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Friday, February 9th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. It's a save I'll take Keller 9844999. All you'll play profile this coming up in miss. Get your headlines on the way one hour from now first a quick check into my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right a 37 year old man a Minnesota stole woman's SUV after she used a remote starter to let it warm up. And he set up managed to call her a few hours letter says if she'd start the engine form again. He called her to ask if she'd be kind enough to start the guy's name the price. I'm still trying to figure out how he was able to start the car when she had that the remote starts. Because I have that in my car and all it does is just turn the engine on. It doesn't give you access to changing big deal put it taking it out of park. It doesn't allow you to move the steering wheel or do anything electronically Disney light to turn on the radio it just turns on the cartilage a warmup so I don't. I think she had to have been close not to Wear the push button war but even then I think that's a stretch. Is that but is that standard to all start up towards your model of calls from other words is her car when you started doesn't allow you just pulled me out of the driveway go driving. There's a right right you can start to call but if he can put that drive and drive the hell away I gotta think her. He stole our car how do you know for their phone number. That's the question I can't recall or say anything you started he must know or. And she knows the start of the guarded him lock on the door that something I don't know the band and just hit call Obama. The dash cam might have been it is it's on earth yeah in the cars phone system that some might be at. Right Mona 61% of users on the cheating side Ashley Madison dot com say their main reason for cheating is. They wanna have sex and Leo wait it's sex not surprising. Oh. Oh well you're another answer wrong. Just today players the big 44% of the they're also looking for affection. And 42 gorgeous looking for friendship. Well then don't miss merry go ahead eighty website why you heard that is sure that's not the whole idea of doing that go off. A lot of people on tender that they're not gonna dating settling for friends on a double date with your wife instead have a death. Time of these really had to come out of there. Gone most of the legislation specifically like Haiti when cheat on your spouse gadget that right that's with the website until June. It's the whole point. Current bliss dot com found the cities would be happy just workers. Cities with a habeas workers in the United States are guessing places of the most people are retired as sunshine I'm gonna go like Austin, Texas I would guess. San Diego just based on the city itself New Orleans calculates ever since two. Boston's New York's I don't know Atlanta so much money just to sit quietly I'll make so much money you duke but. You make a lot of money but the cost of living is so expensive it's like relative in May to a degree and they are slightly to sixty going somewhere else. But who the hell knows that might even gonna toes are now is not working that's exactly right and I would tell an overpass. If you should just say admitted to stay Google and find out more dirt. A new study in Germany looked at accidental deaths involving manual self love. Master race mystery. And the craziest days they found involve the man this is not. Amid the whole Lotta that the it if it if it act act act. Thank you dead. The greatest days they found above the man who suffocated after he covered himself in cheese slices. Who. Pulled panty hose hooked very. Is upper body. Put on a range felt it. And about being sued oats. The all the as the mavs even though it's a I didn't lose the month may have to go to town not on I don't know I don't know time whenever there all night. I think you might be. A couple of it put up this mess it up a bit thick at the powerful pop up a couple of should let up but it in their records if you. They call that although Iran should see Asia. Would see him his and her her at an auto erotic I think he's just didn't leave the choking part yeah I think he cheats on the wet suit. A raincoat a raincoat. Even campaigning over himself and she's penny over carpet welcome pokey. Little wiped what are raincoats. Why anybody see. I beat him tomorrow. They will have season gore replace them. Gordon's fisherman and it and these things play and killing one person at what point do you discover doesn't urging war I don't want to see in the picture that they've found lumps you can now whoa there's dress isn't Cooper hosts just tell me. Put been put pantyhose and a raincoat and a diving suit and a plastic bag on a bitter what do you. Would you like to really test you when he goes to what really look at. Dad she's my opinion well whose podshow. Isn't suspected of any minute and a space either you think he. I hadn't even get to the point where it's like this is what I'm what I'm into the really you online and make Lou I don't know all right Evan on singles but. As well for the public that I've never seen the