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Friday, February 23rd


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Hello though Marlins by united five point seven because there's various up there as we speak as well as a 1033 to 42 in a Fort Wayne, Indiana the game is a big Demi were playing today. Teams over not sober who's our next contestant online read play gay hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Our. All right Jake it's over it's over. Subject welcome to show. And as you know take every week we Tillman threw poll today dealing with pain you need to pick one. To say these things on murder hangover. Being these things never know and give his luggage pain over with quicker you get it done guys that someone had already commented I'm allergic to bees I would still take these day. All right here's a question and which western US states can you find the London Bridge. They actually moved the whole thing and put it back together. There's there's everything tunnel that is as aware. Well the climate can't demonstrate both left and I say identical. Aren't there intercourse are aware on your body what you fund the patella. But how did your knee out. Well Don and I know you know that because you've heard it. I. Our. Well that worked out for you did it OK I don't really the only time you know stuff like that is when somebody injured exact things that we're a little kid can tell you were cancer ego oh god that did as a cancer game is big dummy 844999. Olin who was our next contestant rated play negated would you drive spread called patella. That was due to the the hotel. Yeah okay with a face like you think it is ladies. Tended to whom broken soul food and hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. The main story and those that live. Hold on now. I families governance over. Gilbert. All right hating on your pain. Do you think he's doing these days for this database failed. And including I don't know uneven trading today. Well all we can't put a little while all this this is so worth. An idea leader Amir. They have their faith. Our home you're old days alone based in Yemen and you you sound about right the lesion men's or adrenaline today. And mr. rose about five point 4% alcohol. In my labor timely as we do appreciate you get a clear many sports for the Fisher house there so thank you for doing that but the space dust on the other hand now that is a step above as far as the alcohol percentage is concerned I think about it it did you read were storm troopers space doesn't don't get a pretty well in this event and that they glows in the same mobile park from a collision that might be deeper and carded a question. You know the emperor really has. Jesus Christ it's the by frost. Yeah man that would definitely and that's a one agent is renaming it the emperor and if you've spent any time getting that brand out. All right here's the question how many rings around the Olympic flag. Now live. Nice part about it based does paid off one and done for Tyler experiences knowledge and spend Gerri good big dummy is a game a 449990. Alison it's that milk shake aren't taken hold you over here why did you get to military excellent. I did it by accident and no I wasn't gonna tell them not to be so I had the one. In it it runs in my got some tears but the other one is in the fruits. And I'm Pam anchor person American lied to him and he's hankering for a sip of the boy the looks I just got like the temperatures drop 4040 degrees and it was a man. I got you know Jason rolled Oreo whatever right or reality that makes with the doesn't matter private iceberg but. Gas and milk it as not motivated about it I think it. Etc. in the house later on its base data both coming up in the parades. Metal and they keep. Yeah because it's looked out or go milk a probably may well re threatened to kill it. I think we should put it in the lactation room a we have agreed and there ever broken ribs and her freezer ultimately it's my future also and I Yemen. Where roles. Gave his big dummy for four 999 all of the we have another contestant read play the game but man in the kitchen hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Both heartfelt and I felt. We'll look at this feels like ages. My caddie went to pave the form of the toothache the feasting his sunburned or hang over. All annual book please and you know. You were swear off any thing because of the bad thing of all work OK and I thought I might look like you. I hear in the old school question what was the name of Dennis the menaces ball. Book and flew well. But noted. That the president of natural. Now. I mean it. I was really of the barriers yeah. Goodman and. And let's is emotionally and things. Aren't what was the name of Taylor swift's first album. Don't you think of me soon incident with the name yeah people. Around awhile. Didn't get a shot you could get that. I have no idea of the. Jose Calif where they moved back there and political. I would say if it's not that I know I mean the new Vanilla. Tony do another month. Scratch tomorrow okay that's what I'm so glad you have an arm gives arises. Yeah. Think everything is it is it is at. The ring learned is that like days I'm like cool. You're hairy dude. Yeah okay that explains care the sound terrify you look you know you comb your arm hair you know have you ever who's you know look like and I don't care. Oh army air that is the only girl raised in the same ways you but it won't notice that when you've done something like what are you shampoo your beard said yeah shampoo in your arms coming up with soap a lot of death would you see implemented also conditional. When you get out of the water sometimes and it's all flat. It looks weird and kind of didn't think he he he puts everything I put it up product yet. It is to have a I had your question. Robert James