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In case you were grooming your hamster during the last. Us midterm performance here's what you miss. Our run back common sense view rooms. Client side of women in Hawaii and I had a friend. Who low. She was chanting. And it's not someone that you would just actually kind of a couple of my house so she's grown and damage your remains as the car community you know this wound Molina. A friend found. So we are hanging out with a knife and I and junk and she is there and they that they can't. Wait a minute miles an hour fringe and gunned drunk and he's there earned and we don't know smack down and out. It's a little chunky guys are obviously heterosexual thing you know as far as you know it's easy and that unless we could you pick up. I would not have enough that that it never seen yeah. It is my 51 birthday is today can I please get some turtles eggs in dirty German from a lovely wild and that's from Jake in Rochester New York listening on WC amassed. I'm pretty thin and bush name. And one million. Religious and if we don't know if I don't know their game plan this year worse OK. All. All of its pretty feet deep and no but we all know worst Lisovicz for. We're OK. Yes didn't look this could be nervous and does match. Did rock so sport and ripped down stocks jump. Nick rock's stock in Red Sox jobs in Rick not flout the slopes did rock score they are quirks so there's eight shots after one. Did rock stokes court and Rick docs lets drop. Did rocks left richt got stronger and Rick doctor stokes did rocks pork there pork smokers and chalked up there and rocks not scored. And Rick that's not shocked. Rod sox' Rick knocked drop it right doc flow. It runs scored the airport so there's a job. She called me up and says all we need to talk and give her what she says. Well you gave me chlamydia can keep. It had not told you know I can at at the lied and they add that he's someone else. She says no highway got checked after we had sex and and you're thinking one other person and you gave me the media. Do you give Obama gloom earlier this woman and nobody want ads exactly where I'm an airliner. You have sexual who wanted to resume times yes thank you you're chlamydia. Can. Yeah they're running. I met them and not funny think it should says. So well Oklahoma chlamydia and I have chlamydia and I don't think in the skill yet so. I think I erase that that that seemed logical when the news and learn new. I can't I did that for future influence. He can keep. Rob are you gonna do a robbery OK and you know grandma. Oh I'm great and the content lurid scanning so like that that's that's the women. Yeah I'm not I don't know I don't know us. Could you get to the barber shop they sand wedge and if that is feeling Smart kitty say the ABC's. Thanks guys. That from top. And I do interviews and OK so you know oh my god you run. Other and I it's okay it's geez man it's harder on the side. An ex wife's name is Rudy slack when I like booties. Amy BP CD no no. And at T. H I JK. LM and OP EQ. Who. A bar. At its. Teeth. TW. I tomorrow morning. 000 yeah it was oh yeah EU and the BB. At that god damn alphabet that could turn against the company in some eats at me yeah. He got caught fire on the right. This will be tough for me I know people won't let a couple of things can't get right to lose the alphabet I think it's a more. And it can be let it. Have a media about learn and get him out at this you don't have everything and just kind of ruled figured out we'll get there. It's okay time to take time romo's ability that. I don't live score or kick it. Hello rob welcome to the men's room. All and I'll never Robin not the live up to your run out. I want not a psychologist first of all it's. I am in the battle fulfilled its today and get a but I'll leave. When I was there procedure. I went to a dance. Hand but I didn't want to make get the girl pregnant. OK well I think the system I think guys know where this story might be going IE. Dental and oral activity. And if my and you do that turned me all from me if I'm gonna do oral I think. Gotta fill up first at least dial it up on my doubt homeowners there zoo the voice it was. I don't know how do you remember back a little bad economy is an element and having I thought god. I put my hand don't there are signs are I was going to be fun at all. I'll hook or. I. I I don't know if you believe the aftermath and not let him go that. And I don't play off a Fella golf I'm just. In Alaska animal control is called home after the after the residents realize that the four foot alligator that they had living in their bathtub. Was growing too big and can no longer live in the home 10 yeah the last yeah. Fell all. We're not the only one who thought pass protection from the vendor is I don't curve there anywhere but why you don't think alligators grow hey you know what 88 the year do good and always make a left on Monday alligator about containers it's this Peres we wanted to get the animal and now they're not trying to find a permanent home where there if there was thoughts about moving it to Florida I think that is terrible idea why