head covered in cheese you know our message he's like man I'm not those genes play a why they listen I could do. Go Germany just the G does its job of that. Overall it's appeasement yet cover me and she's got to imagine easy is to have she's played. Our development and delivery. Of forty year old man a Minnesota's recovering after he jumped out of his room full riding a homemade rocket right. Didn't end exactly the way they should yeah that's right it's pretty self explanatory right there in the headlines malvo his roof. Can you know I Sherman rocket by. Those who makes them feel better as a man you could have been making it government cheese and this is less embarrassing the match and meet the news this. According to a new survey 57% of people loved pizza but it won't get a 2% hated. 22%. You need an entire pizza by themselves have been on the size and no one in 25 people would rather eat it and get a boyfriend or girlfriend. And I imagine they look like people that will be single amen to that. As you stated topic is abuzz fetal tell you the perfect celebrity is the united dance. I tell myself and that's 12% are in beautiful things about myself a similar mind right if I commit a total box left. Cahill which I'm gonna throw the box away from how we did without an American Idol quit. The number one thing that inevitably have. The number one thing that negatively impact the relationship is what you think lying sacks. Throw. The relationship you're right work stress. 00. Whatever father but five of the top and have to do with sex being too tired for sex having no sex drive having boring sex having issues with the red tile dysfunction and failing to. Obligated to completion the button half Pablo Angel and values of a monkey in the bedroom. Well I as well that is never let go. Had a banana didn't dial a woman managed to hide coComment have been 78 doses of Alice deal under personal wallet prison and I'll tell you exactly where she had it one hour from now I think have an idea thank you might not headlines are coming up one hour from now our third. On the precepts. Just throw helping to police tell everyone how profile this is playing a star Dan miles of the simple game are we sure do a real life news story. Something did happen right here at planet earth. And I do listen to the store and make some stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make molest you what it is you think makes the story the story. Hello and Jeremiah welcome to the men's room. All jobs are hard rock are Jeremiah you understand others are games played. No no I've I've never heard it once and all you son of a bitch you know we're gonna play anyway. Here's a story we go to Memphis Tennessee. We're drivers there they couldn't help but there as the labels carried several blocks on the hood of a moving car I'm a busy stretch of road. Now cell phone footage. It shows a man in red pants red are only out of the hood of a dark colored Serbian Pala as a cruises down the road there several witnesses but. Before the cameras start rolling the man that was see Obama and he was standing in front of the car was parked outside of the department built. And basically the witnesses said the man was already with a woman in the driver's he did not hitting the hood of the car so she nudged them. There'll be one witness says I guess who's giving the morning move Armitage. The windows continues and so the man did move. It was left about the good as the woman began driving away. As she gathered speed he continued to cling on the caller is going an estimated forty to fifty miles an hour. Good news is you do get very far video shows Urban League being pulled over and an empty parking lot. Only a few blocks away by a few undercover officers it's not clear either the driver. For the man on the hood is going to be charges what my question is do you believe it does Manny clean to go to the callers are those forty to fifty miles an hour. As black whites might see or Asian. I have an idea but I'm blowing you attorney configuration panel court. Suggests. And Ken did Ulan mattered giving Letterman. Well. Again. We'll count car was it should be and how Newton McCollum wears pants red beret. I mean. Also a lot of money people former partners is the evangelical south of Memphis is either going to be Joseph dirt or guy in khaki pants with a hair part of on the side aisle you'll go. No I think the white population the size of a blow up Americans okay. Memphis is white and black. Here can no white man would ever be bold enough to buy a pair of red pants the situation with a car and someone on the hood. That could be white deputy black that could be anybody. But the red pants are the absolute tell unless unless. This man has an old pair of red sweat pants he's had since high school. Was anything at fingers he just on the but the cost. Just on the hood and I don't remember a teachers are right about the old sweat pants I nor do they just. But look I'm still thinking champion pollen independence and the red pants and empower my buddy had an apology that the DC people left notes on can I buy this car. Wrote. It was an older one what do the neural. Famously debt mid ninety's won the blackened