03-06-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Might've Pulled Something

Tuesday, March 6th

Mens Room Question: What's the story about your downstairs stuff?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Crowds are friends of the fox outlays classic rock station in San Jose also nanny for seven K easy in the Alaska's rock alternative. And of course 973 the machine talk Iraq's it's lovely San Diego California all right today drug charge Ryan castle coming in to sit and spin and there with the ten best selling musicians of all time. And the word goes to the worst accidents. In America are questions they were talking about your junk and what is the story about your downstairs stuff 844999. Cola. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. 00 I laugh. Yeah. It's always energetic and Logan and assert your shoulder. Problem every yours what what what is this what way has and a half and ago. Are a well my body had his ball and you didn't try to convince you that occurred years we'll need to get it done I need to get it done. Why why did they leave more diligent work needed to do it. Why did it why would you say that when you ask them why what devers doesn't make to him if you get this. Ought to know. And you want to camaraderie. OK I like is on clubs are are you go to a relaxing and hence they can't really do you Wear a shirt that says like you know the half the amount I know I didn't know what you value so. That's a really above if I'm on some of these dating you may be on the on in that you can under clause might do what is that thing it looks like get out. But while we will always a little like usually pretty good out and women love it. If you try to jump over a fence and fail to crack but just I don't know exactly so what Abu whatever when he got to prince oh. Oil soared though that none of those six to engage. More than most uncivil need to do more. And so it sort of curious article we didn't always been gitmo. Stretched well towards Cuba attended those circuit doing that sort of sort of a job. Just to a shortage. That is modeled accuse you know there's just straight Ripken. Guy. And isn't apparent as the man come here businessman and Amazon. You know estate guys don't follow directions and we don't but when it comes your team is like followed the directions to inflict it is so basic being a dude you got a dog your mom and your penis like you know in a new. About it a man on earth or go to hell yeah the new makes you. Should bode well. A week later I had a ball on the side of module to you about the size of your marble. Yeah I shooting money that is a rare reference to bring up I was shooting Marmol but yeah. I think he's. I am thirty years old I don't know a little bit earlier OW a little older. All right. Nobody says yeah. I don't know women today I just the other day with an average area today. I. Thought nice and ally there and play the shorten my got so so I'm really does mean that that was not a normal and that you needed the immediate medical attention. They're a little discussion section all right quite literally read. I called my dad would most awkward call a little bit in my life I will go to a dude yeah he's doing away with these new. Why would you listen listen to. I went in and just think I should go to the hospital because I wasn't I have a kid when they used to call me and if he says dad I got to shoot marble sized bump I sat in my business. Put your call me from the hospital right like. What it only went really well now things are all up wanna tell you ran out a gun. I'm a Democrat. And are all you need is passed from generation that are nothing nor are you need is to grab Ville and just a power was good squeezed like go to hearted little. There are. Well there's going to told me the body heal the soldiers just chill out and it did and it eventually will work. What how long does eventually. A couple weeks. Yeah on the matter is everything you still pierce and all that stuff down there. Oh yeah okay abductions is never Maradona. It's our guys are ideology it's your normal bumps anxiety appears this is also big in the rest of the best Iowa women who. Says that premiums code and figure out you got the stupid can you sit down the piece about Europe's you know spray everything. Are suited to one of the toughest things I've ever heard I was an. Getting that piercing on your junk thrown in you you sit down the peak it's. I notice. It or no you didn't know you really well why. Yeah lady you know it's easy to be honest and other beat. Almost all other standout but it knows what I was Pelosi and tell me that's only for young prince Albert you that he has grown ass man you do sit down and waited Elena. Okay economy forever to them. I don't know I mean nobody hung over you know one man actually I do remember my momma my stepfather beyond me when I was younger to just that I couldn't give my aim right to just sit down and people that's borne of frustration right it's more of them much effect and are tired and jet and I'm not hitting the right area weigh in on me so yeah I get that but I never