02-20-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Some Aftermarket Items

Tuesday, February 20th

Mens Room Question: What about you is not part of the original package?


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What sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is the. Been secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. And your. I don't know I don't want to lose another 2772. Who I. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do AJ Smith and ball. And my car. Yeah Ireland and a low a. It's not drying cast those into six that's been knocked. Today the ten best rock albums from twenty years ago today. What you don't need to know be rude to people addition. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time but it truly. Glad you bring in Shanghai noon at Georgia where men on pharma four seasons go cocaine and Jim beam black. If you live in England and are craving ticket you wanna get your KFC back. Lucky charms ads first new marshmallow in ten years and somehow this is news. When a friend has men robbed you at gunpoint to instill your car may be a friend that you be better off the losing. And outraged may in the lobster remote G controversy rolls on. Lobster rolls that is all coming out today very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All the adventure is good day to you and yours are some people myself included. Have a receding hairline but that refer to your head. Even the boldest among us have no problem growing pew. But that didn't stop the South Korean fashion designer from debuting a collection. Of a giant waves at New York presently. Bad drive may come look lagged closing out filled with a Mohawk and a part of the what they call or until golden. And a pistol and all that that's good move for a good I don't know anyone who ever could it if you're vulnerable and more to do it at the after that word does visit their web like South Korean guy got to go under or local Gordon collect and they include hourly vagina would. Well like I get to you wanna do and I go ahead do that allowed people get fake boot a Canadian woman she claims that her fake breasts saved her life and the shooting. And all Troy Walters and her double disease they saved her from of course the kangaroo route I was throwing him to do. And Jordan she's over three cracked ribs are fake breasts ruptured but it would have been worse if for booms have been real. And then on the other end of the spectrum of the guidance week he died after his penis enlargement surgery. Thank pianist whose faith moved they pew. They mailed to wage filed under T gold teeth through wounded your bones that to almost all of us have more than our stock parks no the moment we. Look what they were born. But when today's question is where he worked colored contacts he had tattoos were written review where we want to know today is what about you was not part of the original package. Triple a they juggle a 44999. Below like the men's room on FaceBook all of us on Twitter events are live and send your emails to the men's room at midterm livestock. You are listening to amend your radio network. My. Older dogs satellite radio artists over 2772. Okay. I heard today as he drug and charged right Cassel will be and spend. And today Brian brings in the top ten the best rock albums from twenty years ago the year that was 1998. When you break one year down you happen to realize like man. This is a year that and a lot of great albums and generals are good music is concerned Roch why is. Shockingly one of the better years. I honestly cannot think of anything off the top it's it's a little strange to think that these albums or twenty years old the strange do you feel old I think time just goes by way too fast sometimes you know you build a road you get the we say that sounds like anything else you know you hear these sounds like that's twenty years our man then you hear another one your like you know what. This was a pretty good year music although the time. I'm not so sure that I was sold on the fact that it was a good your music. OK so in retrospect could go to brute well like anything else I've done lists and I know eleven given listens arise governor of the ten best rock albums from twenty years ago the year that was. 1998 which you don't need to know goes to be rude people addition and basic courtesies that have kind of slipped away as time has gone by. And a little update you will on the what used to be common etiquette which really isn't the case anymore so that's double what you don't need to know you'll find out how rude you really are. Based on the way it used to be an ad breaks down from everything from. Dining. To trench. To social engagements to. Just general behavior around other people aren't at all included in there coming up wounded Arab forward during a toast. With a shot of the day our question today what about you was not part of the original package. As tax huge man says we are gonna talk about the original package today we're talking about the time that you were born. And the person you are today Steve you mentioned tattoos and you have probably more than what 3040 tattoos I would guess somewhere in their views down at some point I got the old you also have your ears or were were appears to avoid totally drug Mozilla or to that's not part of the original package both that goes out of screws in my wrist definitely not part of the original by M. Weird match valve thing in my left in her elbow a that's out of you are born with any of this stuff in on what is there now and there are there now or it could just be what you had. That's not there anymore you mention your hairline and we'll start with a story which hasn't really met our OK I guess yeah I use up Rodgers being bitter now B amount now yeah I used to have no end at least at their limit of dread central makes it worse you know one thing like happier place. When either why do you agree your hair longer. Lose that I think that hurt morneau and about you know also give dreads and kind of decided it's an interesting thing when you see someone trying to hold on to dreads. Or is easy and it's left you know you throughout. Just he is up about like Philip Bailey may be from earth wind and fire. Our they're receiving