03-02-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Learns it's Lesson!

Friday, March 2nd

Mens Room Question: What happened to make you finally learn your lesson?


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Now done men's room legacy continue. He what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Ward. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. Had. I don't have to go to Minnesota or 2778. Along with Steve the through he'll. Each reds met. A little ball. Had my car. Do an image of a. OK here comes the bad jokes. Prejudice the return of dead birds as the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines read your job today fumbled the story emails. And everyone's favorite TV time went to cut back to get a guy you're going head to Kentucky where attempt to raise the marriage age from thirteen to eighteen at. Fails home. Meanwhile Florida man walks in to a public that has his own meat in the pants type of sick. North Carolina registered sex offender back in jail after working as a magician on kids' night. When they spray your aircraft with the ice there and it catches on fire something surely is not right. It's really friendly skies pilot lands at Dulles and reports that everyone on the plain view. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All up and his good days to you and yours sorry maybe you ask yourself the question. Who's been 16100. Dollars on an override. While the obvious answer is in idiots and we have a story that corroborate that in this case. We got a bad rap party in West Virginia upbeat about where he goes to school. The orders and over but he accidentally entered his address from his state of origin. Which happens to be New Jersey. Delegates and over he passes out the back and he woke up four states and think he hundred dollars later the message here. Double check your entries on boomer. But now you know. But the guys trying to he took the scrambling to locals are actually with the family and friends. He did not wanna pay the entrance fees which is right around 48 votes so what did he do he jumped the fence. Well the fans led him tiger enclosure and yes his family and friends got to watch him get mauled and eaten by a tiger over the period of an hour. Or absolutely. Free not only did he say able Miley he gave him a memory forever. Next time just pay the fee. And North Carolina a registered sex offender like so many others one of his additional orders we'll look. After thirteen years in prison just stay away from kids. Well instead he gave up with an alias to start performing at the magician. Ed kids event luckily he was recognized. He was busted and now with genius is now facing more jail time because he couldn't just do one thing they asked them not to do the point of all of this is. Some people just don't learn the lessons none of these things had to happen these people let these things happen because they just didn't learn a lesson. But we're gonna assume you have and that's what today's question is all about. What happened to make you finally learned your lesson. The brother show call 844999. All you go Mike commands are among FaceBook follow us on tournaments are live and to those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. True yeah. Old dog now I go out of December 2771. Okay. Yeah they threw future repeat you'll hear this to show again for sure. We got the bad jokes on the way the drug charge ranked as a will be indicate got the bad jokes the exciting return today. Of ten verses the FCC another round profile this coming up and yes we will drink and tells. With the shots of the day in our question today were to talk about what happened to make you. Finally learned your lesson and also say hi to our brand new affiliates talk that rocks 973 the machine in Lovelace on the egg. Beautiful most beautiful city on the on the planet in my opinion and they are degree in the sun in the sand and then and San Diego talk of San Diego 844999. A lot. Basically today we're gonna talk about what you did it was so stupid that a major change direction in life as far as your logic in what you thought was acceptable behavior. And that turning point where he decided that maybe. This was not a good idea and Steve I think we go back to the point where you decided for the first time in your life. Maybe the tequila wasn't the best thing for you to now. This is awhile back it's not the best thing for anyone in just seem to have a war survived that mile than other people and at the time when when. When we were younger drinking tequila it was Jose quarter of all and there was no Blanco or rose I don't have made different to that it was not it was gold the only. It was only core role was would not tequila or not and even bill. I don't listen no president Jose column and they know the gold gold so whatever but that was the best you can get it. But at the time I meant to Cuba expert Israel we're still broke so. We could even afford that stuff so whatever you drink was worse than core Vogel and I'll stop my and I I can't even imagine but. That was the case I don't know what was bought two bottles they are both from plastic bottles we're gonna big party boat people miles. Long story short a wake up the next day and I mean obviously I am I'm feeling as bad as you can