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Monday, March 12th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. His real. They go get a bird flew over 2700. And any ball our. Along with Steve the throw this. Food Ted Smith and all blue bar. The my car. Yeah aren't men's draw a. Hey Randy question question is back your guess is as good as mine categories of breakups and food. A positive dream story gets hammered it goes shopping fit right to play profile arrests. Plus headlines and entered Jonbenet publicity emails everyone's favorite TV time to the class community of Ontario Oregon daycare provider is 21 years after drugging kids. So she can go across fit and then go chance. Meanwhile a hospital who used a patience and mutated leg for a pillow surely to come up with a different future play. Zoo in England put sixty different animals on birth control pill college course to focus on calling out people whose BS they want to spill. And England as Russians are poisonous five or as we say. No collusion. An assault coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All I've read his good day to you and yours are most of us know this attraction. And make people very weird makes it very stupid if you are tracked in the someone you know Margolis and watch it. But everything don't or creepy about you that's certainly rises to the surface say for example the mayor of Georgia. Sandra to a woman at a bar but look long story short in an effort to impress her he did a back flip all over table. But instead about going back flips off of the table he crashed through the table landed on her head and center from to the hospital venture. But that's what attraction. A seventeen year old girl she went to see the black panther movie while she is a thing for actor Michael B Jordan and during his shirtless scene in the movie the girl reacted. By Biden who her retainer and had to make an emergency visit to the dentist. I think we understand what was happening that. And then there's no government I think we all have an idea what he does to be attracted to someone he's he's back in the news in the back in the news for the same reasons. Because he's creepy he's creeping like a bag bullets severed hand discreetly. About the way we have a story about that first from him recently discovered a bag containing 27 payers a severed human hands. These are some of the stories we saw in the left us with many many many many questions. Questions relate to as uniform of the random question questionnaires on works. You call us we asked who question the complete random and if you share your story will show reviewed the new story that inspired. The question several big guys show and ran question question call 844999. Hole you can like the men's or month FaceBook falls on tournaments are live. And to those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Liz smiles. Hello a dog than a while ago limits on number 2784. Her and I guarantee future repeats. I your guess is as good as minor categories today will be break ups and food if you've ever been a relationship. And maybe you have go have a did you realize that certain items go to certain places you get certain things the others have gets the other stuff and we're gonna go through a good old the break up here with your guess is as good as mine. And we have some food around the world and also coming up today the returned a positive drinking story as we have some very positive economic news as far as the world about calls concern. And how it's basically helps the economy and this is best when it that's a blowout sales of alcohol will become even more so yeah. So not all media by the liquor the beer whatever and all of all the taxes and all the money and all that goes well public or not a lot of people like to get hammered a go shopping. So we have information coming up love story about that with the return of the positive during your store right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day and today is the day would you our random question question 844999. Holes to grab a good friend to our taxes. Carlos Siam welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Okay. Diameter and friends that'll let. Boy. Your goal here in South Dakota right. Guess there. Was let what do you do and I'm an all day right the week is here you don't have to go to work what's the thing to do in South Dakota. Article where it caught first single winner away. Did you say I'm asleep you you say that like we are not going to leave that in the winter in South Dakota there might not be ads on this. Know a lot of blue series Vince there's like they do realize quite. Do you usually get mad about it I can really do much of that. Really I Burton you're gonna Cheyenne Wyoming as I close. And your picture taken at the welcomed a shy and signed the typical things that a guiding shy and should probably do in life. They aren't did you ever get one of those many license plates when you're a kid. I don't know I don't know who was shy and there's no way does not apply to him are now you kid I always got one vote. Yeah I'm one of the few black people that is ever got my license plate from. Does listen man and a black people you know it let's not lie