03-07-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Shocked

Wednesday, March 7th

Mens Room Question: Good or Bad, What did you find out after the fact?


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He what you're about to hear is real. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. The receivers. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. I don't go in Minnesota 2780. Whoa man. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Do Ted Smith. All good ball. It why can't. Kind of went through a detonator return a blue Sox last. Let's say positive drinking story holds the key to a long and happy life. Get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines read your job the day fumbled a three males and everyone's favorite TV time would take a factored in here and are you ago Illinois man steals car. Rams it through the airport terminal then onto the tarmac before hopping onto a plane. Meanwhile Florida man kayaking river attacked by an honor to even by potter standards was insane the the march neighbors fought the law and the law does not win this Udall looking to name highway after a man who looks for my wife's pregnant how about some more and actions again. And drunk driving Virginia man runs himself over. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All of our bench is good day to you and yours are rolled familiar with the old saying. Hindsight is 20/20 and that's great but 20/20 four site that would obviously be a lot more useful. They for example the woman in Minnesota who discovered that the amendment approved treatments. Was actually a womanizing con man that's not my quote that's a quote from well. The all the cool about him in the magazine the Atlantic they specifically wrote an article about the womanizing comment. He was the guy she didn't discover this until later. But this is what I am. But the family in Colorado they recently. Bought a box of Quaker 100% natural granola cereal. Another bowl of cereal tasted kind of weird even for 100%. Natural granola but that's what they discover that the sell by date was February 22. 199700. These sell by date was from 1997. Was. Do you mind and we just horrendously on the shelf for 21 year. But you wish they don't match before taking a spoonful similar. McDonald's big it's huge announcement earlier this week they just announced. The 3500 over the stores just started serving and all of the historical begin serving by laying. You ready for those fresh beef. Really basic and foresight they just started serving. Fresh should be. McDonald's has been serving hamburgers. Since 1954. But look it's McDonald's average price of drugs here's one for him. Imagine your surprise when you find out that that Pitt beats staying on the side rural but the order friends go to it's the best fit beef up had. I don't know what those guys secretive man oh man I go to this bit do you stand. Well I don't know they problem if I'm a better place was run by cannibal. When activity we're gonna show the store and know some beef in your pit beef but there's also. So Larry in Europe could be just know. Anyway all of these stories they got a she's making man oh man sometimes you kind of wish you knew in advance which he didn't find out until later so here is today's. Question good or bad. What did you find out after the fact. The brother Joseph caught 844999. Only you can Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on tournament survive. Fans in those emails to the men's room at mints are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you see you. John Zelaya go artist on number 2781. Joseph Torre today guaranteed future rebate on return of those socks last a positive drinking story is back in believe or not. The key to a long life exists within a positive drinking story and alcohol coming up of course. A little profiled as we bring those. Shot of the day is on the way and today wouldn't talk about things that you found that after the fact there's all kinds of things you find out after the fact I mean it's sometimes. It's okay. Other times it's not so great it's like when your favorite restaurant gets shut down by the Health Department you don't mean that you do realize that directs podium and brandy you didn't did say maybe you didn't you like the food was gee you know it whatever happened happened but. You can arguably shocked that we have ten people got sick there than not it would have the dealers but it never stab jet for meeting there in the first place at. Speaking of photos just start when McDonald's and I'm not sure that. This headline really. It affected people like. If they didn't affect people only because it's McDonald's McDonald's. Always says the stigma attached but on some level it's also kind of start to just get a much they've been in business since 1950 everywhere and look where for the most part we're. We make we McDonald's all timer McDonald's apologist he's never thought that'd be like McDonald's offering fresh beef. Yeah that would be a headline. Now it shouldn't be it's like well I can't remember the juice company it's started indicated that is our twenty years ago but that the big thing was. They advertise is Jews whatever help was and the tagline at the end of commercial can mind. But selling Jews but the commercial ended with a new and improved now with 10% real fruit chews it was due