02-15-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Hates Food

Thursday, February 15th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about the Foods that States Hate the Most! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Wear gloves that I'd bigamy is the game 844999. Hole Steve who's our next contestant rated play the game he's known waiting for a thousand years because we talked to Bryce hello Brian welcome tournament. OK does. But the Bear Bryant it's over now filled. Not so abrupt. LeBron are miserable. Would you rather have everyone know what you're thinking at all times are no what everyone else is thinking. The moment though this agent and check. And here's a question. What are the Q collapse in music. Oh man I don't know who needs a Harry and I try to. What color Jersey as war by the winter of two states stage of the pulled the wrong. Our. You are correct O Brian. Gave his big dummy for parred 999 alone who is our next contestant rated lady gave hello Jeff welcome to the mid. Block going I. So we're not over. Not Stewart that's over Jeff welcome to the show. Give our men's room Paul would you rather have everyone know which are thinking at all times are no what everyone else's. I would rather know what everyone else was thinking here seems to be to come and visit on useful information from people like it. He invented you know an eagle and things. You'd probably killed but I will say that's 2% of the time Matt Davison moved I'm obviously needs people to stop Clinton. All right here is your question. Which queen's was only fourteen years old when she married the future new Wii U the sixteen and seventeen so. None data getting it to number I do not. Know she's the queen genie in the Ed acquittal and it. And flew ahead. Elliott who Elizabeth the second in order it. Don't remove the federal I can't believe that I am I guess build up if you the only one refusal to an end of the. Don't think I mean as governor and a ton of queens but I feel like a balloon her I don't know the numbers like Louie apparently. There's no way you wrote this sixty flew right. We're gonna bite that animal you're the sixty close a big huge pick these like could name it it's an appropriate. These bombs like those old age from like Richard Matvichuk just picked the play because there was Julius Caesar than everybody else just like these boulders Augusta. I here's a question from. What does that what was the first eight to stand for and NASA. The first. Aide who now. Told that says. There. The alliance with. No word from the stuff. You're right there. All right what is the most famous Christmas ballet. All you know this one is in Thailand I in the Taliban. You look like it. I've got to analyze where Jeff and isn't effective nutcracker lawyer a lawyer another Christmas Mellon. Or sometimes likes one Michael come out of that is that really a time did you remember it comes through of the dueling I know nutcracker comes on Christmas with a recruiter was an advertisement for that never came to commercial now when. I think now might be that it still dominating he there's only one truth and every city most of the time they're gonna do that now again. I just he's right exactly and is there another one. There's another look at someone just do another one you know what Dolly and why is it the wasn't I don't know what I would have Marty had to go on and seeing you know that's a strong and I know for a fact that I have not. This is really done a far far 999 alone is our next contest in race played a game hello O'Brien welcome to the men's room. You know Bryan little. The on a variety governance over. Brian or mr. Paul would rather let everyone know which are thinking and also answer no when everyone else's. No the real world facility to assure that aren't. On the mood all agree that Brian are you stoned. Iron okay what they'll gonna we did you smoke there. All oil also. Was Russian girls got goodies that would present. Yes sir is that appropriate since the girls goes around other you know selling cookies right now is you're just go given back our. I would consider it a good thing is they did genius. They're Smart they're marketing. I haven't yet currencies and mine doesn't want you cookies and there are cute little kid like right. I mean taco Belle plain dumb either. I mean you got to go in with us anyway colonel Jack in the Box and got it figured out being a few people out there who understand. There's your question what does the largest country based on surface area. Flew yeah. Con country country. Well I don't know it's. I'll try and of knowledge. Nice work right I was literally as the feel bad I had three thoughts Russia. China blue and Brazil even though Australia I just thought maybe. Brazil is bigger yeah I don't know. I don't know but don't you think Bryce is feeling even worse are always going to be feel right or what what do we do business is free absolutely big people call up and game is