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Monday, March 5th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is no. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Go to Arizona or 2778. I. Along with Steve the throw heels. Do Ted Smith. All that hoopla. Had my car. It's an image a the random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories population and the military. We were refused a men's room rules. Get ready to play profile bets plus headlines events and shot of the day but molester emails. And everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period and I don't go for a man must jump limping sheets says it was an item. On his bucket list. It around and stranger dumps popcorn on your two year old head you should in fact be fixed. United Airlines says pulled my beer and loses an eighty year old woman on flights. Apple's California headquarters this is giving employ these yes and invisible flights at Florida man finds Burmese python. Were they white tailed deer inside that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I'm. Let his good day to use and New York all right let's just say. One minute short far away to have your parents look you frankly it's just the considerate of the name that they gave me residue of Nebraska at his name is Rodney Phillips no big deal except that his middle name. There's trouble and I don't mean that he's someone to be macho guy who says my middle name is trouble I mean that his parents gave him trouble. As the middleman so gas was. He was just arrested for burglary. But that it will surprise that someone named trouble got in for a parent you should know better don't do that too. Now. Idiotic name or not we all roll where we went to school without one kid that you just kinda new might be an app open several reasons maybe they bully. Maybe execute them eat glue maybe it was a kid that word out about hell even dog turned for five dollars we all knew back here at all the good kid in Missouri. And he was just sentenced after tying a kitten to the back of the vehicle have been dragging it to death. I can't win the scored with a look at the guys mug shot and frankly. Maybe he looks like you guys have a dragged him. They come back I would almost guarantee that when he graduated from high school he was voted most likely to drag you get me and the big. He looks like that guy in my thought was simply list. Everyone knew those nude I guarantee you not one of them is surprised that the fat mouth without them we all know that person Robinson name replacements okay. These are just some of the stories. That we've seen and the flood dolls with many questions questions we'd like to ask you in the form of our random question question this is how warped. New cost. We'll ask you a question component random and after you shared your glorious end to what else. We'll share that view of the new story that inspired said question. The brother John ran question question call 844999. All you don't like the men's room on FaceBook policy on tour events are live answer those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's are ready on that. With smiles and thrill. John now I know it's over 2779. George programming them out of there and I Ahmed is a big. Our question question is back your guess is as good as minor categories will be. The countries with the biggest populations around the world and we also have the most popular and powerful I guess more powerful military Thursday believe it or not. There's an index. That judges which military is best not based on. Actually winning the war but amazed about how little you would want in Iraq but look like you think of if you are fighting these people I guess right like this off the top and I Milwaukee's list but I would have to think it's just like. Add it seems there certainly elements of these guys so it's not going to be addressing your guesses as good as mine now men's room roles coming up or if you saw those. As well in another round low profile this and today we do our random question question 844999. Old law or friend how are encouraged and welcome to the men's world. Oh yeah. I'd just the most goes on in your life down. Who would you say has had the the strangest pet of anybody that you've come in contact with this strange ready to trenchant look could be a monkey. We've heard all kinds of crap on around. Okay good there's a Debra I knew a woman had a monkey. Andy's dream is to have a monkey but she was not particularly straight itself there's a strange old I've known some known for antelopes and everything about it it was strange. The personal strange. And you have to be strange to wanna giants got named Harry Spiderman had as a woman is gonna cockatoo I've seen her for years on her shoulder and she walks around the neighborhood and it's it's you just don't realize how big that bird isn't your post and a guy has a big gas Bergman but they're brought a lot throw the bird on the short always strikes restrained or they need attention right. All of them I know empire it. Haven't really if you we have to have the burden on your shoulder just to go to your local Rite Aid. Demise Snickers bar more calm and sometimes that's not right oh I don't let the original service you can tell why you think about Iraq got everybody has ever if there's an animal on earth and you can find a way to convince the doctor Lee drove probably meeting god named Turkey ability don't write but. I gotta think the people that have the bird on the shoulders they are the original service and into the work they won't complete if they want the burden is pretty would never left her home. You can go to fort George army. They could you open your school to pick a third kid in the early bird unusual theory put like any bird