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Thursday, February 15th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. There's no saying I'll take our nine LE 44999. All you'll play profile that's coming up the end. And we get your headlines on the way one hour from now firstly check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right according to an annual study put out by the knots. The average wedding an American now costs any ballpark and I knew who aren't your average well average average I'll say fifty. Ted. Swanee. Through earlier the clothes without going over 33301. Dollars. And does not include the honeymoon. Wow let's just with them in the car that means that. To make an average there's he has been a lot more than that drag and a lot of people hopefully spending a lot less than that. Boy oh boy I guess that's the amber that is unbelievable. Why would we do anything like my towel and everything for a one day part of it just inflation. Some of I don't know how that it. There doesn't shock me but those aren't they all go to weddings you slate. And he's Casey is in the book right there yes and once you say wedding the whatever problem they're about to sell you triple the drugs testing altogether my parents had left. Maybe a 5000 dollar wasn't gonna ask you this by giving that kind of you know working do you think that includes the engagement ring. No man no I don't know what a let me just right away oh yeah well 'cause I think I think from wedge eight. From engagement ring to honeymoon I think concert freelance. They're all space in between yeah. Snuff not including road between our guest. The other team grades engagement with ring what led to much of that price tag. That's where my son's campaign finance and chief scientists are trying to find daily life in outer space say they can't get sophisticated enough computers that they need. How do you know because cricket currency miners are buying them all off. OK well that's that's probably. Not anything that anyone predicted to become an issue well I am hey man Booker took urge you really hero across from the server extraterrestrials. So obviously a selfish and had that Mac come to the top of mind he has been surgeon for thirty to forty years leverage found anything yet. No wonder I wonder. The museum in Philadelphia hosted an ugly sweater party back in December. Agenda one of the guess not into an exhibit and stole a thumb although they four point five million dollar statue of a thumb blessing and a new event thumped you noted though that some of the monitor worn out here deserted their hope. And PPP PPQ well you've got that story you could contribute to the the F testimony. The five days they complain the most on Twitter about being single on Valentine's Day complained the moms that complain the most is drunken state. The drunken state falsely. States where if you arcing others. There's not a big population so Wyoming maybe. Montana. Think it's the opposite I mean these states that are plugged in it's like a California Washington ignore you live Wyoming you've you've already made kind of a life decision I've opens what is all the states against Utah's number one. Texas Nevada Alaska and Idaho health care. Even won't win I got enough and and an eighth ranked. You think they had you know what good points at feel lonely in Nevada wouldn't be all that battle but now lately and things could mean as long as he doubted he for the fourth. Udall thank you anomaly and pour. That's all right but you're sad it's sad fact that you smell like that hadn't been doing he had a smell that. The Sabbath you know thousand dollars from 2000 thousands satisfaction access. So good in bars. And the Sundance. A new survey about the best and worst cities for dating in 2008 dollar hearing Gaudin are talking about cities damped. Best cities for dating that's I'll say the young hubs and land enough. Alston. Virility that Boston. Austin San Fran ma'am. San Jose maybe I don't know dead and yet this gap Chicago and Denver. I'm not organized I have no idea I'll let you be getting better sleep news it's dry is this a good afternoon what does that have what is the key to having better sleep. Didn't sell acts. Thrills right having sex dot 68% of people who sleep well say that getting on as one of the keys hell have come up all the sleep Dario do you like come of them hopefully all of a moral and how seltzer a whole day's great I'm I don't know anything that six out of six does your wrong right. Well he did do you like in the morning may you have a great day you go into the day in a better frame of mind fresh hope you're gonna you're really into their frame of mind. Mike does that account for herself stuff for just Sachs says I'm now working on that says sex. Having sex power comes I guess an all or Tuesday a two party system there. More more for at least I'm down two at least you'll. Near the top five things that distract us when we're driving and what are you known at least four of them have to do with. What everybody else asked already knows sonnets and and under phones ringing out apps on your phone texting or emailing and talking on the phone looking at your GPS or edit. Edie Edie felt welcome it's always funny to meet the eating is an illegal. In the car where else I did all it is distracted driving women's open and have to go right as I think it is I think eating is now filed under distracted driving. Well listen if they catch you doing and then yeah I think that that they get from you and I keep the prize in the bags bitches. No it doesn't your drive here I will not dad acts. If if if if they just can't ask you one now allows the person that's exactly tell me the person to pastors he could sit there and mess and