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Monday, March 5th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. It's also about colonize four point 999 all play profiled as in many. And we get your headlines coming up one hour from now first which I get my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right high winds on the East Coast made for tough flying conditions over the weekend and on one flight that landed in DC almost everyone on board puke because of the turbulence. Oh yeah. Yeah the pilots almost got sick how bad don't you just think you're gonna die at that point right I got to think back into everyone's throwing how I mean every single person it's a trigger. But I realize I get sick like motion sickness and stuff so I'm going to be the first to view but. If you're the pilot your if you didn't it's it's that I don't demand the worst flight I've been on an incentive it was a much of the puddle jumper on one promote small town to another but. I knew the wind was bad but it wasn't bothering me OK but it's one of these flights and as one flight attendant to it maybe twelve people wanna play. Over the flight attendant says when they sit down but in the back is so confident over the facing him so we're coming in for the landing. They keep the slave lake it's windy we know it's windy and compiled a big reassurance so I'm cool I'm perfectly fine. Then the flight as an attendance of that. Is our eyes were watering can served crossing himself deeply he's praying numbers for a flowed into the growth I'll formulate our marine was really key things were going to back. Okay now about the pet when the flooded then the play. Yeah it really good guy may be your guy and it. Almighty god and man and I think we're gonna die I was in on where you hear like Ding Ding and then that the flight attendant who was serving during sort of small planes and exact thing. Turns around she. Goes into the cockpit opens up the door cancels during service comes back out walks up individually to about four or five people who were. It's in. Basically the way it is is there's one row of seats on one side. Being one seat press on the other side this airplane there are two sets yet she's randomly taking people from the two seaside and shifting them and moving them. Into the one person seat side. To balance the playing for the crosswind it's coming in two week old guy so it's like you need to sit here now certainly could you give up and moved here. That you guys up like someone who has a larger guaranteeing you sir need to move over your house rules if you need to move over here in the back of my no problem right then make of course against never served. You can regulate the Madrid and I live near Venice like minutes sucks I want to appear honest to god man right. One of the engines on a plane in Canada recently caught fire and it might be because they use too much the icing fluid before they set off. No little ironic. Right I mean fire is one of the better GICs. FF FF I knew when we did what it all together if you learn so I relies on this engine Russian army deicing or just weird chemicals. You've short tiger's friend out water you gotta do and a certain time though man it's got to be done like depending on the temperature stuff. Medifast I guess a new study looked at the phenomenon of deja Vu yeah. And basically proved it's not connected to anything supernatural or glitch in the matrix and it's weird a filter totals. I might if to destroy come available this story last week did sort of pars there. Julie Underwood you're gonna say what they say it might just tapping you said last week to sing it's just a weird feeling yes I did this last week it's weird feeling media when something seems familiar. The study also showed it doesn't help you predict the future. I never have a greater exactly I don't think the whole show seems familiar. It's more about seeing the past there are little more rumors number about the future employers are OK I do and authority happen. What's the most expensive thing your kid has ever destroyed. A woman in the UK posted a story about her toddler pushing a button on remote that opened her friends cabinet. A bunch of antiques happened to be sitting on it and it caused about 120000. Dollars worth of damage. I've never I think the worst thing I've ever met Beverly broken into three super expensive but I was annoyed. When I've called plumber to see if they can get the Barbie doll that must under flushed down to see if they were flush which side note Barbara dole who in fact flush and unemployment. Plunging them does not get them back out built. Think I played meandered down European kids. Think the main thing wishes. If we got a new toys sometimes we would frankly like instantly of course supporting. Friends your parents paid off for things that come along and RC airplane one time announcement that the united treatment first and took a digital although I don't really fast action. I get thousands she's blunt okay that's why you do it centers on the nitty Saturday religion is what you guys in their world and raise rates to make if you had a Christmas tree with a toy train I would destroy the trains. I love to do destroy the threat I know now I just turn it on you think and you know I like your boy destroyer. And interact with it I know until he was weird I try to interact a few months. The train that would play within the top tips. And that's kinda broke it dammit I'm 54 year old man of Florida was arrested for spying on a female roommates. By putting hidden cameras in her Lusa. And saw. All