what does that border rocket was something's going on there Stevie Wonder at times of the doesn't really matter you don't need and get them outrageous for Brad looks okay chore but yeah so to mothers and their toddlers today Carrey's usual. But they're not happy about what they discovered after picking them up the children's unit browse had been blacks without permission and the moms did you know what to think. So look the if you look at yourself and how you should be right now originally. This before all the grooming before everything else I mean. What would you really look like I mean would you have hair blonde on your thighs. Which you have hair all over your back I mean which you have basically. Party favors she snatch ears she's not she knows I mean there's always already favors of the ears and nose so. I would look like I would look like George Jefferson with a much bigger mustache and beer okay are. It just way to care reform would be like this massive after World Series ring got the diet and be Graham shore. So far I you know what GAAP about my hair's going gray it's my whole like my my chest is gray as to when I got degrees that are in the in the Arab and one great if you are never found a great powder found a great view to grow nicely tomorrow's gonna look this is the beginning of the end and we'll examine the saga this like man I've seen patiently some old person in enemy and but her hair is white everywhere and then there's jet black beans I tell you miles good to go for the most part as far as these two kids so the months and even know what to think. I got a closer look at Nassau. That she was missing her patch of hair. Because she has a you know brow and she was born like that. Now that's according to a mother Elisa do you ever have to tell also one hey man I was more let that really you'd never hear inserted on the bridge of your nose yet former unit brown loses as her kid. Rely on Leah. Goes to the stake Arab and another monitor another mother named Glenda Maria Cruz whose son goes to the same daycare. Claims that her son's unit brow was also lacks the very same day. Both mothers of her children from daycare Julia the daycare released a statement saying the boys and we don't sound you know browse yeah they take these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process that I'm sure you can look through the boys and girls handbook. And you're never gonna see anything out there that says do not whacks a kids you know morale will be in their now if you want her lights and they're now if you look at and look you'll know. I will say this miles an animated bad habits. Initially it was all on the spot but donated point we'll lower the CBS radio years and years ago they were real strict new rules for too but I handled it employment. When assign and book that's what I really didn't matter which it at my son I am book. Several worlds while we would do something that turned out he had not been addressed in the employ an ambush and so we don't sorrow pain and we rented that Tamba because of Tibet was asked. Member wrote the via ham book and that wasn't mentioned and weren't so every year's CBS would update this thing and and our goal. To get as many new rules and there. As we got a handle on it so late you cannot rents a monkey for the purposes of destroying employs office right now's wanna robots nominee about and as we got out this. Yep yep. Let's see here. This year is New York Fashion Week has been awash with fresh and the fourteenth laurels. Standards. Rosary. And quirky unexpected hair accessories. Or not talking about the hair up there. On the runway a South Korean designer who has dresses the likes of what they've Lady Gaga or Bjorkman where do whatever. Basically the dresses are all up top there is nothing downstairs except for stuff that covers the backside if you recall that is sure where I'm from. And the label of this year's. Ensemble is the 2018 spring summer collection oriental guarded. And while the new collection was rather flashy. Think fierce studded leather blazers once about iridescent green coats as cinched at the waist and structured. Body suits we could take garage doubles going on downstairs that would be vagina wicks also known as the market. As the urban dictionary informs all of us it turns out these spiked hair extensions which would look exactly like many mohawks. Are basically just patches over the crotch and they were warned believe her now by prostitutes. Beginning in the sixteen hundreds after shaving your pubic hair. Just the replacement of the Merkin well do you know why they initiated pubic hair this hygiene him but normally what what caused that. What crabs crap cramps so basically what would happen as if you were a prostitute at the time you got crabs were crabs live. Eleven hair so one way or the other. You gonna have to get ready your hair for awhile if you don't have another way of treating and that's that was like the number one we so I knew more merriment communion to shave your head you don't like these you know just. Look man I'm Ben Wright you can do is still had those that put in Ridley that's how start Nazis current credit really have you know rig right rid kids as old. And now ladies in 2018 have made their debut during one of the world's biggest fashion events only this time they're just letting that bottom part hang out and they've got the marking down their covering it up. According to the press release the punk inspired Mohawk Americans were created to a this fired at the vagina irregular silhouettes and to bridge the gap of hard verses soft. Dale adult ports creative director of prima here. A Sydney in New York based luxury salon was on hand during the events of explaining the inspiration behind David giant wedge which he craps himself so. You can actually now we're store in New Yorkers Sydney Australia say to yourself you know what. Give me one of those. Did you bogging down the street and say listen. It's a cover for my vagina in does that look like beaten so my question would be. If I hide my penis right my genitalia inside of something that looks like my genitalia and does that make it legal goes on in other words out uncovering might do how you you had was something that looks exactly like a penis because