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Thursday, April 12th

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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Those days back 984499. I pulled my profile this in minutes. Did your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. All right it says is Alexa a conspiracy theorists. Someone asked their Amazon echo what Ken trails are any answer they got kind of made it sound like the whole conspiracy theory about airplanes dumping chemicals on us is legit. Fifty in mind I'll tell each. Mayan. Why not out of programmers than just the work the earth is flat yeah. I noticed when the balloon landing haven't been everything that isn't just starting to read the first article that comes up that is surges wars are slim Kerry trails are conspiracy here. That's that they're after money. You don't let your vote at all and I am in braille are gonna come as the definition of crap because it right into the water vapor. Read it it's starts this season I'm Trent contrail debate has really I'm thrilled is right in Bryant rubicon trail has suggested to him trailed at the bit. Yeah according to a new survey they found it deeds. Chain restaurant the teenagers like to visit more than any other foods can. We do. I'm gonna go still Cheesecake Factory it's not a bag yes ma'am I'm we have Friday. Instead I guess is he based on price thing if I think Applebee's failure to win over complicating this. Jim Talent how to quiet got thumped him. I guess that is fast food nation like I Haitian elites of the Janet yeah I mean you're right it is changed means important. People do sit down and eat in the chick left a very good calf strain at that solves. The Paramount that's how soft. A single mom with five kids is set to graduate from law school in Texas next month. And she's graduating with honors in each person can do is sue her ovaries wouldn't do differently. Five kids that Jones and she made it through law school you know everybody else has zero excuse. Now it's not that man listen the flip side of this I have kids and they want it she got to give away from the kids. General goals and I got to go to school. Okay I'm worldview today the bulls typical French and Singler is. The by myself pan am have to go to flag I got to go to logged sorry I'm Larry it takes a lot of stuff it. A new survey found only 13% of Americans don't like grilled cheese challenges. And you know what they're delicious they are. So I would only seeing the total revenue in the opening bell even if you sit like this candidates get NTT's evolve and opportunities and there's a little different teams still guilty today even dug well most popular title I just got yeah he's elected uses got to read what's the most I'm guessing what Americans see they'll be. Ted any any gets a the most I didn't she's using grilled cheese now Kraft singles. Jenner yes I don't put synergies and act I would go to Detroit most critical for American cheap I think the grilled cheese Yemen as a hairdo. And then trying to show video I think it's grilled cheese and it's anything else of Artie says the most popular types are cheddar American Swiss pro Bologna and pepper Jack I'll problem and I'd mess with the you know I don't do any of my in my life evolved. And 66% of people say that if she's was suddenly band where they live they move would you vote blue cheese in a and I'm now not only boutiques tiger via maybe some mozzarella beginner and a candidate and our other features they put blue cheese on it is that the only blues no for a look at streets have you guys it's it's different kinds so invasive yet have been male called mailed shot in the Middle East again the Middle East if you can't make your McDonald's Brussels also yourself let's try and runs or drive and just put a bachelor fall where they got 500000 votes in five days they'll bring it to America okay it's a way to hold on a day. I've never been nor place. Where fry sauce. Was something that was like and a bottler you can you can always order fry sauce for those of places specially Solso. Price there's a greater chance of a mother makes and in house there's nobody brings a pre made par to remain hopeful of Vieques and enterprise so my only problem Michael I don't care the the donut but I would sell it in small quantities. For one reason. Sometimes you just want to catch up for you just want me and it like green Bologna sandwich you probably don't want captured nor commandments. I mean how many times don't want both in the same place local. So to me it's easier just to mix and as the and my high school first years I was there quite yet Fries right apparently had a big fat of mayonnaise Nixon to catch up and everybody mixed ketchup and mayonnaise or get it yet. But it it got so out of control they took away the bad and. I. On an ad now all spoils it for everyone. Less than one out of ten people have their childhood dream job according to a new survey off her back let's because man and it's and wanna be superheroes. I mean weight I urge superhero dream job would that it's a dream job back right and wrong plus common dream jobs are. Act successful actress celeb athlete GAAP pro athlete