these 10. All I know that I did not know who those that are normally am I mean that's going to hold. Rub a dub dub look man. I like seeing a naked woman how I see you next woman close Lebanon. I don't need to be Merrick look like that's when I Madison perspective what when I'm back close my eyes Arnold. You don't blame the here is good and tabernacle I've been closes the loop but I would miles though how in the hell do you show a little tiny cameras out of the loop that's obviously got to be waterproof. We don't admittedly doesn't notice is like a scrub run out on a stick you know enemy inner. It was an act like a sponge yeah frantic when I uses aloof as just one of those things like made of plastic. She's the problem that is man. They don't use it a little things that people do an absolute privacy and people comfortable that the private. It's different which is not so there you I don't he's gonna pick and Rasmussen. And now soured on the matter with. Matt Bryant's I don't know I don't wanna I wanna table and a camera Eric and I can't I don't I don't you want to know what do you do to felony pleas in mission our area writing a food. Federal waiver to the bad waffle stomach flu comes on you don't low in value of the scare reportedly. Almighty god she proved too tough rusty. She's young since his movement ever put if you're going as far as to put them in a move you're the only down you don't get a ride yeah it probably put oil stoppers hot. I'm glad you found a man rarely use body spray on himself in his car on Thursday that. Haven't done and he's got the I had somebody's breath I mean that's just evolutionary there any doubt that's casual now acknowledged that Perdue of citizens OK let's shoot the front the way I feel as well. Larry if I myself was field the windshield of this car blew out all right that's. All the doors to all the doors flew open. And the roof of the car peeled open looks like he can't already what do you think about that all does this guy has to monkey smoking a cigarette but it's spring had a lot of stray out with you know Walsh of the old top of the car peeled off. Right if you smoke this cigarette when you wanna put the bodies frail. I. Consulates or an odd yeah I wanted to get good Air France winner didn't show. Nobody field man born. And even the cubs coming up I'm going to leave this crowd and acts in my hand and I have gone bad but you're making a map how. Is ready proven an exit became like. And forget Bob the same amount that everyone who uses access only to god didn't flood sprays out so easy had a flu Holliman in Malaysia. Got a ring stuck on his junk last week I'll ring and ring in stuck his jump last week. Did when he tried to use scissors to pry it off those guys that did good assets. Yeah did not the only way to the hospital it's I'm not able to get it free and using a saw these still in the problem is something kind of went wrong when they try to take that thing off. He's still in not a hospital as they're still trying to save his youth and we don't like a finger ring like a ring that I'm thinking like a ring ring I'm now organize and at night and tell you still must put alerting him if there was Malaysia a finger rings. Didn't say he's sorry band called standards and clamored to get a man in Florida was arrested after he stole from a target but he does have a good reason was that a cell about a one hour. Now Taylor knock headlines are on the way one hour from now first the day new love it. Is through recess. It seems they're held to please everyone else profile this is playing that's our ten miles from first to comment why does Mike always will happen. When people dire get hurt and he did not so nice out we dug out bodies in the basement with the that he never count minutes and throughout the simple game miles where we share with you will widen the story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. And if you listened to stories based on the stereotype you believed to be sure the people. And the decisions that people make less humid it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. A lot of us on God's handy now changed I Williams and Powell this here game played. New fantastic. Among fill him and went. Here is your story a man and a woman in New York City suburb they were arrested after the woman dumped the contender Carl Lohren. I'm a two year old who talked during a showing of Star Wars the last Jenna and now. Authorities arrested the couple who by the way she's 25 61 they're both Don and they were both charged with endangering the welfare and child I was I went down to what are your mother she'd take her young daughter to the movie theater. The little girl asked for some popcorn and a woman sitting next to the girl. Told the girl shot. All of beat him. Parents all the girls say this as if she wasn't and I mean that in a moment gone she's happy her mother for popcorn this other woman tells gives some other girls whose son was. Popcorn in new full sentence will be girls Mueller told the woman Heyman a don't talk to my daughter anymore and bad boy that's the problem started screaming and cursing at both of good movies play back with. Didn't cover the girl's mouth with her yet. The woman members either dump the pump or materials head. And then hitter with the empty container Jesus. Freaks is so little girl alone and the girls started to cry. Once act now because you started crying meanwhile the woman and her day. Did to golf from the theater wow they were caught so with a host of a month from other charges they were also huge. Appearance tickets for