that looks exactly okay vagina so what does with a woman more of this to the beach as she says look much showed me my vagina. It's just turned and I went on block I with looks exactly what are we don't know assembled relax that's not my penis. That is a government happens to look exactly like people think of like a mask that you would Wear this to the front mass joining me like Phantom of the Opera that. And then maybe like an aardvarks head. And you know I mean could just cover it or like an elephant or some type of leg and I just did that just at the aardvarks head mask in front in like you did you have to Wear any thing did you did jump dunk the the stuff in the trunk in the bottom beating character in the bonds I don't need to learn art market them a red elephant ears the but she covers threat. What would that be legal can I walk on the beach would. Like I'm not showing anybody the stuff he said we can't show. So if you're walking around the vagina Kovalev looks just like the dialect you want to let him walk around bottomless treasure. There's just it's just sir that's not acting it is I'm wearing a swimsuit vilified and being threat. Okay now the story goes back a few years but it's interesting as far as technology goes and this came from sixty minutes. We all remember former Vice President Dick Cheney now all. Dick Cheney has had a number of our problems throughout his years. That is documented fact multiple heart attacks there's. He's had a long history of heart problems he had an implanted defibrillator. And heart pump the literally meant for a while there he had no pulse. Until heart transplant. In like 2012. I don't think yet a poll from the ages of eight until fifty to me yet when our member of Baghdad like Aaron. Most surprised but basically doesn't believe could go to the guy's a medical miracle because eat eat for awhile he really just did not have a heart rate. I mean I know I'm they like he was a lot literally did not have a hard. I wanna say thank you they didn't put up maybe he had a big heart for a little bit or some like he's had heart problems similar period. You know maybe turbulent blows an hour period where. The resulting ousted pumping the blood but it wasn't it wasn't a heart it was something else related to him he really was alive when the world OK so. The one of the things that he had. Was he had a what they call a wireless. Functionality. Of his implants and what that would do. Was I guess in the event that that something would go askew. In there it would send a signal somehow and I don't know how this technology works either too. His phone of the hospital. Somebody it seems off something right. Don't get positive I'm RS dot but this is the thing that keeps his heart going to run and got a bigger irregularities there it seems off this signal some. Well the problem as as they were worried that someone was gonna hack into that program. And they were to shut it off until. Right. So they've been reasonable if you're talking about nationally would be. Oh yeah I mean I okay. So you know that you can basically hack into any home security system and watch what's going out some rhetoric. There's got a new way now like look no one's home there's the cameras I'm in sugar machine shut him down then go on and get what you want. You get back in it that I saw obviously I mean you get a logo wouldn't he say way hey man I appreciate what you try to do and I give them by late. Could we not do that we'll so what they did was they do we not make my heart hackable they ordered the wireless functionality of his heart implant disabled. So they disabled so that you wouldn't be I do this so that no good what does he do marrow and stop I don't know. I have not played I had Perez got another secondary way what are a little like the rest of historic and in telling my heart good to Tom elect. My phone log in above him in your heart and there on there right now and seriously. I'm about to stop beating. You're about to back well the look they don't different outlook is fine goes a guy the late Barnaby Jack. Now they was Barnaby Jack thank. Tinged Barnaby you have to be be ready for India Myanmar hey kids and part of me Barnaby generally yes Barnaby Jew me how to she did this agreement about the amount. They're like. Come on Barnaby didn't take off your pants if it is. Margaret probably unlike all borrowed be here at the Barrera I do you know like it's just like it's unfortunate. I like Barnaby Jack was on the forefront of research into the vulnerability. Of the medical device and he'd been demonstrated Howell that model that was in Dick Cheney. The same but this was an insulin pump could be lethally hacked. To win as sort of a patient incorrect dosages for up to 500 feet away while now and he is expected to show off how imploded implanted pacemakers. And if regulators could be hacked to deliver deadly shocks. The almost exact type of issue Cheney's doctors were working to avoid you can literally be within 500 feet of changes. Each. And this is not a good idea fret you got high value Friday exactly and you know no matter how many servers Secret Service agents you have around you or whatever they're doing Taylor candidate thing about that so they that's it's just it's just amazing. Not only that he is lasted this long based on all of his. And granted you have to think the Dick Cheney get some of the best medical care out there that questions still but either way he went in and I are you want to heart front and my outlook are good your medical care as some things Lego holy S right. That's Dutch I knew a lot of people who that that in my lifetime who have had heart problems sure. Now if they already know that the heritage is being taken out. And then something else to be put back end. I mean. In and they can still live I don't know enough about heart surgery but I you know. I don't know man I mean. Some port sure I knew what everything is healthy cells which are gonna go but the like the rest public no one really knows they have our problems and to the heart gives you problems. Like millions out of his car you got lucky and I said hey man we call this but obviously what 98% of the time. You don't boulders even if they won't heart and brain in the house vote no unless you have