03-19-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Shoots Some Hoops

Monday, March 19th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between College Hoops and The Military! Plus Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Our guess is as good as mine on the way to categories today will be college hoops and the military will do your guess is good as mine had a few emails the men's or momentum live dot com. In the meantime it is our random question question 844999. Friends and friends. Hello right and welcome duke men's room. All I thought Iraq. I was go to school there what's. What relics do you still have do you still blown up or what relish do you remember. If you use all the took. There's going to record okay and found a small thing a White House. Wow wiped out completely dry thousands there's no waves still it was just one of those things somehow tonight. In a box and open a lot alike this is amazingly this I don't know why haven't you Tom Haynes collects typewriter. Not only that but it doesn't uses right he actually used disease and reduce blows my. Yeah and Iran time. I have a house and it still works one elected this president is playing with the recently. And 1980s. Tiny Casio keyboard. Really wow okay I'm as good Cheney cattle out so it must articulate you want to note that time. Oh that does that keyboard doesn't and teach your own terms as drumbeat on a doesn't like to. More and doesn't put it has cut state court. Okay somebody once we go forward and answer yet but it doesn't have a drums are racing else Celek by solid and it sounds horrible. How old's your kid nineteen. He's quite five to use these these numbers are only three whole reason I thought in what is a third I think it's reasonably. Playing what you are but that's like vintage 1982. And it still works. Aren't. I have seen recently. Actually at a flea market to some stuff the blew my mind a they had the old electronic football game. Where does vibrate when we're over our rates I think it was the Dallas Cowboys and watch Bruno football club area so those two teams or whatever that worlds that are broad Super Bowl was back in Illinois senator was just terrible so they got all let's put it into the loop they emerges they were just you know a million digital rivalry put their driving accidents there exactly that was thought they had I was like man that's pretty cool. What relic do you still own have or remember. There are still believe it or not about a 100000 pay phones here in the United States and this is according to our friends at the FCC. But their numbers are dwindling fast you don't say it's kind of like they say spotting a unicorn adds to the picture the other day you quorum to pay phone up by exiles like all I got to pay what it actually like. I can walk by a rocket taking off like I look at that rockets food yeah hey man look at that well there's a robbery going on the back. I pay follow what our get a picture so stop and I took a picture of it and for some reason than the story came out about Nancy made them on to something. Apparently pay phones still exist in the US and apparently people are still using them according to the FCC. There's 100000 throughout the country a fifth of them are New York City. There were around two million in 1999. And they believe or not are pretty steady business according to CNN the FCC say providers reported 286. Million dollars in revenue. Which is pretty impressive thinking that you want my assuming that they made that. I'd much money out for a roundup Brenda Moran Carolina people still ran his own mind how could do little corner. I had no idea Donnelly got real I really don't depend on where your college. It was well and good morning by the central local and remember one of the 35%. Because that's a large. But you know that's the the last some easy ones and I was feeling like I was relieved and how's it feeling make sure you have changed her phone for a friend of the if you grow revenues cell phone now to make sure yesterday or even when you're at home. There's a landline phone. And you have local service and then you have a different long distance. Feel like they're executive used to be like long distance providers and all this crap out. Thanks a thing about that was my kids the other day man I was talking to my my buddy Brian and I grew up with and I knew every single member of his family because my callers house one of them picked up the phone rights and they knew me and sometimes I think to myself I know some of my daughter's friends I don't know all of my daughter's friends but one of the major things that they don't call you right now would be the difference if if she were in my place and they called house that I would actually talked to them ago. Yes sure I you know I mean reverend Jerry she's upstairs within the ever don't have an interaction. But I just log running up I living up to your exemption that. If I ran a question question is far far 999 cola and heard about you know and I am hello Josh welcome to the men's room. Demand far. Ahead or. As they hear when we get our act how old are. I'm Tony in a moment to 28 he probably don't care about health or lifestyle choices at all do you shouldn't don't thorough says don't BA