04-19-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Needs A Snack

Thursday, April 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program I assume. Trying to offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This is done. Other than secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. And I go on the news owner who now. 108. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Good read Ted's met and Auburn ball. And my car. And. And amend a today for a week away. We welcome and a lovely Tom Green green Derek. Also played big dummy no I sure I get back get right up my profile list of headlines and entered Jonbenet fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time it's like factored in John Carter and Jolene was seeing introduces new food individually made it. For your personal DNA. And meanwhile Pennsylvania authorities say more explosives were stolen that may fox all go enjoy your. Are you looking for a Florida man spring turtles with right paints. If you are on around about to Norway your nether regions cantor points and a naked burglar has founded a mapped up. Eating Tito's that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Although I've been to a good day to you and yours all right today is the day. That we play big dummy big game so that rewards you. For your stunning ignorance and your time what works you call us we will spend. You'll fit the category will. No question from a category but you have a big gum separate itself from the more reputable himself. We will continue to ask you questions including get one right. Because as always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Today our biggest W ever could be lovely and talented Josh who found his into India and found a way to answer what he can think you have questions wrong. It was agonizing and it's why people drink can you do better of course you can't you give us a call. And all we go on big dummy stick it doesn't play big dummy call 844999. Hole you can Mike commands are on FaceBook files onto her events remind. And in your emails to the men's room and men's remind dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and thrilled. But Dodd LA allies in December 2800. And hey what a large and in charge program we have for you today as we have made it do Dave Barr all the leeway. That we welcome in the one and only time great on the program he's gonna speak all things Canadian if you never heard a Canadian before or of ever heard an interview with a realized Canadian. A Tom green is joining us once again he is in town and we hang out of them so. We actually have an interpreter here I just do translated from Canadian English we have a lot of questions about the routine and Tim Hortons and fortunately Tom will be able answer all those coming up although I do believe that Tom lives in the United States. He still can speak in his native tongues soon Tom Green coming up on the program also knowing Sherlock is back up big dummy depending on Tom may be Ted's meat and potatoes if we have time but definitely some big Demi today so 84499. That Paula. I don't play big guy would do little men's room polled and last week. We asked you if you had to be locked into a room for one hour which animal would you prefer to be locked in the room with now. We put this ball up on Twitter as we will with today's also we don't follow us on Twitter it's Edmonds men's room I do so. And we asked you if you were in room for an hour would you rather be locked in a room with a bunch of snakes tarantulas. Bees or one that. Chimpanzee. Now somehow on. Chimpanzee wins this you've got to be put I think you are saying the absolute worst answer. Without question right Jim and he got dominated dominated it in the thing aren't you in say here's the order of the pecking order of how you like to spend one hour. A chimpanzee came out number one the torrential as number two snakes third and then bees sports. My money says you probably would be safer sitting in a corner in a room full of bees as long as you do not disturb said B they might fly on you. But you know lecture wearing like perfume Mariah I don't know how the other drug problem with the chimpanzee is with your theory was correct. There'd been a bunch of them on TV some people start thinking they're friendly. But they are freely throw a wild but I don't know you have to know that right deaths and these decent. Right it's like what I'm gonna sit Bruins Simba it's been walking around with a grenade and you don't know what it's going to explode that it will explode on its own it's some point in time at the pin is no not yet I mean you don't know what it's about both the pins pulled the chair still holed that you're you've got to spread the other thing hasn't flown out of their years ago this chimpanzee for years of me like twenty years and all this the next thing you know he's catching junk in your hand these are two face off for eaten enough. And to me that some props so you just don't wanna I mean get a good eight an hour that you and may be the chimpanzee just doesn't like you so anyway. The poll when chimpanzee torrential snakes and lower back so. We're just gonna say that this this poll is a late night variety and and we've given you these options. They don't get too deep bonnet we don't give a crap let's update the site even all it's what it is it's after 11 PM you're hungry and here's where your options are right you got to frozen pizza are now frozen pizza is