I as gators should be in Florida. You're gonna move it from Alaska to Florida does that's a shock dude get a little game there. An animal. Oh that's not a hero so now might yeah that's all right he's now clearly out of Iran may die when we just well right now I cared about the fact that probably wants that says it's not a lot of video and Jake and Heidi like you know I edited fancy you know his dorm why did you keep laughing. Labs and I was smiling because the chimp was two. Yeah okay you're smiling watching my god what if what you. Technically it was dying but it was a dead yet as it's tough. Hello and welcome to bed jokes. Or you're into mind a bit knew all I. And yet here about the female rap artists whom would you rat hole when you're gonna period no I didn't hear about it. Yeah I mean well we. Yeah. Hello Aaron welcome to bad jokes. All of what do you call position that I would be cool finish with a owner. Our cash. All over you pleasing the birthday song for myself from completing my 56 trip around the sun. To give throw a break gonna give up his microphone to Shannon Sharpe so he can do play by play of turtle wax thank you guys so much that from Dodd. Hello knew about before the red. Did I frequent puffs and only. Old. Young they're Germans brought. And then. Available through these world they are. Live dot com another sign retailers give a review as delicious try flattened faces up all areas advertisement of the Pacific. It's. Yeah yeah OK okay yeah yeah yeah I'm not. I pay you familiar to you that says almost missed them. Mean how many emails have been sometimes simple things and heart smile. I didn't really beat her I. Normally are so there you UV rays and they don't exist and it. Now Doug million. Men's room legacy continue. He would sure love to hear is real and. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Did join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. They say shake your radio more than. Times. Laughter. Or they don't look good result in word 2700. Mile and a big deal along with Stephen Drew hill. Use to adds yeah. All good bar. As to why can't. Did it on and amends I. Okay they random question question. Your guess is as good as my categories of rats and the inner. Next as the men's remiss back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines read your shot of the day bundled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time which affect class period it Carnoy and Oklahoma where Thong wearing man covered in gasoline is busted by the cops. Soldier goes after rhino in Africa. Rhino that announces with a new record drops. He's director. I didn't explain why can't guys have been wrong but no one feels that he better. Bus driver again applying for singing C and C music factory and a ninety's structures sweater. And doctors missed by a woman sweating blood from her forehead and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh lab. Good good good day to you and your type food right. Food should just be food but sometimes. Well food can be trough we go to all hire more police are looking for a man. Who dropped three Tebow mistakes down the sharks. He wasn't caught he ran away. T bones. Understaffed schools could just if you would do friend recently endured two bone at a house in Dayton Ohio. Yet chances are that list when the object but that's what food does pumpkins pumpkin for food right now but even decorations. But again we go back to Ohio where somebody or somebody or using pumpkins as a weapon. Specifically pumpkins are being thrown from an overpass on interstate 84. Needless to say they describe the situation. As dangerous. But again that's food a woman a Pennsylvania this is ridiculous the woman a Pennsylvania. Violated a court order banned from Wal-Mart. She will back to Wal-Mart anyway her reason when they answer according to her and I quote. The kid is too good to stay away. It does seem like the dawn of reason to go back to jail but because it it the way that the food doesn't sport about this for some of the stories that we saw. And many many questions popping door ahead double what to ask you in the form of the random question question here's how war. You call us we asked to a question I completely random after you share your story we will then share with you the story that inspired said question. Other children question question call 844999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter amend your life and cinder emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. My. All the talk now I don't want to show number 2700. With a big Chile's. Turnabout the men's room your guess is as good as minor categories you'd think from today that would be rats and the Internet. Rants is in like rats the Internet as in web sites coming up with a categories on your guess is as good as mine and today is that they we do our random question. Specialist Ryan young friend Brian has always stay out welcome to the men's room. At all I saw wow. I'm okay. Sheila is that weird to you by the oily if you go to Australia everyone's going to say your name but no one actually mean Jermaine. I know plus he goes up there I had films