China during our. I'm. Eighty year old man and a twenty year old by one lifestyle. Change or be tried to make for the better what have you done for yourself. We know are doing some harm to your body would just say like you know what I can't do anymore. I think given the most recent slow holiday I have tried to slow down a beer consumption your Greer Gonzalez. But way way when I say divot goes on race and holidays or did you make his decision in the last 48 hour words. Yeah yeah when Sunday came around and I probably should not trying to match and it promises would start and hospitality sales this is a rundown let's enjoy ago. On saint patty's day. How else probably around June and but I really started drinking that it used war. I guess he's been part of our department there's only one holiday we really truly we'll celebrate. And you guys drink differently than most people aren't you guys are professionals man never bats well. That is a group women people who can really put away smells like is it that being around fire somehow indirectly affects what your bladder can handle a miyazato noted is the fire me universally firemen the Marines are dead Marines I get Murrow and yeah I am seeing the two groups of people that just an absolutely drink you under the table. Coach of the culture that the job of the hard job mentally speaking and you know it's it's great way to bond with the people that are lit. No doubt but here's the question I've always had his you know and firemen notoriously can drink but here you're drinking and you're having a great time. And then the call comes right on the what do you do when you get a call us if we get a call they would say. Hey can you I know you were off today can become a war only to grumble about it but to get there if you get a call play him and you need to be there ASAP. But what you've been drinking all that we how many times have you got shown abundant maybe a little left of sober. On the I have never needing to let a if I'm gonna drink it a planned event but I'm going to drink and not answered that call our armed. Busier now yeah I mean there are yet mostly farm and I knew I like that and I guess we're coalition Forex and they know when they like OK I wasn't a pilot. Like all right I gotta go out Saturday but I know by Sunday and you they need to be done their work Monday you have any do you have anybody they give personally give you hell for the amount of I'll call you put down give a white give a girlfriend give anybody really code. I got a YNG it had looked at me in the Astoria. OC with you. Yes OK now how is she hanging since you probably do a pretty good job hanging in there right. She did a great job machine to get about match stops and then as she knows she's going to be then the one and driving me because I. I don't intent and so how many how many Beers would you say you had. In one day I'll. I did indicate attempting to that helped cried to you as it and it was summertime where you didn't have a beer and it. Yet now as it's a constant running up. And it was or any alcohol on top of that the residents aren't a lot of shot of fireball or some of stupid to be ironic for you when you get the idea. Jim beam fire you know I think if it at Germans are writes he had some good stuff. I've got. Yeah I mean it was so much puke in my neighborhood I was just hoping for like hard rain for like 1510 minutes to get rid of the year and new. And the vomit there was more vomit and in Fremont is a partying partying place. I have never seen Fremont has destroyed as it was after Saint Patrick's Day. It landed on Saturday it was unbelievable that's huge the weather was pretty nice outside so now I mean that's that is all the elements for parting saint patty's day it's unseasonably warm unseasonably sunny and you you just have to break any loosely trinket outlays like saint patty's or sink it a mile like they land on Saturday people are gonna happen but it really crazy. So here's what they say as far as your life and all that stuff goes crazy late at it you can do a lot of damage to yourself in a lot of different ways but. I guess doctors and scientists both agree that the magic number is forty for you to really start taking care of yourself if you cancel the man on the outer tower is forty years old. It's also the age when your bad habits can start to catch up with yourself. Your risk skyrocket for things like high blood pressure high cholesterol obesity diabetes once you hit that Ortiz. The diabetes the sugar when you're forty all these things really increase and become kind of important. So all they say hero the top five lifestyle changes you should try to make before you hit forty because it's gonna affect you number one you should quit smoking obviously referred does your times. Stop digging out as another big thing. As far as way game because it's easier when your metabolism slows down pick up those pounds. They say you have to get some exercise even of this just three times a week you got to start doing that all the things you've heard before him enough and figure out how to manage stress stop isolating yourself so don't get caught up in the phone in the TV you know itself and a basically in even more so they say. You need to socialize more