number one musician or singer and teacher for all then go to lobby here. Right. It's a Beverly Hills teachers it just seems like I call you wouldn't grow naturally resistant Croats and later LeBron James the second grade kids. You know courts elementary schools and you know and teachers easily get paid the best out of all that's right I was wondering the least important and get paid the most always wanted to be utility infielder. I don't start many games in the major leagues of just on the bench. When the cool with you guys are wearing an outfit a uniform utility Blair did utility player I am I daddy is liable but I'm on the team and what they mean DA serial jagged glass instead of six amid. I'm. America Australia filed a worker's comp lawsuit in theory a few years back because he said his boss was bullying him by passing gas on a phone lines. If there's a fine and he wanted to one point four million dollars but a judge just dismiss the suit. It turns is that if you walk even par on someone for years and years and years it's just not spots it does not bullying and harassment at the Johnson miles looked into. These are hard on him after I well I'm here. There thing I could be rich. I can't see employee in Pennsylvania was fired last year after he demanded that his coworkers and bosses call him sour mood and then got an argue I don't have. Google also is a cancer out he wasn't the only employee wanted to Boston Collins sir I got more don't know ma'am we'll profile though not. Canada and are you out yelled alleged global cover that one and about five minutes. I'm not even a little. I love the story to our Marines army Drew Coleman sort of the she thinks this is the only cause she's. Are those of barely enough ideas. It's. Yeah. New surrender and blitz I think third series kitten this. Nine million now widely enjoyed the last story do that which makes orange does. Yeah OK. Okay yeah. Yeah. Usually somebody else murderer yeah. Third I don't know why aren't your run doubles on this I don't value of the dollar through the nipple until I don't know if yeah afternoon I don't think so I don't remember though I was plus a conversation. You do for talking about ankles if thanks Carl locked up within what's entanglement at least this morning yeah. All under as hard as if if that it's a little runner up of the 500 bugs that defense a denim your voluptuous Geoff I think the reason. As usual it smells again and cool that we I don't know how much is liposuction I guess is it because it's a much I want you got a theory to be like those ocean in the area that you would like fat removed. Would you be able tank also. What I'm saying is why really bad tangles and I knew it and it bothered me at the Valero and they're great yeah I would go to I was dying like you can dissect the kangaroo meat out of my yeah I think this if a mental Washington not only broken a law homeowners were on vacation but he up NTN pulled a. Thank you are my headlines are given a one hour from now first the very real love. True precepts. You throw notably several and how profile this is playing as Georgia and miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life new story. Something that happened right here I plan to car or. Or and they do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. Off and the decisions that people make. Bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello may thin welcome to the men's room. And I am an awful luck I'll man. Pop. And dry riverbed I'd just part of Dreyer and our own country. We're flies don't even where's the strength. Gee I don't know right here in the days hi dad yeah I'm only here half the that is so dirty. That is so dirt. He could even like sit over there for the first half of the week. It was like Arizona and you're already knows the doctor rice so excited to start fart I'm renewed and as has been freed I think Gephardt came out the other at all man I'm. If I like everybody to decide to draft does not stop science you'd bolt at. Find out about this next year beginning it's you know not calling him I think. I have friendly. And had dinner mesa and everything and others are games played. You know fantastic hear your story now look there's only one person. And KFC empire whose can be called by a formal title obviously it is good karma. Everyone else. Your SO. Now a guy got a job at KFC in York Pennsylvania. But it didn't go well mainly because as Mike said he commanded. That you call him sooner he was not the manager but he won his co workers. And the bosses in every other person to call him sir. Then he got to a huge loud and profanity laced argument with the balls during a meeting. He then demanded a raise new guy and he's on fire its new demands raised finally they decided to fire there's no word at this that you're fired so. Anyway he applied for unemployment and multiple court the entire story behind why he got fired. And the judge just ruled that after the betting was fired for good reasons among maps beginning unemployment benefits. Do you believe that the man who would like to be gold shirt is black and white mix C or duke. They do big problem how are entitled who's down who's probably why. Bats this. We