about it right but today Michelle Kwan they just don't for it to happen. Well sometimes as with the W symptoms of the US don't matter it's the names not gonna be that they mutilate limbs KW some of his Q you like you need the black license plate section okay. I giants go this one how would you really mess up at work with the biggest mistake you ever made for an employer. I couldn't pull it being. I don't believe. Well actually used to be as an intern at a certain radio station and add the we actually caught someone he would appeal on the air because pickpocket dial that person. So when you played her only error I guess some people freaked out. Yeah at least we thought about it but he's like. I got I out. And to record the call would like to lose but illicit edit they did record so yeah. Senator you're kinda how Long Will compete with the is like a 32. Were they talking did you hear the final push. It is the bill has some good there was some conversation between a couple people and then it was just one long it quite until you believe. Angst and it's. Got a piece Steve Angel like that. I I'm I'm I'm frequent pocket dialer and I do it in spurts like oh demo iPhone go like. I just I'll leave people in the last half hour have no idea how that happened what was I doing what they now under the gun on the blue pummeling a mighty like and I'm sure viewers are Smart yeah it. I. The reason we asked had to do a mess of a word this is a doozy. The board responsible for overseeing funeral directors and Nova Scotia and Canada. Has revoked the license of one man for in for his role and makes up. At a funeral home that any woman mistakenly cremated. And another embalmed and presented to the wrong family if it's David farmer of serenity funeral home in crematorium will no longer be allowed to work as a funeral director Oren and Ballmer. According to the ruling that was released by the Nova Scotia board of regulators of that type of deal. The situation is unprecedented. It has never happened in Nova Scotia and we certainly had to look at procedure. And process he said he hopes the two women's families find some peace and solace through the whole process air even though they've been completely erased of the opportunity. To grieve. Their loved ones. Moving forward we do not want to try to open the door a little bit so that the public feels a little bit more included in the process. In these mistakes are made again. According to Friday's decision far mistakenly cremated Bennett after the two bodies arrived at the facility in the same vehicle. Wilson who was supposed to be cremated was instead in bombed and presented as minutes into the other woman's family. Before that it's open casket visitation was that began. Family members had been a and that's when ordinary and pointed out of the funeral step of the body blow in the casket was not in fact his wife. Wilson was eventually creeping in at the funeral home staff to our family about the makes up for days after it happened shortly before her funeral service. But I mean brutal it's brutal it is absolutely brutal. It. Hit my bailout but not all wasn't I just feel like you're dead suspend the guy up for bay shore. Right it got us and amassed great. I don't know man I don't know much about. Before the you look but I am I think they know it seems like the distinct possibility the battery so what happened we've we've heard stories and I know. Individually do friend we've got to be god awful but it's the idea that like look. To about his command same man same day it it seems to me just in any line of work I've ever had. That's the easiest way to make a mistake right it does become overlooks I can go in I don't know if you Batman would including reasonable it would take away the heaviest of the situation like if you're you are close to some of what you dealing with the legacy that like look at now look I think it's made and I really like oh my god who of that bunker that Hulu it's this earth that's great yeah I'm just imagine going to see a family member and it's a my dad. We turn on and rightfully so I didn't get there right did you sit there. I mean it's harsh there's no doubt it's harsh to the families under saying it seemed to Lee in the mortuary world that seems like. The foreseeable mix up right. Hey man honest mistake. I don't know pills I feel like that the job re double check stuff I agree man I agree I don't loads of it in the system and the audio is not there we could talk and get through it we get the early part of this. Hands ma am yeah I'm Doug Bradley friends yeah. Out of bed at a given the credit. There may not last respects my mom lives of other big smile like I'm down I'm gonna lose this is for the fairly well. Come to say that seems reasonable. We'll ask a fellow Alex welcome to the member of the oh oh wow. I'm tired out at sea here. How are you beer drinker and oh yeah I. What's. What was your goal too early beer there when you're young and more and wanting to drink a lot of quantity what was your closure cheap beer that you grabbed. There. Believe. Canada and somewhere I'll of that amount location in Hawaii. And now things really have much of it and they really crappy. Doubts though. Think for the most are OK