because people who are around about even if you have a drinker too they live longer so they say if you're a lonely or isolated probably gonna have some kind of heart issue. Rendell Rendell Rendell thank Andre we ran our head. Chris welcome to the literally random right. I blew it. What's let's just get this and what messed up things. What messed up thing happened when you were school. It's via memory and I let it cool we're gonna fall in the school so that was like man it's. There's a crazy thing that happened today. The pretty kids can't actually. Who is winning zoo zoo as an classmates. The mentally you know like gas I got it to the violence I don't think kindergarten. And some kids they're standing outside waiting in line and then hit my kindergarten looked over being says. He got a book or on your case and I reached down and I smeared out this is now in order to dictated to come I say. You know I think you'll only. I thought not only did unit. Yeah. It is actually getting you know I don't really think I don't have any I don't have any five year old memory I'm I'd go to Filipinos voters were man yeah academy of fire about a remember the dude I do know this I do remember this when I was a kid. I think my knows a lot. And my everybody does in my MI had twin bed was like right up against the wall parents I would take my nose acknowledges that put the bugger like right below the bed in me like Brad and hide it. But it was almost fall. Kind of like below the mattress he couldn't see it. And then I think on my mom move the ban like who's this. I don't Aaron all the bloggers that I put on the long like all that time and thank you like and she never seen it before Zoellick when you pull back the bad it was a pretty impressive collection Eli doesn't wow you think impressive is the word the mood to her head I'm glad to hear impressive. There is we as I was the most. Best of things that you saw a school that happen teacher allegedly Federer probably don't turtles students watch that sort of say it happened at nine album by the way they ended up putting the turtle that activist. Right again. They Fannie puppy to a turtle. Eternally the puppy in front of the group of kids since then the turtle. Has also been looked down. But the dutrow believes still hasn't stopped at the video of the total back at the Preston junior high school in custom and they missed a big lesson that they could have taught children write them. Still got your guys as good as viable the government there rules on the way in your emails up next in the men's room mad men's or live that down you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. I got on your guess is gonna minor categories Khaled tubes and the military plus we'll bring it tells. With the shot of the day first time for a few emails open men's room Edmonds or buyback. I've hit a birthdays say fellows that they celebrate the fourth week might pub titan has been blessed. Even he wasn't your show will somehow. Sometimes how the birthday song. Keep doing what you're doing. Stay beautiful. No we don't we will do more birdies for dogs but on the outs were birthday it was the fourth week he Stanley gets a bird they request is that dog has been whether request wait or how they have their own hangs out I don't like Scooby Doo ready. To recruit reviewed. Germans was shot onto the oldest Andrew he is 22 years old great son husband to his wife and all around good friend. A few of the hard work and dedication for being awesome how about a feud turtles sexes for a blood via a man who. This is love. Saw the results. Tried to push our youngest son David added Tony for a birthday he's thoughtful and hard working out about the thirty German. You'll go out a sealed the in a go down. Now through my 3000. Colleges ought to get my buddy Marc Faber they shout out how B 27 buddy. How about a European is is due small followed by a what back jealous that bro thanks guys that from justice. Yeah. Throw I would jaws another year's best of my husband they get when your older luckily his wife is still hot in his mom's are still lesbian. He takes full credit for being the first that Ted wish to have Labor Day two and a sexy Australian accent so you'll love another sexy shot up this year to. Thanks guys that from Christen. Dad did at Mellon net yet another one of those two sections that she lets you gotta to mother. Pat them on the come around here for the Krispy geek. Happy birthday make. Hi guys cereals fast yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I have to I have to say you know. Big. Doesn't guarantee German brought. All available through these world famous men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Newton trying to fly. Blue get a contestant on line if we could right now for your guess is as good as Multi Color 98449990. That is coming up come lectures here as we were uncomfortable days. But Charlotte just trying to tell yet. How much you mean to me in the wife. We are in a bit of a financial bind the mrs. has been feeling well for awhile and we've been between jobs for a couple weeks however. Whenever we worry stress or even have the occasional squabble on our afternoon we tune in and love you guys we get a few hours of good tunes. And some jaw