haven't each. Abominable check. I do not have an aide put out I believe he's old Earl. This day forward you know seven or visit us in New York Pennsylvania. It's a strange little area is four. It's weird yeah stranger is it is it is hard to explain it is an open impairment I can't I can't really. Put my finger the band live is from there and they have a song about a half ass town. Then you they had their skill their balance is that when people go there for like pots and nobody went to school there I know we always I have a gas stations tops. Does not a lot there. And don't look pretty good mixture of of Britain and the mom yeah it's a good picture from people. Love all the people console. So that they suffered as a Philly George re going to just in a bad situation. It's like purgatory and got Clayton Hal you're the hamstring but still you're bad things could be better. You know the name. I have the name alum I'm sure I'll all of that Lou. Abu. As a glue. But they can immediately go right it could be it's already there and usually Gary Goldstein need to be Angel Hernandez could be John do no word as a whole Washington I'm in my dad's given it a lot of great name to meet anyway to me I thought it was. I mean I'm with the end they call me sir sounds white but the fact that he's going for all of this give you a race to make to be making flat. Timing is only thing a final answer. And anyway islands and we'll plan on how much you do man. Heavy black white Mexican or Jewish necks. That with the tee you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Well Bob as we head do a good day tragic get a lovely York Pennsylvania and they employee there who demanded to be held serve by everybody is co workers involves you name it probably the customers agreement. The only problem is miles and then I ended up going in and telling him he won a raise and they fired him. He goes to get as unemployment KFC shows up and it's a look at this guy was just really hard to deal with the we will do very close very decent so the judge just denied his unemployment. That's right and Nathan we ask you do you believe this guy was black white makes you are diligent when whites a man you sound patent titled come on March. Now all's I can go and Ramos and I gave. He wouldn't give the name the name of the tell Deion Sears okay. I guess yeah now pros get now abroad TV at all times average TV talent. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Is not a good and it's it's. Still. Muskie this is trying to good rivalries in sports right. So when you look at the NFL. You know when I grew up it was he was Washington and Dallas. Any the last two years she you know a few years ago you had Seattle Seahawks and the 49 Ers. And you guys are ravens answered. Anybody with a patriots may have Sears good the Steelers I know the patriots actually super rival is mobility early in their other division more similar dream I'm certainly just the idea that Steele was always the other team AFC yeah the Marie was a source for the twelfth title yet. There's not kill everybody else all the time. Bright and then you know you're a college sports you have Miami Florida State for football North Carolina so a baseball and our let's be honest. Red Sox yankees is arguably one of the biggest rivalries their strength and based lawyer and other than the cardinals in the cubs. But I mean I really just overall rental I yankees I put it up here with Lake Michigan and Ohio State right which they simply called the game. So the Red Sox and yankees certainly. Always kinda hate each other there's no love lost there there's been many brawls over the years. So even though in evidence at that deep in the season it was time for a little while fisticuffs. That's why it's. It's brilliantly slams the tackles. No this season predictions the this one. Art doesn't go to the interface of page and watches video. Is what I really like about it is that it is what happened was one of the Yankees players slides in the second base with the is that cleats up right into it right and poor for so and I was either gonna hit somebody the next inning so when he hits that guy that's the first sound you hear is it hidden is back in the here and slam his back. But I like the pitcher just goes well bring it. Tonight it did look like he was in charge amount initially but when the pitcher is like what again Goodman who basically watch the video so you of the unit charged around Brooklyn and charged and Felix slams the bat and he looks pest in Brett picture legit goes. Camara who. And then boom it's off to the benches had already been cleared wants nothing happens and at this point. Now it's really does love her to the crowd and background man even even so we chanting yankees suck it but I mean. If baseball. As far as a brawl goes in baseball man I think one of the craziest ones ever was yankees Red Sox. Years ago in pay it was named Don Zimmerman. I'm Don Zimmerman was a coach for the Yankees even a player along time ago Don Zimmerman looks like my father. That was short older man Don Zimmer I think was just Don Zimmer and there are very round follow now. And he leaned over to chip I don't know what he saudis who do Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez just kinda like. Brush them away paint my shoulders Don Zimmer went tumbling down. All yeah study that to mean and as our Pedro Martinez kind of caught the green from a but it's like what do you try to what do you do you could've beat the (%expletive) out of them instead read write and likely just to get out of the way to battle yet again I hit this jumper made him break in the league baseball doesn't doubt the Red Sox and yankees got to play like what fifty more times this year I'll give. I'm just I still remember who was that Nolan Ryan when he was you know eighty years old in just guy charges don't first of all. No matter who you are not with the dealers I think it's tough to charge somebody of that type of royalty based on where he was at that point I'd like Nolan Ryan was. He was iconic he was still throwing in the occasional no hitter from amazing stuff but he's also a huge dude rallies Nolan Ryan could be. I I don't know so. It charges Nolan Ryan and all trying to stands airmen like John Wayne I don't mean just like no fear and the guy comes ebony just I mean just connects on the first pitch on the lake. It was as a nation. Date goods and headlock as he puts out just sisters drilling in the National League got a body so your grandfather's kicking your ass. Ran ads that I exactly I got my flexibility you know we've we've talked about for a chili paste also lose weird unwritten rules Nixon ethic I had enough of it. But also like. You know that's one sport I don't blame guys for running after the pitcher like he's her when that thing yet she right. They're really leniency and hurts your regular U yeah that's it all of those things in baseball to write like there's certain ways you hit guys. That he didn't properly keynesian square in the back insure the nicest way would be hit him on the bomb. Yeah they let you throw at somebody's head then it's then it's like you browse a lot yeah yeah. Basal cell a lot of stuff going on telling didn't fight in the and you put ground rule all right dude took legal pretty junior no politics of and that as you said as a retaliation for another unwritten rule that avenue and before when the guy or that thing before negate you know this fleets of you write them down or just let it go right right down band but I think I think you broke the unwritten rule like. It's not a real role. Can't allow that baseball. More so than any other sport a Harper's that I know when he got millions have rules. I think if they did you know if you really hailed a month run limiting the buddhism zen like any other time if two MBA players got notified. It even Jabber and back and forth all all all game is big into a fight the rats are still jumping in there like no tees everywhere you either and I rejected whatever the deal is like. He can't do this well even the thumb snow the unwritten rules only guy gets plucked in the back PMs up there we know what. So yeah they're they're in charge for the elect Barack doesn't know we understand generals readers. Yeah walker he's the best. That I like hockey sometimes you understood what a fight that lets fight are you learned by president can is that not only ran out and as I may thirtieth when it's right off a face off. I think think this is there a slightly contaminated droplets that are slightly by intermittent enough hard enough yeah I may have when you see those goalies stay all down. Craig from the net and then it's like they did the goaltenders are into it that's good yeah it may mean they got eighty pounds a Cray. Upon for the can't be easy either in the fight one of the best things I've seen man just as far as bench clearing brawl is securely or John Madden is still an announcer on TV. That's tremor it was the rams and it's the cowboys I'm remember what happened but I mean the benches clear. And talk 53 NFL players are multi they are thrown punch like he got back right. But you hear John Madden laughing through the whole thing and it it just seemed kind of I returned from gonna summerall are all local. So man finally he says look it's like shouldering played a crucial so the camera angle that I saw. So they show and you could not collapse all these guys on field and made our army trying to kill which. The two kickers from each team. You see that literally looking for each other played it more yeah and then work your wife Amy got the ball one they found each other man it was helmets often. And we don't it's do as a way a 150 pounds like. Are memorable fight each other but I mean but it took them like fifteen seconds to find each other in the melee. They know punt today do nothing Bowman found a job looked like I look ago. Yeah Amanda he could not stop him anymore of those guys aren't a small now but I still think they should only fight each other at self preservation. That's fan all my brother and I had some a select I must govern these guys bugs didn't little's culpable when they are. Hits and totally in line because god knows more worn on they're you know right and you got to three to fifty pounds they are acting angered each other and you got six guys goal back for listening and your little Lance has to