04-20-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Has A Slip Of The Tongue

Friday, April 20th

Mens Room Question: When did words do you or someone else dirty?


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You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. Wanted to and number 2800. And I know. Hello Stephen Drew hill. Do Ted Smith and a good car. Car car. Do it I had to make you know. It's all the the last avoid doing. The return of ten vs the FCC Erica look bad jokes get ready to play profiled next. Plus headlines and into the shot of the day fumble was very males everyone's favorite TV time with different matter and you're I don't know Florida county commissioner busted paying for having sex with a man's wife. Twice a week. Meanwhile a California man steals a beer truck in his boxers that show his patriotic streak. John RW business booming because it taste like bugs. In Cameron bathroom has to another punch and copy change guts and Oxford scientists realize they're don't know was assassinated. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men drove. Here's a question. All that good kids good day to you and yours all right we've all heard the advice slashed warning. Who never ask they woman quote when she's due. The most you know 48 certainty. That she's pregnant and we talked about that everything. On this very show as being a woman when you do. Is that catastrophically bad idea. But I thought to why that particular question it made the top five list. During the red discussion about innocent questions that secretly crushed you inside. And most of the rest of the top five coming up but honestly none of the most surprised. But it happens disable warm things you don't mean to. But he did it of the month for reasons that might happen sometimes you just don't recognize the situation but maybe you could misinterpret it. Maybe you mispronouncing world. Or in the world I think god forbid you get auto correcting because when it comes to being Arnold correct them let's face it you might find yourself explaining. No no I meant to Coke. I shook my Coke and build and explode. True story we'll shirt and a few minutes but words look. They can fail. Sometimes Oakland words failed them when they're talking to you sometimes those words filled you would talking to someone else and that's what today's question. When did words do you or someone else birdie. The brother Joseph caught 844999. Hole you can like immense amount FaceBook follows on what remains are my fans in those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Paula Zahn now I go out of the show number 2809. Program app for you today as we wrap up our final day. All heavyweight bad jokes on the way the return of Denver says the FCC had another round profile list they were gonna talk about does some words as well the question. And now words. Sometimes can get you more trouble than not you'll think when those words are spoken whether they are written. Who the winner of the deal is. It times you can say the wrong words at the wrong times and although maybe you did not mean to say would you said or to text would you text what came out. Was completely the wrong thing yet. Mean somebody does mispronouncing. The award as a host for like three months. And reload you don't know people are couples you don't know who they're for business perceives Golar reward folks. Home folks usually come whenever sort of the spokesman in the wall Tommy came out or Sunderland says the F bomb. It's just how we came out of my mouth big guy kind of smiled about a woman that was with him confirmed she had her arms folded and looked disgusted she. Was convinced that I said that on purpose that I didn't. But there's nothing you can do so I'm debating like. Do I apologize or does that make it worse I was letting go by via my business turnarounds and are you Arabs in round tables ready. But that's not what. It's okay in my prime and I told you door or sales asked the lady. But her dad won it one if you think that's my husband. Only you that's our whole snow moon. Only good for that dude righty righty by now it doesn't look good for her. No and he and honestly he was not doing well he was like you like that people that are sick and like in a wheelchair the blanket over me now so wrecked. It was just awful the I five and I'd seen the all of our coupon book how good are. OK I'm out of sales you know and I think I think that's probably have thought but it is just I don't religiously will do what are we make assumptions I'm all right we may get some funding come off I just may lose something rarely come award as the war. Well my money says you were knocking on the rich is neighborhood doors or were you. I'm probably not my fiance total crybaby I mean what army like wherever you are working in its regular neighborhood and drop you off but yet they don't drop you off and gated neighborhood joint that it's now I don't know what people like me and not so I'm flares again on their for a reason give us out if that's the that's especially geared toward our sales there. Yeah especially them but right I mean they're there. Order there are. A lot of assumptions and I think that that if you just kind of make based on your own experience in life. We'll show times sometimes that Beckham Wear to your advantage and our original. And sometimes it can be just an absolute awful failure. The lowest point in time we bring the story of a lot but. We are on the air Baltimore. And keep in mind when I'm when I'm I grew up and I worked in