now arrive. And I drive battery children grab a fraud more than you are breaking my on this let's go off that's right now. But I had a ways it will probably gonna ask you guys a question you know the one person who insist you know they're going to eat the Fries in the car that they also add ketchup to some weird spots they can dip it in my front in the piece of paper's editorial car in the car stop. I'm Syria and I got ignored along girls series who I am those people need to stop this crap yeah for people ordered chicken nugget strategy that the mother in the car you can't do that guardian who did and right are you gonna guard got drug Andy Powell I don't I don't know the driver can't did you not love this the general film about jazz today to have an open containers serve our or our verve of a divot I don't know man you as a missing very key element to being able to difference assassinated nuggets. Cleavage. Doesn't. Okay. That's right here on McCain you had to move and that's all you've never put the dipping sauce in your cleavage this same here my. You really do that now that you've put your honey mustard right there and did then yeah dignity. This I must itemize their feelings didn't run didn't move popped into my. Haywood you've got different like I got older I got to ruin our branch or whether Annan. A new study found people and a happy is when they make between 60000 dollars and 75000 dollars a year but no less noble. But we feel the most successfully make 95000. Beds. Because remain a 100000 residents feel better people might have another like whoever makes the most money probably feels the most of late Jeff beat those. Probably feels better that it unedited and got it and the science and held. Going on a blind date raises your heart rate as much as sky diving according to a new study. It should go some bad about tabloids say yeah I would go get some more than a minority gonna date you know who you're gonna. A government. A woman in California that's our guide us Saturn of blind eighteen existing or social media and you get the name you can go online after I'm probably more worried if you couldn't find out anything about. Right no manners and nothing about those persons anywhere online I think you'd be cool US the first in the Cayman was blind. That's what did you see the bit about blind date not against seeking comment in my car or don't you drive I didn't hear it. A drive by Brent. Only doughboy claims he's a big foot last year but since she doesn't feel like the state is taking her seriously. She just food to try to get it to recognize that bigfoot Israel and have fun spending your money out of that well he's got some extra cash is. Plays in Germany are investigating the weirdest stalking incidents ever what does that I'll tell about a one hour. Now they might not penalize our annoy one hour from now the first forgave the loan. Is true. Precepts. This is thrown out to police are gone now profile as this plane that's our ten miles of the civil game where we share with you a real life news story. Something that happened right here at planet or. Our sorrow and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Well as you would it is you think Mason story a story fellows on welcome to the bedroom. Hello want to. Iraq I'd. Try to understand others here gave us Blake. Eight beds that they hear your story of 33 year old guy got pulled over in new Richmond Minnesota last week. Then revoked license blossom weed out so we took off running and he actually got away from the cops but the rose one big problem. There was negative eight degrees outside. Any granted to us why so high there's a less than an hour later he won the gold accounts on himself is that it couldn't feel his legs of the cold. They couldn't walk back and he needed then they'll look what he needed then go rescue him had so they dragged down to Brussels Moffett took to the hospital but. Once he got all the drilling Bakken legs he of course was arrested. Do you believe that this genius is black white makes you or Asian. Bought Motorola did go off well we'll does your. I think Dave and easy yet new Richmond Minnesota. And he was driving and got pulled over. Probably got pulled over and revoked license and the meals that we need to resign to take golf from the frigid swamp. But only had rose. A black liberal born yet again Liza you know it does not say that all the information I gave his only information I got my. I don't. We. Remote why do we need. Edit the and it played all that felt better about all fired. Yeah I don't believe they don't tell your wife let these. Did you get into the swamp or was it frozen it's a performance negatively souls of frozen slob like anything I guess he's ducking down. And to have whatever dead stuff is still there but even their long and have a good feel lazy needed their help before it died. I'll eat my you literally freezing to death that's why he called like Heyman and I can't walk to you who. Because I can't tell Malone said. And let you get the blood out mobile side. Like you wait academic all. Yeah. Yeah I wouldn't well I think I'm dying I would yeah right right that's the difference. So that's a tough one we just seems. Seems white it's Minnesota has been a license we drove quickly he might it yeah but also latent he's that's scared the cops that he. He was hit you know frozen swap. Black played. Meg C or Asian. And I don't know why I think MIT clean and a little Maxi on this. And Casey what do you think had O meg yeah. I. God don't let that go on the Barnett. It doesn't look sound and I. I didn't read about it do you Maxi William but you don't believe that are okay we'll find out. If he was like why Nancy or Asian next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio networks were. I. I say Jesus do on the Arizona and a guy was driving with de L license that I believe was either suspended or revoked and away he had to wait on a member of the gospel of over he vaulted into a frozen small. Minus eight degrees and after being out there for about an hour trying to hide or whatnot is like look man I'm glad my feet I can't feel them so he called Dobson mean they came down and took him back to the jail he thought out there and they arrested. And strike and so we Escude do you believe he was blank slate next year Asian and then is that it would that is what makes it. Bush. Who's married and blacked out. Half Byron. Now soda in the city and how good does know when he was it is based Minnesota alone among can no chance of it was a no and you know the good they brought all my name he's like you would like I am absolutely. Like come on there are the moments ago Charles Charles Charles known I was newly elected delegate gold Charles got them. Hey I just pull me over and I ran into the swamp Humphreys and I did and you know. Charles we know enough now promptly resolve that matter TV time a day and how. Sure well. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now I sometimes pronounce things fanatically right. I'll be spelt. Well I don't phonetically that is ultimately all right so. And in credit duty d.s and Merrill I saw this an issue first. And one of them is Dominican. Again so Dominican tend to speak very phonetic and and it makes it a community say the word out missile that. So you guys are member Pedro Martinez yeah course I Pedro Martinez apparently talks Red Sox. Exposed before that earned her numbers are little kids out here over the Red Sox here's the the Washington Nationals used to be in Montreal on the expects Irish. Right but he's also. Pretty good baseball player not a shocker he's from the Dominican Republic. So family feud will do different things right in my you know sometimes like family challenges like Carter cash in vs generous Jack Karl Rove same family. But like they do at a different stuff we don't know you know I actually saw this and I knew I had the feud it's yes. This is great so the whole thing they're doing on this one is they got a bunch major league baseball players they got a bunch NBA guys thanks so it's gonna be baseball. Taken on NBA I have now I know who I think with smarter which is such athletes. Plus previous players vote right for what it's like my deep bow to the golf at the same usually bodes well. That's how I knew it was NBA player but is he is so short but just in on five guys stand my new side obviously failed to make acted down. The right side because there. Habits are welcome that was watching the clip earlier. With with Mikey we are trying to figure out who they were playing in the we saw monthly bills without a play initiate the project site so the question now comes up to. Two page or Martina is. And you know what. I don't even have to tell you what it is let's Steve Harvey to port triple we got top courts don't report. I don't know the word they're lovely younger you. Would know me. That's a mining and having the best we can't have it I mean my numbing mild night. I thought about growth on Tuesday he'll do what they were joking. We that was his answer the people probably dumb does stamp. Miami's. I hate the whole clip off to supplement your FaceBook page just a look at it it's fast Steve Harvey. Blake. You know this they would adapt to save my man I sometimes that means. It's nearly. Black people to be a little more demonstrative in each and every action since the you don't say it like I was in high school lake somebody dunk we hide under shirts or something. But Steve Harvey it's like a common to laugh and walk away threat big EAM near walks off this. Brett and principal are. And the worst party is your right Pedro just said that everybody else is title in the amateur back. Think that split second of like why are they laughing then think. Me and my accent for a just yet but I tell you watch a clip Steve Harvey. This is he basically walk softly yes you read my yummy. My app and if the epic. I'm really yummy he's great he's a great reactionary comedian you know it is a good judge of the fiery yes yes. That's a mean and knows how to to hold it out. The dragon on as long as he needs to go at those millions are still laughing and he'll back off and until just letter brief yet that's a great game I like to do that out. Just react to people say it's stuff we're just laugh and Adam pull all right now there you go oh great how are you drop it couldn't. That's not US Steve Harvey had that Jihad and I don't. All right let's go let's stick with sports a little bit. As we know Olympics go on do you guys think that relationships affect athletes. I'm derivative. I think they affect anybody. Mean I mean you know the plumber electrician truck driver lawyer doctor Byron well Bode Miller had former. Olympic he. A Libyan. Who is metal before and skiing in the downhill. He's calling accommodating on some of the action and he has some thoughts on marriage Shanda how it affects your performance. The 201516. Season. Great. Did you there live to I wanna point Doug Shelton got married and it's historically. Very challenge. Public defender after being married it just you know not to play in the spouses but I just want toss that out there that it could be your husband's. Golf how cool rock god damn bike you are my eighth hole where it says this and then boom. I'm not trying to blames boom which want to make that statement you are all old installation we didn't misunderstand. In my bureaus and well I think in in what he knew it and as England look you need to use would when you have a