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Friday, April 13th

Emails, Ted vs The FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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I am honest so good. When did you when he not need to see that 844999. All I would not once is enough I don't know. Shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network. 99.9. Can. And KI SW HD one C yeah. This is done men's room. Listening to. Could ever since these big gun out also the bad jokes get those bad jokes to listen to via email there. At the men's room at men's or live dot com bad jokes on the way our question. What do you do not need to see that 844999. Cola. O'Brien welcome to the Mandarin. Auto job. About twenty years ago. Wouldn't Orleans Mardi Gras app. And I did pretty big guy about six street retorted yeah I consider that a big guy. So we're going to crawl our bodies are behind me are trying to question the credit so shoulder. Ever give me it's bat Tuesday. IPod stuff that we get I never wanted to see it yet but just take the day. Abortion Democrat because I have far too little step coordinate there's a void there and look down. And a young blonde woman. As her skirt. It's did you can reduce the ball on the curb. Money. All right why is this hacker all right so alive if you have a New Orleans you know listen to what mark McGraw happen. Forward ever everyone who bid since the city now the live but over the bits of the city just determined that. Absolutely. No form of decorum in any capacity. Applies to them good luck. There is no the place thank you think over someone on a crowded church street what I would do things for improvement from everybody thought ma Mardi Gras I haven't and L cool. This underdog to the wanna make icon now Dolly does what dog turns around Mozilla rack I say this that we are there straight. Harvard street is one of the few places you deedrick on the street it is that it is doing you doing there to boot pro SAT there are many more clay yet they want everybody blacked out truck that's the problem. If we would behave ourselves better as human beings in more places will allow us to drink on the street that he was suburban street in Las Vegas Strip just don't put on the after all we're asking is. Tourists are the worst article one. She looked over her shoulder and make eye contact witness you mentioned at all. You have aged people associating. Its due later amen. Can you cut that off perfectly. Read that number includes everybody and man oh man that's as the hour of others are gonna go what did anybody else care to people to keep party. Nobody else thought accept the so tight there on urban street. He just figured I was gonna do it here all adds up to get somebody stepped on a million people stay yeah it is tied expert. I. New Orleans at the I stopped at the birds rest period to wait every stitch or the war. And can act as our front not a bad idea now what did you what is you know I need to see that 844999. Cola. Hoops in the middle of the sidewalk made them. I just wanna look I also don't wanna make eye contact with anyone with a group no I really dogs that's why they seriously they look away they look straight they never like turnaround look. Because they don't want it they don't make eye contact the scope is not comfortable for them either it's it's not cool yet. And it's agreed universally we should that's 32 on the improve hello Geovany welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. They get so the first thing that I wish I checked and the world when our den of well on my tomorrow. Let my dad dad just going out elect their dog. You know our good Buddy Guy. Normally in her bedroom relayed this elsewhere in my house. There weren't living remotely open or. See me like as a parent like come on man. You know if you don't know from two yes have a better what it can't walk and I knew in the bedroom legally a man. Maybe that's why you knock whatever it is but if you're gonna have section delivery room the kitchen. Around the time school weapons just expect what do you do want to did you just do you say hi how the daughter to keep on block general would you stand there would you do. Well I thought you would look bulky my mom but I yelled get off my mom and I got a problem it started trying to I'll let us know what you thought you would go and hide. He's a nun and I know we love each other. We didn't get in a right to a month after the yeah he's still tells that story of the time a nine year old kids on the backlash happens I tell us off I mean my god damn man I can't figure that he beat some think a midget wrestling but I mean it is like if you're just trying to paint your opponent and all the like as tag team partner jumps and your back. And you know that they. The only silver lining up about you know your mama think at least he didn't know which you were doing them. Mean that pretty much done away with everything else after that together. I know Dave broke up about a month after. But it gets worse column I have also walked in on my doctor and by now Brothers are going at it as well how old three. I looked around. Eleven then they thought