the round it was actually a good glass used in the newsroom pretty nice they are as well now but I still think it it leans more black. I Jeremiah would your brain why don't you columns or an African them to get that. Biodiesel that you like an animal like beauty love and homes ironically my dad drives and a half of that is because that's. White people love tolerances and also was a PG county out there Jeremiah would surely you know your stuff done. All right so it's it's it's Memphis Tennessee yes and it's an argument isn't and and the are crazy you know could I could be blacker. But I'm I'm definitely leaning towards black and you have final hasn't Jeremiah can carry black it is you sure. I am in. China are. I think my plans a black hole by now did he was black white makes the or Asian next. With the team you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is my sales. While while those faces the Memphis Tennessee and a couple who were obviously involved in an argument why do you say that well there are kind of yelling at each other the woman got her car in the I was and from the car need to want her to leave the Jews and you know what I'm Lavin. He you know getting up on the hood and basically went for a ride down the demonstrate they're going 45 miles an hour buddy was wearing. Red pants I believe that incident was filmed by a motorist all around the idea until would be going to Abu Jamar we ask you did you believe. That those kinds of troubles black white and exe or Asian. And he sided with the the racial consultant black based on the fact that he's wearing red pants. That's an it was a Serbia blog I guess those are all the clues and you guys are excited that most via my car. You know. OK okay we're. I've got a pretty big red fans and me come on enough I don't know any white people that I know that have red band not a guy. Last red pants I had was in the break dancing. As I don't want gathered probably as they're written. I'd look I have a pair. Of red sweat pants sweat as a snapping but he also okay Maryland right it's it's barreling down black did an icing all the math are and I don't Wear the public rally where for games and watching don't Giordano work. I just feel weird wearing red sweat pants outspoken at times in the camera on the white one exactly. Now abroad TV is now down to have a TV tablets being and now. Sure. Find didn't countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Much like sponge Bob said once that pants pants ripped off. So it's come off usually means sexy time something tells I'm Victoria Knight. So what does he had a bunch of people they're really good shape and they're rare a lot of tight stuff and they all live in one area we think would happen. When you have an Olympic village you what thank you must you do when I was younger I'd die single you and let him. Well yet to correctly thank you. Finally and as members of it's a basically they did an interview with the Libyans they asked about some of the some of the stuff that goes on the village. If Isa condoms with Olympic rings on ma'am would you take them Blake. Every today. I hesitancy one condom the whole time I was there. Which was funny because they're supposed to pass not everyone. They didn't. See oneself. Hook ups in the Olympic village I don't think you're supposed to talk about Erika and they're living their lives as big as those that. What happens is you'll big bill is stay in their living really yeah. Too much about a firsthand. Look up to noon concludes. You know luncheonette young athletes. Customer pretty good looking and you know them away from home for awhile with the then. I see anymore I mean really. I've got many athletes in one place you can do about it. Think that it really is. You know there's a lot of downtime and stuff but there's a lot of cameras and security everywhere so. You definitely have to be sneaky if you had Chang you know there's anything I wish I had some good juicy stores where you belong. Am. Square. Maybe this being my second Olympic Games it's the cool kids enough I guess I didn't that only know through the hard news. Where's the party. So it seems to be about half and half you watch it full video violate the dimension FaceBook page in a bit longer to be. But like I heard Michael solos like. When they won the world are Olympics you know like oh yeah like your party in but enough. Yeah okay Jerry that everybody my area can call everybody back there isn't the measure but the lie in early wake several bodies fans all wet. You with each other when seventeen days like yeah not really not meant those people. But he considered a job or whatever it's more disciplined than anything else like you have to work your ass off to get that point yeah most most of those people have like a cheap ninety. Where they can go out to the for the most part like their open candidate you know 5:6 o'clock in the morning especially late when you for your years teen yeah I'm guessing a lot of them. At a news that she dared not been in must think about I don't go and eat McDonald's to get Leahy good think about how you. You train for that far apart from world I really don't have right I'd like this is like the Olympics