court pagan don't say my question is do you believe that does pop or wielding freak is black white Maxi or Asian. I'm. I think in black. Could some release. Did you say the name of the movie. Star Wars lasted up. But it doesn't help because what 95% of Americans do on this. He. We'll learn some popcorn he got popcorn. I can't. Yet and it. And gentlemen go black funnel into the final. My solution. Sheen had to do and I Star Wars could be one nerd rage. Where you wanted and I'll go white. Each new wife's name. I'm being black and Croatian and checked hard to find out if you have black white Latino or Asian next. Back to tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. So my. I don't profile us take this in new York and they couple that went to us it is Star Wars flick and they had a two year old and her mother sitting relatively close to the locals and obviously I've improved and a kid asked them onto popcorn messages and popcorn and this woman basically set a keep it quiet down. You don't go directly and tell them what to handle her mouth and dumped a bucket of popcorn on her head and if Tehran ahead in the empty popcorn buckets and that's just. For some reason that's the part that these police necessarily that you know you made the statement went anyway saying we ask you do you believe that this woman. The popcorn assailants is black white makes you or Asian and in the end you will blanket had a gut feeling that went why. Sure our homes carrying out there quite ten all correct soldier and I am a hard time yeah. The comments came in that made me who have. It just that there's no way to black vs white people they're talking movies. With its now broad even though it's not his job Timmy damage game. Sure. Engine countless hours in front of a talking box and the presents. Oftentimes they got a lot of people watch sports we'll get in conversations or what is the toughest sport right. So. Yeah in America it's pretty simple yet baseball. Basketball. Football and in hockey rink is always going to be the traditional top four. They even make a solid argument for hockey but I think most Americans it's a American football the NFL is by far the toughest sport in. So Charles Barkley who's a famous NBA player and a great commentator on the with that the NBA on TNT. He's on there basically this is this is it that they granted this is the skit from Saturday Night Live to the football player is not real. I think his name is DC two events but he gets a little bit maybe via head injuries have affected mr. Timmons. Well DC brings up an interesting topic which league do you think is the top this to plan. Well based mother grueling holes and Angel would spring training and post season. You play up to 200 hands and 230 days. We haven't you been. Habitat on the bids the bids must have we played two games and your run in thirty minutes a game or more overweight image lap I watched you Warren always. The red. And the football did the hunted well. That's 100 feet. Does every day out battles and every appearance big game went huge. I think that they can. Also is okay grid. Couples get the treatment. He keeps calling a bunch that'd be hit at the drop partly Greg throughout the entire time other like who's regulate exactly right. Thank you think clearly the football player plottage I want it ended this it and if I think why would Clinton want these. He played nine I would say Lleyton he didn't even think yeah definitely people know nine downs and one to recycle and he's 27. It cost him very funny skit USC the whole thing. I go to the Manger FaceBook page and that check out that video he's hosted a thing like or five times Charles Bartlett number four I was four as Portland gopher for us for athletes who do not blown mutiny. Through losing both full map grants let's Olson's sudden Barack with a rare club in what Peyton Manning is done once or twice I'm trying to think of any other. You have to think Jordan stunningly three times during has. I don't know yeah. Like funny yet he announced in England and still being funny enough that was seized on tour three Barkley goes great arm as they meet Derek Jeter did a one timer to time's done I just think I'm athlete is about Diana's enough athlete to be able to do it pulled off. Right it's that at that high a level program ready to make a lot. Run the tunnel there's a lot of pro athletes who I think are awesome and be good at that but are you good enough that they're gonna put you on that ship right. I will finish Charles Barkley years ago hosted they had a whole skit where he was like playing Barney as when Barney was massive the purple dinosaur dislike one a one or something. And he absolutely destroyed Barney just who found Yasser Arafat's. Right here on late in the iTunes and that's I think it's an awful since it is legal Barney with the Charles Barkley and not play in the who don't own your problem. If it if it. Kinda like sports. Eventually every game has a winner right well I shouldn't say that regular season soccer games you after all since I'm sure but a lot of games general winner. Now you ever heard of a tiebreaker. The tiebreak there fabric back. Tiebreaker. On jeopardy. So they finally I await word also on some weight on so that would mean the final jeopardy we got the same a match we got these yellow at the very end we got around another question I don't think you'll ever see them for. Okay because it's never happened before. All our. Once known as the norm in the aisles. Per the British government this group. Is not part of the UK. And has never been colonies. Sarin Norris you have 111600. Which islands did you come up with the pharaoh islands incorrect. You risk and lost 4801 that takes you down to 67. 