rigged on a par 49990 lose our next contested race played a big gates hello west welcome to the men's room. Doesn't smooth vicious. If you governance over the old leftover frozen bird yeah. Would you like to drink yourself Philip. And I just had like horror they don't well it comes in only 11% yeah. And it's nothing come out and can't. That would put me on my hands. I'd be fun to us Cuba downed. In any of those weird nights legally for city of the bargain greatly get a feel for new and as soon as you say about the world who. Are plays similar sort of couch. Perfect. Parents requested a. What's Europeans that. Has more Indian restaurants. Than any city in the country of India. Both parents. It. London boom. I had a nice job stone last urge conquest whatever your stone what a mile homeless he was drunk no drug quite strong west it was stone Brian stone Jeff and stone Brian before him. It's amazing how many questions have been taken this Gonzalez on a done Brian one and done Brian the other Brian with two Jeff with three and of course. Bryce was seventeen while David made on 844999. Alone who's our next contestant ready to play. Hello Aaron and welcome to the men drew. Hard. He therein Philadelphia. And Jarrius over knots over. If you don't know about that area that's our eight it strategic. They air and army drew poll would you rather have everyone though to thingy at all times or know what everyone else is thinking. Australia a little better and you are mistaken or at least more confidence to get them but I don't get increased my chanted the leg a little at a Cornell I don't know. Our our that you might just didn't release or. In a slippery slope ma'am at the slippery slippery slope. Are now he stated wasting time so I am through. There is your question. What is the belly jelly DVD. Of all time. And I don't know I got the national I'm gonna guess. Could have been able movie they can do them. This movie was. Finding that surprisingly America so that. Our next question. What is Thomas made for him. Okay no I. Decked out mama mama. Your calls him a net. I mean thing that we do need men who moved our bonds are being. Iranian Geraldine. Christie puts him and it's still it. What do we do Brosius out totally random car bomb them. They spend less that if he's that they're here SL these are. Yeah who did really all man wanted to words he's just trying to make it worse you don't you're just trying to make it or is it. I don't want you to enjoy this yes you're gonna you're just gonna admit did you hates out when I'm done with you you're gonna hate Elton out of him pretty much. He slalom. Why isn't so bitter I really did pee in your salad a mark he didn't say I'd love for no reason. What did sailors and what do sailors due to the meat to preserve it longer. It. And I packed at W out all right values in his eyes to mine but you know whatever what is that out did you do that with is so they do with states when they dry age and they Pacman salters a different technique of doorman I really don't know. Have you ever been up front porch. We are enjoying each is means legit. The driver eight driver to try it until it limbs and went for got a map I've seen does what I hear were I can play guard has been drive conservatively you forgot about the sleepers I think one of the I think the meets that we love so much secured meets the come from like Italy and Spain in various places. They basically take just a big ass bag assault. I mean yes big air bag assault. In assault is packed down like two to three inches thick right. And they keep put an arm like a cast that you would have on your let them go towards Dulles and then like they come back an hour long ago let's attendant they cracked that crap and half men to get that delicious pursuit to wherever Elvis using cured meats invented a boat I think I think it's I think the Baltimore like beef jerky. All right go over super cured me to get to know stupid and didn't refute though they're backed up tight you know maybe that's the drives ultimately don't reasons he's played you probably did you cheese right some Jesus that they held okay good dude she's play with some meat of the that we nights ago you know searcher. Thank America for cougars are troopers on the boat on the big was sailors back in the day yeah let me suck on this line before you give him a shark you know I may say so guys RL announced may get a food dead meat and potatoes as the food that every State's hates the most we've also got your emails on the way including the dirty Germans. From the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Surrogate tells gonna Saturday is on the way the return of no way sure like as well the first time for a few emails in the men's room mad men's in my dark job. Hello gentlemen can you give my friend Brad a birthday shout out please give them some dirty German thanks guys that from well. True love or look into. Taguchi for the bloodshed. Yeah and emotion