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Monday, February 12th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program person. Trying to offend anyone. He invited to join the party. Yes he's done. Other than secrecy. This is the they say. Radio more than three times. Uri Odom number 2767. Along with Steve the throw hills. CJ Smith. I didn't blow. It's my car. Mac. Okay in the Missouri a. They also bridge and Myles Kennedy and the pins good times. Myles Kennedy join. Read it was a question of back your guess is as good as mine as the men's room get ready to play profiles list. Plus headlines and as a job to date on Melissa emails and everyone's favorite. TV time to think that injury get the job I'm doing go to Chicago where no the ice or at Southwest Airlines means no flight for you. Meanwhile FaceBook says one strike and you're out if you're into your co worker named sue. Southern New Hampshire professor fired for not knowing that Australia is a place. May man gets those people as when a black bear gets up all of his dog's face. And George orders 735. Dollars for the food and doesn't have the waitress. Soft on social media and gets fired and saw coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All our bench did good today AT you and yours RE a detective. With the NYPD he was recently demoted not fired but the boat. After you've caught sending text to a friend about drinking on the job and store the resolved 12 races compliment to put the thing we got in trouble war. Was the fact it was dry being drawn. While on duty and I think about it. Twelve and everything maybe he can sued to get his position back. But the guy and San Antonio Texas he's actually trying to overturn as for your prison sentence after being found guilty for his fourth. Do you watch and you say it's very unfair this is not right what's his reasoning. Well he argues that the legal limit and I'm I make himself he argues that the legal limit discriminates. Against alcohol. Seriously he says look has addition alcohol among other things it raises tolerance. Twelve point 08 that was not the same for you know what you can be answered rather drive and we'll see how that worked out war. Truth is look at a ski getaway with plenty as long as well. Your drug choices legal and you don't do something stupid right you shoot heroin you go to jail upon box he's you get help. Let's face of open it endemic in this country borders allude to see. So been left up to the individual states to combat in fact who do form they recently bit a big announcement. But they will stop for a three doctors to push toxic. But all because several states are currently suing them specifically. For that very thing. But all these stories we both admin questions questions that we avoid that as you in the form of all random question question this is how it works you call us. We ask your question to complete wrap them and after you figure titillating centralizing story with us we will ensure these or that inspired that question with you. Big Brother John Read a question question call 844999. All you can like them in your month FaceBook photos onto her amends or live. And in those emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Hotel a panel I go limits on number 2767. Little. Apparently. Future reaping absolutely a beer and this from the get. Read a question question of course is on tap for today your guess is is good as mine the return of mass men's room. And from all to bridge and Myles Kennedy and the conspirators we welcome in Myles Kennedy to join us and maybe you'll see we can get him play. Now a little bit to your guess is as good as mine is he's got a brand new solo around mount and a nice enough to us up by so. Myles Kennedy coming up on the program in the meantime it is our random question question. 844 and. Don't go out. Yeah. I'm sorry Dylan's. You know I'm doing all right donated eggs stuff. Beautiful Abby. Okay again makes a difference. Funny how the sun has that effect on all living creatures on earth. How are so you don't in California art Taylor demanding let me get we don't understand and faces daylight savings aside from. Why the road before we begin to request. Why do we keep doing an all right and aside from the fact that everybody eats at the like nobody enjoys but then the twice a year every year certainly in our business on the radio I'm sure television says the same day if you read the paper to read the Internet. Twice a year it's the same store. Daylight savings time caused X amount of billions of dollars in lost productivity right and then we won't all these other studies like how bad this like the Y eight. Do we keep doing it we've had knowledge that it sucks why do we keep dornin man as I like smoking I'm addicted to god damn they contain all of the Deke did avenue stupid Aaron and that's true speaking of addiction ensor vote on the question all right. More would you say that you are addicted to. Yeah. Even Irish. You know it it's probably. Part of it. Our guys don't have we didn't design. And so I saw Dixon said no no wait what we UConn out right when he said woods you're addicted to it's it's. Out videogame aisle guys oh that's that's gonna answer yet. How many hours a week. Big. I don't know almost. 