99 and takes us to Laura McClain are champion she had 151000. She came up with a Shetland Islands. That too is incorrect the correct response is what are the Channel Islands. You were going to lose something how much. 8201. That dropped you down to 600799. And you and Sarah are tied so here is your tie breaker question but category is who. In 2017. The answer is. I heard April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June the eighth. Laura they may. Theresa may is right. All right now part of the reason got to look at him outs you're right they had that reaction. You've never heard this before and once it's never happened. And also the recently changed the rules it used to be if you tie. A breaking news to regular jeopardy game none of the tournament of champions but if you tie it. They would both return Miller does not as coaching happy with the deputy recently changed its rules for ties that's why I like. Number one we know receive an alert you to think wait a minute they did. This is all that on top but I like to like all right tied another question Lou yeah how long has it been sitting on an extra question. Every single episode just in case it Brothers has 500 car during my hello. Yeah it's out your back like I imagine he pulled out as fast they're probably edited it to you know I Ole folks this is crazy or did they just OK time next question. News or use said the State's Israel's next meet our town Celtics. Who sorry I mean look at for Steve Harvey would that I nickname my mustache in my twenties. The flavor saver you are correct gradually the womb room. Trusted background. At a picnic at a pop up but that Jews are the act act act a profound. It's all right to. He got any new the lady in front of the camera and that. You know wheels and a ton of time talking Oscars or whatever because I don't know that in any of us. Losing their movies. Yeah. Right like I know there was the movie about the Fishman. Calcium now nodes are out another of the popular enough I know that there are walls outside through tomorrow remain. I also add me away he canyon up amid try to give it our own best picture right there and maybe. So Fritz is that dormant and she won best actress for three billboards outside of a town in Missouri. And we are faced with a calamitous our amendment let's out of the very. Anyhow we did I'd I don't wanna talk about the Oscars other than had you heard her laugh. None of it would just. Right this is during her speech right then and I think she'd asked the other women in the category to get up or whatever that she says she was hyperventilating a little bit. I don't know but this lap groups the hell out of me. They're right as like it would override her level of nuts. Like I as a lab that says and I enemy. Tells me your G spot moves lightly he triggered hula hoop. Don't forget the Eaton. So are everybody that's not to be in front of everybody that worried and I. And I mean yeah that's Howard Dean initially get all the stage long material. If I a hundred no this this is. Think I did she says she was hyperventilating a little bit measures of us I. I'm sure she's excited but I'm telling you man pursue that that laughed it's Nina disturbing loud sound that's got the president did little blood. I think it's I think it sounds like somebody that would be like. Eileen athletes that you know exactly like all right your title to the bed another dropping acid on new era I mean my he head. Roll into the boiling bottle that her act act. Bullet did not think about right to live that left you pictures you're in the kitchen gym look a squirrel if you start I think directly to the Wally bottled water. Right. And do our guest squirrel suit and I know I'm not even better learn how to play and that is the feeling about it and I would you leave. This. End and yours is global in its original Hebrew school. It's lucky I didn't edit a little bit uncertain enough and you'll like it does I laughed in a nervous situation straight if you're not only that which is there we now. I'm happy thought for a third but that left man also money dude somebody who was married her long time ago went. And now she's coming up and see this happening of seeing this movie and know what's gonna happen now just on the marquee. But I. I think you could also just put quotes in front of it right it's like if you're gonna play if like my favorite part about cooking crabs you get to cook a lot. Personally I canning candy don't get on the van way you did have babies and Johnson I think. As a person as your tired after the doors could be elected dog walker. They like ours she's a nice but I'm that your. I mean she's she has a lot of references. You remember the old the other that's the funny thing about receipt mean she looks kinda. I'm David baron is only fifteen bucks a. Hello who yeah. The key to your health. Rumor frozen from the parents saying you know bode well. That's okay can you watch my cats. I already have bed. That's not a meat loaf mountain couldn't. I want you don't need it. I watched the catch you every day he figured out. You know you win an Oscar that I do an aerial there's different reactions that felonies at this journal welcome. Miles great news for you great what is what are your favorite things to watch on the Internet to do in person. About you like to watch these videos I know I hope they throw up. Oh those that did visit Barbara woman the doctor Campbell bumper. Doctor. Doctor