frozen pizza now don't they like if you do your nose if your from his agent we don't cannot and I we love a little two T knows party pizza that their addiction as its place obviously if you're gonna go big time visual or no or. California Pizza Kitchen if that's which Iraq in fresh shadow the green box whenever the hell that is our agenda yeah of rounds are the first time. She showed that most think it Francesca. That's option one. Option to. Is macaroni and cheese of the box for I didn't used to be dull beat isn't Shell's shell is she sells this could be powder craft. This could be that crap any stuff that people buy that I can't stand the rabbits in the white shatter that some rabbits. It's just act it's often tells us it's not it's it's organic do you need I'll answer power Mac grown mean geez that's what do you know like. W shells are great yeah it's hard to be that place where they made you got some sort of buzz off. This the bucks American cheese man yeah I'm gonna make a box American geez you're a third option. Is a hot pocket. What cannot bargain we don't give a crap. It could be damage she's a widow of the flavors and a pizza early seventies when I think there's a got cheeseburger one hi what are used to be that whatever it can be at taco I don't know I don't know. You know what now I'm wondering what what flavors are and if you believe pocket and hot pocket to read the same thing what is a lean pockets and he says less calories. That's okay not be less calories relative to hop pocket enemy. This still a greasy ass they emit a ruler and I I did not polluting car you'll remember yeah like perhaps soon it's got less calories in a lot more than golf for. OK in the world of pop bargains OK you're right we have lean pockets we have pepperoni pizza. Philly steak and cheese with the seasons crossed a lot of people both the mud the road get the free caddie is sliced dammit why chin on pretzel bread. Hello I'm not for chicken salad Cano and she's on pretzel bread and in the regular hot pockets now are. Pepperoni pizza yeah and five cheese pizza. Not okay so that's who we got there. I'll wait and hold on there's bright red top pocket I didn't know that sounds good egg and cheese and flaky crust. Or apple would bacon egg and cheese also a flaky crust that gets four and a half stars. Then there's the sausage egg and cheese. Crow's songs crossed yeah sure four point seven stars that is the highest rated on the breakfast in the matter apple would bacon egg and cheese course on cross self. That's the hot pocket whichever way you want a guy when you go up pocket. And finally cereal we don't need to explain this to you whatever tennis you're you're you're like. That's the serial that you pick so you're late night snack frozen pizza Mac and cheese hot pocket or Sears. Today no question Syria and but specifically cinema times. That's it I there's no more discussion in the video sentiment took this is the way I think I'm okay what are your favorite cereal might be let's just say for sake of argument it's. Sacramento's front so you eat the settlements of trust in his delicious when you eat. Inevitably I don't go back and pour a second mixing bowl this is my goal eventually. Is defends the box on the second but now I've eaten my cinnamon toast crunch the only thing left is the milk and even that the milk. Is delicious it's like the gift that just keeps given. I think a little you know you don't suck the green so often played a and I have no problem with any one of these but by Simon drove it tops at all. They would go still furs. French bread and supreme. With pepperoni sausage green peppers and onions. That's going to be my choice. French bread pizza supreme. You pieces. You can look they're cool for 30 and opposed by I don't remember on the roof of my hair sticking up distinctive about wise my body what you do that I feel whole box of cheese I mean you don't know but I read about stuff that awful parent and I always got to repeat that's the thing in the southern being patient is designed only artist he's amazed you're still think fight is going to is going to put that in your freezer I cut for a day other than that come in and there are still well if I do it's still gonna my brother and all of BS and now nobody after midnight of frozen pizza and a vacation I'm gradually let it cool backup and then have to let their out how long does it take to cook all man it's gets its can recommend it provides more to commit errors in my way of yours and I went 3035 minutes you know oil import after issue you Puerto waited all the that's so community of the serial. Man when I want that I've got it about one more I can add more when it's not a mother twenty minute wait pro tip on that film and a few if you like a frozen pizza you gotta have a bottle ranch dressing. In your refrigerator that way you can just kind of dip cement in on talking. No Schultz and after the things that are very inventive actively renowned chef and I think I gotta go I go down. Vance and he had your frozen pizza to run its own party pizza party is a Graco I am towards you both right I like serial sit with serial would you eat. Cinnamon toast crunch probably is right up there I gave them at some of the light breeze and Brad Smyth as one rate would then it's worth doing the pizza. Well it like raise my brother is not a decade and about a mile you're leaving you this late meal right at some point this is the way. You're eating food you know you