04-20-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Enjoys A Salad

Friday, April 20th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I imagine he's doing. There. Cannot crime aren't the it would it would after college my buddy Rick ware and don't get it bear yet elbow and dirty looks. Like all of that would bloodier it almost sexual. And I let it drop survey and again I was sitting right across mated yet but it head down and almost started Bryant. All gone. Now well doesn't go really bad yeah at this add insult to injury. I don't immediate end my job is big Beagle apologized being hampered beings are being day. You'll collins' eyes and I am being very got talent for making the comment but it didn't it didn't help Ozzie okay. And I bedrock apologies are always the worst apology get drug apology does guarantees that the only apologies you know is for the apology you gave. When the words are your someone else dirty 8449990150. Memo which said last night like. I sure don't sound alike you look beautiful not a bad. Hello. Dave and welcome to the men's room. Polo guys are a job. So about ten years ago or so important the Michael in a restaurant I'm doing and not trip an early afternoon. And the delivery guy on there and god is mentioned that there delivery guy it is and that the American gentleman. So my manager go over a popular guy and they're about the employee and a bit what are. And the manager says he can and how today what's going on in the gynecology at the Olympic that delivery that he did not the work and he got the other so my manager lurched out. Then you'll spot the real slave driver. Can almost hear like that turned tables grass what they do a movie let's. Yeah realized that. Yeah exactly so no words were said that drivers are given amnesty guy and he just take other important turned the run walk. At at at what ended at that you both literally just don't say anything else who's a guy named if I want to say that. There was a guy recently I think he was a he was a basketball. Announcers alike that we did what did you hear about the story yet he's a announcer for the Oklahoma City Thunder although it was the Oklahoma City Thunder back. Akira was a Westbrook Westbrook was on on fire having a great playoff game and with this guy said was that he was playing out of his cotton picking mind right. It's just that he's got to get us yet so he's got a week off. It was a scheduled. He's that's ticket is scheduled vacation whose children. CN may be in a few weeks too lazy don't pin that only a skilled medications are people that just got drug that's it well at least that guy legitimate site. My dad I'd rightly that they you know we're what does this when the people come back and ago. But the usual pro scheduled dirt and who's better I don't know why I couldn't put up for what which they did give you didn't. It's all right if it never came back when you don't words do you or someone else 3844999. Hole owed big drought welcome to the men's room. And. And yeah. Okay start kind elect its internal and storied so I was on the first day with my current boyfriend and we're at a bar and he got the back. After Al and this kid Mark Recchi probably maybe like. 21 and it's that and keep locked up to me and he does so you know actually got my social media and having him right now. No no don't got one yes I'll tap your phone number actually had no have a blade right gets out Omar not complete transcript from the Merck. Action and well OK okay and I'm not that. Well porridge. That I end up leaving the table and then my boy trapped them all I heard you have a question asked me. And he got out none are not their final ever and so we walked outside and we catch a guy like walking to a friend he'll. Who bit you know bleep bleep bleep and light. So Gary questioned him and shoved them and then it's French come up include Japan on it such public K. I'm lucky touch him again out in July at the counter like stopped he looked and he has. Obama at aerial actually got I think I live view and we got kicked out of course but I don't have get a lot. Mean you can't let the skinned people. I complied it's been down by about tickling failure gridiron but stand again that's he found attractive it could have been. Now you realize that while he sells skin you alive he turned almost uses that they do love you both of your crazy like you want and a OK unless it's very important. There's a lot of southern never had an on fight over them you know. While that not threatening to offering to skins are barely believe is all these chicks were written on a regular girls yes. That's it's a golf. It's really. Now let's OK that's alive. When now when their words do you or someone else 3844999. Obama. O'Brien welcome to the men's room. All off on the top. Little Australian engineer your key target argued out of a buyout. What is the kid's name who said her I know who hurt you but on those Brothers made JJ. Ford. I don't want to EJ I don't know yet. What is he a lot of them are all the wild Larry you asked. Also beltway may use that I don't wanna tell you what after the general thinking what does that would have contact auto auto lab. I'm the hand down its socket and doesn't this really wasn't. Anyway to let it regular UTQ I'd be able sweeter and down Landis is he knows that. He's already yelling Allah please sorry for uncertain if you're gonna gun owners than an option. A good serve that much more tomorrow amid federal mug I'm usually looking to put much thought Lamar put. Our color modes that DR cystic fibrosis benefit their. 