run and there. And solve the problem and he said man you just. Hedge your bets on one thing at my brother would I have no business trying to break up 3000 pounds of men and fight. You just had your best that they put their hands on you. I was suspended for game we five cents yeah that's the only thing but he said the dangerous and you sit and and my brother. So the most important thing you do when these giant as athletes in my view they are hostile to also twenty throwing a result you may need to. Approached them from the front could he said the mistake you might make his. When you go to like grabbed her arm from the back I don't know that the player very small they just assume with the partisan may like what may double U it's different when excellent mobile team. You like for me it hurts I'm an old man him. Can I am not athletically they might not strong like answers like. I don't it's almost like engaging a wild animal you most approach that English football player from the front. Make eye contact to the heels of that you because if you put your hands on him and he doesn't he might Killian. Yeah like I. NFL works well yeah I like soccer bid they touch directly too much. They don't look the refs let a guy kind of like you can at least plead your case you know what it never ever work. But those still listen you know use home observatory area while doing and an ex. If your fantasy span or cease and to know such a great wow. There's I think they governance I don't smoke Toronto in the hall civilian government channel you know you think why they don't factor in congress. Nothing ever actually happens. Right you can watch the hearing things like you can watch the plays were nothing gets them. So mark Mark Zuckerberg you know him from being the owner FaceBook. Much more popular but it turns out a little meaner than Tom everyone's fears what everybody's been trying to tell it in I say yes she gently. Here you sure agreement shocks any old. You you can spot me 75 rocky point. Watched it back and figured out you can figure that the purpose let user agreement is to cover Facebook's rare he and it's not to inform your users about their rights. And you know that. And I go left. I'm no suggestion you that you go back home and re right. And tell your twelve wandered off on our large no disrespect if they're good. But but someone you want it written in English and non shall ideally. Nonchalant you don't thick skull walk we normal the first book strap can complicate this but if you. Let's say he caught heat for saying that. I think he randomly picked slot yield of course you like a marijuana when I let me that's right you don't cause I thought when FaceBook sorrow of the Congo all largely residential but here's the thing out anyone complain about Keanu Reeves why you because now he can't he made this point. Right come mama com all Clooney can I mean come on but I. Good to his fate. And I agree with whom we see your agreements sucks I go of course it does any Leon and you had a cellphone whatever the agreement suck for all bent over so you'll see don't have to sign. But I also think it's funny because if there's one thing no regular human can read. It's a god damn tax code I know I don't I don't know lawyers who are I don't know anger among its all mobile number. Very difficult legislate what he says I'll do this is my site and beaches this Cyrus I mean that's why that's why a lot of the reasons contract attorneys keep their job they speak a language that only they can understand. Regular split you really don't know why don't usually say ramble but a derided backwards and you know. Pretty much jitter and it's basically just think like every lawyer writes like yield if you autos writing a novel if you go to spoke Latin and when we come to the scores see who they're reporter drew who. There well not care for those who do you what does that mean enemies are damaged and Taylor brown under about us. Why don't you write that I would have job an old and the Euro 2008 teams. The fact that you need. This 2018. Tony to. June 22 days didn't. Oftentimes. I will play some clips and he's about to back when he's on jeopardy. This is just a nice montage of thought arch your back you know doing his thing in rapid. I made the change from a common seized two up close and personal with Robin Leach. Wrapped this notorious guy out there who is notorious BIG yes. Don't push me because I'm close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head wrapped this pioneering Branagh mastered the offense Grandmaster Flash corrects the another plane another train another bottle in the brain The Beastie Boys wrapped in no sleep till here Eric was Brooklyn Brooklyn corrects in nothing. But a gene saying if this doctor wrapped. Never let me slip because if I slip now and I'm slipping Mary who is Dr. Dre yes. It's around 2000 public enemy you go boom. Linda when I jump in my car and people treat me like this hall of fame LA lakers center. Mary Cruse cream Abdul Jabbar PS I don't. Let's make you. Tonight. What do you Lotta the data guard 20 man elaborate future back our present category just I think it's the truth and they give you. Pretty blatantly honest there's