to drugs let. You call it juicy. Jews and then and now you're side because of 10% real crude is winning before that. Less than 10% to real fruit chews like how is this something you celebrate so I feel the same way with McDonald's. And maybe I just missed the whole. Meal wasn't paying attention to Wendy's when they say and always fresh never frozen therapy for just I just. I didn't realize it every single. Other hamburger place really didn't subscribe to that here I don't know five guys does. They might have fresh beef they left frozen I'm not sure that I know I know for a fact that one hour to hear what the closest point out of their light drive through fast food joint. Debt yeah that they've ever targeted McDonald's specifically right there were just trying to look at the differences we Burger King it's like hey ours aren't clipped on honored the flat top labor roaring flame brought right so I never thought OK well. Now while they are bad because of frozen patties and now owe it. Mean it still pretty good hamburger right. To be Arnold reveal my concern about mcdonalds and I use fresh beef which seems a very big and exciting deal to one of them are they using well but here's my thing you know. And we've we've also this the one thing about McDonald's matter where you go in the United States of America. If you go to McDonald's if you order a murder between taste precisely the way you think it's supposed to take that it hasn't changed in a thousand years so. My concern is like look that's great did you finally get to use fresh beef I want my question you about what you were serving just before that but. Don't change in dates to the bar like Colorado eat whatever it is you're serving because that's why I expected taste in my mouth and if you switch the first being a distinct feeling like. Asylum offer McDonald's I've never go to McDonald's who thought to myself man a man I hope to look. Now for my health even on the eve but even on the classic traditional McDonald's menu I. The quarter pounder was probably one of my least favorite sentence while. I don't know I was a big Mac guy and really get a couple hamburgers double cheeseburgers chicken sandwich and I just never got. The quarter pounder was big and it like it took up too much space for me like Iran to have like three or four things the like one big sailors and fry so quarter pounder to me. All I'm saying is this the same 3500 McDonald's rolled out a fresh. Quarter pounder today all of them are gonna get out by may so. But the same time like. I don't need a quarter pounder like put in a big Mac put it in a hamburger and cheeseburgers and it are they saying just of course over the course router has just the quarterback. We're all it was always about the now serving hundreds this spitz I don't know if I'm about one sandwiched around Jesus and even real fast so doesn't want little unsettling it's like and that's the thing with what you point that out I would not probably got to do it. Let's just do it but I feel like if we save this first of all people are gonna question what we've been serving member who's not a 100% fresh peak that's over I know it's all beef. Beef just means it's from eight count right so that while there would say only one saintly to mean this is the worst. Advertising campaign you can access Cheever sandwiches like regular hamburgers still use the nice frozen meats for the time being the chicken sandwiches will still use frozen chicken well we hope so. Play officials to use frozen fish in an agreeable still use whatever that mom remained mcdonalds made the move to chiding Creason quality of food stay competitive with chick filet. Which is interesting because it'll serve hamburgers and correct in and out burger which I don't know I think about the murders on the tasty and shake shack. Which I have not had yet but I understand it's on the way and it's pretty damn good. Yeah that's all I know. They've invested at least sixty million in making leave fresh beef thing happened so maybe maybe it makes it may makes a big difference in taste the murder who knows. They obviously differ raised. So frozen burgers are delicious. Throw me Michael Graham was anyone complaining about it now here's one that's gonna throw I will say and the from McDowell it's just tough. If you're so used to be in the top dog. And I don't make it just there's just so many more options like chick filet was just a southern thing. There there's a ton of options the problem we Donald says and an admitted the themselves. McDonald's is always exactly what you expected to be easily able they've tried to compete income mobile new items. Create of items people don't want it for McDonald what we want from McDonald's and stuff that's already undermanned right that's it man and a pirate get right into the federal what they try. Nobody can unless they say for a limited time at the moment ever or the ribbon for or permanently on the menu. But if you bring you know what once a year people go or the Madrid in everyone's disappointed with the world the last some of. Here are they're double grandma's stories for requesting their bad what did you find out after the fact guy named Cody clemency is imprisoned in Memphis Tennessee. And over the weekend he asked his 68 year old grandma Sarah Griffin to smuggle him in the cellphone and Eunice cellphone sort of friend it. Give