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Friday, March 2nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!​


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. The result is standing by we'll take our 9844999. All play and you'll play profiled as in minutes. A good your headlines on the way one hour from now. First quick check and my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working on the lovely Robin fox inform my cock I yes a Vancouver police department looking for volunteers to date drink. On the government's done me how are they looking for volunteer why we need to say hey man wanna get paid to drink and today dawned. True but an hour that text into a. Oh you in my in the same person that I city descendant of it will animal last name I it's not I I from I didn't read a headline. I think the idea is is that the training. Officers to be able to do the field sobriety test OK and do that kind of thing so you know how to do it from our man and I wanna say that if you show up in Vancouver. They'll give you like Pete's. And all the beer you on luggage messed up all the beer I won't. I think that it might be surprised if you gotta go to the test within they give you right now. That's just great yeah like I did you got a free afternoon you get drunk with the cops go get your ride home duty free pizza after. And you be funny if somebody got drunk enough that they play. Because I'm realistic the guy started wrestle in the come from yeah I think I read but I thought. We who pays them but I borrowed material for the dude for real the rest as many kids yeah we. The big march for our lives gun control rally this month won't happen on the National Mall in DC after all. Because someone who's filming a talent show already and it looked hey you know what you're thinking ahead of plan ahead priority and march for life for guns. It's the march for our lives gun control rally so yeah other side of things. But it started and it doesn't matter if I plug his book right. Yet it may that's the look I don't get it people wrote fired up on both sides of the aisle but like anything. If you're you do in impromptu massive protests like. So some families of both him and I would do an impromptu it's got to be booked rice buckets of like the blog up to a restaurant that you really wanna eat and it's as close tonight for private part. He can't be pissed that the people who booked deprived oh yeah you can. You can only end to an already a massive march for life protest in DC every year about a force from the two leaders using kind of the same name. But I couldn't throw a rally for white people go like like no matter who embark Russia over a million Chad mark and I hit it again chance Josh is right everybody and you know yes dude bars. Millions of she come on to but it's dead it's it's like a hundred people you do you still get up slash new cap probably went down. A woman in Miami lucky to walk away with only minor injuries. After and un insulated eighty pound life raft. Fell out of this gang crash. Through a roof this is insane is there insurance from a yes there is surely yeah. They're doing military exercise in Florida French Canadian military. Somehow one of their life around sort of fell all of the helicopter out that big I guess the big unit doubled the lead door. Just flew out that thing Manning crashed right there got them. That's insane and help retrieve mail service the Canadians are doing that's the fourteen again. Hard got good times sizes. President says about timing inundated spring break anyways I don't on par you'll think the Canadians invade stricken Florida everywhere anyway. That's the whole army now with the whole population doesn't where they live. Yeah true or at least they would think it Florida is the place we go now to a guy who may have sent a new record for the world's tallest hats. Hat eighteen feet nine inches tall crosses the record of 99 the unassuming he did it just for the record because there is no other for contractual terms that you put on 1218 foot tall hat maybe ten would know better like a festival setting would call for something like. Street children only time you need to have that self yes he we he's doing here and a giant hat he's got since. Shrubbery kinda stuck into it I know that general Greg retrieved. Felt so good to images of the giant silver pole on his head. And then it kind of is also it's not a hat it's more about. I don't know if some homemade pizza craft he made quite a magistrate imagine a top hat and then you've just that if a ton of cardboard extending our right to taping it and it looked good I don't know he got the record for its. Also a new study saying be more senior someone is in a company. For more sleep again. We'll show. Probably as a go to bed early get up. The older you get it just seems to roll that way doesn't have maybe I'm still 130 to clog out inject. As far as studies go they say eating ice can actually makes your body temperature hotter. Not cold there. In the sugar probably. I don't know knowledgeable and can. I believe I read it but to suites that look the and whatever we need I need to cool down. They now want I finger that's delicious heavy technically it's a summer treat but it is. Good to join all year round now. Part of me like it's a suburb it's it's arbitrary if you can even outside one of my summer's usually united grieving students and the not the only difference throughout. Then an ice cream cone walking down the street you can just