it was something that just bought any app they come to find out kicked out everyone and how does that about themselves and looked again look I'm able to pull. And how how do you not know what time your school like you that every wonder family to have no idea what time you went to school. I think just that that just around the time they can already connect my brother. Around the same time come able to. But here's the thing you're the only one it seems to be doing anything and all family other family members are home haven't. Like elites are doing something by going to school. Well Allen going to school because you know and laden thought that I would get out of book pretending and then. Come home supposedly. All the woods wasn't the time viewers technically supposed to be home from school you let data eyes so you busted your mama step dad's sister niece and also your brother. You lived in the house of FEM how long that Al how are you when you finally a calculated. I would actually eighteen when I signed because you sound like the link and the family. Legacy. I was an oddly enough my mom let it be walking into yet another beer. That. Iowa alone though back then we live and no one bedroom all the and I would living. The real adult book washer and a dryer except that Jerry did it to my real how many people who else. And I doubt that the big question that there would be my mom and her new boyfriend my sister with her boyfriend Kurt. And my brother with his girlfriend and I mean my wife and dog but my people and about 100 in a one bedroom and one bedroom apartment. Oh yeah you do that Hispanic you have budget battle in I don't know that. I don't count just a member of there's less people on a lifeboat. I mean what they get back not the day you know how long how long that nine people live in this one bedroom place. I'll borrow about three years doubly dumb monkey let that drive my brother who doubt. Yeah how they were getting married to cells that they're having their own family anyway. I'd guess birth around yeah we can got the going to be able to what is it what is your living situation now. I marketing situation is better because I looked out my Bob mile and ultimately that became a summer it started making money. Okay do you and now based on you said that the Hispanic thing something and you got your own house now you have a little more room is like winning the lottery and you don't wanna tell people like the last thing you wanna do is tell your family that you as a mission space so you're not living with eight more family members. It's I told my family that attitude base rent rather mad that they're. My mother my uncle and my outlook on the that they don't know I haven't thought the outfit. OK I didn't and I don't know if you owned a house about the moment. You aren't good night works hard court marked man now say they don't match as far as that if you living together who did you not want to follow into the bathroom who was the worst animal. Oh my brother can you know he was even I what I did a weight into that bought it practically to. It did not get. OK and I packed. Him and it's something else I think even people who don't care if you live and how also into the people you just care a little more you know I mean when every half Pamela you probably stub its in about a dozen of them you guys. Just letting your balance and I mean I know I know who they were having sex but I did make it a point to walk in and I look I knew at that time was on the weekend meal the man. I caught my brother once in his credit. You made quick work like he was like that credit does that credit I'm seeing the amount of time it took key lake. They are we went to a bar it was an birthday or something I think I was like twenty of us when he won but I had a good fake ID. I was driving to wasn't drinking to bend back I got back the house first it was like hey I'll get to beer and then I'll have a couple of drinks so he Indies won now wife get home. And it could even have been make three or four minutes and they went down to his room that I would get native likes they subtitle there already go to. OK okay yeah bella Abbott nothing's changed but they come home even now I'll show you the same thing Tony's Amir's lawyer is tagged him do it the fastest I've ever seen as a roommate of mine and and do love the sport when government to remain a mine and me and the chicken dating of the time we are going to leave that we're renting a house towards street level solved if they can elevate what committees there to open the door here on street. Hey man. We're gonna go Barbara little better when it comes. If you think he'll do and now he drank his jeans his tennis shoes and a button capture. We walk out of the house I closed the door the instant I closed the door like depth. Left my keys. Knock on the door of the original answer that health it acquired from a bedroom window down one lol I'll to my bedroom window. I grabbed my key in the plopped the window revved keys off the nightstand walked out of my bedroom once you make a lap you're back in the living room which were the front door. When I left the house she's wearing tennis