you have to make new six. Guys is my money doesn't birthday today gonna get them dirty German from Wada and and some dirty Germans from thrill and Ted thanks guys keep on rock in that from shot. Not enhancements to little unpleasant. Young humbled to I have to face if you some assistance fund to the he can compete down and away you faced them from. Guys there's going best friend Rachel 24 trip around the sun coming up big all bong rip. Thanks guys that from jets. Photos there's nobody. And the journey Germans talking about just how small his penis is lovely show rock not bitches. Does somebody saw the penis that small it was looking in the milk from 100 yards and yeah give a flip around binoculars. To see something really small and that's what it's like looking at your penis. It's awesome. Yeah the ticket equipment into. Have to hit you with a solution. Andre Johnson you've got to say where is it. Don't grow my guy Fred Davis 39 I know we would love to hear some dirty Germans you guys are awesome. And keep the smiles on our mugs rock and thanks guys had a birthday did B debut are also met from your buddy Ted. How would you let. She was slow spots amendment. You lose sight being green yeah. Yeah. And make my friend Mike he provides their irons I provide the action he took that. I'm Tony and our day's shot up about 45 birthday I am moving to New Braunfels Texas. And would love to hear some dirty German talk thank you guys appreciated that from Mike. And almost treats you like how much of the and so Cuba. Yeah are you moving to Texas. You go to get ready for a large brisket and by the way I karma he. Now the 46 years old little love to have a birthday dirty German and maybe a face Sam would still. It's from your biggest piece of white bread big nature of Mott please do fame. Fish sandwich and he will be a push in the Muslim Valentine's Day the big she's a hall. Yeah and it sounds like he's like Wade Redden who oppose them Whitbread. Yeah independent minded and mind isn't the doping cases. If it doesn't different day. Earlier go to you know it's been. By the blood drawn behind him that he miles and I haven't killed. You have to cover. PP yeah I see it. Because it's a vote. Guys there's my brother Dan's birthday he's 46 who would be awesome if he could do birthday shout out live. Attendant thanks guys in his Ozzie voice from love that from Sabrina Clayton and hey Lee. And it did this amendment that it's a birthday but the good news Nickelodeon house's Linda. Slept but today and then under biscuits. How has my downgrade turning 53 years all just another reminder that I'm going to be Tony three since he's thirty years older than me thanks dad. Can I get an ad groping is and you guys talking over themselves about Star Trek. Thanks guys that from Greg and pro team is swells are Star Trek has personally been in Libya it was we knew our listeners like you I'm familiar that was well. In the you. Cancel our fast and everything you got I mean they're only children who are here while I literally into my apology although there when that kind of the target. That's what I liked tricky. Mattel is merely plays it birthday shout out to our mom Martha I'll. Turning seventy today in commerce Township Michigan she's an impressive seventy year old but as an eighty year old she will be amazing. Thanks guys that from Keith and Jackie in Monroe Michigan how about an original faced sandwich place. Shanahan while more guys itself might from the Bay Area listening to a son IK fox. Guys can you mile Bobby shout out it's his 75 trip around the sun and we love them so much how to barber shop they sandwich and Al hitting the window that would mean the world to us thanks guys that from Michael. Used it to movie Laura these sandwiches. G.'s daughter on the side. Cody Stanley is he's still RL AC in the morning and afternoon and news and. Okay well. It's. Yeah yeah okay I did an okay. I had could could you do mid day. Yeah chairman Francis. Also available through these world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Im sure might fly. Hello look double pictures here what was I truly surprised. Guys I was fairly surprised when my wife had her first sonogram and tested positive with a home pregnancy test and to find out she was pregnant with triplets. We already have three children she. But they show that from all Ellie do I don't. How low end Ali I don't even know you have three kids you are okay fine we can have a fourth did right that's how that discussion went like whatever and then you find out you're going to have six African children Ali. You gotta walk around managers know like you know we don't say this out loud just look at one mile. Aren't the sea of college money for you right you know the Smart ones probably not you. Gonna bet on you got burned it would have communities Aaron and I mean are you even imagine trying to feed that many people low. I'm Phyllis catching up on though the show's owner response