Gupta how well I don't like I am wall who's the compare and and yeah you're the doctor. Say it delete. She goes she's she doesn't help job to get aero TV show you know like people are watching this grab as much is that it didn't do it in 3-D. I mean she's clearly you know she's the popular YouTube star goes her name off doctor pimple Popper temple by. They're not on gamble. Doctor pepper wants to send you to be doctor double bumper miles is kind of right they did a special on TLC did TLC do special in January it was a massive hit. So she's getting her own series this summer also got. A pimple Popper and yeah then beat it. Comparable proposal now but the Japanese yen. All of a fan and they don't look well. I thought I was gone I really had to I don't know I don't I really don't remember plus I could go to med school for like 8910 years despite Brazil being OK isn't. Also the slayings but ever years ago insides fell. Materially broke up with the girl or whatever you think I save lives if you think your pimple Popper and injured dermatologists I thought I would keep Eckstein hits. So maybe that's her she's gotten into to put up off for. Some pundits say are you listening and who's gonna need to. Hello I'm doctor payable upon you really wanna be on that show the elect Joseph gonna huge boil my shoulder but I don't think Europe and years and all we don't. They're gonna pop that the good thing Mosul injured shoulder and pull the whole thing up and live TV. What stock you didn't get its approval but I'm baffled bobbled. Hopefully get a free deal on that appeal on TV. You'd hope so I was really charged pop couple. And that's another question is a based on amount of fluid comes out besides what didn't like what everyone gets pimples and legal problem and there's a little bit and that's it but. But what would you bid you all earlier amid a mistake of glancing in your direction my. Almighty god that is the biggest goddamn bump up seen. Yeah I don't know in deep now let me ask you this do you think that a former producer for doctor temple poplar. Eagle solicit people want to go to a bar like. Years web I couldn't help but notice a thing under for his medicine like a black head what is that all it's a mall buy that's our animals aren't quite in my car that he had inherited my card. Did they are your body we can I up I've never seen more messed up girl in my life would you like to be on doctor pimple Popper if it hit it and didn't do Amir. Hi speaking of yeah I got an app market is wrote in the new things. We got back then they're moved to apple. Who east and the VIP over there won't have to pop cult where comparable I was there have been operating the body of this. Wealthy get into the think fast he seized bus the season abolish public and the prayer in there and the purple so bring it came to violate the thank you see if it. The people we should eroded with the guidance that we. I know what it's like a lot of the it's easily jump a vegetable lover it's in Vegas you know it probably do it you know it's fact Criss angel's back there about it by reporters if that's I may bottom of this and AMP LT terror attack but we're here to the doctor Dougal. Oh man it's like my kind of laugh attended steele's comment. It's it's tough to think it's just to make everybody mad I don't wanna leave she does rob them. This Eagles coming here to kill the moved. Good news business if you thought we were done the OJ Simpson we are so we don't think we ever will. Fox today here to our special called OJ Simpson the last confession. Always back to the thing that he did before they limited air whatever DA did the interview 2006. Or won't he won't supposedly it'll actually did a bit thin on their and it's. OJ gives a hypothetical account of what happened the night of the murders Nicole brown and Ron Goldman. The murders of Nicole Nicole brown and Ron Goldman hypothetical. My guess what remembered his he had wrote use those to write a book. If I have a five iron did I did the goldmans. Goldmans who he still owes money to really babies we can go to it was a state go well. We Obama's assault case and everything else I made the only we can't judge is I guess is as NFL pension. I wanna see that because I get the feeling we know he killed them soul. We knew relives the moment you can try to say it's hypothetical Moby and you get emotionally and best of it. War console bundles like what do what I would announce that it Mubarak why do we made it. Just say a dinner and let it yet. And I think to you know at at some level right this is gonna be a level of human decency are granted if you've killed two people maybe you've lost that doesn't continue to rip bureaucrats could have been much right like you'll need to write a book go to our justice. If I had done it. Late Jesus nearly killed if you just just fade away. Well I draw attention Peters had been nice fit very Brazilian headlines on the way when my cock coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real world I have a Florida man wants a job living she'd says it was an item on his plug in lets. Meanwhile the random stranger dumps popcorn on your to your old yep you should be pissed. United Airlines cancel my beer and loses eight year old woman on the flights. Apple's California headquarters is giving some of its employees and invisible fights. And Florida man by the Burmese python or were they white tailed deer inside and his time here headlights. It's Sunday it. So here's my car giant star in Florida man was arrested after he stole data sheets and Clif bars from a local target. When