shoes jeans but Hampshire. In the ninety seconds it took me climb Kamal went and grabbed my keys while back to the living room. He is now only wearing a blue Terry cloth batteries a solo artist at this point it's sort of end but the TVG. Has no one. And you can clearly see that he has stopped his movie gets as blinking guess yeah it's great but. He has this book in his hand as though he's been reading since we left the similar to be a debate about how to take his books upside down let's say nothing. A look over the VCR like said the deep it was not on when I left. I want to get this was my second is do what impressed me. He was called in all the whole time that I've got to chatting with him absorb a police began he's hang embrace it. On it's OK you know bottom of my rope. I'm like man how old. Did you get this late he would. This quiz or have the movie in the remote end of these yard probably you've got naked put a movie in the press play and were all forty Durkin before. In in ninety seconds. It's like I've he's ready and is impressed I I in my head I was picture like. But the hands and you decide to do is open shirt and when he ripped that top bottom. Like all the way down through his pants at all to split open fell off and has bathroom jump on them like Doctor Strange statement and he just went to the naked gun. Fairways are basically. Get ready originally called a busy time of the shows coming up bad jokes on the way with a drug charge rank castle Libyan kick off those ten vs the FCC coming up. And we have your emails up next in the men's room at midterm live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Well hang on to ever see FCC got enough bad jokes on the way as well yes. We will during Intel's with a shot of the day first time reviewing emails in the bedroom mad men survived doc job. All of a design and on need to see the video of the lady on the bus reading a book picking the skin off the bottom of her feet and putting her feet skin in our mouth. I but the guys that from a law that's not okay. Seventeen years old Joseph that nobody's all good night school thing with a group of friends we had some freshman girls over stole liquor from the dads booze candid. All was heading in the right direction for an awesome night. Well that always tell when nobody says hey deal on a lot some pornography. I was like dude we don't need that stuff right now play cards or I wouldn't put themselves out. He grabs a VHS anyways yes they were proposals go back and the accident spies in the girls were into it outs armored aren't. He Bush's play and I saw an image that burn itself into the minds of my eyes and ruin the party. The video that we were reviewing that was his older sisters birthing video pol. Two of the girls Fuchs they all wanted to leave and nobody got any action that night wow what a stupid acts. I hostility he didn't. Now eleven or twelve hours tacky staying in my grandparents' home grandma was waiting on an important phone call wanna take quick shower. She asked me to listen for the phone call and sure enough the phone rang while she was in the shower. I knocked on the door to let her know that the phone was for her as she came barreling out of the bathroom paroled accidentally opened it. It head was at that time I found out my grandma was parts. Sharp pay. When I didn't agency was my former remain naked Valentine's Day years ago he was making dinner for his girlfriend on coming off Margot the door to see is make an ass. Sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal with a scope for including of the dishes. I turned back around walk around the block and later asked him to sanitize accounts that from re re a market that had do you think that DA you wondering to yourself. It's Valentine's. Loot they are together he is naked on the couch. But they're also easy eating a bowl of cereal elect the offense it's Valentine's and only got to dinner are they did what they had to do I'm telling them they just finished at thing. And he's a fine and I knew it bolsters their houses they know my first thing bolster our teams and still don't sit on toast crunch after six yes. Yes yeah or better throughout the answer is or no effects are really think yet. Well frosted flakes I think you know about a bad back up I'd be down that under space and mentos gone for the global what was though one little chocolate chip cookies and could because he's in cookie crisp yeah Cokie I movie isn't going to dessert you know I don't think you could you could justify cinematography is dessert instead of eating cookies that 8 o'clock in the morning. Go until my boyfriend was in town went out to bars for nine on the town when we were done to get back to the cars are fooled around a bit on the drive. He still kind of worked out so I'm hooking him up a little bit and also a new gas more rubbing and then I'm tipsy so I decide you don't I'm gonna do. To the point where we get homey practically carries me into the apartment where we finish what we started took a break after finishing the start of the in the living room this time patio door blinds now pull. So he had me there and apparently front of all people