28 year puts on your debated if black tie gala unsure and he happened to be in the restrooms. Are using your at all. And Jay Buhner pulled into the national Mexico. And my father obviously and a little gadget vault quite put forward. You look at chain beginner he says they're not so big and Jay Buhner and a great sense the only gate they over the top of the required to myriad. Hopefully bring a similar Boehner and cook book called good. They don't like you caddie told that the ball is dead go back the table as well everybody did you know what that is able Obama. Double compared to thirty point out of their disallowed them. Okay gotta to Jay Buhner is huge. Like he is a large large there aren't my breath large banner he's eight. He looks like he lifts more now than he did when he played a mean that guy is big. That is not a guy you want the pistol. Well I wanted a world would say when now what did words do you or someone else 3844999. Alumni summits the amount tomorrow's call drew good ecology the blown. Hello Jeff welcome to the bedroom at the top. So I've been married a couple of times and they're very global present wife forty years Greg's help. Were married probably a year and we've gotten some stupid argument about not been and I said that the bloody out beat such a bitch and I used my ex wife's name. Saw the ball. Idea I was a little chillier media in the house were a few days. You actually build and everything drop as the problem and I went and I don't windows I thought why don't more movie I am a great burden on your miles and days go on he's walking around egg shells for daisies. Do you have to about it which it reminded me for a quite alone seems to remind everybody now this is still brings about a dozen G. Now she's got it is critical on the ice and how does he lab as a way ahead. And I. Don't accountability better look do you look at the film didn't realize. And as I know what you mean matadors do you Arizona austerity 844999. Cola. Hello Shelby welcome to the miserable damp. Oh I'm okay. Ardent Canadian aerospace unless stat or Bremerton. Might as well and our bodies in the morning we all get together and mustard and there it might try and then this other girl though than our division that. They kind of worked learn around you know depend on Spokane but I don't count on their about it she was married of the problem. And not. My friend had a mustache and yeah I try not respond and then. She mentions it I must say in my social truly did and he's like yeah I if I'm not going to be able to keep their hands up now and and doing that now looks in the direction like can we reduce our debt. An Indian battled the word TO MB and it could be years bill and replay it looked in the direction of the two lesbians very group. And supported by our men look if you are doing. Couldn't cope with grip. Oh well. Not the smooth this guy and assuming. No he did that or not but there is no unmoved Danone produced. Been really that important and they don't talk earlier and all yeah as. Sounds that way. But he's got to fire must that threat as I was just feeling like you're trying to do a guy and I must match. Yes Ed that's available I had that again and they are and why would you think did the first volley. She knew she had effort Greg guy but like why would you I don't know they especially I'm assuming that's a younger. A group of individuals and Jesse they've raced on the Lou good language used yet. I just can't imagine that you look at someone and go like you have mustache I'm not that Madonna why Buddha most says there's no method mustaches kind of back. But clearly the doing a good are right that's the differently they'll pull off what do they look at duke. Guys are rock and moss and I now say there's levels of Gaza City with the Mazda. It's about 5050 so be able built to have almost right and you can't really you know it makes sense under faced. Kerry and other guys like look I know you're happy you can grow facial and there but that's all this mustache that. Well buddy Lance his looks could be the firemen to a fixed it went in what I really if I better reasons Jeff couple weeks ago on a random Jeff another Jeff that it's. They have good must now there are now. Just married got it. Yeah that the rain all because of the mustache is Jodie says that no. I just assumed that because it looked that good on OK that I could see every time I saw a moment Jeff with the most. Ash that's how you don't give a good must add to do good must that people saw there. It's a hell of a mustache and no it doesn't that you might must list that's just not a good looking mustache and you know you just rock and a mustache that you have a mustache but you don't have any business having a mustache. Yeah I truly. Like most people stumbled attractive they generally know because I've gone to the light from people telling them that are tracked right I mean it was an ugly you only know your ugly because no one's ever said nurture right now because every comes obviously as an all consuming grocery bar I saw you grab a drink and I felt compelled to come over to let you know you're the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life. People just don't you go tell your ugly Delhi nicer place well yeah like the comments section on FaceBook. Yeah or like then you had a hell of personality and that you guys know if you need to live it it it's thanks champ. Now and plant where did words do you are someone else journey we've got your emails on the way for the men's room events are live doc