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Wednesday, February 21st

Mens Room Question: What did your parents try to protect you from growing up, but what dumb thing did you do anyway?​


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Are freelance said the legendary catch rock 100 point five and Oklahoma City also low five point three to bear in Blacksburg Virginia and their listeners jumping on right now WA AF in Boston. And by united five point seven. And New Orleans love of the program returner who sucks let's coming up the word has. Slang words your state is known for and our question today based on being a parent or just growing up of being a child what did your parents try to protect you from growing up what was a big concern. But what dumping did you end up doing anyway 844999. Old and Scott you're Thomas your parents tried to protect you from the Detroit public school system. Yeah yeah. And older should wait eight years old bet big go through it all well and it would. Yeah ST dial pole for the bad. I'd wait until right before it and I got already can't rule in my younger brother lives out. Yeah actually I live in Detroit. And quoted the world yet. Whatsoever one way or what years did you live in Detroit. Then they're all basically showed that he wanted to. One thing I night. Finals there in 74 and 75 a live Don though Warwick which is just down from I think six mile. And I but I knew I. Adding that a school that I want to preschool and Emeril into never went to kindergarten so look combat what you know Detroit the school system and not matching the city but again cover football world school system is ask anyone that tells a different as a god damn liar right so. Looking back. Are you glad your parent prevented you from going to that nonsense. Okay anyways what is about education of the mind about sabres got. You know I think it'll get there would have been a dvd being. Well yeah I will say this though it isn't one thing I was gonna bring up by that time period that you were there. That was a good time for Detroit as I doubt when I was when things were were on the upswing the automobiles you know a capital world Clooney and funny money was going through that town that had to be the best the school system I would have to think it was the best that Jared when you were there even know was the you know as you say not not good. It still had to be better than it is now I would guess. Yeah yeah actually have cooled a little bit you're actually. Or now. And get my other Mara. All the material to brother rice opened as a member and won a lot of schools and got kicked out of got kicked out of three but one of my got booted out of those were the riots started to Baltimore W. And when a person or lose the right to broaden our mall tomorrow muscle on surprised deride the ball into it while they are good Baltimore merit they don't play your as period but me combat. Where they said that started them like that actually makes even more so it. Honestly this is the most violent area of the most violent city yes that is trillions for no reason for the protest for a little skewed but I'm not shocked. That it started word dated in the city that would grant. What diligent parents trying to protect you from. Or Iraq. Yes so bring in terms that you're. Care to comment I didn't actually take drew my credit. Man oh man what what kind of warnings to begin regular Philly bats probably. One of the strongest things parents depressed that it's very savvy and are very few parent to do myself included. Well terrorists during my dad was you have returned your assistant comptroller of the presidential version of the Boeing corporation. So it is sort of credit goes you so much it was really. I would best picture MicroHoo legitimate dealers. Other than math and just. Blew up all of your cat's very glad that you wanted to buy more we've taken by tomorrow we got no money. How bad did your credit debt how bad did he skirted. He won't play. I didn't do you better watch it about 38 really crucial link out. In all there on my terms my my dad actually know Mikhail all up chipper and one little thinner that. Indicate it's only you know about social but your dad that I didn't helped them. And how old were you at this point were you when you accrued all that that are adept wanted to go play 2800. Or my son was born in virtually virtually islands there aren't. Demonstrated vice I tried well I'm not the I the only thing I tell my kids as is like my mom both my kids work. And they both go to school and I know it's a tough balancing act of my kid must put gas in regard to bus driver who do all those things is needs to make money but I'll tell our. Look man whenever you get a check you don't blow. It has been on this but you can pay for these things and then any money that you wanna give me. To putting your savings account that. How old double. So when you go to college no matter what. You give me fifty bucks you're gonna have a hundred dollars and sentenced him to feel much weeds out of my right and you're going to be it was the so just the idea you could ever full for a local Mexico I would get that I don't care I don't care she takes a whole damn good chunk of changing goes to spring break with a friend the good news I just want her to know that. I just come on alert. Carolina help. Date her into saving money you know to me the best I can through just and there's never going to be assay discounts gonna W money listen man I still want her to learn Mike while you say the later on an enhancement. You try to do that going to make of the art of