Fisher is a famous champion or what game. Just. Nice work Bobby Barton. They Demi is a gave me 449990. Lose our next contestant they play all I don't know what stalled Mallory hello Mallory welcome to the men's room. And a long way literary home. Right now very sober enough over. Okay. And know how do you like your pain Mallory toothache these things sunburn hangover. Clear the thunder and you get a nice Hannah. Old. Why you're looking at the bright satellites that it's been all day at school today haggard. All right my friend here's your questions stairway to heaven from the lovely Led Zeppelin was released on which one of their albums. Boom. You can get the lead out about. For Ralph Sawyer. And it decathlon is now. Come on we're fiddling around here Led Zeppelin for those are the root score. Come on windows so. Or the untitled album the king of didn't let. Nobody gets a let down like fifth. He still limited. The hot weather stations right now the war on the get go Linda I'm Jeremy at their arm and he got to get to Atlanta I'm polite. Lot of led to be gotten out of it for years and years like man we thought as more led every senator united team who gluten. Anybody ever release the lead to. Released the red beast in there and right man is always good to let out notice that's really release them back on the trustee leader. And it is the the Sacramento released them. Open wireless. All right your question and what year was the US constitution written. I'm on it and me. News. What do people say you're good at Mallory packing gas client. Names. I didn't really excited. I mean and any. Eight betting. Oh my god you like Anna Goran what they got it right picked all the jelly beans in the dark side at all. And you have Israel says did you did you worked through are you Google and that. Now not knowing at an engineer and keep it clean drinking eating or embarrass me. That it really did a great job go to right odd that they give out just in O'Malley your little Ballard is only the I don't think you are. You better history the miles as the Americans yeah that's ahead how good fit because our salaries and a target did the bulk sample of aren't Val let married him if I doubt the team. But he wanted to do Mal killed or is that that there was incredible in the fat years. Did his big donated more parred 999 all of who's our next contest and ready to play the day he goes about why we we didn't go home smiley Michael's LOY we welcome the. It's solo. Okay. All right finally is sober now for over. Over I thought the show we're doing and Evans are able to take these things sunburn hang over how do you want your pain. You need to be seen. Stated. Bring out the bees. Do I do that. Abort back they're not elaborate on the reasons for another be thrilled if pick up if you believe the way of the UB Vickers you've been beast you know play Obama. You see on the side of the beating he could. The had a ridge and if it if you're about to do it if it. What he would make that are gonna be about it. All right. Diablo means what in Italian he hobbled. Yeah well. You in. Oh clue. Thank you put the fatigue and I'm. None I was ready I was living for a while ago that I loved oddly enough diablo also means a look so worked up yet. Our lover. Atlantic City at the popular entered that the court no it's not a popular entertainment district it is an entertainment district located in what state. Neuter it. You guys are you glad you terrible at all or did Alan I have on about how one guy. Ramadi. Your Jersey will have a Boston against the it again. This sense of I'm really borrow without what I thought yeah. So far are miserable. Is feasting taking a lead in how would you like your pain a toothache as a bring up the rear sunburn and hang over time for second place. In the voting game is big dummy 8449990. Look market doesn't coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's miles. Had Jeff on the identity details as a popular food that people don't know everyone else even except for them that's underway with the head chef stepping up they had Jeff some information on our men's room Paul miserable today. Dealing with pain so we asked you to think the best at least worst alternative yeah the one you would be most willing to endure exactly so we have two big bee sting sunburn and hang over we have a poll by the way if you follow us on what are amends are live. The results there are normally quite different than the ones that we get from our contestant tells look at this week. Well people are still taking beast and we have a very interesting that comment here from at ham sauce at Tampa solves yet. Or broccoli Obama. We'll call this one bee sting a thread but okay. When I was horrified my data normally sat me down on a beehive I was crying he told me to cut it out. Then realized I was getting stung had seventeen bee stings on my butt. Which still take a bee sting over the rest of hung over is a global right now. Some focal present global. For broccoli Obama prior acts as you may delegate scoreboard 999 all of that we have a contested online rated played games all we sure do miles hello Mike welcome to the men's room. I'm Mike is over I felt. Over Michael. Mike by the way postings at the beginning of the show for a one on layers of middlemen I hope the big dummy colors don't suck that I didn't have so far. The other might be called and he's had to take the most questions at three at its that is so Mike. We got a lot to no brother to the area. Investors and that if my litmus infamous. Our way here's your first question our three countries on this planet that do not. You the metrics this United States is one of Liberia is the other. And what Asian countries with. Malaysia. Our proven him. But can be involved. I'll end up really nor did mine in there. It was a new Marley in Marley and me. This country about a dead