sit somewhere in the same amount of my history. Yeah I don't know what to eat a summer treat to really cool me down I haven't shaved ice. Okay pat and I spent time aren't so like that it which is probably wrong that sugar and it is time thing or another they have. Through. Doesn't steering away from ice cream getting more toward Kate you may have heard the trend of smashed peaks. For very teeny tiny kids but apparently adults getting in on the trend. And buying. Quote smash cakes to destroy on their thirtieth birthday what it is they smashed it it's a smaller version of a full size fancy birthday cake and I hit is essentially allowed to just dig in and smashed the face into that they want like if you had a two year old and a birthday parties by and his little bitty Kate. And they containers of. This isn't a great sky news for a winning kid is two or younger you go every Kagan is man's Bible god I have to let us know if they don't know I. Don't waste your time and all the great sweet real little Kim and they don't know. Here's ideal ranked at if you turn 31 by smash take that show business. But if this becomes a thing. Then when are people gonna start smashing a the bride's face against the wedding rights it group that was supposed to be anyway that's the time you shouldn't is that right yeah differences and I did anything wrong and doesn't really care. Is he just needs to return to talks. I would have the brightly village you know look over but what are we boarded spent more money than you should amongst African wedding and first was aware yet osment as a hundred bucks on the touched the pride. Now she's been. Whole. Time probably money to and is one dread that so and so cordial and where I want them. But their he would you get some frosting on mass Leo goes man. I'm just saying but I would well fit in among wall space well let you do and an order. I was a kid I would do wedding that was like the highlight right that it will smash taken to a Joe's face but how does all this pressure has been like the dude you can do it you can do it. Especially in the face but Jesus Christ may limit internally that are the livelihoods of don't duplicate key committees they know it isn't your time cake in my face Kagan your faces are shot. Oh I forgot I feel like I don't care about the hundred dollar Emeka. Well it maybe we should go back to cut up the case like towards the very end and she would mind its discovered and take. Because about that right retrieved does he run flip flops and other groups it's also think the phrase divided our grandparents and know that I let us. Updating get anything. That's really the for the old people who and path 48 team running a special company Connie Jeff truth making a little delicious I. So someone in Michigan called the cops to report a dementia or flying around the park that would be yes evil creature from Harry Potter. I guess that was not gonna happen none of those sucked the life out of people in the movies I don't know what they were seeing him apart from what I see why go all the cops where resident. I don't as a nation. I don't know what that correlation is between the placement Michigan not known for a they have good drill normally called that deadly Detroit herself and I feel like I think I have to crack and I might be different hints from and do your homework so I think if that had once been a look at this evil bad man who. It's if if if I like. I just feel it. And a 45 year old guy in England or pink wig every day for three months I do that I'll tell you about a pound. Now thank your own box headlines are coming up one hour from now forward there who love them room. Precepts. Yes the drug to please everyone how profile this is playing that's our ten miles of the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'll planet earth. Or are and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make one last you what it is you think makes the story. A story. Hello Brian welcome to them and they tell us all and I are Brian you understand how this here game split. I do fantastic about this story this amount of speed storage pretty ugly but we go to Salt Lake City where police say that an unlicensed daycare worker in mutual. Broke the baby's legs which he slim kid. On the bathroom floor now solely city police say the 66 year old woman I opened the day operated daycare out of a home she was arrested after the child's parents. Ronald to a hospital. Now police say the child is less and less. The new year old earlier this week promoting an acknowledgment. That child and to move floor of the horror of this and a man and I did it siren is what you wanted to do. While the holy city police detective Greg Williams says she and her daughter were responsible for multiple children she was arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse. I would that you could drop the suspicion park because she admitted to dormant but. I digress due to good due due to a but I've wondered how do you believe that there's very vicious woman is black white mixed race. Well I have to go do what they do in Utah I mean possibly lie right yeah. But a plaque Karl Malone sister until they get to the other blackbirds and land. You can see Karl Malone who don't from a satellite from a loving the cowboy here. I think maybe I should maybe yeah I'm gonna check what will go black. No yeah not. If I was young I think yeah I think it'll happen. Thanks to a connected to that daycare centers I think of an older white lady in