under but still looks like. Even when searching for a movie that's like you'd just bought by god in thirty dollar movie could have rented it's just. These were probably not those are probably abide only liquid just got in store aren't they than you thirty dollar movie or there's a few all right so the fuel but I would bet it's like I know you can read. I know I go to one of the letters are one of the worst bomb was only three letters that says by. The other one is only four lecture but we're just one and I nodded back in you can read the different so I won't say more one was the movie where I was. I went to the theater I've seen more goddamn kids movies in theaters now goes there and Adrian take it right and I don't enjoy in it. But I will sit through all of them. We saw more wanna I think that's an. So I you know from work and listen maybe three weeks after the movie's release and understand this movie was a monster hit so it was in theater for quite awhile I get home. It's on the TV McAvoy wanted and I'm like. Pan am all seen the smooth why do we go to the movies and watch this what am thing the discredited one thing I wrap I don't know I'm racking my brain trauma for over a cynical again I don't care about his movies I just know that I've seen it. I'm like I don't remember sitting on the sofa watching less than the person may. Man you were in the movie theater three god and we should be sold this past the first week and we came out so. So it might normally Heyman will receive a remote and I get calls. And sure enough she bought it because it's still in the theater so I wasn't even the rent option and understand. While the movies still looking in when you buy it cost about ten to fifteen dollars more absolutely had to ask her start and so. I gave her quite a bit the growing about that right but it doesn't matter goes under some movies where you can always bad but that would take your money. But I see you ran to buy option and that's. And that's what got us until this morning he wanted to watch I don't know of modern man something that just came out. The grandparents just took them to see this movie. And is like let's get back and again I don't pay attention movies some about it like yeah okay and what wait a minute man says three or to own a white it's not out. Did you just see those movies grab her. De LA hell no we're not getting him and Bret late fifties and god damn borrow from move you to sort tour to regard their days ago what you don't have any sense of money that's my point in the drug loosely like what every time you do this like you Carlson eat. Money man and it's not just free for the guy that's always good TV I. Guarantee there's some kind of parental lock on that thing. I don't I've never looked at but I guarantee there's one other do you do settings were any body jet that get to the passcode miles out of it was a perspective and I wish I was making this up there's probably not the way to exist for kids bought. If I need a code for nothing happened. Also she gets he's in emotion of everything so like if I want to do iPad in my head into Q opens up eventually beat beat beat beat some good news that issue being control of a sex or maybe what the Ford Bronco that you set for what's alliger parents try to protect you from drawing double what dumb thing did you do anyway 844999. Cola. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. All. Although Ari go to. We don't actually go on the couch with my. All right live and highlight so we weren't paying doesn't and jammed all up on him and what diligent parents try to protect you from. So when Allen fifty MI that I had like a solo project are grown up ahead on track and many have had in mind not a big record that. Many and that emit per day. I'm not saying a million AD hoc body in the bank and the NBA the really special because they don't need another thousand dump minimum. And that that a bigger five point oh you know mom and him and have them the focal point to that they have them on the left about. And that ground guys came real real low on those are boxy look of. Yeah they're my those great MI about the fact he did about that stuff is so real life too though. He never would have died then because you know I know kind of expensive would it be called a car that people kill themselves in the case. So it really often dangerous and life more left out. And so maybe one day he was on vacation or company you cannot but their luck but I remember my but it came on an economic hit our car. Some of the Okinawan governor around for a while they're adapting them back in another vendor podium at a empowered woman can. It's not a good old time I'm now up thirty minute my car than he did on Islamic. Did your father ever find out the drove. Well lot of gen would you even tell him now. I mean I probably wouldn't spend like ten news that allow them. You're I don't even mean Tony most of the time that story ends up reroute the damn thing around the tree I know a little idea is he doesn't want you to drive that things it's a death trap and you get in the car and almost kill yourself you know but in this at all you know thank god that it wasn't you put them they have out of the doldrums appointed music and he didn't want that you're you do yourself which obviously no parent wants that delight. He didn't want to drives car. Brett and with plenty of art don't tell your kids eat. Other big thing was. He bought that car. Not like we do you or me but do it yet it up. By not caught our car pretty to me and my brother like back how would like kind of joking around or do my carpal