radio station when I was in my high school. Power generating additional through college in the one radio station that worked in particular. I want ran the Pittsburgh pirate baseball games in hand the and that steeler football games Pittsburgh steeler football games. And growing up. I mean there was nothing else it was like a Harry Carey Chicago and Pittsburgh. It was Myron code. Might bring help and Myron cope. In my mind was everything that you wanted to be broadcasting without the Gilbert Godfrey Thai boys just they took everything loyalists and everything else it but he was like there. You know loves his new book and then there's death threat. We know everything about his Iraq while bright and how we thousand how we look exactly as he had this accident where my hearing could pretty well only work in Pittsburgh now for those of problem with Abbott. But you can never put Meyer on a national broadcast because Nolan will be able to understand what the hell Myron cope with saying I don't even Lou Holtz with his teeth falling out. It's easier to comprehend the Myron cope as if you're not from Pittsburgh he's crazy steeler she's just she Hershey company chief opponent which totally changed you keep it just just like he's maybe if my parents don't. If it but it didn't think it if it didn't didn't you hope you just come on notre you'd never know what you found and he's creeks and streams so special boxes Irish friend. The moderate had anything like these seniors somewhere in your identity bitchy you're all I've heard company give African so but. There was anything in his first having mcsame to didn't really mean our yeah he got to say here's some combination was saying he had he would say all kinds of stuff they had not much different than like. I don't know who's the guy for the pens I think his name is Mike Lang maybe I don't know he just stuff comes out of his mouth like serial shooter dollar injection and I deal. Let's delve that we do and I both think the NFL broadcasts in every town I think. People have to start a relationship with the person that does that they'd actually like play and this guy was legendary needed for awhile with you respect them. Yeah Jack Fleming and and after that would do hill growth hello no idea. This is the guy like there's no this is the guide me and I spent every moment basically. While not every mile of the prior to different as in the broadcast with the Steelers were all Marico Myron cope would. He would go to the locker room he would go all the stuff he was on television he was a legend so. We get the opportunity of what. A rules going on is because we were involved with the ravens what we would do every week on the show is. We would have been broadcaster the morning one of the more entertaining broadcasters from the team that the ravens are playing that week. On the air to talk to them about the team got an enemy or just talk about crap or whatever so where the ravens derivatives dealers. We have Myron cope on. This is gonna be awesome act we we get I remember a meeting where there was like a warning like don't mess around in your like dude. I love this guy like I respect them I wouldn't mess around no personal. And I don't understand you're not giving Obama the reason we have these meetings go miles as the number one all the talk pretty relentlessly sold off our back now so will we didn't really think that they weren't talking to me and head common Nicole's soul in there. So you know like singling anyone out but it was understood like miles right man doled out. Don't do you obtain a debate uncle does Dalton is a guy I don't want I Guinea would listen but my all right but much as much I was in all the years of work today from a few times you like. Absolutely not this is the guy. Why am on wavering now back to god that while the opportunities go talk to. Let's just assume let's assume that what they say is I can't remember who was that the got a soul of America let's assume they say hey guys. You have fifteen minutes to talk to Myron cope that aren't. So we do we interview Myron cope he's a great guy we're having a wonderful conversation he's telling all these old stories and and now that fifteen minutes is gone to 20/20 five minutes. Byron still talking to us this is good to an hour ago and the entertained if it's entertaining that the interview is is going for president should as far as the time it's all you know interesting and it's a great interview. And then all of a sudden you don't like it because sometimes you really think you're just gonna get for fifteen minutes now like a 35 speed away. General what exactly it was but to get a rock yet he's at he guys if I but I I got I guess I'm sorry gotta get letters about when the ball over the Pittsburgh. Because you are getting off the phone and was it understood Myron thank you so much this and I really have to go. I'd love to talk more but I'm a little hurt I'm in a bit of a rehearsal specifically what is also admire and we I'm amount we I mean I admire you having to steal it's that hey tiger is that they are are is that that I go thank you so much Myron. Tell the lovely wife. We said hello. You know enjoy the rest your day thank you so much ladies and gentlemen the legendary Myron cope. William Hung on the phone now he's still there and he says well guys actually. That's that's from going right now it's the anniversary of the ten year anniversary in my staff I'm gonna go put flowers are grave. Error I sure liked. I. I. Yeah man. Yeah it's okay. And I are finding this thing