thought hey I'm gonna sit down MP. Deaconess font counselor. I mean if you're an RV drive and that some of these private army that I get that they do if you're gonna Pete has removed and you sit all right understood affairs I thought I feel like I'm pretty good on a plane. Because like my head is jammed in both so well earlier I mean like I just kind of put my head up on the top of their the only foreheads of touch that part of suit in the bathroom hall quote felt that it had smacks of but you're not supposed to rest your head against the idea and I did not everybody I have and I shortly after the settlement units like the whole ceiling issue is pressed nothing no matter what is lean into it. And then the hardest part is finding like where the whether paper towel is our area and a washing your hands like. And they got hit in the wall somewhere man for dispute with corporal we go Steelers the ball. Yeah Aaliyah billion always is when you wash your hands like be kind didn't wipe out the poll for how I don't match I just want. My mental error and it's I think the worst I got on the toilets are doing. We were I think we are in Denver and I understand maybe the Hyatt or something at some miles an irishman who whom. We've been drink them I think this was government anyway it's like spring morning. I gotta take a bump I mean I unload. If you find abundant supply and wonderful twenty minute flick you've got to be deadly pile of wake Michaels up like hey man. The tough decision was. When you get up if you re huge pile S and toilets flushing look. I can't find bunt. This does not sit well miles loosely that a bad. And particularly fired ten minutes I figured I finally found my accomplishment boot. You want to know it's a story about a downstairs Duffy for Ford 999 allow. Hello dean guy and welcome to the men's room. The law. Of the math. I man. One Baylor construction worker. Out a couple brain hurt our work beside us. I doubt whether it's bringing guys you let's say keep that gap push down on the board for buyers that. You tell us. And they had that they'd be tied back so all they had to do. Pull the trigger and shot out about bringing else. We're talking date back in the dump truck ran. I was running down a transcendent glass shot he pulled out. And it nailed managed. John in my day I am I thought. All of our doors in New York. Curt says there. Schools with no way but that's cool and I'll manage and all the of the though it did it yeah. And it. Some. I think can't be at prince Albert. Yeah all right I'm at. The end of Burton brings our what do you do. So I looked up. Yeah. Got yet he had less than I do it shocked me. The pan and I'd look down and I pulled it out. No way did he likes seem like he was upset or did nothing got it man I gotta tell you if you're on the job and I shouted shut because the with a nail gun now feel horrible who don't you guys felt horrible. Honestly I don't even remember Larry. Let it never came back to that job although I did CM a couple times throughout the years. I never did he ever mention like gay about that one's about the happy he. All of urged I'm looking down on me I never saw IMAP. After a lot then you go to get diamond that Artie came out offered me everything in his wallet and apologized under. So what did you get. I don't OK lionized as a way the first time he's always in general why were you was jailed. I don't live there. Asked how long. I don't second if he so many times in jail. I feel like you should remember every time or are on the you'd be the guy who shot you in the penis I think that the rumor is that he forever etched in my mind you know you forget why you went to jail would you wouldn't two zeroes go to jail a lot I know it. I'm glad I'm not one little Joseph ones like but I know why are but I know why in a dozen men how long ago and has been I'm going to remember. But you don't remember that drove. You know I did. Those guys who would tell the story about here you're downstairs 344999. Hello hello Steve welcome to the men's room. It. Steve what have your downstairs stuff. Well I was there they mean I'd let baseball. And I are described in the second base and electronically. And not only minute rupture while the bulletins that should have been bully others I need. All metal cleats. No loops around man. Did he come back. I know no huddle is going or gone gone I'll let you know when I was taking a shower and realized it somewhat lives alone at all. Yeah and I jumped out shout or modern notion ran downstairs and she looked at cal up and then grab them like about. Let me at all I would editor director I was there I'll donate your mom got amount of their Soria. And it's gone. So lunge at it okay so instantly see you're you're just you've got one testicle now. Yeah yeah I didn't get that call saying it was Obama Girl and I just wanted to do that look like. It's whom he had. Yeah hey. And lose a lot you know otherwise I wanna judge did I just was the only one mall and we can all agree your testicles might be the a hawk talk holocaust were hardly nobody wants to see that I I don't care what you