I can you get what they rely on it and they think they theory on smallpox and you aren't there it's. But yeah I'm like I couldn't afford coarsely. That was all right we have Milwaukee's best most of the day rule Milwaukee has nothing to be proud have a whoever I hear there's a guy or work guys shot and then he's a easy huge course like things until we can't get cores like though he buys Costco Kirkland. Like beer with a society pretty close to cores like I don't know if you've ever had that before about I would guess that might be cheaper. Clean its. I have I have one of those beggars can't be choosy momentary I had a drink keep down I guess there the night side. I'm what is on the wrong with you know sure others just takes icy drink a lot of natural light bag today was people considered a cheetah and I thought it was great yeah I'm with that in Milwaukee but don't cheat and a good or bad and still keep Milwaukee's bats though is not a good you're just well. It's not a good look at you want. Generally depends on where you are only. There was a time. Dick every beard to start with an ass in the area of the north eastern if you give those guys may get it may get as yourself and start with a vessels like. Schmidt sensual lips and stone knees and I mean I always say slits added an extra oil. Oil they should just drop Allen said this is the name of the Mir goes tomorrow say they wish threats we forget about you it's gonna hurt but they gonna do three draft would beer did you would dislike the most whether or did you kind of to start out drinking. A South Carolina truck driver caused quite the scene not tied to Andy in that Okaloosa county Florida. He's spilled 161000. Pounds of beer onto the highway. According to the Florida Highway Patrol Michael Powell 44 of South Carolina and Sims and bill was driving a tractor trailer. When he failed to maintain his lane at 2:40 in the morning. As a result the tractor trailer traveled under the north shoulder of the road and overturned. And flipped. Causing 60000. Pounds of bush veered to be thrown from the trailer I was bush do Busch board were 60000 pounds of Busch beer going. It's got to beef I don't in Florida but that is a lot of bless you view your credit Florida. I wanna say to that Washington state university for a period was like. Per capita sold more bush than like any small grill it well it's only wants I can mold on it full of college kids do you want to becomes quickie it's gonna become click you write for awhile. It was. How popular Pabst Blue Ribbon in Amman their quickie way. The one that I notice now that's making its way into the scene is hymns. Out of is that Chicago warm what Wisconsin. Now Chicago's old style prepared and north Kansas from latest from Minnesota you know Canadian. I'm not I'm balancing and all of us so the price going up man. Proves otherwise cheap at all or you know what I just think people are I think the hands people probably just have this one's buying it I'm sure your little wider than they got like I found that I don't drive up the cost of patchwork don't drive of the cost of tater tops let these things have been around stop giving social did you make these cheap vastly more expensive and. Rotator tax random read yeah. Random random friend who gold. And Zahn welcome to the men's room. And a long and hard done. Do you know John. All right let's say here dime both killed us. What do you wish that you had not found it or maybe. Seen at all. I'm not I'm movements. Scared is when we younger. I was going through do you have those covered it'll spot at Bob yeah I'll stop the Drake. And now my mom says it. He got its kept well didn't you know sort of rhetoric that we got called up and they can't know what it. They don't need it. Your mom or my. I'm gonna come out and opinion thin line and us. The band and media needs to have friends over and can't plug pulled out like well I can keep their duty. It but it. Think it's and if you are you pretty good article. With. That is a great coffee mug limp. Very surprising keeper my grandfather had a cousy that was just boobs Iraq is a kid I thought that was the greatest thing I've ever sees my life. It was a plastic Uzi right before the kind of usually wasn't more of a jacket yet so kind of slid into this plastic container but it is just a woman standing there when boots Apple's also. My parents were like fifteen. Armor more than go on the night before but my mother like hey you probably took me out we have fun whatever so I'm their bed was a stuffed cats a little stuffed animals stuffed I kind of think. Which seemed gotten regular is very much about them to pick this thing double the pick and evidence of the huge between mayors. Humbling and it's just a weird thing normally with my pants like okay okay and lose the barrel back. O'Meara penis got okay we're Darrell and art are what are you valuation and found Norah found out about a bag containing 54 severed human hands washed up in Russia good times far east of us Iberia in the border closed to China there. It was spotted first by a local. Who. Basically saw Canada and a snow covered bank. The bank of a river. They open up the bag and yeah there were a bunch of dead body parts but a mostly