a doctor. By Alex are you a news story. Will you don't know. You don't need that much to a little kid look it up to me life ain't nothing but inches ends. Are essentially a golden arm. And all but yeah why you know we didn't you left out you have to I don't know I only eight but I'm okay. Well I'll run ads with if you want me is that and a guy are you getting under way for those mod for a long time now that's how this I'm Canadian to. This is how you came up is that a couple weeks ago they had a line from gold digger. I'll militia though and in some news just like you know these are doing a lot more these haven't even dropped a Britney Spears song of the day in reference to people probably funny more entertaining than the stale stagnant air. Wal-Mart Barney Andrew Craig I'm sexy car ball very real army and apple can pick it. I wanted to do late. And maybe some updated just think par course stuff on doing old Eddie Murphy don't just put in your mouth. The equipment and if if if the SI know you edited and. Funny thing about Canada I just learned recently. Watching a show many mattress Mac person. He's Canadian chefs aren't he is a show on vice went right. So goes around to different parts they EE hasn't traveled the world great lake actually more Arnie and is a verdict okay left that's delicious. But. It. Dead set on life isn't Amy Bishop so he was in quote back. Now we all kinda I don't know what you guys are doing in the states are gonna have this idea of lake Quebec can make the French Canadians who mutually Lou. That's the egos to get. Routine. McCann francoeur back with slate he had never had good routine at circle back. To him but I and he started about America you so about the rest of Canada. Yeah another restaurant on the well back well that Quebec though. EE thing with the French cooking it would be severe. Our defense French call on Israel yeah Quebec city Montreal I mean film you know the Toronto and have good restaurants or other cities and have good restaurants did you think. I'm the French culture most people I noted pretty good then the Montreal swear. And ought not feel like I missed the opportunity to name my daughter Quebec. Code that you can pick out what better go no I don't have a list of the world's Canada and Quebec. That that would look good that tells you could look at bill the ruin her life and I quit no quad baca I speak French ships. Picture Elmer fud thing Rebecca or think of Canada Quebec. If it if it. I don't know all I can have been re watching the trailer park voices they're orderly as a Netflix would have to get there on Netflix now Coca years ago they were on showcase which is that the HBO Canada yet. And then they went MMX joke and a left and then they started their own thing makes where net dot com and then basically Netflix gave money that I ever fired back up. Par is a cultural part mores like here we're told Alabama. Yeah I know who. Well good those guests there and I don't think that is the and Harvey Pitt I don't think trailer park always a great example of real Canadian culture. Oh Jesus man you gotta Reppas as it is that I'm Mexico you are don't know bad. Can't we can't make time go faster but it sure would be nice Roseanne dominated again last week fifteen million people tune in see that showed up for that yeah they're gonna done. You might wonder about sports NCAA championship game over on cable's obviously it's optional thirteen million people watch Allen between Michigan Villanova. Which. I slipped to number should be bigger. I don't know why thinkpad but that's about that I usually it's insane with the national championship games on TBS. Right into all the solo stuff everywhere and TV I don't know what they paid for that though. You know I don't know it just seems wild to me within. You know it can't watch on regular network TV even as a national charity game for football is always gonna be on ABC BS pianists who owns TBS is CBS I mean I don't know by tedious task three CBS I would just as they put the CBS owns March Madness okay and I proudly they put it on to some of the games are only what true TV but narrow little place if it wouldn't you want to put that game under flagship network to look for nor the reason man and a look. The reason they do anything. Is to make money in your money come from sponsors and I would just thank him out you can charge a network TV for the game in the NCAA. Tournament right. Annan and look I'm on TV withheld 10 but it just seems like going to be a bit about the internals Graham until got them the final few games out tiger and percent of its its like Orlando one of the best tournaments I think I've seen in years from and a final game just but he just wasn't even close part of Rondo with head and shoulders above everybody that ultimate. Isn't that partly it's a tournament is outstanding. The worst thing that can happen is that one of the contenders stay strong because you know there to take it right the right team on there right now we're gonna Marley and everyone else I Ted thank you we appreciate every penalized go to Mike in documents are you are listening to amend or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No he was happening