3040 a week it's only been around for. Another job do you have a girlfriend yeah. And girls this you play video games as well. I don't know like yeah well our whole what's a little based on your perspectives. Bright. And we narrowed it. Probably left in five hours a week DC wish you wouldn't play video games is Austin. He. You know we kind of started seeing each other so is she doesn't really as the united you have imparted in front of her yet we get the idea has a lot of as well a lot of first ahead of you once you far in front of her she's diligent about video games I think right that that's your comfort zone a memo to have a food and include your addicted to. A you know just really just that's good I mean I try to around a lot. It's really really good about the Vietnam and what they are fast food thing to get. Yeah yeah. Thank. And I that you know bird brought back there rodeo breeders which a barge is not as there is the minute I thank you ma'am yeah. You know mutilation. Are out of payment as a wrong the game but there's nothing wrong Burger King there's nothing wrong with a murderer but again not to go back to the Red Robin well but I'll probably give you wonder murder with a new rings and barbecue sauce. I would just assume they have it or they can at least make that happen right. Yeah quite what it away from Burger King to do like man there is a place I'm sure there are several do you can get that stuff I think I'm addicted to check it. Chicken chicken. Maybe addicted specifically fried chicken of any variety now to be like regular fried chicken it could be. Wings that have been fried. If the chicken is fried or crispy I am I knew what good did ores and I have acknowledged that it's delicious no idle five times last week Jesus Christ man. I had chicken five times. So like it's not just unfair and underweight due to Fuhrman I do when I'm its MiFi you would mean hospital they're doing your diabetes UA fried chicken five times a one week you welcome the diabetes vicious fun but it's not it's not I'm hearing you know I mean I never really thought about it I had great fish before where I was like all right others but that doesn't include selfish. Still available loud glued shrimp or crap right now and let's show and I cooked it up only think nicotine and addicted to sort of boos for sure who's probably I'll do like coffee in the morning method on a coffee can lose my mind also addicted to Metamucil. But I think that's the best thing I'm addicted to addicted to mad at me because of I don't take it I don't have a next good day. Thank you would I think that you would you drug regulate your prove your pro gay lock my outlook does not listen. I'm not addicted to eating but it is so that I don't die and if you have a Metamucil in your whole world looks like at the roller coaster goes off the track you know you feel like you're walking around like 3000 Cubans out of oh yeah well that's that when you when you take a minute music you'll have that feeling solar hallmark ground so we'll see that's not a big cements I need it's a necessity lake but if I don't have but that's different look. People that happy healthy right if you hit fifty years old go to the doctor and a drop all the bad news you don't want it good you know the move nothing fun again for the rest of life and doing payroll. Kills the movies right I am not addicted to this well they weren't so even even ten years later they say look. I feel better I do feel good I've beaten almost cracked the doctor says that Eva and I drink mark tales movie and all the rest is garbage and I've personally never know my life right. And they say I do feel better. Police don't like. Now look let's be exercise you say some people are addicted to the gym but it means so people are anyone really likes to not much you can tell the people that they're probably the ones that are dead right. So the reason why as well. You addicted to they say the Purdue Pharma is the company that I guess makes most of the OxyContin their knock outs within the main one. And it's one of the most common narcotics and doctors give up for payment now. They're gonna stop pressuring doctors and handing it out like it's candy. They did send out an email to clients last week saying they were cutting their sales staff in half. And starting today they will not they will not be sending pharmaceutical reps to doctors' offices to promote any type of old Leland medications is interesting because. That's not into what you don't need to promoted and it's actually a sales brand on everything he has the so you cut yourself staff are some good news last night. And for 12 I thought muscle. Well it's kind of a big thing to do them right so we cover the first part which you want to