hands 54 severed human hands. So locals kind of freaked out there at the popular good day I guess they did. They do say that nothing was suspicious in the area they don't know where that. The they call them sinister hand a bag of 54 hands washed out. But there's nothing suspicious they don't know where they're from they don't know bootleg of human and shows us severed up from dead bodies. A maybe they think there might be from a hospital. They don't know if there are used for light education purposes as they did in a medical teaching facility this is Russia's so I suspect education. Purposes as. Do you do with Lisa jump ball presents it. Those unmanned more believable from his job pain track includes Russia anywhere else to do like our tunnel where Russia I don't know about the way as far as we know what makes them to go get. Lutheran general makes that scene was from the comments seem like something human error could call from time to time. Wolf we've all been dying for a very long time so you think they would have figured out some sort of way to prevent this by strong point. Someone else says tell thrill it's not in normal mistakes in the funeral business that from the eighteenth 2000 grave digger and people. I'll take his word for it. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. All ball on Iraq made progress. All boil it all at all or mutual. Yeah well at all. That's a lot that's a lot of bush I'm glad it's. I think I just a lot of good luck I think it's part of Bravo will do wounds and Nevada I'm not you know whoever's running that truck Budweiser and that whoever the hell they are I expected they have a lot of different types of beer you're going to Florida we have Budweiser is the gonna bloodline. They're gonna have all the but what Iran or to do that all the bush on there and all that stuff. So I just can't believe it's completely stuffed with just Busch beer that is a little you don't really like maybe a couple of other varieties of some things I mean hell anything anything. You know like a Pallet Pepsi was an area that's something anything I bet it's all the whole damn thing is full of bullish yeah mind blowing to me. You know until they don't want legal also I was going to socialism Florida. But my god you were there for spring break is that of that happens like you know of area time and it's got a pair we elect a you know eighteen wheelers full Busch beer. Analyses here what are you had a cargoes go this one who who would you say is you were. Your celebrity crush. Who lows are now. Veteran. Group. Won't be so. Lindsay who use of that awful quick. Learning in school and who is Lindsay sterling. She is they did that for a moment. Who actually one of others. All of it actually did a little bit about the this summer. Ice OK he done well with when people some still old you know had a few other. I'd apologist and time again that I look at and off of ever got. Ma'am I did not take you know advantage and boom so long was your love yet. He ticket to a concert in September so yeah. Who was your crush before her you know again have a crush the new so money does not give one off the pedestal. Or applied between all negative all their ball well. What good is slogan that. I don't know a lot of times when asked. Who did it was your hoosiers liberty crash there are seventeen year old girl broker retainer because you got to sunny during the shirtless scene a black panther. That would be the one where Michael B Jordan takes his shirt off. When MG it would in BJ took his shirt off. She cleans your keys so I think hard she snapped it in half an ego thing funniest as ever in my. Tiny seventeen year old life. Then she slipped off pursuit. Ali or the does actually close about 20 yeah yeah it's amazing she actually went to great natural reaction. And how good bye to be in your life and I go yeah I area and it's she bit through the wiper overall because he took assured us from Brussels. Where questioned why today 449990. Lamar recalls coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Did you just jump shot is on the way and your guess is goes on categories will be break ups and upload your guess is as good as mine render for emails in the men's or women's in my dot com in the meantime it is RN a question question 844. 999. Old friends hello. And welcome to the admin group. All are all past hello just a friend friends put Ono and started. Some did good good good all right okay. Doesn't he travel a little bit your lifetime. A little bit not like oversee like I didn't hear anything else and got you do if you different towns are state if you different places. Yeah time masters. Based on where you'll live going to be just been a little bit at times. What was it or is it's the capital. In other words if you spent some time in Kansas City. You'd be hard pressed to find Kansas City barbecue anywhere else that's going to be what to look for as we can that possibly take if that's would you like it a bit. He could easily be the capital barbecue. Look a little Baltimore you could say it's the capital cryptic when I argue it's also the capital murder. It is so it's like look lake Trout you credit drought what drought doesn't actually exist it's not real thing