tunnel like one and actually my like. How is loomed over you love. Really in general good kid. Out pretty good I mean to press I don't know good Terri alive the mediocrity but did you have a curfew. Yet entered into. I I had a curfew my entire left but bad bad time. Curfew. I'm never sure I never posed any that a mature growth no curfew depth and investors are they don't leave the house and they come dancing in our tank for the night. Of Columbia bad times fluid because and they put on the bed and then. And in water I'm thinking is on bad thought I'm right and they just wanna go to bat so that's different but curfew when they get old and ultimately barrels. Cancel my father was a super stickler for that reason they're waiting for. Now wasn't that he was never a sleek. It's LA he sat at the door and weighed about like you won't end here he comes in right eerie comment and I mean if you're three months late in sight. External threats at 10 o'clock and when you understand. He didn't say give or take five minutes of why they don't like about amount on the sort of my kid or boy don't tell me everything I did not seem to. We said Tim Clark and they got him to the clock or before and everything after 10 o'clock is in violation of the agreement but to me and I know it sounds great and elect Democrat. But this is the point that. It affected everything else I did he asked me to do it like do would be asked you to do and everything a B I don't have an excuse for why didn't do. What John what did you parents try to protect you from doing growing up but what a dumb thing did you do anyway 844999. A lot all the library calls coming up you are listening to amend your radio network. Smiles. I'll return to boot socks laughing and learn as slang words that your state is known for our question today what do your parents had ever take you from growing up but what dumb ass thing. Did you do anyway 844999. Alone. Susan welcome to the men's room. 00 yeah. Well. Whom would. Open and. And it won't say. They need her friend Kathy and I alert me. There are gala at. So are we ever to Wear shirts my parent my mom. I never thought. Virtually 08 delaying an incorrect English. She told me now I aliens here and it angered at better not get a call. At 4 o'clock in the morning saying when he went drunken in a car accident. Got word agreement. How you know I still got strut his writings we wrecked truck. Like 3 o'clock in the morning returns in the cup common. She doesn't mean you go to school let it I never imagined man on meet like I'm on the caller both my parents are like verbally. Very vocal do you 200. To each other matters or not. Only here until word to me they'll hold her I'd like it. It needed where it yet adequate and it got them. Das island says weird like when you're not saying everything went a limited access to a news as you say they're good I don't yelling at each other. I would think they've been planet like I didn't pick something up and it's like every name in the book. To go to distance well I don't yet. Your defense of your mother you know like. You know the idea of the question what is your parents try to protect you live from growing up in but what dumb thing did you do anyway the idea being as. Sometimes you're your parents just think completely missed the target on what they should be protecting you from. It might be your friends and your in your friends' parents think that. You know it is Susan here the you're you're that the bad influence but the other parents think that your other friends a bad influence but you'll probably need had in his case your mom was 100%. Correct. Like she knew what the problem would be or could be bah told you what it was going to be and then you did well why do you think she was that specific. With you like I Darien did this they own. They all game and the thing is not original but I mean it. Protecting themselves the only thing my dad turnabout but it looking at a called him any money. Certainly hasn't struck at sounds familiar I'm sure yeah well things look you were okay so it'll sell them to trust me he hey major Gupta wanted to kill your parents every night went to bed they laid in bed and talked about all the different reasons and ways they kill you but they know they won't them. Yet we don't I get. Yeah. We also have to remember something else. Your mom knows you to be a little bit more like her I would guess I would have to think that if your more. Kind of like your dad your dad would be the ones stepping in and say like look let me take care of this all the my children. Have traits of myself and their mother you know originally. And I can tell my one daughter one thing like look dude I can see this guy and examine your more let me show where the other daughter I can't really don't have that leeway because I'm not sure. Because she's gonna do it she's gonna do blood the other when I can kinda like our well that's your sense of like I would guess your more like your mama you wanna know Susan or at least you have some traits were wow OK I got a little ball well and over. Our match without all over your mom pointed this out you know should pointed that out specifically in the new did exactly I mean like. Your parents must say hey don't drink and drive as an apparent in the same way in and airmen and happened I mean she was reels with that but it would give you were in eighth. Grade only got seventy. You're an eighth grade in your mom already knew that she needs to tell you Heyman. Don't do this and then. Basically my dad would you sum of August. Don't you drink that expensive Kentucky Berman