say you're gonna do testicles of all of the human body parts battles apart along with you though is does this. Marley. You regal truly horrible looking fairly good strategy is if you wanna eat all the chicken thighs to join this morning of Africa go I think he's not good department do you I don't get it it. But a political show them what to know it's a story about downstairs stuff 844999. All hold the library calls coming up you are listening to the pins are radio network. It is you. Crews are just really worth accents in America coming up right of oral drinking and tells to a shot of the day our question today what is the story. Roger downstairs stuff 844999. All a couple of more stories here. Pastor this time on a flight from up while imports. Was restrained by cabin crew after allegedly stripping naked masturbating and then attacking a flight attendant. Man from Bangladesh reportedly had to be tied up after remove disclosed became aggressive when he was told to put them back on again. That's another one of those stories here we go out of Hudson Florida or my dad lives if you bit nuts and Florida before I'm sorry. Hudson Florida people living in a Florida nudist community say they're tired of not getting their mail from the Postal Service and the reason is this. The post office person in the mail carrier does not wanna drive down the street because everybody is naked. Now look that bad that that's what's don't know are ugly the newness that they Eden RV resort say one carrier refuses deliver the mail and senator community. And this includes all the packages and yet like they're not. There are getting anything there those opposed to green and it doesn't say anything about them not coming to nudist resorts. I pay for his service. I expect that service however I never would think in a million years that my junk would keep me from getting my mail. A they are adamant about keeping their clothes on the Citibank we do at the drop off box of girl these solutions Brett you know against the front of the park or whatever and like. No we want to bring the mailed it and it's like. Seems a little weird. Eli I think maybe the they're old right. Probably you still wanna go to the mailbox they don't wanna go to Matt about floor below you on the mailbox and muscles big ears on how to say it right. I don't know that this isn't much of ailments gonna see by John fix the most liberal voice. I don't wanna see you paid. All I'm asking to deliver your mail is that I don't see you naked and somehow that's a problem and we got a problem because another team what you're asking much. You don't blatantly hey we have a law don't murder select all gonna ask you to do is not killing people I just want to harder cannot do I like I just wanted to killed though an extra charge on if you murder someone make it now still just murder I just want to go now retired Domino's Pizza I don't wanna see huge target until until elected it doesn't seem like a lot to ask. We'll tell what what is the story about your downstairs stuff 844999. Cola hello Martin welcome to the men's room. Liquor authority our cars. Out the gun guy's the man are you. Yeah good so I would four years old. And I don't remember why but I. I decade. Heavy duty to absorb it Maxi pad and stuck it on my technical sticky side out. Es so EE a wet heat shield my mom knows what would mom and she got a laugh about it and tell. She realized that she couldn't get the Maxi pad all of my job. So she draws about it to me in the bath still can't get it off the start of freaked out. Does she goes next door and grabbed a girlfriend lived next door. Until now I got my mom and my girlfriend then there there and her girlfriend. Trying to get the Mecca that's out now if you can imagine. This superb over a Maxi pad when you're in a lot of it's really have you liked about it was. OK I would got a lot of oil. So they can't get it off. And I was friends with certain maintenance man and so on and so they get the idea to call the maintenance man. So here comes the maintenance man doesn't speak a lick of English. Without my mom third girlfriend enemy at manner in the bathroom trying to do not. Eat. It was the day ended up a couple of hours later lived. The three of them and two firefighters. In the bathroom. Trying to get them back you down off my testicles. And I remember that vaguely but I do remember being extremely painful when they had had me stand up and all that way. No physical man are the good news is it was like relaxing where your older you have hair there are so I guess that was. Somewhat of a bin Laden name are you trying to put a silver lining them as a magnanimous overseeing failure of an off half the neighborhoods don't open about half from trying to get a Maxwell and all put your testament this there's nothing good about this story could be worse you could have been gone through puberty yet that they could no more. I thought I try to lick it. Look at it on the bright side I tell people that have heard the story that. That was the date of my ball stopped. Us on the way to the back that always the technique that