to the text trend I've got everyone beat as far as how far did you go to get laid out that's farthest I've traveled to get laid is I flew from Indonesia. To the Netherlands to stay with a girl I met for a month. So far it was worth it. So far. Now my cousin also flies to Australia irregularly from Seattle to visit her quotes guy friend must be a family thing rock on guys up and Jonathan Lulu. And we found out more ignorant to white discrimination is the subject. Well we have some effective and widely discredited nation until he's upset at them like a black man aren't you feel if that's just how. White discriminate I geyser talk about discrimination in general I've got a story Korea I'd been arrested and needed to be transported across the country that a major crimes I didn't have a full escort the entire trip. But a cup too green to the airport and watch me get on the plane and then there was supposed to be a cop waiting at the gate to pick me up destination. But given the problem was they put me on the plane last and kept be handcuffed right up until that point. So all the passengers shovel pass me as I'm handcuffed with a police escort then a few minutes later. They Simi pompano plane alone. And now one cup so we ensues every single person on that plane was Darian made. Surely thinking I was gonna hijack the plane or whatever the except the Middle Eastern people of course I'm sure they were released we don't want this right the focus I don't know you're on an affinity for quite enjoy it funny followed to the story nobody was a waiting for me at the gates allows just kind of stuck in the Atlanta airport. When no money and no socks. That's from Giles the lovable risk. Lovable rats and yeah. If so calibrated those job day is coming up also the return of no as Sherlock but first ahead jets and how I. Yeah. It's they have an interest he list about. Okay. This my friends. It's foods that every state hates more than. Well not low I'm. It's now I have basically the top ten list. And you could pick some of the other fifty states but they're not they're not written in Maine let's hope I can recognize the shape okay. Although it. That's how we're doing what I did there are other attend there you had that I had right there we go outside the top ten we gotta hope under the shape pets they all know given the job booster are these the go the the shape of the State's first I think you don't mean. Our hands yeah yeah oh do that only from him all right we'll pick a state. We'll don't you have you have all fifty states and resign they. Kansas Kansas and care. You what I'm could save shellfish. Have loses. Yeah yeah vice department shellfish vanity that would save as they felt that he. And check everybody that both but I thought you what and when you have states that just say things like topic is being very legible it's hard to pick out where the stadium. Flood my big day or does the Kansas Colorado Nebraska lose similar shape and I'm trying to trick you. Yeah yeah I'm gonna go. Arkansas. Arkansas. Well. It's I think the thing. Arkansas. He beat Arkansas. Recognized this day feel that they hate or aged food. As an artist I don't even though right Barbara and I'm hearing you on the East Coast. The last white. No that's not a design it is Elantra yeah I think it's. Up. North Carolina. I'll North Carolina it's easy man and Sherron the North Carolina coast Ulf kind of like you guys think he kind of cheeks all right all right. It's sad into a cup brought little three knows what the hell's going on I'd expect the other memento she's they love. Do love the Mac and cheese I can never I feel like there's a reason you can learn how texture and a outcomes that tiny little jar. So you know. Go Oklahoma. Oh Oklahoma under the coupon Oklahoma where where the momentum sleazy they out of maidens. Saw you again it may eighth. Jay Berger that is the yeah. PP our code got there the Internet name taste buds no one's like Reggie are you ready for Missouri. All. Old Missouri. That state well right in the middle. And they they keep law that is not a loser. Think they've. Now it's. Unfortunately numbers are either. Why did you tell you yeah they didn't they need the last bite of a hot car half. I don't know if Indiana and our friends that on the floor. Doing Indiana. You've got to. Indiana is near Illinois and yes the residents. But it Barbara participate. In the Hoosier State's. If you've got dead. They paid to the fighting the streets and. That is our new Illinois I'm sorry. Like a bullet. With Johnson at the then it's Iowa the it happened but she didn't on the work. So they hate us now out of Ohio churning fury at the. Let's go with a. New Hampshire. All New Hampshire New Hampshire got to hit the middle boot camp for finding him from a man date you know what New Hampshire very good people they hate expensive package. That is correct yeah. We want to. You know I think you're decide it wants when you're looking pretty