so. I mean they're so heat out on their sport their. They should manage to take every advantage they can have a good time it is for the most part they're working our hats off most of the time trying to be perfect what they do it. I mean honestly they should make a separate groups like everybody gets their own room and then they should just be like yeah. Horizontal mambo room how do you feel Mozilo that's how do you feel about the Winter Olympics in general. See the Winter Olympics I feel like I'm gonna watch more sports is I like I don't get damage huge Bob sled fan but I like to watch in the Olympics but they're. I'd rather watch Curley our bobsledding luge Jeanne as opposed to some dude run America. About is that not true government comes in most Olympic sports. No one's a fan of any of it until the Olympics so figure skating might be different people watching happily Fulton who don't want Franklin field most brutal once scheme of who. Well the Olympics port number reasons different and and we will sit and we actually wants the stuff that almost any other day of the year those notes tapes. My memory Tamil people did you watch those events but not not magenta or a related note it's no it's noted parents knew it. All of our goal. Audits and oh embarrasses the zone we're going. There's so many countries that don't even have snow let's just to parents and got the outs. Well yeah that's been married yet mango but all basilica on those outside on the announcement of the sun goes out of it and got mountains of but I mean it's you know pulled a person go to my booty is like did you ever could you couldn't wait for the winner because you're gonna get involved in sports is probably basketball. The economy if people know about it like it's Larry it's that's that's how kind is just a weird in our society and yeah I last night I can't get to I get excited but. All pumped me up and just don't know much about the individual sports to be able to even relate. Yeah it's like applying Avalon new Lagardere AM how much you know about and this is like DH here it's just the no that's well as W scrap correlate as well actually I do like some currently. Right do I ever watch it you want to know limited embryonic or bonus I might watch it actually. Because it's better than the well. Yet they state televised men and figure skating I'm gonna say do you all right. I'll Marissa. We all know her course from a from a Celebrity Apprentice. Parody of the original Lopez the original apprentice. Practice and then I think she's not a Celebrity Apprentice and then she worked in the White House but now she's back out of the White House. And dawn big brother and basically. You know she's talked it spicy about the White House. He was like I couldn T he felt like I was serving my country concert weekend. It was always about the current. I was hunting and I tweet and told my does anybody see it and why and can mean. Try to be the person. And tacked. Comments are instrument luckiest you know I like to say not my problem. I can't skin appearance. Just to. I just cheesy. Because we are worried about injuries and no it's going to be okay whose content you can. Smell it. I mean. You're all of reality show who who is this about the president. I just I don't that they too would like me a microphone to Sidwell is my duty. Was about the guys that quote you were on his show which obviously you know him right like I don't think a lot of people were like we need homer puts in the white. This is not about your loyal to the country is about your loyalty go a guy who's Beijing's successful based on what I think. That's why you were there yeah we anyway we all she might be the only person that remembers him. Well here's the other thing so trumps deputy Press Secretary rush rush shock. I think so whoever they got next. A he said they're not taking her comments seriously quote Amoroso was fired three times on the apprentice in this is the fourth time we leopard. And who statement is that. Only thing that state medical she has limited current she had limited contact with the president while here she has no contact. I'm sure she Olympic I believe all in my with an immigrant she was fired from Celebrity Apprentice. And who's read and I would hope if you work of the White House you don't take anything from Celebrity Apprentice seriously but even if you do village in on the secret. Yes she was fired at a time from apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice. We didn't hire her if that's not a ridiculous statement to make of what you're saying as. She's very fired three times. So we hired her fourth time most businesses that part you won't you'll get the job back through your implication is that she's that. What do you call like any down atop an idea really don't know why did you put or what time Molinaro of the all of the good times though wasn't how look. Who cares about celebrity Brendan you're all gonna get fired if someone person whose name will forget right principal point let's look exactly I want each party part of starting up I didn't get fired right part of the other crazy because this late. They said so much time to say in a policy left our own and it's