her and her daughter. They the other live in the home that utilize her house soon to think I'm ever going a baby sitter when I. And the kids were were mixed with white and black men that the baby sitter for some reasons it was a white. What do white ribbon watching the big mamma wanna go to that they'd been white ribbon and but it's that he's grabbing it and I'll Alice Marie. I am good. I'm gonna guess Asian here for some weird reason I don't know. Not sure why I don't really have a reason there's nothing there that blue not a lot of M there is nothing new this already glaring thing is Utah. Right now knows and everyone immediately grab it and I've kind of what Brian that I think that's the ploy to throw you off I would never do that don't mean this is this is this seemed way too like right. So surely it can't be white in Utah in Salt Lake City. That's why this cannot be why Brian I think you're right so okay what do you think it. He's taken well actually here's the good like final answer outcome and finally I would find out she was black white mixed. And or Asia next. With the team you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. I guess there was only city Utah for profiled as in we have a 66. Year old one. And she runs daycare out of her home yet. But apparently one of the children there was an injured after she slammed the kid down and guess what broke the legs hurt its front give whites as kind of a big deal either way they go there and she runs the place where there daughters and they live there and our question I guess was is it was no real clue. She black white Mexican right. Clearly huge clue an avenue to all important miles you so anyway. That's so obviously can't possibly write someone whose flights and are are are called are you feel as though black ash. And IRAs. Math. Yeah rhapsody. And he. As I wrap around here yeah not a lot of clues Angeles now pro TV news both not to ever TV time in jail. Because you're pathetic life. It took countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. US votes you unidentified. Flying objects that correct our. So if you see one you I think a lot of people esteem you have folks I certainly have been right we've had a conversation right now some people say I've seen an alien Tbilisi but. At the end of the day it's pretty simple thing as you wrap up to right it's not planes struck this of that. Sewage about to listen to come to us from Milwaukee. And saint mill walk and thank you aren't. I it is one of us that the thing yes apoplectic. So it's fox 6 there it's a morning show. It basically you've ever watched any morning show and any town right in the does have shots of the city it's still dark and live cam by the life cam right so they're just look at that got a look at out of the town of Milwaukee. A. I'm out what the heck yes. I might be a pilot actually yes I do see. Murdered by this I don't know I'm sticking around to look better if anybody Didier and bigger relevant at that moment. What role in on that. It. At some funky music I think her style personality a barn in the morning like I like the music. You go check out the video violates heated seat for yourself at the mention FaceBook page I've not seen and I'm assuming you've seen. Death via the looks like tadpole swimming in there in the air can. That both summonses are telling it like that is cannon is aware that a little trip be wiped the motions are weird. And they're just moving around an event so here's the whole deal. They said later on if you watch it out with these people for some arsenal that's messed up that's perhaps but apparently they're saying hey. These were seagulls. And the camera wasn't in focus is that hadn't been white balance to whatever so that's why but it just peace silvery weird. Shot eight okay are open I mean I have combat could be yet I also think you know. Maybe they don't wanna admit that Milwaukee's overrun with UFOs and explains yes I just I I've. I don't know a lot about the Milwaukee Siegel they speak of is traditionally with the Segal you need like a a seed. If you haven't seagulls there like rats ran all they've they've they've been there every man ought to Milwaukee on a river. I think so yeah yes so I would that's all you need them over the water to the against them close enough to a great lake Baghdad's. River gulf. There's Gomes the alarming hell you'll find him and I don't. Yeah I mean I remember seeing it seagulls right Europe and everything was like really doing Marty he'll get off the great lake who knows you have in there was they have the same parking lot to you. He's in French Fries rather part of a gang or something new this these seagulls are from the same parking lot. Yep LA plaza I don't know high in the mall openings but the Republicans that exact does the kid I've ever. You know Alec with your little kid like you don't wanna get a preschool and the court and very early on the weekend. So I would always get up super early. And then like my mom you know she yet he still gets up super early when when your shopping artists are like every time we went to beltway plaza. First of all caught plaza near this is the nicest mall right thing. Ahead in the I'm always the key right Arnold they better where it was shortly on the East Coast I. And as is really good shot I'm all for you shop and that is about their money not hear you need to hold. For it if you eat a hub yet those those birds or was it seemed odd to be twos things on the beach the Wilson the other funny