he was cup final loss prevention right you would still. When he was up a lot for mentioned he'd drop the items and took off. He did later come back to the story and admitted and apologized for doing the items saying that shoplifting was on his bucket list of things to do well. Some lung disease took its head he was arrested and charged with theft does senate sheets depending on how nice they are. Under drugs target or target ahead everything that. Could go big dutrow still a TV game parliamentary like 400 count threat you know. My guess is that in the middle of the you don't really hear you Sam and think and he wanted to actually succeeded shoplift. There's no way you're just gonna sneak it TV out. Funeral at the snake might you have this release of the violent kind of crazy people believe you will buy them people read along. Wonder how you are easily truth if you just walk with purpose Alec you just at the ball and hey I told the bagel TV you just want to give us. And work for us mayor right vibe all the ridiculous security let alone walk right up their vision. Around the world to go Long Island were a woman is facing challenges to the charges after some miss comment and a movie theater we have the turn profile list. During a screening of the latest Star Wars most movie a woman to take Nomar as the two year old behind it would not quit talking here in the movie asking her mother for popcorn. Is there an altercation between the two women that resulted in a bucket of popcorn being dumped on the child's head and even a bruised from the container to go with it. I don't was arrested and facing add child endangerment charges. The the very look like she's wrong never should've done that no pay thanks miles and I'm the only one who. Seems like it if I added two year old thank you I mean okay navy. A different type of movie and a good first movie experience will be like an animated movie year some of those just you know I did two more child from I'm not saying that the two year old did anything wrong obviously the journal that noted Enron and as a parent your three year old as. Nine these segment that is man I'm thinking he's Brooklyn did you watch the stuff that entertains kids on TV at the 82. It's that move also in the head when it right so yeah. 22 want to make some way. What do you say it's not like he's thirty minute I just I feel like you're sending the kid up for failure there's two year old can sit quietly anywhere ever do hours and what a night that. I was even thinking about it than the furthest back movies and I think I can remember was Toy Story announced five. But it was probably age appropriate do you still amazed that in the winners in the whole thing what I am saying that age Julie you're not even gonna remember the movie about twice the kids there. You know the. The mom probably wanted to see the movie kind of felt like to keep its its revised figure and too much material to be quiet for two the only Frances McDormand was doing babies of available after. You know. I don't know about it and they don't even understand why they need to be quite at that age and even comprehend right on around the world of magic who have rights and her two year old Walsh sit with popcorn would write more American not a bad dude you're not very Smart but look she's got a problem. After a smashing 93 to seven victory for East Bridgewater high school girls basketball in their first round of the playoffs. The superintendent of the school took it upon herself to issue an apology to their defeated opponents. Saying that it was an an an unfortunate situation and that quote is not a reflection of our student body or athletic programs. I don't get it. When you give them one and thing are they he's beaten that badly beaten wall was 97 to three and in the playoffs. But still how do you just come out and say this isn't a reflection of our student body or athletic program tailored to try as hard as we say analyze. Little ray pressed the entire game there is a point where you just don't keep doing that like he was. They were superior in all facets they didn't pull the stars for the first half. They pressed the pin high you're gay they ran us into the fourth period they were up by seventy. And they wouldn't let the kids inbound the ball and taken down the court like they know and there's a level where you go. You know what is what this does this cubs and everybody plays well you finish that. Now. Now miles is right there's a certain like you play the game distant to shoot the shots and you know. But there's no reason to press there's no rehired didn't always know embarrass people deadly and Monty when you're up eleven Iran threat he thinks. I could end up I think that's hilarious. A I get it done I don't know about it takes them I don't heed to my team. To stop score. Right I'm improvised tool did those that would overall I am completely game the beautiful country and I know fuel more valid weapon in the patriots is they're up by twenty some points of the fourth quarters are on the plate there around all I'm growing like sometimes you'll meal. You know like the vikings this year could've kicked an extra point your final point to think we don't have. They go to their heads and realignment that my gosh it's gonna say next after the drug HR drive gasoline usage has been the return of the word profile visible surrogate tells once again with a shot of the day I'll be honest with you I was not listening to miles he made the slide city but we are back tomorrow through until then please. Do what you do best in poorly let's say. There.