a mine makes it without delicious cold. A minute maid lemonade out of a tan. It's too good. It's knowing that I would do that I got a great idea that every thought of that commitment that he didn't want me on what not to do. What are you every kid obviously that's around here in America. Science on UCLA. Is a lot of that. I'm. Four year old and is split second line we'll beat you in May. I'd so your little too young to be drop in any big now imagine you're serves. All right that's another way to put it and get guys construed. Funny money must. So there. Please keep them working night. What does your parents Trevor thank you from going up the bullets dumb thing did you do any. Just heard bright outlook I think my impression I'm a single mom of two boys are after you buy one or against our question from the day here's a story for a legislators in Florida where a gunman. A later identified as Nichols crews opened fire. You know the story Marjorie Stallman Douglass high school Broward County Florida seventeen dead. Decided that they needed to focus on something else and legislative session. For the sun sentinel as are surviving students from the school watched them from the gallery at the Florida house. They voted down a motion to let the legalization that would ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines proceed. Out of committee the vote was 36 to 71. I'll sponsor Republican. A key on the key. Argued the legislation be essentially dead there into the legislative session that ends in March if they did not schedule a hearing fort. It was so hard breaking to see how many votes and voters names were up there especially after it was my school. This from a sixteen year old student Cheryl egg roll it seemed almost arm LaSalle they immediately pushed the button to say no. According to CNN. On the exact same day that the house voted for legislation the declared pornography. A public health threats made public goes pornography so the resolution states that he needs cards for education research and policy changes to protect Floridians especially teenagers from pornography so. A Republican represented name Ross spent all. Says there is research that finds a connection between pornography use and mental and physical illnesses. Forming in maintaining intimate relationships and deviant sexual behavior spent how is also a candidate for attorney general. Democratic representative Carlos here I'm all asked Hispano. Why there was an immediate need to pass a resolution encountered that there are more important bills and topics you don't should be taken up by the legislator so on the day that. Kids from a school that had been shot up go to Tallahassee and stand in the house. They shut the vote down. No I don't tend to thirty yeah exactly him to go there are 36 to 71. But they have figured out a way to. I guess say the pornography is a real problem and it's no different to the question we're asking your parents try to protective and some things most right time that was his hearing on the record oil out of focus on what you're gonna do like it OK am I protected different adamant. You dangles Abby from doing this chore and a deadly no one thing any time at least in my generation and mrs. I think a lot of people just kind of had this. This great about them. If someone told you in and parents are different but if someone told you not that you are allowed to do something in there that you could not do so. Our group talked then you went out of your way you win out of your way you would open beyond short look my buddy told me at one point in time. That no matter what I did. I would never ever ever be able to figure out. Where he and his girlfriend parked and had sex can and can't call those the wrong thing dummy man. Do we got two weeks me about buddies and spent two weeks them all yet do so OK and we had signs that we may all right. It's we put in certain places because the idea being this I'm. If jewel rolled up to one of these places and saw the sign like Joseph here's your spot for the it is and he wouldn't do he would know that we knew and he would say some windows. And it one point timing finally cracked the news like. That's human spot. I'm like oh yeah it's also good bye just button right that's why he's night. How did you find my spot pumping myself there are eight signs. You put your community. I don't know which one he's talking about you but I still. But I'm still gonna act like oh yeah man we get so took another week or so. Before we finally rolled up on what would they not one debate I know it's one of Bates right but I can't and but it still thinking of as of which one of these eight could possibly be put Jamal has spread out right exactly. But you've you've never find the secret location. So explain all it's on Matt as the clear number on now to conversation you only have would you rather doubt you'll never found a rap sex in the car right well because you know there weren't a lot of places to go and we were killed three could have you know any intimate times you go party go some place at the time. The cops would run you out of course in the matter what you tried to do it like the security cameras and security guards running around in their cars and all that currency had to go to. We get on dirt road in the middle of the woods or some crappy economy and and we knew all those roads still. So you know here we are like four Wheeler and and elect African Ford Escort over rocks I got married at GA brand are just the rule amendment say oh yeah. Just because he says that we could not find the you don't say things like