thing about seagulls. Is my father's Amanda loves his food and so if you ever been used to email image as one famous French fry place thrashers right. The story is that he gets the biggest bucket of this pressure try as you can after waiting in line for a very long time and as soon as you like leaves the stand a seagull promptly coops on him. And all the gone. On no it. That where she goes and Smart ass when I. He did exactly I got you know pressure crept on that's good luck but does a man abstruse until I got hit by truck human and it's good luck. No flags and I have I drug Belgians are problematic again. Yet probably won't do you think superstitions right if something and it's traditionally a bad thing happens. Trying to give an example right. But you break Amir or something you know at the tone here are our series that that's not really real or this or that you know I Marilyn my buddy losses wedding ring on his honeymoon. As did you think it's a battle and you still say that man. He is now the bolts in the years. The golden palace just so how how I wanna to be with you I. He's a dear friend and I thought that would have been a heartless thing to do yeah come on what he gets remarried. Aubrey you know our lord look at the new serial girl I'll I'll give him help what close to a what would what I got merry men on theirs in a thunderstorm so bad and some nasty mullah none of Arizona to begin that this is awful isn't it you're seeing a storm this big surely this is not a good sign. It's raining on your wedding in my past I. It's good miles an annual day when least I called it when people finish their valves menu the crash of thunder and few tallies that very unique experience. Back you know what out of the guy doled do admire what he's running. Julia was due to know we use the chip knocked the dude you're not listening I'm talking to the broad don't do it. That there was a little on light and you do I do. Wow okay wow I don't wanna comment on that but but would have little bit ago but we're gonna July options to maybe he didn't hear it. This in June of. I it's I've been working in as the days they give you some Sunday is that don't Wear your lucky today. I'm gonna put you up. Again I'm slowly opening bell on the top ten list of the funniest SNL skits of all time except we're doing them in reverse order. Tora one number of border where it ever for an. Pork. And that would include never thought. It's. And who. Question. So now I'm just trying to wrap my head around. Pins being it's doesn't know who that is. Big giant pumpkins fifth QB Kellen I don't get held up very well. You. So if you seem to Davis pumpkins she skipped obviously it's that ninety's whatever force a frightened he's on a lot of I also I remember watching that episode in the company and it talk to people work or the following Monday announcing. See how weird one to lose in late oh yeah I was only forty in the shows come buried yet. But some of these baskets that you think come from later in the show and it does do some weird kind of stuff I remember useless of recombinant lament. She's a David has populous. As the man had been number relate. What do agencies that had. I think I'm still thinking what you thought them like I don't know it's silly right here it's it gets funnier the more you watch it Billick I was relentless tournament time so I don't think X is this funny is it not Tom Hanks at the same thing. I what does this why are we doing this that is going to be funny is going to be. Announcer number four yeah so I guess that I was yeah now let go yet it was pretty impressive. I will say the year that he came out Electoral College football game and and I saw a girl dressed up as David has pumpkins and the skeletons are cute chicks in the Better versions that were bad days or Tom Hanks but still going you know Tom Hanks and I'm thankful for it back. No mouth let's give a number five during an. Under fire. Let me look. Could you leave. Our. Eight he would be open to love deeply gain ever defeated Dan do instead ended in. It. So that is Eddie Murphy if your you know a lot of you'll recognize that that that was mr. Robinson's neighborhood recurring skit that started at back in 1981. It's a bad old yeah I remember one of several of the best opens his bat I think it is best consistently. Skipped. You probably did you know down Leo how are here I don't know man quality wheat that's on an instrument this past yeah. I do remember the warmth even James Brown celebrity hot mr. Robinson's neighborhood they key is and the teaching new word today. The word is bitch now go call your mom of that and weight percent. If he got to face left he said it right into the fifth but yet and that's what's funny you mentioned him doing James Brown two's was a kid like I like I was like just now. But I did not realize that he was trying to do limited but I thought get in the hot tub was a real soft. By James Brown the united getting whine cry like it did seem funny to me this guy was it hasn't had it's like. It happens to us now where relatives and Kevin Hart's basically doing that concept. Limited is any taking somebody. There's a celebrity and they both get in really really hot tubs really early cold really Cold War ended they do an interview he sit in ice bath OK do an interview with eyes look okay. Yes I'm. Onsite day is that the new thing now like look. I only do an interview with salon but instead of just doing an interview. Meaning of the car. Are gonna go to a bar rooms