they finally got a laugh there was they have to do. You know I honestly don't remember. I'm shirt. I don't know probably rip it off what the band aid I'm not quite sure. I don't know mammoths that I really lobbied maneuver you have a lot of warm water or something and Lisa got over. When you're young. And on our remember a lot of crying from me and my mom and I remember. A lot of laugh in from the firefighters. Yeah I bet none of them are right man here it's let's hope things kids. Other wonderful out by the way as far as military are going to nudist colony as a comic Kamen says I'm mail carrier. And I am so sick of seeing naked people just put on a robe all right Brian they either somebody has some pretty your job you're giving them the mail EEE. And nowhere near requirement does is say did you have to see them naked. Obama told the crowd carried it just seems like there are no I work at McDonald's I'm of the drive through the visiting him asking you to pull up make it in your car is here and I mean you can be a nudist I don't care I was there at their home. They are throwing OK would have on delivering Hoover eats now what do I do. Well I'm Il okay. I don't look. I'm the Fed in the making people would you use both sleeping you're right I wartime naked and I don't I think a mail carrier like not a nudist resort it's probably just some due to open the door to OK I. Absolutely. Support the news army don't let. 100% but also understand that people don't want to see you naked so while I support you I would also urge you either just put on a rope. A walk down and go to Mayo but just understand the Oca flag but you went Corzine I am but more often act in that something was most important the only time. People don't want to see people naked is if we think those people are ugly. So I understand the bigger picture I support Q Richard mail carrier think your ugly. You're ugly you if you were caught they would deliver your real mail to you don't input in the mailbox they would not under guard him too so just understand connected indigent. OK I don't I'm gonna come appears to practice your ugly is the truth of that that's the truth. Of the story you are too ugly to BC native and a military Saturday doesn't want to see your ugly naked ass that's all there my brand new I bring you McDonald's from. Who buries right eye and you're here in a nudist colony. I'm saying that I can reach into the bag. And take a big handful of Fries and im on the way and you're not gonna say anything because when you come to the door you know damn well you're naked. She's not going to be able to bitch house of another player you tell me the advantages if I don't go to soon after I get happy to celebrate Easter on it and then some Fries all right without you complaining because no look at what is ice doing to have you would you fire match I base that you don't think their pension prize how do you not pinch fracture and a Carlin mcdonalds you're not gonna get your ass in Athens prior I would be a bribe if you look belies her to believe that other people would not. I thought all our own federal every hello I'm gonna fight your family unit in a Carla McDonald's in a bag you tell me and a penchant for us now so what I'll do I had Hyde you're delivering Fries and that's. Iraq not how well people like you know they don't know what happens if you don't nobody and over the door nude you go human dignity for a bit over the door naked do you all the bag open up now now we're gonna handover I think object and say hey next time I can't save them a visit from the doorman it's I think you eat them right there that that there you open the bag in front and I think you'll like it grant plaza over and do it did and it though your they did you can't say anything to me that that the you have to wrap compared to Fries every time. What what does this tour you've budget downstairs stuff 844999. Over. Hello wave to welcome to the men's room. All right well it's well. Concern. All iced the worry it is. Network ought. They're eight and all that certain opera. Here it it earns all of our. I thought. Well why are out here go directly at certain serious. Where do you tell your boss why do you say ma'am. I'm TM blood Murray who love earnings amount. Similar effect and it did. A couple of years prior. I had to look at L I claim because it is always wary of Erica Walsh I stepped up. And seeing between a crotch like. Things weren't right. Not like aren't quite at great asset it all not. All the. You think your job and occasionally it from the car cart accident and got your talent and that's not your story that's the scary good. Okay. Well beautifully and bring them to go industry is incident it works. Out as one top accountant. Those are definitely thought that well all I'm here I am I right there are very real. Check it out front at the education current IP it's not it alert a little bit. Don't hurt our police admit it college well the the worst part I got his black ugly the nurse come to this it's. Almost like a Turkey baster. Parents Billups and nobody liquid white down by Reid broke it I'll. Bat