there and I would that would drive me crazy fun through. My name is on every now there's. Hey that's going to be around okay strong point you enjoyed only the finest women have different teams I'm bathrooms everywhere. I'd say let's go this one oh win and where did you get lost. We murdered and I it's. Other apps OK you know what. Story. I let my mom and I herein Beckett back up and egg it's. And we weren't too. Along I think we're trying to get a shock Brett a god does their. Really the Arabs and ask mom ended up going our mailing and her. Seventy Dodge Dart and the love doesn't know where. We are out there. What movie was that important met today in just put corn rose to drive to the desert in a Dodge Dart. I'm you know what I know demand led by my. We're making memories of my arm got out. Oh. That's and that's not only does it take off to the desert heat obviously demonstrate before. Well yet because you don't ever give it direction. Aren't OK I don't know Gracie drove into the desert I don't know what's worse there are ways I don't know if you use these words I did it take you through every neighborhood that you'd ever wins. Ways that a lot of driving services apparently used religious take you through every neighborhood imaginable for your career go. People like accordions ideally. If you're on a smaller street that means there's traffic is a trap they're okay our weather's like a speed trap or there's an accident how would you know that all you know is why am I in this neighborhood the crafted to fit it wherever I. Other reason we asked wind and where did you get lost man oh man this is this is this is an unbelievable story OK we go to Italy. An Italian man won the Venice marathon. Coconut. Aren't let that sink Ginsburg. It's in Europe it's in Italy and it's on earth should big canyon but it's an Italian man who won the Venice marathon. It is day but. Ambulances and really the ball club he's also Boston the Massachusetts. Dealer I don't know balls they went in and Venice in his marathon was on boats he won these this marathon to win the leaders of the rays were accidentally directed the wrong way on the course. Accidentally. The young 24 year old Italian runner was not a marathon elite. But he was about a minute behind the leaders when a motorcycle led the leaders the wrong way. Sixteen miles yeah I'm 26 mile course. He then took advantage winning the race in two hours and twelve minutes the Avery back to the AP reports. Abdul had a wad of Gilbert kept living Chama. Kim Kim mean moved tie. David it can't prove no match go into other elite runners were guided the wrong way for several hundred meters damn man to man stuff. If you that the attack if it. Yeah yeah basically all the African runners went one direction sixteen miles that that's good prices received a marvelous sixty miles into the course they led to be there oh okay so that are in the wrong turn happened in the motorcycles who are these that these in the league guys there in the front. The motorcycle is simply did take the wrong turn. And he was a complete an ethernet. Mohamed Moussaoui ever get I don't know like come on yeah. Come. Well I've done more so it ended up that the Italian was first Mohammad Mousa finished second. While Tariq bad maroth took third and Jumbo. Was in for our Jumbo was better to Larry got it isn't that something so McComb on tumbled that was a militiaman and. And Randolph friends. At random quote like Boston Herald and OJ be welcomed to the bedroom Brenda I'm. Oh yeah it is it all laugh. Daily aria. Yeah yeah we're doing good man I'm wonderful and death. Go that's what. Why would you say is your guilty pleasure song. What is your guilty pleasure song the song that you really don't wanna admit that you like as much as you do afternoon light dancing queen. That's good days but it was a song from Greece. Got damaged all the woman I want some crap like that. Mary gloom boom all. Okay. Yeah yeah. Children. Glad they're Derek yeah as you'll get some flak for this what's your song. I. Yeah RB song. Margaret I'm a Barbie girl I don't know I didn't learn arrow or something and then La. I don't know you'd just need to exceed eight. Actually it is Debra most Bob some of the capital however argue that sun was content to let that one images of all the cops on the most recent worsens because it's about Barbie you know. Well yeah and hit my daughter was the one it brought back in the Marla says Alger did. People that it doesn't like zero CC has barbies doesn't treat. While he's got to get that out of the Barbie but yet you built in there. Aren't the reason we have closure guilty pleasure song hearing L Montreal man says he was given a 149. Dollar tickets after singing while driving. On September the 27. Two fake mole law was on his way to buy bottled water. Happily singing along to see and C music factory's 1990 hit song. Gonna make you sweat everybody dance now. When he said that he heard a police siren blaring behind. I was thinking they wanted to pass but the call on the speaker please go to the right side. I stops and four police came to on each side and check the inside of the car. Then they