you wanted to go there as long as it was somewhat tapes in other words can do but a pain would on your shoulder. I would think that now why not why are physically huge nobody if you could you can before you way to think about themselves it's not a contact older and the same legs right. Watch your kids you put a duck on your shoulder like why is it just the parent. That seems to his own imperatives that what is the car into the pair well then that. Species of birds aren't like it opens a tropical bird feathers on a you can pull on her shoulder everything else seems to be off off limits did you put any animal you want under shall play it by a Chihuahua regular let's not being well make you say it doesn't bark and I just walk around it's on my shoulder Mets but that's what I'm saying if you only put these certain why can you put a lot of different birds why does it just have to be apparent on the shoulder even the little fly at all. Aren't really I don't care what you're still. Unclear to bring an effort Gergen what does it. So he may look bunny lake and mine gave urged by. Right. Would literally adopt any at all that she'd get across Scioscia attitude Cilic raps got a well. She had hit edge and it does. She have. A bunch of random dish that she just thought about. What we're we're way way like most of these animals are you talking but I understand I don't understand wade want them as a pet but I understand that the proximity. Where do you find they don't like to pigeon illegal and you could trip fallen by the pigeons like final Siegel but I mean. And what does she get adult. To a wedding in either random dobbs every one excellent do you I had. In Egypt literally bought into the neighborhood. Had a pair wanna crop but what about it and just audit neighborhood you don't get. But wait wait wait now with a bat. Do you think all these animals wanted to be a leg of a burnt land in my yard it's because the bird is doing whatever birds do. I run a bear grabbed the small falls to communicate photo in my house this hour rescued them in the birds they can blow. No I just landed a new larger crazy ass like so we should eat and saint or did these animals actually need help. I I have no idea what about she. You adult or go all open during the days that immediately they just bit every bit good man. So yeah but I think the creek is what she. Well probably argument between the double digit chill out. Candidate Jill also want to hurt you just about a wire right after the bucket. Didn't tell you found that someone tell us what are you find it to Chela no gaggle level that our Humana feels like six feet tall. A mile and hormone no. It was a huge Turkey and a pen and it just kept growing and I didn't know the turkeys just keep growing scandal and are basically do they never stop got hurt yeah that it was the size of an ouster mayberry the fact Turkey. Not act three when asked who has a strangest pension knows Canada crazy story. And Orlando. They arrested a convicted felon who was living in a vacant store in a village a police were tipped off that he might be in there. And they said they'd received information that wanted felon was in possession of firearms and a former storefront that a closed down. And the detectives and got to search warrant to go in there and check out property which was kind of bizarre to be torn down the runway the building was on its way down. But he's living in their so. Police arrived a little before 3 o'clock and I found 41 year old Philip geese. Living in the building and during a search they recovered two loaded handguns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. And then police spotted a large cats. That was a spotted cat larger than a typical domestic cats and yes later identified that as a bobcat which was his pets. The animals turned over officers with the state department of natural resources. And he's was cited for possessing a wild animal according to the release all of the felonies thing for them you know handgun and everything else so he's that he's in jail but they didn't. If first they've got to look at. That upon further examination like oh my god in the cat but he's living with a bobcat as the pet. So we had litter box way of the litter box for Bob cat it was as pat it's the. It's in cats are naturally want to bury the stuff. That's all our hearts is this so that when they. The instinctively go to that place on the cover for regular gonna do that anyway right but here's my question Emmy goes to back to the animal world aren't. So you have a bobcat. In New York calling it your pet or people happy tiger and they call it their pet might. Is that your pets. Or has this animal would you co exist with the simply not chosen to kill you he hasn't lies not it's always I always like the mother Mari I thought of illegally take a liquid in look at it from the guy comes over we interact and where the says yes we get along where we're called the light. If you Obama camp like. Maybe it's did you keep feeding it but don't lose bobcat truly believed that individual parent or is that simply not mold drew in your sleep play it's like a snake sizing up some and wants to eat you. Bradley the wayside like. He's very nice today it just is a matter of when there were anti animal keeps growing and yes you'll become a food item. Actually believe that and yeah of cat I mean it's right Arabs but the mark doctor death. Domesticated and they've been domesticated them and you look at some pit bulls and stuff I think there's a well behaved dog but if something went crazy like. It's right but did you gently running and and we we scientifically went out of our way to make sure that we generally speaking can coexist would this thing about. We did decide the small thing isn't going so