flood the market so that you are a major money and then when you cut your sales staff. What you did and it's just more money for that big of oh they definitely if our radio station fire tapped people here not because of doing some great things like think all the money we saved. Not only have a Purdue Pharma has other drugs so they're just not as popular and to make as much money bubble blew but. Either way obviously this won't completely solve the problem of people abusing pain medications and other drugs may or may not follow suit. But I guess it's the start and as several states I guess started to file suit against Purdue claiming innocent people some cities municipalities bloodless relic. And risks of painkillers like sassy OxyContin so you know it's a business decision on where another but they've pretty well made their money. This isn't anything like come up. Yeah my about a white couple comments came and so the guy who just that might be addicted to fast food. He'd just gone to Burger King was excited that together with of the road will rodeo murdered comic comes in and says it's got a memory to barbecue sauce and offered 25. So those ads the bedroom there's a please call Carl junior and some people may have never heard they would think all the global western bacon burger. Men drew does that happen whopper junior today the casino got big and small those things are the burden that it says are right in the name junior does junior and then name they want a mild what's the best fried chicken you hat. Best fried chicken not had to do. That at the that the you know depends on it depends a call for God's face look man somebody as one it's about the best fried chicken I've had as far as the change go Charlie has to be back right. There's a place that I know of in the south and I need to try called crispy crunchy. But until I track I think it's crispy crunchy pretty crispy or whatever. There's supposedly the best fried chicken of the country to call or crispy crunchy it's got to be there another only guess that she thinks he should pick. But does you know like I think it just depends on where you go like in my neighborhood. I go the triangle. You're in town in Seattle you go to was Els or had been sent heaven sent to which is the same as he's that's the stuff that Oprah gets a center place won't work when Oprah flies out to chicken why is that when Oprah has chicken flown out her it's funny it is crispy crunchy checked Chris recurrence also get a day located in the 76 days I have all around itself mean. You know another and now many can never go wrong with Popeye is Bolger angles so that stuff it's bad now. Even standard KFC and it. Random friends hello and welcome to the major brands and brands and hello the end yeah 000. Only in thought. As well enough. He and I see here what they got wherever and a question question do you moods. Why did you get in trouble at work. And well. And up barricades. The unit barricade with. One of those concrete barricades. You know art and life. You hit clearly what did you hit it where it. Company shut your company are all non how much damage did you do out faster you'll. I was gone maybe ten mile an hour but the chocolate city so Ohio like it used to be concrete barricades. And I hit it I think it did about quite a hundred dollars worth the damage to the front end. Okay that's not as bad as it could have been was a truck worth. Altogether because the had a until you know sliding equipment I was probably were right around 850. To 200000 dollars. Announced they are dumb of the and it does not does not a lot compared to the cost of the truck what does what does the response you get I mean like do you. The people witnessed this or you don't go tell your balls like hey man you might wanna go look at the truck. Log on the Gaza I call him and say hey is so funny story I I hit a barricade today. And there are some actually took expletives Batiste basically did you know what. So. Our idea let me ask you this do you think in the history of mankind. When recover station opens with. Kind of a funny story than it's ever actually been funny to the person who's being told the store you better be fun ever I mean every now I wonder if someone says I'm kind of a funny story bears will decide if you're gonna be so pissed off of me. Apatow braves reason when asked why did you get and trouble work a new York city police detective narcotics. Officer. Is in hot water for sending some tags about drinking on the job while he was in the middle of abide or bust operation are not sure. Not knowing investigators had put a wiretap on his buddies foam. Bring over a few Beers detective Ted Holloway texted newest friend Paul as he sat in van and Staten Island waiting for the operation day and do joked about drinking beer and vodka together never knowing detectives investigating an illegal gambling ring we're watching it as the tech cycle then according to officials. Quote stay clear me I'm driving drunk moment Barone wrote a Holloway