god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Plus 200 words do yours someone else journey here come those emails in the men's room amends or buy dot com. All they do not so much words to be dirty but in MOG might not Joba look doesn't decide to FaceBook message the entire family about how she. And her dumb as. Husband are getting a divorce and how it's gonna take the kids bubble blah while leaving the tech savvy genius I am I unknowingly had the thumbs up MOG. And two minutes later my wife his three single would you just did. In my state of panic either thumbs up again think he'll arrays the first one. Instead I double thumbs up the message seen by everyone thanks guys that for marais. Guys back in 2006 cousins wedding I get blackout drunk and the reception my dad had to carry me back to the hotel. I passed down in my parents' room after Q being in the elevator down the hallway and on the outside of their room door. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up walked over to the corner of the room and started to pee in my head on the back at home and I'm in my bathroom. So when my mom started yelling at me asking me what the hell I was doing I yelled back saying shut the F up mom I'm paying to get the hell lot of my bathroom. Well I finished up and randomly stumbled acting bad the next thing I know I Morgan about my dad punching me in the back and hauling my still drunk ass out of that. He showed me out of the room through my pants of me and said your ass is grass the next morning. Well that next morning I was informed that I. The worst part is my mom said I reminded her of her alcoholic father and broke her heart and she's she's still cries whenever I try to bring it up and I have to laugh because c'mon it was twelve years ago that from Jesse the body. I am man. What our guys those as well and I met in school I was in graduate school she was in medical school Smart athletic ran track at Stanford very attractive. She was of various serious Grateful Dead fan. And she documented all forty concert she would do and had a huge collection of dead concert items enlisted the losing of the albums almost daily. Hello there clothing and posters I was not a fan but I became one. But the sixteen months of dating and nothing nearing sex outside of the regular kid as she decided she was ready to have sex at me saying that you're the personality with. Yet Ted I waited that long she was a total package. Well we're naked things go great honestly I was thinking I can merrier she's Smart beautiful all that as the background noises on all of the T beyond. In the middle of our encounter news flash Jerry Garcia had passed. She jumped up Mays started screaming not thinking and trying to be funny as say that's going to be six months for dead it's fine out he's dead. Pastor to come back to bed and she got dressed never spoke to me again I never saw her again outset of walking around campus when she avoided being. So if you're ever a local hospital the doctors attractive with tattooed colored bears ran arrest teller I'm sorry I love the show that the coal in the day. A first date with what later became my second wife we had a bag of my placed watch a movie. This is before Netflix we're watching a dvd I think gala made it through the opening credits of O brother where art now. Before he started doing our thing given as our first date I did what I could do to bring my a game. A few hours into there and she's on her third what NASA and other tomorrow you really are easy. A luckily it only took her a couple of seconds before she realized I was referencing our earlier conversation about how are. Ability to have multiple fun there's no way I mean who asked not that she was easing. Hello gentlemen a number of years back guy I know is having some medical problems on Wednesday before Easter he went to the doctor for tests when I saw later that day assets out. He's not gonna die yet. It was in a joking way and I understand the relationship we had Saturday you into the hospital had a stroke and passed away. Call it guy was my dad are you brought right Pete at the bush that remark. Well. My words Timmy journey aroused to anyone how until party got really drunk. Somehow millions of girls start talking crap to each other which escalated quickly to recalling her and her mom all kinds of names not knowing her mom had passed away one month before to make it worse about one year later. A real barn see just smoke and hot bartender. Could the current stance throughout your replies you really don't remember me you called me in my mom all kinds of names that party about a year ago I mean really wanna serve you and I saw you walk again. He GI insert foot and mouth thanks guys that from KJ. Working as a plumber back in Australia working on a block south blocked a septic tank and the boss tells me pull the lead find out those causing all the problems. After the crap flowed onto the owner of the house as well what was it and I replied sir you've got to stop flushing your condoms down the toilet. He turns one and says I I don't use condoms so I turn red and packed up as quick as I've ever had family in charge the guy. Oregon found on his wife was doing the dirty autumn weather weather from a Smart ass plumber so I found out two weeks later the houses on the market. To guys are talking my guys are worried about somebody being the local events that's ahead if they're broken down because they screwed up these guys are always asking for new gear so I explained to them that this is why we never Miami because they don't take care what we