murmur miles city in the parable. Yeah it's dubbed the start of war Fayetteville was never. Bet you like I. I don't mind kind of rough thousand somebody's Pitt but I don't know quite rough counselor bobcat there was these three dogs man they would get out well they got not intentionally were there are a couple Kabul. Couple blocks up for me but they got out constantly there escape artists amongst one another offense whatever the outcome. And they were just the friendliest pack of roaming dogs man that they covered. All territories and they were just running down and he would just keep still fired up. And you try to stop one of them just to be able to hold under the collar not a good and noble does the other two would come up the horror. And you're done I like. Skippy what a number of each article or you know. I think any other tubular dude usually from skipping it if you think that don't talk about these ethnic conflict of drizzle this could do other weird things I don't have dreaded just rag you know growl one of the dogs or get a phone number call a guy like hey man your dogs are. Loosen you know half the time the other two got the dog you always held didn't care. You can hardly find what I'm for the other who would turn around like murder near a job man. And here we get well there are marked as yours and yours and your read just moved to Baltimore and the running out for my uncle. We're house is is part of a new housing development and and they had yet common area courtyard. It was not completed yet so it's just a mound of dirt so he said in his kitchen as you eat dinner you there's amount it. In the future to be looking at the courtyard at the time a system out the door but Durbin a pack of dogs that have been rolled to the hook right Anne O'Connell led by the one husky and was one. Slightly smaller mutt but they clearly running the show and were twelve of them. So and we saw them pretty much every night for about a week in the one night. There was like this hour for as a puppy or just a small dog I'd what it is now rolling with this pack but they decided. They're gonna keep going after the spot could pack I've dived into the thrust so. Were drawn in Denver and my mother and I can't help but look out the window because are standing on the top of this mountain dirt under the gun at them this thing up. I'm not gonna do to think about it and an amendment was who was packing god damn dogs and again that the Huskies lead thing so my father who was reading the paper time. Finally and I can't take roles of newspapers don't assume nude heels of backdoor my mother was like. Don't go outside because want to march out there I'm telling you he is like Bruce Lee or the newspaper man he just I mean these twelve balls to ask. Hid the truth right into Bayern that was. Don't like three students like to take that and one big swipe it folded looking at my funeral payment I realize it's our own may have been heat he's basically attacking that. And I mean they'll scatter they disappear again. This is my dad web time racers always been balding but he was still brought referrals they're kind of like the crusty the clown airman just about the size wrecked the thing I was so that's like a Carlos Singleton who's favored to beat the (%expletive) out his dog grabs in this Little Rock clearing fourteen and I'm like. This is my opportunity to get a pet dog actually he walks on the out of pub remembered and beat the limos to leave the Villanova isn't. Unlike Palin he's like no. Definitely I think we're not she's absolutely zero you don't have the new brands. Brenda Brenda hello Dooley and welcome to the major brands blow on our. Own art. And do our very good program and I don't carry out random question question would you catch on fire. Flooded I catch on fire that you got Tyler let's see here. One time I was shooting well each Campbell would fly out but I don't fourth of July. I mean it it's how to long legs. And I was shooting at a hotel shooting at each other a little bit and eventually kind of top speed across the street neighbors like. Trying to keep hedge take bush on why. Why did you just a matter what he didn't kinda catching on fire come on fire right. Yeah I had 100 checksum and finally to get her food and Curtis I'm not saying there wasn't very good situation and. Roman candle liberal ones first for a after the accident until it hit a little firecrackers may fire rendered this eighties but I thought Roman candles are the ones that. Everything's going good maybe pattern for a week but inevitably these seem to be the one where all hole but it's also like any other kind of firework goes boom goes Powell spins around this. Roman candles that are just liquefied. Coop that's on fire. But I don't know of anything else it's like a Roman candle eight home. There is there anything else like you know and they give you ever seen what comes overlooked and it is like liquid do bonfire in the drills right for whatever reason people feel fine. Pulling those things that each other well everything should not let your Roman camp OK. IRS. Originally asked what did you catch on fire. We go to would law and Marilyn wood long Merrill unfamiliar place where a guy was in the scar on Thursday and he gave himself a one silverware if he is axe body spray. I saw you out and any let up this day and the entire car exploded. The blast blew the doors open. Pushed up if the roof it. And shattered the front window again. This is the explosion blew the doors of the car open hi nick pushed up the roof on a car in shattered front windshield completely out. How much as bodies Braden did he feel he needed guy posting until burn unit was serious injuries police say yeah the explosion was caused by the axe body spray and it does cigarette. You