don't need eked its late may be drug raiders don't who knows the deal lose Pritchard and eat this food. So failing to begin to do that cinema toe is going to be like you shouldn't eat that stuff anyway I openly admitted it's made of sugar in nothing but right. So that's why you gonna do away that racism brands like and it that has some nutritional value Dalton will say this only Kellogg's raisin Brandel sugary now. My neighbors like the post is like the old people stuff but you don't don't eat chopped vegetables at midnight like you mildly does NIC great to be a good idea not to. That's my little man I'm with brits lasers light. I'm talking about Jezebel goal for Barack until dark and there is is that all these options are crap me sort of you're not supposed to be eating like grape nuts but what that's what I'm saying and treasurer Larry O'Bannon has would you wanna do they don't get it now I'm missing and raise our brains are cereal that's why whenever I bring. Their tickets to raise rent a serial. What does it bring only be inequities in recent rains and the gimme for either brain oh man on the match I am an American and those charges are charlatans and raisin bran and applicants do Geneva no. Hanging out there at the park I didn't think on 84499911. Was our effort hero and President Clinton gave him. I'm holds you're on you're on your I don't know who demoralize my my dad yeah I'm not here. Yeah. Those who have felt welcome to show. Okay it could be here and there Pullman. The late night snack frozen pizza McEntee top markets serial wears off. I'm Womack NCAA I kind of consider myself that you console creating an out of box already what Randy Miller. In a box with the outcome of the okay. Of all the bad stuff who literally would be dead. Well always good to achieve. I don't measure the milk for the mother did have it's that the unified Lebanese border grief. But every day can Greek goes pretty well and if I don't have that then goes on much either ceemea Felicia history. The appeal seemed anything but historic depths of that and put that in their men and we'll change your life. That's the other green little green Sugarman had that goes bad goes lonely man thank you Google and any. Restaurant in New Orleans were to have an open now. Area Regan look at them like the one place went into orient walk through the kitchen under the basket they like just clubs of that stuff everywhere so you know that's the stuff can. I'm an emotional. Heart is in question. Angelo that's Angelo is a fruit and it's a hybrid of the Mandarin orange and what other citrus fruit cup the 10 January. The message. OK. So of course it's not that. That's what I guess my thought more tangible threat there and I know it's not. I've been great for. Tough feat. To a soft wood that Amanda nor do to deserve it must've been great for but does anyone named Angela you know there you know there now there's an. Are you kidding me I don't know I don't know who met black people oh right I get out. I think I don't know maintain a low is that his last name in the Nevada man did attend law eliminates for how to draw the red mountain Phillips has absolutely fabulous the road schedule so you can't hear you and getting low yellow and blue eight and you know Ontario is demanding that you're more like ten. Celeb dad Malcolm. I don't think this is true god. And Angelo. When people maintain the woke up long. You know disarmament and I don't think so mobile bay in the NFL in the next three years maintain Angela. Going to Angelo watts junior. Angelo Angelos who seemed need D'Angelo Harrison okay gathers up harmlessly across and it's Angela the last name. It's a question multiple choice. The Sonoran Desert is the home to the Vanilla mountains the strawberry mountains or the chocolate. And I'm afraid it's all a minute yeah well you know but LA is that's an arid places them. Chocolates and different. Vanilla bean. And where it. Oh good shot from an infection oh yeah that's what now I would love to go shopping now. Beyond my underwear is known to be a little less celebrated chocolate mountains. Is that there is located at. I'm sorry to disappoint you will see who we can do about it. And questions. And how many I mean like really rovers and crater and I'm sorry all right live how many amendments are there in the US constitution. Zorn wanted to board. Great. Almost you know six seasons. Morning everybody feels ever wanted to do about it all the time. 27 point 7%. Ninety. And so for a little blown honorably you notice you're angry about. Do you noted is your anger you know I felt there's only two makes them until twelve from golden Graham's are saying the same thing. They're not snowman they are not there at all our cousins not how fast. They've been given that zags. None I don't know if you're a good principle they remotely say you know with their family reunion you couldn't have sex with that with someone in the gold wrist I think they could not good that's because we don't know well how they are now. They are there any shape and understood the same thing they just dusted differently one has holly once one Salem. Good they both the audio one is dusted with cinnamon ones not that's it it's like OK yeah otherwise I have hunt now if you did these fundamentals god does not have thought we took dead intends just and we ate it right I guess that's the point oh easy now we have sorry yeah they can we did mint powdered sugar is still dead he's he's a competitor