goes on that. Point for 35 minutes this interview was great and then the very end me and I mean. I just I don't know like. It almost looked like when John Ryan tried to throw that ball and I think just like all. All the balls out of my hand and it was a scramble and never brought don't have jobs in the pilot did never brought a bit like we've never brought him in anything you just. I don't know why I'm up. As it did you play video tomorrow that I. I mean 35 maybe 85 years old anyway it was otherwise we just but I haven't actually found loose from its bid ten year anniversary of her dad and I'm going to but flowers under grade I think he's got too familiar I mean my dad and I nobody would you let your wife doesn't belong only to let go OK and Dan we do we've taken down now the bumper music splendid little commercials and stuff from coming hands in my head. Croc clad leg and my now my gut I heard there. God. Are. There will be right back. You could you know I paid a word statement and our worst day I don't Mauresmo and they've been the yeah dissidents still aren't on earth horrible it's horrible reason he needs to go is because he has to go deliver the flowers to degrade out again in the U Broderick is a guy that I worship like I worship this guy when he's one of the reasons that I'm. I'm sitting their doing radio at the time you like. I did his show growing up like he don't I don't know going to be elected to be like listening to doctor dement electors all the different people what he's one of those guys like you know I mean. Finally get a chance to talk to this guy. Is that what NASDAQ rudimentary thing about personal. Guys that I go to her other son do it gets cancer right guy really evidence that is okay right exactly if you say it I talk of overtime are now flirting to get better about that but we all know that it's. Sometimes it's just hard that you started again I don't know I've done and a number like eight times. We don't a look at leave. Not leave me amount I think an editing reunions b.'s it is absolutely and this is our dream about shorting her cat Diaz some philosophical experiment right. But I'll do you open the odd job as the candelabra is a dead it depends on the observer like different tomorrow than today at 100% didn't. Yeah yeah tablets by until miles Obama seriously. Any time anybody comes in for an interview I've got to just bite my tongue there were afraid I'd say he's of the abundance innocent. In only 888 legitimately you're not trying to do anything bad but it's like US more than just a question and somehow that innocent question. Coincides with the most tragic moment in her life right exactly okay are you still collecting you know 67 most things that's left from an adverse influence in my frame of human life for an almighty I don't from a structural carcass. Don't ask for it and it was him Palin tree he rented a got a pool route to. Ended words do you or someone else dirty to him for four. 9990. I would say in a much lighter moment I still like you'll find there are commercial break. When asked Kid Rock Sid why they call you Bob you know this is that's when he Ted I thought it made it worse is the name gentlemen. Oh yeah I don't mandolin time whether they match. Well the ridiculous question why did you go by June rock coming Goldman. What would call you Bob and in my love like man you've got to know when they're right you've got to know that I was there today if I go my Kid Rock. Broke my friends call me Bob dude 11 day Monday. They afterward releases a life I don't know what the hell my weapons through we're we're just generally showed us up and she called me afterward. And Mike aren't okay yeah aren't going to be that and I hang up the phone valet attendant like. God dammit. If she just drives me crazy woman or African time global global little little but I mean I go off and this tirade to look at camp we've just gotten you know and I'm I'm cussing up a up a storm. Can you tell here. Miles he's all mouth and I'm still here and in my got to look down like. OK. Okay. Always going to be a horrible night. There's there's not going to be a fun night for me that god. Damn technology if I feel is does. Top. Obama did when did death Bernie and his brother had meant my buddy Bernie it's a family of eight are right that she's got a budget is that seven siblings. So him and his brother driving in their truck they own landscaping company. They call the other brother on speakerphone don't hang up and and spent ten minutes let's just call the other brother. I don't know him that despite losing to them our nose be standing before I. Thought they were like right and it Danny is that. Dumb son of you know I doesn't do this city does do that he can't afford that house he taught me now. And they weren't we attended tirade about how dumb they thought their brother well his. They needed speak tool for my nine month old Mohammed was there. It's when and where do you or someone else 3844999. Cola that's why having ESP would suck it's. Right at number one ESP hello saved them welcome to the men drew. 00. Wow LO Shane. Hello miles. Like another. Another house party one. In the family gathering heard from Mike Bianchi family and a half of them are old Hungarian descent. And some of the murder you know really well educated they know you know 34 languages. Spanish for the one opponent. You know they have them the flu going around so he goes over the stereo audio out. I did not think downloading got now apparently MUS. Lupica that's. Easily can Spanish well in