possibly feel me and another guy each drink a bottle. Look at the toolbar split two bottles or title bodily trip and a point of the next day of a field where you should feel when you're known. And you drink a bottle of tequila and Aminu it was bad. And careless noise coming out of my bedroom closet. And I Obama bedroom closet door and there is this dude who I don't know. If he was a party. No I know it wasn't a report nor do bug party were people I'd invited I'm so I knew each and every person there I knew him very well and there's a guy who I'll not received well. At the time did not believe I'd ever seen him before my life I was the remaining now OK he was the last senior member. Before this I couldn't I couldn't. I mean don't we re dogs are not my buddy Leo I'm dropped his testicles on someone's forehead who passed out on the sofa. I remember bits and pieces like that but I don't know the that was the last thing that happened. Before passed out but I I opened my closet door and and here's is due to don't know and when they get mine he is hog tied and he is dead. And he's barefoot in his pepperoni between systems and match and he's in my closet moderate declines through like a pilot Hughes an excellent close. And opened the door and when he sees me that's clearly an adverse reaction though and so we're looking at each other and normally I. I don't I don't know what's going to have put about being an innocent. Hold on and close the door and upon my body Leah because I figured if anyone could possibly explain. Wider stranger hog tied in my closet it's got to be Malia and Sharon out there Leon he's dead asleep finally wait a month. What you need is a good area Baltimore. You know Baltimore so what's that area I was that was filed a little across street was maps look right so. Quickly I know I'm explained to him situation and he's looking a mile. Wide hazard to. All and a third lap and is it. All man he's still here listen yeah who who is deep and as a man. Out of knows they've is that you really don't remember the last night so I really don't know which are about tell me what he told me I did not expect it's like look man. We decided by who we are we are hammered. And he's like basically we kidnapped this do we just snatched them off the street in as we umps went to be the least the best of his memory but was like we're an announcement for nothing like that night we saw him. He retailer kidnapping target we kidnapped my we literally kidnapped someone tied his ass up you're remembered you know what they've put him in a closet of my soul. The dude americorps that Italy his pursuit he was not dropped so I'm sure he did not sleep on it he's just in the closet the pitch black. Hearing people do whatever it is we're donor and I don't know how many hours you've been in glumly. Almighty god to look at the Leo wait what do we do he's like still scarcity of makeup so we walked on all we opened my closet door. And people mine when this guy sees Leah my body and adverse reactions seen me when he sees clearly his eyes and it's also big. He's hair finally and knowing what I know Leon. He should've been out of the two of us what you wanna mr. Leo so those guys freak in a closed door again and some OK well. What do we do because we have to kidnap victim knew there was no we disguise. We are now this is this is the federal crime and it won't even come home again what the what we committed the fidelity like I don't. I don't know we don't discuss the lid opens the door and Leon says outlook outlook and the guy. Yes or got killed right and this guy reaches his eyes and win a joke about oriented. Thank you think we closed door this guy has no idea I know I know the guy is annoyed and listen that's the probably normally hate them like right now. There's not time for joked as. As we've kidnap victim in my closet in your telling me you know we are personally responsible for right so. We eventually let the guy go bundles like look I need to do before and I'm trying to apologize to be done is taken exists about and man that's life has had it but I'm Michael. Gonna let you go I am really release are not allowed sorry you can save some did get that I had the six million remembered it sounds like he did more than you did the man I was there I'm sure helped shore you know it doesn't matter still African economy that when Leon join the Marines. It was shortly before or shortly thereafter we have but but I think the guy. I don't revolve cops got a camera on it but the point was for the next thirteen years. At a nabbed keep the puzzles like apparently by drink tequila ID kidnapped and that's just at the worst part about this story. Never believe your friends when your friends tell you the walls are if it's not a lawyer don't believe so we heard Heyman. Seven years it's a statute limitations. It. So for seven years we have an honest to god did not tell he sold. The week kidnaps a love that we feel good about it right economy in terms of its not like Arnold remembered that cargo pants okay that like it's still not cool. I'm Smart enough to know that so. Seven years goes by we now openly share the story I've shared storage forums for program and that's what border FB IP Babel deliberately. Hey man. There's no statute limitations like I ever fire as a