for these split are now I'm sure that everybody afterwards I had just delegates to blow. Still owns brands of the good nickname for apologies Graham I guarantee golden as golden Graham is the same thing. All of their other different lowered it absolutely does square in the how many sides does I have to got that 7-Eleven. Or seventy. Yeah. You are gone right. I can't image see here and then Antonia. We look disabled children even leave I think people. You know I don't know they could be but they don't face the same at all our and they do some investigating on Thursday a sloppy Joseph and a hamburger the same thing we're gonna find out what the differences between paddling Graham's and cinnamon toast crunch is one has honey. One has sent them yeah I understand that but I think it's like you know like you have you have corn flakes right yet you then you have frosted flakes and corn flakes. Are still frosted flakes they just don't have the powdered sugar blasted all over the top political sugar to fraud and conflicts. So when you have I think there too close and could go to Graham's and and as some terrific they just have the same shape. Then the same shape but I'm pretty new environment and I'm pretty sure that cinnamon toast crunch is golden grams blasted with cinnamon and sugar now Goldman based dial and a few short all absolutely you kidding me. Was cinnamon toast crunch look man I don't know a lot of things about a lot of things remains element of run run deep and got run deep. This is bigger and if you'd like to make it does an 844. 99 alone get a brand new contestants. And more of big Demi coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill and gentle men's room. I'm not a big Joey organizing committee and time grain time green joining us right after emails in the men's room mad men's or my back I'm in the meantime. Game is big dummy 8449990. Luck Steve goes on next contest and write play the big game to hello and welcome to the men's room. Move ahead. Well so it's going. It's over. Can upload between both definitely not a artist. Final minute drill hole you're really nice food here frozen pizza McEntee top marketers serial. Alicia and I don't. Know what to go to our thought it looked a little you're not a lot of local time. There's all got the badgers are going to resume where every pick you painful memories how long does the hop pocket take to make it. Two minutes to play again we have about another heavy round. About way it's there at that time there. It's a drug team Mike hawk has taken time Kamal we'll send questions specifically. For people on T about to let you one of those before return toward normal game your TiVo's question. Ever cyclops momentarily closes it's eyes. Is it a blink or wink. Oh a minute ago it does. Boy it. The only way they crawled out of go boy gone agrees on now apparent that yes the real good day. We really repeat the cycle outside Baghdad different compensation. It's what was the only one of the six characters on friends that did not get married in any time on the show. Oh. How I am I always do what no your friends OK very good to know they had no idea about that on that game is big dummy four point 999 hole it really contested race played a big game that was Guinea felons. How load Gerri welcome to the mental. He created news. Please do loads of people unload his beard. Fantastic and I think. Scarier you you are right. It's overt okay. No your mouth. All right Gerri men's room bulletin late night snack frozen pizza McEntee is not popular serial serial. Mom I would cereal are you going for. Funk in chocolate that is both so close counsel if you look. Hello shot put. Have leveled on November we'll go right there. This shot but what. Cocoa pebbles you know cocoa for like three levels and I feel good night of Opel also gogel rebels sounds like gay a stripper and a white tripling. Lazy Dylan on mainstays go over go go go go rubble are either shares of my lawyer miles regarding serial Goldman Graham cinnamon toast crunch a lot of not so kind comment came in to tell you all sorts of things. Yeah most of that out and an hour in just let you know golden Graham is among other things includes corn flour. We're delicious and mentos front rice flour magazines you emerge golden grams made from whole wheat and corn gluten is Harding crunchy with a light glaze that holds its only milk. So those crunch is made from wheat and rice is crispy and light. And super cinnamon sugar that is correct that is the deficits are also two different companies Gaza and got it still General Mills audience. Urge her are sorry general. General Mills in and out of her. Legendary leader and American armed forces he was named Fokker freedom of serial chef boy. I dare you question. What an elected twentieth century presidents and vice president was Nelson Rockefeller. Lyndon. Or more of their record there. You have an elected. I've got a big center. It's yellow money. What is the more common name for the own ability to us. Until. A militants. Holed it literally gotten. Easy to know we all office and noses in billable work. And nobody and send or miss our brother he's dug opinion on their part of the you know being. If you draw blood short I mean it's going somewhere on your fifth start I don't I don't know I'm not really an hour and porno or assessment of where the world to go he's technically girlfriend's. Trying to conference. Yeah. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.