Hungarian moods he had moved vagina so here I am. Yeah. There Burleigh look at the top of all the good beat and all of a sudden it's. They've heard yelling at each other you know you know Hungarian town village dorm and it. Apparently I was getting ready for the lynch mob and I didn't even notice though that limit execution they didn't know what they were saying. Oh cool might let you know they know. Militant mood because news anchor and spinach in there like they were still mad you know they weren't settled down the jury to chop we have greater than their own party and might well. Finally that I was a unite what does this year earlier vagina and became a right right before dinner like who's hungry right all you can't say that I'm very it. They're it's a little bit and if so again mostly go in Hungarian is vagina. You know modem a gate event anywhere and you PM ET no mood to go Ikeda mood yeah got a yeah hello how new and I'm an aids among Utica. New jobs anger brought in the that it that certain things. Try that line longer it is the event Nazis and hours of arm. When did words do you or someone else 3844999. Alive you almost get nervous unknown here rial I don't know where I'm go it won't what are you all excited about this Graham who Hulk. Our rights there ago we just add new as early as this is safety you know we're on the early on their morality you know don't Coachella we don't know diesel fuel on what is this. I'll realize that what happened on cafe carried out how to that end up having like that. Out cheese because we have new name cart path out of their heart attack and then they head of building security was listening to the show are you all realize. And she heard you talking and so she made and then you mean badges or you okay that's good because a person wants to kills them all know we're really are. At that that's a that's a stupid idea that we need that nickname says yes all right so relates it to their side of my nickname would be French Vanilla and why is brutal heat. Thorough review. Black cherry. Know what I did until a one wanted no part of it no no no I just about anything they think it works and other building its latest UID cards Brian thanks for bella I'm kilos blacks are very bottom you life now are building. I imagine is that it's and this into our face if you're weir gonna drop the hottest thing out of the thing fragile and Dallas. Did you black tourists. Can't thank you Veronica venturaland yeah yeah really Christiane. Yeah thank you for keeping everybody abate. Times. And if they thought I thought. Okay. Good idea we'll make sure to get these up on the year and that's pretty quickly so our back that we are yet caught us off guard look out of their security bags. Thursday a discussion on rhetoric and our people and probably some Russian Bonser sharing innocent questions it's a Manassas eagerly crush them a little bit inside. We'll share those with the coming up our question when did words do you or someone else 3844999. All. Although I'm very calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is your. Through discussion on granite. Where people and probably. Some other shares and has some questions that someone asked the and it basically it said what question secretly crush them a little bit inside. And here are a couple. And Steve yarder Brothers up when our you do don't NORAD when the woman was not pregnant is not up do you two ever even have any idea about pregnancy. Unless you were the intimidator and have firsthand knowledge of this in other than Matt Damon and yeah I mean do you know and I don't you know don't do it don't look. Until you see the baby. Don't bring up anything about anything if anything. I'm being dead serious neck all kinds of things can happen and and and sometimes it's. Sometimes it's just horrible what could possibly. What even the kids pour something horrible afternoon and there's one of July then you only did born to normal and happen like. I just say nothing I have been I think I am brand co worker that was so clearly pregnant for government in mountain none of us. Now Roseanne then relax she's got to be bright right and Robin hours there was find them like a guys like you everyone knows she's pregnant but we don't believe I didn't know quite what entails he says of the memory among assignment of methane. There's no trouble co worker that I asked of someone would never do a particular person was not. For an act that that is right through and then there are people who are pregnant. And then you ask him about the baby. And then something bad happen Lou Alia so that's I mean there's all kind of different to use see this kid until you see this thing in the earth. Do not say a word I the next one duty friends besides us heat is you know. Are you sick you look sick. When the person was not in fact sick or you just look like gas you know I mean like why you it's a terrible as senior law library in my to know about Hannover you like. You don't know or to daylight. No lie when you look like gas and I got a today what you over yet why is that Mike and I get. My eyes don't look the best with allergies the Maryland hello we are only 8000. Even men of Fredricka while at a bar right on I'm gonna write down who I'm guessing has yet. Just my daughter he's just a body cop okay it's rated uterus that here's another question about a comment hey first day on the job. One person been working there for ten years. And now finally as far as questions is eagerly crisis than inside the little are all penises. That's small