asked me if I screamed as a no I was just saying. Well the police checked his license and registration then came back with a 149 dollar tickets. For streaming in public the car according to Montreal bylaw. Two calls this order by screaming violates peace and tranquility. And can be punished by fine. A fifty to 1000 dollars he says quote. I don't know my voice was very bad. And that's why I got the delegates but I was very shocked. I understand if they are doing their job they are allowed to check if everything's okay if I kidnap someone or there's danger inside but I would never expect. They would give me a ticket for singing. COC music factory gonna make you sweat everybody dance now. Good ball goes up Mike can you rate of one of those songs like I don't wanna hear of these in Rhode every Wednesday depth. I easily they're more yes I said he said this singing was a particularly loud just if you are happy and you like this song. He said he managed to keep has come even know he thought the situation was a little bit more crazy I said okay. Thank you. Because I know I can contest the tickets they were just doing their job we are right that's gonna get pulled over for plows through and make as well employment commercial of those two people are singing Neil Diamond. Which what what song. Oh why we we Carolina which is a catchy song it just a feeling you would be annoying traffic figures released. And loses the guy Montreal Brad. CT. Picture there's news that you know. You know we've all you don't it is Suggs who wanted to be loved and a great mood I have to move them. Are you dead friend it was a glass and 844 999 I loved friend did not want they're that good friend hello Alex welcome to the newsroom. All I saw. Laughs yeah. I know he's like you're a derelict goes let's. Did you ever do anything destructive on Halloween AKA the tricky part of the treat. And you ask trick or treat. That is the question. I. You know I felt and never to a neighbor's house. Note never jumped out of here people. No fault because oh look at the police are happening OK so you the decision affect us. A guy that was my gloves and nothing ever weird happened on Halloween is part of your church shooting next great yeah. No not in the knee is flat against air a couple of people are Apollo eight yup we're do do you Wear a costume. And blushed a double although indigo. I bet that a Jewish and then bought our house like a lot like a big black and about a black shimmering in front of it. And I dressed up and out black match and black light at Ambac didn't like London and I. Commitments and he steered the Euro. I can't act you act and where I'm a Mexican mob. I'm just coming up the door and it's in the corner and I'm walking stick to the landing page you were hard at that. But that's funnier if contact. I mean I guess mom do semi destructive on Halloween and Mexican security did you guys ever doing thing you know the run in the neighborhood and Helen in a moment we'll read some pretty good invented him out of it either I was an upstate new Yorker you know you're doing why did. So there are going to get you. Right I've been Baltimore just move you to not to do you think Jews do because someone dumber the news out there we go to a sterling township or pumpkins are being thrown from overpasses and vehicles this is fun. These are smashed pumpkin still all over the interstate on 84 or near the town of Moscow had a day after troopers say someone dropped pumpkins from an overpass damaging vehicles. Retired truck driver says it's already hard enough for drivers having to worry about than expected dangerous. Instead of pumpkin falling out of the sky it's getting very dangerous on the roads very dangerous truck drivers the spoke to us say they have been going past that past. For years and that is the spot apparently where these kids have been dropping pumpkins for the for a few yet don't throw stuff off overpass no period yet has yet like it. Seriously like the inevitably somebody's really any hurdler guy who was killed in Ohio yeah few days ago that when I was a teenager insanely happy in the DC area. There's kids on rocks off like overpass and point 95 and somebody got pain it has yet. Random random random reload Darren welcome to the mentoring them and it's not all I. Friends friends I done. Let's say air carriers were doing good man it's okay Donna your lifetime when there was someone's name of a business's name. Place whenever what name and where you always remember. Maybe it was just a little bit of a final play on words so to speak there's your rain is budge we've got some delicious but Tom's been a strong. Well I look perfectly good battle over reports that he's sick older voter it. More than usual let's. All of these other news cycle if you tell there was no real name got back home yeah I guess you will remove. Okay yeah. Well yeah it took a pickup window. Yeah no I am in Grand Slam you heard a big name. Then you let them. We slid off inflation went oh my god and oh yeah oh yeah. Oh yeah well I was what was your reaction when you heard so when. Make no mistake of saying his name out loud. Usually it's very notes