now. It right. These little boy like Palin trying not to do this drives Natalee that night that you can't incite a rightly or I never wanted to find out where you parking anyway but now guess what it's off now arcade is ought we're gonna find your so called secret spot. What I wanted to parents try to protect you from growing up boy dumbest thing did you do anyway 844999. All hello Craig welcome to the men's room. Or not our top. Gelman I was thinking earlier when you're talking about the alien movie what it is cute cute oh it. I'm I'm 47 and my mind when I was young my dad used to work at chips till my mom would it go. I would not and do we take the end her young young much younger sister. To that the Dryden and we'd watch cartoons early online. And then when the late. Scary stuff came on we'd be asleep in the back and keep watching movies at home. Well and they don't hurt she's trying to protect us icy ground and the shining a plan. And I'm watching a shining and tell it like I swear this is the first lied on their own naked woman I'd ever seen in my life come out in the movie. And you've seen the movie you know what happened this lady to come out right Il wanna talk about ruining a little I next year check in behind our back door in the bathroom because that's old lady. Yeah yeah I have that I definitely am but how long does that sit with his of one of those like look I don't want to leave now does not bother me I enjoy the alien franchise most of them. But I always remember how I felt after I saw the movie slate of society Zahn now does does bring back the memories of man oh man. I got my mind so you'll. Yet it still sent a little spark and a lot of that was Jack Nicholson could at that age I wouldn't be afraid of monsters I knew better than that. But this to try to just went crazy. That was it was real or not. I look I agree with you won't point oh worldly guy and I always agree this or Hormuz relic. Monsters a monster and in my body has a theory that essentially the way or movies work the monsters behind you. As long as you don't turn Ronald look at it it won't actually tactics you can go to ball movement like I just don't turn around right when you look at it went in thank you would have been organ undue abstract but. And I think most people would Greece or you can to a war movie and there's a monthly need to take aliens something like that. And go okay that's scary but the or something decidedly more creepy but there's to god damn girl from the signing. Singing all like there's something about bad that I find much more disturbing than a monster and there's only a handful of those movies you can watch the god father growing up for people are mowed people down the guns and as gas I'll get old fat and all that stuff but it went affected you the same way. As the shining dead and for whatever reason even on my parents were. Anti leasing NER rated movies or anything like that they had no problem with the exorcist. And the reason as for how warm they showed a drama the X is reasonable reason is that cries think and I think think of the feared teaching that was involved when I was going to school in church growing up short it was basically like look. If you screw up. The double you're gonna go to hell like it was all fear based so as far as watching a movie that they thought would fear based scare the hell out of me well this is door is a perfectly acceptable teaching movie. I teaching them all yet play way to honor memory and the idea is to scare the living bee Jesus out of you why did. These are going to do well to have the double put me one doesn't matter if they surely the girl on the matter she murdered someone to go OK as he deserves it is not right what it what are reverend movie. She she's the giggly little kid unlike most real little did which is almost. Happy very good kids right she's emigrate relationship of mom mom goes to work or whatever but at some point with in my 24 hours. This kid who as far as we know has done nothing is possessed by double a right to leave it. But not deep trouble about that man now does something went really feel awful race a psychiatrist could probably tell you what happened. I think they say when a movie came out like psychiatry at 101000%. Anchorage people were just so scared after that movie came and just a little mark Abbott a monster. This is Linda Blair. Continually looks worse for the movies I'm a little longer than doubled them the more she looks. Disheveled trying to be a pleasant right the lake cinema pupils. Are head's been an around that she's not do we need. It is time voters don't even want an Arabic or did she spends the movie tied to a bed talking smack rights Britain on people she doesn't. Really do anything they imply she did some some doubt snap neck but like. You don't see her thorough due to the women's final that's tumbles Larry is right. But I think like why is that so much scarier than say like gonzo gonzo is actively like breathing fire on people stopping on people breaking buildings and ago. Maybe I'd leave the city the action system like this at least six year old girl tied to a bed and somehow in spite of not doing. In other than talking mad smack other than that look all the double votes. Print up IRA that I Cadillac man I know I'm the whole wave that's all you're even W and even even. Even after all those years all right I'm probably. 