at the colts look what happened to the person got him more honestly do I think there's just so many media outlets right it used to be like. TV radio and newspaper right right but now they just you know there's yours. Web sites there's Netflix or YouTube is this and that but could you just got to do so many regular interviews. Speculators like I at literally dude and a cold tub man you know what happened in you know three or four years from now going to be like. You don't like about that show they dual school that if they they've never had material thought to ask for a here's crazy. I don't run down the rest of lists where a member. Number one was too wild and crazy dad that was a number once he'd ever based on now. From Pasadena began in 1977 if you voted on this was this just legislator feature magaziner what we're we're this poker pro was a voted on I guess some minor. Yeah and us and put them August together as accurate Celek they gave up its its got good skits. Writes we get too wild and crazy guys that we had motivational speaker Matt Foley more cal ballot number three yes or number four and five the culture elevator to mr. Robinson's neighborhood. Number six. Lazy Sunday at a Sandberg and now per Crist for now from 2005. That also featured. With a one of his videos yet a member that was the original lake. Video with. Rob and help me out here the actress. She was in Mike. She just came back and hosted and they were talking about like going to watch a movie like the stop immediately bakery stuff for whatever. It's great that women are definitely the one of the first things the looming out the boy apparently department mentally or where they did their rap and yes well that's lazy thug so get it yet. After that upon her number since then they have the Tom broke call pre tapes. Gerald Ford's obituary that was the Dana Carvey skipper back to 96 I don't remember this one. But you guys I don't remember him via. She's very. After that number eight we had celebrity jeopardy with will Farrell and Darrell Hammond good stuff yeah that would start in 96 are they take bull ring patched that is. Therapists. And that the penis mightier you know the pen and it isn't that what that job in those relate no Japan US relations. Bill Clinton was lying is like I'll take the pop party it's potpourri bracket you've got Pope curry. Much wore CS IRS records. To slaughter in finder and. Liked it when Norm MacDonald will be on there and maybe Brent are Brett. Opera Reynolds. The trend they had him and he had like the giant had a fancy. Perez is at its aesthetic. Deaths. That they had number nine on the list was point counterpoint within our Roy and Jane curtain that's just it was in 1978 grain really ignorant slut and I. At a number ten mom jeans Rachel tracks Tina Fey my Rudolph and Amy Poehler from 2003. That was the whole thing about this kinda they've done some of those kits before rather wait and the most recent one we did with the cut. Where it's like all the moms are sitting around and eventually have to deal with the mom haircut or whatever. That mom jeans yeah. Bridge address was an odd looking person what was the one Debbie downer those are great skater ever thing. Dead a long. I don't know that her I mean I know mentally you say it's like wind down. You know a guy. High eighties and every thing was about don't you just see things deceive the going to be negatively let's go to Disney World. Am afraid of them like Jesus god it's not even a romance yeah and now. He's an image so much knowledge and everything leads you to do that to Muster I gotta catch myself sometimes too. We'll talk about certain brand or company Oakland going one of the secret but they're doing there the Catholic to stop it people and you know I don't know liberals also played a wee village. And it I think it's liquid like you eat like hot dollars summit in you think that's not good for it to its impact doc I know that. How far would that evidently you know deep that in like I'm actively eating this and I tell a smoker like that effective former. People let's don't get it but there's still smoking we know right of the garden and addiction you don't actually my favorite lines they a friend of ours. Smoke cigarettes that somebody walked by and a passive aggressive just on the this smoking's dangers he turned round looked Adamson so was talking to strangers. Well yeah probably good marvel. At what they don't call. Line nicest guy would not that. I'm Brett and do the agony and and anyone but if you don't know that he in no way that we're talking a little bit about that Saturday Night Live there are so obviously famous Saturday Night Live alarmist Jimmy Fallon UA's pretty funny was bank units. Thank you T person lose Arizona type two extremes kooning. Thank you. Freestyle skiing from being the only event where I can't tell us everything is going just right there horribly wrong. Okay. It's. Snowboarding. Being the only time parents are cool with their kids hitting the plant. Yeah I don't call him. Olympic athletes. Spending years competing for metal that you can't ever actually where without the magical show up. I get the club. He'll win it back. Thank you ski jumping. For show me what Michael Jackson's smooth criminal dance who look like as a sport. Thank you ice dancing with combining one thing I can do is another thing I really can't do. And red Gerrard and show me when you look like it's because he won the gold medal. Would you wish your gold medal nowhere you can't