kind of not a. You can't not now we'll get enough back that mother until her. No I hear it but what I did. Catherine were Norman mass Brees when asked what name will we always remember it may be oracle last year a 1200. And or aunts are 124000. People. They voted to name a new British research vessel. A boat Eumig boat face I didn't do they did an online competition eventually whatever reason the decision was overturned. And the ship was named instead for the popular British broadcaster. Sir David Edinburgh. Training we train face however I'll officially received its name and naming ceremony in Sweden. Earlier this year Swedish transportation company MTR express they did the same thing. They held a public vote to name a new Stockholm Gothenburg express trains these are like high speed train GAAP. Training we train face that was the runaway winner. At the time of it fears a trainee might need a similar fate bony. A marketing chief promised this would not be the case I guarantee with my life the trains will be called trading maturing face. Do you think he ever thought he'd made that statement in his life I swear. On mark Paul movement Mormon does prayer murdered called trade David trading phrase it is what you need to give them options that it could if they're looking hopefully in any name they whined about it. I wasn't that established were voting with both face like you have to understand at this point. If you got to put something like that a for the boat it's him at a wide to whatever is in the mid whatever things right. Believe you me bridge phase cower in the car phase of like look the world's YouTube agreed on one thing anemic but face act if we'd collectively get to know if something. That's going to be there or not it'll name it something normal right. So late what was it got old miss Wright they're. Mascot was just didn't. Old southern generally mold rats and they look we gotta get rid of them are good idea so many big vote in the stalwart character. And it was like when you can't use apple. I Gore's debut Blair could at some point you've got to give people options you know I don't diplomats governor Scott mascot you face. Mascot has got to ask why are Italian dish it does is to deliver a make a look at new right angle. Then down Randolph front is best worth millions lose friends on the Americans and hello Tony welcome to implement programs. Hello. I love Sony but I'll make its cars there. I'm doing all right. We checked. It showed us what. What do you see Tony that no one believes you saw. When did you see the no on believes. Thank you that no one believes. Now let's I didn't think just never seen anything grace. I've seen a lot of crazy doubts about it but you won't believe it can do believe it they know me so what's the craziest thing you've seen. A guy yeah it is. Not step down by a bowl when bowl right. Good. I mean did you see the direct impact or did you see the I don't know okay oh that's a once in a live camera Dara I hope so delusional and what is the what is the reaction of a man who does has balls growth Bible. Indeed. Yeah okay hold until the luxury I'm looking now someone had to go pick him up and carry him out those the deal. Oh yeah yeah. The ball out of their first and then they'd called Hamas an ambulance. Now's is that the telling pharaohs is like PBR professional bull run erratic doing so I'd like sit low. Training bull riding who training that okay. Yeah you just practicing. And then right and then right as does raise some more and more right through the Wrangler right through the wranglers I mean you think yeah okay and and whatever became of him. She's really I don't even know the guys it would literally. Went over Garrett Mock letter slower like I would have to go next and he got dot. So do you you go up right after letter do you say they may get him and never got on the back wanted this house in Hawaii was and hello how long have you been riding bulls. You know a lot of double argued ridiculed holes it's still southern appeal do you see this guy. Get his balls in my hands my humble and in that moment you decided this is not for me. He Yorker you know when Tony you and I or detract the New York you are you Italian. And not because like Tony the Italian bull rider I'm out now that I'm European and so much did you did the guy believed or anything like that. In. Time and some of the sandman that's that's a doozy I was in Islam and how large a credible job right now we things. To him and I dissolve assault I'm like get multiple. I itself. There is ransom was in what did you see that no one believes. Policy here they say. She remained in telepathic contact with aliens ever since she was abducted at age 712 who has a buy three blonde that big body beings that was the first story. Yup chopped Colombo orders spaceship. Humidity that's a good intentions reminded some pro bit and so that was the first. Thing that was brought up and then the second story. Was a Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corrigan. They report that he shared it detailed story with a Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Show about once encountering