how we firewire are fighting a fire out but it and it's the White House I think there's devers in reality TV the way now what difference anymore but there is a difference. Everybody knows the Philadelphia Eagles won the super balls. Alert due to Armageddon on DVR may have been in Washington wants the. All big guns big nick come through. Tunnels and big media is he is on fire. So is it tastes I wouldn't say Jason Kelsey right but they've Kelsey yet or is it tells. He. But he's this he's an offensive lineman for the Eagles basically if you've ever watched wrestling. You know when they're doing the talking and scream and yell on the caller promo. Jason goes all terrain here it's a pretty good W delete from owl yeah. Yeah. OK. Okay it didn't look at OJ. The you don't you blew YouTube's. I don't it's who was hired. The worst coaching hire by a Lotta free good guy analyst out there. I don't know why do. Party. It's called heart explodes. I. Okay. Okay yeah. I accept what wrecked last count yeah you know. I love my dad usually end up clearly about it. Oh the person I do the very end of the streets it and I'm paraphrasing but essentially he says. So any conclusion alone echoed assistant my speech all the player all the people out there that. Data and our ability to get this done without the Philadelphia Eagles attention it's a true center as well thing on the safety. Avenue before he yeah wow you know I think it is a good crowd that while not have a new none. Having a horse in that race not really caring it's always good to see is a city that appreciates it more. In a weird way it's done used to insult like these guys are gone nuts they're not gonna probably repeat maybe they well whatever it's gonna take a while like like we say as far as it's hard to reach that level targeted to that place musher dynasty. Patriots have that I'm assuming there gonna probably be in the same position next year and be there again the having the chance to win one butts. It's kind of exciting deceived the excitement that that just with the fans and everybody else have just been neglected of that deal I would assume that you are so. So long you know you know generally nine and a ten times but this tenth time happens to be Eagles fans and your redskin fan I grew up I just how. It's like I kids get asked us Assad to somebody about it today to sleep eat is a great sports story any. Good for those players shot out to. Running the clout. The Napa boys first about the got to win a super bought in bulk of the three West Virginia players on that to write this bogus stuff that just like. That is still Eagles fans who. The fans have booed Michael Irvin when he was the body is paralyzed in the middle field it was food Islamic laws don't Ed pelted them with snowballs in their sixties and they do just showed up Hussein. Who hates him. Well Pennsylvania amended and they've used to throw batteries today Parker in the outfield and let's remember Obama admits we're also Nadal Kamal Ali there's batteries on the field only as observers that they've arteries get pelted. Well any back in the eighty stone Barry's just the way should your sports technical analysis affiliated with Phillip yeah I. I I that'd be terrible joke that it's need to do not ever throw anything out there now about sportsmen that are thrown octopus on her. Yeah that's how you know you gotta admit that yeah took it yeah we just sort of tradition like that. What do we throw. I'm an artist kind of like the anti smuggling nasty food Paul Dana X. If I put five or six how bad is in my pockets. Part of the reason all that is in pro. Any part of the reason I'm singles because I wanna have something that I could smuggle seafood in my pants. A hub which you found it's a pretty funny yet tweets about why I'm single. Are ready then to video. Here's an idea why no stories for you guys Syria this person's term as we can close. He says they were my food at T Dresser with my regular voice number ten I haven't passed near and is another boys and. Consumers they met yeah. Leona. Just one format Katie dump brows ski. She says I try to flirting with a guy missing his smile was nice he said he got a from his mama bear plan your mama's behof. Whose funds from on the Abramson. He says the last time I was leaving a restaurant hostess and injury and I I said Levy to. This was for Madden call I'm selling one she says. Whenever I Wear ripped jeans only shave the patches of leg here that. Very very neat yeah. This is from that do you masking tape. She says I want dated dog biscuit on accident and then again on purpose because it is just like a mini. I mean that dog biscuit. We don't have but most of us didn't go back in all I say we all have is what we all I you know I really don't know we'll have I have as well below the whole thing. Obviously you outs of there's like those higher end. Fifty dollar source. It's always are gonna eat that yes I'm Carly I don't I just did not looked I looked at it can't in my camera people they couldn't read you another big expensive as dog bit. Buchanan camp food that I had it is amazing can't canned food for what our crew Gomez and it was like. Shrimp salmon tuna and lobster pats a mix relative