dog managed to hold I don't know why people could see. I don't know if it ever called. No it doesn't make sense to me and it just doesn't make sense I like. You gotta follow whatever the dog is I don't open the door I don't regional balls an ultimate guy's Indian sari spoiler role yet here's thing about a dog not a real love who make Elba depth that it all Diana Taylor yeah that's yeah. Our problem for a while they Rhode Island pain you hope it's. I believe Famer Kent. Which action movie star was the voice of the iron giants. Yeah well I clearly mommy's friends with a big green giant. Saw him. And each action star after the call and yes. Adult there on I. He is he has. There's I don't know you'll I think you'll get it when it does not a variety of movies that he says I guess that's the best way to put it. Elicited for marvel superhero movie that's long. Are losing their fitness today had a right. 200. There. I'm and actor. It is exceptionally well known and or certain group of people is very dark and he's. Yeah hey yeah upper guided the voice of groups as well regarding of the doubts McGrew doesn't make any noises does he does these our armed groups that they keep my he got paid for that man. They're great role that he's ready he won an Oscar. Part of the group and for the gross tree. And an action packed movie at best performance as treat this he's got to win right. Of all time though I give my best tree acting to whoever played the angry tree it was Hamas member Dorothy picked an apple is like bridge. Poll asked all committee. That's our our travels and her death in my rounds I'd do that back guy. I really think captured the essence of victory gave his big dummy for 499911. Was our next contestant write a play date Ted knows who it is today. And welcome to the men's and. Nick Perry and our game is over not sober and felt very sober game. We'll numbers over I believe they call girl. Not very sober you said. No no he's very very well Larry so I give this overall I'm thinking you're very sober right there James miserable day paying toothache beast being sunburn hangover where you go off. You know. I've had a lot to date. I just as familiar kidney a comfortable all while on the go through that you got a messed up girl James. I did it smoked a lot of crack at it for you being serious. Yeah we've got great kid what age are we talking. All right those guys but I thought I thought he's about thirteen. Yeah. Most got so little out thirteen and don't Jeremiah you know early on it and all that. Was pretty fast Livan knowing a thing. Yeah and the average seventh grader isn't smoking Coke. Right off he's your all average have a greater miles okay he celled I mean what happened first like hair under the armpit or are you smoking crack. Okay because like as a cracked the predates puberty if you Krueger has not normal. That level greater than normal rhythm I stated that so now. An excellent and really just they have here and their arms and it won't admit they're smoke all the crap you want kids. Yeah there are at your question in science how long is and Kia. How long how long it's an actual measurable time. Aside yeah. Oh now that's the sensors. 2000. We left. 10301001. Billion it all at the media. Why you are gonna say many eon ago it really really it was a really can't have made him an oracle lite format and iams old song. These are totally on ago. All right Edward teach about the name Edward teach was notorious pirate veteran owned by what nick. It it. The newest killer here. I'm kind of painful. Red beard and that they left. Mildred you're the pulpit that we funeral home brutal old school. A hair. I digress. It allows you to try to stay there probably is a famous red there's the famous there's are a bit of an early blackbird. Jesus Christ black beard red beer with or blue beer or my imagined I don't think so Clinton. And it makes up up to Bloomberg. You know I think they have and is a movie you don't know who cannot make muscle I think honest to god of punk rock Iron Man no I remember this I think from Scooby Doo as a kid and I'm and rip off shore. That weren't bad for my history gags. It's don't forget about captain Morgan. The great captain who was the second president of the United States. Lyndon B on blended thing. You realize that Lyndon B Johnson was. But the guy who took over for Jenna kept. And do you you know he doesn't know that right because you guessed it at that news of the second drug. Are what is the media your called when it reaches the Earth's surface. Maybe at all. Did you write your site. Touch the ground. It's like loft it's a far if it doesn't let stuff and it took me here is a far. Quote when it touches the sort of it is to me Iraq correct you have to ask yourself and out of what do you write it got you. They should teach it that way at remember every won't remember another matter recruit ever give me a practical need our order is a part that does not tell us what media did question five ginger who turned it up there. Never trust a certain number of immediate. Tyler Durden is a fictional character appearing as the central protagonists and antagonists. And watch American film. Oh my. Wow it sure I know I know like look like it. Did you club as the beleaguered hey there during what would Tyler Durden do. David big dummy for 49990. Lead to another contestant ready to play big dummy up on off hello Chris and welcome to the bedroom. All. Inflation but it was fun to do starting your players disabled. Although it for the retarded or what if you're disabled person. No on the manipulation for or my coworkers and video its fifth religious. Sleeplessness. I'm assuming that your you're sober you're on the job records all the wonderful well. And I like your pain there too vague feasting some murder hangover. Ball pick up a number. So we'll turn around man yeah Iraq. I