evident it's evident but that's okay. Oh Wisconsin make the launch of. Veterans a prayer Duvol holy Jesus Oregon by an hour from Ireland yeah. You at the top and the couple yes we do is. If I don't on the other top ten non foods that every state needs the ball striker yes. In New Jersey they hate gas nationwide. Tour. What is gas station well and brag Jersey because they Obama. Don't want to learn and yes they go out there if you don't good and you read is glad to the gas station for demonic and even seeing somebody get to a real model lineup but that's a different animal that is incredibly good. No. You did talk phone. In Illinois they hate biting street you know where you guys at a blank pages during GIUs while movies like easy street Paul I liken that everybody's are right in my district Jesus like it was GIT. I think commandment I learned appeal among others and yet to see the appeal makes it last longer sure. But I know I those items of people that are huge fighters on that. It's all a factor. In Wyoming. They hate glee gluten free anything alright it didn't carry right we want our group mocha like wireless power. If you think you could look at this man yeah I'll tell I don't know I don't know about. And it era and you know cookies yeah nothing you know we're don't invest all trust I don't think I would you know you knew you know Hawaii it's a strange one. They hate Coke. I know who Coca-Cola hawaiians. Daily drip barge. It's. A little bit. Good to see you could be Texas very respectable state. They hate a well done steak all right go to. We're so sorry don't get to the head Californians picked and dignity the most pork. Chick filet. Good look at one time a newborn can't pull out of California and let us know and still is and I had a large advantage to troops and I didn't do what everybody else the play. A thing delayed no this particular chain right here on the nominees in and out burger like next week like crazy that I am not I cannot think about just certain chip that delicious and California delay yeah man I'm go to California without. They have a car full Polynesian sauce. That's the miles again this is gonna hurt you at Maryland this state used to live in. People there hate you love anything century old hot dogs the corner piece of debris out. Really now why would you make the corner v.s the prohibitive tariffs a notes could. Cry that's why it's hard guys that he'd Ber yeah. He did this post decent voice you can boil leaders have been there like out of NATO I remember Herbert. Or rather her positive all right Virginia's and for their help Haiti state. Three specific. He would be valid. They hate it when pizzas had degree stabbed often inaccurate. All of our ally and now that day. I'm now that's my degrees on my absolutely down tomorrow for a flu I agree with the Packers got wholeheartedly kinky good. And while the reasons that Vermont. They hate sports she eats what they spray cheese oh I pray each Lagos he got a McCain that makes sense they're gonna have pollutants. In a weird way or else yeah delightful you can do not always very long haul coal like our love breaching. It's I didn't lose nothing to do what he twenty acres the oil and AM I think Vermont in Jersey kind of bottom of the barrel. A gas station wired should break ready thank you Paul sorry mr. Santana beat beat beat yes. This is not enough food and every state paid the most only minutes a number. In Montana if they hate fall they hate pumpkin spice anything. Are on as a real men out there and it. Moved out I think that man I love the PSL is the most cinema has all his wife latte while water act all the PO LL. Would you say when you go figure UPS so that hump then and they're talking they do they write PS don't lookup. Was just an Obama supposed to think that somebody that July I shouldn't be sickened by accident it appears that usually doesn't pumpkins my slot they'll love. Now which is usually PSL that's worst thing at pumpkin spice classic photo I think a blind eye when your checklist after the PS how it. Think you Judy there is I get a court Starbucks which I know I don't. I I don't even know what that appear. Like a pumpkin beer thing in one stage and had pumpkin spice flocked they'd be. So it was late so I went up but I think Palin I think DSL. The guys think. Want for the Dayton PS felonies and I like pumpkin spice latte music who that's a good nicknames are used to that good of an entire right here all right now it. Age old question is it safe to eat your food if a fly has blamed on two wild so. I would guess. Is depend on how long the flies they moved yes isn't so gross I tell you isolated you brush it away and I'll go for a probably I'll go for but look. Is good chance he was to sit and Obama proved right that it doesn't work as well hot dog yet they're saying you should throw the brutal way researchers say the flies actually I have the potential carry around much more dangerous bacteria than you