have. I told in the window and I your kid wraps Camaro round a tree you don't go by corvettes I completely forgot about the guy who's getting hit a telephone pole the previous year and killed his sister. I was riding with the top timeouts did you see when last month just came enough. No rate at. I'm vacation in San Diego four in Carlsbad which he uses a very nice area San Diego and she's admiring the dog next there at the stoplight it's perfectly groomed. A car pulls up to her on the other side of the cute dog but she says not as nicely groomed. She says you don't belong in this neighborhood. But realized it was a person of color. All right now with the name. The 00. Aren't you glad enough Huff hit a couple wake. And I get a decent start even the dogs that seem really funny like they'll come back from that and bad it's just confront the yield on this neighborhood. We got a thousand common shares well so when I was a server wants as a way to help for a long she was. But the chair and arrive she let him know that she's just miscarriage now I never ask off. And the work one day at a huge migraine headaches so part of the lady that I worked with a semi athletic gun and blow my brains out right now. Now the problem is her son committed suicide a year before just like that. Santa. America a nonconference express way my first words out of my mouth were. She is edited faithfully and make them pay we pay it forward. Cannot rose to dole saying yeah and now what is this that. Amanda Jo one guide to a guy NS and outs is talking news is during the shower double day about the very same subject. The other proceeds roll let's leave it show with a tattoo from elbow to wrist of his sister that passed away in the sixties. How about you extreme males in the men's room women's in my back out here. All I just going get your penis is too small they don't we wait for our nephew jays who was born this morning from Kerry Christina Kim and Brandon thanks guys. Colleges by Sunday and turns toward today and I know we would like anyone that ever is that bro. From his dad mom insists he had a bird's day you'd heard buckets thanks fellas love the show that from neck yeah my. All of show others my dad's birthday how to build bong hit thanks guys love having we'd week bad from cast an easy. Our guys have your birthday and I during a buddy Brian AKA bang lady turns a big 25 today and that's how many Beers I plan on drinking as well. Love the show guys keep on rocking how about your penis is too small as a dirty Germans at from Tony the mavs fan. Us. And guns so you if you look through you the truth blooms in. Not happy birthday Bentley. This isn't going to do Q Lleyton. Have you ever did in my lovely wife Laura I give her a Joey just not NN Allen's legs that was fun that from Chris thanks guys. It. Geysers and it was my son's birthday today is my wife's birthday did you get my beautiful wife Megan happy birthday shout out to them might say one of those no Lar on no arm no leg jokes. Thanks guys that from a Levi Mikey go on those available arms elect. Half the time my head what he Cullen melanoma is no lays in the fireplace. In a fireplace like Bernie. Oh. So quickly they're here to celebrate my brother from another mother Elliott 3030 down here in our. Yeah. And I sandwich does not able to relax with the Europeans is too small to Basra 35 birthday. Thanks enjoy the show that from Terry in Manhattan Kansas. I. It's as a Buddy Ryan Johnson AKA girl's birthday 36 he's the biggest pot had never smokes weed like it's crack he was born with a pipe attached to his lip. William happy birthday with a dog ribbons of dirty Germans talking about dearth. Thanks bridges appreciate that from Peter. Yeah another gutsy thing to keep the Cuban. Now you make sure you're gonna show you your last name is Jack. If you are good just from Okinawa Japan navy corpsman here may not digging you guys than me for nine years now from the middle East Asia. I think you guys bring a slice back home wherever I go gonna get a cut that big dog next dollar yes it is my birthday that from the C Max again. Nadal. College guys there is our for an order Greg's birthday being a high school auto teacher in Buckley he has the stature and looks of Ted. Just add glasses probably barber shop based San which have Labor Day Greg love the show. Beers it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's a daughter on this. I'll have these damn reason he's still early days in them on hand at noon at. I had ever did my husband Ricardo took me forty some years to find burning memos well worth the wait till wanted to wish my hubby had a birthday with an original face salads and the dirty Germans talking about how the Green Bay Packers suck. Thanks guys that from Becky. Fish sandwich. The game meant Americans reluctant to move to the I assume is so true. And mostly be side because that's AEA Iran cannot stay healthy. I voted upon forgive my dad David Sebastien birthday Jana he's been a dedicated listener for as long as I can rumor. And I know he would love it thanks and have a good one guys then from Carrie how about your penis is too small. It's always a different mind definitely crowds everything did Jerry Brown the son we collar kid cab for short kid K for short. Can you give an original barber shop they sandwich please thanks guys that from the EJJ the frozen Mexican and not an Omaha. And I did this and OK so you know oh my god you run. Brother can dying and he's okay and she's an Amazon Amazon. Eight and finally miles can I make avert their request don't look