knew the questions sunburn what is the oldest city in the United States and as a hint it's and lord. All it. Youth. It's not terribly popular. No I don't know what the scene on the scene in Newfoundland. New York and plays minus a mammoth fire this like when did you find pleasure. Temporary and I think that it didn't matter how poorly you did Levy of Tibet and get final jeopardy amongst friends would agree that George got the better that day you're right I don't look at anybody. That's how we play at home. All right your question how many strides are the American flag. Right thirteen. The jumpers or go to America. There's really done a poor far 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game hello Mandy welcome to the men's room. All right Mandy sober now for over. Yes. I am not so where okay how to turn off. We like him so what are we learning items I imagine returning overturning the component quietly left lots of golf at like eleven question the eighteenth. Is we believe and and Alaska and. Winning call you back or turn the champions. You get that call it and got the email forget it either of Providence is awkward mile through the law you can get the studio we thought well OK forget. As you know wolf maybe we'll invite you to the party it okay do you know an after party. I get a feel we don't want my idea. What miserable and their Mandy do think these things sunburn hang over Rory dogs. I attended meeting between these opinions and burns fat but how. I'm in December and it's like I'm one that's the last all these are bad not only then did a little beat navy and you're talking about him. Who. Comes gives. And I little babies to Kenya. Is depicted the Olympic. Almost eight gruesome these. I guess the question. What are the three branches of the United States federal government. On the Internet. Only guy I told Leno that okay oh I know you nick and I like the cabinet. When he. He gave Sean Elliott aren't. And I removed. Officials want to go to the US OK I think that is now isn't part of the draw the judicial executive and executive like in a row that. David and I don't think in our own knocking does that make you exert executive. And the executive yeah. It is sold it and and I'd the other line. And more American and it. I know I'd I'd woman ain't Hannity and in my ankle so. I really do schoolhouse rock and clearly we're not I didn't until I had never watch really I'll add another one and again I. Let him in Finland. Regular flow when the defense. We understand the chamber of congress which of the legislative authority. Executive yeah he's played and yeah I am right now and being pulled checks and balance. I dream and I'm not I'm not you got about her probably about average of less than the old of the average American to name three branches it was it was sued the stress. He's like you've got to be kidding what are you mad about you have no idea on earth what you're talking. And now. I know d'antoni an early lesson in the talent into the I think bell don't want to let us know what. And is afternoon drinking like a good person. One shot afterward and it doesn't go. Jackets who shot up. Many runner up and Mandy was yeah what did you do shot up. I'd tequila. Okay I'll I'll and I am and that's tequila drinker or making ethanol that's good news and that's good news for all the boyfriends and Paul and Al nudging their way and the ball better you know yeah in this elated look at the comments I bet you that he isn't it's not a good mood to Bloomberg. After you duration of the aisle in a Mandy you great profiling I hate with a name like Manny had a severe wild. Look a little light I think I'd just assume you're a wild person with a name like man. Yeah I had to actually I mean I'm yeah I think so definitely bigger deal strongly there and I I guess that aren't. Are there is an question what's the highest number of Michelin stars that are restaurant in person. Only I mean you know the Michelin star ended on the Canadian military acknowledges she did a good and I think that it's at best and I. All like and I star in like lean like one I don't buy our neighborhoods that is yet since aliens it's. The hi let me what is the number of the most number they. I pray. Wrong green. Beret. Known as to whether it's three I don't know. Baseball and I. Here's one idea the feeling you might know. How much junk and ultimately this is just the next question emigrated here what was the name of the clipped a maniac monkey in the Disney movie Aladdin. Volleyed the conclusion that he can you don't you Alan. You know that wow. I got yeah monkey. Yeah I made the in my dreams I wanted to Monty and I'll play. And your old line with what they knew what birds and huge and they don't hear them all and marker and then drop off. All I know about the monkey that my friend has she said don't make a laugh long story short everyone had a dilutive laughed. Kamal you're sitting in the corner next to her into the muggy little slap her so fast and are you and then ran up literally freaked out started tragic halt. Like I don't know Monty. No way if the baby in the yeah you know I hear the mom right LNG Nacchio got more than are among the island and he's the best baby mama of a monkey here you can browse the it and everything and Monday and public life than they thought our guys clearly did they let us know what would you name this monkey named the monkey after the Clinton maybe act like you from a Loudon. Daniela you know at some them. I was a man. I don't know Lance says things. Abu Abu. And you think yeah like. At the monkey it was a movie Aladdin there's going to be wearing. I don't anybody here on question five. What is the capital city of the Philippines. Although it looked it's well known for humble little production. If you anyway you know to lose to either blow you know they're delicious claims