view of the firefighters down below. Who were attending to something at a different complex hopefully we get those guys and enjoyable show one of the best nights ever rock got that from Clinton who Allison tax. I did not need to see the durable exist removed from what's ovary teeth hair and super freaky. Yes what do you mean teeth teeth hair a lot of time to get these calcium deposit or it is like an unformed fetus Naples the things that may have teeth they have their man. At all so he adds caution when you Google it. What a don't know Lloyd DE RM OID Durham voices out of it for you there are more durable. Like I've heard of these in the teeth and hair and oversee what I'm not dying to see one of red. I'm guessing Robin does gathered in that it damages them and yeah. Okay. A room full and then a little barely hanging in the I I mean. Now friend. Alone. I thought doctor pill Popper was something that she's got nothing on this look at this. Hole and only an iron hall and apparently it. Police all they instead of holes all in all my. Weekend plans just went down now so let's verbal it's all Oregon and then this woman elegance as I walked in and mailed him coworker that we had. And he was masturbating and single women's bathroom he didn't bother lock the door fast forward. Walked in a long time ago worker taking an estimated. In the same bathroom he also. Did not block the bill can I saw buddy because nobody wants believer like teenagers. And we left the house but it had Blake the house at porn yes like on the cable pure and I became back to the house and he was in the living room going out himself like. But patients who. Yeah. For a few extreme out there for the men's room events remind icon. Hello guys there's my little brother KJ said birthday he's been through so much in his young life including countless visits to Children's Hospital all the while maintaining his infectious smile. Thank you for making our lives all brighter they're KJ. Columbia premier Big Brother we get an original OJ based analyst and a Joey chestnut thanks guys so much. The I'd time celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of my 21 birthday I did this last year and haven't heard anyone else to have some member today Maloney here is the the crews favorite buttons on the sound board. Beach out IP's outside our crowds that from job. I. It's very true on the side I have no friends all wanted to semis double bird they shot out of recently discovered you guys and makes my commute home. 1000 times better. About a suck it up cupcake in the dirty is Germans you could Muster talking about the nanny. Thank you guys that from a leadership. Oh. Yeah. All rights and. Peace correct and this guy you know if this works yeah well it's my music. Yeah I would go put the glasses broken. Tonight don't want to get some that Nissan. Yeah I've been there and suggests that familiar life but don't have that. I was gonna do I give you guys my friend Willie a birthday song and shout out in the European as is too small and some dirty Germans telling him why. Thanks guys and blob and then from Brad. Okay. Yeah I do nothing to peace is only true small apartment the same room. Now friends I do not believe this I think really is doing fine girls that would not gonna give Willy. I the only person my girlfriends and listens regularly so I push myself happy birthday I elected dirty Germans and original face damage all the the tellers. The ad from Corey. Fish sandwich and opened in Boston we arranged to put you on my. Yeah it's a sad to have righteous enough for your own birthday. And it's kind of frozen in the film mash potatoes and present them. Has ever faced over another birthday song and ridiculous requests I love the dinosaur thing that has to be one my favorite bits of the show also. But I get real intent to do that all maniacal dinosaur laughing that all you guys talk over each other about dinosaurs thanks dude. That from miles. You and you don't know. I. Brian yeah how many of those around the world bronze doors and and an entirely conflict he grass. Alexi god is my eye color guards Wade's hard today could you please give internal actually Joey chestnut in the pop thanks casting about rocket for JW. Just. By the way. To the comment is not stop complaining. He told you if you're gonna Google door avoids this all of mine apparently people are doing. Don't do that thing though I bought it in Google looked good luck I thought yeah Robbins on. I saw a special birthday shout out happy birthday to a crazy buzzed bear copy customer is guy drives who are obviously in almost every day always always as your station on. We love a sense of humor a willingness to be our Guinea pig for some crazy drinking cocky and Iraq and conscience even though he'll only drink white coffee. Or Lotus. How about giving him eight your penis is too small and our personal favorite the dirty Germans from our favorite Brees does add closed the bear copy company thanks guys. Don your book that really enjoy your mouse into a world. And we'll stumbles. Yeah some people call me bugs them. Also like see into this that'll provide you with plenty of play ball. Guys there's