and according to testimony. I have a PBA guard for area he responded referring to the union courtesy card officers give friends and family members. As he pretended to drink vodka on the job the two never met up but I Holloway complain goes would be bartender. This body is warm too I love black. A month later following text it really did underneath it it's bad enough the stuff you're suddenly it was that you just. They have to make it worse they're Simi quarterback a you never never never then there's an under shot and I always seemed to back out onto arousal it would have more spread out to have them. In back to center at children's charities champ backhand I don't know the guy I can we get outside Italian man. Gonna get until you you always talk to him were very tough not to me it's always say thank Emma we'll take to whatever it's the same shot right. Miles always wants is chill and number one bunch of that's exactly correct you know I take your bags and not be let go back you'll think about what he never really thought about before it was OK of what round. Brad December I guess by the oil. Over the weekend to shift in policy and pulled up outside a restaurant I was leading brands like guys like all right yes I thought I was gonna take them. That should just let Heyman Heyman got right you're absolutely right. Above the way that Chris because you've taken your dog news the local 76 eastern. Get out of here all become of them don't know if they do no way I'll you're kidding reasonably close get out of here where they might be willing to which if you that is a funny thing I don't believe that. I'm looking. Get lively Jessica tickets. Hello and shock and welcome to the men's room. Look I don't LOR. Jack. Yeah a good and I imploded and gun a machine so much earlier it out OK and so is pretty exciting. I don't big innovator half. Yes yes we'll bring resort and apparently bought his argued very humid day all right let's go that would now like where this is that here's a question what were you surprised to find out that someone you know did. Oh shoot man. You know that's a lot of very little that the mayor element. Well you don't like you to tell our guys once the one you know John Q most all of my daughter has one eye on him. What's out. So you know the cavaliers who are here it won't archer reform correct contract. So I had the body called for a partnership OK okay but it won't. I don't think another Whitaker and let us show. Well turgeon reduced at least they have a newsroom we've. We kind of blown the other local ordinance you know. And what they're much about it all with this woman you look in the and the Barkley refused to scoop ice cream you know. Okay. Can't. Wait inside of him. No no no he's using. Yeah yeah they ice cream scooper that maybe you guys shared. Are you know. It maybe. I could totally do not like I don't care to you but man you gotta leak through it's your own ice cream was an ice cream I was losing the hell I'm so glad strawberry went on wasn't. Hold it and you know extremely. Ice age I'm big into tropical foliage. Now. Do you know holding outside I mean did you know her before this. Yeah some good news you'd think it would mutate like oh yeah I don't know if you've ever met anyone who thought man allegedly like ice cream scoop play in the bush I mean like I do you have a little bit and ever met anyone and that's what I thought yeah. Actually you know what color back yeah he wouldn't stand in my Enron like about it a bit of both of them had mentioned here. The reason has more U was surprised to find out someone you know didn't answer that question. Former Major League Baseball player. General wreck of a human being Lenny Dykstra used to be tied with Charlie Sheen these two party back in the days shocking that a phony that I years ago up. And so in a new interview dykstra has a lot say about Charlie for starters he thinks the feds are about the but the hammered out on for tax evasion wire fraud and for knowingly spreading his. HIV given my ability dice her. Went to prison as well writes for securities. Violations when he gets worst archer also accused Charlie of murdering his former assistant Rick Khaled Merrill in 2012. And this. The official cause of death was an accidental overdose and it happened shortly after Charlie fired him. Dykstra says he used to tell Charlie to fire cal morrow because he believed he was trying to write a tell all book about. Then Lenny Dykstra did three years in prison on various charges and we got out Telemar was debt. So he said. Hey Charlie. What happened to what avenue rip. And he says you mean Deaderick what anything happen is that mother effort tried to blackmail me just like you said one at five million. I had him I think iced. That from Lenny Dykstra wow GAAP. The problem isn't so he Charlie so literally she would say right exactly and really out as an utterly shocked. About glamorized comic comes in says another shot of vodka a bit it's out of bako with miles of him stormed