there. Claimed fumble on the you won't go over a boy and I screamed Clinton. I think Vanilla chocolate and I know we'll boost and and then and. OK okay and Manila when you have to put an end. No but we can. Wanted to go to a few schools like in Manila envelope he looked both spoke at. Requests in the world and camels producer role well versed on camels what is the difference between that bad tree on his. Ended Roma dares. Nice my 101 how even one had to do. Just many full. Agassi and that is a happy that you. Know there are constantly you know we camel hump. General monkeys with an of the chemicals or what they call again to have him. Back trillions beat AZT. RIA and us aback Koreans and in the double hump camel is the drama Derry drama there drama there OK so if you're riding a camel technically you have to be on the one that has two runs. Now our wonderful ride just one bumper you can rattle Tom Campbell yeah. Well wouldn't be vetted a lot going on and what the town will it be better be in the middle the two months. I can be mostly Campbell as you see people writing as of wanna I wanna do on camera because I can fit right in it's easy lay up or doesn't it. That's what I was thought as a kid but that intimacy so when actually riding a camel clearly on me back three and and not only do the right the one hump with a right on top of our friends are also far far tell you like your pain bee sting is in the lead followed by sunburn and a three way tie for second place between two big. And hang over more big dummy coming up a 449990. Like you are listening to the men's or radio networks. No I start lock down up ride a Harley drag and tells with a shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy 844 and 999. Only here come the comments I of course of that as regards the camel's the question is what is the difference between. You're mounting a bother repeating frankly. Hundreds first ones as you toll pronounce the Campbell's name incorrectly and then gave me no guidance and I'd say correctly so I'm about to make your ears bleed again friend. Says sorry to say that you ever Campbell's makes does the bad tree and whatever relatives is the two hauled in drew Roman Deri is the one hump camel. As someone else ads kilometers of one humpback Koreans have to hunt if you're running a drummer Derrick your hero I just found the hump. Hillary's and I know this is the carbon Saudi Arabia and actually had Brenda Campbell top. Well takes someone who's actually written it probably know the correct answer Obama never rob Manfred nickname blade a man that you never wrote a camel. Yes I did where are where did you riding Campbell good appoint to find zoo at christmastime okay yes and they bring you right into the reality of Bethlehem and what it was so you're likely try to camera wise man like you realize man is that really him battalion that instance yes Christmas they light up the holes with Christmas lights and even though erratic Campbell would make a dream come true. That is on the man away now Canada through other kind of relax. I gains they don't pay four point 999 all of who's our next contestant ready to play the games you brightly lit zoom in right Campbell's is that you're out. That America is that that that that that's that then that hello please show welcome to the bedroom. Glad that. I believe it's over it's over. So there. That's a relief. Are miserable and they were real pain how would you want it to think these things sunburn or hang over. That's Olympic defend everything sunburns didn't dive jamming out for the ladies today. It was good. I hate. It won't be things. No one love them it just seems to me that the other that are worse vs men. So tired how many times have you been stung by beat. Fully alive and hasn't done enough eyelid but boy oh I had today and dangerous what eroded to take to get to the nuts over today. And that's cool they both have big ball barrel big how big is your bong. You know and let him Delilah Delilah the big one foot bomb and yeah Allenby had Delilah. I don't know about. A month. The working title for Clifford the big red dog but he Jane yeah you know the big brown Bob gonna yeah. All right here's a question how many states are needed to ratify an amendment court to become part of the constitution. Only. 4030. To return to the senate vote. Our. What does it disingenuous stream to every year the decision was true culture has said that around. Collect all you do agree here again and to sit juiced for what does it do every year. Other than take a trip to combo that's well known and what does have the surgery street do every year. Look you know I always say it makes nuts ten guest of wood about sheds its list. All right. Anything that's got a ton of. I don't know I don't remember the difference in even honestly don't buy themselves some of the White House. Since August. Our fruit. Did Jack corner pull for me is pop. Little Jack. Cool guy yeah I didn't know another Jack warnings. Producers above is exactly I think the president's wrong and at some hugged president incidence of spider little Jack Horner. Climbed up the waters now cooler. Yeah yeah oh. We should do Wasilla pocket monsters televised but he pulled this from his behind. Any sound recorder. Check corner on court little Jack corner settlement order. And that's all I got Ali is her way to I was married yet the other one. You think you've heavyset black. Anger I don't know these. Big during the day. Would you get your crime. Blond man an awful lot. A few I don't know that MI a big deal out there. The thing that did an entertainment but it through the including a finger hang on the line for a moment you think about things OK okay anger fruit. Minutes of finger using dummy for parred 9990 look you'd like to big intensity for 4999. Alone. A show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.