I think it's not me I was like I normally wouldn't care about wild dogs are dogs we domesticated dogs using dogs all the time that's great I'm a dessert policy drafts onshore stuff like penguins you know. So but I'll get to see. But man I was just done though that was that was just let me know there's an ugly dogs I was like oh my god look at data to pictures. Toledo they'd run and then to disappear into the brush but it can't be objective of what you and the comeback the regular look at lose. I don't know look at the guys that. Who's now to why it was like going into a senior sitter shower. Collect call our guy and day out instead. They weren't ethical grass. There's now July 844999. Cola put detonate two men Robin. Hello eagle I welcome to the men's room. Our top. So. Most jump into it so they will be time. As I snaps. Well like I still feel bad about it measures justifiable let. At a night auditor handled it better but I see your way so went out there about eight straight. As are having kind of a rough each of the worst. And in a body and mind arriving home on the bus that's on them and they're just kids and problems. And in buddy Myers and a lot about something I guess this changes for some reason and then you're laughing at him. Or something about him related Jim I don't know why. So. He perceives a standout when he takes all eight Gatorade. And it is dumps across regardless this is an estimated bounce across the top of and now you know I'm like all right. I'm just gonna wait until I get there by bus stop then and we get out there about stop and my body stand up moss finally and I know them a backpack. I didn't like it hey look element kind of thing and does way. And I want climate and do the same thing right when mine Adam a bit harder so he gets. Preset off badly stand up you got to tackle it and I just proceeded to wrap my hand up around it broke my stuff Amanda's being that is the real like. These wild and makers like always stick you don't just get in the square between the I'd like fifteen I. But. As losses on I can't imagine her. There have put it all it's an eighth grade cheer on the injury gonna lose that too. I don't know why you borrowed okay Corey if you warn you don't drink on some I just assumed a looking for fun and yeah I mean I would now you know that is they starts the whole thing I would assume the buds don't they drained our news that your response is going to be physical it's going to be squarely. And I don't care how old you are you're you're looking for reaction. If it's not a fire in you don't drink and justice and he doubled Oregon and all he's gonna get breakfast and yet I think it's a poke somebody in the chest though human wants to be broken down Voyager feel you're saying hey let's pay did you content. Now granted I didn't I didn't think any time you and yeah so if it. I was trying like on street so yeah. Like I always think it would link on undone with fighting but I have a feeling like when I'm 62 years older son and I'm gonna have legitimate conversation literally heard you know like god Aaron into an ethnic Zulu you're leaves tomorrow and I thought I would have done what espy and allows a change that now all you re back. Another way you donate on my high. It's okay because this is what it. What I've discovered as we know the least about anything on earth aren't so it says listen. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs than someone else says hyenas are part of the weasel family. Ted you're an idiot hyenas are closer blah blah blah pain is not a dog. And it would dollar less food and outs double. That's I'm all of us in band do mosques do mosque thank you have a little class. And then female hyenas have a massive pseudo penis it is in fact a super long clippers. Oh wow so bad our look at why owls. I just am so glad I'm out of while at all I am. Very glad and I'm OK okay and he knew I don't care. They're just can't get past that nag you find that together dangling glitters and sorry moment dog I can't get behind do and I'm just I'm not okay with that. I'm just not okay would that not to mention you as they nibbles on the stop and remember he's married to do. I lose nabbed and why 844999. All of still got rank castle drug charge in the since then we have for you today the ten best boy band songs of all times. That is coming up in the more your calls you're listening to the men's are ready network. Smiles. I think whose math and why 8449990. Law miles and be remiss if before we get back to the calls one last female high you know fat old she's well listen my dog and I'd. Gus is starting to break and we settled into what we've played big dummy every question. Were about. Female high united Jenna diet every won't be one of them apparently. Everyone knows this stuff but this this clears up everything right. The general tell you of the female high unit closely resembles that of the male. The literacy is shaped in position like a pianist and this capable of erection. That's gross sounds to me like a penis the female also possesses no external vagina as the lady themselves the refused to form. To shoot those grown so what we're seeing when we thought. It was male high in his right. It's actually the sued post road home which believe it or not is actually there vagina. But the latest fused together so looks more like a sack yet I mean I'm not glad that I know that but I figured I'd share that with everybody. Like that's disturbing to me I mean I've. I'm sure you do get confused in a bar but that just seems a little difficulty if that. Who's captain Y 844999. Cola hello Tina. I can just you know the high you know Jeannie unit prepared as an eighteen million tuned to resume our producer Lucas and hello Ryan welcome to the bedroom. Now liquor and doors earnhardt's. Car guess are. Under pretty good jerk. Who snapped. Actually a wide snapped we were just. Stay out and out sin. We argued about some but not only argued the same time I joke but it's your turn into an argument he and exchange quoted her hand. Who and out of nowhere she just decides Whitney Whitney. Courtesy hits you would do with the extension cord. Yeah as cool as she normally crazy. I would be out the slate was a completely out of character you like of course I into the giving him for the central core. Yet would play at a character. Let it would still funny but it still hurt so could be in the old laughed about it you know try to got old pretty good. Tyler longer enjoy your I mean you know who left first. Usually it is it's like all you know credit they've achieved it there'll have been the attitude my future heart of Mike. If you hit me hard. A little you guys do that belliard doubled over paying late does that hurt Goodell wrote from the front doubled over he. Percent to Y 844999. Although. Sometimes yes sometimes you don't know how hard to slap. Yeah out of mumbling at noon flush water once ran. We rented garage. I don't which is being kids arms past her pastor pastor no idea what is about. And she was taken to borrow like being an amount of emotion flies Schwab and hand. And without looking like she reads like over her shoulder armor in short number of slap the top my leg and I just. Didn't really hurt in a white stone for a second but. In my memory when I looked back of my mother she was like twelve feet away from tonight's don't tell you it was so weird like somehow all she does mr. Blatter inspector gadgets on we are minor league and we were in junior high and high school used to do that that towel whipping stuff manager Joseph socked the snow. Is there are crippled people. The back of their legs snapped a one off and then you. Go download all all. I mean it was so much bad sucks it sucks. Why don't good. Guys were kids a little what is so yeah I know in the Sony would do it in May would you get together person I wanna give him well he's starred driver went up starts it and then ran ran everybody jumps well and I was never assimilated started but once I get snap on snap out of somebody somebody and it's like mess in the people's. Ten and you have better word booby twisters. Oh yeah out. But he did kind of movie to us if you read more on the front I don't know if you're gonna do that song when you should think. Absolutely expect content you're going to have been twisting the noble death. Yeah what else do you think Google possibly even if you give amoled Willie it's Kelly. He gonna get yours did have no idea much and get away or do I want you to imagine going to work and does. I don't know where to go or given no demo wedgie giving it to what was your thinking please stick your finger wet mound there again it is wet as you possibly can then walk up to a coworker and jam it in their year there are apple apple yeah. I really want to do that that's you you are given a guarantee twister he's Jimmy Webb will I sure did man I shored it. I mean a lot of it is just weird all of its weird yes I'm gonna stick my way fingernail here yet. I'm here as you by the end we're split but it sees morbidly don't put that time and about the most because we're borderline at a record level. I'm gonna grab your notebook unexpectedly and always take this talents because I stare out. Turns out here to end and why eight for far 9990. Let's put matches on each other and I by don't fit. The show and many games continue on the men's room radio network.