family when you have somebody who are here again you need to spend more time in debt if you're a little bit according you would if you were single Ricans than a 100% of your time to. Being in the training and out of his fault I understand that but he just what branch out Lou I think what this like told Mike. You listen to that clip to me it's fairly obvious that Bode Miller at some point had had no relationship or how to downturn in his career and he is I don't know these record or not but it seems like he is putting that woman for the counter only her I agree they're out of regalia yeah and blue on him. As a business is really my own relationships obviously affect everybody but just to be like but now she's off cause the spouse like. And because I got married managing in relation it's just it really got married and that's why I got bronze. And still affects him. Is your right now was that are whoever wasn't as bad as I mean look man I do spouse's fault but. Better do it better numbers Bode Miller is pretty famous for DN a little bit cavalier if you don't yet like. Go and how late Sany restructure hung over there and Olympic bronze in this and that so I'm not shocked that his point of view bit slow. Damn man I don't know just. It. Good shot at her husband's fault fighting to sell a man I got problems though he's still bitter about it that he thinks they can easily get goes for both sexes just don't get married Scott McCarron uses. After a poor man. Hi we sadly though his fifth glass of wine thought it was girl what are her girlfriend they can't spot. He is bitter bitter bitter comment didn't bode. Worst one the letter bitter beer bitter bode better. Better that are voting the better better boating my career where that one in bitter bode alike that are better baby batter. Bode bidder bay bat. And hit it on sale now. It Jimmy Fallon. He has not been dominating. He always does well eighteen with the eighteen to 49 but now he's number one overall bellies of little bit of bad side too with the notes like well the Olympics for Iran is really just get a boost from that we anyway Jimmy's back in there too afraid you know those good things number one whatever is going on. And now one of the best things he always does is not thinking it's. Candy cards. For letting me know what it looks like a sidewalk chalk that up with a drone attacks. February from. From having an extra car in the makes you sound like Tom Brokaw. Okay. I mean. There are laws. From being on time and babies in diapers holding a weapon as an instrument thank. Thanks. And we'll let you know. Her shin. Green defense his way to say surprisingly inexpensive chocolate nut ball. Our Lisa. Earned. And it toasters. For being the only kitchen appliances is Jack in the Box technology. If that's the commitment that he's right about that. The hazelnut chocolate thing. Those things called roe Roca. That's like calling hazelnut chocolate ethanol there if they're phenomenal yeah they really Perot sometimes it's Nicole well yes I know that there's a big box of them yet and I'm certain my. And I see the commercial and I can thank you for explaining how to say it exactly that you forget. Yes well it's still so what are those like exotic indecency so Saxony like to overloaded for years oh yeah. And while you can over know yeah I honestly I didn't and ultimately drove by the flood duty according to commercial beverage you do. I did about a division don't run from grace's bands that I think I'm above my lap I am very experiment with any time it comes from another country just seems you know military Cadbury added and it's terrible but he decides Morales I'm an American kin. Yet many of them. They they arbiter of Cadbury egg it's a bit much I use a bug to being great terror doesn't mean I'm comfortable it was don't know Cadbury eggs. I was like their commercials though with a different animals trying to beat tomorrow about. Carolina and he hit BD Easter panic you don't think it's different Brad Bryant. I didn't. A lot of shows come back around. We have Fuller how else what else and and they're bringing back Magnum PI. Why one the other with rose and Murphy Brown Murphy Brown Mosul as one yeah. Actually it's funny you bring up Murphy Brown. The toilet province called Murphy were confident. That it's simply something you polished wood way right. I don't feel well mama stomach hurts Murphy Brown. Do you suffer from Murphy Brown you're you constipated. Statement from her former senator brown can help. Yeah there's a delicious food got some pop ram. How rotten. And we didn't think I counted AM series I felt that was on Ellen the other day kind of talk about a person who's talking about her talking to her about getting older. When you're in your sixties. You have rights that you didn't have when you're younger like most things people paid to class and do something I just say no. 63 is no reason no excuse not to mention right just now. When I'm walking on the street and someone says oh look at that if you. If it's behind me now to. I've just seen a lot of things I'm sure I'd seen something like Gayle and I'll see it right back. You can tell me what it was like when you saw I've I don't. This is life and not out there. No nothing bad grey yeah I gotta stop well this yeah now now. But in your fifties you would have in my fifties I would have yeah. Your twenties who's been around with the idea. Plus it never like said. You'd think with a coffee you drink that would be a problem. So Jerry Steinfeld obviously still very funny comedian you're one of the most famous shows of all time in Steinfeld I mean still on the air today. So obviously you wanna know is their chance at signed felt coming back. All these these sitcoms are having a