dropping moments and serious laughter no matter what every day you guys are are steady relief. Thanks for doing what you do that from Danielle and Amy thank you for the nice words most of the time it's just people bitching. I just wanted to say thank you guys again for helping me proposed my now wife almost two years married now and my son will be born in April. Due date is April 19 but I think he'll be a four Tony maybe you don't you guys do and get me through my dad and see you guys another red festival. That's from Luke. Okay housing how do we help you for definitely be announcement guy coming up very soon about a potential red dust type thing so if you want us to help new proposed whoever it is alive please join us this is going to be fun to try to rebound do the best I can't. This was the story subject of my lady bits. One test my husband and I got frisky which involves him going you know. Everything was going great until I began to feel my downstairs burn it started out a little uncomfortable and got increasingly unbearable. I jumped off his face and ran the shower yelling get up the hill. We've both completely forgot that he was just. Eating some really spicy beef jerky a hole which it is about an hour to call myself a half off because that's our future is that the photos I'd like to take about an archived for my act. Okay. In my right there yeah yeah. From my downstairs to the puff. Has turned to a normal count did puff is the best part of that I think we understand it's it's this whole area now also needed a deep buff she adds buys it smaller related these are deep up for a minute staff and jerky. Also we live with the monogram all the time so I'm sure there are wondering while I was running naked down the hallway thanks guys from Melissa. Melissa had jerky knuckles and fingers through two I just can't get over that it's jerky I know I thought for two weeks right wings and I move. Oh and I looked anything like I said they're gonna get over here honey. She doesn't before Monte get a well we didn't do imperial. Cola Gloria hit with few years ago I was at a hotel in California. As I was headed to my room. Okay off when I saw a guy blasted the parking lot and almost hit two other guys who were holding hands. Who were obviously a couple. They yelled the guy in the car and he yelled back with a mouthful of homophobic slurs. His mistake was when he got out of the car one of the guys reached into his backpack and pulled out a huge just silicon dot the silicone gong he. And hit the driver hard enough across the face to knock him out cold your dad and I downloaded the use the best part was the next morning when I was on my way out and I saw the guy's car with a handle of the bill though hanging out of the tailpipe with a guy trying to pull it out barely. It'd been super glued in place. So that got us to come back. That's what's happening got a little bit angry about it. Oh boy while. You know what I debated reading this thing I was gonna try the best advocate this doesn't that's. This is not had any punctuation. I'm gonna say you can get to that I'm in I can try my best I'm telling you to bring new way this is at least ten brother but I mean it's a seriously long memo which argued the best choice and is not the enemy my area. Hey what subtropical bunch times thanks for not answering anyway so I've been here all radio shows for the past couple days and am able to finally get radio station anywhere in this F and state because it came down here my boy different Texas not figured you always. How like a good is this story read on the rarest of all this baby back BS to all of them read the whole town bless her heart. So one day I gotta go down my dad down to Gulfport Mississippi because it's dragged by some Mike our race have been biker rally well we end up staying at this hotel all this mean my cousin friendly couple. Of out of town know all the I anymore hammered since we've been drinking all day anyhow who. So we see how long we can go back and then we go back to the room and I realize that we had thrown away the room key and median worry wart but I and we have to go back and get Becky to my cousins friends to stay with my cousin in his truck at the hotel whenever we get back when we get back from going to get to key there's a full out brawl woman parking lot this hotel this guy who'd been on. PCP try to rob a and I see my friend if this guy and they with a beer bottle last and they did not faze him susteren running all down hotel knock on everyone's room window and all we newcomer like if I didn't now my agent and I think if there are widely used to watch on WW eat one personal take on everybody like a tag team match I'm knocking on the door just as I'm going down talking about ultimate and amount of the party wants knocked out twice another person knocked him out and then here comes my dad he stroll along the zipping underwear holding a pistol sound like dad did too. Everything was scary all the in the sun comes up and Massey captain save a whole security guard for the hotel thirty minutes later if at that counts involving called because we're not the ones going to call the cops because we can't call got these you know. So this in an effort walks up and pops is guy right