because you vs what it was dollar 75 okay allude to the ingredients in ingredients are like this. Shrimp crabs. Lobster whatever it was all the time ingredients around in the water and then Mike. This is probably better than a hamburger for a again you sound like a rapper. Shrimp shrimp crab crab lobster the end you know. Yeah it's my cats anymore may have. And it on the hype man won't about the Eelam or I mean I'm like dude you're in pretty well here is really healthy stuff is all very lean and pretty unlikely hit saying we cannot fry up one of these packed APEC tees if it is crunchy pet day that they want to grow demands on the failing to make it into like a regular writers write slanted down puts them oil down it's basically get it is like a salmon burger rent and then serve the people are you. I mean look I know your theory is if I have now there's a lot of people who had given tried. We yeah corner OK for sign gala. I guess they just about crazy kind of bad jokes yeah aren't aren't aren't. Number one Russell Brand coming up to starring in a movie called butter fingers. No it's not about Tom Brady is. Oh while. I think that's what I thought was about they have vitality and exploded could it be from our body. San quiet guy and exactly governors. There's Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson went spoke to the national prayer breakfast dinner this evening and what better metaphor for our country right now than a prayer from an injured eagle. And you have no idea how excited we get for the set fire to stuff. Terry is always like to a vote this guy who used to hate stuff my have no idea ago I hit I killed I know there was that long ago beat Mike and I hate him. He's one of the best things look forward to watching him yeah I guess it was a year ago and I I realize now. If I have vacation days or whatever I'm always watching Seth Meyers his writers are really good I don't know what's his contribution level is still a bit mentally just the right a lot of via yeah you know daisy got a face he contributes that's that I dirty presume. Yeah honey pretty much lets anybody use the ever host and weekend update you doce good read and are good right there right around Europe with an atomic writers from our show actually moved on LA Edward little circuit. Yeah what is arsenals and the New York wherever it was well that's why we had to get rid of they moved out later our president has decided there's like well we're not here is that a good writers yeah senate action live from New York my guys are not hiding in a word LA what was happening. Yeah this kind of thing the thing they say every week that's why all the writers go down there. Not promote. It's Saturday. And I thank you very present day got a TV time within OK get your headlines gotta look my cock you are listening to amend your radio network. Please Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real. Pennsylvania made I cocaine meth and seventy doses of LSD. In her week. We stay in the keystone state where a terrible sketch catches the criminal. Which is hard to believe. So I really beat out Philip woman who plus cancer down the blue. Team who live stream DUI crash web six years of hopefully nothing good to do. And Syrian forces captured two members of The Beatles it is I'm your headline. It's time they did there. Here's Mike cod our top story in probably the easiest game profile this yet the headline reads quote. Inmates we've had Coke glad the Stanford beat gave does the bellows today. Am I think those who we are right. That's a lot of we even do you know just the seven. Eight doses of Ellis. She obviously did two hits the gas to get to the world around with 78 of anything now. I had. Said it really good car my brother ray Maxwell that was great match she was imprisoned on two felony theft charges and within a week. Authorities begin an investigation. Of the sudden uptick in our guards circling around the president. Investigators found all the archives hiding under the inmates we've resulting in an addict and an added eighteen counts of possession. Follow dreamed. We'd this time full autorad. If it it it's why some amount we Bassett. Camelback. Six did it take your hair Africa should like thankfully slid in underneath it. I don't really know how we works from what I understand I thought it was like he says would leave it to your actual hair. So it can't be that easy to just take off you need to sleep more black suits my eyes close. I suppose that's good folks. If it's some. So Philip cases on the if you do not touch your head from this I can touch. That is at a high but man I have been the last thing you'd do yet. If you're the last thing you don't deserve. Good enough yeah Africa didn't know. Just is a rule thought we just don't touch them details on just in the pen and less than a pencil lead down and I learned that just recently for Muslims under the arms. Minimal all nodded yeah sniff away or if they have the total. Since he's in France around the world in Pennsylvania American god. If Pennsylvania man fled the scene after stealing money from a farmer's market and all police had as far as illegal is a terrible drawing of a man and a budget change