resurgence so Roseanne is doing and I heard Murphy Brown is really true Murphy bouncing. Facility with and and and Candice Bergen is coming back. Yes T think she buried there could be a possibility. That they were assigned countless comebacks possible. And I guess historians say it's possible that's enough you believe him though. It's possible I I thought what. It's ground to not go crazy when I thought he was going to say like. It's possible. Book very likely if possible but it's not something I wanna do. But you know and we left it like that then I don't at the end of the interview that's why I think we part of music because and a joke and maintenance. Possible I. If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David one of the writers who signed film I end. I think Larry's show is he gets better teams to get better almost every season there's no bad seasons of that of that show. That it continues to get better the writing this hysterical I think that if those guys are involved in that show in any way shape or form it's going to be good. Like I don't think he could like with a Fuller house and all that stuff like I don't know if you could break down the original full house to see if this were go to our robot. But I know for a fact that what those guys are doing now is good yep so they came back together it would seem like. He can only get better maybe. Yeah I just honestly like I love science tell me it's my favorite show all the time I used on Obama's seat come back. But that's what I like Curb Your Enthusiasm it's funny in reminds me a signed photo but it's a different ship. The studio so closest I'm thug just like no man don't don't don't well yeah there's so you know to me like he. To meet you're right it should be good bit. It could only disappoint you signed fellas just on such hype had a short but that it here's killer whale look at us if you're Allan did you. Conditioners Jesus Julie Louis-Dreyfus thank you. Ha ha ha if you're hurt mean Kirk careers thriving I grant this year and one of them got health good news the other day as well but I will say this. It. When signed Velde came out the way NBC did it was that every single year you needed twelve episodes fourteen outs Motorola's mobile mobile mobile. And I was a period of time in television like if your show is on the it is on for ten years straight friends of the cheers when they're like there's no break in the action and also like well we're gonna write maybe slightly and now all the way that that things are done it's like. Dog table mountain course a little better yet been able but bullish right below shows like Netflix and everything else. Demon throws can go Curb Your Enthusiasm Mosul away for what 45 years. And that kind of a six up six yelled I cannot mindset where you can just like you know we can do eight episodes it's not that they want is every single year to come back to the right right right we can do is do like once you are the best golf right and then if we wanna take two years there we we got more stuff than it's not like it's demanded of them to be right it's not like there were like you know I didn't show you're right but I think they're always good point two I was his other Sharapova moves. Comedians and cars getting coffee is on Netflix. But I would have to imagine NBC still like if you brought back signed felt like. NBC's own part I'm sure they'd worked out of the yet you at least he's not letting go majority would not let me carry enough weight he can make I would be surprised Larry David doesn't own all. Gestured to the mid morning Lucas I mean the reluctantly we. We own all the proprietary everything not educate around on NBC all day long that it they don't it's in syndication you know that whole deal what it's not a Michael Richards is thought a great light anymore either. Yeah I don't ya know yeah I haven't heard from him and one half when he angrily yelled I don't stage so happened repeatedly. Yeah. At this don't get me somewhere all right everybody loves the Walking Dead right and it's about zombies but what is the Walking Dead always been missing. I don't know sexy. You're noodles and started muted a deserted a nice zombie nudity yeah Barack. You know the melee outnumbered though I was in Megan zombie. It's a zombie. But I mean it's like grave indeed came into all who'll look at them rag on her it's zombies at the Walking Dead he would be but when you rather be attacked by a hot. Zombie it's making the just like it is trying to might mean mean low. You know ball and I'm glad shallow at that point in our shallow with a living for shore right. But once you're dead you're all equal but it's gonna make the show outside. Yet there's an episode will we get our first fully nude walker. We've never done that before. It's a producer great to Murphy when he paid attention insult because if you have you know twenty zombies or whatever and accountable and one enemy would you really have to be paying attention on August. Target as I mean more than likely cute I mean the way that show work should probably just gonna see what can make it box. Walking over there I would did a very corporal person and have the war of think I ever just be. This. Lol. I love the I hope they're goes yeah and the towel. And it's really thought well you've got to bear like all I don't want the automated back. If you do it could be with you deadlier version of the event I've got oh my god you are listening to the major radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Go to Australia 100 kangaroos do battle in the rule breaks the hunters draw you'll rue the day they library book has six long white hairs that for an American who first upheld the law. Runner today 300 mile race and frozen UConn