her a bag of Doritos with a cell phone inside and she passed at all to. But a guard saw the exchange and asked to look at bag and it turned out there wasn't a cell phone inside it. It was a bunch of math. Ecstasy. Heroin and painkillers wrapped in black electrical tape. Sarah told the guard she didn't know she was smuggling drug she thought she was smuggling is she knew she was smuggling Randy thought she was smuggling in a cellphone under grandson. But now she's in jail face all a charge which could get hurt. Up to six years guy damn damn arrest the man meanwhile Cody by the way is only doing three years in the first place for aggravated burglary. No and Abby some to bring him to get out three years of four grandmother told you to know that she probably would have run that baggage to read now here's how they probably she would not have brought the bag debris still still bag full snacks yet here is the grandma's story that's really good upset lightly. Aren't website called it atlas. An obscure Alison Stewart recently ran an informal service where they asked people. If they had ever found out an old secret family recipe. And new hurricane goes goes back in the day. Told basically either had a written down someplace. You passed it on you didn't pass it on there's a locking key behind a lot of recipes in people's families. So they do their homework and what they realized was was that. Most if not all of the old secret family recipes were religious plagiarized from a cookbook I have heard or just their grandmother baking a Betty Crocker cake mix. But they write it down tonight. Handed to you and now it's grandma's old great traditional wrap up yes the majority of people actually is a guess they found out the Seger family recipe was not an original invention after all I think important. Most common recipes of people plagiarize or desserts the rest of the top five stolen recipes Riverside dishes. Breads or rolls sauces or jams and dims and suit dips you know we have exactly a lot of sense because it's right there on the bottle people who have been. Calling the show for years that you guys major buffalo chicken to Baskin. How do you make is crazy buffalo chicken or is that Ted's secret to this conflict is that it's I'm a bottle and the red hot I told jurors although I don't know fairness that was. At least eight or nine years ago. And now it every Super Bowl party that I have been to since we raise a large gathering has buffalo chicken it absolutely does a Moses he was in its infancy but I don't really think that anybody. Looks at a box of food and says you know what other than the original way that it's supposed to be cook for its purpose in other than lifted soup mix maybe. I'm gonna look at this extra recipe they offer on the side and made that instead. Louisiana KM of light cream of mushroom soup because I know you're not good George easily duped right idea this morning. We just at ten old day feast of all the address the other side yeah I just I forgot I'm steam some shrimp and author Gloria have this effect there you're what was it wrapped. Just half of beer are happy going to be your act of water go teaspoons the only during the rest of the bear. And I was I was Steve insured deposits even the good news morning they got away imagined I was the only the only reason Christ man. That's awesome statement for a very bright bright for our Stephen tribute Peter as him. So good or bad what did you find out after the fact 844999. All we got a couple comments here and NCAA says I found out the woman that I married had felonies. Until mama I looked I don't know the felonies were but the fact that it's plural I think says a lot. To selling tea on the law as valid as screwed up as one time as he did it ignore forensic guy called yesterday could remember wires Ngo that that delicate you were in jail I just feeling each room. And so the fund at the beginning of January that my wife wanted to divorce I found out the beginning of February that she sing American co worker. But he got a car the making out after lie in dinner just signed the papers two days ago. Yea me. As Ohio. And a good times are EMS but she'll go that dude why you never do the demands of the mayor of Nashville Tennessee. Mayor Nashville Tennessee was haven't secular bodyguard. Yeah and got busted on that and apparently she'd use government funding like in the tune of eleven and Marilyn are yeah don't dosage. And then sold to somehow they got popped I don't know what the deal was but she was using funds that were you know government appropriated to continue on this fair. And they got busted somehow but like her or her husband was like watching TV and found out that his wife was cheating on her with like bunnies are. It's going yeah yeah I know. Oh well that would be up all. All man. I saw this on TV pretty sure he found out through the media. We just terrible and that's the bad thing about stuff right it's like right there's a lot of didn't regulate. The wife of a girlfriend has somebody you know and late they work with Leo I'm not going to be jealous type its fight and he probably was like Allen about that bodyguard that he sees it on TV inflict. I guess they knew it. Take I. No windows there are times where you can introduce a guy to another guy that they never met from any country on earth did in the age of them five minutes. You