means a farmer's market. Under the you know farmers are good people think they pay was still look like extra change. Rally while I do is doing points while about a you're out people highlighting the farmer's market America home like a buck an approach that could put it out goes down. Beaten for a week hell yeah man you can't if you like kale it would get old it only be described as a miracle the picture actually was enough for police to put a photo in front of the witness who then positively ID the man. They're still looking for them. They're criminal LC has figured I had the white dude and he doesn't seem to have a white name. No I mean you are growing louder as it goes like this is the weirdest thing name is 44 year old hung a flock. Who walked. Win and he's quite. Is really yes it's the opinions a piece of paper how do you know he's wife I saw a picture up now so I am looking at a drug ran out got two little dots for eyes at various. I don't mean what you feel like if you have a lawyer you can say like. This is not my clock for an X hey this is the drawing that you witnessed racism is obviously wrong brand name is Mohammed you know Brad on the field just like all right well he converted to Islam. If I could get back. You know the seat of his that I made I think since the left economy south. I had that I Alabama when he's CNN that we're gonna try the red headed dude like dude I went to the local boat days that I. I had people trying to catch me and Annette that's not Amish territory to there's not a lot of people out there so based on where they are mean it's pretty easy probably gets this guy if he's been up to no good seat you know that's all the bad Droid. Duke it out there's only one duty looks like better than I guarantee. Let me come on man is unknown to black cats on the look great chin now who look like they should be like and a new Yorker for 92 when it's obvious. It's evidence and you're old and is suing the California hospital they gave him an MRI because he claims the procedure left him with a two inch hole in his stomach. Apparently there was a tab that was used on another procedure that he had called and electro cardiogram. And then it was left on his stomach and actually has little bit of metal on it and it was left there as he wins for the MRI resulting in some serious pain during the procedure. And leaving him with a hole in his stomach failed he added the MRI people Mountain View of the Olympic Medal in his I think they're they're one in the same mosque are okay. I'm not even sure how that can happen I don't understand the right to a good I don't understand. Totally cardiogram are all the things that that that happened and feel like. Almost a turnaround a giant magnate and that's why they even houses and Elin knew that medals going to move America and it had a high sodium metal in your body knocked down all okay that magnets that power under Oregon here's here's my theory it at. The outside of every mall you have those two little stalls that are just detectors for her for what three other of the little things that you might be stealing your thinking about a couple bars on the side and a little. You know conveyor belt table. It's just tennis game he has to go through to make sure there's a Maloney is not a bagged dog like the differences if you most appreciative laughs shoplifting it is what it is. Similarly ripping out of your body while you're an aluminum too low. Yes right. Yeah we actually had a started to want a guy got what sucked into it. Yes he what he's still have Ali's tour there was something that they turn that thing on and get sucked into Cuba MM yeah artery you've got to be very careful. In a stunning turnabout as one of the women that has risen as one of the main advocates with the need to movement. And counting yourself as one of many victims involved as just the landed with a pair of allegations against her. One of the men even claim that he was cornered by the woman after the annual assembly softball game while he was cleaning the dugout. And she grabbed his but he managed to flee while he was well she was reaching for his crotch the other man claims that he was cornered by the woman had she told him that she quote. Made a golfer myself to F you. She claims she has zero recollection of the incidents my guess is she was plastered. I believe bad but it's not the excuse to man has been set as the president being drawn in doing stupid things. Look you would get a waiver that I would have never been in trouble a day of my adult life but the you're now at a remembered about withdrawal of government control. She does end however that she's going to fully participate in the mist in the investigation which I got to appreciate that a little bit like all right out. That's a very headlines that might not. Hurt her sitting if you miss any of those be sure to download the brand new men's room app that is absolutely free and gets up on that anything. You missile program. See you next time for Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge also your guess is as good as mine and ran question quest has abandoned old girl we out here until next time do the rest of world you can say stay below.