in the first and to tell you you're in my mind and make travel you can go came from a little while ago wrapped if you Chicago Uga go woods deep dish pizza I feel like hot dogs you say hot dogs the wood based on where you lived what was that the in other words if you really wanted something here young Amanda if you're really craving something where where would that be. Time Sharm cowboys. New Orleans right yeah I ask you how got gas and I think you're gonna call there's not a better shrimp po boy in the world and what a new book about a global. A lot of the Pope more than doubles amateurs that they had about I do not see anywhere else and then when you do see is somewhere else it's this past. Payroll horrid imitation. Well and they start it right it's like Chicago and bring up how are you doing yard and another city is great top doctor you're talking Vienna beef. They could be right only be Chicago yet they advertised outed before. Without question and I love the fact that we get a po boy in New Orleans they got the broad long ways we got a long ways and they stuff that see that's one thing when they did you pull boy. It's full of food ever world who goes you've outside of that sitting today. Oh boy it's just infringed Bradley three shrimp are running well it's because as non potable. Back in the day and it was a cheese sandwich ready to eat and the reason they call it a global oils because it was economical and you would get a lot of food. Now it's the most expensive thing that you can get in the Sanjaya a part of the the menu. If you go anywhere out of the lure us. There isn't mass based on where you've lived at what is the capital of like Barcelona has been revealed as Europe's capital Albany doesn't read this earlier Solano and a party that's abortion pretty moderate amount OK and that's exactly Iraq. The capital came out on top sort cocaine is most used. In a study of 56 European cities and nineteen countries. They went through a sewage analysis among many other different things. These study analyzed daily waste water samples in areas of treatment plants for a one week period. And they did that for 43 million people there are looking for everything and that means cocaine. Ecstasy methamphetamine being crystal meth. Our results released by European money senator for drugs and drug addiction. That shows that the most cocaine usage is by far in Barcelona. On a daily basis all well it is beaten by surge on the week it. Apparently there does Switzerland. But it's over Triton. He's crazy yeah that there that there. And I was I trying to cocaine and has been. I think so but while Barcelona cocaine is the drug of choice is Citi also appeared number seven on the list for. In DNA. You know it was the only Spanish city to rank in the top ten for any of the drugs tested Switzerland had five cities that rank in the top ten for cocaine use. Which is impressive. Study found the levels of cocaine and Ecstasy and waste water right sharply. On the weekends. In most cities chore who would've thought that. Crazy while amphetamine use appears to me more evenly distributed at all week off and left repeat it and if it good news and Ecstasy you probably do it on a Friday or Saturday night moon but if you're into the math. Monday Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday Friday. Every Thursday we'll deliver free dose of news and views from I guess they're gonna keep testing this every week and on the weakness are just in your opinion I'm the bus saved the cocaine capital of the United States where were you Marty normal York city Vegas South Beach. All right well we all that is different answers South Beach is kind of cap and icy lake today would people sneak actually Zogby you get that. I group but I think in New York City with all those bankers and stuff I think he's just aren't but also pollute our I humor to send them. But I would argue this are in their world or moto a Wall Street is nothing but dripping nose and we know right is it Tom is the worst in secret ever right so. South Beach in my experience there if I were to have gotten ball it's seemed to. Everybody from all walks like flaky if you were if you were present like you can be visiting you might be from a but Everett not Miami in general the South Beach like. Everybody drug through the makers of 2002. That's all like. In your city thank limited to those of money in South Beach is like. In Zambia drop in cocaine something it is the only place I've been or cocaine was as nonchalant it's like marijuana I order merger capital for maps. United States I'm more middle America I'm going to Ohio or West Virginia. No no method no less it's I need to lower your doctor if you octagon and I would have to pick Portland or Seattle. On the northwest for math and yeah. Northwest I know that for awhile usually Julia we should do travel site for drug addict Amarillo look really really informing you what his ruling the black tar heroin or recommend you don't go to Baltimore ran as a great plays and hand in this that's harder to get we lose obviously cocaine yeah pretty well. Greta question question aid for par at 9990. Loved Mario golf Gillen of its negative. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.