a beautiful wife Samantha is Tony fans see is allow my life has made me to have these men alive. Thank you for everything babe please player in original faced damage and you guys talking all over yourselves about gardening. Thanks guys have from Jose Damian and Emma sandwich. There really goes on about Carter's only learned how light bulbs and Idaho that's coming up it's. That has practical problems. It is there to. But jaws at dar Al homey he's the peach Toney fifth year of being a do stool. Would you please give me your penis is too small or a barber shop they sandwich with love from all of his dad's. If he could. Guys is my brother Anthony story I've birthday today can you give a guy that bitch off the next dollar and a European has is too small. And BG day little bro that from Jesse got rid now. Wrecked. It's. Sit there I am now yeah manager Isaak now way to be the big boss man could you please get a your penis is too small. And dirty German talk for his 31 thanks guys listen you guys every day and worked up from the lovely Kayla. And you both in Lebanon and they tend to institute new. Now surely true of the questions for the fitting that on the spot. Guys are there are no known only male in our request my own birthdays my 35 trip around the sun and I'd love to hear now hitting the window. Followed by the dirty is to Germans talking about me catching some fish for my birthday. Love you guys keep on rock and that from Lisa love. Oh. In the mood to coach the extra spring Lou good shot. Yeah you look to this condition Houston folksy small weapon on these. Miles can Wear a hard day shut up release I was 35 leases that type of person who probably bigs know an email at barber day. She's the kind of person who just wants to go fishing while fantasizing about dirty Germans watching her. She's like that that from the men's room. We got to him in some sort of said the figure Cindy no they decide to have. Got a great council is women. So difference. How the hell could you be the single and be inefficient. As a possible. God knows what are my correlation now maybe so I give them or they saw their traffic jam Jimmy facing Alicia my sister leader who has forty. Are maybe 39 again that from her little brother Paul and Virginia Beach ball should yup. Yeah thank you guys that for Paul and one more here guys are beautiful wife Christie is turning 51 and always says she needs a shower after losing your show. Please make sure that some of the dirty dirty Germans and Ozzie did take ever on her birthday rock on that from her loving hubby Michael's. Yeah I'm not concerned influence of the new. To show an awful mold. Then they hit the melon thinking you need to show after the show again to you winning any day shall have to with her. A couple extra authority board that just my best friend Matt I can all be talk over each other about how he's older than dirt thanks guys that from dirty Dan. Assure Dan altogether I don't want to learn aluminum bats out of imminent legal battle and bigger to me that I could you know to help a little it was I was talking about it other artists like substance to any notes reports guys days while Abbas Lars 51 birthday from Snoop Dogg a mobile grooving to educate a scary scream and does suck it up cupcake. Thanks guys that from the coal. Oh. Our guys do you rule. Yeah yeah yeah. Hey that is heavy handed and behind me and I'd I had a good day you know been dead. Chairman Branson by men's. Also available through his real name is a men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Shoreline fly to a. Jose here still to come bad jokes not only get those bad dose to us. Through email the men's room at men's or live dot com bad jokes on the way right before we drink and toast of for the shot of the day. First I think it's time we go back into the last time we played Ted verses the FCC's over a good let's go back in Japan. Short show national city Sheila smokes a short she cities split. As she sits in ships. Aircraft is cutting. Cut the hunts. Her boom pumps are cut. Counter clockwise or Democrats short shoe show steady Sheila smokes a short shaved city split as she sits at shifts. Her crap with cutting cut. Who wants her want their cut counterclockwise wind short she'll stroke cities you bush votes about heart shaped city split up as she sits. As ships are crap is cutting about month. Her blond hair cut democratic. And short she'll show city Sheila smoke that short shaved cities with that he sits at ships aircraft is cutting blunt. Not want her but they're not Democrat. Well when last I want to vs the FCC Lazio again. 