23 Tony for maybe 25 years old and there's a party in Georgetown and my job is to go and pick up a couple cases of beer. Because of beer had been that did X the Kagan experts are right in my money we're gonna go to the beer we get on the steps. We'll go with beer two cases. A low of the beast liked. Of course it's his own Milwaukee's best light in bloom why can't and we go rumors start to walk up the steps I'm not really paying attention much that we get the Obama steps. And there's the black. This is the scene of the movie guys this film lovable blows him stare seen in a look at the stairs I'm like holy Christ and to be as you know it's gonna happen here. I'm gonna fall backward with two cases Milwaukee's best light in my hands in this is how I'm would have done it because I was still freaked out by that movie. I've seen the actions the stuff of novels to say this one thing if you bouncing. In the movie there's a point really find some person had been thrown out of the town house. The fundamental bottom of the stairs in his head is out of 180 degree was ten as number Tressel so but in the movie. As they're talk throughout what what happened you know the detective says well. This is really really a natural with no way your head to return thus far around from falling down respect. The first time I saw those stairs I look if you just tripped and fell the most players you'd be messed up. I would fully expect your head to be completely always it's when you see these there's like no it's reasonable but if you pulled around this staircase your head's going to be completely spun out around. Want to knowledge of parents try to protect you from growing up the one dumb thing. Did you do anyways Telecom return of whose Sox last award as these slang word that each and every state is known for and uses the most we'll do that right before we during Intel's. With a shot of the day Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. There are military Intel's got a shot of the day is on the way but first our question what do your parents try to protect you from growing up what a demo thing did you do anyway before Ford 999 Omaha hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Well okay. And although I. Should. A month with a typical clearly there is try to protect you from those can hurt. And look at what I was eight I made this big this page. A lot of Clinton and Barack they have been. And or might swim goggles I got out. I don't want to go ride a bike with a friend and a mom told me they take Ryan a slimmed on the allotment. And I any kind of snuck away without them I believe in god Ahmad barbecuing or I didn't and I know EDT. Dirty yards downloads. Big locked loaded and came on the corner and the last thing I remember this is my sixty doubted my goggles. So he's almost on an up and I Asia and on the dirt hit on the about the golden I don't know what happened there I don't score a fraction of those. Boom at times I am a bone stuck in your brain. So I'm assuming you have to have surgery to have that removed from your brain. Oh yeah it is yeah. What kind of score surgery and recovery time do you have after this I. All I. Indeed. Hospitals are like I think a week or two. And I got an email in my head down and you've they had scars. How big is this and then what part of your head when I see. It's like directly on top. And that's why the size of maybe. It's east and decent Ortiz. Arguably one of those like real thing shot lasts a zinger did. It jewel. Our return Amanda I got my parents and do it they. I kind of said time and need to be home but where I was what I was doing and how hard I was going it wasn't really necessary. To know any of that other then you need to be homeless are going to write what I thought from you got to that that's on you you know and I think I'm probably a little bit more guilty of trying to protect my kids that my parents were ever made. I think there's no question marks the one thing and I know and it's not a good thing I don't know I don't think. Mothers. Traditionally. Seem to want to protect their kids little more fathers. And I I get this from a filed a little flight no don't let pain be little we explained what we don't want you to do it and we told you want. And you've chosen not to take doesn't face value so when default on their murder so called soft cut yourself whatever live writers scream yell bleed into come crying to me. First words out of my mouth are always they do learn anything. And number thirty seconds because that don't do those. And you decide to do and when I was pay a golf man zone tiger herself and that's very much the way my father's all right so. Fast forward in all my kids they're the bikes and of course but their helmets on and all the rest and I'd we never wrote Thomas a monthly it's a bad thing I'm just saying it's Dell's as the time Brighton but now it it's absolutely something you have to say. My father he saw is like I normally do so well. A tough and l.'s other people worry about your business that that that's the truth of what most parenting is when to leave your home right what other people like so. And in our guest of the ball whatever business and ran. You don't quit you learn dried bike obvious I don't really remember like you ate it like two times back and did you did not follow my advice is that they knew follow my advice to learn how to write about it. But that's it is like mayor Antonia it's gonna take your kids for ever to figure this out if it doesn't hurt when you fall. Not just any relief any threat to anybody hurt a little bit you got to know about it. What tell your parents try to protect you from growing up but tell what dumb thing. Did you do anyway although I'm Mario golf coming up a far far 999 a whole lot. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.