to wish my good buddy and drinking friend buddy Brian am very happy fiftieth I'm sure he would love to hear you all talk all over each other about how underpaid and under appreciated cooks are in the restaurant industry. That from Dan the truck guy had Colo welfare state court here on the lives and I think now it drives and he's OK but don't let that our putting and as easily as I every hole and everybody thought it welcomed the government considers its all right guys serial. I mean I mean it's okay. Yeah OK okay. I don't. I got a good clean you clean duke. Mid game yeah they're urging Germans brought. All available through these world sings a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. In him shall I fly a joke. Illinois and those bad jokes to us via email at the men's room at men's or my Docomo also we'll take alumna Twitter. If you follow us there and men's or live the first I think we need to go back in time the last time we played Ted vs the FCC's so we could. Let's go back intact. Hand and ship shape and chip short chipped shape. Chips my memory chip short ship shape. Chip sit ship shape and she silently chip short sits silently to transact ship shape. Just short chip she sits silently chip short. Sit ship shape shift silently ship short. Sit silently warrants ship shape should start ship shape fits I have linked ship's shore sit ship shape. She suddenly shifts short since finally moved into a tie. So close last week we tried again. Boy who. Howard Ted vs the FCC below bowl once again. We came in and there was a listener submitted email we had known that we would not enforceable or or so long last night but the drugs are good in the company was excellence over this period Aqua forest. But I don't know if you like to play a little you vs the FCC download the men's remember. A baseman Robin takes each one of these submissions and includes some of the nervous though it honestly got meanest and here we go almost claimed to download the amends remember now. And they'll play you vs the FCC. This one comes our way from. You boldly Texas UV eighty LO VE and John Ramirez are none are better resume loading head down in Texas. And he says I know that smiles and real work way way way late into the night thank you have recognized with a New Orleans because they're hardworking people that rights but maybe they can use this. If they're desperate and okay thank you John we appreciate it really do this week's Denver says the FCC goes something like this. Clues led the sheets the sheets are select whoever slipped the sheets is a good to cheat Slater. The way we did ten vs the FCC issue eatery that one time through then at three times fast. All right and who slit the sheets. They sheets are slit. Whoever's slit the sheets is a good sheet slit her contract who's flipped their seats the sheep they're slick. Who's slipped as she isn't good Sheikh where there are. Who swept the streets they see her flight crew slept that he did a good sheets. Letter only knows what concede defeat to slip. Whoever slipped a kid that good waves Lara. I'm pretty. All right a way to Denver isn't. If you see this my. Go to bed jokes which is a 44999. Only gets the bad jokes of the men's or women's or live backed out mad dope on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. He's real and what's my. Dodd made par. Are 9990. I know ever go oh the bad jokes. Hello Marines now welcome to the men's room. Do you blow job. Hanging happy Friday our job. Hank appeared again Betty okay. Lady who. The chicken staring at a people who led it legal as chicken staring at a piece of lettuce. Conceded ballot. Yeah. And it. Hello inside look at the bedrooms right. Oh. Heavily Jewish god I thought eight thank you holiday for everybody I am what I like lead up with it whether it ever what are. Are her. Nature of this weekends. And. It can do it this car I don't know imaginary it somebody else there is serious to be right. Men's room knows just to. That is and as usual they had to get great gas gas even throw in a fight on nortel's. Yes indeed and the day we drove 48 year old David Jeffers of stocked in England now. David amenable in my line very specifically. For sex now one of her particular sexual fantasies. Was having loaded gun. Placed in her vagina not a make no doubt that was a big thing. This is kind of why they started talking regional but unlike most brits David actually happen to own a gun I'm not sure I know it is an antique pistol. But it would do he even texted and I quote. He's got. Debt team you want a Pia I swear to god that sort of debt team you want up bars well at some point during our quote. Drink and drove fields accession. The gun fired. Inside a verb jet so now she's survived but she suffered and I quote life changing internal injuries. I'll bet she did odd David by the way. He was sensation after years of prison the judge was lenient because he did note. David did not have any ill intent. When the gun went off and believe in and out most of the charges. Stem from owning we've done now and let other ruling. And so all of that went down annoyed. Yeah. It's that haven't begun thing we have a problem. And yes the elements and stay out of his life changing internal lender that she did yeah. The report looks relatively drink this booze because when they get to nominate Barack over the tong and down the throat you party in our tummies. Down the hole and it. Kids are going online right now may port Florida 999 L a profile that's coming up in minutes. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.