120 by. Who has the Manila. Wouldn't. How old Ford sent this is the FCC. I'm the program turns up don't here's the saving grace of all this as we do this every week we go out we can have a different Ryans Reynolds for ten vs the FCC death. It turns out that we had actual place for these now with our new men's or map you can play you vs the FCC and all of these rhymes and riddles and we've written throughout the years. We can use some of them that we Betty the whole Lotta time Bob Watson down the smuggle them for low go to stay awake long enough to get this and a man who welcomed but of course what's. And we came in today and not found that there was they got Ted vs the FCC submission in our emails from male listener to help in British Columbia we know him simply ask. These friendly British Columbia and he sends this this Ted vs the FCC submission and it goes on the like this. Should shape should shore to ship shape sits silently chip short sit ship shape. She had silently ship's short sits silently. The way we've played Ted vs the FCC is one time through then it three times fast. Thanks Canada. Ship shape chip short ship shape ships on memory chip short ship shape. Ship six ship shape and she silently chip short sits silently turned their back ship shape. Chip short ship shape sits silently chip short. Sit ship shape shift silently chipped short. Sit silently warrants should shape shifts short ship shape fits I have linked chipped short sick ship shape. Ship suddenly chip short. So finally learn to tie. I don't know who owns. So close. This week in Ted vs the FCC 14. Moscow. Had joked on the wagon ready go but dollars and gets it until obviously email at that event driven men's or live dot com or on Twitter amend your mind and 844. 999. Cola as bad jokes on the way with a drug could charge. Lancaster where you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. That's stay far far 9990. Lead away they go with a bad jokes. Hello Jeff welcome to bad jokes. Yeah it's. Though they know they emit gamma hanging out in the open that's now all bloody got you booze under god. The gamble. The states like that I shut. Hello Ernie welcome to the bad jokes. Or thought ma. The other arena that not a park bench. Or undergone an interest income go up and loud to them. Two of them haven't growth the third one couldn't quite reach. And that's the hypocritical to say hello Robin welcome back there at least. Oh ma. ARIAD Atlantic and participation. Of Jack what is the difference between a peeping Tom at a pick pocket. What does it never has been a peak it's easy it's gonna think pockets. I. Deep pocket snatches watches. She. Hello good job I welcome the bad jokes. There's so little those heroics of the moonlight and Nigeria is horrible most congress has been your. The down there and he's. The thorniest is that dressed up like this found on the count of those launches she's dressed up close what the cheerleader. Can reach out deadly school hero go to your room a couple of Slater dad Bill Belichick and schedule their opinions. Or will most complicated group that Oprah going to use it on the telegram popular. What you do all of you had to guess not so funny when it's your mom in the. No room a lot. And paying. I act is a great setting up a bad joke if that's tremendous. Big gripe bad joke one of those Matt Jones we've ever had. Hello Tim welcome to Ben Jones. Hey Lola or a couple of calls I. Guess it's floods are prisoners used to to call themselves in prison. But cell phones. What do you call saying noodle. They could noodle what an impostor. A god. Did you hear about the cheese factory explosions scenario there's nothing left but debris. Those in the violent excellent you know. And ever read to break attack somebody else exists. To be ready. Men's room knows just. They batted and that usually heads of the big dance dance do you throw a lot of newer tells them. Yesterday and today we chose 42 year old Andre does I cannot possibly say his last name of how burst dot Germany via. And this is a house story. Andrea is he's a doctor and back he's actually the chief position at his hospital. One way he's been charged with a German equivalent to manslaughter but not for anything he did that work. No this guy was charged after a night but sex. You see a woman gave him be consensual. Oral sex but would she did not know what that he had sprinkled is what I builds better. With cocaine. Well after the slobbering gobbling. She and the collapsing and died at the house homeland from ingesting. The Coke after a brief investigation of found both of them first time he's done the same thing he's done to at least three other women he's due in court. Later this month. I have never heard of of such a thing but I guess I never heard of that either his move is that I at and a woman consents I guess he goes on line this is thing. Don't go to whatever page go to Germany writes les Hogan abilities chicks but. His fading the thing turns them off is that well same thing that we all enjoy except he sprinkles is. With a dusting of cocaine obviously not to yeah pretty well he's does not Super Bowl but the thing is these people don't know and so on story in jobs there. I've heard of like people. Snorting it that way shorter. But but not right now and it's cocaine make it so wait just. That was my thought. Maybe I kind of wanted to really give this away that come off well provided given way to wed do it I would more of those moves imagery there's booze. Because we think it's Yemeni yeah national over the talking it down the throat do party in arts how many days. Donahoe garbage. Pick are not online right now a 4499. At a low profile this is coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.