in the real. Era Colorado are to be enough corrections officers arrested after having sex and a seven elevenths. You're our guy named Ryan rents out some families all mother on vacation thing it's a little slice of that it's really nice house. The San Jose you can be proud owner of a home destroyed by fire for a million bucks. A bank robber tries to impress Taylor Swift in a bag of money over her fence he jogged and a monkey is Lebanon department store and now. It is found mummified it's time your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Scares. Might call. I had a job Carly go to Marysville Washington were a man is facing charges for crimes other than theft. You broke into a home all the family was on vacation and after he was done rotting yet he upped the ante and actually rented the home out. He faces charges of theft and signature by dissension he did a lot more. And that and he he went in there he figured out they were gone for a long long time right now and so then he goes and he starts putting pictures of himself up in his life around the house. He takes all their family pictures down to the people believe that that's actually where he lives right if he starts putting in small things of his into the home. Why he would do pretty good though Linksys full. Thought about this for awhile yesterday. Around the world to go to Argentina where eight police officers used mice as a scapegoat for half a ton of missing lead well that's who made it. When NASA of course when SL 12100 pounds 12100 pounds of bomb went missing from an impound warehouse. The officers claim that the only answer could be that mice eight delete bad is the only error remind the real quite right you won't hear how did a lot of minds out there very stunned right now and we need to find them. They're moving very slowly moved. Early lots achieves the room is moving. Wasn't enough for management and the aid officers were fired at the reasonable I think that we were what you think number one of the work. It's very. A Gillette mice you don't we'd I ran that we. In other news in Colorado a pair of correctional officers were god being a little disorderly. On the way to their shift the ladies decided to pull into a well lit 7-Eleven parking lot to do a little. That Erica making out and grabbing each other in the car and the police for golf weren't good why why were the police called and yes I. They're Mozilla misdemeanor and closed here in court soon. And like you can't make government or international hey kid don't you and I come around and the F what do they do wrong. Tells me like this to women make another car and I've watched him in my goodness I'm on golf gods. And then go to a mall and see two people make an ounce he had granted their underage. And still there's gonna. To Israel which. To look at her home in San Jose we may have just found a home for you know. There's almost for sale in the area that was badly burned two years ago. The home is on a 5800 square foot lot has a hole in the roof no siding and a leaning fence. And can be yours for the low low price of 800000. Dollars less. Now obviously that writes clearly does not deal with them the zappa. No it's it's the cost of living there. If you're right only if you're willing to spend them yet you can get the calls down don't buy it and saying that because it's close to the deed proposed Google village. Old would you want to live near the group although I lunge in when we're out there what is out OK at your partnership. You know I gonna get dig answered on the house put another one up and then did prize just the skyrocket in that area. More than in order used. To be used Google to find a cheaper health threat. Can't go reduction surgery isn't the only new trend and personal touch ups okay thank returns ten. You're I think I'm ready though it turns out they designer nibbles. And Ghana. Well our age right now. You have designer notable yeah would you get cooler gonna design was to get on your list rhinestones and you know lightning bolts into aerial wolf in the I told you mine would look like a pair number two pencils. You can really tight small I'd get a really long you only fair Fossett the books. I think I get giants salami I'll yeah you know just go for. Go for broke go learn more texted him more looks like raisins skim the better more bumps. We'll hope we'll we'll we'll I don't know like that on hair all the way out the outside so looks like bedie who wins and I do and if somebody gets a Mini Cooper puts eyelashes and Alexis now six assists and hit it. It more and more women are going in to get their nibbles quote unquote filled so they'll always have that Chile see through the shirt look. Who'll fill out a 00 they will probably have or as a hero is doing the hour and zoom along exam early whether you know this is not feel if you run you right. That's a very headlines and that's why I. 00 nice to have bad jokes Ted vs the FCC and would bring it doesn't it when it's out today yes indeed it's altered designer Nichols that's and thank our business we'd be all about those bids but we're back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best. Sambora leave the thing it's eggs beautiful.