understand he took. And I don't know women do the same thing of women but got right. These guys are pretty simple manner of oil like three different things that we ever do or think about and you get a real easy so and so it's almost always a guy like him and listen. I'm Bob Dole's side arm to let you know this guy and now they think either of them that ten minutes later like the this is what I would strike so now I no offense but there. It just doesn't matter the guy in the in the were roughly the same and really easy to get a sense of at least what the motivation is right. Yes and number yeah yeah yeah that's all I what you might be a good guy might be a bad guy but in this moment right now we absolutely. Positively understand each other motivation 100%. Would you have the things that we do in life if we knew how they were going to end. At least half I mean that's it will mean I would say 75%. I would even go higher than that I think. But what do you think that legitimate instances if you knew Lyndon Baines how any particular action was gone and yeah cause you every five members that you just wouldn't do now but it would be great to have that knowledge but that but that's part of the business part of this question will you don't what did you find out after the fact it probably wasn't the greatest thing in the world in hindsight obviously you know you probably wouldn't do a lot of things. I would sled down. City streets. Would know how I know I'm right in something not designed to be. Slid on doubt we don't tell me there's no NFL athlete out there and I drool over dinner garlic though about our you know 54 years old right also make chairman of the pay the tab and a so defense and a situation. You know what it's like different from those guys think about the guys that played. You know in the seventies right back ordered him removed and all the rest of the stuff they say. These guys they get paid Jack now so years and are drawn outside your mouth and you got paid eighty grand a year for us for that yet there's a guy right now he's going to be drooling outside it was face. Nearby island gets a little smaller cousin also bankrolled 25 million dollars I have both army and still endured several save my phone like luck. And most through border that is. If somebody were to beat your ass to the point that you drawing outside your face and you launched a lawsuit against them and they said they pay you eighty grand a year for a period of seven years. Ever woman tell you discover what's the saudis what what police say the same thing averages got abused harassed control outside your face you want to lawsuit mister you intimate. Fifteen. Million dollars. Everybody here for the next seven years ago hey man you know your condition sucks but that's attorney truth of the matter is though most people who play at that level. The average NFL player he used to do it was two years to being a position to break down differently but it was like two years. So anybody who has played ovens that level they played collegiate they've been banging their head. They're good enough to play college ball I don't care you're playing division three I don't care if you're playing football open to those ages. You're getting your head and that sure by somebody I've got a cousin who played a college football and he. He started deteriorating. Pretty quickly like in his mid forties now he never got a project. He he he never any enemy but his marriage started to feel he had to go and dark rooms and he couldn't take light in the couldn't take sounds and you have like. Days of depression try to come out of it and then and he tried to keep his job but he couldn't he couldn't concentrating couldn't sit still. You go into the dictionary this guy was like. A second team defensive line right right right and guess there was division one football delight. It it took awhile and everyone just thought he was gonna everyone thought that he was just becoming a substance abuser. Ira but that was not the case and now things got things upon a little bit I think even though he's not with the Stanley anymore. They understand he's gonna see a specialist some other things they realize like oh god meant your brain more. What is still alone miles he is alone at a club coming off the ground right exactly yeah America. But had a weird silverlight we don't know that they know us they could not figure out what was wrong. Right now like they have a track okay all right now we've we've now we've got you know because they never really studied this but we also saw over from all of us I know I know he's he's he's just in Saddam's pictures it's sad dinners and if all cats alone in case it was in New Orleans and the questions. Good or bad what did you find after the fact 844999. A law calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. It's very easy RA holds the key to a long life of the plaza during his story ironically enough friend of Oreo during until there with a shot of the day our question today. Good or bad what did you find out after the fact 844999. Ol Le hello and yes welcome to the men's room. Have a auto. Again though I know like I now can't be here they show. I kind of wanted to can't be an exciting and I. And Eric you eat a little bit here and there are guys I think you. I started getting late reasonably OK I got it today I picked a really