public about it do like to this day if you want to press charges and to prove we did it and being that I've already admitted to it like. I'll go to jail that's over the next to date I don't think every to have some and I am door you gotta be I didn't go the way the house was a lived in the U. Before to get the four Dorian to go down a set of stickers so as a result we knew we to second floor in my bedroom was your street level so. When you looked up my bedroom window you looked. Directly over you look at the stairs you don't go down to get the front modeled right on the street and we have been a dead industry. So solid there the whole lot of traffic which almost makes it worse so every time you heard a car. It's either one of two houses being out and a lot of people about or it's going to be the cops and I mean I'm telling you man. For probably about a moment first two days really really bad before about a mile. I'm just waiting for the cops showed that they would go to a worst part of this is a party through while still living in my parents house I so. You know my parents and a back from the trip they were. They're hard to kill me for a haven't power I did not do we don't mean I thought I did to my dad for not go ahead and as a result he's generally had pepperoni. It is it's in the fridge downstairs man you know remain so I'm not gonna tell my parents like hey keep your eyes out because compromise should open. Bring a funny story about a kidnapping and also it was. It was tense man but eventually eventually put infant. It kinda goes way up but I start to Q a thing until. About twelve years ago. Oh and I've been back on the Oregon based on started become more smaller version of our guys now have I examined Q Matt kidnapped another broken it's our question what have to make you finally learned your lesson we have a story here about a 16100 dollar override to a low today about come on up and it happens actually in my hometown of Morgantown, West Virginia. And I did not realize that that was a term. Until I left West Virginia and it's called Morgantown given Morgan to the list and going around for years but. When you live in Morgantown. You just gotta like Derek come down your mortgage down to our judges means absolutely smashed. So the term has been there for awhile it means that when you go there it's going to be very difficult for you to do not get hammered it's just because what else is there to do there's not a lot to do the environment kind of lends itself to that the clubs stayed open late to normally a really good time is done to young people haven't college town college town food's good all of those things and to be out with the even to this day in my life. I still have probably five good friends that come from the state of New Jersey now what you need to understand on Thursday as. Is New Jersey. As far as the state is concerned has really good schools not only have really good schools academically like Rutgers and smothers is really expensive. So if you live on the East Coast in your not like in going to James Madison are other good schools when you have a state school like West Virginia. It affords a number of people who couldn't get into those Smart schools listen to come on networks email seem entirely all guys who O'Neill West Virginia Virginia based in Virginia Tech every one they graduated from high school from New Jersey go out to your doctors are big population of New Jersey people and all of I mean ask the people in Blacksburg as people Morgan mass of people in Athens Ohio rent. It's a lot of Jersey guys. And there's a lot of partying in this makes sense self this guy he's out of a night party was buddies last Friday getting Bachmann. He thought he called in Hoover to take him back Torre was staying near West Virginia university's campus instead he woke up in the passenger seat. Of a 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan next to a sober driver that was taking him home on the out where he was staying in West Virginia. But home like as in New Jersey more than 300 miles away. Is that I just woke up and he told the New Jersey advanced media newspaper to phone interview and I'm thinking. On that path and mine in the car next to some random ass dude I don't even though. Turns out. The price on that to override home 1600. Five doubts afterward I had a police again once a ride ended I saw how much it was an aisles like I write this is insane. This is just crazy I would understand this. If you don't have Wilbur. Over has double things that it basically he has in strangely in your apathy chooses to be home as one short work is enough. So if your someplace you like I'm just gonna network you know assured dressed but did you put it in the forty designated that is I don't know this is the guy's case. I don't know definitive study said that he does hit home shows that the taping in his dorm address. He hit a home which tells me he had who were when I lived in third or that went through our house in Jersey relive those parents might have picked on is that they may already won a going to look at his account gone here's your home you sure you wanna get a New Jersey. Add add new digital art saved it sometimes that is the last address you've used as pop up in front ladies fact that that's why you