RGR question when I did you are someone else 3844999. All of this the first one you've ever seen an absolutely relative of someone ask you let's just say yes right just say uttered the toys in a store probably yes and just say yes there. Odd couple comments came in and says my husband. Here's on the student separate gawker homework at home. He asked her what they would do to get your arms too because there were tucked up under sleaze what are you didn't know three rescind the school year shall we and one of them. Also crass than pro Bono know all of those let's see wind and words do your dirty I was trying to redouble the pregnant friend of mine who haven't bad days like tanks dinner. Meet meet in the Albertson's parking lot. Oh my opponents on the other corrected to meet me in the abortion parking lot. All know Diaz I felt all four all and I thought all Sanyo. I call the armor correct command to be more like auto suggest yeah there runs third on anything then and made to. But as Webb had to explain a lot more than I should have active. That's that comes to be problematic. When the words do you or someone else 3844999. Cola hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Andy or why bitches. Yeah I. It's. Very I was basically talking no one in my builders and we were wiring a Howell and I told he asked me there's a trust Iran city entirely to the house and asked me can I rent a wired through. It was one of the first I'll provide ever done when I was early in my own crew side of course told them yes no problem. Jolt through the beamer on the wire and about a week later inspector tells him that he had to repeat whole entire roof off of the house her place one being. Our. I don't care it's a load bearing being so he can't drill through that apparently so since it's supported the entire weight of the roof they had directory often replace that one B mic custom builder about 40000 dollars. Lose. Out O literally Q word yes like are three words yes I can talk about forty grand. Good times. I care and that there and I know that's what Barack was talking about now you have probably. That adds more often than not the man like there's all these things go wrong with Massa as he'd like 50% of the time relied. Yeah well. You know when you build these things you outsource different companies different companies are different countries. And someone did the wrong conversion to metric to standard. All right so. They do these commercials and realized what they've done until it's too late to these things that are supposed to walk into an orbit. It just keeps it at all from the space or smashes into the ground and realize like oh. We can actually go back and re look at every apple portable go wrong and like hears those who out of 151000. Steps one of them someone overlooked. Converting from metric to standard. And you're out like 500 million dollars when your words do you or someone else 3844999. Cola. Hello Brandon welcome to the mandrel. And so Brandon. All odds are. I and so then they there's that quota you've do you play and when metro with friends and I was I would say your mother never loved you like going into arguments and stuff is just kind of hunting and I always thought until. Oh yeah has done that a bar once with my mom and my step dad and is that something we're just gonna mess when each other and I responded with your mother never loved duke and Il had a better remembered that his mother had passed away two weeks before that. Okay. And OK. Fair. While. It out who's been about it but did he looked visibly upset. I'm so you know other guys who never really you know never really showed it but I and they're kind of bothered him because you just try to make a flight out they're considerable portion doctor and he I think he missed about a couple hours doctor in all the fight so he was. You know. But OK yeah knew this day I don't you tackle anymore. I am I bet no with an open and honest honest very close for remind her her mother had passed and I'm going to funeral I don't fly across the country. To go to the funeral about two months later I'm back on these goes and it's over New Year's end. Greg's party I know maybe three people out of forty something like that about reverend good enough time several decent but. My friend whose mother had died camera number. There's a gun to panic about something a work around which you drop something on the floor. Turned around they explain what all the commotion was about normal I could go out manner only a mom died or something. And as soon as I said at some point I cannot believe he does have the choice and I just said that. To the woman who would say no to Muslim for a leg of a mom died of look outs and slay our match. And you'll that it made it worse was affected everyone else will be parties looking man. And almost won a mouth like I know. Mainland and now I know. I am now yeah I didn't know anything about buddies. The rehearsal dinner I his father sadly had passed away a few years before that from cancer. And I used to tell this joke the ticket out onto another joke right course fourth in the bar arsenal while long face. Right rhetoric right I'll ask my wife has cancer all well hopefully this umpire thank often haunted goof ball ball he's brother call uncle Regis scary now a new law and I thought oh man. Am I right or wrong crowd router I walk it off and didn't I went hurt. We think you'll if it while. An annual growth when their words do you are someone else dirty 8449990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.