bad I'll element by. I liked it and really got video it probably late this whole affair late night take out all of initially. When you're doing it. You're about was this different color than rest your body for half will be okay. Yeah the whole overall probably three months pathetic and it's slowly you know and in my pocket like. Blew it kind of O Lugar any elderly man. I know embattled you don't want to fight drug what do they call that a contusion. You Don't Ask Don't Tell he Mattel OK I know so little girl with a brutal but. I no I can't click it really that early in the delivery Garrett at times though is that Dick preceding OK just trying to get in that track and fuels our heroes people who like to lean in the draft Bryant. Yeah I have kill. Even here at sold out all aluminum and how do you decide that they could be a match by. I have late 191819. Okay. Yeah well nobody's gonna break Turks and told me you're supposed to get these guys that they drain it and I'm like yeah I go to the doctor anyway. And I did kind of like on the credit C I don't like go. I did eventually police well it. Point 80 you're kind of like anabolic I think she can get but he can I know politically can't see anything that I hear it. Did talk later turning dissolved and guard. Someone call you out you know ironically like advantage and you Mattel my lane right below my butt and I have the same little lump of scar tissue like in general and what Larry batted it out trial that they it was brutal end of the bruises bad enough when they happen but she's right like it's probably was inner city trips all the way down your way grab hold back your leg is like. England and knowledge evidence it's slow it's fluid select when you feeling bloated like you really do feel like bloated in that one area kind of thing like as you can join. I'll let us now I'm yesterday I smashed my hand really got to work in I'm making barely gets a little or Paris match yeah. Everything today and I collect any detail all in trouble driving like ordinary Keener. He really got an idiot he got hot meal I thought they may go into detail but I think it could be you know I can't actually get like Larry Myers thirty. Oh I am Dubai health insurance. Yeah you know I got really good and I don't think we're hearing it I'm getting carried it and that's why they won the material. You're not a doctor. I think you should be able to go on watching YouTube video and figure out how to operate on yourself like your theory you can watch an open heart surgery. On YouTube I'm sure it's there somewhere or something so basic procedure but. EU may want a lot of professional do some registered users infection let the battle like this happened that I don't ever allowed to doctrines and eight years in school and either because it's tough enough that it takes the years or the dumbest people in America are becoming doctors. I won't reason that it takes eight years to get this does feel like if I can do this without three minute YouTube video right. There was no need for like the hell out of your badge I got the Internet. YouTube. But it worked out of the regular fuel map how does it look. Hello I'm diet still look silly doubt though but I mean it I got to let other guys they were literally working insurgent though lake you know. Things like that people don't I don't think typically go to jail without badly I think it's going to be okay. Dumber than I do you gonna matter when did you find out after the fact 844999. Cola. Hello Alex welcome to the men drew. All I'll on I. So what did you have find out after the fact. So sophomore year of high school I was sitting on the couch just watching TV wit my parents and my girlfriend. And I have my arm casually over over her shoulder and governor Booth you know casual normal stuff. To sit there with compared to grab your girlfriend boo. Hello I have got to know where you know you know we had a blanket okay. Casual casual casual blue grass and remove red alerts about mom so you know a mammogram in your friend's mom you are a month later. My mom told me this year new all time. How about I don't ribbon. Look man it hurt I don't care if you have a son or daughter of the city there are the significant other under a blanket and that each consumer hands or anywhere other than himself which you are fourteen and taking an hour long shower she know exactly lawyer and issues have to drag your S and her once every three days did you even watch. Now you're they're volunteering like you know you never been you ever had a shower before parents are home. Way more intuitive than you think there mentally just parents think I'm a European that agent gone somewhere in the Carle and Mike. A thinking hey guys and then yeah we all knew like there's just a blanket over yet. Rancor that's that's a look at this disappointed if you were doing and if it we're going cold I'm positive about it unloads on. That is but those that cannot give our deuce and Mike. And I do like now I think about his point that you not good. And the blanket over you're like oh you'll lose your do you have your kid little rough bodies are anybody you always do when you go on everybody's everybody's fine young kids to dad dad. Go to battle did you find out after the fact a powerful are 999. All the more calls coming up here in second. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.