a sheep (%expletive) after. Let's just say I was with someone. Who once transformed. Into something else that I cannot explain. I think he just looked through a time lapse video of him from the early days Smashing Pumpkins canal and then Howard says the first transformed as something other than human. And Corrigan says yes I saw it and by the way I was completely sober. So Billy Corbett Corbin is say Chordiant Korean court India is saying that he saw a person gal she shift into another form she chipped ops they now want threw Gramm issued a little heavier took a brawl and everything changed. But I do think you're qualified as they shape shifter Bill Bradley did not look at humanism as they once did and nobody's honest when they're on can I mean he is. You can Google Google it if it. If everything was over I don't know why did they don't know if we that he even says that. Radicalize or go as an aid for far 9990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph. You don't have turned the men's room. Your job your gases is gonna find today's categories rats and the Internet fueled your guess is as good as mine right at your emails there from an answer amendments are not back one of the questions you that's got the craziest thing you've never seen. And in his case he saw a guy obviously get a short and crushed by bowl in bull run at pretty crazy comic comes in and that is it wrong that I laugh when I read this I don't know but I did laugh. I craziest thing I ever saw. Was a bald eagle taking Dilma sisters cash flow. I know my stuff. But there's a reason may be chuckle I don't know why I find that funny but it's. Most does not aquarium and you'll tea time if you're nice to get a I got big ass tree come down and eagle's nest that. And of course you can't go up there mess for the Eagles this because it's a ball legal residents those you know you're you're they're protected. But history comes down down comes the nest it is I wanna say they took a picture of it and I saw on my nose like five collars of sometime local vets were oh yeah we're in that that's you know I ago. Couldn't pay me. All all their like. And the and they said. It could because like there's a bunch of different stuff like straws and of things but yeah collars and and a collection of scholars and you've told the kids afloat he went to a farm now they know or maybe not. Brand it's brand on the run down man down the right to friends. Hello. Brandon welcome to the men's room and all pop or dad. Thanks. Brandon usury and requesting questions. What would you say. You cannot pass up. What is the one thing that you have a difficult time saying no to. Sex downloads. Donuts I got bit and the other intersect but. You never turn now thanks to my Heyman entire hotel whiskey he. That was CDs. The IDI a but the effort and before I give up unless it's OK you're gonna get the shot to make sure man maybe you'll still work I don't know. Brett. Okay let's not a guy that they don't doubt that they're out on the table at the work event aired in the morning and that they don't acknowledge they haven't won a little evil little thing. Okay now one of I said and he by no rights and numbness a dozen donuts has showed. And that they look one of these donuts is coated in nothing but fecal matter we can't say which one. When you still reach your hand and they're grab one anyway conveyed that good do you. Men only one I mean it's only one of twelve shot that you actually grab the one slather them Siegelman and the other eleven dollar fine. I'm a gambling man Obama take my out of one to twelve. I'm right there with you man I'm born in fort like look once you get down one out of eight I'm probably not condone what one of twelve shots I won't bore well the thing Malia and avoiding chocolate so. Most of all the glazed doughnuts they're all looking to and then uncle may look exactly the same yeah. Chocolate glazed. He hit the fifth hole. The thing is a mean man it's a smaller donut it is a Krispy Kreme donut. I cannot pass of the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts no matter what they only come the day that I determined that I need to straighten out my diet. So it out on the late man well don't like it but you can easily cracked it. But you can even dials on the Mets that they know they're crack. But you do need a dozen of them and still feel like maybe only two years old or eleven years rob become kind of the do show all right on any other kind of don't know the comes into the office I. I am the a guilty man who takes the tall and fork. And cut something and half fits like a huge bond or something like that I'll just maybe like an apple Freddie I'll just Lysol for you learn to do that the other day. I'm the guy may I second that I didn't audience lights okay don't like three big hat. After the Kraft like I guess thing right it's like that's why I was through Christmas dreams deferred that's familiar like Dunkin' Donuts done that against. I hope they go you know maple logged out. Greta questionable resonate far far 9990. Let's Mabel bar anonymous bloggers. The show and many pins continue on the men's. Through a radio network.