thought. Including Salmonella duties and so we're gonna send him an E. Coli. And I really am and how dogleg right dry hot dog. I'm just gonna wash my dirty but under Hud announcement is set sail on the boob cruise relate to date the only thing especially on the fly away sleep flies in urban areas. So usually all wide area are tired are you know I love you what we have here. I think it. What he did with these black girls play and good to go man keep it on the grill and you don't overdo it. I think it's summertime even even got a flyer out of mobile pad and this is the and go debug got to keep that I'll bogon fly landed on you know to me. They had deadly bird generated drink it does cover of the Saturday is on the way they're turn and no I sure like it's coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. The crowd around a while while this is coming up and yes we will drinking and tells with a shot of the day that is moments away the first our own Steve the Troy hill columns with a little. Putting her story to a headlines it's. Do well. Let's show. Our Mike Hargrove was earlier this week but the headline reads and getting ready to make you more satisfied with your job. And she knock. You Huber who claimed being the game cured her cancer has died from cancer. Fat. And the study finds Americans who join prices are disappointed by the spirit railway well. Sure and it. They get to Tampa in Iraq to. Jordan Rubin George so we're doing up polls there. To get stronger lift weights Indy pro team it's. Do you well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe it knows Cheryl kinds. Barely anyone who's paying the taxes they older bitcoin. Alcohol is more harmful to your brain that marijuana. The monkey's uncle. Should watch and learn. Acne can increase the risk of depression. I. Ellis he's worsen the acne tooth and like affects teenagers and it's like nothing they can do about it CNN the entire debt threat like. Editors suffer from acne in your team no matter what I noticed that it doesn't matter I get death would just know one thing. If you gotten any other point like you would not care if we can you possibly woods right now. Yet and just know it's nature's cruel joke. Which she played on all of us I don't wanna give sexually active agent in the face beds and a public that like banks and other major. We entered. Michael Cohen story and it's stormy Daniels payouts Loveland pass the smell test. Oh and it could smoke system and the 25 and hidden story then student position he you can smell it can stack. You have bad ideal you know. We didn't move one of them praying graduate student. Made from her essence. Insider trading has been right on Wall Street. Yeah. And a Tokyo public school announced 730. Dollar Armani uniforms parents weren't happy. Monkey's uncle and see this and helpful. I mean against our big German man and it looks like he's who would you wouldn't count throws but it happens to be Armani and so whatever the school it armored mobile deal what what are the school look like this you're required uniform as disarmament uniform. There's 730 much pop. Yeah. Dally llama says I'm stupid and I'm skeptical. That personal the cheap world. Show patients say that the Dali Lama but sometimes you disasters are and one last one. And depth of management. Yanked into wood chipper being treated as suspicious. We know they act. I. Please give my a lot of imaginary attacks. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Who it is. It's not as bad as usual way ahead of the great Afghans even. Roy hill to find out nortel's. Yes indeed today and we tells an unidentified forty year old woman from Portugal and for the purposes of the story we will have to refer to her simply. Has bungled. I can read the story as it was presented doctors have told of their surprise after discovering a Portuguese woman that are examining. Had two bottles the unidentified patient was referred to specialist after enduring two absences on her bottom which both required quote unquote drainage. Upon closer inspection doctor saw two holes leader in this instead of the as they say usually eat and the forty year old woman in this bar Lantos here. Refused numerous offers of surgery to correct she wants to have to butt holes she likes her two bottles she is keeping them. But there are so intrigued by this case they decided to publish it in the medical journals which leaves me with a question is it an honor to be written about in a medical drop. Yeah are you flattered. But to be re. About a medical terms of the some lay her to as to a mrs. I don't know let's play. Anyway here's Canada. Among bug report lose lose that we're very does lose because we think it's yummy I thought over the tong and down the throat to party in our tummies. Down the whole adage don't laugh. I'd get a good does it on now live from profile as we'll take Keller 98449990. Look. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. Radio network.