a birth mile an issue or some like that does that make it worse low price because in theory. Pretty much and we're gonna have a heart attack ever in myriad of reasons and and things have changed enough of that that's tough with the case right. So I might have a heart attack in the next thirty so I'm not worried about government. What populated. If you know through family history happy. Proud dad grandfather migrated don't I had ordered a 42 years old heart attack like Disco Dick Cheney. I'm just go take it and it's on there and all of the models are getting vasectomy or rather bold sure. Did you know or you found but the bad way right put. I would just think man that's always weighing a real here it is my. 35 birthday and excitement every due to my friend had a 42 from our conditions get like him because we've got to a couple of marijuana no coming up as far as up breast plants in saving and savings people as basically saving a lot breast implants breast implant breast plans rest planet like in your dream world ominous factor. You're limited his job veteran meg duty period move Specter's no the booze now able an acclaimed her breast implants saved her life and shooting and that another woman down in Australia who says that her doubled the breast implants or she went bigger went home. Saved her life after she was attacked by kangaroo as its sole Austro. And the point of course the penis enlargement surgery that led to man's death the headline of what went wrong because if what went wrong. Our question what about June was not part of the original package 8449990. Look who gets calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. They chilled and gentle men's room. I drive capped a come oils instead of the ten best rock albums from twenty years ago the year that is 1998 that is coming up our question today what about you was not part of the original package 844999. Cola. Hello staff to welcome to the men's room. They're Ono. Oil. So you wanna know what day that there's. Any real. But you've got the men's room when I'm really into Mandela's here. Okay well or drug excuse screws in my neck in the play holding my neck together out of that have a little bit. It was an operation to particular disk can disclose it relieves pain in my back but it didn't work. It did not work so he went through all that procedure you got all that hardware in there and didn't relieve and the pressure pain. Do you like to turn your head a normal function of your neck. So more that I can turn into the right but not glued to left and you know externally gonna get so called. Yeah I would come here you go you're close friends who wanna mess with the just get behind you call your name all the time. In addition to turn your homebody and that'll be it yeah okay let guys it is the pain worse now I'm I'm curious than it was before or is it the same level of pain. It's this same little pain in my Barack. Where it's more pain in my neck and shoulder. Was this a just a degenerative condition that you had herded something happened gives goalie also as well what was the reason you had to have the surgery. I had injury back in their eighties. Neck injury and I didn't wanna get surgery because they scare me and told me that they're gonna go through this part of my neck you know I could lose. My ability to speak her you know are could be crippled and all those so I don't. That's very fair that was very fair fearless when there are ways they can describe it. That wouldn't freak yes you know this overload to the back of your neck and needs to be that you could be paralyzed right it's great. God going to hardline anti make more sense since it occurred in my throat you know where you know it's religious and enlighten. You know it was the eighties when it's zero only asset classes union to survive on pain pills. Would that their pay yeah that is so very low paying close her seven years. And though he did until I in this. But I did I luck buddy he didn't do anything wrong UN for surgery the pain pills are supposed to do with the supposed to do this the most secure your pain. And they do. But the bottom line is is that going to make you feel good news awful hard to to wean off of them and you know if you still have pain you still need the medication breath for shore you're you're one of the vote neither medication but unfortunately you know I'm reading it you're addicted to. Because that's part of eating it at you know I. Yep there it is it's ridiculous I'd rather just you know after going through that would curl. It's liked old. Three weeks of hell it's like the flu ten times older you know and you know but I I don't take pain medication anymore. Suited to do okay and so on one the time what's the pain. An average. My. My pin hello my bad there agrees it's like. They were not far too good nine. He uses. I doesn't weather affected toys when the seasons change and get heavier barometric pressure you wanted to people who feels that. Armed. In my neck a little bit you know my US current. You were you in seven years up looping as it is a nice just Seattle let one go. Well there's more to it than they had put it's actually. Or surgery in 2016. He got basically two humor small intestines removed. And they couldn't stand Dan. Basically knew it would reason it happened was due to emotional intelligence who died. In there's the local blood flow. You know. I don't know if they had anything to do it to obtain medication Bert. How mom always says if I'm a bad man I'm put it all on that Gazeta that stuff doesn't area. Right yeah. You know and so. In it. If you do realize every starter Garrett cadaver I mean somebody stone dead person's. Own flesh inside me. You know that's got to be weird to go to sleep at night and I definitely you're dating profile DePaul is up there. You should and could come down at night there isn't that they won't do is not slid off her seat and courses discovers a lightweight. You have a dead person and thousands. A law you might have asked when you look Baidu I can't turn around the tea room Louis cardinals I'm doesn't add that person has its uses. What's what about you was not part of the original package 844999. A lot more calls coming up here in seconds. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.