where they don't think that's a great point. When you get it and he's got to put its employees who worked at the Olympics and then after that I think I Wear a lot of places. Went up plan yeah aware. Have a restaurant bar only if you're like me you know Ted Smith signing of like yours gold medal of the quarterly Joseph what you Wear but noted target what do we went to a club we couldn't get in a but I but I got a gold medal. I'll take the champagne pieces and I thought that maybe you should Wear the bag with the anti American and yup the judge. Thank you very average geragos provides down and up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Let's see what's happening in the real. Kyra does we had a good tacky or attempt to raise the marriage age from thirteen to eighteen absolutely fails. Meanwhile a Florida man wants to go public and has his own to meet in his hands type of sales. North Carolina registered sex offender back in jail after working as a magician on kid nights. When they spray your aircraft with the eyes turning catches fire something might copyright and making of the friendly skies pilot landing at Dulles reports everyone on the plane. Basically threw up its after headline. It's time to hit. Bidders might call you know my heart to not hear a little amount. Fact he's currently dressed like slave lake we are covering the headlines and the drug comes out of England or fourteen year old girl on my making missile. Found testicles inside of her free bag roast chicken unfortunately she made this discovery. While she received a follow got a text from the daughter that's an eight. I think there's something wrong with the meat Senna and keep my its three of his daughters were heeding this the oldest gave them call. He raced home thinking they might be eating contaminated chicken and there was one fact contaminated. Instantly had chicken testicles it. Aren't there aren't any vegetarian options in Johnny Blackmon fans that according to an Indian river county sheriff's office arrest affidavit detailing alleged whopper. A they meet crime in vero beach Florida. A loss prevention officer to public's reported February 7 seeing Blackmon put four packages of meat from the meat departments in a shopping cart tomorrow. He walked up while number sixteen and then stuff to meet. Down the front of his pants the meat identified as two packs each reporter how states in thin slice T bone steaks and a total value of the 55 dollars and six cents the affidavit states of black men left the star with a load of bull by inflation as trousers before loss prevention officer was able to meet up with him. Hey go ahead deputies questions or perhaps France grilled Blackmon. Who said he intended to commit me crime evidently. Eventually. Or evidently he butchered the job because he got caught Lou that Pablo I Guinevere outreach to a jail lottery delta charged and taken into the Indian river county jail. And he has been held there ever since the crash. For 56 dollars and accidents got to meet if you steal. Replied yeah probably to some like all right go Winston prevalent yeah. I think after a shrimp at stake in this thing I think I go for the three picked pounds of crab crab legs man to go home spiny thing after the garuda fans area. Enough about the I'm like kind of like for the fuel in the thing is even a decent dues in my pants like after you grow lights that he. All right risky masturbation kills eighty to 100 Germans yeah a year this according to position. Who shining a light of what they called the unpredictable and often Linda Stein killer. Doctor Harold moss he estimates that one to two people per million inhabitants. Or actually killing themselves during masturbation as no surprise asphyxiation decide who has the most common form of masturbation death along web. Electric shock over he says it's difficult to get a truly accurate reading of just how many people lost lives this way. We're number of reasons mainly relative to fund loved ones and compromising positions as a result of the untimely death. Can sometimes remove evidence out of shame or embarrassment for the victim. So if you were German stuff joking yourself stop electrocuted yourself just master may be good old fashioned way. Everybody's doing it is at high risk behavior such as behavior interment. I don't know or maybe it's just that like look. Some verbal end of that stuff for a river David Carradine dapper in excess almost don't think they're just not doing it right. Know Friday was so windy on the East Coast as a nor'easter blew up the middle that happened in the Boston there and everything else will pilot who landed a flight. At Dulles airport on Friday morning reported that. Pretty much every single person on the plane threw up during the windy descends according to CNN. Very bumpy on the descent the pilot report reads pretty much everyone on the plane threw up. Pilots were on the verge. Of throwing up. Dulles airport as we did there's a temporary ground stop at the time and the FAA tower was briefly a back he waded into the highway that's a great. Our digital cynnex after their return the random question question. Your guess is as good as mine as a miserable drink a toast was shot in another round of profile this this indeed old term but in the meantime we'll be out of this so until next time. Do what you do best in Portland this thing it's. Game beautiful in this room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester and presentation knows. Truly feel that.