know it's it's the US's radar currently go through it like a home much at night has brought some tumble a lot of data. CCC and you know. Because it is the fifth with aren't you. In front. Brent hello Eric welcome to the newsroom run down. Lol wow. And there. This is there I don't know again reordering and questions questions. Solid sea air. Tell us what. What is the hardest thing that you have ever read what you say the strangest movie you've ever. We'll without the big question who won the lottery are just raised other people's you know maybe. They were estranged do you. I would say weird thing about it is hard it's hard. They took I think I was probably in my forties before I tried that for the first when you don't have that time I together debt we try to over the for and look I'm did you horde of them didn't show off I think we're getting these this is on games on and then look and then Ted because is whether you know and a guy to drive these did did you mean other Catholics it was just you know were tribes that lets order well the wasn't bad either it's more like someone else is picking up the tab correct things go. But short and you're right manga that. It's fun and they weren't even bad it's just knowing that I'd smell my mouth and did not. Did not have you like him. I actually did they were covered in garlic and butter and that it really goes out and shut door next I had. Let me ask you this is there anything that doesn't he's better when recovery and our. Butter and garlic so what they are they good to see Stewart did they just absorbs the taste that you liked. Comment on never had anything and shovels back. As far as food goes the most I'm a big country then. Conqueror. Yeah oh yeah they're pretty tough to eat but other than I can't think of anything give paris' annual gathering of his friends were as wintertime must grab dinner or hit a snag. Because they're actually having a shortage of must grant where he lives in Salem county so too much he loved as a group of up friends come over and they all of the must grab this year he couldn't find a must read so. He went back to the Bieber and a friend of mine go to London brought over a little bit no like that so instead of having a must read dinner with friends this year he decided to go. With the beaver white. Tony four pound beat her yes. It has DA has seen it if he defrag the beaver and rose to the beaver served with cares and so. Friend request or question 8449990. Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah and are just as good as my categories will be population and military is older your guess is as good as mine right before we drink a toast with the shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question questioning for foreign. 999 or die and hello I'm Max welcome to the men's room. I thought that you'll love our jobs and I don't today Matt ran. A million little or no are about as good as the be nice I really didn't originally grove it's very important. Tell your kids say as to what you'd. You know metals go the what do you blew it but do you know how to make from scratch. Would you know make from scratch maybe it's a plan if you smoke maybe it's a delicious chili or a famous army ammunition they rank that or map I feel like you know how to make map. What can you make from scratch. Move all women are this foreigner can grow marijuana to scratch and I don't know and they cash in actual movie moments and. I got and and what's your what's your secret to you hear a marijuana cultivation there with a butcher which are checked. Motorola is the last series you're you're blessed you have to being in the early in the better of the plants grow and solve someone's. They're helping me come and want to read a million. Aren't you don't do it I feel the same where Michael until and unless we got like once a week yeah you open to normally guys are being filled in as always say. Barbara felt like really come from the sunlight right that might come on man I mean other than the obvious you don't water once today when he got automatic water system gone. I water and every to every like this report they've you big talks with disloyal to uphold the law a more eastern just not really. Carmelo every Internet seem girl we know a lot of people like you grow their own lead but did you can make your own cash. Why why would I think your hats is going to be better than anyone else has had played with. I put love into it like an Italian woman make a lasagna LA and a blonde passion Afghani hats and attend Moroccan match when as. Clearly nationally long returns an albino cash. This is a wide next logical but yet why that. I'm not actual blood I. Included just trimming you people like your has to be we'll tell you do a good job that. Yeah lol I'm not really older than digital assault on the Clinton. I'm ever told to win your hash is awful. I looked well I don't know I don't know in the makes her own past might even the worst as you've had yeah there's Natalee to be here but I'm. I'm gonna not drink it might not like it but I'm going to finish it like you're acts of war while stuff. This doesn't seem to be a popular thing with the young kids and martz seems like Keefe has more of the is more of the standard the people and I'm just run and keep more than I've run and as those from. All your daughters know that you know I don't know that I. They've young now an old and I don't nothing didn't bat an outstanding exposed at least that is the thieves I think kids these days by a marquee. And they like match. Others a real reason why we ask the question though what did you make from scratch. 84 point 999 all raw material like this a story coming up here in seconds. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. On the radio network.