double check to all. I'm gonna guess that that ride in the middle of the night. If they left at 3 o'clock in the morning. A wanna say it would take few abouts. I bet it was about a four and a half to five hour ago to baron that's an idea at that that's what I would guess when you get into Philly you gonna have some morning probably a traffic even if it's on the weekend in a way. I mean you'd have to think that what Everett was that this guy got into that. He probably would. He probably would take a different approach the next. Yeah I mean I didn't why he slept the whole time we've all gotten messed up right fortify our passed out enough. And all of the matter were you so hard to back in the score it's a very comfortable vamp by the way a Toyota Sienna that was the band that I got that I rented. In San Diego Aaron Brown like dude this is really really nice like that is not the car wanted to initially when we go witnesses including. And at the CN in my. This is Mac daddy this is that you do know that to you got and try not I was like I don't think many is about twice in a brand new minivan the day was also constantly goes like this really nice animals comfortable like I get words like I don't look all cities it is so nice on the inside sure and so comfortable so spacious place well the what I was in my cousin just got a brand new one and had two of those captain's chairs they're not cheap. Exactly and and I mean there's there's really wanted to spend all the way around. I just means that a lake and river many inches have like a bench in a bench yet but just think to prohibit you you know don't have it like this is like eight. If you got a really nice leather chair there would be your chair in your living room that you said and watch sports it's like Matt I mean it's like. These things are really nice to throw it just imagine sleeping like. Easy five hours of mean now you know if you pass outmanned they're out era he got forced ever dreamed passing out falling asleep so our question what have to make you finally learn your lesson 844999. Old. Hello Francine welcome to the men's room. A I. I could got a new job a little while back and arms they didn't pay for parking he had to pay for parking every day and would only buy dollars that I wanna pay it so. Couple other people we're doing the carpool scam where they had one key card they would run downstairs and let people out and then come back happen. We all worked kind of different sense and I'm the last person would just. You know take it home with them and bring them back in the morning and anyway we were out ceding the symptoms are paying to park. Erin down and and so we got hot do not and so we we had doctor dean and I would talk about paying five dollars a day. I begin to go up that exported by the you can lead and it free and I went down landing at about forty. And the guy would go there and I was like I'm not gonna pay the five dollar and I'm gonna wait. And there with the car current kinda coming behind me so I decided to back up. And it there was a little bit of a curve in the garage and I hit a small little color you know with the back end of my at TD. And it of course is in Europe ET care you know even scratch reluctant thousand dollars. I could be the end of auto repair played and I think it is how much pot and it was on the 2500 dollars and spot yeah on. I don't get it out all the blame it on my insurance I did that it would buy your dollar deductible I have to pay I know your dollars went to get a rental car my car was contrary we. Though I am and because it would I hit something it was considered an uninsured motor at start you know I would like all out my insurance you're gonna go. I'm tiller is an uninsured motorist and try to tell me that now you pay your parting. What. I do because after that like about a month after I gotta expect I got a speeding ticket we're going to buy it over I would go in thirty in the 25. So then I had a ticket and an accident. Now my insurance is really high and then this winter which we branch hit my group and I got to pay cash for that because anyone acclaim and everything on both. You don't get in the my homeowners. That's what the paper that accused it was several thousand dollars in good shape I thought. How or how Waldo did this happen. I'm pretty you'd like not to. Last fall and in the tree branch hit my blew the winter. And it I know five bucks is not a lot it is not a lot but it really as a I absolutely agree with you you should never have to pay that's exactly our I think that is absolutely. I don't know live solti granite I don't drive my vote like the balls cabinet and walk him but the idea that you have to go to work and then pay money to be good luck. We'd like what I do but 95%. Of people we talked to like there are not happy to get the morning but not dying to go to work it's not wanna beat except that word bulge we get there normally doesn't dwell on the middle time to have a hard time paying to go to work you get up in the morning get that pisses me you. Spent money you have this and then lead to ablaze in the paint you just come back outright bets are promoting their gas in the car started putting your year paying for your insurance or paying for your ability you have to do to live close to work if that haven't