that is not okay. All of a cotton and that is the light and I didn't and the doctor trying to hit. National clap opt out and you know I mean you got dealt a deterrent strategy perhaps eight. And my record my purse 08. Field being. The side that looked pencil or bigger and about I don't know twelve inches long pants got it down I eatery brought. It's always does the delegate people the link them. Ought. Your team this is drink the milk shake in his voice when they find news we brought out what do they find it there. Well I don't quite know what it is I could have acted like it or looked like at that time I light. And doc. Apparently I hate burst of black puzzling ideally drop it stabbed over what I like about proved its she'll. That's yeah yeah. Yeah that is stab Powell said he ate. Only. Enough. Yeah I like the fact remains like I like this story for years earlier in his mind your own business longer out of there and go from coming home so it's absolutely destroyed. Apparently that was uncomfortable what. What is the story about your downstairs stuff 844999. Cola. Hello Scott welcome to the men drew. All are on. They've told Ellen. Lebanon northern Irish can look we re. It's that didn't have to go. Down let out. Lump on the tropical. That's what Amazon Michigan and you that you disappeared here about the younger kids go to peninsula and they never combat. Overwhelm them aboard Norton's about his size like it's a different world out there you heard about the peninsula and northern Michigan well those strange and weird and is just mean that people all of the whole thing it's like you know that. Scifi thing and gives us disappear you go in and northern peninsula commissioners could never come. Now it's just apparently very isolated it's a very good morning and it's thought I was gone malicious stuff. All kinds of crazy stuff there from all right we you don't notice it right exactly politely you don't even third receiver and kick it. I think we'll look back at it right at the ventilation. Yeah Marines hello O'Reilly welcome to the men's room he. Iraq. All right so last year around February is looking at a warehouse. And they're wrapping machine. There automatic function on the route Vichy broken well it's got a built by end. Well I just got ready to finish up 700 pound order. Dinner ready. In her editor thought everything current won't start dropping it by yeah. The power underneath your work and it all got our. Mission is all of me. Except module. 700 pounds. 700. An alleged directly under testicles. What you do what does the stream that comes out of your mouth. Dude I don't owe so much and I just go back and could not move could not speak well and it was gone out of my out of my system. I was sitting there for like five minutes get you try to get there. How long did it take for someone to notice of the 700 traveling under testicles. It was about like five minutes as you do don't want salty if it was my coworker Dotty is army. Donny Donny good guy value I would have used up testicles. Yes yes I did okay luckily. Yes luckily I would agree that there are no no permanent long term damage nothing everything is sealed up. Yeah. Tally metadata is a doctor did you think there's just like. Well I would say. And the first thing Donnie tells me is two or four times. Yeah you told me that earlier some of the pressure. I'm Donny is Donna is not a doctor Don zagged and he does some good browser doesn't it stand the thought okay thanks Donnie. Yeah and grow cheeses good man what what does a story about you downstairs stuff paid for Ford 999 cola Downey company. Oh they hit the spot then. Hello the welcome to the men's room. Our job. When avenue downstairs there Aaliyah. Hey I hey let's play late friend that I am and I thought I had. Contracted Turkey. I have like area at rationed what not but it was like really really mad. And went like it's great for our clinic and they get a good that there didn't even look at maybe I'll let her element of the guardian and the birdie. And it. Lady I examine knew he does that and. Yeah look down their they didn't think you'd like her and why it didn't eat. Beat Bob. All right hey yeah like reading out everything and. It later. In the late and let my name. Lady got acknowledged. Booth and another lady down detonated homemade president. I. I don't like how it felt terrible. Eat and later I actually can't eat. I've ever seen if that happens bank immediately and get them into my. Positive I would add it. It. All tomorrow night. Still much better than having her because. Nowadays a lot of weird when write these positive you don't have herpes that's really negative I almost died in the staff facts but almost bet if did you know animals admirably during relate to got a pretty good news honey. Did you ever. Let me know. I. You know. This is just a suggestion I mean you should include that story in the dating profile that you really I don't think it. There does beat down Norma Kennedy got her every move staff room actually yeah. But when you think that there was mud and no matter what the situation is not clear away