at the mouth and he buckles as these just crumbles falls to the ground. In his cast doubt on hand just filing a Marcum I am in my bag if he blows a kiss to me sakic the little stupid ass mouth the weekend we continue drinking after that my dad won a trophy of racing in and next your I want a trophy for bikini contest when it was an awesome incidents I mean apple they market like to hear Tom thanks from the radio thanks to take the time remarked rappers shoot all the way down here in Houston Texas from the hundred students. Well a price and how little story there really did netstat is a great family and I am sure. See our here's a good one on who got hit with what to restored house working as a county jailer it's Friday night in a full moon. I began a 300 pound Dockery of a woman and shredded black spandex. She's crying and lumbering about our cat. Well I try to Booker and she continues to ask about the cats why pull up the booking sheet and start reading. Officers responding to a domestic violence call in the house to shouting and screaming report reads something like this. Suspects started fighting after heavy drinking male and salted female suspects kept male suspect picks up and we can't. Jesus and throws it at the female suspect female suspect pics of a frying pan full of hot oil and throws it into the male suspect hitting him in the head. Female suspect they took the cap by the tail. And continues to be the male suspect it was a Capps who now has the frying pan trying to defend himself both suspects booked into the jail large cats are routed to morgue for evidence next booking as a skinny white guy. Who looks like he went through a blender asking about it cats. Both of them from granite falls if you're locally you'll get it back from brush siege. If needed you tell that dirty and I am. It's in here and again and you grab that camera detailed views it as a weapons in case you don't immediately it. That that's just not Raleigh here's does not work there's only two places that insanity happens you do you're on the feel like the brink of death yet. Or are the only couple to be that passed a domestic or so was trying to murdered a couple of others miles and other good ideas from our buddy Eddie gotta sit Jose was on the fox. Miles good idea which are a day late and a dollar short there's a company starting to do the goober of ambulance services who. So I you know I played well in hand eye opening on what does the situation is that we actually rose store read a story about that there's. Kind of scenarios of a look there are certain instances you you need to call an ambulance without a resolutely need to call an ambulance and though there's very can elect. Maybe you don't if it's maybe then don't yet exactly until it's as far as my number my personal number I'm proud of is fifty. IE 850 McDonald's chicken nuggets in one sitting. I attended his feet after a brother tried and cute and 49 point five nuggets. And no I am not a fact elf and I just love me some nuggets rock on that from banana Bailey. Who once sat down and 815 I guess what his brother puke to 49 and a half of those Swinton Greece for the next three days subject cousy with the boobs I didn't have those but I remember my grandpa had the pin that you turn over you see the boobs. That was my nice experience. I do I love those bands the yeah I was just comes down an at bat and without a pretty stole one off somebody's death squads did you use it. No just somebody might mom or dad worked with in my prime is my mom had one on their desk. I just I couldn't help like twelve or thirteen I'll I meet at this. An integrated I mean I had a boat that would come. Our job well your guess is as good as mine it's easy game play we are free up Larry double categories there and you try to get many right insect category. Before three strikes you're out there as Steve we have contessa ready to your guess is as good as we do hello Kyle welcome to the newsroom. On how we don't own I dial categories here. We have. The most powerful militaries in the world is the category that we brought up before but unfortunately that animals on pick. And we have as we've got tell the basketball action going on the ten best cities to be a college basketball fan. We know your college basketball in my wanna go the ten best cities to college basketball defense if you know your military the ten most powerful militaries in the world. What is the as a category ought to figure Kyle and your guess is as good as mine. And it asks tough one today. Don't you know although military do you like Oakland the whole rest of the world I'm gonna go baskets and get the shots. I had these are good talent these are the best towns to be a college basketball fan. As we are you know we've got March Madness on the right hand many teams have many actual states have a double teams in action. But as far as your brackets go most of those are pretty well done but there are some just legendary. College basketball tests. And these are the the ten best in the United States of America. And I can't really give me any more than that my problem is and then I suspect you'll do well at this in the sense though. I can probably guess the schools at least eight right because of how really also but. Who knows who the city there is right that he or she got to go to Chapel Hill is conversely North Carolina and duke are both there right. And got Kyle you and I were you we think there. Steadily in the same thing definitely leading off the Chapel Hill I had to play. Chapel Hill. North Carolina. Is the best city in the United States period to be a basketball fan out for UNC is there are two seed this year and they've won six championships including last year so yes. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That would be the number one place via college basketball fans could start that I would also think about the else yet Lawrence Kansas for the university can't visited the that you have. Lexington Kentucky when Mercer the Kentucky though. Yeah I'm thinking. I was thanking me Kentucky I'll start with the. It intends to start Lexington. That is correct up her number five obviously that's where the wildcats play eight count them. Eight basketball titles for Kentucky that's pretty impressed you got two out of the ten correct no strike so far out what is your next guest in the top ten. As cities for college basketball in the United States. They just might be tough for the also in Kentucky come and go Louisville's. Sure I know. Sorry Lou those where you have sex in a bathroom with a woman you just met in an Italian and that is a good reason to go back. But just now for the basketball. And that's that's always tough when you don't do not think yeah. I think you should go ten on this thing go Lawrence Kansas. Since the gang you know one of the surprise move that you are spent they're accused some new Turkey. Oh that's a bad at all. Shag head adorable go about our graduate but they had a list of twenty these are the top ten and I know why I thirty's right hand look forward to them. What about late kind of market though Norris what in Philly. And yeah. Are they I mean there are also right now that is the only two schools that the most history so I would again I would really recommend Lawrence Kansas. And maybe easily seemed Michigan provision gives it up. Lawrence Kansas. Two monolithic whether Kansas Jayhawks go home. Three NCAA basketball titles from Lawrence Kansas that is correct see you got three out of the ten. You've gotten two strikes one strike remaining. On the top ten best cities to be a college basketball fan in there is a little bit of up. I guess I can explain it to you later but you brought up the fact Ted that you thought that Duke University was in fact in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Yes it's enough it's in dar Al buyback yes it is so I would I would guess that might be another strong contender yet during their coats. And yeah. Durham, North Carolina Durham that it's Iraq or North Carolina or duke is quiet national championships I just want to be confused and think if that was included a number one. We'll see some of the some suggestions came into Lafayette for Purdue. Dominate the bar for a guy four out of the tip. You've got Shell Oil North Carolina where UNC is you got Lawrence Kansas where the jayhawks call home. Durham, North Carolina where duke is what five championships and Lexington Kentucky with a Kentucky Wildcats play eight. Eight titles altogether. So you've got six cities that are the ten best cities to be a college basketball fan two strikes with one striker made. Do you plant in Michigan. That is number nine I was broken and it's all because of Michigan State. I kind of don't bring your job man you then five other Ted there's five and obviously my serve it is gad one strike left to a nice when you get wrong now. How come they may be in arbor to I don't know I mean Michigan and they tradition are both good golf to. I'm and I always kind of facility Ann Arbor being more of a football stadiums now you're right store. Game. I think I am thinking Indiana now trying to determine if like maybe the Indianapolis I think it thing looming can all be my guest so I think that's where those they. Aren't known as Indiana that hoosiers play number eight on the list as Steve continues to parts. Knowing and guys like six out of it and you've got one striker many got. Bottom I'd divorce suggested by the way people say and LA for UCLA. And had a history Georgetown for a while I was doing great well. I'm thinking can I Connecticut had two really good years and then you have my tells the Hartford whalers left and so. Nash and the unit city giving it Netflix door earns or some of those stores Connecticut. I I don't know I just forty miles away New Britain, Connecticut ranked dead last. But are staggering university Connecticut is number seven all right you've gotten 77. Out of the tin. With two strikes one strike remains. You know again. A minute minute to an Arizona. Arizona hope you're out. What city. By Ed Tucson Tucson ash. God. Not a bad run moment so they as far as the us cities he got right there Kyle of the ten best cities big college basketball fan number one Chapel Hill, North Carolina we're UNC is number two Lawrence Kansas where the Kansas Jayhawks play. Durham, North Carolina or duke is five championships Lexington Kentucky where the wildcats play with eight. Stores Connecticut yeah admitted to number seven Bloomington Indiana was number eight in East Lansing, Michigan number nine. What did Kyle Mets. At number three. Los Angeles, California. The UCLA has won eleven. 