worked out the most of the time if that works that just doesn't work out for the majority of people and I don't know why do it isn't a single person that can throw that right by right. I don't know about your brand pre K and Japan treaty to pay for all the struck the one god damn thing you would think your job to cover and another. Trying to take away everywhere I violators man don't charge people to park to contradict herself person you'll drive somewhere else but I doubt that's on you but I if they were new your place of business done you should not have to spend money. To go to the place I didn't feel like going in the first got there Blake actually look at the dumbest and paying ever. A toll scandal last place who worked as far as my sticker magic alum I scooter. And I finally got me and a guy like if I mean I'm Mike. Are you really gonna get from me about this and like you know I stand you know what I'm just Olympia 150 dollars. It's three by two right it's it's us scooter figure that meant these yeah I'm drive like dude I'm a man and a grown man driving this food. The presence of god damn anatomy to come on we make it pink with flowers on a man of god damn. Give me a break you probably get definitive but my 450. Bucks what you should have the added that the books like a Laguna but the thing that Warner knowing that the U. Rule road you'll wouldn't or autumn's cool Toma took care. I'm like he did take care of them would still partner in this. What's now what have to make you finally learned your lesson a 44999. Allow hall the library calls gone up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. True I. I there's DeVon on that does WA AF from Boston Boston's rock station and now by united five point seven and Portland on the way and its impact our our question today what happened to make you finally learned your lesson 844999. Cola. Hello Ricardo welcome to the men drew. Oh Iraq. Utley Alicia old man response I sort of got meant Jack we believe we are waiting. So it was cracked men it was crisis I. I eighty. I don't mind let them. What I came here. Well and hold on hold. And he would do a crack for a while there had to be won the incidence that took you over the top I mean you just don't do crack blood diamond go. Why I act in the never do. Matt I'll I'll call an argument kroc probably is live a bad way and I can hear and and and I tried it again good and I lost my job than it was when I do what I learned my lesson. But when you lost your job from smoking crack is regular maybe it's a stop smoking crack. Yeah I think any time that you get into a situation. Where. Whatever your doing affects your ability to go to work affects your family life affects your friend lives for whatever then. You've crossed that line now when every drug you would hope yeah he whatever it is if you can't chill the next day could be. A six pack of beer you know man you probably shouldn't drink six I was maybe too. I mean look man just let me ask you this right so I've done and asked Donna drugs and the ones I enjoy continued to do the ones I don't I do on occasion but. Three that I've never tried heroin although these people who are on Caroline says ma'am I'm not there's no better at my ago OK I get them but. Like with math and cracked at least outwardly looked yet the people but I knew that wrote on crack or meth like. They don't look good. They don't seem to smell good and they don't. They don't do anything other than scratched things that I don't actually believe were itching and they chew on food that I know is not a drum solo in what is it about I have cracked where it's like hell yeah man. I gotta keep bill woman's. Do it it is just. You you need to keep to what you know what I'm saying aren't you you can't keep the one dissenting. Is it because it feels war. Is it because the high is that good or that when you're coming to build a bad. Ricardo idea I don't know if you heard this story of the hour because I know that your brother is probably goes back about 1516 years ago or so but I'm in Baltimore probably longer and abdomen a house party. And it is a kind of just it's a very granola party. There's no signs that this is anything other than a very granola East Coast type policy during eczema or Tim Brad all smoke and weed the second of a thing you know and the music goes playing as like Dave Matthews or one of those it was just an East Coast party you know. People wearing knit polo shirts and stuff. But listen into the grateful that so. This guy goes hey you wanna go out on the back porch to smoke ball. How much you're absolutely thank god finally found a guy writes we go out there and I think one of the lessons I learned that I don't Iron Man but. He eat these I care hands in the ball. And I think a big drag off the open. And I inhale and when I exhaled is when it hit me that this is not in fact. Marijuana. And I'm like. Yeah I Aaron Carter you know the feeling goes like this to. It's. A law thought now was attacked. I mean it basically just takes every drop of air out of your lungs and you've got to get a lot of yes I did not know it was cracked. I know he assumed by the fact that he was passing me a ball bells started the big bowl week like most people. The show and many things continue our momentum through radio network.