onto. And today it was chill about a world. And I'll probably from a losing it. It's like truth and radicalize the question may four point 9990. Morey calls on the way you are listening to the avenger radio network. Did you. You know have gentleman's room. From a thoroughbred Jan Myles Kennedy and the conspirators Myles Kennedy coming up on the program to play a little your guess is as good as mine into our new album in the meantime it is our random question questioning for four. Or 999 Orlando hello Gloria welcome good injury and friends or other blog I have got to guard. Almost all of us huh. Bold move follows that. All they're all all other today and Saturday imperative that you stole the manner you hide. October's peak into the house childhood pain in the house on from Syria interior. Yes censored and what color are you pay muses over blood stained or is this do make the room look different. I would simple blog saying to make it easier we don't disclose okay that's that's on them what's the worst place that you discovered blood. Oh boy. Were you. Or emotion like I discover blood and an eight Acxiom punch bad wants and I thought you know I'm market views that eighteen. How work. You're working. Or shocks. To talk and I was only. No reason for blood whatsoever this little lonely little it was there. Would blunt we talk. Michael Bloomberg losing any concern. Straight out of. Lou Lou I think I think the worst place. And I discovered. He was my buddy got involved in a bad crash when we were in high school he was the guy who we all made fake IDs. And he got a finalist parents decided to get this car. And drive to a friend it appears that lived in the Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh yet he gets on the road 1 o'clock 2 o'clock at night. Either he falls asleep merging onto the entrance ramp or the eighteen Wheeler of the was the right lane. Sped up didn't see him we didn't have his lights on whatever combination was. He basically got caught up underneath the underneath part. Of the eighteen Witten and he had a Jeep limited Cherokee. And this was a it is tomorrow is a high school kid goes. This was the nicest car there are any of the present he had. They were like maroon red leather seats is of limited on the back I wanna save money don't wood grain either way. The car saved his life that the that the fact that the car was that big of it was like in. One of the first suvs and you know Canada's I wasn't as big as a bronco but it was a little bit smaller either way he drives this thing and there. See it's as bad situation into the hospital presbyterian in Pittsburgh they life flight him there. They look at his wallet they see his ID. And they can't get all of those parents or anybody else that is sacred to fake ID and looking for this guy and so quickly Pennsylvania who doesn't actually politically. Takes two or three days they finally go back through stuff in trying to find anybody who can identify this patient because. His face is basically gone on the reconstructing it. And they key part was was that. They needed to get a picture of what Joseph look like so when they went to gives more rights when they went to reconstruct his face. And the IED they had the picture wasn't bad but again it wasn't him it was here there was that we face yeah okay you are them but it was just not the greatest and it goes up back in the Pennsylvania IDs believe or not we're like little polaroids that fit into plastic sleeve. They're numbers that severe that she does things ever even when he finally figure out who we as we finally find his real ID. They call those parents they have the car towed back to where we live in West Virginia and it's sitting and impound lot itself like three or four days to apply and we get a call from his mom this is look. We don't know everything that he had in the car buts we really don't wanna go to the car. We you guys mind going to the junkyard and getting the stuff getting his stuff whatever and there. Out of cards go through glove compartment and everything out we just got word from the insurance company as a bag cars totaled no pointing at the dealer. But you guys could do that. Like our act so mean nobody brining up there. And the car is unbelievable really look in there and looks like like an operating room at that and even cut out the whole deal no doubt he's alive he's fine I mean an annulment of the journal of the store. But it's a little lottery ad blocker but either way when I reached I reached over you couldn't get into the drive to the passenger side door yet. So I got into the driver's side at and I put my hand on the seat to reach over open. As well enough. And out my hand punctured through about an inch. Of blood that could have had about a scam on good crew member relate topic yet and when my hand went through this smell of the blood. Came up and I immediately threw up all over the World Cup and what did matter was so popular addition many things continue on the men's room radio network.