the positive thing I thought once I may have gotten somebody pregnant and airlines doubt just STD you know they got a cold. Who has won here is only wanna pay for for a lifetime guy. Did. Let's emulate the if any time he sees something going on down there you might not even had sexy just let guys go out of a bezel gripe you're just panicked and until you find out that is not something that's the good I recently did this I was chairman happened. And that meant that you yeah yeah yeah. We knew what you did at least until what it is targeting like you know we leave and yeah outside settles areas that it doesn't it does it's an hour stop legally very. And all manner as that might as you go commando back in my younger days isn't a reason I stumbled commandos that did it once right. You exhibit and you're just caught ma'am debt and the worst part is it hurts but you have to unzip. And the thing is it wasn't wounded before or is it that. But now it is woods and Rory herds and I get the talent we want to movie and out of tree falls on the guy's leg right and screen them but it when you go to lift the tree all they scream more like somehow it hurts even more. It's kind of the same thing yeah he's good enough that's the tree landed under way. The new look to meddle with Omar got the I have to do this which is fully drill my leg and unzip it and on calendar it was a that was out of my mouth. It's not enable it still got a ride out the drug charge of innocence really got the ten best selling musicians all times on the way more your calls on our question. What is the story about your downstairs stuffy 44999. Poland you are listening to the men's or radio network. Was miles. I cast a drug charge kind of decisions generally get the ten best selling musicians of all time is on the way as we will sit and spin momentarily. Couple interesting videos on the both on dead spin the other day and one was just a guy any match in Germany. He's laying in the stands. And he's master in in the video goes on for what seems to be about 45 seconds which is an eternally long time for guys sitting there. Masturbating during a soccer match. Before the authorities come up for example of that though they only do he's got like shocked that they showed up my one of my notes it's or other people around them. Although there are people out but that is a couple standing talking and there's people sitting around him and he's he's got the space there in the bleachers. But he just like him back and he's going to down. And then there's in the same as somebody had a few beverages yeah oh yeah apparently so and and then we have a a tournament. The goes on I guess this is more of video video game time thing and a couple people who are pretty famous. Within the community. Some of those famous for a league of legends either way of these durable and and it in the stands and taking care of each other's business while everyone marches and it's into Baghdad both have their hands and into the Hampton who's watching me and now they're these guys don't shake weights or doing the thing. How would the story about your downstairs dominate more foreign 999 all. Hello Colin welcome to the men's room. Triple on the. So yeah my story is. About ten years ago when I was 21. I've got to be a great idea to take some of my buddy's dad's Viagra. How much did you tell. Later found out I could slow killed at fifty milligrams each house. Gonna say rule. You know did it via Internet stuff has kind of evolved I believe in the amounts. As far as the milligrams are concerned and that's kind of based on who you are as a person and how much you need. So yeah you think you took a pretty soon dubbed dosage even be just worded take one at that point a moment thing cranked. Oh yeah X and you actually ending 21 and like being in a crime. Morality you confront this problem is you gonna hang elect a wool coat on that thing and oh yes so again had a great time debilitating at a time. And how about one half hours later. It hurt just existing. Yeah you're still full attention and that's right. Oh yeah and no matter how many times does an amateur and I got all like nothing happened to end. You try to do you think anything girls and three eyed dogs sniffing your ass like. Anything to make you go away and it's is not gonna happen so do you parlay go to the hospital. Yeah I had does she had to guard at a hospital like just could I could barely walk it was so painful we can use the bathroom Bryan began urinating. Okay do anything John Adams is assuming the way you wake up the morning and adhere to that every team function that way so that that's on avenue. Yes so we went to the ER at all about 3 AM. So get there they had a colony like a emergency position from their oh so they weren't too pleased. And just like Jimmy back into the room and basically this doctor Titus like get organized just have to rein he would about eight gauge needle. Not that I'm okay. Awful hole for flag wow yeah it's what's the what's the story about a downstairs 84499. Idol recalls the second. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.