64 and 75 they want to. At number six Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Villanova is a big reason for that ten and number ten that. College Park, Maryland blue Obama it's called so I hope those are the ten best cities to be college basketball. I got OJ adult flu shot a day men's or rules is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is you. True. I gotta look good yourself this Saturday and the minute delay about bird and. It's. Moment. Because again for men's or roles they complete list is an element or my back out and check the website there you'll see all the rules that you made throughout the years and everyone's about a try to put to a couple more rules in two lawful way to go. Happily this one would fall under. The category of personal boundaries some of which include no man shall ever use another man's chapstick. No man should massage another man let's professional license to do so no man should ever sit on another man's lap from. When using a carousel door of one man personnel. No two men and hot tub should sit next to each other in less all four sides are spoken for. No mention such a small another man's back etc. etc. so this jabs they usually get to me and it and good like anything you know if you buy a product and there's a warning label. No matter how dome the warning is it's only there to some of the data and and I destroy imagine the scenario were some way your brother did. Did you just use my attention. Dude I'm brushes straight eyelash from another man's cheek. He then there about if it's pathetic beards. Their gamble basically this let's go section. Oh boy section. There's the ten never touch another man's hair and comment on it. When that qualified and it's just hair yeah but seemed pivotal. Is people say to Ted and I were ball and we are bulldogs obviously know we're paramour had they say you don't JUN and had a facial to mention this like two weeks ago Manson guy had an ice beer bill which is a huge piece of late. British string and on because that's kind of leaned over and took it off Imus is girls like are OK okay all right so what you're doing and time to review does what and that's when. I don't see a major role on a time of a dimension hug situation or not. Bro hug should not last more than 12. Emotional bro hugs should not last more than ten. Within about the hunt. I mean you know me and my friend for howdy group three cats and now. Did diligently for the past career throughout that summer may become do boom boom boom is trying to wreck I mean maybe like a second and a half. Half is along the filly did take some votes are taste but to me you do the count based on the number tab you're gonna get how long has it been since you've seen this person will salute you don't it's a funeral you might get five cats upon seeing about one tapper good yeah. And care we have a thought on that. I mean I just can't pass on what my group I'm twenty. You have to have rules issued his name out of the men's or women's in my dot com make the subject mandrel roles are I wanted to imagine doing attack. Bloody out there deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Data and as usual they had to their very best dancing with the oil to find out who were toasted yes indeed today we chose to nineteen year old drop Jonathan Bruce in the of somewhere in Michigan but in this case. His story. Takes place in the Caribbean specifically in the Bahamas where he was recently on vacation with his girlfriend's then. But his idea going on this vacation to see was to make his girlfriend. His fiancee and friends only nineteen years old but apparently the two of them met at a party in the middle school and they've been in inseparable ever since. All the way to the point that he's comfortable traveling with a family and so comfortable that he actually asked the famous permission. To ask her for her hand in marriage and they absolutely. Gave him their blessing aren't so there and in good situations so he could not get around asking the first thing they did now that he knew they had a blessing. He and his girlfriend brother went out for a hike okay because again they're that close. When I went out of the hike obviously the talking about the upcoming nuptials exactly how is gonna execute this should be romantic should be spur of the moment should I do in front of anyone. And as are having this conversation. The city on rock on the quips and notre thank you don't know. He fell backwards awful look no nothing like that happen at all. Instead a giant wave came in and sucked his fast also rocked it took him out CE. He was found five days later lo. And no he did not make it and basically he had about twenty minutes to say. I'm gonna have for her hand American and an ocean said not today and matters hardcore. So important is that we drink this booze because we think it's yummy now back so over the tone it down the coral you've partly an art Tommy's. Down now all that they don't. Delegates does online profile that's dollar 9844999. Alive. They should many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.