could lose both his legs. We stay in Canada for a group of us vacationers who tray of brownies. Can't be beat and a Florida man actually takes a detective about a murder that he committed it is time the headlines. It's Sunday it's. This. Is Mike Cox. That in Germany for our top story tonight police and then are investigating B weirdest case of stocking error. Amanda's been persistently sending a lawyer a bunch of pizzas to his office and is home. They're already been a hundred incidence of these is being sent to the wire and estates or even changing a bit. He's begin do now moved to sushi sausage and Greek it's just a waste of Powell. That's illegal. Isn't really doing it I'd be glad they get supported comes harassment from the dance and in fifteen pizzas. I mean you're right it just sorry he said pizzas sushi thing losses it is now the worst off of a hat. You know violence also debate. I think what you say would be also met first said that the U can't possibly keep bubbled all the pizza that is sending music now your apartment is just stacked with these says. Now relying on all these people get no good guys that you're all I remember all my that it autorad shelters that Brad next stores get a pizza. Yes the brands get in by his friends over to commit to your free pizza Ted Barrett who lives in Dora and I don't think it's everything isn't well damage act alone down there. So what happens with a B drugs out there wonder where other reasons that. Gambling we can afford that either. Writes I know the great thing I've got to get well we stimulus money on pizza well you know you pay for the pizza but when you have a sense. That person's kind of responsible for the tip maybe. Or use our I wanna see my thing is if they're paying in cash it's got to be one thing but if you don't and you use a card. Then you get a receipt right and you can additives to the body now so I would have like a 300 dollar tip. Every televisa was sent is that goes back to that of the mud mud go Kart I'm guessing you can get tracked down Brentwood and maybe that's I think that the pizzas are after awhile to realize that these fees that were making for this particular dress. When I get paid for. So maybe put a red flag I hate somebody might be mess blows over here which is what I think and I mean he he said over a hundred pizzas you think by then they would stop doing this. You would think fans. Though about veterans and amputee might actually get money board because no longer get money we care they get paid you don't know. Around the world major wins again while hunting and a moving car parent Australia's spotted a group of three kangaroos. One of the animals bailed out immediately in the man stuck its head up the winner to aim of on one of the other two. It was at this moment that the one of the kangaroos launched itself at the car head butting a man directly in the jobs ball breaking a bone and knocking him out. Well at the hospitals doctors told him that he needed to wait ten days because his face was too swollen for surgeries. You'll face as Jews were. All I can reveal that while obviously no punt Schumer head butt head butt and let him in the face a really valuable counsel regularly go to relies on things out of his head. Well he's his right eye dominant now. I thought it was illegal to shoot par or killed kangaroo and Australian. Weathered it looked rather than I remember as everything might have been hunting for something else troops. Okay as they were hunters and they got approached by these these kangaroos. It's illegal to shoot a bald eagle but if I'm hunting dot com that name but a bald eagle let's play or had seat you're not to think about all the laws that we have. And the thing about the one reason that polices are you glad last week we've had all these animals win over under stories right now I asked. Quite a few in winning in well somewhere draw lower got a shot Agusta does that fall on his face us. There was the only news through the good news loss. One of the giants. Always both revote you break your head. A surrogate melted down a helicopter doubled and got our thoughts man. In Canada please responding to an emergency golf from ten these full on vacation in a cabin that weren't feeling well and they believe that they had succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning does it happen earlier. A bunch of people like Brandon camper in the and they need. Got cover monoxide poisoning. Well when police arrived on the scene they found all ten people and the culprit for the sickening feeling a brownie cake that they had all eat. That was coach with lot. This is our last and most cops. What kind of people they're just regular people prove he's got wander in and said so they go to this vacation all up. Did the owner of these vacation rental leave a tray of brownies. But they've brought all are so money or somebody. Brought them in the in the groove OK just figured this lay him out there and do a half miles you're renting your house that some people you're gonna be on the case you're gonna let them into place. You're gonna cook him a financial so there might enjoy your stay are you really get them used someone your pot in that most of its food. Know that I don't like I agree that's right again you're gonna make him a nice and delicious cookies it's not really get make them make the place photo get the guy and your left. A minor little flush the toilet if that's a very headlines when Mac might argue. Right where president Jose nice absurd turn of Denver's as the FCC bad jokes able drink it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it is. All through we do know about those birds but we shall return. Until then please do what you do bats and more lethal sect. You.